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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 12, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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slays. >> game of thrones for life. maria: we will watch the developments. kevin kelly, dagen mcdowell. harlan hill. "varney & company" starts right now. stuart, i'll send it over to you. stuart: we'll see you in a couple of hours on the show. >> i'll be there. stuart: look forward to t elections have consequences and in the five weeks since the vote, a whole new world is emerging. good morning, the president-elect, quote, is not necessarily bound by the one china policy. that's new, uproar in beijing. uproar from democrats as rex tillerson becomes the front runner for state he's a friend of putin. and the brand new ka-do cabinet marches on and so does the trumle rally. the dow is up over 400 since
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the election and dow 20,000 is only 320 points aw-- 220 points away. and not all agree on a production cut. the oil price is surging 4%. here comes a confrontation. trump versus big tech wednesday. silicon valley heads to trump tower, maybe they'll get a dressing down like the media. and as a new administration takes shape. new line on china. china, it's a whole new world. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> oh, this was breaking news a few moments ago. president-elect trump tweeting this. the f-35 program and cost is
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out of control. billions of dollars can and will be saved on military and other purchases after january 20th. you talk with lockheed martin fighter jet program. that stock is down significantly. about 2% down at the opening bell this morning. art laffer is here. now, art, do you approve of this kind of business policy, you tweet some pressure on an individual company, trying to get them to either lower the cost or keep jobs in america. do you keep that approach? >> i don't tweet, but yes, i agree with this, one of the things in government is maintaining consumption of products from the private sector and i don't know anything about the f-35 program, but i do know i love his focus trying to make high quality products and low costs
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to save the taxpayers lots and lots of money. stuart: what do you think of rex tillerson considered as secretary of state? donald trump on fox news sunday is explaining why he's considered. >> in his case he's much more than a business executive. he's a worldclass player. he's in charge of i guess the largest company in the world. he's in charge of an oil company that's pretty much doubled the size of this next serious competitor. it's been a company that's been unbelievably managed and to me, a great advantage, he knows many of the players and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia, he does massive deals for the company not for himself, but for the company. stuart: art, we've never seen a cabinet like this before. an oil company chief at state department? shocked? >> no, it's so i can't stand it.
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in the global community, that should disqualify him? he knows the economy and what is going on, it's a businesslike administration here. this man is perfect for secretary of state. i remember back in the reagan days, rex jones, who was head of ge, and fred hartley, i think, who was head of exxon, used to ask me to talk to the president about this, that and the other issue and i'd say why don't you talk to him directly. they might be worried about conflict of interest. there's no conflict much interest. once rex tillerson becomes secretary of state his sole focus will be on the united states and not his old company. i think that's what we need is experts in these areas who can really do a great job, by the way. stuart: it's great to see a great grandfather so fired up on a monday morning. [laughter] >> whoa, whoa. stuart: stay right there for a second. i've got to deal with the market. we could be in for another record on opening bell.
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we' we're 223 points, this is the trump rally, more in a moment. look at oil, we're up, non-opec and opec producers agree on a cut. oil prices the highest in a 17-month high. and energy stocks, they, too, are going higher in premarket trading this morning. then look at boeing, please. they signed a $16 billion deal to sell planes to iran. that deal, what's behind that deal? where are they taking america? i'd like to know. >>. liz: both iran and boeing say it's going to create jobs, it's a win-win all around. does this cement in place, the nuke deal? this is how iran is positioning it. the house has voted to block deals like this. this it bill is sitting in the senate. if this proceeds apace before
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obama leaves office, i think that's the end game for it to get done. iran and boeing saying it's a win-win, jobs for all. stuart: if the nuke deal is torn up, well, get the $19 billion order will go to the europeans. they're trying to exercise leverage. liz: that's right. stuart: the stock is down. art laffer is still with us, we are one or two rallies away from 20,000, but you think, and you've said on the program, you think we're headed way beyond 20,000, don't you? >> i think we are. if i can make a comment about the iran thing. embargoes have never worked on bringing countries to their knees before. look what we've done with north korea, what we've done with cuba. none of those worked. we need to trade with iran, tear up the nuclear deal, i am he all for that. i don't see anything wrong with us trading with iran and letting them see capitalism in the face and see the light and become a better nation the more
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we trade with them. but i do see the dow going a lot higher. stuart: dow 20,000, we're almost there. >> it's less than 2% away from that, i mean, it's a no-brainer, unless something really bad happens, but it's a no-brainer and we can go a lot more than that. you've got to remember, from the start of reagan in '82, from august of '82, until clinton, the stock market was up about 700 plus percent in real terms, that's inflation adjusted. we've got a long way to go to match reagan. stuart: you've definitely got our attention, art laffer. thanks for being with us so early in the morning. >> thank you. stuart: secret memos from the cia reported by "the washington post" and new york times suggest russia interfered with the election by hacking, and that they favored trump. here is what the president-elect told chris wallace about all of this. roll tape. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's just another excuse.
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i don't believe it. i don't know why and and i think just, you know, they talked about all sorts of things. every week it's another excuse. we had a massive landslide victory as you know, in the electoral college. i guess the final numbers are 306 and she's down to a very low number. no, i don't believe that at all. stuart: amy holmes is with us this morning, rasmussen reports political analyst. what do you say, amy, the russians interfered with the election in favor of trump? >> say that the russians have hacked the white house and busily hacking everything they can, including industrial espionage? did the russians put mr. trump in the office? no, the electoral college did. and even her own husband, former bill clinton was criticizing the hillary clinton for ignoring the rust belt and relying on what they consider
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the blue wall. stuart: would you object to an investigation from the senate into hacking? >> i think it's essential to know what our enemy is doing. remember, it was prime minister who downplayed russia, and he said, hey, mitt romney, call the '80s to get your foreign policy back. hacking is a national security issue. cyber security is real. stuart: donald trump has tweeting moments ago. ashley: tweeting frenzy. he says this in part, can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and we tried to play the russia cia card? he said it would be called conspiracy theory. stuart: yeah, he's coming on strong. >> indeed. you know that the democrats and hillary clinton campaign would be mocking up cartoons about continue foil hats. stuart: you dated a-- i said that during the break.
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liz: everything's on record here. stuart: the f-18 or f-35. >> i did date a navy veteran pilot who flu an f-18 and i'm new blushing on fox business. stuart: i'll never do this again. >> we had discussions about the f-35. he did not favor that, thought the f-35 was too fragile constantly in the shop getting work done. stuart: and-- >> the f-35 is controversial. stuart varney, i will never forgive you. stuart: amy, thank you so much. >> thank you. stuart: president-elect trump attended the army and navy game and big cheers. spent the first half on the army side and second half with the navy side and shared a box with lt. colonel oliver north.
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and the army's first win in the series in 14 years. >> how about this one. the a.c.l.u. filing a federal lawsuit. they want a town in indiana to remove a cross on top of a christmas tree in the town square. what about napolitano, the judge, say about that? because he's coming up. first, president-elect promising big tax cuts. i want to know when are they coming and how big will they be. kevin braden. the man who writes the tax law, he's with us next.
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>> some stocks are moving including chipotle. stock is up 2% and named its founder steve els as the ceo. big story, 17 month high, cut productions are agreed to and the supply is restricted. 53 for oil right now. two terror attacks over the weekend.
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istanbul as you can see, rocked by dowel car -- dual car bombings, and then dozens are christians are dead. >>. ashley: outside of soccer stadium as they were coming out. the target were police officers. 30 of 40 people killed were police officers. kurdish military. stuart: you're talking turkey right there. ashley: istanbul. in egypt, a horrible at a church, a christian church a bomb ripping through the chapel during sunday mass. 25 killed, mostly women and children. no claim of responsibility on this, but the muslim brotherhood has been behind many bombings in egypt, upset that mohammad was removed from the military. >> and i want to get to politics, an important visitor,
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guest on the program. as we all know president-elect trump's administration wants to fix the tax code and do it fast. look who is here, congressman kevin brady, texas, and more important, chair of the house and means committee who writes the tax code. right next to me, in new york city. >> you must be having negotiations between the trump camp and speaker ryan and your own idea. you told me that you're 80% there when it comes to getting the plan organized. is that true? >> i think maybe closer. over day is going in the right direction. look, this president is all about-- president-elect is all about growth, so are our house republicans. we don't know yet on the timing, and-- >> will it be in the first 100 days? >> we're hopeful that one of the things that president-elect trump is-- we're going to have it ready for the administration. stuart: he takes over january 20th, and you have that--
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>> we will have the elements of it at that point and we're, in fact, going back to washington. the ways and means republicans this week, actually reflecting on the feedback we've got about the tax reform plan and make some decision points going forward and make sure on track. stuart: you've got to decide how much to lower the tax rates for individuals. that's correct? >> it is. stuart: and what deductions are swept aside. >> truth is we've done almost five works to do this. and the reason they're similar we do things, flatten out the brackets and lower the rates at every level and protect more of the first dollars that family earnings and incentive on savings and investment. for most american, 95% of americans will be able to file using a post card style system. it's simple and fair and what the american people are starved for. stuart: our viewers can see us holding the post card in our hands. you think we can get to a tax
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return that size, actually that size? >> using that system, yes. look. >> yes, and here what it does. most people don't itemize, for those who do, we keep what families count on. home mortgage deductions, a big investment. charitable deductions, and expensive to raise kids. child tax credit is improved somewhat and the college tax credit is improved so we can help parents whose students are going into technical skills we need in america as well. stuart: and the rates for individuals. >> we need-- >> highest is 33%. >> 33, 25 and 12 and pro growth. we're not a nation of savers, we ought to be. we're not a nature of investors we have been in the past, we should be. after we flatten the brackets, lower the rates, the dollar should get some savings in investment and we cut your rates in half. so we reward savers and investors and pro growth for the countries and communities
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as well. apart from the democrats, what opposition do you face? >> the biggest opposition is washington. look, there's, you know, thousands of lobbyists dedicate today one special division. we have a president who wants to blow through that and plans that do exactly that and my thinking is, we've got all the elements that occurred with president reagan. a public who is sick of this tax code. so, complicated, so complex, it's just unfair. you've gotreat ias and have for a number of years from laakers, and you've got a president willing to lead and that's exactly what we need to fix this. and my point is, this only happens once every 30 years or so, and this may not occur again, we have to. stuart: i've got the post card right here. we're going to-- >> i can't believe it. a better way forward on tax reform, simple, post card filing. here it is, 14 questions, lines. >> it works.
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congressman, we like you. we like it right here. thanks for being with us, sir. >> appreciate it. stuart: president-elect trump says, if china wants us to be bound to a one-china policy. they better get ready to make a deal. you'll hear all about that in just a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> i don't know why we have to be bound by a china policy unless we make a deal with china, having to do with other things, including trade. look, we're being hurt badly by china with devaluation, with taxing us heavy at the borders when we don't tax them. we're building a massive fortress in the middle of south china sea they shouldn't be doing and frankly not helping us with north korea. stuart: that's sort of donald trump making policy by tweet. not bound by one policy unless we make a deal. throw up the apple cart and a different way of doing it. >> shake it and you know, draw a new picture and extra, extra, this is how we campaigned. if you didn't know that donald trump opposed to china, you would not paying attention. in rally avrilly he said we need to make a better deal with
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china. now, what are the appropriate levers? i'll leave that to important poli policy? i'll leave that to the experts. stuart: china is appalled. >> because they had the establishment with them bye the voters went to oppose. liz: china to have a military action and moving military towards taiwan. >> that's true and george bush, jr. had his own-- >> you're right, george bush there was an early confrontation there was a surveillance plane or something. you look forward that the chinese are moving fighter planes closer to taiwan. liz: if i was in taiwan, i would be frightened. stuart: you're going to leave it at that? >> yeah, back to you. stuart: i was watching football. i've seen virtual reality headsets. and very good ads.
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and is this the groundbreaking technology that will be the brand new big time present for this holiday season? good question to ask. how about this? the trump rally, yes, this is where we closed friday, 19, 756. one really, really good rally from 20k. we are going to get there by christmas? looks pretty good. >> come on. it's monday morning. we'll be back with the opening bell.
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>> well, we're almost starting trading on a monday morning. there's a sense of excitement here. 243 points from dow 20,000. we did open ever so slightly higher. that may change. i'm not sure with that. we've got a fairly even split between ups, downs and going nowhere. we're up 18 points on the dow, a jane of .09. how about the s&p 500, a broader market indicator, that's down a tiny, tiny fraction and the nasdaq, down, yes, it is, about a third of 1%. and technology stocks have not done that well. the big mover is oil. they've got a production cut agreement.
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$50 a barrel. cold was supposed to take off because donald trump was suppose today give us inflation or instability. didn't happen. we're down to 1162. how about lockheed martin. that stock is down nearly 3%. donald trump tweets out about controlling jet program costs. we'll have that in a moment. lockheed is down. it's monday morning. let's see what happens with ashley webster, liz macdonald. art laughter, scott shellady. >> do we get there at christmas? >> i thought it would be after the new year and looks like i was wrong and i'll take the rally if we hit it. >> scott she dow 20,000 before christmas? . i can hear you laughing. >> we're going to need one of
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the big days like last week to put us over the top. 50/50 chance before christmas and i'm with keith, i think the beginning of the new years is when it will really happen. stuart: art laffer, you told us you expect the dow to go well above 20,000. you didn't put a number on it, 21, 22, 23? what did you get? >> i didn't put a date on it. you've got to do one or the other, but never both. i think we're in for a big rally the next five, six, eight years, i'm excited about that and i think that's the biggest story never told when you look back at this era. i'm very excited about the market and very excited about the future of the u.s. stuart: all right. we're off a fraction at the moment. i'm calling it dead flat after two minutes' worth of business. oil, there's a spike in oil this morning, there's a production cutting agreement. but-- and this is interesting, because you've got oil up 4%. but scott shellady, you've still got a stock market rally that's in place.
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and it's down a point on the dow, but we're still in place. how do you explain that? >> well, i think you've explained it the last couple of week. with oil above that $50 level and 53 chls comfortable and that's better for our oil producers in the state. however, stuart, last week we got close to breaking back through the $50 level. the fact that we had the headlines, a production cut and opec it doing what it's doing. we'll see if that can be support, but obviously, with oil slowly going higher that makes us feel better about the economy and why the stock market can do what it's doing. keep an eye on. if we get back to the $50 level. that's the danger, i think. stuart: you think it's a good thing to see the price of oil go up? >> depends whether it's due to demand and output. when it's up due to restrictions in supply, that's not a good thing.
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the price raising because of restrictions on supplies is not a good thing for the world. stuart: back to lockheed. the f-35 program and cost is out of control, billions of dollars can and will be saved on military and other purchases after january the 20th, that's president-elect trump. around the block, trump policy by tweet. keith fitz, do you like it? >> yeah, because it's a buying opportunity or a selling opportunity depending on what he's tweeting. so you can use it just like any other investment input. stuart: how do you feel about the stock being down, what, nearly 4 1/4%, keith? just because of a tweet? >> i don't mind-- i'm not long that stock and i'd be looking to go for a buying opportunity because here is the thing. there's so much capital on the sidelines, trump ignited an exciting possibility in this country and people have. oh, what that means they're going to shake the trees and it's time to rake the leaves at some point to use that auld--
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old euphemism. and here we have the president-elect with the tweet on the individual companies. do you like this? >> i'm not sure i like it. what i do like, it's interesting. you're right, keith is not upset because he's not long that stock. i'm sure some folks are. at the end. day i'm just kind of happy to have a president concerned about cost for the first time. we know how the government contracts are bloated and nice to have somebody take a little look at that. ashley: he's going to say it whether by tweet or whatever, this is how he feels and repeat it again in washington. liz: a brave new world. stuart: a whole new world. really, really is. liz: it is. stuart: by tweet, foreign policy, and business, tweet it. fascinating. check that big board. i'm going to call it pretty flat. three points higher and look at the level, 19, 758 who would have thought four or five weeks
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ago, had no clue, no clue. disney, the latest "star wars" movie, there's talk about bringing in 300 million in the opening weekend. a big story with disney and maybe the reason why it's down, there's a lot more cord cutting at espn. it's getting real serious. we'll look at that in a second. chipotle, its founder steve els is now going to be the sole ceo. chipotle 377 right now. news on the proposed viacom cbs merger. lawyer rothman at the exchange. >> it appears that there's withdrawn requesting to approve the merger. viacom, down about 5.6%. you'll recall the two originally were in 2005. negotiations to recombine to take advantage of the best
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value, viacom appointing the interim ceo and part of the news this morning, he will become permanent ceo and merger talks reportedly fell through in part because les moonves only wanted to buy if he got control over the redstone voting family shares. >> the bottom line, not going to get merged anytime soon, it's down. the big story on wednesday, the fed is beginning to meet and we'll get a rate increase announcement, maybe, on wednesday. here is the other big story wednesday, biggest names in silicon valley will ride the golden elevator to trump tower and they will meet with the private sector -- president-elect. look at that, there's elon musk, a tim cook. where is mark zuck erberg.
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and larry page, alphabet, google. and we have the ibm ceo. and intel ceo. oracle ceo and the rumor is it's hard to get it done and peter thiel. he had to do a lot persuading to get to trump tower, almost unformally the bulk were anti-trump they were all hillary and you can be sure it's another fly on the wall moment. stuart: you're right on all counts except i bet you peter thiel said, get over here. liz: you too, jeff bezos. stuart: am i so wrong, scott? here we have silicon valley, they detested donald trump and now he wan the election and they're told get over here! they want more visas for high quality personnel and donald trump wants to bring back that money.
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where am i going wrong, keith fitz? >> you're not going wrong. they need to go over there, they bet on the wrong horse and they need to deal with it, and stop acting like petulant kindergarteners. get over to trump tower and meet with the guy. stuart: you better be careful. you're on the left coast. son. >> request they take any other elevator except the service elevator, i'll be upset. [laughter] >> this is so good. isn't it. i have to go and look at disney and focus on espn. it's losing a lot of subscribers and that's worrisome. liz: record subscriber loss, 1.7 million over the last two months alone including september. they've lost 9 million the last three years, more than austria, the size of austria.
9:40 am
so john malone at liberty media said that maybe disney will spend off espn. disney made an investment in bantech, big on streaming for major league baseball, h.b.o. suffering from rivals because 16 billion a year in rights to show, to have shows on their network. overall for the whole industry. stuart: despite "star wars" coming with a big weekend, cord cutting taking this down-- and "star wars," that's coming up this next weejd. now, i'm going to he shoe you the ad, i was watching football all week end. it's an ad for virtual reality. it's the big present of the christmas and holiday season. so far it's not turned out that way. i think we've got 3 million head sets in use in america and it's not reached the takeoff.
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liz: we're going to buy you with unfor christmas and it's going to have the tax form on it and sit in your living room-- >> i want that one, too. >> it's art laffer, i want the tax cuts one. stuart: 76-year-old great high pressu pressure-- great grandfather doing to virtual reality. >> i want the tax cuts. stuart: the dow is up 30 points as we speak. all right. here is your daily dose of outrage. a town in indiana puts a cross atop a christmas tree in the town square. they're getting sued by the a.c.l.u. and one angry resident who says the cross is causing him, irreparable harm. oh. bank stocks soaring since the election, here is question, how far are these things going to go under president-elect trump? the one and only dick bove who
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got this right. he's coming up on the show. ♪
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>> this is just coming in to us, hank greenberg, something about civil fraud charges. liz: yeah, he'd appealed a suit to the supreme court. the supreme court rejected hank greenberg's move to appeal. it's a fraud charge that dates back to 2000. shand transactions and he's going to have to go to mediation. hank greenberg is 90 years old. 85 billion. stuart: 85 billion dollars right in the middle of the financial crisis. fraud charges were laid and goes to mediation. liz: mediation. stuart: got it. let's check the big board.
9:46 am
nice gain, close to 19,800, up 40 points. and redstone has withdrawn support for a proposed merger between cbs and viacom. merger proposal withdrawn and both stocks are down. look at this, bank stocks, up 20% or more. look at this, and j.p. morgan, bank of america, huge gains, come in, the guy who called it, dick bove, he's a bank analyst, and the only analyst that appears on this program. you've got it right. and where are we going here? going up more on the bank stocks? >> a lot more. i think it's almost impossible to mention the positives that developed with this election. you know, if we take a look at loan volume, we've got tax cuts, we've got spurring of
9:47 am
manufacturing activity. maybe some fiscal stimulus. if we look at margins, increasing the price of oil is looking at a write-up of things written down a year ago. if we look at the stock market. a lot more merger and acquisitions, in essence the movement of funds, trading activity will be much stronger and at the same time. foods and technology, and lowering our cost of doing business and changes in regulations which also lowers the cost of doing business. and these-- >> it's a perfect storm, i guess, it's not a storm, but the perfect situation, i guess you could say. >> yeah, i mean, everything is going right. stuart: put on the screen the 10-year treasury yield right around 2 1/2% and that's way up since before the election on a wednesday, a lot of people expecting an interest rate hike from the federal reserve.
9:48 am
can you explain why interest rates going up is good news for bank stocks? a lot of people don't get that. >> well, i mean, historically it wasn't, right? in other words, historically because 92% of the assets of the bank are financial assets, when you raise interest rates you're lowering the value of those assets and it's having a negative impact on the baerpg and causes the stocks to go down. but in this case, you know, interest rates are so low that before, if you will, that impact hits the financial ownership, the ownership of the financial assets, it's going to hit the earnings. it's going to hit the earnings fairly significantly because basically, no bank is going to increase the interest rates who pays you on the money coming in and again, you're going to see trillions of dollars coming in if they repatriate the funds, but they're going to increase the rates on what they charge you for the loan. >> just to be clear, it's not like you're talking up your
9:49 am
book, but you own a lot of bank stocks that you are recommending and they are moving up. that's correct, right, dick? >> yeah, virtually every stock you mention i am. we put up a screen, as we started the interview, of the huge bank stocks and huge gains that they've already made. 20% plus. do you see them gaining another 20% plus from here on out over maybe the next six months here. >> yes, i do. i think, you know, if you took that chart back a year and you compared it to the so-called endecks and these big banks have outperformed five to one against the technology stocks and basically, these big banks are not anywhere near the earnings potential. in other words, because they have so much excess equity. so much excess liquidity. so much business likely to come their way. 20% is a modest expectation what's going to happen the next year.
9:50 am
stuart: the animal spirits are among us this morning, dick bove, you're a popular guy if you get it right again, that is. dick, thanks for joining us, thank you, sir, we'll see you soon. >> thank you. >> winter has arrived. not until december 21st, but it's here. the midwest pummelled with snow and a deep freeze is coming to the-- it's here already. talk to this, and 9 degrees. that's jeff flock pushing a bolder snowball in chicago. he's going to die, he just lost three pounds. you'll see him throughout the show and that snowball. yeah, we'll be back.
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>> oh, look at this, we are were saying, pouring cold water on the idea we might get to 20,000 today. we're already at 19,801. this is exciting. let's go to chicago. very low temperatures recorded across the country and there is jeff flock, rolling that snowball. what are you going to tell me about the arctic vortex or the polar vortex. go ahead, jeff.
9:55 am
>> being on something on your show is like pushing a boulder uphill. [laughter] it's not so much about snow, fuelly it is although there's a lot of snow here. it's going to get cold. we're going to be, like at minus something, minus 5, by the end. week. and it's going to get very cold. polar vortex coming down and many' out of breath. stuart: okay, jeff. >> developing the upper midwest all i've got. stuart: we'll have you on in about an hour and you can recover from the polar vortex hitting you hard. a good man. the a.c.l.u. has indeed filed a complaint against a town in indiana because it placed a cross on top of christmas tree. you can see it there. judge napolitano, i never heard of a cross on top of a christmas tree. >> the customary secular symbol
9:56 am
is a star. and a.c.l.u. would say this is what the courts would say a conspicuous religious symbol, it's not a promotion of this time of year. stuart: do you think it was the town being deliberately provocative? >> it's so out of line almost as if the people in this town are being provocative to the a.c.l.u., which is wrong, invoking the resources of the government and court to spend money on litigation, the outcome of which is obvious. stuart: you favor the a.c.l.u. on this? >> i think you do as well, mr. varney. stuart: no, i do not. >> suppose they put the crucified christ on top of the tree. this is a government tree e i have this, a federal judge in pennsylvania has blocked the recount vote suggested and promoted by jill stein. blocked by a federal judge in pennsylvania. >> i haven't seen the opinion,
9:57 am
but it sounds perfectly rational. it's going nowhere, a waste of money. the law guarantees a fair outcome. it doesn't guarantee a perfect one. trump won the state. if he won it by two votes or more who cares. you didn't ask my question about the crucifix. stuart: this is a post card given to us by kevin brady share of the house and means committee. your tax return. if he gets his way will look like that. >> i think it's fabulous, the numbers are still too high, of course for me, anything above zero is too high. stuart: 33% rate on the top rate, you object? >> you object to that as well, mr. varney. stuart: but i could live with 33%. you're out of time. [laughter] . >> see you at 11:00. stuart: the elite, the rich, they voted democrat. we do the research and get my
9:58 am
take on that. and president-elect trump talking about the lockheed fighter jet out of control. he's going to save taxpayers billions. lockheed martin stock is down. we'll be back. breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. >>
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10:00 am
stuart: growing up in england social class was very important. i resented it. i always felt the upper classes looked down on me. but when i came to america 43 years ago, i felt liberated. americans didn't seem to care how was, it was what i could do that mattered. so i was disappointed when social class became important in the election. the words working class was used and hillary clinton insulted them. remember the deplorables
10:01 am
comment? i have been looking at the voting patterns. the upper class elites now vote democrat. the richest city, san francisco, went to hillary 85-9. and hillary won 29 of the 50 richest counties in the country. all you used to heard was country club republicans. and that they got the votes of the wealthy. but now what's changed is the democrats are the vote of the wealthy. the vehicle hour of varney and f varney and company is about to begin.
10:02 am
more on my take in a moment. but will you look at this? we are up 61 points and climbing. you are looking at the trump rally know mat wear our competitors say. the price of oil is way up today. the yield on the 10-year treasury up 2 points, 5%. that's an interesting milestone. while a couple individual stocks for you, chipotle is up 2.50%. fox business confirmed reports that sherry redstone has withdrawn support for a merger between cbs and viacom.
10:03 am
20,000 on the dow. we are one good rally away. charles: it's a combination of two things. we talk about the animal spirit, anecdote at stuff. the highest record recorded ever, people spontaneously pointed to new policies. the other stuff i'm look at that no one talks about, ream data showing at least corporate america look for a major upset. there is a rail company called general i? wyoming. they reported higher earnings driven by coal and metals. stuart: you are saying corporate america believes in we are finally going to get some growth. charles: they are organizing
10:04 am
around growth and they are seeing it instantaneously. it's like a slight switch went off. many months this year saw double-digit declines. stuart: do you see us going beyond 20,000? >> of course we'll have a hiccup but i see us going beyond 20,000. the elites in america now vote democrat. as i said earlier, the richest city in the country, i believe that's san francisco, went to hillary 89% to 9%. hillary won 15 of the 25 richest counties in this country. some of those by a huge margin. this is a complete turnaround in politics in my generation in america. >> i will tell you with respect to manhattan, i think some of this is you had in if
10:05 am
san francisco. san francisco, the top 1%. and new york state, new york city, the top 1% 2.2 million. this fist not manhattan. if we carved out in the, it would be 5 million versus 55,000. in harlem sometimes we just walk around. i remember walking 100 blocks coming into manhattan. we had no money, we were hungry and this i. we went from restaurant to restaurant and we were turned down for water. just a glass of water. i thought these are the rich liberals who are supposed to like us and we can't get a glass of water until the fifth restaurant we went to. this sort of thing you see happening. san francisco, for instance that makes big corporations building
10:06 am
big headquarters off to the side where people will live, eat, and be housed. they are disrespecting anybody who is not part of that clic. stuart: president-elect trump sending out a tweet about lockheed martin sail it's out of control. how does charles payne feel about this. charles: i think in this case he's being a steward of the american taxpayer dollar. lockheed martin gets 70% of its revenue from the american taxpayer. what about the a-10? does the pentagon want some of these contracts?
10:07 am
one thing we know for sure, defense contracts have a history of being -- coming in overbudget and no one ever said anything. i think he's being a smart financial steward of our money. stuart: boeing announcing a $17 billion deal to sell planes to iran. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he will work with president-elect trump on getting rid of president obama's iran deal. roll that tape. >> you get rid of the deal. then what? >> i think what options we have are much more than you think. many more. and i'll talk about it -- >> like what? >> quite a few, actually. >> if you put sanctions back on wobter signatories to the deal won't.
10:08 am
>> there are various ways of undoing it. >> you have something in your mind. stuart: ryan zinke is with us. he's a republican and a former navy seal. >> and the son of a. stuart: you know all about the elites and who they vote for. what do you think about tearing up the iran deal? >> it's a bad deal, there is no question in my mind it's a bad deal. it put iran on a legal framework to obtain 100, cbms in a year. it loosened the sanctions on conventional weapons and centrifuges, it aloud icbms, and the final product was in 13
10:09 am
years our legal framework, they are already launching icbms and this administration is looking the other way. stuart: the administration is saying we'll buy the planes from boeing and you can't get out, because if you did, you would lose money for boeing. >> iran is using that as leverage. we should not accept boeing's contract as learn. we need to monitor iran and make sure they are not supplying terrorism. if you look at what our policy is as a country, no one can explain what our policy is. in iraq we have a shiia militia that in many cases is stronger than the iraqi army maneuvering and ready to be legitimized by
10:10 am
the iraqi parliament. stuart: president-elect trump says he will get one intelligence briefing per week, not one a day. >> shame on the intelligence agency. if they are telling the same thing every day, then they need to change the up. every theater has issues. not just the middle east and china and pakistan. if they are telling him the same thing every day, shame on the intelligence agencies. he needs to make the decisions on mattis to get him confirmed. and he need to send someone, and the intelligence agent $i has to make sure the president has what he needs. stuart: great to have you with us. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas.
10:11 am
carly fiorina arrives for her meeting with the president-elect. that's kellyanne conway shepherding people through to the golden elevators. stuart: christians targeted by islamic terrorists. hey gary, what are you doing? oh hey john, i'm connecting our brains so we can share our amazing trading knowledge. that's a great idea, but why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms where you can share strategies, ideas, even actual trades with market professionals and thousands of other traders? i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face. mmm, blueberry? tap into the knowledge of other traders on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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stuart: congressman ryan zinke is on his way to those golden elevators. the speculation is the
10:15 am
president-elect is looking at him for secretary of the interior. this is news. u.s. supreme court taking a stand on internet sales tax rules. liz: sales taxes on the internet are coming our way. colorado has a law that says if you amazon or e-bay even if you don't have a store location in our state we'll still assess this little known sales tax on residents in our state. they foarlts retailer to report your name and the state gets that information. it could stand and other states could copy what colorado is doing. stuart: can you imagine the bureaucracy? and amazon is down.
10:16 am
president-elect trump continues to fill his cabinet with business people. there is speculation rex tillison, another business guy will run the state department. >> vladimir putin is a thug, a bully and a murderer and anybody else who describes him as anything else is lying. i don't know what mr. tillison's relationship with mr. putin is but it's a matter of concern to me. you * that raises the russia issue. but perhaps a larger issue is the idea of a lot of business people in the cabinet. i personally think it's a wonderful idea. hands on management experience running major businesses and systems. >> the common denominator among the people donald trump picked
10:17 am
is they are successful people who have run big things, and think developed institutions that have been profitable. the federal government could use a little of that from time to time. the one big hangup some these business people-have is running a business is not like running a government. i hear people say i want to run government like a business. that sounds brilliant but business and government are fundamentally different because in government you can't just go fire people. civil service protection means it's very tough to get rid of folks and you can't fire congress. i know presidents wish they could as governors often wished they could. so you have to learn to maneuver within the shoals if you will of the complexity of politics. that will be a challenge for some of the business executives. stuart: what do you think about
10:18 am
the claim by the cia that the russians hacked the election. mr. trump kawments it ridiculous. >> i think it's fine to investigate it, we need to know, but to say the russians swung the election for trump is ludicrous. the reason the democrats lost is instead of making sure they got jobs for people, they were focused on making sure men could go into women's bathrooms. she didn't even show up for major campaign events and they were totally out of touch. they didn't lose because of the russians. they lost because of their ineptness understanding why americans were so mad at them. stuart: i did an editorial at the top of this hour on how the elites now vote democrat. i think that's a huge turnaround from when i first came to
10:19 am
america in the 1970s, where the country club republicans were the elite and they voted republican. are you in agreement with me on this? >> absolutely, this is what i wrote about in flyover country. the silk stocking republicans have become the cotton sock republicans. the classic republican image of the people at the top, these are working class people who have identified with more of a common sense populist viewpoint that donald trump championed. the nonsense of the democrats is we are not part of the elites. but look where they get their money, george soros, tom stein. they do the bidding of the billionaires. and they got their heads handed to them in the election.
10:20 am
stuart: i know you love it. the latest on socialist venezuela. 4 million toys seized by the government right before christmas. find out why. of course we are on trump tower watch. top tech ceos will be heading there to meet with president-elect trump. find out who will be riding those golden elevators.
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
stuart: we have been on trump tower watch for 4 1/2 weeks. there is a big meeting coming up in trump towers. we'll see a lot of the technology titans riding the golden elevateddors. titans of tech flocking --
10:24 am
whether they want to or not, they are coming. elon musk. tim cook. cheryl and berg. we also have cisco's ceo. stuart: these are people who opposed donald trump. >> they were in the hillary clinton cam. but you know donald trump will lay down the law much as did with the media when he had this moment. welcome to trump tower. stuart: i think the technology people want more visas for overseas specialists in technology. trump wants them to bring back their money from overseas. liz: trump was not happy when he met with the ohio university
10:25 am
victims of terrorism. he was visibly shaken. he will say knock off isis on social media. ashley: amazon will be there, and it will be awkward to the max. stuart: in venezuela the government seized 4 million toys and you will tell us why. elizabeth: they accused this local toy come of any inflating the toy prices. venezuela sets prices for goods in the country including toys. they raid it, and now they are saying local committees will distribute fairly the toys to families. families can't buy the toys for their children. the value of the currency in venezuela cut in half. the government took medicine coming into the country from chile. nobody knows what happened to
10:26 am
that medicine. stuart: look at what the socialists are doing. liz: hello sean penn, danny glover and oliver stone. this ways socialism does. stuart: lockheed martin's f-35 fighter jets says its costs are way out of control. christians targeted by islamic terror. the latest attack on a coptic christian cathedral in egypt. 25 dead.
10:27 am
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10:29 am
stuart: we thought we might be off and running to 20,000 today.
10:30 am
now we are up 12, 19,769. ed the tech leaders will be heading to trump tower wednesday maybe for a dressing down, all those big tech stocks are down again today. president-elect trump, the left attacking shim because he revealed he only wants one intelligence briefing every week, not daily. he says he doesn't need to hear the same thing every day. general jack keane, what do you say? >> we have so little toll racial for the president of the united states and how he decides to receive information. presidents' daily brief started in the nixon administration. some like nixon didn't do it at all. others did it every day like
10:31 am
george w. bush. others chose to take it less frequently. the chief of staff, priebus, once he gets his security clearance, will get that briefing every day. security advisor flynn will get briefing every day as will the secretary of defense and secretary of state. there are plenty of people in the government receiving that briefing and if he chooses to talk to them about national security issues, they will talk to him about anything in that briefing he should know. i should imagine he will meet with that national security team on a regular basis. the president has a right to choose how he's going to get information. stuart: the president-elect is tweeting the f-35 costs are out of 0 control.
10:32 am
how do you feel about the president -- some people are nitpicking this saying the president-elect should not be setting policy by tweet. what say you? >> i don't have any problem with it. why? the business side of the military, the business side of the military, where 50% of the money is ca -- is run third rate and we have to stop it. the number two person in the defense department after general mattis should be a ceo from a fortune 500 company that turned around a major organization in the last five years. we need to bring in modern business-like practices to stop that kind of waste the president is talking to, plus all the other things we manage, real estate, lodging, the largest healthcare end prize in the world.
10:33 am
most of these things are not run the way businesses are run, that is, on a cost basis analysis with the efficiency, financial reviews and audits done routinely. we need to stop it. >> we heard the number two position was being looked at bialek to get somebody in to manage these gigantic systems. that was your suggestion on this program some time ago. any word i any progress in appointing that kind of number two on defense? >> i don't know. i'm not in contact with them. but regardless of who they appoint, the most important thing is there is money available in the defense department if we truly go after the kinds of defense reform that chairman mctaken from the senate armed services committee and their chan thornberry are trying to impose on the pentagon.
10:34 am
i say to them, full speed ahead. the pentagon needs outside help here whether it's number two who understands business-like practices other congress who needs to push this reform. the fact the president is talking about it is a good thing. stuart: in your testimonies last week you said the most important relationship is between china and the united states in the 21st century. now in trump is saying we are not necessarily bound by a one china policy unless they make a deal. >> this is the most important multi-lateral relationship in the 21st century. it will impact the world economy. while we have major problems with russia and they are a threat to us, they do not have a major economy that will impact the world's economy. but china, this relationship, we
10:35 am
have got to get right. what china is trying to do is dominate and control the pacific much as the united states has done for the last 70 years. they resent that. we have a relationship with every single pacific nation september north korea. they are all allies. we have to protect the global seaway throughout and we can't have china imposing its will. we have so much in common economically, we should be able to make progress on this relationship and not concede our national interests. stuart: google making a deal with cuba. what's this all about? ashley: they will be installing multiple servers in havana so they can get access to the
10:36 am
products on google, especially youtube. signal they get in cuba comes from venezuela. the internet speeds from painfully slow. you can't watch youtube in cuba because the signals are impossible. but this will open up the island to a little more. ashley: 25 people are dead following a bombing in a coptic christian church. christians clearly being targeted by islamic terrorists. taught sister john morris is here. this is not new and it's extremely sad. why do don't we have more of these persecuted americans coming to america. >> thanks be to god, many of them want to stay and live their faith there.
10:37 am
we should be encourage and stand back in tremendous respect for them. the coptic christians are about 10% in egypt. if they were to three, we would be putting at risk the incredible christian religion in that part of the world, but it would create instability when you've egypt that's 100% muslim. stuart: 10% of the population, you encourage them to leave, but maybe you save a few people. >> obviously if somebody is fleeing for their lives, we as a country with a heart should be able to receive them. especially those fleeing for their lives based on religious persecution. stuart: young men going into the priesthood in the catholic church. the pope is telling them to preach from the pulpit about the
10:38 am
dangers of global warming. this sounds an awful lot like politics in the pulpit which i disagree with. >> separating politics from the pulpit is the most important thing we could do for religion and the world. if you are going to be preaching about god, remember god cares about everything that affects human beings, including taking care of the so that the earth can take care of human beings. that goes back to genesis. stuart: when you start preaching about global warming from the pulpit -- >> it am not about standing up on giving a scientific discourse on global warming. it's saying we have to take responsibility for the earth.
10:39 am
if human beings are creating global warming or freezing, waste is during that time of humanity's history. stuart: that's buying into a political point of view. >> i'm not saying science has determined exactly the effect and causes of global warming. but fit has and it's affecting human beings, especially the poor, we need to be preaching responsibility and that's nothing new. stuart: is the pope a leftist? >> i would say he's left of you by a lot. stuart: i don't know, i can never tell. i would say he's in terms of american political politics, yes, he would be left of center. but he's not american. but he's not in our politics. stuart: be careful. >> i might end up in a vatican prison.
10:40 am
i'm sure they would serve good possible a and good wine. stu rswine. -- stuart: liz: less than 1% away. stuart: president-elect trump is moving at breakneck speed forming his cabinet. big fights coming. state lawmakers approved concealed carry on college campuses and daycare centers. we are on it.
10:41 am
10:42 am
ashley: president-elect trump honing in on changing the tax policy, but what resistance will he face? >> the biggest opposition is just washington. they look -- dlr thousands of lobbyists dedicated to one special provision. we have a president who wants to blow through that. and my thinking is we have all the elements that occurred with president reagan. a public who is sick of this tax code. so complicated and complex, it's unfair. you have got great ideas and
10:43 am
have for a number of years from lawmakers, and you have a president exactly what when need to fix this.
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: defense stocks are down. donald trump has been tweeting that the f-35 is way above costs. all defense stocks are down significantly. red arrows across the board in that sector. president-elect trump is filling out his cabinet. scott pruitt for the epa. andy puzder at labor and rex tillison. i say all three those candidates get through the confirmation process because it would take a republican revolt to stop any one of them. >> could be. there is a great american tradition of trying to kill one of the president's nominees. it just happens. and i agree with you on puzder
10:46 am
you will have a lot of democratic opposition over the minimum wage. and because of harry reid nuking the filibuster, they can't filibuster. on the epa, there would be and lot of disagreement with pruitt on climate change and global warming. again mostly from democrats. they can't stop it. i think the danger point is tillison as secretary of state. here you have got republicans, marco rubio, john mccain, lyndsey graham. if he loses some republicans remember the senate is 52-48. if he loses some republicans, that's a problem. stuart: however, i believe 10
10:47 am
democrat senators are up for reelection two years from now. if some of those democrat senators go against a popular pick for secretary of state or labor epa, they could be in danger two years from now. as well as trying to oppose betsy devoss. >> i think you are right on devoss. she is one i mentioned before in terms of policy differences between the parties. that's why the possibility of a tillerson nomination could be dangerous for trump. if they sense some sort of weakness they will go in there and try to bite the nominee on the leg as well. that's where all this talk about
10:48 am
russia's efforts to influence the election comes in. so you have got a lot of democrats and some republicans, again mccain and graham especially talking about the russian efforts to influence the election. calling for a long extended investigation of that. then when they tie, rex tiller on, he said he made deals with vladimir putin. he was awarded the order of friendship in 2014. that's where democrats can see the opportunity, this is the guy we'll go after. stuart: i think all four of the people we mentioned get in. >> i think you are right on three of them. i'm not sure about tillerson. there is always the possibility this will be a trial balloon. we are getting a lot of reaction. i think tillerson could be a
10:49 am
problem. stuart: do you go to the army-navy game? >> i do not go to the army-navy game. stuart: it turned into a significant rally for donald trump. >> we have seen a lot of military support for donald trump throughout this election. we have got statistics on it. we have had examinations of it. we have seen active duty military and veterans being heavily in favor of donald trump. not a surprise at all. and when trump talking about going after isis, that's something they like to hear. when trump talks about caking care of our veterans after these horrendous veterans administration scandals, that's something he likes to hear. and when he talks about saving money on wasteful programs like the f-35, that's what they like to hear. i'm not surprised to see a show
10:50 am
of support from military americans from donald trump. stuart: it's a whole new world. byron, thanks for joining us. whole new world. >> a winter blast. midwest, northeast it's the polar vortex and it's back. 1,600 flights canceled and the worst is yet to come. fast food chief andy puzder, trump's pick for labor. turns out the racy carl's jr. ads. it turns out you are incensed as well. a live look at trump tower and the golden elevators. more varney after this. you do all this research
10:51 am
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liberty mutual insurance.
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stuart: president-elect trump plans to name andy puzder as labor secretary. the left doesn't like to puzder in part because of the racy ads he runs.
10:55 am
one viewer says i don't eat at hards. the left embraces this trash but with it's endorsed by trump it's all of a sudden racy. neda says step off the merry-go-round. it's not worth reporting. from francis. when did the left all of a sudden become. morality police? they dare to judge these commercials. hypocrisy at its best. ashley: we have smart viewers. sex sells. there is the headline. it always has. what's this got to do with him being a smart business guy who would be an excellent business
10:56 am
guy. elizabeth: he has to oversee the laws regarding sexual harassment and intimidation. i think he's a great ceo and has the created a lot of jobs. it will come up because they put out that press release in 2011 saying ugly women don't sell burgers. ashley: he's trying to spell hamburgers. it's a technique. you may not like it, but it's legal and it works. stuart: he turned our hards. elizabeth: i think all of us are against the objectification * of women. you can agree with both of those issues. stuart: we can run more of these
10:57 am
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stuart: watch out on wednesday. here comes a confrontation. big tech makes the trek to trump tower. apple's tim cook, facebook's cheryl samburg, they will be there. so will jeff bezos from amazon. get this, the invitation letter was signed by peter thiel. that's interesting. thiel was big tech's lone trump supporter. the rest of silicon valley vigorously opposed trump's candidacy and did all they could to undermine it. think about it. the richest and most powerful executives all of whom are contempt because of trump will sit down with the man himself. to be a fly on the wall. fascinating to hear tim cook respond when asked why he doesn't build iphones in america or when he will bring back the $220 billion in cash
11:01 am
that cap pell keeps overseas? will be fascinating for amazon's jeff bezos, "the washington post," which he owns, rabid in irrational hatred of donald trump. i wish they allowed cameras in the room but they won't. my guess is that mr. trump will lay down the law just like he did to the media two weeks ago. wouldn't it be great to see the elites, who are oh so smart take a lecture from the president-elect on making america great again. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: oh, let's get to your money, shall we. check the big board. stocks at lifetime high. we're less than 250 points from the dow 20,000. yes it is the trump rally, and yes it marchs on. look at oil. no impact on stocks this
11:02 am
morning. that's interesting. energy stocks, yes. the oil producers, non-opec and opecalike agreed on a production cut. oil is at a 17-month high, 3 1/2% up at $53 per barrel. look who is here. by popular request. maria bartiromo, host of "mornings with maria." welcome back, maria. >> thanks for having me. stuart: ratings spiked last time you were on the show. what are you doing for me today? >> what i'm doing for you today, i brought a special report right here in my hand, from jpmorgan analyst, anthony chan. he has done the work exactly what 35%, to a 15% corporate tax rate really means for earnings. that is what is behind this rally this is about fundamentals. this is not about volume or valuations. this is about fundamentals. so here -- stuart: this is hard numbers from a leading guy who says, you cut that corporate tax rate 35, down to 15% and this is what happens to profitsght.
11:03 am
stuart: profits motivate the market. >> can you guess at all? new effective tax rate at 15%, raises earnings between 15 and 20%, stuart. 20% bump in earnings as a result of a 15% corporate tax rate. go to 20% corporate tax rate. we know that is what the gop house plan is. corporate tax rate of 20%. boost earnings by 11, 12%. i thought you would like to see some of the background numbers to further push what you've been talking about, that is fundamentals. stuart: you're joking with me. >> no i'm not. stuart: you know perfectly well. you know that i have kind of opposed to the nitty-gritty of financial reporting like earnings per share and qe, all that kind of stuff. >> it is based on real stuff, stu. stuart: yes. >> we're talking about a growth plan. based on growth in earnings, growth and the economy, it really does mean the stock market move has been real.
11:04 am
stuart: it is real, exactly. it is not just based on puffery. it is real. >> yes. stuart: i want to get your opinion on this meeting on wednesday. silicon valley treks to trump tower. i think the president-elect will lech you are it them. he will lay the down to them. i love night look at year we have. the tech companies refused to open the san bernanadino phone that is one issue i'm sure they're growing to bring up. will be you helpful and come up with helpful solutions to issue around terrorism or not? they were all in the tank for hillary. notice eric schmidt is not there. he had big rules over at google. stuart: he handled the technology for the obama camp in '08 and in 2012. i think he is doing to be there. >> you do? i know larry page is there. i don't know if eric schmidt is going. i would like to be a fly on the wall as well. will they get on the trump train? stuart: well, they want more
11:05 am
visas for skilled workers. i think donald trump wants them to build the iphone and their stuff in america, and bring back that $220 billion, if not more. >> exactly. stuart: that will be the deal. >> he wants something, we know that he will be pushing them to do something different. stuart: i want to read you quote on establishment, this is quote from you. >> trouble again. stuart: media elite, this year's election. direct quote which you wrote obviously the elites, the establishment, the media, they had no idea what the people wanted and had no idea where the people were in terms of economic issues in particular jobs. you know i could have written that, that is straight from stuart varney. >> i total ally with everything you said. i told you that last time i joined you. we're having discussion on democrat side about tran gender bathrooms and police brutality and climate change and average guy and gal are saying how come my wages have not gone up in 20 years.
11:06 am
they missed it, stu. you're right. it is so obvious to anybody looking why donald trump won. i didn't think it was controversial statement. i don't know how i landed on drudge as a result of this. stuart: you did. on election night you're the one who said this is golden buying opportunity. er flat-out right. >> thank you. stuart: well-done, bartiromo. >> folks at "barron's" are watching "varney & company" every day. we saw cover of "barron's" this weekend, dow 20,000. stuart: don't be such a stranger, you come back. >> thank you, stu. stuart: we got reports that president-elect trump will nominate rex tillerson chair and ceo of exxon, make him the secretary of state. look who is back also? mary kissell, "wall street journal" editorial board. >> hi, stuart. stuart: welcome back. where are you been. >> i've been upstairs working, stuart. i work hard. stuart: occasionally you're down here. what do you make of an oil
11:07 am
company chair, ceo of exxon to be the secretary of state? i mean, i have a hard time getting used to that idea. i think it is great but i have a hard time getting used to it. >> i'm not sure it is great and i'm not sure he will have a easy time getting confirmed. a lot of big republicans rubio, mccain, lindsey graham come out against him. stuart, make one point about rex tillerson, one big point, the interests of business don't always coincide with the interests of the country. give you a couple big examples, front page of "wall street journal," boeing does $17 billion deal in iran's mullahs. not really in our interest to boost a country state sponsor of terrorism. rex tillerson, intelligent guy, very close to vladmir putin, may want to do a deal with putin, maybe that is why trump likes him, he knows the chief executives around the world and knows leaders doesn't necessarily mean he will make a great secretary of state.
11:08 am
stuart: but these business people are being nominated and serve in the cabinet because of their ability to negotiate and get things done. >> but let's say, we're making assumption, trump hasn't said this but let's say his main attraction to he knows vladmir putin personally. the last go administrations, president george w. bush, president obama, also tried to negotiate with putin and they were absolutely humiliated by him. putin broke his promises. putin doesn't share american interests. if that is the reason trump is bringing this guy in i think it's a terrible pick. stuart: all right. what do you make of what i am calling the can-do cabinet? that is my question here. this is not a bunch of academics and bureaucrats. they have done stuff. >> some of these picks are absolutely fantastic. general mattis at defense, fantastic pick. stuart: puzder at labor. >> absolutely amazing. stuart: pruitt at epa. >> terrific pick. stuart: who do you object to
11:09 am
other than tillerson? >> tillerson is not an excellent pick. we have no idea what he thinks of grand strategy or america's role in the world. i would argue that the commerce secretary pick, not very good. the guy loves crone any capitalism. doesn't seem to know how global trade works. these are, commerce i'm less worried about than secretary of state. again you may not even get there with tillerson because of what republicans are saying. stuart: well a cautious mary kissell returns to the "varney & company" program but come again. >> i will come again. stuart: i will give you a hard time. you know that. is your mom still watching? >> patricia. they're in laguardia airport. watching on an ipad. stuart: are they? >> they are. stuart: that's good. what's your problem? >> they're out there. stuart: i wouldn't want to be at laguardia right now. ashley: anytime. stuart: we le you, we really do. thank you very much indeed. >> a pleasure. stuart: a state legislature in ohio passed a bill that would
11:10 am
allow concealed carry, in, wait for it, dare care centers, college campuses and even on some private planes. the bill is on his way to governor kasich who is expected to sign it. dana lash, staunch defender of the second amendment, joins us next.
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
stuart: we're going to show you gun stocks, for a specific reason. stern and ruger, vista outdoor, basically an ammunition company. here is the news on guns. in ohio they passed a bill that would allow concealed carry on college campuses, day care centers and on some private planes. the bill is on its way to governor kasich's desk. come on in please, dana loesch,
11:14 am
author of, hands off my gun, and host of the dana show. welcome to "varney & company." how are you doing. >> i'm doing very well. thank you for having me. stuart: that is aggressive stance. you have a little concealed carry off on the side. >> it is texas. who knows, maybe i do, maybe i don't. that is the beauty of concealed carry. stuart: what do you make of this bill in ohio? kasich is going to sign it. you can carry a gun into a day-care center. a lot of peoplerying this, whoa, hold on a second. what do you think? >> i think it's a great idea. let's look at it this way. when we have these incidents where we have mass shootings and we have like what we saw at osu, these people who are carrying out these atrocities, somali refugee, who carried out this attack, these people are complete and total cowards, because they're preying on people who are defenseless and statistics have shown time and time again, every single time
11:15 am
calvary shows up, every single time you have a good buy with a gun, that is when this incident ends, that is when the is taken out by good guy with a guy, either by law enforcement or they actually commit suicide. in the one case the clack can must mall shooting that is what happened to the individual. every single time we see incidents, these are cowards they pick on defenseless victims. that is why they choose on gun-free zones. stuart: dana, there there will e accidents. >> no statistics that support that. no. there is, first of all, utah. utah had campus carry for maybe a decade, almost 12 years now, with no incident. in fact, their security in their police departments were saying we don't have any problems at all whatsoever with this law or with anything that has been enenabled by this law. you have basically about 1/5 of the states now have enacted campus carry with zero incident. these attacks and murders and crimes, they're not coming from law-abiding gun owners.
11:16 am
these are not coming from concealed carry permit-holders. these are coming from people who would be prohibited possessors or people should be on terrorist watch list and have charges brought against them to render them prohibited possessors. that is what we've seen in each one of these incidents. stuart: dana, i got you. i never thought i would see the day a trade like ohio would pass this legislation. this is real surprise. i'm not necessarily opposed to it i am really surprised. >> they don't want anymore victims. they don't want anymore victims. parents are tired of seeing their children under attack. grown men and women on college campuses they do not want to be disarmed and victimized. last note on this particular issue. we just don't have common criminal anymore. we have to think about domestic terror attacks. this is a new world we're all struggling to adjust and live in. this the reality of our situation. sooner we realize that and acknowledge it, safer we'll be. stuart: you used to be a liberal i know you did. way back then. >> i was never against gun
11:17 am
rights though. i was one of those southern democrats. all of my family from southern missouri. it was union vote but loved their gun rights. stuart: your bloc in the democrat party no longer exists. the party left you completely. you have got a new book, "flyover nation." it is not new but i like the book anyway. >> thank you. stuart: you can't run a country you have never been to. >> right. stuart: you're explaining in that book why the democrats lost. that is what it is all about, isn't it? >> absolutely. you hit up on something incredibly important, the party left a lot of those individuals, blue-collar workers. back in the '90s, who was it, what demographic that propelled bill clinton to victory in the '90s? it was blue-collar workers, people identified as democrats, people like my family members. strong union voters but loved their second amendment rights. we're sort of in an economic crisis for lack of a better way to put it. we have those individual people who are worried how they will
11:18 am
put food on the table. they're worried whether or not they can keep a roof over their head. what are they hearing from democrats? democrats are telling them what pronounce they can't or can't use. telling them how their baker has to bake a cake. well, no you have to call bruce caitlyn now and if you don't you're a horrible person that does not put food on people's table. they want to know where the jobs are. they want to know if they're able to be self-sustaining. these are the issues people value. i will tell you this, they value their gun rights. stuart: i'm a grapefruit and carat juice type of guy. you're in the beet scene. you listened to me all this time. dana loesch. >> would love to. stuart: thanks a lot. president-elect trump, well, yes, of course he attended the 117th army navy game saturday. spent the first half of the fame fame -- game on army side of the stadium and spent second half on
11:19 am
the navy side where he shared a box with ollie north. look, the cadets stormed the field as trace is did. quite a scene. i watched it all the way through. to the midwest slammed with snow and a deep, deep freeze is coming later this week. next, a cold jeff flock from chicago. he is going to tell us how cold is it going to get. we will be back. ♪ seeing is believing, and that's why
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wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. stuart: we're on trump tower watch. ashley has information for us, a, who is in trump tower today and b, where's next on the thank you tour? ashley: hard to keep up with him from logistical point of view. who is meeting him at trump tower? carly fiorina. we saw her earlier into the show going into the much-vaunted golden elevators. we have senator joe manchin, west virginia politician. may be energy secretary. that is some. rumors. kyle labrador, kathy mcmorris rogers. stuart: everybody is anybody is at trump tower. ashley: rick perry.
11:24 am
whatever happened to rick perry? what about the thank you tour, tuesday, seven p.m., he and mike pence will be at west allis, wisconsin. stuart: okay. ashley: he has the tech summit wednesday on in manhattan. thank you tour in hershey, pennsylvania, thursday night, 7:00 p.m. orlando, florida, friday night, 7:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. afternoon in mobile, alabama. the guy never, never stops. stuart: okay. i couldn't keep up with that. wouldn't try. ashley: no. stuart: obviously step outside in most parts of the country winter arrived. record low temperatures all across the country. jeff flock is out in snowy chicago. jeff, i want to ask you, look, how cold is it going to get in chicago? tell us, please? reporter: it will be below zero by end of the week. not fit for even a dog or maybe it is fit for the dogs. this is as warm today at the dog
11:25 am
beach here in chicago as it is going to be -- hey there, pup, it is going to be. it will be as warm as 20 degrees right now, as it will be all week. just goes down from there. minus eight i think is the low. stuart: if you can hear me, if you want dogs to come near you, paint your face with meat and give them something to eat. >> i don't need meat. they come to me any way. dogs like me. stuart: don't freeze. today we're told thousands of women will not go to work, they won't buy anything for 24 hours. they're protesting donald trump. they want to show their value to the economy, without women, they say the world falls apart. well the wife of republican congressman bill johnson, she is fired up about this protest. i don't think she likes this protest. her name is leanne johnson.
11:26 am
an elector in electoral college in ohio. she campaigned big time for trump. she hates this protest. we'll discuss it next.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
>> for most americans, about 95% of americans will be able to file using a postcard-style
11:30 am
system. it's very simple, it's very fair, it's what the american people are starved for. stuart: our viewers can see us holding a postcard in our hands. you think we can do a tax return that size? >> actually using that system, yes. stuart: that gentleman, kevin brady, chairs the house ways and means committee. that's the committee that writes the tax code. steve moore joins us now, trump economic adviser. i've got a postcard in my hand. kevin braidedty suggests that he can -- brady suggests that he can get this done. you and i and others will fill out a tax return like this. i think that's pie in the sky dreaming, steve. no? >> come on, stuart, no, this isn't pie in the sky. this is something republicans have talked about since steve forbes ran for president in 1996. you know, if you get rid of all the itemized deductions, as kevin brady effectively does in his plan and trump does in his plan, i think we could have a postcard return. it's going to take you maybe an
11:31 am
hour or two to do your taxes, not 20 or 30 hours. i think this is going to be a simply case that is going to be -- people are going to love this. now, look, if you're a rich guy -- maybe i shouldn't have said that about you, stuart, i know how rich you are, you've got thousands of options. by my prediction, i think kevin brady would agree with this, 90-95% of americans will no longer have to itemize their deductions, keep all the shoe boxes of receipts and so on. you won't have to do that anymore. stuart: you know, you just lost the votes of countless millions of accountants -- [laughter] >> they'll find other things to do. you know, so it's pro-growth, because we're going to lower the tax rate, but we're going to make it much simpler. this should have been done 20 years ago. stuart: they want to do tax reform within the first hundred days. >> yeah. stuart: are you serious? you think you can get this? [laughter] come on, steve. >> well, stuart, you're right that you're going to see so many -- an army, a cavalry of
11:32 am
special interests that are going to come out against this because, you know, this town, washington -- i'm sitting right in the middle of washington, d.c -- it feeds on the tax code. the more complicated, the better. it's going to be difficult to do because every special interest group in washington is going to be against this. but do you know who we have on our side? the american people who want simplicity and fairness in the tax system. stuart: real fast, you've got a headline on, it says reagan was great, now it's trump's turn. do you think that donald trump can do better than ronald reagan when it comes to economic growth? >> boy, that would be tough, because reagan had amazing economic performance. but what i was saying is that donald trump ran on a slightly different agenda than ray georgia. people -- reagan. people have interpreted that as somehow i was blaspheming ronald reagan. i was not. i think he belongs on mount rushmore, i voted for him -- i mean, i worked for him. but this is a new administration with a new agenda, this it is a working man's party, and we are going to do things to get jobs
11:33 am
back in those states like pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, iowa, wisconsin that have not seen any recovery at all. i was on the campaign trail, i saw these towns across america. there's no recovery there, stuart. yeah, if you live in washington, d.c. like i do or new york, manhattan like you do, things are running great. but in these little towns in america, not so much. stuart: donald trump sent out a tweet this morning, i've got to read it for everybody. the f-35 program is out of control, billions of dollars and will be saved, etc., etc. now, all of the defense stocks including lock heed martin, they make the f-35, are way, way down because of that one tweet. >> you know why? stuart: do you think that's legit though, steve? >> i sure to. stuart: the whole industry gets sold off? >> well, you know, donald trump is sending a very strong message that i as a fiscal conservative and a taxpayer, i think anybody that pays their taxes, you should applaud what donald trump is saying. we're not going to put up with these cost overruns that are
11:34 am
charging tens of billions of dollars to american taxpayers to enrich lockheed martin and boeing and these other companies, no. the jig is up. a new sheriff is in up to. we're going to watch our ps and gs -- qs as my mom used to say. it's about time. you disagree with that? i mean, come on, why should we let these companies bilk taxpayers? stuart: i'm with you all the way, steve. >> okay, good. stuart: i didn't expect to see it coming, and i am still skeptical -- [laughter] >> you're going to buy me a lunch, stuart or, when we give you your postcard return at the end of 2017, right? you heard it, folks, he owes me a lunch. stuart: we will hold not a mere lunch, we will have a celebration to which we will unviolate a couple people. [laughter] -- invite a couple people. >> i hope i'm on that list. stuart: you're on the list, don't worry. [laughter] >> thank you, stuart. stuart now, today thousands of women are expected to walk off
11:35 am
the job, and they're expected to refuse to buy anything for 24 hours. they're protesting donald trump, and they want to show they are a value to the economy. leann johnson is with us, an republican electoral college elector, wife of congressman bill johnson. frequent guest on this program. leann, you hate the idea of this protest. tell us. >> you're correct, stuart. stuart: why? >> the idea -- well, the idea of shutting down our economy or influencing our economy negatively at a time like this, it's not good. be. stuart: well, what is it now, i mean, donald trump did say some pretty nasty things about women. let's not forget that. >> we can't forget that, and the things that he said were offensive. however, i think we have to look at his history. mr. trump has spent his entire career elevating women to positions of power within his organization. there are more female executives
11:36 am
in the trump organization than men. that's impressive. stuart: don't -- >> and i campaigned with him. stuart: kellyanne conway. i think she's the first and only woman to run a presidential campaign successfully and win. that's kellyanne conway. you were on the bus, weren't you? women for trump, there was a bus tour that -- you were on it. tell us what happened. >> yes, sir, i was. i was actually the co-chair of the women for trump coalition in ohio, and then i spent a week in north carolina on a bus full of women campaigning, talking to other women who were so proud of us and so enthused by us. i actually was in cincinnati two thursdays ago, i opened the thank you tour for mr. trump. and he said to me, the ladies that went through north carolina on that bus turned that state for us. that's empowering. stuart: at the end of the day, i've got that 52% of white women did, in fact, vote for trump.
11:37 am
i think that's accurate, leann. >> yes. yes. here's what we know, there are more women than men in our great nation. but to take a all of us women and lump us into the same pool and say we should all be like-minded, it's simply offensive. you know? i have a very diverse circle of friends. some are pro-life, some are pro-choice. some are pro-traditional marriage, some are pro-gay marriage. that momentum, you know, make us -- that doesn't, you know, make us have to all look in the same direction can. my concern about this boycott, this strike today, is how it's going to impact small businesses. how about my friend who owns a small business in my hometown? she employs local children, local kids to work in her shop. and the bank is not going to put a hold on her mortgage because she didn't make money on a day like this. stuart: right. >> so the thing they're trying to empower women with is actually hurting us. stuart: leann, thanks very much for joining us this morning. don't be a stranger, come on back. >> thank you, stuart.
11:38 am
i will be back. stuart: leann johnson, thank you. now, "the new york times" reports that carly fiorina is being considered for a position in the trump administration. >> very interesting, director of national intelligence. that is what "the new york times" is reporting, that she is being considered -- and there she was coming to trump tower earlier this morning, one of quite a few people coming in. that revolving door has been given a workout. so there you go, former hewlett-packard chief executive, carly fiorina. a huge critic of donald trump. let's not forget, she jumped on the ted cruz ticket at one point, and now she's -- stuart: yes. donald trump said of her, who -- that face. >> yes. stuart: who could vote for that? >> exactly. she would be the first female directer and the first outside director. this is a top national security post. stuart it's a huge post. she was the first female ceo of a fortune 500 company.
11:39 am
that's the news that's coming in to us. just keeps coming. the trump rally continues. monday morning, we're at 18 -- why do i keep saying that? 19,800, almost. the price of oil is way up today, $1.45 higher at this point, 50, what is it, $53 a share finish a barrel, i think it is. 52.95. that's not affecting the stock market. you might have thought we'd have a stoc more expensive oil, more expensive gas, but, no. maybe ashley webster's ratio is back again. >> you never know. [laughter] stuart: and we have this for you, the upper class, the rich, they vote democrat. [laughter] richest city in america, san francisco. went to hillary. 85-9 for trump. manhattan, new york city, 87 for hillary, 10 to donald trump. hillary won 15 of the 25 richest counties in this country. that is a shift in politics. more on that in a moment.
11:40 am
♪ ♪
11:41 am
♪ ♪ >> on the floor of the new york stock exchange, i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. the tow is up and up -- the dow is up and up, another record high today, putting it on track for six consecutive records today. coming out of bonds, ten-year
11:42 am
yield, best level in two years, 2.5%. hasn't hit that level really in that amount of time. so what's driving the dow? exxonmobil, an oil story along with johnson & johnson. on the downside, nike and american express. extending parental leave to, i kid you not, 20 weeks for moms and dads. the story with oil today, you've got an opec agreement to cut production, and that's giving a boost to major oil producers. conocophillips up 3%. time to get you back now to "varney & company."
11:43 am
11:44 am
stuart: well, i've been looking at voting patterns, and i've seen a big shift. the elites, yes, the upper class now vote democrat. the richest city, san francisco, went to hillary 85-9. manhattan, new york city, 87-10. and hillary won 15 of the 25 richest counties in the country. fascinating, isn't it? 43 years ago all you heard about was country club republicans. the right got the votes of the wealthy. here i am back in reality. that was my take at the top of the hour, last hour, i should say. new voting patterns. the elite, the wealthiest people in the country, they vote democrat, okay? that's what we've found. hillary clinton got the votes of the elite.
11:45 am
look who's here, janine turner, actress and radio host. janine, welcome back. great to see you again. >> good morning, stuart. great to see you. [laughter] stuart: are you going to take me on -- >> i can't really see you, but, hi. [laughter] stuart: i said something pretty dramatic there, because i think there's a huge shift in politics just in my time in america. it used to be the elites voted republican. now i think the elites vote democrat. am i right? >> well, you are right. and the first thing i have to say about that is that's why we want to keep the electoral college. and the second thing i'd say is these -- the rich that are voting democrats, like you just mentioned, that's the keyword, they're rich. they had must be to lose. -- money to lose. and george washington said one of the challenges about democracy or a republic is that the people have to feel it before they can see it. so all these rich people that are voting for the democrat, democrats and the democratic party, they don't feel it. they don't feel what the
11:46 am
majority of americans feel, and that's part of the problem. they can live in their sort of ideological fantasyland, and it doesn't affect them. >> stuart: we don't tax wealth. so if you've started a company and it's $100 million, that's not income. you're not taxed on that $100 million. but those people that do make income, they are taxed at a high rate. and that's the difference between the wealthy elites and the strivers who have come up through the ranks, climbing the food chain. anyway, i digress. i want to -- [laughter] i just wanted to get my say in here, okay? >> yes, yes. well, they're rich enough to sit back, and they have everything they need, to they can worry about global warming. by the way, i'm going to call it global warming because that's really what they're worried about, not climate change. stuart: i think you're right. >> they can obsess about globalization -- they want that, actually, because it helps them, and open borders. these are things that help -- in
11:47 am
a way, they pride themselves on being sort of liberal and caring for everybody, but they're not. it's actually more of a selfish -- stuart: and they look down on us. they look -- it just reminds me of living in england as a lower/middle class kid being looked down on aristocracy. i left. i felt liberated coming to america. and now i find the same thing is happening here. the elites look down on the rest of us. but, again, i digress. i want to talk about the cabinet. a lot of men, a lot of businessmen in the cabinet. a lot of generals, men. do you object? >> no, i don't have any problem with that. i mean, i look at who's the best person for the job, and i believe that president-elect -- don't you love saying that -- is the best, he's going to pick the best people for the job whether they're male or female. i'm not really obsessed with the gender aspect. i'm not worried about it. i want whoever's best for the country that's going to make, keep us safe and make the law of the land the law of the land, you know? we have laws in this land, let's
11:48 am
abide by them. stuart: by the way, "the new york times" is reporting that carly fiorina is under consideration for the position of director of national intelligence. >> ooh. stuart: yes. that news is breaking. let's not forget that donald trump referred to her looks and said, oh, what a face. and yet now he's considering her for a very top job. what do you make of that? >> i'm thrilled. i was always a big carly fiorina fan, and and i'm thrilled -- you know, she's a brilliant woman, great businesswoman, one of the most fascinating women that i know. and donald trump is equally the same. and so i think they'd make a great team. and, you know, it's time to really just start worrying about the country. and i think she can put all that behind her and worry about the country and donald trump too. i'm actually very excited about that. i knew she was meeting in the trump tower today, the elevator and all that, but i didn't know
11:49 am
that. that's fascinating. stuart: the most famous -- hold on. let me show you right now, she's coming out, i believe. >> oh! stuart: listen, please. >> the president-elect. first, i have to say he has really cool stuff in his office. all these incredible memorabilia. i was particularly taken by shaq o'neal's shoe which is huge. i guess it takes a champion to know a champion. but in any event, we then got down to more serious business and spent a fair amount of time talking about china as probably our most important adversary and a rising adversary. we talked about hacking, whether it's chinese hacking or purported russian hacking. we talked about the opportunity that the president-elect has to literally reset things, to reset the that swrectly of this economy -- trajectory of this economy, to reset the role of
11:50 am
government, to reset america's role in the world and how we're perceived in the world. and i think it's why he's getting such fantastic people in his administration. the high quality of people that he's named already says so much about his executive abilities, but it also says that people recognize the opportunity that our new president-elect has to really make a huge impact on people's lives in this country and on events around the world. so it was an honor for me to be there. thank you all so much. [inaudible conversations] stuart: all right, there you have it. carly fiorina, we got that live just walking out of the golden elevators. she's been talking to mr. trump about china, about hacking. janine, i think you could hear all of that. i guess you were happy to hear it? >> that was great with. you know, my daughter and i have visited donald trump's office, so i've seen that shoe! [laughter] i know exactly what she's talking about. it's amazing. because, you know, in 2012 i wrote an opinion editorial in
11:51 am
support of donald trump. the republican party wouldn't debate him, nobody wanted to debate donald trump in 2012. then i opened a door and met donald trump, and he was on the radio show and all this. we've been to his office, and it is quite eclectic. isn't she smart? she's fantastic. i think they'd be a really great team. stuart: a bubbly and enthusiastic janine turner who's clearly very happy about what's going on in our great country at this moment. [laughter] janine, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: quick look at the stock market, because we've got this trump rally. it's ongoing. we now have the dow industrials at 19,784. please remember this is a pattern developing over the past couple of weeks. what you have is the market opens slightly higher -- >> yes. stuart: -- it pulls back a little, and then it starts to go up, and in the afternoon it really goes up. i don't know whether that's happening right now, but i do know that we've gone up just a
11:52 am
little bit from where we were earlier. and who knows what happens this afternoon. we are 215 points away from dow 20,000. dana lash on our program earlier today, talked about conceal-carry in ohio. that state has recently passed a bill that would allow are concealed-carry on places like college campuses. roll this tape, please. i never thought i'd see the day where a state like ohio would pass this kind of legislation. it's a real surprise to me. i'm not necessarily opposed to it, but i am really very surprised -- >> well, they don't want any more victims. honestly, parents are are tired of seeing their children under attack, and grown men and women do not want to be disarmed and victimized. last note on this particular issue. we don't just have the common criminal anymore. we also have to think about domestic terror attacks. stuart: all right, dana lash right there, this bill in ohio will be signed, we're told it
11:53 am
will be signed by governor kasich. judge andrew napolitano is here. what stuck out to me was the idea of concealed-carry in daycare centers? how do you feel about that? >> well, i'm, i'm in favor of the right to carry everywhere, and the reason we're seeing this in ohio now is a belated reaction to the attack on ohio state. we saw the same thing in virginia, an attack -- a reaction to the attack at virginia tech where students who are 21 years and older which excludes most students, can carry. state of texas, same thing. 21 years and older can carry. this allows you to carry at 18 years and older. so this is a little, a little radical -- stuart: doesn't that worry you? >> no, it doesn't -- stuart: a little bit? an 18-year-old with a couple of pints of beer and a gun?
11:54 am
>> in order to get the permit in ohio to or carry -- to carry, you have to demonstrate a proficiency. and if you're afraid about people carrying side arms into a bar -- stuart: is there a test for bad temper? >> no. stuart: is there a test for bad judgment? you whip out the gun, you point it and you fire, you're too young to have the judgment? >> these are fanciful fears for which there is no historical basis. stuart: i've got fanciful fears here? >> yes, yes, you do. you do about the right to keep and bear arms. if you look at --you're worried about people carrying guns to bars -- stuart: [inaudible] shot in new orleans a week ago by an angry -- allegedly by an angry guy who was carrying legally? >> we're going to have to wait and see what the court says about that. there's two different versions. one is that the shooter fired too late, the other the9 shooter fired in self-defense. but the shooter testified before the grand jury. we'll see if the grand jury believes him.
11:55 am
stuart: so you're in favor of this. >> yes, i'm in favor. of but i have to say this, if you're worried about students carrying guns into bars, there is not one single, verifiable incident in the past ten years of a drunk can person shooting a -- drunk person shooting a gun in a bar. not one. if a single person had had a weapon at ohio state two weeks ago, nobody would have been hit with the knife. stuart: okay, all right. >> am i making some sense to you, mr. very chi? stuart: i wouldn't say that. >> an american patriot seated to your right that -- stuart: yes. none other than colonel allen west who is surprising us, walking onto the set. we brought you -- >> you have very bad security here. [laughter] >> thank you, colonel. [laughter] stuart: you've just come from trump tower, and we want to know what were you doing there, and what was it like? >> well, it's a privilege and an honor that a young kid born in
11:56 am
the the inner city of atlanta, georgia -- stuart: what were you there for? >> i'm not privileged to tell you why, but i had a good discussion about national security and defense issues, and we continue how i can continue to -- we will determine how i can continue to save this nation. they've got curt -- security there. [laughter] stuart: look, i'm trying to express to our viewers the is sense of excitement be which there is -- >> oh, it's huge. stuart: -- in this country. >> well, you know, and the travels that i go on, as a matter of fact, right after the election i went back to the university of tennessee for a football game, and you can't imagine the euphoria that is out there right now because people really do believe, much the same as ronald reagan had, it's morning in america. people do believe that america's going to turn a corner. stuart: hold on a second. we had carly fiorina emerging from the golden el voters moments ago. she's being considered for director of national intelligence. you're a military guy. what do you think of that possibility? that lady right there?
11:57 am
>> well, the key thing is to understand this is not a position where you have to know the intricacies of the intelligence apparatus. it's about coordinating and synchronizing the different agencies which is what came out of the 9/11 report. stuart: management job. >> it's a management job of the resource. and the important thing is to be in the mind of the president to understand what are his priority intelligence requirements and to bring those together. stuart: it's fascinating. allen, thank you very much for jumping on the set. we do appreciate that. >> you got it. stuart: we have to take a commercial break. we've got a vast audience, and we milk it for advertising revenue -- [laughter] we will be back.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: well, look at this. the dow jones average is up again, and right now we're up 27 points. the s&p and nasdaq are down, but that dow marches on. liz, were you saying that maybe the media's getting onboard with the trump rally? >> i'm noticing "the new york times" warming to the idea in its headlines of the trump
12:00 pm
rally, and our competitors as well. this is a trump-up, and we're seeing it popping. and and now we're seeing it could power over into well after the first 100 days possibly. stuart: get all our tax returns onto this postcard, as kevin brady said he could, and he writes the tax rule. we're out of time. neil cavuto, it's yours. neil: if they could put all of your tax info on an index card, that would be a triumph. [laughter] you know? stuart: i have no response, neil. [laughter] neil: i'm just thinking about it. all right, thank you, stuart, very much. all right, we are following this trump rally, trump bump, whatever you want to call it. it is the dow, it is alive and well. but we are also following up on a brouhaha that we wanted to get to, the former u.n. ambassador john bolton who is being considered for a number of top foreign policy positions in a trump administration. the man who had called all of this dust-up on the russian role, if any, in the past


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