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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 25, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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albuquerque, it's darkest before dawn and things are better and that will be donald trump. dagen: confession, i hate selfie sticks and i want to throw it into the sea. maria: what? that will do it for us, stuart, take it away. stuart: thank you very much indeed. chaos on the left, division on the right, but that stock market is going up again. good morning, everyone, this isn't pretty, but it's becoming a regular event. the left riots at a trump event. this time in new mexico and again, the leftist waved the mexican flag right there. talking about chaos among democrats, calls for the ouster of debby wasserman-schultz, the chair, she's too pro hillary, can't bring them together. among republicans, donald trump goes after susanna martinez,
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and she's not endorsed him and unlikely to now. and there's a record and political risk for president obama. investors do not despair, big move up for stocks tuesday and this wednesday morning they'll go up some more. oil, close to $50 a barrel. some people think that's good. we're not so sure. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ (blee (bleep) >> there you have it. violence and protesters actually threw rocks at fox news reporter jonathan hunt.
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clearly it was a leftist violence in albuquerque and waving the mexican flag. more on that in just a moment. there you go. hit in the leg with a rock. now, look at this. we've got the dow jones average at the opening bell this morning will go up roughly 60, 65 points and the price of oil, look at it closely, that's pretty-- well, it's close to $50 a barrel. now, look at tiffany, it's the latest retailer to disappoint. sales down in every region of the world. all right, liz, this is where the wealthy buy their jewelry. is this part of the retail ice age as well? liz: it is and tiffany wiped out five years worth of stock gain. and other high end retailers are struggling, too. burberry, ralph lauren. they're trying to shrink their
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way. and some are breaking below the 900 million range. stuart: and what it is, these retailers-- >> they look like they're lurching around in a hospital gown. they're closing stores and need to do that possibly to maintain same store numbers. stuart: that's a visual, i could do without liz: expensive hospital gowns. stuart: the awful pictures out of new mexico last night. it sure looks like the implosion of the left. violence protests outside the trump rally in new mexico. it reports of smashed doors, and rioters trying to invade the trump rally and riot police. and they're discussing the removal of debby wasserman-schultz before the convention, they question her ability to bring the party
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together after her big tilt towards hillary. bernie sanders is not going away. he could win the california primary. who better that address this than mike huckabee. when i say the left is imploding, am i going too far, do you think? >> not at all. i think you're spot on. nothing can be better for donald trump than those who don't like it, burning the american flag and waving the mexican flag. >> they're saying, the people protesting are waving the mexican flag. and taking jobs from us, good grief, they're helping donald trump. it's almost like he could be paying people to be protesting, he isn't. he doesn't have to. stuart: what about the left ward lurch by the democrats led
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by bernie sanders. do you think that president obama has any share of the blame for this, if i can use the word blame? >> a lot of it. what we've had is a major shift to the left in the democratic party and they've become a group of collectivists. people who believe those who have something, maybe a privilege or whether it's property, they shouldn't have it and the government should take it away from them even though they obtained it legally and give it to people who didn't work for it. the contrast between two parties, the contrast at that people will decide upon in november is a contrast whether you believe in the government having power or individuals having power. whether you believe in collectivism or individualism, and if you believe in individualism, that you have a right to say what you want to say, believe what you want to believe, live where you want to live. do with your own property what you want to do with it, by gosh you better vote for donald trump, if the democrats get in
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power the government will tell you what you can do, when you can do, how you can do it. if they don't like what you have, they'll take it away and give it to somebody that didn't work as hard as you do. stuart: and governor, as an a person from that i understand. >> and hillary making a push for a must-win in california. listen to what she said about the economy when democrats run the show. >> it won't surprise you to hear me say that i think the economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house. it always gets my republican friends a little agitated. but you know, the truth is the tru truth. facts are the facts. you are entitled to your own opinion, but you're not entitled to your own facts, right. stuart: i've heard that
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expression before. liz peek is with us, fiscal times. i don't want to rehash the past, i want to look to the future. will hillary clinton democrat restore prosperity to america? >> and let's set the facts straight. there is is democrat in the white house and the economy has not done as well as it should be doing post recession. in fact, hillary clinton has one data point, which is her husband's time in office when in fact we had good growth because of policies that they're now abandoning. things like nafta, free trade, welfare reform, other things that kick started resurging growth in the economy. will she bring that on? i don't think so. because the policies she's talking about now, raising taxes, putting moore regulations on, et cetera, those are all anti-growth and she knows it. stuart: it's a third obama term. >> that's right, on steroids. stuart: president obama has
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been talking about life after the white house. and he's going back to his roots. watch this. >> i suspect that i'm going to be doing the kinds of work that i'm-- that i've been doing all my life. i'll be doing organizing work and involved in public policy issues. but i just won't be doing it in a formal way through elected office, i'll be like a community organizer except a little more famous than i used to be. stuart: okay. a community organizer, a little more famous than i used to be. governor huckabee, i know you heard that, what do you make of it. >> i dealt with acorn because it started in arkansas. he's not a community organizer, he's a community disorganizer. if you understand the basic premise of saul wa lynnski. it's abouten tearing down.
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and getting into those in power and taking it down. that's what his presidency has been about, taking down institutions. the contrast why donald trump is doing so well, he's a builder, not tearing down, someone who constructs. america needs construction, not deconstruction going on. stuart: thank you for join us early in the morning. i'm not sure where you are, but i think you got up real early for us today. thank you. to the markets, a higher open for stocks today. remember, the best day in nearly three months, the dow up over 200 points and up 50 when the bell rings. look at this, oil, very, very close to $50 per barrel. 10:30 this morning. in about an hour and a half we'll get the latest numbers on the supply of oil. that could move that market, but at the moment, oil up, stocks up.
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that's what we're seeing as of now. liz peek still with us, glutton for punishment. why is the market going up again today after a big rally yesterday? >> i think it's pavolvian. the traders have seen for over a year that when oil prices go up, the market does. i think it totally is. i think two things remain linked, even no in terms of the impact on the economy, we've seen that, there are segments of the economy, the trdrillers and so forth that have been badly beaten up because of oil prices and there's rising debt in some states because of that. on the other hand, the consumers are benefitting, for example, this weekend, with low gasoline prices. stuart: that's true. let me segue briefly. i want to bring everybody up-to-date on the california hyper loop. 750 miles per hour. i'm skeptical that the hyper loop train will be built. we're getting a peek at what the train would look like inside. >> instead of the dark tunnel, that's virtual sceny.
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it's a video of what basically what it would look like if you're outside. instead of having to get a pez dispenser with xanax in it, this is travelling almost twice the speed of sound. they're trying to make it look comfortable on cushy seat. it's p virtual sceny. and get in that and go hurdling through a tunnel. the state department approving, 225 syrian refugee many acations just on monday alone. a single day record. president obama moving closer to his promise to let 10,000 migrants in this year. hillary on capitol hill in the endless security lines and airports. ron paul on the show yesterday said that government is to blame. we'll see if judge napolitano agrees with that in a minute. the latest cover of variety
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shows a picture of yahoo!'s maris marisa mayer and there's a cross to bear. more after the break.
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♪ >> what's that music? >> personal jesus. stuart: is it? [laughter] >> apropos as one might say. this is the upcoming cover of variety magazine. yahoo! chief marisa mayer holding a y cross. variety didn't explain it, is she tired, couldn't handle the weight of a company. and it could be the investors who are basically hurt by her decisions. the company could have sold
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itself for 48 billion in 2008. and now selling possibly as little as 2 billion. a lot of write-downs on her watch. stuart: the several package is the cross she has to bear. and we call it government failure. long airport security lines and passengers missing flights. don't worry the tsa has a fall guy. the head of security reassigned. less than an hour from now, there's a hearing on capitol hill addressing the long line issue. listen to what ron paul had to say about it yesterday, roll tape. >> we can do without the irs, without the tsa and without the va and do a much better job, so we live with that 35 years and only tsa for a short period of time, done us no good except give us long lines and the va is in shambles because bureaucracy doesn't work. all of these are proof that bureaucratic management doesn't work. stuart: obviously the man hates government and went on to say,
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why don't we leave airline security and passenger security to the i recalls an a an and-- airlines. i'm sure that judge napolitano would agree with that. before you answer that, i've got a concern here about the total absence of government. we need a little government here and there. stuart: there's no such thing as a little bit of government because it grows and grows, and grows. so you have an entity that has guaranteed clients, guaranteed revenue and no competition. tell me that's not a recipe for disaster. what's what government is. the taipts are -- taxpayers are the clients and the taxpayers make the revenue, they have no incentive to be bigger, faster, better, more efficient. so what congressman paul is saying, that the property owner has a greater incentive to protect its clients and to protect its property than the
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government does, which is why he says the airlines should be responsible for maintaining the safety of flights because they have the most to lose once flights are not safe. you can't sue the tsa when they let a terrorist through. there is no redress to the tsa, in fact, when the tsa drops the ball, what happens? they get more money to hire nor mcdonald's burger flippers and how is that for a wednesday morning? >> at 10:00 this morning, on capitol hill. >> the hearing produces nothing, but-- congressmen fawning for the cameras and we will oblige them by running clips of their fawns. stuart: do you have any prospects at any point in the view, regardless who is in the white house, that we had replace government bureaucracy private enterprise like the tsa? any prospects of that happening? i can't see it. >> i wouldn't be surprised if some of this appeals to donald
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trump who has an appreciation for the value of free market in our lives. certainly, greater than hillary clinton did. look, if congressman paul had been elected, if his son senator paul, had been the nominee, these issues would be front and center. i don't know that this is on donald trump's radar screen, but he certainly understands far better than mrs. clinton how a private enterprise can security its own assets better. stuart: and i don't think that senator paul, when he ran for the presidency, didn't explain his position in the best possible way. >> i also think he deviated from some of the items that his father espoused. stuart: if you want to get elected-- >> and rejecting our principles. stuart: yeah, that's right. >> in reference to the skull on the front of variety, is the
9:20 am
place where jesus was crucified and translated from the place of the skull liz: you wonder if you should have depicted investors holding that y. >> they're yelling in my ear. stuart: now, the billionaire founder of paypal, reportedly he was the guy who bank roled hulk hogan's lawsuit against the website gawker. we'll tell you why it might be him who did this after this. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep?
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give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. >> just look at this. pet peter thiel may have may have been secretly funding hulk hogan's lawsuit. he is a co-founder of paypal, he's very wealthy. and it looks like mr. theil has got his revenge against gawker. >> so peter thiel said what gawker is doing is equivalent to psychological terrorism. gawker are not journalists there, they lack credibility. this was basically a hit job on peter thiel, he will not
9:25 am
reportedly get any proceeds if hulk hogan wins. they could go out of business. >> you're looking live in st. petersburg, and that lawsuit is what that appearance is about. >> it's about a sex tape that gawker published and reportedly tried to extort money from hulk hogan. stuart: are you on peter thiel's side of this. >> i think it's personal, and may diminish his idea of being objective. look, hulk hogan won the case for a reason. his privacy was invaded, so, yes, i'm on his side and i think that gawker is an organization very few people would stand up for liz: they have no credibility. >> a billionaire sundays a lawsuit against his enemy. >> and the environmentalists do it all the time. and push lawsuits, the same thing of thing. stuart: we're moments away from
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the opening bell on wall street. we're going to be up 40, 50, 60 points. another big day shaping up for your money. follow it with us. we'll be right on it in just a minute. i know what i can expect from usaa
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tree until we've got 15 seconds come at the moment begins on wall street. let me remind you there is a big day yesterday. the dow up well over 200 points. very solid. the futures were pointing to a level higher open this morning. not a big run-up, but certainly higher. it is up 38 points in the very early going. there we go. up 40 points higher ethics back did buy from the get go this morning. joining us now, we have listed donald, liz peek still with us. john layfield from the sunny shores. we are up again today after a 200-point rally yesterday. i have to ask the question, first to you, john. why are we going up? >> we are starting to season decent economic data. we are exactly where we were in november 2013.
9:31 am
we are seeing a little burst here was an economic act dignity and oil is not too high, but it is a little bit tire little bit irish dental jobs in america appeared tree and do you agree with that? that helped stocks? >> i think the oil and the economy are both helping them. is it enough to get us about the next level? i don't think so. it is more solid than three months ago. three months ago people were talking about recession. there's a one in three chance of a fed rate hike next month. things have changed quickly. true to an out of print that appeared one in three chance of a rate hike next month. if they hear about it, the market will be ahead. >> i think that's right. >> wait a second. you think that a rate hike would be good for stocks? do you? yes, i do. why would the fed hike rates? it's because they feel the economy is on a sustainable path
9:32 am
without artificial stimulus. if the economy is on a sustainable path, the company should do well, stock should do better. historically if you look at the early cycle of a rate hike tightening cycle, equities rally in the early parts of it. stuart: i interrupted you. liz: i think the economic data is slightly improving, but i don't think it's strong enough to dot every type you not a service that expectations at a different level. if they don't follow through, the market reacts badly to that. i don't see it as a big indicator that something profound has changed. stuart: an interesting development with upscale retailers. a lot of them are taking a hit, maybe join in the retail ice age story we've got running. how about tiffany down a dark. they follow not as bad over the past year.
9:33 am
what do you make of this? the high-end retailers are experiencing in trouble. would you buy any of them at this point? >> now, i wouldn't. the only reason is because the valuation. not because of prospects going forward. the amazon and ebay effect. home depot is similar because those are two companies that seem to be resistant to the amazon effect. especially home depot. stuart: i'm fascinated by this. the fact that the high-end is getting clobbered right now also because the stock market hasn't made any significant moves for several months. the 1% have been basically beneficiary list rates and the last seven years. they account for a big party spending beginning to pull back. it does not bode well for consumer spending numbers.
9:34 am
stuart: and my rising tiffany sales are done in every part of the world? >> except japan. minimum wage protests. we'll see them today in the chicago area. meanwhile, nick normal stock is up 123 you're just a couple weeks ago it hit the all-time high of one urdu one. down a little this morning. you are right there in chicago. he must be getting used to the protests. >> you know, as bad as the traffic can be around here, it's just another thing you have to avoid. i see a big crowd walk through building or around the block. you have to deal with it. stuart: john, you like mcdonald's stock. view on that? i thought it was the one thing they could produce that has higher margins. they got away from their core business. right now because of the run-up would not be a buyer.
9:35 am
true to wear 4.5 minutes into the trading session. the dad on 73 points. look at the big names we watch every single day because that's where a lot of you put your money. amazon at $4 at seven away. the all-time high in $7.20. google, otherwise known as alphabet at two bucks today, just a third of a percent. facebook 121 was the all-time high. getting close. 118 this morning. twitter, new low yesterday in the $13 range struggled to 14 awake this morning. everybody looks at apple at $89 a share couple weeks ago. ninety-eight dollars per share right now. best buy, big drop yesterday. marginal recovery 30 cents higher at 3096. netflix has an exclusive streaming deal with disney.
9:36 am
that sounds big to me. nicole, stock prices, please. >> you are 100% rated the analyst love this one. netflix is up 98.82. at the half a percent. analyst love this because netflix now has the right exclusively. that is the key. disney, marvel, pixar movies. this would be cinderella, the avengers, et cetera appeared lulu and amazon prime, they love it. stuart: that's a win for netflix by any standards. here's a story that fascinates me. i should know more but i don't. activision blizzard. colin doody and world of warcraft video games are viewing the new videogame called oval watch. 10 million people sign up to test the game before it was released. here's the number that fascinated me. activision has a half billion
9:37 am
500 million monthly active users. >> more users than face the fear they've got more individuals than the nfl watchers. stuart: the wrong generation. i understand not to 500 million users. you like it out there in bermuda? you play on the beach, do you? >> i'm actually a videogame character and i'm doing commentary. i'm an old pac-man guys. unique users per month. this is the first game and 17 years. they just keep coming out with reiteration of the bowl games are great company. stuart: this is the first brand-new game and 17 years, really? >> yes.
9:38 am
they keep coming out with new adoration of the very popular games theater ways to play to increase the subscriber count. stuart: i'm going to break away to breaking news from the ford motor company. the ford f. 150. ashley: that's the most popular truck in america appeared a really hot item. the brake cylinders are having a problem. 271,000 f1 if the model your 23rd team-2014 being called. stuart: no impact on the stock because when you take it to the, they'll fix it. what a deal. look at toyota, please. investing in uber. liz: here's the deal. toyota teaming up. if you are an uber driver, the
9:39 am
money can go back story giving flexible financing. gm, half a billion dollars invested. we see volkswagen investing getting $300 million they are. these guys see what is coming. they changed their model. >> by the way, there's 170,000 with a pretty big market exponentially growing. stuart: they are not selling toyota cars to uber drivers. >> they're making them available. stuart:.the story. i miss that. that is a big deal. look at shell, please. i think that is the second largest oil company in the world. they are cutting thousands more jobs. the stock is up a little bit. , this is another cheap oil fallout story, isn't it?
9:40 am
>> yeah, you know, the lower the price went overtime, it just decimated the industry. we start to see covered with oil prices coming up at the supply demand is up. companies have streamlined it they will not be quick to hire them back either. stuart: which you buy into energy company? big oil companies as of now? >> yes, i would. their incredible yields to 4% to 7.5%. same thing you saw in 1999. the big tech companies have a cash position start buying up smaller ones because of their dad and companies become stronger than ever. stuart: interesting stuff. we always take a look at apple every morning when the market opens. 98.50. they've got a thinner and lighter laptop come into the market. would you say that is
9:41 am
innovation? >> they are trying to spruce up existing devices. in other words, the buttons on the computer, escape that markedly but, what they will have a touchscreen for that. it is exciting stuff. stuart: hardly a big innovation. a thinner, lighter laptop. makes all the difference. stuart: about the size of your file. paul mccartney. we will put them on the show. he's promoting his latest album with the help of virtual reality. that's why this is important. the card is the subject of six virtual reality many documentaries which can be played on facebook's oculus rift. i don't expect this to make any difference. perhaps the facebook stock is down. it is important for the future because there is no content for this virtual reality headset
9:42 am
wraparound thing. liz: they still haven't solved the problem of people getting ill to where they showed them a comment is. they have warning signs in their boots. watch out. it can make you sick. stuart: i like facebook. my liking for facebook has nothing to do with virtual reality. how about you? >> i love facebook. there have been such a hard time with the transition went to mobile and mobile videos. it's an incredible company with an incredible pace. it's one of these companies on the myspace that will be around for 20 years. stuart: microsoft cutting back their smart phone business. microsoft is that this morning 23 cents. john, you and microsoft as well. i know you like it. >> i own apple. i do like microsoft. i like what they've done here.
9:43 am
i like the fact they got into the phone business. they got out of it when it didn't work. that's showing real leadership. as long as it doesn't become commoditized will be very good. stuart: another item that is parents magazine. microsoft is undervalued and that the rebound. >> i don't think their strategy in the smartphone business makes a great deal of sense. >> it could be wall street shops with a quarter of the revenue. stuart: my daughter just had her smartphone stolen, but she didn't lose everything because a lot of the good stuff have been uploaded to the cloud. am i right?
9:44 am
i want to bring you in. are you going to cyrus haier meant by boosting the stock price of microsoft final appearance this morning? >> i wish i had paid attention to you a year ago. the stock is doing well and it will do well based on the story about. stuart: you'll be back tomorrow. thanks, everybody. we appreciate you being with us. now we are up 109 points for the dow industrials. 200 yesterday. 108 in the first 15 minutes this morning. 300 points in one day and 15 minutes worth of trading. hewlett-packard enterprise getting together with another big tech company. some of the story, nicole. >> computing is a tough business. the cloud is where it's at. hewlett-packard is going to sell out the struggling i.t. services
9:45 am
business rhetoric to computer science so they can focus on their cloud service business. both stocks soar. hewlett-packard. >> we are going to bring your livestock throughout the show today. keep you up to press with a nice :-) we've got going here. start with monsanto. they reject did the original $62 billion takeover from buyer. the stock this morning. not quite sure about that. we've got other stocks moving today. apple go into monsanto up to $3 today. microsoft at 51. facebook at 118 and moving higher. apple 98.29. an overall family. some stocks e-mail are doing stuff this morning. you will be pleased to hear.
9:46 am
the state department admitted in a record number of serious refugees in to america this week approving 300 people, just this week or 200 on monday about. ambassador james woolsey is the best. central clock. why do you? that and not rush get them in. >> i don't know. i have an easier time getting inside the heads of politicians. you're shaking your head and look in a little negative here. >> they've gone from hot and it looks like it's going up from there. 100,000 refugees. we are a nation of immigrants. john kennedy was right. we have a history of having
9:47 am
integrated different backgrounds and countries into the american world. without a civil war and other civil wars. the possibility of getting people from isis amongst the refugees or from some of the shiite terrorist groups that make iran the leading terrorist country in the world. we commend him for some very dangerous people getting brought into the united states. they have to be vetted and fed it thoroughly and carefully. director of the fbi says it's really hard to that people from that part of the world. passports are easily bought and sold and modified and so forth. you can't just ignore it and started meeting people. >> arrest for president obama. that reflects badly on this rush to get in without proper vetting.
9:48 am
i know you said you can't get inside the head of an administration official. why are they doing this? is there any idea by the jamming into our country? >> i don't know. he seems to be making a number of changes and accelerating them here at the last weeks and months of his administration because he once do the delicacy has been named that i and a lot of other people are worried about such as making nice to the ukrainian and being a bit relaxed about their getting nuclear weapons. that is not a heritage or would like to see him leave. >> would follow what is happening close lid. we've been running video of the rights in europe about migrants from north africa and elsewhere. i have been out on a limb saying that europe is splitting up because the ball over a million
9:49 am
largely muslim migrants from around the world. not just north africa. that is the straw that breaks the camel's back in europe. am i going too far with this? >> you may be out on a limb, but as a producer of the land. a lot going on that is struggling in britain and the rest of europe. the people who have common are not historically integrated and they have parts of london where sharia is the law. we couldn't tolerate something like that and they shouldn't like that a nation tolerated in england and germany. stuart: james woolsey, i was a pleasure have you in the program. dates for joining us. violence erupted outside donald trump event last night. left-wing protesters vandalize businesses. they threw rocks. all of that happening.
9:50 am
senator jeff sessions, when mr. trump's top advisers coming up at the top of the hour. but first, the house holding a hearing on the security mind at airports. what can lawmakers do to fix what is a government problem? alaska republican member of the homeland security committee after this. ♪ ♪
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ stuart: you know what, we are going to call this a rally of 200 yesterday. up 124 today. maybe this is why the price of oil is pretty close to $50 a barrel. our wool over the past few months have been oiled up, stocks that. we are >> today. and half an hour a week on oil supplies. top of the next hour, a hearing in congress at airports. we are joined now by congressman scott. from a pennsylvania republican on the homeland security committee. welcome to the program. i have been saying that this tsa event, these lines is really a larger failure of government.
9:55 am
i am not sure that you can do much about it in those hearings today. what do you say, sir? >> at the failure of government. we can and must do something about it. we federalize the security force after 9/11 and the inefficiencies came with it. that doesn't mean we accept the failure. there are things that must be done. they are inching and tsa should have been aware of that and has been prepared. you don't win it's a critical mass. there are things done to reprogram money to increase the people on the line without there. what about the misconduct out of the line and tsa does nothing about that. stuart: how do you energize a huge government iraq are sunni.
9:56 am
the number of fish in. that would be a temporary shift. can you tell our viewers who are buried about summer travel season. you are going to make sure some done about this. >> we are going to put the heat on the tsa to say we demand your excellency and full attention and reduced its way times and we are going to look at your process to do that, whether that's living canine units around, whether that's bringing people in vermont their places to fill the void in the weather that dealing with the employment conduct dictates people off the line. we want to know it now and we will apply weighted. if we don't run it appropriate we will take action to keep the heat on you because the american citizen demanded and the system demands it and it's their job. stuart: more people are riled up
9:57 am
about this story than just about anything else going on right now. >> they should be riled. stuart: congressman, thank you for joining us. coming up next hour, a sign of the times when males to be living at home with their parents than any other generation in history. young americans are flocking to socialism. they don't even know socialism means. all-star bill o'reilly coming up on that subject. our two was two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: what a boycott that is new for you? i have a lan security committee ahead of the tsa. it all about this blog, very annoying lines at airports. we are watching this for any fireworks and some real action on those lines. plus, lefty protesters turned violent again, this time at a
10:00 am
trump rally in new mexico. senator jeff sessions during this in a moment. here's a question or an is that what you are is in? good for trump. bernie sanders just keeps on going and going, releasing a new ad in california. bernie is not going away. bill o'reilly is going to join us this hour. he's going to take on socialism that sounds a lot like what you would hear on "varney & company." that is what's new and that is what's coming up. look at these three went a morning market to triple digits. that is what it is, a rally. fifty dollars per barrel. let's see what happens at 10:30 would make it new numbers on the supply of oil. that could move the market one way or another. ford motor company, big recall of f. 150s. no impact on the stock whatsoever. it's got to fix the brakes apparently. alibaba, the fcc investigating
10:01 am
its accounting practices down nearly 4%. lower outlook. the retail ice age and upscale retailers now being dragged in. that only 50 cents for the stocks taking a beating recently. the retail express taken it on the chin. sales down 16% for the stock. an exclusive streaming rights deal for disney content and up she goes. 98 i'm not like you let's get back to the violent protests in new mexico. these are the images from outside a trump rally. mexican flags being raised. now take a look at what happened inside. bowl that tape. >> hillary is having a hard time. she's got a lot of surrogates. you can get them out. get them out.
10:02 am
>> moments ago, the protesters in new mexico were thugs who were flying the mexican flag. the rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals. joining us now, senator jeff sessions of alabama leading the foreign-policy advisory board. mr. senator, welcome to the program. >> thank you. stuart: we've been saying all moment that violent surely helps donald trump, doesn't it? >> they are not an intellectual case to push back against the simple view that the immigration system should be on it, should be lawful. people cannot be about to wander in unlawfully and other people wait their turn. we need a system that protects american interests. what's wrong with that?
10:03 am
it does harm the credibility of these opponents. stuart: i'm sorry to jump in 95. the american presidential campaign rally to me is just wrong, flat out wrong. am i getting too worked up about the mexican flag at the american political demonstrations? >> i don't think so. we are one nation. the united states of america has 15. when you come to this country, overwhelmingly for centuries, the people calm americans and support the american flags. this is a signal as to the radicalization of a group attacking donald trump simple message. i think it can backfire. the american people need to keep
10:04 am
their poise and not be intimidated from listening to a trump is saying because it's fundamentally correct. stuart: mr. senator, i want to play a clip from trump when he called out new mexico's republican governor. watch this and listen, please. >> we have to get your governor to get going. she's got to do a better job. the governor has to do a better job. she's not doing the job. maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i get this place going. stuart: file criticism by mr. trump of a republican governor. but you make of that? >> i don't know the details of bad or what may have prompted for that. he's simply free to discuss the issues he believes in and he says what he thinks. i don't have any understanding when he talked about welfare increases in that kind of thing.
10:05 am
>> last question if i may. donald trump is a successful businessman. if he were to become president, do you think he could work successful skills in business and government? do you think you could make government efficient? >> there's no doubt he could make progress. there's no doubt renewed strength as a manager for this government. the va is totally failing to utilize the resources effectively to take care of veterans. he ran misleading campaign. he spent many times what he spent on the election. it's showing you can do things the blame from efficient management tile that made him wealthy and i think can help improve government. although, our government is so large and so monumental and so out of control it's really going to take the strongest kind of leadership to get it on the right path.
10:06 am
stuart: that is an understatement, but we appreciate you saying that. senator jeff sessions, thank you very much. we appreciate it. i want to talk about the hearing that's going on right now. it has just started. they are looking at the tsa and the law, bloglines that have disrupted so many people which threatened to disrupt summer travel. cheryl casone is that this aired of a gun in a sofar? >> this is peter messenger. by mid june the tsa will implement these banners. adversary the wait time it a shot point for tsa. telecom in mid-june. will that help? no. if you need to get to the airport earlier or make sure you're giving yourself time. they also want to put an automated system that they've actually tested in london worth an automated system where you put all the luggage together and go through a separate line.
10:07 am
instead of me putting diaper bag on the line, groups of bags go through. but so far what he says is going to do. stuart: there's going to be a lot of political grants damning. he's going to be on the stand this morning. let's see if there's anything concrete come in out of this other than what you details of fire. >> this is what he is proposing. so far behind. stuart: you are planning a summer vacation. you are taking the kids somewhere by plane. you are looking this hearing right now and thinking, you know, are you really going to straighten this out or do i have to stand in a line with my kids? transport sector. her small military battle. >> if you watch this at home, i know you're thinking they want to legislate this.
10:08 am
did they come up with legislation that will help us at the airport. congress will have a better plan. stuart: if you are watching at home right now, but major u.s. now we are up 150 points. who would've thought. 200 yesterday. 150 today. a 350-point rally close on 2%. thank you for doing the math. there is a whole slew of big name stocks, which are marching a little bit higher. lots of them out there. we were getting checks for you in just a second. how about this. there's a number for you. more than 30% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 34, the classic millennial generation. dirty 2.1% are more likely to live at home with mom and dad than any other young adult. i take that back.
10:09 am
32% of that age group is in fact living at home. >> this is golden girls winnsboro. stuart: ashley pratt is with us. she is in this age bracket. who is to blame? i say this is a situation because i don't like to see people living at home. who is to blame for? >> is a very dangerous trend. what we see here are the disastrous effect of liberal economic policies on our nation's young people. it is not good for our economy to have people my age still living at home because that means we are not getting married. that means we are not producing. we are more than likely taking part-time jobs or whatever we can get. we are also putting off having children, which is another boon to the economy. this has long been packed down
10:10 am
the line because of these policies implemented. stuart: do you think any blame rests with millennial themselves? i don't need to be pejorative here. it is kind of comfortable to move back in with mom and dad. they pay their rent and there's always dinner on the table. the laundry gets done. it's very easy. >> this is where i place the blame. they largely voted in 202,012. he's the one responsible for policies and not did that have been to the detriment of our nation's young people. at the same time, we have enjoyed some entitlement nation benefit from that is not good for young people. we need to realize government dependency is ultimately going to lead to not a very lucrative future for us or for the economy and we need to be we need to get jobs, buy homes, have kids, get married here that
10:11 am
is something right now that looks very bleak for this generation. again, it is easy to move back home, but they do it as a last resort in the sense that i'm working a part-time job. i can afford to pay back student loans. that definitely means i can't pay rent or buy a home. now they are staring at their faded obama post yours. stuart: what we need is 4% wrote for a couple years and that would solve a lot of problems. ashley pratt, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: series migrants coming to america in record numbers. donald trump says we need to stop them in their tracks. chaos in venezuela reports that it is becoming a starvation state. food now i will scarcity. more "varney" in a moment.
10:12 am
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stuart: well, look at this. we are making money here. looking pretty good this morning. 200 yesterday. 162 right now. do not forget about old down $8 as stocks go well. gold is down. to venezuela. i'm going to call that a big gun of a failed socialist series of policies. the country's entire economic shape and is getting worse. some are calling this a starvation. >> venezuela is a humanitarian crisis. children get one meal a day if at all. they're not going to school. public employees taken five day weekend. shortages of everything. coca-cola has a huge shortage of sugar. corn, basic staples. people are starving. they went through a trillion
10:16 am
dollars of oil revenue in that country and where has the money gone? no one knows. they have no idea how to fix it. dream to live up to get a comment from bernie sanders. the social democrat, what is he saying? >> is silent about it and so was sean penn. this is the wages of socialism. people died in hospitals. stuart: let's get fired up about it. back to the campaign trail. i'll trump last night talking about series migrants. roll tape. >> we have no idea who they are. there's no documentation. wait until you see what happens. you'll have problems like you never believe. we are taking them in by the 10th of houston. we have to be smart. we have to be vigilant and will not have a country left anymore. stuart: thallus donald trump last night and it comes on the heels of news.
10:17 am
monday marked the largest single day record for syrian refugee approvals. people come into the country. over 200 approved in just one day. with us now is the chair of threat knowledge group and the author of the book defeating jihads. welcome back, sebastian gorka. by this mad rush to get their man? why? >> i wish we knew. they've painted themselves into a corner. this is obama's response to this union crisis. remember all those red lines that we did nothing about. it turned into an inferno, so his responses let's open our. let's open our borders and now there's a rash. he's only got a few left to get all of those series committed to coming into the country across our borders. stuart: i don't get it. the president surely taken a large political risk here. if any of the migrants who come to our country in the next six runs down some pain or whatever,
10:18 am
he's going to be to blame. he will catch heat for it. >> well, you would think so. i think maintaining this isolated of all, this fantasy they live in. his own director of the fbi, james coney has testified. we cannot do refugees from war zones, from syria. it's impossible. after that, you'd have to say common sense demands that you just have a halt on refugees entering from any war zone, whether it's afghanistan, syria, whether they are muslims or not. we have to perpetuate the fantasyland that everything's okay and we can just open borders. stuart: do you think the migrant crisis in europe is creating -- are they near the point of rake crack up in europe because of the migrant crisis?
10:19 am
>> i really think as i said before, europe is on its deathbed. when you look at nations like hungry, poland saying this is not good for our national security. the brussels attackers, paris attackers exploited the refugee crisis. one of them had a syrian passport. the e.u.'s coup by one world vision allows this kind of non-integration, the exploitation of refugee streams and things like the brussels attack. stuart: you know what makes me not, it's been called a big it was momma focused i say maybe we should calm down on immigration until we got it under control. i object to that and i know you do too. i've got to run. thank you are joining us is always. stuart: how about this for a worrying headline. dead people voting in california. they have been dead for years. how does that work exactly? we'll have details in a moment.
10:20 am
elizabeth warren blasting donald trump's record on real estate deals. trump hits back. >> is pocahontas elizabeth warren. she said she was an indian. she said because her cheek bones for high issues an indian.
10:21 am
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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: breaking news on hilary clinton e-mails handled. >> the 78 page audit the state department did put the blame on hilary clinton for mismanagement communications in particular for e-mails and also poorly responding any cybersecurity threats. of course she's accused of having a personal server. they thought it was the blame on her, but also spreads the blame to other secretaries pointing
10:24 am
out that other secretaries of state prior to her were also bad at keeping communications. >> cheryl is right. long-standing systemic weakness saying her failures singled out as more serious than the others. >> the "washington post" says there was sharply critical. thank you, babies. senator elizabeth warren offering her how to hillary clinton's campaign. listen to this. >> just yesterday it came out that donald trump had said back in 2007 that is the year before the estrada's lost their home. he was quote excited for the real estate market to crash because, quote, i've always made more money and that market than good. donald trump was drooling over the idea of the housing meltdown because it meant he could buy up
10:25 am
more property on the cheap. what kind of a man does that? stuart: does a strong and obviously direct attack on donald trump. there is donald trump getting back. watch this. >> it is pocahontas elizabeth warren. she was going now. she is probably the senator that is doing just about the least in the united states senate. she is a total failure. she said she was an indian. she said because her cheekbones were high she was an indian. stuart: there's a counterpunch if ever i heard one. ashley pratt, sorry i said goodbye to you a few minutes ago. i know you are still with us. good to see you again. that was a strong attack from trump on elizabeth warren. the original story was donald trump wanted the housing market to go go down. would you say to that?
10:26 am
>> i think she's trying to stay relevant. she decided not to run at 16. she probably doesn't like hillary clinton not much given the shoe rails on wall street all the time. it's fascinating because people keep projecting their warren would be a good pick for her scene that she is more progressive than hillary clinton didn't. if we look on the hillary clinton has been the one that's benefited from big and falls off to the tune of $200,000 prepaid speech given to people on wall street. i think the hypocrisy here is a little bit astounding. he was looking after entries looking after entries when a factor this president will be looking out for the country. stuart: elizabeth pointed out homes very cheap. now i can say goodbye. thank you indeed. bascom of the latest on the supply of oil. how much do we have in storage? could move the market you look at now. coming up, bill o'reilly. many americans don't have a
10:27 am
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stuart: what we're breaking now. number of barrels in storage. number, cheryl? >> 4.3 million barrels. we got a drop. there is less supply out there. watching the contract right now. i bet we hit 50 in the next few seconds. this is more than expectations. stuart: careful, cheryl. >> calling it, no. this is why the market is up. the dow is up on expectation we will have a decline.
10:31 am
it is bigger than we thought. stuart: there is a drawdown of oil. scottscott shellady in chicago. am i right? >> it has by a dime. i think ultimately, agree with earlier guest we want to trade through the 50 just because. that doesn't mean we'll rip the face off the thing. we have such a supply still. much bigger draw than we expected. however gasoline inventories are higher than we were expecting a draw. maybe we're not seeing it race like we thought it would. stuart: i'm trying to work this out now. we're not using as much gas but more oil, have i got that right, scott? >> right and -- stuart: that is why it is pretty much even, flat. go ahead, scott. >> we tried to rally a bit. also, stuart, although this is a fact and a lot of times we sell the fact, when the fact comes out the market kind of take as breather, we have to take into
10:32 am
consideration geopolitical events and dollar. those two things will have muted effect. ultimately the story will be lower for longer, not really big moves. stuart: okay. muted response is the answer from scott shellady. >> absolutely. stuart: what do you think about the oil markets? >> i'm very comfortable with my prediction. i have until 2:30 eastern time to make sure i'm correct. stuart: the widowmaker. there you go. check out the big board. why don't we. that stock market is up again today. 159. look at mcdonald's. the stock is not likely affecting what is going on today, 15-dollar per hour demonstrations around chicago and many places elsewhere. the stock is down a little. how about tiffany. lower sales, a worse outlook and other upscale retailers are being dragged into what we call the retail ice age. clothing retailer express, sales
10:33 am
not too good, down 14%. jack hough is with us now. do you agree with characterization, retail ice age. they're not doing that well? >> if you invest in retailer, the number one question you have to ask, is how does this company beat amazon? someone that is doing okay, closeout merchandise with tj maxx. they don't sell that on amazon. sporting goods store that sells guns. something amazon doesn't do. stuart: that is important. amazon is that big of a deal? >> i think it is. why foot locker not doing great. why did it do well? because it sells exclusive models from nike amazon can't sell. tough have answer to that question. even if you have the answer right now you could still be in trouble if you operate out of malls where many of the stores around you are doing poorly and causing a decline in traffic. stuart: okay. you are with "barron's," is that correct? >> last i check.
10:34 am
stuart: you confess to this. take a look at tesla. >> yeah. stuart: i have a one-month chart there. it doesn't look real good. it is up a buck today but the chart shows it coming down. and "barron's," if i'm not mistaken, says sell that thing and sell it now! >> "barron's" says sell and one of our wrote about report, there is inflammatory report. this thing is, the company called devonshire research group, compares tesla, their words, not mine, a ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme. saying it is not a car company. it is not a battery company. it is a financing company using customer deposits to finance future losses because it won't be able to deliver on the promises it is making. inflammatory like i said. >> wait, wait, wait. let's be clear. it hasn't been profitable since it launched in 2003. only has 1.4 billion in cash on the balance sheet and multiple needs for cash. it is going through severe cash burn.
10:35 am
>> their claim the promise they're making on delivering this car at the price they're laying out they can't possibly make it in 2017. we shall see. stuart: inflammatory stuff. now i want to get to "barron's" saying buy microsoft. >> well, a lot of software-makers are going through the same thing right now. they use to sell the titles on store shelves. suddenly using subscription services. that is good for business in the long run but you take a hit to the income statement in the short term because you used to get all your money up front and now you're getting it little by little. microsoft is going through the transition with the office software. it is kind of reaching an inflection point right now we could see a return to growth from that line as an important product line. i think there is better growth to come from microsoft. >> in the cloud. stuart: jack hough, bottom line, buy microsoft. thank you very much indeed, jack. nothing else to say. jack, thank you very much indeed. i want everybody to hear what bill o'reilly said about socialism on his show last night.
10:36 am
you know, i think he has been watching "varney & company"? watch this. >> we don't save. we're not frugal. we want immediate gratification. recent study by harvard university says 51% of the young americans between ages eight teen and 29 do not support capitalism. just 42% of the young-ins we is had since 1776. stuart: look who is on the phone with us this morning. bill o'reilly. good to see you again, sir. >> okay, stuart, what is up today? stuart: your talking point memo last night. that's what's up. who are you blaming for this? you're painting a pretty dire picture of youngsters. who is blame? >> i think individual americans are to blame. i mean if you have a survey that says that 2/3 of the country can not come up with $1,000 in an emergency situation, you have a major problem in this country
10:37 am
and, i can't imagine, even when i was painting houses as a kid, i used to put away 15, 20% of what i had. yes, i didn't have to support a family and all that but it was ingrained to me by my parents you have to save. obviously that is gone now. stuart: this morning we got this report, 32% of millenials. 18 to 34-year-olds actually live at home. >> because they don't have any money, yeah. stuart: it sounds a bit like you're condemning the millenial generation? >> i don't think the condemn is the right word. i think they're dopey. they need to wise up. if you don't have any money, you're powerless. that is what everybody should understand. money is power. stuart: i want to take the opposite point of view. i want to say if we had eight years, the last eight years, if really had strong economic
10:38 am
growth like we had in the 1980s after ronald reagan cut taxes, if we would have had that period of growth, you wouldn't have a third of the youngsters living at home. you wouldn't have 2/3 of the country unable to raise $1,000 for an emergency. what we need is growth and that would change the outlook of youngsters, would it not? >> i'm not sure that's true because if you look at the survey about people not having a lot of money, 50,000 to 100,000 crew is almost at the same level, 2/3 don't have a grand. so, yeah, they have more money but they spend more money. look, we're in a situation where the depression babies and world war ii babies are all fon and now we're in to the immediate gratification babies and baby boomers led that way. no matter how much money people are making they spend it. very few people can see the big picture, if you are broke you have no power. stuart: okay.
10:39 am
i think it can be turned around by growth but i'm sure we'll have the discussion at a later date. i want to turn to your new book, "legends and lies." the patriots. it goes along with new special airing on fox news next month. what is the book all about, bill? >> here is the deal, "legends and lies" on fox news channel is series, series of historical hours where you learn what these people, the icons, really were like and last year we did the old west. it was very successful. so fox news channel renewed "legends and lies" for two years. this year it is the patriots. off the tv series there is a book. the book features some big names, and not so big names, swamp fox, frances marion, ethan allen, one of the green mountain boys in vermont. here is what they really were. not what you taught in school because the history teacher
10:40 am
didn't know anything. this is what they were like. give you good example. george washington was one tough sob. there is a scene in legends and lies about washington, shock people what he did to his own soldiers to keep discipline. stuart: bill, that is a tease for -- >> yeah i'm not telling you, it starts a week from sunday. stuart: yeah. >> then it goes through the summer. we got alexander hamilton. he is not rapping. we have him. we have jefferson. we have franklin. all the big icons. the beauty and fun of all of this is that you, when you come away after you watch the tv program and read the book, and the book is just, there is a big book with lots of pictures and great for kids and adults you really know who they are. all the myth vanishes. why we call it "legends and lies." stuart: bill when i was growing up in england and going to school in england they didn't
10:41 am
teach much american history after 1776. >> that's because you guys are sore losers. stuart: you have to read your book. >> you know why you got your butt kicked, stuart. stuart: stop it, stop it. bill, see you very soon. thanks for being with us. >> okay, bye. stuart: protests set to go off in chicago. fast-food workers still want their $15 an hour. that is not sitting well with our next guest. he is the ceo behind those racy carl's jr ads. he is next. it's more than a network and the cloud.
10:42 am
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♪ >> now remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. here's what you missed for the last hour. >> the taxpayers are the client. the taxpayers produce the revenue. and the taxpayers have no choice but to accept those services. they have no incentive to be bigger, faster, better more efficient. so what congressman paul is saying that the property owner has a greater incentive to protect its clients and to protect its property than the government does, which is why he says the airlines should be responsible for maintaining the safety of flights because they have the most to lose once flights are not safe. ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: this is happening right now. the tsa hearing on the hill. they're questioning the head of the tsa. that gentleman right there. about those long lines, cheryl. >> he is asking for more money from congress right now. he said this a few moments ago. they want more money. transfer everyone at part-time
10:46 am
tsa into full-time positions. they don't have enough staff at all to meet periods of peak air travel demand. that is quote from him literally five seconds ago. this is it. summer starts this weekend, stuart. and they're completely unprepared. and he is asking for more money. stuart: okay. >> if that funding was to come through from congress, how long is that going to take? >> he said that they are unprepared? is that his words? >> those are my words. i am saying that they are unprepared. but he is saying, quote, we do not have enough staff to meet periods of peak air travel demand. that is his quote. i said unprepared. stuart: that is your interpretation. i think it is legit. that is legit. they're not prepared. >> they're not prepared. they want more money. that will fix the problem. stuart: now this. complicated story. two stocks way up. hewlett-packard enterprises merging its struggling tech services business with a tech consulting company called computer scientists. got it?
10:47 am
both are big winners. hewlett is up 10% and computer sciences up 34%. we bring you winners. minimum wage protests expected in chicago today coincides with mcdonald's annual shareholder meeting this week. our next guest knows a thing or two about these wage protests. he is the top guy at hardee's and carl's, jr. welcome cke restaurants ceo, andy pozzer in. welcome back to the program. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: this nationwide food to get fast-food operations and restaurant operations to go to $15 an hour, the response has been, well, we'll automate. nowadays i go to restaurant and often i'm ordering from a tablet. what are you doing in your restaurants? >> well have got restaurants where we have tablets not only because of the minimum wage but as millenials become more into the consuming class they actually prefer, research shows they actually prefer ordering from these tablets.
10:48 am
they're not looking for personal interaction that our generations might have have looked for. minimum wage bears on that, if your labor costs increase obviously you do everything you can to reduce the cost. these labor costs increases hits small business owners, franchisee's, they don't hit companies like ours, or mcdonald's. we don't own a lot of restaurants. they hit the small business people. stuart: where do you stand on raising minimum wage? $12 for hillary clinton and $15 for bernie sanders. donald trump said he would look at raising the minimum wage. are you for it or against it? >> the congressional budget office, which as you know is non-partisan. not even bipartisan came out with report about a year ago at $9 an hour you would lose 100,000 jobs. at $10 you would lose half a million jobs. i'm not for losing half a million jobs. i think you could go to $9 an hour. strongly improved and expanded
10:49 am
earned income tax, encourages people to work but helps them make basic subsistence level of income and doesn't kill their jobs. warren buffett supports it. president obama, paul ryan. i support it. arthur brooks at aei does. so it is a broadly-accepted program that could really help solve this problem. i think $15 minimum wage push is really more political than economic. we really should be looking what is going to help these low-skilled workers rather than what will get us points in the next election. stuart: what gets to me, andy, disappearance of all the entry level jobs which youngsters could have taken which will now not be made available. i'm sorry i'm out of time. andy putter is, thanks for being with us. state department says hillary clinton mishandled emails while she was secretary of state. judge napolitano coming up. lefties protesting, turned
10:50 am
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10:54 am
violent protests outside of a trump rally in new mexico. it was riot. mexican flags in the crowd. fires being lit. smashed door when the rioters tried to invade the trump rally. rocks thrown at police horses. democrats discussing removal of party chair debbie wasserman-schultz before the convention. they question her ability to bring the party together after her big tilt towards hillary. bernie sanders, he is not going away. he could win the california primary. hmmm. who better to address all of this, mike huckabee. governor, welcome to the program. am i going too far here? i'm saying chaos on the left, the left is imploding. am i going over board do you think? >> not at all, stuart. in fact i think you're spot on. nothing could be better for donald trump than people who don't like him to be burning the american flag, waving the mexican flag and throwing rocks at the police. i mean that ought to really light up the middle of america and make them say, oh, the people who are protesting are
10:55 am
waving a mexican flag. mexico is taking jobs from us. that is just what we hope. good grief, they're helping donald trump. almost like donald trump could be paying these people to be protesting but of course he isn't. he doesn't have to. stuart: what about the left ward lurch of the democrats led by bernie sanders? do you think that president obama has any share of the blame for this, if i can use the word collect correctly, blame? >> he has a lot of it because what we have had is major shift to the left in the democratic party. the democratic party increasingly become a group of collectivists. people who believe that those who have something, whether it's, maybe a privilege or whether it's property, they shouldn't have it. and the government should take it away from them, even though they obtained it legally. and they should give it to other people who did not work for it. and the contrast between the two parties, the contrast, that people will decide upon in
10:56 am
november is really a contrast between, whether you believe in the government having power or individuals having power. whether you believe in collectivism or individualism. if you believe in individualism, you have a right to say what you want to say, believe what you want to believe, live where you want to live, do with your own property what you want to do with it, because by gosh, you need to vote for donald trump. if democrats get in power, the government will tell you what to do, when you can do it, how you can do it and if they don't like what you have, they will take it away and give it to somebody who didn't work as hard as you did to. stuart: as refugee from socialism, i know exactly what you're talking about. >> check out the big board. triple-digit rally. we're on the doorstep again of dow 18,000. dow closing in on $50 level after surprise draw down in storage. we've got this, state department says hillary clinton mishandled her emails and violated the rules but what does it mean for her legally? we have judge napolitano joining
10:57 am
us three minutes from now. don't go away. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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stuart: almost 11:00 eastern time. listen to this. five people arrested for impersonating irs agents. there were thousands of victims. at least two people on our production team were called. we have details on what is a very big scam. we have news on the hillary email scandal. the state department says she mishandled those emails. the judge coming up on that. and california's larry elder will sound off what we're calling the implosion of the left. riots in the streets and calls for debbie wasserman-schultz to step down as the party's chair. but first, look at this. it is another rally where what, about 130 odd points away from dow 18,000. elizabeth macdonald and cheryl casone are with me now. broad-based question.
11:01 am
why is the market going up? liz: despite bad retail earnings. we haven't seen oil trading at this level in 10 months. stuart: you think it is oil? liz: yes. stuart: cheryl, you concure? >> i concur. owl data came out, down 4.2 million barrels. the oil story the market story. you had a 100 point pop at open. continuing through the day. we very go up even higher because of oil. stuart: not rule of law, but order of the day is oil up, stocks up? >> yes. stuart: that is holding firm as of right now. >> that's what we're seeing. stuart: let's get to individual companies and individual stocks. we'll start with tiffany's. lower sales and a weak outlook. now, liz, their sales were down everywhere around the world except japan. liz: that's correct. breaking down unexpectedly below the $900 million mark. look at the stock action. they wiped out five years of gains, trading at 2011 levels. we have retail ice age on and
11:02 am
hitting high-end retailers. stuart: that is the point this morning because the high-end retailers have joined the retail ice age. liz: that's right. stuart: a lot of them are down just like tiffany. look at luxury brands. we have a lot to the downside. burberry, tiffany, prada. up a bit in prada but there is a retail ice age and reached upscale retailers. how about that one? how about alibaba? it was down big. down 3%. what is this sec investigating? >> sec investigating alibaba over accounting practices. what they're looking at is singles day, the biggest selling day for alibaba. they brought in 13, almost $14 billion in revenue in one day. sec in particular wants more information on that. the sec has been very clear. we're not indicting you. this is investigation. we want documents. alibaba is -- liz: we haven't had a scandal in years.
11:03 am
this is the sec finally getting on the stick with accounting shenanigans and cook being the books. stuart: can we say alleged. liz: we can. stuart: i think we should. liz: yes we can. >> alibaba is cooperating. stuart: we should tell everyone alibaba is regarded as china's amazon, is that correct? liz: correct. stalk to any of the big four accounting firms who do business in china, they will tell you how their accounting goes. stuart: negative on alibaba are we not? tell it how it is. liz: i covered corporate accounting scandals for "the wall street journal" there you go. stuart: you have street cred there. how about ford motor company big recall of the ford f-150s, problem with the brakes. stock is going up. recalls don't count. liz: this is the country's most popular truck here. recalls not affecting ford. master cylinder brake, looking at 2013, 2014 models here. stuart: let's get to politics. we're all comfortable with politics. by the way, quickly, the dow is at another high for the day.
11:04 am
we're up 173. okay. i'm calling what you're seeing now on the screen the implosion of the left. you've got violent protests. mexican flag being waved in the face of american presidential candidate. those protests turning violent. what you're looking at last night outside of the trump rally in new mexico. now, the democrats on capitol hill, this is more about the implosion of the left here. some democrats are discussing removing that lady, debbie wasserman-schultz, as the chair of the dnc and getting rid of her right before the convention. how about that? remember, please, harry reid, prominent democrat, he might say no to hillary's vice-presidential pick depending who it is. look who is here. wednesday morning the real story host gretchen carlson. >> you put me over here! away from my other women. stuart: on my right. >> on my right. you will try to make me be over here, politically too. stuart: am i going too far if i say the left, the democrats at
11:05 am
this moment appear to me to be imploding? >> they appear to be imploding. everybody thought this would be republican convention. who knows what will happen there. before the convention democrats imploding. this is the problem with debbie wasserman-schultz. people believe on democrat side, especially sanders supportersing tilting the scale with hillary clinton not only with the debate schedule but with the superdelegates. not that she created system. that has been a big discourse within democratic circles. also she is trying to save her job she is putting together a platform committee that will be at convention. she could have appointed all the seats 15 of them. she gave five to bernie sanders, six to hillary clinton and remaining to herself. that is a move i see as her trying to save her job at this point but here are some of the quotes people are saying. we're trying to decide what color plate do we deliver debbie wasserman-schultz head on. stuart: that is from a democrat? >> this is from a democrat, yes. this is all the talk going on now before the convention. will she be able to save her
11:06 am
job? i interviewed the guy who wants to take her job from florida, so she is facing it on both sides. stuart: it would be very, very difficult for her to bring the two sides of the party together, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. she has encouraged the split. how can she encourage them getting back together again? i think that is the problem with her. >> that is totally the problem. nobody ever saw this coming and nobody ever thought we would be waiting to see who actually will be the democratic nominee. stuart: never in a million years with we have thought that. i have another one for you, hillary clinton blasting donald trump this time on "ellen" roll the tape. >> he has been very derogatory on all kinds of women. he specifically called out women by name, insulted them. he has said that equal pay isn't a real issue. he doesn't seem to, you know think that, we need to do anything to create more jobs and raise incomes. a lot of women. stuart: well, gretchen, i think ellen had basically agreed to
11:07 am
turn over her show to make it a platform for hillary. >> yeah. we talked about this before on your show. i don't see how this is going to be a huge problem. stuart: for who? >> because the fact of the matter is, tv hosts now decided to become political. it started with david letterman. they do so at their own risk as far as whether or not viewers will continue to watch them but i'm not surprised at this at all. it is a great forum. it is a great forum for hillary clinton. this is one of the negatives for donald trump. he will have to work on trying to get more women in his camp. every poll has shown that he does not fair well, at least right now, with women. stuart: a lot of anchors are getting political but you wouldn't say i was, surely not, mr. fair and balanced. >> whether or not you had your tea and your coffee. stuart: middle of the road, baby. i have an update on the va story, veterans affairs secretary bob mcdonald. he is walking back or trying to walk back comments he made
11:08 am
earlier this week where he compared the wait times at the va to wait times at disney. not a good idea. gretchen has a lot to say about this. go. >> i did. it was my take yesterday. stuart: yeah, you did. >> he said the most important thing should be about giving great service to our veterans. why can't they do both? why not also stop the ridiculous wait times? to compare it to disney, you can get a fast pass at disney. you can not get a fast pass at the va. you can get a app where shorter lines are to know where to go. i don't think they have that for our veterans. there is huge difference waiting in line on space mountain to have fun and excitement and waiting because you are terminally ill and need to see a doctor. i think it is one of the most insensitive things i ever heard. i can't believe there are not more calls for him to resign. stuart: here is example of a man came from private enterprise, proctor & gamble, goes to run a government bureaucracy and he is not finding it easy. i'm not sure you can convert a government bureaucracy to efficiency of private enterprise.
11:09 am
i don't think you can do it. >> that may be true. this came out of his mouth. stuart: that's true. that was pr gaffe and then some if you ask me. by the way, speaking of wait times, there is a hearing going on about the tsa's wait lines at airports and going on right now. that gentleman is testifying. he runs the tsa the latest? >> i was monitoring his comments a few moments ago. they're partnering up with delta air lines to better screen who they will hire at tsa remember they need about 6,000 employees. they're blaming us which i think is wonderful. they're saying 50% of precheck, tsa precheck passengers are going to the wrong lines at airports across the country. so it's our fault that there are lines. he used by the way used word failure with regard to chicago. tsa was failure at chicago when 450 missed their flights in one day because of those long lines. stuart: has he not actually admitted a, he needs more money now, and b, there will be problems this summer in certain
11:10 am
key areas where they can not meet the staffing requirements? he said that? >> he already said that he said they don't have enough staff for the summer. they're not going to be able to handle -- >> tsa getting more money than almost any entity in the government. they don't need more money in my estimation, number two, which is number one, go to the airlines first, stop your baggage fees, that is why we have so many people in the line taking time because everyone does not want to check their luggage. we have been nickeled and dimed to death. you can't even eat on airplane anymore. >> chuck schumer said that, gretchen, before the tsa did. chuck schumer made that point. this is bipartisan thing. people are mad. stuart: i believe we have gretchen fired up. liz: go gretchen. >> i still have three hours to get fired up before my own show. stuart: i'm sure you're fired up by 2:00 this afternoon. 2:00 eastern time, catch gretchen, "the real story" on
11:11 am
fox news channel. thanks very much for joining us. >> you're welcome. stuart: appreciate it. now this, new details on the hillary email scandal broke this morning. the state department audit faulting her, sharply so. judge napolitano on that next. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal email account which was allowed by the state department. what difference at this point does it make? i know what i can expect from usaa the usaa car buying app was really helpful. all the information was laid out right there. it makes your life so much easier
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11:14 am
stuart: the rally holds, ladies and gentlemen. almost two hours into the session we're still up 150 points at 17, eight. look at big names we check every day for you. start with google. we're up four bucks. that is a fraction of a percent. netflix, getting back pretty close to $100 a share. they have a content deal with disney. that works wonders for them. you will see, any moment now, you will see netflix. i promise you are going to see it any moment now getting pretty close to $100 a share.
11:15 am
believe it if you don't see it. how about apple? looking charging stations for electric vehicles. liz: next big thing from apple, the apple electric car. this is news breaking moments ago. apple looking how you charge electric cars with charging stations. hiring engineers with expertise in the area. this is shortage of charging stations. here is the other thing. apple just to the a patent to unlock a car via smartphone or another device. stuart: what this tells me the next big thing is apple's penetration of the vehicle market in all of its aspects. liz: correct. >> they have a secret team in europe working on this. liz: hiring people away from bmw to do it. stuart: bottom line the stock has gone to 98. we'll take that. more breaking news. happening thick and fast. "gucifer," the romanian hacker, pled guilty in federal court. he is the guy who said he hacked into hillary's emails. >> i was just going to say that, yes.
11:16 am
he is the guy that claims he hacked into hillary's server. here is what he pled guilty to. two counts ever computer hacking, tied to his intrusion of systems belonging to u.s. government officials including former clinton advisor sidney blumenthal and former secretary of state colin powell. stuart: i want to know significance of this and context? >> he will have to cooperate. he will give them all documents, writings and recordings he has in his custody right now. if he did indeed break into hillary clinton's email he is handing over everything now. stuart: cheryl is stealing your story, judge. give me some significance of "gucifer" guilty? >> it is in the public domain. she is fee to do so. he was charged with 12 counts. the government asked 10 be dropped in return for guilty plea to two. the government already debriefed him. he probably already examined mrs. clinton's server with fbi agents. the significance of this is, they are holding over his head
11:17 am
an additional seven years in an american federal prison after he finishes his seven in romania, depending how credible his testimony is, should he testify before a grand jury against her and a trial jury, should she be indicted. stuart: that is called leverage. >> yes it is. stuart: huge leverage. >> yes it is. it is unprecedented for the federal government to extradite someone from a foreign country still in the middle of a prison term in a foreign country. you wait until you finish serving. they want the goods on her and they want them now and today they have them. stuart: the state department conducted audit of hillary's emails, faulted her sharply according to "the washington post." what is the significance of this? >> this profoundly contradicts mrs. clinton yet again. all these months she is saying fbi is conducting a security audit, a security audit, a secured audit. director comey said last week i don't we investigate for crimes.
11:18 am
this is the security audit. this was conducted by inspector general of the state department, faulted her for willful, knowing, violation of rules governing security, retention and transparency of documents used by secretary of state and expressly criticized her for diverting 100% of her digital traffic away from the government sources into her own and failing to return it when demanded by the state department. stuart: got to move but bottom line this is serious development? >> it is. i think the fbi already knows this but as far as what's in the public domain it is brutally serious and harshly negative for mrs. clinton yet again. stuart: there is another item concerning hillary, i want your comment. this item is, eric trump. here is what he said about hillary's accountability problem. roll that tape. >> she left multiple people on a rooftop in benghazi because she wouldn't pick up the phone in the middle of the night. you look at the clinton foundation, look at the sham
11:19 am
that's become and way they profited off of a non-profit, held accountable? i mean her foreign policy has cost trillions of dollars to u.s., thousands and thousands of lives. stuart: does she know what he is talking about. >> does she know? stuart: no, he, eric trump? >> he absolutely does. we can expect a lot of this with his father's unique and inimitable way. stuart: piling up. >> they both want george washington's job, let's put it this way. she has the most dismal record of secretary of state in the modern era. eric's father, donald, knows that. he will exploit it on the campaign trail as rightly he should. stuart: looked at purely from the judicial standpoint, she is in a lot of legal trouble. forget politics, legal trouble? >> yes, she is. bad news continues to cascade. stuart, she hasn't had any good news or email or foreign policy front since she began her campaign for president. stuart: judge napolitano, our
11:20 am
point man on hillary and a hot of other things too. thank you very much, judge. we appreciate it. now this. did you get a call from someone saying they're with the irs or treasury department? did they threaten to arrest you if you don't pay up? thousands of people got the call. and now somebody has been arrested. several people arrested for impersonating the irs. more on that is coming up for you. but first look at this. fleet week comes to new york again. here we are in new york. navy ships arriving for memorial day weekend. america's naval might on parade. don't you love it? liz: yeah. stuart: we'll be back. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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11:24 am
that's see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: five people arrested in miami for their part in schemes that took two million dollars from over 1500 people. the schemers impersonated irs agents. who were they? liz: five cuban nationals. irs saying this is the worst scam they have seen in 30 years. they called people saying, listen, we have your tax return, you owe us tax debt. send us money. they bully people in tricking them. this is a big scam. in this scam they caught $2 million basically stolen from victims. over all 6400 people roped into the scam. more than $36 million stolen. stuart: i think a couple of our
11:25 am
people on "varney & company" -- >> your staff got phone calls. stuart: two of them got the calls and said get lost. liz: pretty brazen an idiotic you will get caught. stuart: that is bullying. some people can be bullied and some can't. they're out thereviller inable. liz: vulnerable, right. stuart: dow jones industrial average up 155 points. you add that on to yesterday's 200 point gain and you've got a nice, what, 2% gain in a day 1/2. how about express. that is the clothing retailer. they got weak sales. put it like that. they have got problems and they're down 11%? how about microsoft? gets backing of "barron's" magazine and couple other investment people saying buy it. i do own some. it is up over 1% at 52. all right. after the forthcoming break, california's larry elder on the implosion of the left. you're looking at violent protests. does that help donald trump in
11:26 am
the general election? the california perspective, larry elder is from california, next.
11:28 am
11:29 am
tree and did the democrats are in chaos come utterly divided feedstock with a a flawed candidate increasingly violent.
11:30 am
you will hear all of this in the media. they are all over the bathroom issue. a closer look at the news this morning reveals a political party on the verge of implosion. item number one, debbie wasserman schultz, she is the party chair in friend of hillary. democrats are discussing dropping her before the convention. she is divisive they say. fire in the party chair? there is a split. hillary, the flawed candidate struggling in the polls if there's the the ever present threat of indictment did she stand in as a woman even though her husband is a serial womanizer. she is going to be the nominee for the democrats. no wonder they are worried. item number three, bernie sanders. he really is a socialist true believer. he thinks this is a revolutionary moment it is having the time of his life. you think socialist go away quietly? they don't. they are fervent crusader spirit or he'll drag democrats over the
11:31 am
leftist cliff. item number four, violence. a sure sign the extremists have taken over. mexican flags waved in california and last night in the new mexico riot. that is guaranteed to push voters toward donald trump. this is not a pretty picture. it is however reality. my guess is that democrats mess comes to a head as the primary 13 days from now. it ernie wins or comes close to winning, the democrats will tear themselves apart in the convention in july will be, as bernie says, messy. one last point. barack obama has presided over the shattering of his own party. maybe i'm coming on a little strong mayor. i suppose you could say that. i'm talking about chaos within the left. larry elder is with us. nationally syndicated host, california is his home. you know that day.
11:32 am
i'm going to ask you the golden question. could bernie sanders won the california primary? >> i think it is unlikely he could win. even if he does in the polls are all over the place, california has a strange three-tiered system. the largest group of delegates are doled out this upon their performance in each of the districts. the second largest group is doled out based on performance statewide. the third group are superdelegates. even if bernie wins, he'll rip it up a number of delicate and continue her march. stuart: to me it's not about the delegate count. it's not about various congressional districts. it is based. you lose a lot of face. hillary clinton loses in california. i don't care what the margin if she loses or even if she wins but by a tiny margin, that is not good news for her candidacy. she will be the nominee, but it looks so bad, larry.
11:33 am
>> well, that's right. they will give energy to the people that say she ought to be done. as you mentioned, there is the threat of indictment. let's say she's indicted. unlikely. the nomination goes to bernie sanders. the bad news is that to neck in polls nationwide, bernie sanders does better against donald trump and is hillary. got through that he should become the nominee. they need to stand up and get the nomination, otherwise we run the risk of actually having a 74-year-old socialist who looks like he sleeps in his car, running against donald trump and winning. stuart: kicked out of 1971 because he wouldn't do any work. that's another story. i'm just being provocative. his eye like to bring in peter kiernan, former goldman sachs partner. you wrote about hillary as she
11:34 am
prepares for california. and leading between the lines. that's a problem for hillary. >> whispers and she's going to get the nomination and put that to the side. gone are the days of coronation. democrats are facing the unthinkable. a divisive election at the convention. this is coming to a head just as the convention. where this is real trouble for her she's being dragged increasingly to the left. so she's outside your comfort zone. her campaign rhetoric has gotten much more antibusiness but she's still no match for the full throated anger of war in and bernie sanders. people wonder where his true north? that's not the worst problem. what is the worst problem is she's being dragged from the most precious real estate. the very real estate or very real estate her husband used to get to the white house. stuart: the middle ground. >> you never want to leave primer illustrate to the one person the world who thrives on great real estate, that being donald trump.
11:35 am
the center is the way to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. it always has been an she is leaving that expose peer she and her husband know that's a big problem. >> i want to go back to larry elder. here in california. donald trump holds a rally this evening in anaheim. were already getting reports that are preparing for the possibility. what you have to say? >> aaron blakely might be some violence. the antitrust people are pretty serious and they believe trump is such a bad person an evil person, racist person that you ought not have the right to hear him. the last time people blocked intersectintersect ions and stop people from coming to the rally. the open-minded tolerant people wanted to hear other points of view. if you're donald trump supporter, you should be deprived of the very bright. stuart: what our viewers are seeing is the violence in albuquerque company met to go
11:36 am
last night. antitrust people were waving the mexican flag. i think that's intensely provocative. if they do it again today in anaheim, california ,-com,-com ma that just plays right into trump's hands. >> it does pay right into the hands. there is a proposition called 187. my mom that would deprive illegal aliens of educational medication of benefits. my mom was on the fence except the night before a bunch of anti-187 people came out waving the mexican flag and not proposition carried among whites, asians, blacks the only area they didn't carry they didn't kerry was among hispanics. i'm telling you, that flag is red meat for donald trump people. stuart: larry alder lane it out. thank you for joining us. we'll see you again soon. >> my pleasure. stuart: i want to change the subject to something that is of interest to both of us. there was a vote in june as to whether the british leave the european union are not.
11:37 am
i don't know how the votes going to go. you are telling me it's a leap year up, it has real consequences for us in america. that's why we should pay attention to it. >> not since charles and diana has there been a bigger fuss about a potential divorce. i'm telling you you this is something that could affect does. 20% of exports go to the european union and about 20% go to europe through the u.k. the u.k. has been the gateway for the united states and continental europe. more than not, our trade plants, which is something the obama administration has in pushing all are threatened. what people claim and what they misunderstand is that this will be bad business decision for the u.k. stuart: okay, i'm with you. that is this decision. we can talk about that all day. we cannot argue is the issue of sovereignty. most important to me -- that's the most important issue.
11:38 am
i do what continental europeans writing the laws of great britain. we've had a parliament or a thousand years. and i'm perfectly well buy or sell spirit by doing it everybody else to tell us what a blog should be? >> imagine for a moment you are british. if you take this step, the thing you will find its most people i talked to say we are a country that will make a decision on principle before profit every time. this is a matter of principle. we don't want some bureaucrat on brussels telling us how many searing refugees we take on. what our immigration policies will be, what regulations are banking on law. this is a matter that goes way beyond business. all the wall street folks say there's no way britain will exit. they are missing the fundamental ingredient and that is what do the british people want. if you look at the polls right now, it's a dead heat with 20% almost undecided here this is far from over.
11:39 am
the points you make about who is going to tell. this is a nation with thousand year old universities that have done just fine. they don't need the e.u. to survive. and it's to be much closer than people realize. stuart: it affects us here. thank you and eight. appreciate you being with us. i've got breaking news. dramatic images from the mediterranean sea off the coast of libya, showing the moment a migrant boat capsized. the italian navy releasing these images get 500 people dumped in the sea. seven died. the italian navy rescue in hundreds of migrants. off the coast of libya as the boat capsized. these are the images a migrant crisis in north africa and europe. liz: here's the issue. the italian navy clearly putting images out because they don't want this to happen again. the majority of the migrants are coming over to c. 191,200,000 people so far.
11:40 am
migrants are coming over the sea. they don't want this to happen. stuart: a distress call. that's the answer. we are calling it government failure, lawyer for security lines get passengers missing flights. tsa officials on capitol hill as of right now. the taliban naming the louvre theatre. the military wants more leeway to attack them. general jack keane is here. he's in the studio moments from now. and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. lease the e350 for $499 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> i am nicole petallides with their fox business brief. 100-point today at 213 points. on traffic for the first back to back for that doubt in six weeks since april. the s&p up 14. the nasdaq up 25 to continuing to gain for the week of three, four, 5% i hope for a rate hike in june or july continuing to lead the way. nike and starbucks, in case you missed it, do you still have cooperated to represent the coffee we drink. last but not least, the question is whether they will not get
11:43 am
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11:45 am
stock. alibaba, china's amazon. the sec is investigating its accounting practices and it's down 3.5%. tiffany ourselves a weak outlook. we are saying it's been dragged into the retail ice age. a lot of upscale retailers also been dragged in to this retailers problem. lower sales of the retailers expressed, danica is 12%. netflix has an exclusive streaming right field for disney content. exclusively on netflix yet that is good news if it's getting that close to 100 bucks a share. you are looking at live-action on capitol hill, the house homeland security committee voted to hear it and looking to the tsa security lines. but we know so far? >> wired agents showing up for being late to shift that airport. the biggest take away so far as they are trying to redo the pre-check or okra and that is
11:46 am
bad for a clear failure. are trying to make it cheaper. they are also talking about behavior detection not as there's putting more personnel airports and putting grandma through the extra screening process, might look a little suspicious. also looking at a partnership with delta to help them more quickly screen potential new employees for the tsa. in a wok or money. stuart: did they also warned about problems this coming summer because they don't have the staff in the right place? >> is that they do not have the staffing to be adequate. they are not prepared basically. they made my staff and want more money. would you expect from a government bureaucracy.
11:47 am
>> there is the union side of this. there's been some blame put on some of the unions that are putting pressure on the tsa employees. stuart: you are slowing me down, kid. more serious stuff. look at this again, please. is that images from the mediterranean off the coast of libya. the moment that a migrant boat capsized. 500 people jammed onto that and got into the sea. seven drowned or the italian navy rescued all the others and they released photos. again a migrant vote capsizes in the mediterranean. that crisis in europe is a huge political problem, a cultural problem for europe and the humanitarian crisis right there. you're looking at it. now this. the taliban a new leader days after u.s. airstrikes killed the former head of the taliban. general jack keane is here with us this morning. now we hear that the military wants more leeway to go after the taliban with airstrikes or
11:48 am
drugs. what's holding you back right now? this has been a frustration sent the early days of the war. the fact of the matter is in packets and, for two sanctuaries that the taliban have, one is a place called graham chartres east of kabul across into the pakistan border. another one south of kandahar. in the sanctuaries, think of them as military bases paid training takes place there with logistics support. and this takes place. the isi come intelligence service of pakistan military provides an intelligence to the taliban and also at times training to the taliban. pakistan is supposed to be our ally. the importance of sanctuaries is critical. the reason the war is protected as long as it has is mostly due to the sanctuaries. there has never been an insurgency defeated that it had been curious active protect their people.
11:49 am
stuart: you want more leeway to go after sanctuaries. that's a problem. i know the city, not be a pejorative, but it's densely packed with people and civilians. you want the way to go after the city? >> no. he only wants leeway to target the taliban the way we have targeted al qaeda. and then, people will use military judgment and how to take those targets down and not hurt the people. we have the capability to do that. mistakes will be made for sure. mostly we will be on target. the problem is pakistan will not authorize that. they are shielding the taliban and we have not had an american president, either bush or a bomb is to take the issue on. stuart: you think we should. >> they are directly responsible for killing american soldiers and soldiers being tragically wounded as a result.
11:50 am
i'm talking about the pakistani government and military protecting the taliban. stuart: do we have any leverage? i probably paid for dollars. >> we have huge leverage. we lacked local well. stuart: you can't get inside president thomas had, but why. >> of ours are serving in the hands of the fact that pakistanis have nuclear weapons. we don't want to light the match to that's a work in with them. here we are 15 years later still working with them and were still involved in the war. that solution has not worked. stuart: you are a four-star general. >> i still am. you don't give up your rank. that is due to the privilege of the american people. stuart: so i should call you general? >> you can also call me jack. stuart: you can call me anything you like, general. general jack keane, thank you very much.
11:51 am
look at the price of oil. where are we right now? the height of the day closer $49 a barrel. when oil goes up, stocks goes up in knots the relationship today. we have this man runs a company called box. his also offering to pay up to $20,000 for his employees, any of them their weddings. $20,000. >> but you have to get married. stuart: cheryl, we will be back. ♪ [ male announcer ] tora bora fallujah argonne khe sanh midway dak to normandy medina ridge
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stuart: my next guest runs a company called fox. you may have heard of it. they sell bulk items that area though, very competitive wholesale prices. wait for you there is more. he's also offering to pay $20,000 for any of his employees who get married. his name is jay wanted and he is with us right now. back by popular demand. >> thank you very much. stuart: why are you offering -- how many players you have? >> 125 and the office is an across the board of the summit centers close to 300 now. stuart: mr. nice guy. it actually was born out of a
11:56 am
situation we had in the fulfillment and there were a great employee of ours ended up crying at work. this guy was a very stalwart man and having him cry in the view of 100 other folks is a tough thing to witness. i called him later that night, found out his mom was very sick and he was trying to work seven days a week am a double shifts, two jobs trying to make ends, pay for his mom's medical bills and have his wedding this year so his mom can attend. we raise $150 million today. now $150 million if you can't do that for your employees, if you can't write a month the wrong cc. stuart: you are buying employee loyalty. there's nothing wrong with that. >> to a certain extent. stuart: i'm going to put on the screen. this is some of the stuff that talks cells. you saw that competitive prices. you are all online.
11:57 am
you rotten guy. you're putting the bricks and mortar people out of business. >> i try my best to be a decent guy. stuart: give me any price on any of the items are the charmin toilet paper for heaven sakes. >> i would range from 1999 for a gigantic pack 22199 depending on culture softer or strong. compare that i might care that two other places online. i have to say compared to the same size because we celebrate large-format. stuart: if i offered you a billion today cash for the cub any. >> you offer that to me last time i was on the show. i'll think about it. maybe not. stuart: out of time. boxed ceo. good guy all around. >> thank you very much. stuart: more "varney" after
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: yet again i'm in the enviable position of handing over to my friend and colleague, neil cavuto. what am i handing him? a shell and 155-point rally for the dow industrials. i've got five seconds left. wait for it. it is a 12 noon. it is yours to neil: two words, thank you. let's look at what is causing the market, folks who are getting mad about long lines at the airport. lawmakers are dealing with it tsa fury if you will and the administrators on a hot spot here. he's come up with a lot of ideas. let's go through just a few of them. you can get real-time wait a gaetz if that will change anything. i'm going to be waiting a long time. another one that could be controversial because it sounds like it could cost a lot of money. i don't know how that will work.


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