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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 14, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday 14th, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. jeff bezos will be meeting with the president elect today. jobs number one issue on the agenda. it comes after surprise after visitors bill gates and kanye west, what donald trump learned from the meetings coming up. investors are ying the fed today. the fed likely to raise interest rates and reveal economic projection since the election. we want to focus on how much the fed will raise in 2017, we are on fed watch. futures pulling back from yesterday. dow open 10 points. nasdaq in positive territory right now.
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social economic day on the calendar. price index, two and a half hours. we will get those number at 8:30 eastern. global market rally stalling ahead of fed decision, take a look at the numbers, cac quarante in paris. two-thirds of 1%. the others down a fraction n. asia overniect, markets closing near the flat line. major averages up just a fraction. invest or warning from shot, the country reportedly threatening american auto maker with antiman opoly find. we will get into that. coal says it will be open for more than a hundred hours straight. details coming up. raising millions of dollars for the victims of wild fires.
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alan thicke has died at the age of 69, we will take a look at the tributes pouring in. all the stories coming up and joining me to talk about it fox dagen mcdowell and pollster lee carter. good to see you, everybody. dagen: good morning. dagen: i wish there were cameras in the meeting with the technology -- maria: me too. lee: i would like to see their faces before they walk in. dagen: trump hand and jeff bezos' hat, so to speak. kevin: also peter teal who they are chastised and -- maria: i love peter teal. coming up this morning former congressman allen west is with us. former massachusetts scott brown is here, former ceo of nbc weighs in.
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republican of oklahoma marry is here, kentucky senator rand paul and former presidential candidate ron paul. so we will talk with beth rand and ron paul. check out who is going to be there. tesla ceo elon musk, tim cook, amazon ceo jeff bezos among others all heading to trump towers after meetings with bill gates yesterday and rapper kanye west was there yesterday. >> we had a good conversation about innovation, education, impact of foreign aid and energy and wide range of conversation about the power of innovation. >> what did you discus in the meeting today? >> just friends, just friends. it's a good man. doing well.
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long time. we have been friends for a long time. maria: meanwhile kanye west tweeted after the meeting, this is what he wrote, i wanted to meet with trump today to discuss multicultural issues, bullying, supporting teachers and modernizing curriculum and chicago. good to see you. what's your take on the range of celebrities and executives trump is meeting today at trump tower? >> sure, honestly i think that peter teal is a perfect person to introduce trump to silicon valley. this is a group of people that are mean and don't like ideas or don't like people that are different from them. all through the election cycle we saw facebook suppressed news they didn't like, hey, if you sympathize with donald trump, there's the door, you can leave, okay. these are mean people, mean
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girls. teal is an ally of trump because they have a lot of skeptical of globalization, very wealthy individual who is like to raise a lot of trouble in the respective fields. honestly, if these people are going to come together and have a meeting about making government more efficient, i'm all for that. dagen: some of the focus would be on jobs. it's interesting to know that if you look at the top 5 technology companies, that would be apple, the parent of google, microsoft, amazon, facebook, they only employee about 600,000 people. it's the nature of the business and a lot of the jobs are overseas. wal-mart employs one and a half million people in the united states alone. it has to be more about jobs and tom, a lot of the companies like apple on the campaign trail about i'm going to make them manufacture more products in the united states and that's a long road so to speak, but you can focus on immigration and i just
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-- i wonder if there's going to be any heats because these companies have had an easy ride under the obama administration whether it's net neutrality, concentration of power, they have not been hammered about privacy issues about maybe a trump would. kevin: it's important to note that we do have an outdated technology infrastructure even when it comes to arsenal and you see congress wanting it updated and talking about nuclear codes when they are entering them. old systems. also one of the biggest fronts facing when it comes to war, cyber war, we are seeing the hacks, so i think they are a key pivotal part in the national security of this country and i think donald trump and teal understand that. all need to stop. dagen: they hate him. hate is not a strong enough word. people in is -- in the valley
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hate him. more. maria: you're right, now they need him. dagen: they felt like it was abusive as well. maria: come on. so jobs, cybersecurity and then, of course, silicon valley did not support trump. do you think it's going to affect the tone today? >> i think it certainly will, i hope he bring it is people to heal with the way they behaved in the cycle. many own employees have opinion and it's really important for them to have a free-flowing sense of ideas because these are a lot of the same people who control how we get the information. right now there's a lot of talk about the rise of so-called fake news and facebook's role in that and that's something that needs to come up in the meeting and i think that donald trump really need to press the individuals and say, hey, look, you guys are
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the gate keepers for a lot of information and you need to not suppress us. maria: trump transition team is coming out with press release right now and are saying that donald trump is officially nominating rick perry for energy secretary. we knew this yesterday but we are getting the official press release out right now lee carter, what's your take on what we are seeing so far on transition and cabinet? lee: it's fascinating to watch. he has a mix of people with experience with government and a mix of people who are experience in business and then, of course, he has his general and military experience. it's all well-balanced administration. what i think is interesting about rick perry, his representation of texas and the symbolism there about coming back to mesh oil, american, you know, all of the american energy sector that comes out of texas and all of the energy companies. so i think that it's going to be fascinating to see how -- and also texas is a very business
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state. i think there's going to be a lot of criticism on this pick across the aisle. dagen: this was one of the agencies that he wanted to do away with and the one that he forgot in the debate that you moderated. [laughter] dagen: people were making fun of that yesterday. these are the times that we live in. somebody at one point wanted to do away -- kevin: no better person to run it than the person who wants to bring it down. wasn't on the multicultural issues when it comes to kanye west. it wasn't only him, it was jim brown, ray lewis, i think there's a lot of things playing in part there. one of them is actually the sanctuary cities, chicago, talking about sanctuary city, i
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think there's going to be with african-mesh community that donald trump is actually showing that he's willing to work with some of the people that want to help change what's happening in the inner cities. lee: one of the things it's fascinating that he's doing is unexpected, he's meeting with people you wouldn't expect him to, people that oop's him so much whether you're talking about the business community in silicon valley, a lot of the people he's gone after are saying we are going to bring them together and he promised to be the president of all americans and he's certainly demonstrating that. dagen: i'm the president now and i got elected despite the opposition, come and kiss my ring. you are going to come and meet me at my place of business, at my home and you're going to come talk to me. maria: everybody is getting in line. it's going to create 25,000 jobs
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before january meeting with donald trump. everybody is getting in line. kevin: because of fiscal policies. dagen: toons of change and it's not just donald trump, it's the republicans running the house and the senate, boy, you better get on board and play nice. maria: exactly. good to see you, thanks so much. coming up next, no sleep till christmas. kohl's with marathon, expecting to stay open for a hundred hours. alan thicke passed away. he died at the age of 69. we remember his life and legacyt healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome back, remembering a tv icon growing pains' dad alan pains. cheryl: the act oor suffered a fatal heart attack while playing hockey with his 19-year-old son. he is best known for the 80's classic growing pains. >> mom, dad, great too see you. >> is he talking to us? >> just knowing that i can count
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on you makes me happy. >> the getiness is completely mutual, mike. cheryl: countless guest appearances for him, he leaves behind three kids including singer robin thicke and his wife on tonya. fires claiming 14 lives and thousands of acres. last night dolly parton hosted the smoky rise teleonthon. [music]
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cheryl: telethon with a whole lot more. parton has pledged to give a thousand dollars each week for families home lost in the fires. stores are going to stay open for 107 hours straight in the final days before christmas. open the doors at 7:00 a.m. on tuesday december 20th and not let them close until 6:00 p.m. on december 24th, all of you procrastinators, yeah, you, maria, sounds like a lot but actually less than last year. i still have more gifts to go and i'm way behind.
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thank you, kohl's. maria: kevin, what do you think about this? kevin: you have nice community of light-minded people around. maria: i've never had a problem with that. [laughter] kevin: online shopping has taken over. you have seen amazon do very well against the likes of kohl's, macy's. dagen: two stores i went to yesterday, they had virtually no sizes in the store and they have to go online to tell me that it's available online. why do you have brick and mortar, then? why are you paying a rent through the nose if you have no merch. maria: i never expect them to have merchandise.
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kevin: i know how to go online. i was there first. [laughter] kevin: i go online on my own. maria: let's talk markets when we come right back, we are awaiting the evenings on the trump administration on regulatory environment how bank ceo's are preparing for 2017, how about ibm, plan to hire 20,000 new jobs, new people in the u.s. just daying before trump is expected to meet with technology companies, we have the details there. back in a minute. stay there we live in a pick and choose world.
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maria: welcome back, it is fed day. second time in ten years, joining us right now financial services adviser and practice leader dan ryan. >> good to see you, maria. maria: increase in interest rate by the fed, what do you think that means for the financial service sector? >> phenomenal. the average bank now used to be that they would have 1.2 loans. now it's the other way. 80% of loans. we have a lot of liquidity. they can deploy and actually make money, that's good. a hundred basis point increase in interest rates mean 5% bottom line to banks. maria: a win --
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kevin: you have 22,000 pages of regulations that's come out from alphabet agencies from sec, people that haven't been elect that had are trying to impose their will on the financial sector. what do you think the biggest rollback is going to be that's going to help unleash value for the banks. is there reduction in different compliances, certain sizes or what's -- what's going to be the biggest beneficiary. >> this is our view, it's our best guess in terms of where this goes. major rollbacks is not really how he's going to get his bang for his buck. trump hit the lottery in terms of actually changing the players, so our view is he's not going the change the rules as much as he's going to focus on changing the referees. guys that oversee the economy, hale be able to apint new ones in first six months to a year. really, when you talk about the
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bank ceo's, it's not so much around the rules that's the problem, it's really the enforcement of the rules and the interpretation. in many respects, i think, just changing the refs will be a lot better than changing the rules and a lot easier to accomplish. dagen: what about acquisition's activity, medium buying small, small buying extra small. what does the land escape look like? >> right now there's no m&a in the space when we talk about banking. typical strategy was acquire, acquire and grow, right, a lot of the smaller banks are trueing lg. we are still way overbanked in the country. we do think with a referees in place that m&a will open up particularly in the regional sector. the big guys aren't going to be out there making acquisitions. you have a fed governor from minnesota saying that they are
6:25 am
too big to fail. how is that going to be addressed by the banks? >> the biggest banks have gotten bigger post crisis. healthier, stronger, so i think the narrative is really around global competitiveness. when you look at it at the precise sis, 16 of the biggest 30 banks of the world were european banks. these guys are suffering tremendously. someone has to bank the new world and it will be the u.s. u.s. jobs and the like, the banking sector is actually a big play. maria: thankfully. we almost missed the window. you were looking at hsbc and asian banks becoming dominant. what's your take on 2017, how do banks see environment under trump? >> i think the three biggest things is that the tax -- potential tax rate reduction, interest rates riding and
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decelerating of regulation, in that order, the economy has ground off of the backseat of the consumer who is highly leveraged at this point in time. there's been very little corporate spending, right, so i think we think that they'll be kind of stimulating economic growth higher loans and banks will be able to benefit there and also the regulators have been holding back dividends and stock buybacks and the like and that will open up and stimulate the economy. maria: that's such an important statement, the banks are going to unleash money and that's going to create lots of activity. that's going to move the needle in growth. lee: it is and consumer confidence and also one of the things that we have seen financial companies struggle is -- people are critical and feel not thankful and see them as greedy,ic we are going to see a shift in the narrative which could have impact -- dagen: some comes from
6:27 am
politicians and talk out of washington. a lot of it is person by person experiences. it's bad experiences at the individual level dealing with their specific bank. you stop sticking it to your custaméricas, then people will feel better. a lot they have done because struggling with the regulatory -- maria: president obama was pointing fingers at the banks. they were the enemy. >> it's never -- you are likely to never to change entire narrative over. for the most part, banks lost window of demonstrating purpose and value to the economy and the obama administration put the nail on the coffin. dagen: hail or high water and it's about two bank robbers and they are the heros of the movie. >> if we can kind of take the hatred down a little bit, i think it'll help everyone. maria: good to see you. dan ryan joining us there. breaking news out of syria this morning the aleppo cease fire
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seems to have clapped. president-elect trump's middle eastern policy, that's next. jonson and jonson aband evening pursue of swiss company, take a look at the strong price this morning. j&j trading down -- up, sorry. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, december 14th, top stories on the east coast. ahead of the meeting ibm will hire 20,000 people in the next four years, she wants to get the announcement before president elect. >> we will not be taken advantage of by other countries. , we will not be, no more, we get along great with other countries. we will not be taken advantage of. our goal is not to build new
6:32 am
nations in far of lands that most of you never heard of but to crush isis, we have no choice, and to defeat radical islamic terrorism. [cheers and applause] maria: the latest developments coming up this morning. market this is morning pulling back ahead of the federal reserve station, the dow industrial closing at yet another record high yesterday, coming short of 20,000, take a look at where we stand. the dow jones industrial average 19839 even. very close to 20,000. just a round number but certainly underline it is trump rally. dow industrials down 20 points. busy day in economic calendar. a lot can change. we are waiting for retails sales. we get a look at failed and inflation in two hours time. we bring you the numbers when they get the tape. ahead of the fed of decision, in europe all majors are down this morning. cac quarante in paris, 30 points lower.
6:33 am
in asia overnight, stock closing near the flat line. a lot of volatility but they didn't end too far from where they began, actually. a warning shot from china. the country reportedly threatening an american auto maker with antimonopoly find, some believe it's president's stance on taiwan. china it's doing anything it can to fight back. doritos maker, frito lay won't advertise in nfl's biggest game. that's the first time that has happened in 20 years. details on why straight ahead. season for fighting, what happened during december leads to divorces in january? go figure. mary goes missing in nativity scene. please help mary see joseph.
6:34 am
plans to evacuate rebels and civilians have been delayed. joining us right now executive director for policy analysis lieutenant colonel allen west. >> good morning, maria, merry christmas. maria: and to you. it's really a hard christmas and hard moment in time. syrian government has said to have control over aleppo yesterday and now we hear this. what's your take on what's happening there now? >> well, what you see happening in syria is culmination of the failure of the obama policy in the middle east when you created the vacuum, back when he was he announced he was completely withdraw troops out of iraq, you also created a vacuum where it was not filled just isis but also russia and iran and what you see on the grounded there happening in aleppo where vladimir putin has seized the opportunity and hezbollah is operating there, they are doing everything they can to crush
6:35 am
resistance of rebels before you see trump administration comes in. once that happen, vladimir putin will say i have the high ground, you deal with me, you deal with bashar al-assad or you deal with isis and that is going to be a very tough position and i think that's why it's important that you have mattis ahead of the defense department who is the former central-commanding general. maria: what do you want to see from james mattis and donald trump in terms of the next move in aleppo, how do you think we will be most effective in terms of taking down isis? >> well,ic the most important things we have to think about is the worst possible scenario now. there is not going to be a rebel resistance there in syria. isis will probably try to take advantage of getting those disaffected groups to come over to them along with sunni islamist jihadist groups which
6:36 am
want to stand up against iran which is shiite. so what we have to do is go in and talk about how we can be able to assistance to eradicate the islamic sanctuary there that isis has. you know, you look and see what recently happened with turkey with terrorist attacks and bombings there, turkey has decide today stand up and try to fight against isis and receiving the brunt of those attacks. now we have to get on the ground and rebuild our respect and regard and we have to figure out how we can work with those people now who have the high ground so that we can go after isis and make sure we don't allow this jihadist movement to spread. maria: of course, the president elect brought this up last night. donald trump talked about spending in the middle east. listen to, this colonel, i have to get your reaction. >> we've spent $6 trillion in the middle east. $6trillion. do you know what that is, we
6:37 am
could have rebuilt our country three times. the coast of both dollars and lives has been immense. we need a new direction. we need a new direction. maria: it sure feels like that, colonel, $6 trillion later, wow. >> you're absolutely right. one of the critical things we have to do is transform a war-fighting strategy to move away from as he said last night in wisconsin, a nation-building-type of strategy, strike operations where we go in and knock sanctuaries to enemies but we are not looking to go into infrastructure of respective countries. we have to move away from a cold war era, we can't continue to play wacamo which is one of the things that's adversely affected our military strategy. again, that's one of the things a new administration will bring to the table. maria: what's your take on the
6:38 am
military might that we've got right now in the new cabinet, characterize for us the team that trump has put in place. >> well, i think it's perfect. you want to have people that are practitioners. why would you continue to want lawyers and political cronies in critical positions. you have someone as general kelly who was the commander of u.s. southern commands who understands the area south of our border and impact it has on our border security, now head of dhs and not just a lawyer and political crony which is what jay johnson was. when you look at the fact that you have a national former security team of agency head, you have people that understand that and now creative writer which is what we have in ben rhodes, security adviser right now. general mattis brings credible amount of expertise and experience being a leader from second lieutenant all the way to four-star general and the relationships that he has developed in that region that we
6:39 am
are now seeing fall apart. maria: you're right. under the obama administration you found a lot of political operatives basically in the roles and now you're seeing trained military officers, the other thing, though, about the obama administration is, you know, how many defense secretaries were there in the last eight years, right? >> four. maria: exactly. a number of them said the president wasn't listening to us. so even though he's -- he had the people in place, he actually wasn't taking their advice. >> no, everyone knows that our defense strategy, national security strategy, everything is completely being run out of 1600 pennsylvania, former representative robert gates talked about you had low-level operatives in the white house that were calling down the field commanders completely bypassing the department of defense. the restoration and trust and confidence in the proper chain of command, i think that would be restored and i think, again, when you look at the type of
6:40 am
people that president elect trump is bringing in, those are folks that he will listen to that he will trust because they have that expertise and they have that experience. maria: i think you make a lot of great points, colonel. thank you so much for weighing in, great to see you. >> if i could say one last night, happy birthday to my wife of 27 years who is a brooklyn girl. maria: all right, raising the root for angela in brooklyn. thank you so much. i love it. thanks so much, happy birthday to your wife, colonel allen west, see you soon sir. frito lay will not be running ads during the super bowl this year. merryless christmas, how a couple is using humor to get back their stolen mary. mary is missing. joseph doesn't want to be a single dad. back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, quiet markets this morning ahead of federal reserve this meeting. take a look. futures indicating a slight decline at the opening of trading. we are waiting for economic data, inflation sales, ppi, that may change things. markets not look too different than from yesterday. laying out vision for filling technology jobs, the company late yesterday announced that it will hire 25,000 new people in the united states and it will invest $1 billion over the next four years. this she said, she we wanted to get out before she heads to trump tower today to meet with president-elect trump and other leaders in the technology industry. also at the meeting today, facebook cheryl and amazon jeff bezos will be watching that meeting and bring you the latest from it. goldman sachs shares under pressure. the position will be filled by
6:45 am
goldman head of the investment banking department david sol soloman. most significant top-level change of goldman sachs in a decade. swiss drug maker appears to have have found another potential buyer. cheryl casone the details. company company the wall street journal saying the company is in talk with french drug giant, stepping up to the bargaining table after j&j abandoned pursuit of the swiss company because the price is too high. taking a look at sanofi in the premarket. stock the watch today. s&y. one of the headlines this morning. china reportedly with a penalty on unnamed u.s. auto maker, chinese media says investigators found a u.s. company instructed distributors to fix prices, this
6:46 am
comes after president-elect trump said he didn't feel bound by one china policy unless the u.s. can gain benefits from china in trade and other areas. this timing of this report is certainly raising some eyebrows this morning. new hampshire couple wants to know who stole mary from front yard nay at this time scene. they wrote a message to the thief that you can see, please help mary missing, joseph doesn't want to be a single dad. [laughter] cheryl: the couple has put up every christmas for 16 years, they considered a gift to the neighborhood. they're not looking to punish anybody, they just want mary back. by the way, rough times new hampshire. baby jesus was stolen but that was return we are hopeful that mary is going to come home safely. finally this, it turns out that december is not a good month for your marriage. according to new study the average couple has four fights a
6:47 am
day in december, month, one relationship coach has the stress of christmas can cause couple ls to forget all the good parts of the relationship because they are busy trying to keep other family and alcohol contribute to the problems as well. [laughter] cheryl: by the way, divorces trip until christmas. [laughter] dagen: you have to go spend with your mother-in-law who hates you and then you have too much to drink over christmas and scheme at your husband in front of his parents and then the march falls apart. kevin: we get a chance to redeem ourselves, right?
6:48 am
lee: you sit there. maria: the lights went out. dagen: my parents have been married 55 years and the one thing my mother was complaining about, sorry, dad, my dad was drags his feet putting up the christmas tree so mom could decorate it. maria: next year my parents celebrate 60 years. they are long-termers. kevin: they take great vacations in miami to celebrate an anniversary. dagen: they're more in love today. maria: no problems over christmas? dagen: no, i'm there. i'm the bad seed to everything gets blamed on me. [laughter] maria: let us know if you have any stories in that regard from cheryl's reporting. no longer a team player why
6:49 am
frito lay says it will no longer run ads in this super bowl in february. we will bring you the details back in a minute afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: welcome back, this year super bowl commercial will be out of its staples. dagen: thank you, maria. frito lay doritos commercials have been a highlight for the big game for many years. >> are you going to finish those ? >> sorry, they are gone. >> no they're not. you left the best part.
6:53 am
cheese. hello, doritos. dagen: after a decade of popular spots during the super bowl, doritos will not advertise during the big game this year, next year. frito lay which is owned by pep pepsico a commercial did not fit with marketing. cost about $5 million. 5million bucks for 30-second spot. that was up 11% from ads shown during prior year. maria, scandal at -- radio announcer fired after concluded that former player and assistant coach provided or attempt today provide game prep to opponents. the decision was made based on e-mail, text messages and phone records and, in fact, it was after a game against the louisville cardinals on
6:54 am
november 12th that they launched an investigation because somebody found documents inside louisville stadium that showed specific play that is the demon deacons never run previously. maria: why would he do that in. dagen: people stink. stink was not the word that i was going to use. [laughter] lee: i was going to say. maria: what else? dagen: tiger woods in next stop will play at the opening at riviera opening in california. the riviera was the site of first pga tour as amateur in 1992 when he was 16 year's old. he last played on the course in 2006, morning ten years. you might remember this video, a young boy from afghanistan taking the internet by storm when images surfaced of him playing a lionel messi jersey that he made out of plastic.
6:55 am
now he got the chance to meet his hero. lionel messi and the boy met when the soccer legend's team fc barcelona played in qatar. he walked with his hero but he wouldn't leave. [laughter] >> he kept running back to grab messi's hand. the boy was eventually taken off the field by officials. i don't blame him. dagen: i thought that was one of the greatest stories. so sweet. you go from scum bag to somebody who boosts your spirits. maria: we will take a break on that note. wells fargo slapped with sanctions by u.s. regulators, we have the details. top stories in the journal this morning. wells fargo hit with new sanctions after regulators concluded its fail today device adequate living will.
6:56 am
back in a minute afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome back. it is wednesday december 14. your top stories 7:00 a.m. on the east coast east coast right now. some of the top innovators i will meet with the president
6:59 am
elect today in new york. this morning trump can firms the former texas governor as his energy secretary. controversy brewing over rex tillerson as secretary of secretary of state the president-elect explains why he is right for the job. see back we are taking a closer look at that cabinet coming together straight ahead. the central bank is likely to raise rates. what most people are waiting on is to get a sense of how many interest rate hikes we will see in 2017. right now the market expects to.
7:00 am
s&p 500 right there. it's a busy day on the economic calendar. it's all coming up in the hour and half. global market rally. it's down one half of 1%. markets closed near the flat line. not much movement. the others up just barely. more trouble for wells fargo to report. the company failed to have an adequate plan to avoid taxpayer bailout. the details are coming up. hollywood heartbreak this morning. one the most well-known dads
7:01 am
allen thick has passed away. new innovation first step chat. will tell you how it works coming up. tinder is coming to apple tv. all of the stories coming up this morning. let's take a look at that think you two are shot once more. >> he is a master of symbols these guys. president obama's white house has always set out a holiday card. they've never sent out a christmas card.
7:02 am
isn't it nice to be able to say merry christmas again and not feel bad about it. i'm just kidding. but the best part of what he said last night is hilarious. i called them up and offered 5 cents on the dollar. i knew i was given win. that's why everyone have it there. the media was like coming up this morning. former president and ceo bob wright is with us.
7:03 am
mary fallon is here with us. all of that ahead. trump administration is taking shape. fox news is reported that the president-elect has chosen ryan ziggy as his interior secretary. one of the greatest and most skilled global business leaders of our time. made some of the greatest deals ever made in the oil industry. a great diplomat strongman a tough man. a man who has already earned an avalanche of growing praise from the top leaders.
7:04 am
see that not all republican leaders are confident in the decision. this is what marco rubio said about taylor said. the next secretary of state must be someone that views the world. obviously will get a confirmation battle that's been set up when you make of his comment there. certainly i respect his comments and rex well had to go through that process and he will be asked each and every question and it will be a tough process but i think in the end he will have the respect of those senders may be an open and honest in answering those questions. the president-elect went to an amazing process and met with some superior people mitt romney who i would've supported in the second he thought he would bring a different perspective better
7:05 am
than hillary clinton and certainly john carey. do you think rex tillerson could get nominated who does have a tougher stance on russia. you know that rand paul doesn't like him. i don't know if that helps. i think he is so qualified. he's a friend and he's on your show all the time. the guys always spot on. it's always good to have good surrogates and good people with you whether the deputies what is working in the offices. i would make that recommendation. and i think they make a fantastic team. do you think in terms of a rex tillers of the biggest hurdle he's can have to jump through so to speak is his opposition to sanctions against russia. as a member of exxon mobil of
7:06 am
course he's against it but as secretary of state he's get into what the president-elect wants. if the president wants sanctions is can it will get sections. gets anxious. everybody knows that. the guy has a life. he is one multibillion-dollar corporation. in some countries that are not our friends that he's been able to do deals. i would rather had that than the apology to her that we have in the mumbling along that we've have in the process over the last eight years where allies don't trust us. we have no idea where were going to directionally overcome into her terry estate issues. and he gets a nice change of direction. he's been trying to push accent into all of these places where there is oil rich environments and so he's had to deal with a lot of these heads of states and some of these can tough countries. he knows this players.
7:07 am
everyone is talking about russia russia russia and it's almost becoming distracting from what else we can be talking about. what else do you think folks should be paying attention to now about him. what are some of the positive into prose. >> he has run a multibillion-dollar corporation. he understands rules and regulation in dealing with the government and the regulations that are put in place to really stop businesses from growing. he understands that sometimes you need to actually cut a deal and work things out and a proper aboveboard manner. specially when your large corporation like that. all eyes are on you. he is honestly done a great job. the company has expanded and to have a business person and there someone who has negotiated not only with other countries but with his own
7:08 am
employees to give the best deal for not only those employees with the shareholders. i think it's a nice new touch. i'd rather had that than the career pop politician. >> he's led 70,000 employees across exxon mobil. it's not that different than the number of people that he's get a be leading by the way in the c department. he can certainly do that. and if i could ask is that a great job with a general kelly those are my top three that i just love those choices. and everybody obviously they speak for themselves but the three from beat personally. i think dr. carson will do a great job as well. he visited the ranch and the russia reset. you pointed out repeatedly that he have more leeway after
7:09 am
the election. let's not act like the previous administrations. do you think that having someone like a business person in this role is sending a signal that a lot of this is gonna be about trade. >> i was a trade is the most important thing. it's the economic engine that's good to get our economy moving again. to get fair trade that we have now through other type of trade agreements. but to get the economy moving which of a better trade opportunity. and streamlined regulations. and that coupled with the thing is a he's trying to do by getting business leaders in there. i think it is a way to have a very successful year.
7:10 am
he was to hold these people accountable. these people know how to do that. organ have leaders in their who know how to run these type of organizations. the government is the biggest preparation that needs to be run while. they're like a drunken sailor -- sailors. they want more of your money and they spend it poorly. the great big corporation which is the united states of america. and that's what i'm it i'm hoping will happen. i don't seek donald trump as an ideologue. he tries understand that he doesn't go into a situation with the ideologies that i think the current administration has done.
7:11 am
for example healthcare. they have that opportunity to do it. it started with the apology to her. you look at cuba and all of in all of these different efforts that they made their changing the law the heir of the air of the law of the sea. it started with that red line redline and basically 10,000 people were killed and i have upwards of a million killed. the people who are opposing it to continue on with them nightmare that you wanted to have so far. obviously it's one of the last positions. i'm honored to be one of
7:12 am
them. whatever the president asked me and others to do obviously we will do our very best to help. what about keeping the current secretary in place. >> bob has done a great job. he wants to continue to put his plan in place. people are still dying. you've all of these situations that are still happening or we can continue on and let that reorganization be put in place that's really what it comes down to to me. of course have been a support at 1,000 percent. and expect everyone else in the senate especially to do that to give you the team that he needs to do his job. to bring america to the
7:13 am
position where he wants to go. senator scott brown joining us. cuisinart recalling millions of food processors. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. [and her new business: i do, to jeanetgo.
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7:16 am
>> definitely shock to the hollywood community. he suffered a fatal heart attack and he was played hockey with his 19-year-old son. in recent years was best known who is best known for the 80s classic growing pains. >> i get the feeling you don't think i know this stuff. those that do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. you mean like in summer school quacks.
7:17 am
>> he was a near constant private lives. he. he leaves behind three children including singer robin thick. more trouble this morning for right -- for wells fargo. they placed grocery sections on the firm. as a blueprint for how it's gonna be bailed out. wells fargo has until next march to fire out revised well. >> cuisinart food processors recalled after pieces of the blade cracking. it has received has received about 70 reports of them fighting broken pieces of the blade in their food. it affects 22 models. kfc celebrating national hot
7:18 am
chicken with a new album. subic hundred 25 copies of the record were produced. the national hot chick and they just broke a record for how many of these items they been selling. it's so popular that we have the onset are you. if you see the new commercial.
7:19 am
it's pretty good. >> can we actually say here not have anything. >> will clear up your sinuses. i like spicy. zero my goodness it's so spicy. it's delicious. dagen mcdowell i brought you biscuits. you southern girl. to back that that's
7:20 am
down-home. i am living vicariously through all of you. thank you cheryl. the new snap chat feature. plus a doubt is close to that magic number. what it means for markets in your money.
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maria: welcome back. a little bit of a pullback this morning. this is still an incredible victory as we see a record after record for this market. it's closing and get another record high level today. the markets yesterday up another 115 points on the dow. the s&p 500 up 15 points as well. two thirds of a%. what he think about the federal reserve will they put damper on this rally. they think they will raise it two times in this year. they have a lot of governors, and say how they can about next year. depending on what fiscal policies are actually good to
7:25 am
be enacted. if they don't raise that will be huge. the markets will sell off. they are seen something. all of the market indicators are telling them to do that. it leads to healthy inflation. you're starting to see normal inflation ticked up. the jobs numbers it will be doing very well. they have every reason to do it. the president-elect well have the power to shape the fm oc we have the incoming treasury secretary on the. here's what he said last month. what do you want to see happen.
7:26 am
we do had two positions that we have to fill. one of the very important jobs as a vice chair of bank supervision. that's been open for a while. these are two important positions. that is one of the positions they're going to fill. the important position well had to be the chair person position. janet yellen is probably cannot live out her term and that there could had to pick somebody else. she has a year under trip. she did say she's good to fulfill her duties. he thinks as a real estate guy you don't want really high
7:27 am
interest rates in manipulating the markets essentially. a lot of these governors have begged and pleaded for fiscal policy and now they're going to get it. also donald trump will give them exactly what they ask for. and don't even bother writing down the forecast. i think we've been trying to think it's can be a bad thing. we are at 25 to 50 basis point range. we are still historically low rates. it could be a half.
7:28 am
for it to be half a point there is a 15% probability. we will now what she does. join us today. will take that life as well. ibm making a tall promise. it's ahead of a technology roundtable. the gm and takes his case to the supreme court. road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
7:29 am
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maria: that wednesday morning everybody. it is wednesday, december 14. your top stories right now at 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. they continue to take shape. he taps rick perry for energy secretary and congressman ryan zinke will be there for secretary. they're all among the big names meeting with president-elect later today. she said ibm getting in on the recent job search. she announced yesterday the
7:32 am
company will hire 25,000 additional people in the next four years. job creation ahead of the meeting. my administration will be focused on three very important words. jobs, jobs, jobs. whether it's building cars producing steel mercury disease we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in america and right here in wisconsin. investors are watching the federal reserve today. it is decision day. they're likely to raise interest rates by a quarter of a point. the markets are quiet ahead of the decision. take a look. the futures right now indicating a lower opening for
7:33 am
the broader averages. we are off we're off of the low. we may actually see another record center today. retail sales numbers are coming out in about an hour. we will get you those reports as soon as they hit the tape. they are also stalling this morning. take a look at european forces. markets close near the flatline. they're down one half of 1% in china. the company is asking of the supreme court to shield the lawsuits. the companies a new deadline for last-minute shoppers. a new application. group chat. tender taking on tv.
7:34 am
we will bring that to you as well. first up silicon valley leaders are meeting with donald trump today at trump tower. executives expected apple ceo tim cook. it will center on bringing jobs to the u.s. joining us right now as a ceo and founder of the former president of buzz feed. john, good to see. so most of silicon valley did not support donald trump. they were clearly and vocally on hillary clinton's team. what do you think comes out of this meeting today. >> the first thing i saw this and i that i want to do this meeting.
7:35 am
when i heard they were having a tech summit i thought it was good to be all startup people i didn't realize it was a fortune $500 billion ceo. what i think is can come out of this. he's gonna go in there and he's can tweet out something off the record and he will tweet out something about tim cook this and i think kelly and conway has taught us anything he likes people to fight without personally attacking him. whatever he does tim cook should tweet out donald trump does understand how i find is manufactured he likes that. don't personally attack him. all of this is going in donald trump's favor. she doesn't get to trump tower and she announces we can organ at 25,000 new jobs in this usa today article. we had thousands of open positions at any given moment and we intend to hire 25,000 professionals in the next four years in the united states.
7:36 am
let me give you the serious positive commentary. his economic policy or statements around what he wants to do for business he's right. the market has voted. we may not break 20,000 today because of the interest rate issues but it's can happen in the next couple weeks. lower corporate tax rates. we have to keep some jobs in the u.s. all of these different lovers are really working and they're there really what the economy wants. to the extent that he focuses on that step with them. he's on the right. if he starts this personally attacking them or things they don't have any control over. then to fight back. i mentioned it numerous times on the show. immigration issue. they want to be able to bring in the talent to keep it here i think that was part of the undertone.
7:37 am
if there is new to be conciliatory tones on immigration issues i think you will see it come around. a lot of the other issues. nobody likes to make money more than people in silicon valley. their buying islands. there's definitely a to base a nest to how these people act. everybody is sort of the same. if anything he has a right to give them a little bit of a hard time about that. have to know that though. maria: has been easy street the last eight years. they were on the same side politically and they have gotten ritually no pushback. an increasing concentration of
7:38 am
power and very few hands in silicon valley. even the privacy issue. and how many dance balls into the go to at the white house. i'm the only person i don't think that neutrality makes sense. these cable companies are using all of their franchise over the set channels. they put a fire at birth and cable all over the world. it doesn't make any sense to me. so whenever a policy is open and liberal without even really thinking about it in a lot of cases they say that makes sense. then everybody is afraid to speak out because they're afraid of what it will do for the business. some of these employees are still sniffling. because hillary clinton lost and i'm not joking about that. they need some hot cocoa. he will end the crony capitalism that has happened
7:39 am
over the last eight years hillary lobbied so hard out there and spent so much time in california doing all of these fundraisers and that was probably the one place where she shouldn't had spent all the time. they were raising money right and left for her. he responds to fighters but he also responds very well if you say i'm in a do something for donald trump. you can ask imagine that. what will they say about the washington post. putting 20 reporters on a donald trump. we owe it to our readers. and no additional reporters on the one that was under investigation. during the holidays running the fulfillment centers with the worst conditions out of anybody. that goes to it again.
7:40 am
will be watching. it's good to see. we will see you soon. john steinberg joined in us here. coming up walmart making it easy for shoppers to wait till the last minute. how long he could put off by not those holiday gifts next. the gift of love coming to your apple tv. how you can evaluate your tender matches on the big screen.
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7:43 am
welcome back. they're asking the u.s. supreme court to shield it from lawsuits. cheryl has a story now. they are loong to reverse a lower court ruling. a shield that was established back in '09 as part of its government-backed
7:44 am
restructuring. they could run into the billions. gm has acknowledged feeling to disclose that. the supreme court is not expected to decide until next year. walmart is stepping up its effort to fight back. there to be able to order items at and then pick them up at the supercenter of their choice at any point on christmas eve. him a son is going to do some guaranteeing as well. there is a new way to stay in touch with your friends. for the holidays. they have introduced a message app called snap chat groups that lets you chat with up to 16 people at one time.
7:45 am
they've hundred million daily users right now. they also want to go after facebook messenger. and finally in time for the holidays tender is now available on apple tv. you and your family can get together around the fire. and then you can go through back and forth. they want you to make a party of it. it's back to you. i like the idea that they're coming to the big screen. want to come meet my family. that is entertainment. there is comedy shows based around this. i'm back not getting in trouble. coming up next president-elect trump.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
welcome back. president-elect donald trump thank you to her. the badger state helped lift him to an astounding victory. and he keeps the praise. i've come to appreciate him. speaker paul ryan.
7:50 am
he has been terrific and honestly he's like a fine wine. every day goes by. i get to appreciate his genius more and more. join me right now. the former president and ceo of nbc. bob, good to see you. thank you for having me. what is your take. it's interesting to see him it's interesting to see him paul ryan is a straight talker. in summary i think the president-elect will get along very well with. other people are going to come by donald trump wants to get
7:51 am
things done. he doesn't care about it if it's in a different way. if it's the same way and it works. and paul ryan is good to be the guy's cannot be able to get the legislation through. he's talking about tax reform. he's gonna need those as to see things his way. clearly what the president-elect and the speaker are gonna need congress. and i think they have the majorities they just had to take time. they will get it done pretty quickly. he said he's can remain an executive producer on celebrity apprentice even after taking office. take us behind the curtain a bit when you worked with him. do you think he should remain
7:52 am
with the show while he has the office. >> if you want to have the title and as part of a hobby i think that's fine sent quite clear why he wants to do that he's excellent producer he turned out to be much better than people thought he would be. i think you will see the same thing as president of the united states. it does listen to people. he appreciates people that are successful and he wants to know why he wants to make sure that he hires people and works of people that have the same success orientation. he is clearly in favor of that. it's true. the show is the big success. the fact that he's proud of it and he wants to keep his name on it. i guess i'm okay with as long as he's not a role in anything
7:53 am
as part of that. let's just see what that is. i'm sure it will work out to be on his own terms. so much to talk to you about. let me ask you about the m&a that we bid seat in particular the at&t time warner deal. this is a proposed 85 million dollar merger. we heard it yesterday. the red stones are pulling out of this idea that they want to merge cbs and viacom. first off your thoughts on the deal. do you think it goes through. you know i was a lawyer before i was a businessman on the face of it it shouldn't be a problem. it's not horizontal integration.
7:54 am
this is a political issue. it is not a legal issue in my opinion. it should be approved. but donald trump actually said it's too much power into few hands. i wonder if his justice department is going to in effect improve it. that's where the political peace comes in. there well had to be some negotiations involved in that. from a straight legal point of view it's a go idea. so what you think about the world and how it's changing how dc tv and media merging in the coming five years. i think they each help each other out. the internet is getting stronger because it has a lot of video. and the people in the video business are using a lot of internet to enhance their own activities and cable
7:55 am
television gets enhanced. i think there can have to coexist in the smart people are going to do both. and they're gonna learn how to optimize their own business plans by using the things that are available to them now. is there any thoughts on the via con and cbs deal. and how they don't want the merged now? >> it's almost like i don't know if it's a comedy or a tragedy. every day there is something else. it's really a family problem. i don't think it's much of a wall street issue. the via con stock has not done well at all. they can probably opate that way from long time until they
7:56 am
figure out a better one. you wonder if they can have to sell more assets in fact. i think that story continues. i think they certainly should. we really want to get to the important stuff. that includes funding for the cancer shot initiated its led by joe biden. watch this i want to get your reaction. >> i believe the united states of america should be the country the ends cancer once and for all. we are closer than a lot of folks think. the bill will bring us even closer. in improving cancer detection and prevention. he'll help us reach our goal of getting a decades worth of research and half the time. and as joe said that time
7:57 am
counts. that time counts. you created a foundation in memory of your wife. tell us about code purple. i've had 70 years with her in you. you've done so much for autism and now pancreatic cancer. i did a 13 month investigative report on pancreatic cancer. i went through with susan her horror of ni months from diagnosis to her death the summer. at four months after that i've gone over what went wrong here. it is a great idea. it $6 billion. it's an opportunity for that.
7:58 am
to really look at how well that money is being spent. i will tell you in my investigations for instance it has failed in dealing with pancreatic cancer for 50 years. there's been no improvement in mortality. 92% die within a couple of years most of their first year. that money should go privately it should be looked at how it can be rearranged. that's what my organization is all about. they're trying to raise substantial amounts of money and i have to bypass them to do that project. with no help. thank you so much for the efforts. bob right. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
7:59 am
all seems beautiful to me.
8:00 am
8:01 am
internecine. . maria: good wednesday morning welcome back, we are happy you are with us wednesday, december 14 i am maria bartiromo, here are top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, technology big day at tru tower some top jeff by his oz cheryl sand bergh tim cook meeting the trump confirmed former texas governor pick for energy secretary rick perry running energy department fox news reporting congressman ryan zinke run interior department rex tillerson as secretary of state president-elect donald trump explained why the right man. >> rex is friendly with many
8:02 am
leaders in the world we don't get along with some people don't like that, they don't want him to be friendly that is why i am doing the deal with rex i like what this is all about. >> waking a closer look at cabinet straight ahead investors waiting on fed today we are getting the decision from is it central bank to raise interest rates we know at 2 pm eastern reveal first economic projections since elects global markets on edge a bit ahead of decision tractional pullback dow jones industrial averages showing a fractional loss about 7 points there is still a serious bid under this market we continue to see record after record, for the dow and major averages nasdaq positive territory again -- economic calendar about 30 minutes latest retail sales for last month the producer price index coming out this hour for the month of november in europe stocks are showing similar movers as u.s., take a look fractional
8:03 am
time lines saws off lows, down 7 points on ft 129 cac quarante, 22 on dax, quarter of a percent lower asia overnight markets near flat line not much action shanghai composite down one half of 1% apple airpod on sale after months of delays will not be ready in time for the holidays however, details coming up, hollywood heartbreak one of america's most well-known dads has died, at 69. rear taking a look at some tributes that are pouring in for the star of growing pains this morning. >> the breakfast club among films added to the national film registry we tell you what else is on that list, and it is time to get into the holiday spirit, your favorite ugly christmas present in studio plus "mornings with maria" ugly sweater don't miss that stay with us on that all stories this morning joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell recon capital coley
8:04 am
pollter lee cater. >> we all have ugly sweater i cannot wait. >> mine may or may not have batteries. >> okay. >>. dagen: watch out. maria: dagen: i don't think mine is ugly. maria: going to wear it on christmas. dagen: maybe. >> kentucky senator rand paul here with his faye former congressman rand paul coming up this morning, the host of vairn veterinarian stuart stuart will weigh in don't miss that stay with us for a big hour coming up we kick off right now with today, donald trump long waited technology meeting silicon valley leaders among trump's outspoken opponents during the campaign, and for many this will be the first face-to-face meeting with the president-elect since election, joining us right now republican governor of oklahoma and vice chair mary fallon governor good to see
8:05 am
you welcome. >> good to see you maria. >> thank you so much for joining us what are you expecting from the technology meeting today, what will be on the agenda? >> you know one of the things very impressive to me has been how president-elect trump is bringing in so many people, to advise him talk about the industries, and certainly technology is one of the main concerns of our nation because we want to make sure that rearh we are creating workforce we need for technology job skills stem education in schools fulfill jobs he has said many, many times he wants to grow economy he wants to look at federal rules regulations things that might hamper business growth we are real excited about technology -- i think going to be a great meeting. >> governor it is dagen mcdowell, how -- describe to people how donald trump
8:06 am
interacts prooi. with people who might not have been so friendly to him or vice versa during the campaign because that is something that will be happening when he meets with technical leaders technical leeds companies they supported hillary clinton they raised a lot of monday for her. >> one thing very very impress about transition how big there and out of trump tower bringing everybody in bringing people who are very loyal to him, people who were in opposition people who ran against him those supported hillary clinton, i think a good thing to bring in and hear all voices he proposal he was going to listen to everyone inclusive what is what we are seeing bringing in intersperse in the field meeting with today i think it is a good thing for the facing, we need a time to be able to pull back together to unite to heal, and i just look forward to resultsch various meetings he is having with all various leaders.
8:07 am
>> i am curous a lot of people talking about specials bringing together, business he has a lot of military, experience about officials most people one of the things common thread they have practical experience much more pragmatic approach than my buddies doing all these different things what are you most excited about in to exthat he picked so far? >> it is a very diverse cabinet it is not your maybe your conventional choices that you would see. he has a little bit of everything, frankly in his cabinet proud that he has two women, so far, that are on his cabinet he has people deep business experience, he certainly has a lot of military experience, on his cabinet. he has got -- he has got a governor nikki haley pointed u.n. ambassador then he has -- other people who have been involved in various industries to even a congressman nominated for governor why diverse cabinet lots of different life he experiences business experiences,
8:08 am
political experiences, some without political experiencing but people who have certainly had a wide reach in many areas. >> governor kevin kelly some topics are they touching base on immigration h-1 b1 hacks that happened in talking about how we defend against cyberterrorism, what are going to be some of the leading issues that is going to be addressed in this meeting today? >> well president-elect trump promised he is going to work on securing our border that will be very important he recognizes that we need to have workforce and skill sets necessary to be able to fill jobs that we have in america, to make sure america is competitive, with other nations and our world, to make sure that we are readyto be able to build jobs, grow our economy, he said from day one he's going focus on jobs economy getting america back on track, foreign debt i think from job portion, and the
8:09 am
economy portion will be main goal, the cybersecurity threat is real deal i had the opportunity past week to travel with tleer -- governors to middle east to thank you to troops we have seen -- are we secure as nation voting system i am flood they are having lively discussions about that still a lot of questions, about those does happen does not happen what is real what is not i can tell you as governor we are certainly always concerned about cybersecurity and as a nation we are concerned, about cybersecurity and being able to protect our vital infrastructure in nation states and making sure that our military does tremendous job keeping on track, of cia security threat. >> on intelligent executives
8:10 am
h-1 bvisas people talk about wanting schaep labour exactly what donald trump doesn't want how a meeting of the minds. >> they are talking i think important he will be able o to get a lot of information from their practical experiences what they have seen, they are trying to recruit people for various job classicsa classifications we have foreign students that study at universities many in stem sciences important to tech dridry doing right thing listening may be a different perspective may be they will come up with great suggestions that will be very helpful in his administration. >> and i know, that ceo of ibm is trying to encourage more job training, so that the jobs that are available actually can meet with people who actually have skill sets that are required we will see if that is part of the conversation as well governor good to see you -- >> good to see you, too, thanks so much. >> thank you so much for
8:11 am
joining us, coming up next music to the ears of apple fans hotly anticipated airpod finally going on sale after a delay it is the most wonderful time of the year. >> you must be italian. >> oh, yeah, holy smoke, do you know what this is? this is -- >> what a great -- >> breathe new life into old yarn booming business or ugly christmas sweaters we reveal "mornings with maria" ugly christmas sweater nat our fabulous floor director. ♪ have a happy holiday ♪ everyone is dancing, and a new way ♪ introduction.
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. . maria: breaking news tractor-trailer overturns in tennessee causing five-mile stretch of interstate forcing some to stay indoors cheryl casone with breaking developments. cheryl: this just happened this morning, so we are getting in details right now, you are looking at live pictures of that scene, officials say that the truck was carrying chemicals used to clean swimming pools when it's crashed into another semi interstate 24 you are looking at rutherford county police say truck was leaking chlorine
8:15 am
possibly other wheels last word on fire on side of a highway looks like clearing clearing out that scene you can being see personnel to the right of your screen people told to stay indoors to avoid potentially toxin kic air told to shut off air-conditioners and heaters, we should say both drivers of the trucks were at an to the hospital with unknown injuries we will keep you posted apple going to release air point of order wireless headphones we are told ready available for shipping right now you might get them for holidays available in apple stores next week $159 we know what dagen is going to get for christmas. >> sad news to bring out of hollywood this morning, actor allen -- a shock to community suffered a fatal heart attack playing hockey with a son 69 best known, of course, for
8:16 am
playing the dad on 80s classic growing pains. >> mom, dad! . [laughter] >> great to see you -- >> yeah is he talking to us? >> -- telling you guys makes you feel happy. >> oh giddiness completely mutual. >> you know he was presence on tv if recent years appeared on nbcs this is us, a role in netflix he leaves behind three children including singer robin, and his wife. >> well, john hughes' 1985 film the breakfast club add to national film registry of line of congress. >> 7:06 you have exactly 8 hours 54 minutes to ponder the error of your ways, any questions? >> yeah is does barry manilow know that you raided his wardrobe? >> well, we all love that one i think, on the set, this is
8:17 am
one of 25 films that made the cut for this year other names you can see on your screen, the lion king the birds, also the princess bride rushmore, my favorite ignite of the 80s the birds had to be there. >> alfred hitchcock scary you know the character in the breakfast club that was me in high school same attitude. >> wu donate believe produced pictures. >> -- don't come near me this morning. >> coming up factual to go future the university of obamacare how republican leaders plan on replacing appealing with o something more affordable former congressman ron paul will weigh in on decision 2 pm
8:18 am
eastern join us right here to get the breakdown of the economy right now back in a minute. ♪ ♪
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8:22 am
we are going to replace it with new legislation, where you get greater choice, more doctor-patient relationship a health care system that actually works. >> kentucky senator rand paul thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: give your sense of the timeline for replacing obamacare what will that look like. >> you know, as a physician nobody probably hates obamacare or sees its failure more than i do, i want to get rid of it as soon as possible so i will vote for whatever timeline is as soon as possible to get rid of it. i will tell i one of my concerns, though. if you leave in place some of obamacare like if you leave in place, that shirks must sell insurance to people after they become sick i think you have an insurance model that won't work will lead to bankruptcy of the insurance companies so i am concerned that you repeal
8:23 am
part leave preexisting condition that is a model that is very, very risity to the business itself, i fear we will be back, a year or two later having to bailout insurance companies if we leave part of it in place. >> wow, well i mean what happens to those people with preexisting conditions? >> yeah i think what we need to do is i can ma it easier for people to be larger pools to begin with if i have 10 employees one employee gets breast cancer devastating not only to the employee but economically to the company we need to make it easier for company of 10 people to banned with another pattern of 10 and another pools of thousands of people ideally should be more like life insurance nobody asks where you work when you apply for license you are part of a pool people and i will 53 the way health insurance ought to be instead of you are part of a pool of employment that was artificial set up by government tax approximates exemption based on employment mistake something we need to
8:24 am
fix as part of plaifrt of obamacare. >> you think doable what is timeline in terms of getting this done actually replacement. >> that is hard part the way congressional rule work they say we will repeal obamacare with simple majority 50% or more only replace in the senate with 60 votes or more 60% owe more so much more difficult to get replacement into place that is what i am worded about repeal part of it leave in place things don't work economically continues rehabilitativeel it is unraveling as we speak some ways may get worse as insurance companies rack up even more losses than racking up now. >> good that you put that forth because that has been the issue a lot of people who are looking to repeal and replace peel that is one of the things to keep existing conditions we will see how
8:25 am
that plays out senator you talked about seeing a return of fiscal responsibility to congress, what about that how do you plan to help balance the budget once president-elect trump takes office given grand plans of lowering taxes, and spending money on infrastructure? >> well the interesting thing they are interrelate with obamacare you want repeal until you pass budget senate republicans getting ready to put forward a budget that never balances i put them on notice i won't vote for it i cannot vote for a budget that has a plan that never balances, i mean talking about 10 years 20 years 1,000 years from now their plan never balances not what i ran on i ran on, that really the debt may well be a bigger problem than obamacare so if we give up who we are as fiscal conservatives, i think that is a real problem, so i am pushing my colleagues to say look if you need my vote why don't you put forward a budget that balances in a reasonable time. >> so "stand your ground" has got to give right. >> the president-elect has
8:26 am
talked about increasing the military, expanding military that costs money, putting infrastructure plan in place that costs money, lowering taxes that is also going to be expensive. so what are you willing to give on that for the balanced budget? >> let's it is interesting when you look at budget, two-thirds of our spending is entitlements medicare medicaid food stamps, et cetera, a third is military nonmilitary that is called discongregati disdiscretionary spend stgs you get rid -- and still don't balance it i am concerned administration saying entitlements off limits the problem is, if you are not willing to reform entitlements, the whole system is going bankrupt it will all be short of money there will by no money, for those who are social security or medicare if we do not fix them sooner the better, a demographic problem not now of yung people
8:27 am
too many retired people we have to fix that adjusting age of eligibility vary other things. >> you make a good point that takes courage so we will see if they can really and you guys can tactical tackle entitlements we are having your father on in a few minutes what do you want to hear from your dad. >> let's see, why don't you ask him whether john bolton would be good in the state department, i bet has an opinion on that. >> okay we will do that, senator good to see you thanks so much. >> thank you. >> senator rand paul, we will be right back. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com. >>. . . maria: good wednesday morning thanks for being with a us i am maria bartiromo it is wednesday, december 14 your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, right now, ceos take trump tower uber travis eli musk, among names added to the president strategic policy forum announcement ahead of meeting with top technology leaders, silicon valley takes new york wall street eyeing fed central bank likely to raise interest rates veal first economic projections since the election this afternoon markets ahead of big decision on dow 20,000 watch as you see futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages today after it has been record after record after record for this market no surprise that we
8:31 am
will see bit avenue pullback ahead have had fed peanut butter scandaling conagra with a fine after peter pan peanut butter made people sick over a decade ago winter has come for "game of thrones" ending reign as most pirated show president-elect donald trump puts christmas in the holiday season. >> we are going to say merry christmas again. [cheers and applause] >> merry christmas mere chas, happy new year but merry christmas. >> our christmas celebration ugly turn we looking at best ugly christmas sweaters to impress your boss your holiday party we will also reveal the "mornings with maria" ugly christmas sweater first breaking news we have retail sales up 1/106 a percent big mess expecting retail sales up
8:32 am
3/10 just up 1/106 a percent shows weak environment from retail side ppi worse than expected expecting up through we were expecting up, 4/106 a percent the number is up 4/106 a percent expecting up 1/106 a percent on inflation as well as on retail we got worse than expected numbers this morning, interesting to see retail just squeak out a gain, that is a lot worse than expected. technology executives meanwhile, meeting with president-elect donald trump pay in new york coming on heels of his meeting with bill gates and kanye west yesterday blake burman in washington, d.c.. >> hi good morning to you as well tim jack jeff bezos elon musk some involved in this power play powwow with president-elect later today, sheryl sand beryl among tech titans gathering at trump to our this afternoon silicon valley you know very well some
8:33 am
least friendliest territory for you then candidate trump but a transition aide tells me mr. trump wants to talk with this group about innovation, here is how the president-elect -- meeting. >> -- how to grow jobs we're going to talk about how they can stay on top we're going to talk about a lot of great things but the real giants are coming up tomorrow so it is going to be great. >> i i think you heard some ahead of the discussion bill gates one-on-one time with president-elect microsoft founder it will go reporters they spoke about power of innovation sitting seamlessly naturally in all of this yesterday was kanye west you see there in a sweatshirt surrounded by to encourage walked into trump o tower wet with person will carry label most powerful in the world kanye saying he was there for
8:34 am
the picture, of course,, back to you. >> pointing out "new york post." >> can this year get crazier there it is this is it is wired, he did -- see you man it is great i think they are going to be talking about real issues such as what is happening in the inner cities chicago has not been addressed by current administration hopefully going to be addressed by the new administration. >> a master of getting attention, i mean you know that camera is on like what can i do that is unexpected bring in kanye west. >> didn't he say he didn't vote kanye west. >> but said if he was if he were to vote he would have voted for donald trump ray lewis met with him as well as cleveland browns legend jim brown so sports star so not just kanye west i don't want that to get lost amongst the story here you have other well respected people from their kanye west -- of course, he
8:35 am
is. >> the russians hacked kanye west. >> he ties to vladimir putin. >> day will joining us right now former texas congressman former republican presidential candidate nice of you to join us. >> nice to be with you. >> eager to talk with you on fed day federal reserve expected to raise interest rates as president-elect policies are expected to trigger economic growth what is your take on the federal reserve coming out today saying they will in fact raise interest rates? >> well, everybody expects it so won't be news big news could be if they didn't do it that would be a shocker you know, my position on central economic planning i don't like it i don't like it when one person can do it as chairman of federal reserve everybody hangs on it because they have to, but yes they are going to raise interest rates may do it once or twice later on i think big news what report you just gave, you said sales were down prices are up.
8:36 am
that is what is coming, already exists, people are so unhappy why demanding increases in minimum wage and that is why people have two jobs, this is a story, everybody forgot about the 1970s we're moving into that era i think we are going to see a lot more price inflation i think you are going to see weak economy i think totally out of control the fed, central economic sales if you look what happened since the beginning of this century we've had, you know, the nasdaq housing bubble we've had failure of just printing tons of money didn't work now spending money, they don't even will heared talk about the debt. >> right. >> -- >> a good point the retail sales number way weaker than expected we are anning up 3/10 of a percent it is up 1/10 of a percent inflation risen up 4/10 of a percent on producer prize incomes does that change with new fiscal policy coming from president trump once in office, lower taxes, spending
8:37 am
on infrastructure, rollback of regulation does that even things out? >> no i think it will make it worse. because the government spending -- you don't have the market determining what is happening, so, yes, the money that they created since '08, '09 is sitting around now going to start moving in -- going to pick up out of control i mean can you imagine you know maybe price concrete skyrocket new roads, bridges copper likely to go up i think prices are going to go up money so bent according to political reasons, and not because of business decisions, so we want government out of it we want people to save money create capital the capital cannot come from the federal reserve, working with computer, that is the fallacy that is why zero rates of interest didn't work weren't
8:38 am
about realistic you want to get out of way let the market work we do not work, on a free market principle we do not have sound money, it is all manipulated and we have one person making these decisions, and i -- i think it is way too much power for the chairman of federal reserve board to have so much pour i think people are starting to realize this you know, i started talking about this people what is this thing about federal reserve, but just think in the last six, eight pizza people say they kept interest rates too low too long they did, didn't go good job getting out of recession now fed is thrown up hands talk to congress, the feds will accommodate they will put the money, print money when gebt goes up because there will be a limit how much interest rates will be allowed to go up just think of the consequencech rising interest rates on the cost of our debt. plnz, billions of dollars if
8:39 am
interest rates to government go up 1% big time increase in the deficit because we are paying -- >> congressman you bring up great points especially because fed does have four trillion dollars on balance sheet undertook unprecedented monetary actions no i starting to see new regime come in president-elect trump going to no more inmate at least two to be fed governors chairperson leaving probably end of 2017, so is there a little confidence that you are having on new administration to rein in fed have government pull back a lot of government waste given the fact having businesspeople come in that have talked about having smaller depths smaller government? >> i do have a little bit i don't have hope for the federal reserve because they are incable of dog something that they don't know how to do they don't know what interest rates should be, but if you say they are there for the purpose of reining in fed very good i have a lot more hope in the area not fiscal policy
8:40 am
that is a big negative, but the idea of loweng taxes, is great. but if you lower taxes, not touch spending this administration plans to massively increase infrastructure spending for some reason think we even though we spend as much as he seven other countries for our military, they want to increase it we have to rebuild have a strong military, well, you know, that is just more -- the other at a they mentioned about cutting -- and trump about correctly says maybe we ought to cut f-35 worthless airplane, billions -- in trillions of dollars built in 45 states what for jobs key key kneesan. >> saying up to government to create jobs, up to market to
8:41 am
create jobs, up to government to give us a free market, low taxes less regulation some of that trump is advocating, and along with maria's prediction, we've got a fantastic time i think we have to give maria a lot of credit for the stock market thing because she called it in, middle of the night. >> thank you, that is i saw you in greenroom that night when market 800 points election night i couldn't ins why people were upset given economic plan lower taxes rollback of regulations that is a beautiful thing for earnings, i want -- >> very good, good job. >> liberty reports getting 60,000 followers great congratulations on that. >> well thank you very much, we have fun doing it, and people are watching. >> they sure are you are resonating thank you for your time we pressure it
8:42 am
congressman joining us there stuart varney weighing in on war on christmas happy holidays. >> welcome new comeers, [laughter] >> the tradition begins with the airing -- i got a lot of problems with you people. now, you are going to hear about it, you -- my son tells me your company stinks. >> it is more than a fashion statement it is a condition for the rest of us big business behind ugly christmas asserts we reveal "mornings with maria" oil sweater coming up you have got a good one back in a minute. ♪ ♪
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repeal. . . maria: welcome back 45 minutes away from opening will
8:46 am
be for wednesday, look at this market pulling back a bit, after we got retail sales much weaker than expected up 1/10 of a percent, ppi worse than coupled up 4/10 a judge is hitting conagra with 11. -million-dollar penalty in decade old peanut butter scandal hundreds of americans sickened by peter pan peanut butter she said to say contaminated with salmonella, conrag down half a percent yesterday on the find amazon car throw the grand tour dethrone "game of thrones" most powerful online illegal downloadeded nearly 8 million times amazon shares look higher you see in premarket, which companies will say merry christmas which won't say merry christmas american family association issued annual naughty or nice list
8:47 am
highlighting not christmas friendly best buy barnes & noble victoria's secret on top of the naughty list host of "varney & company" stuart vairn has issue, issue? modestiny. >> no -- moi? >> i like to put a buck into situational army kettle i do kit regularly the other day i put in dollar young man attending said merry christmas, i said are you kidding me? every other year that i have done this, they don't salvation even salvation army does not say merry christmas this year they did, last night president-elect says hey nothing wrong with merry christmas, say it. and i think that is great, i really -- i don't see what is wrong with sharing one's joy at the christmas season i don't see what is wrong with that i don't think i am insensitive to nonchristians not insulting anybody just being me merry christmas everybody, what is wrong with
8:48 am
with that? >> there is nothing wrong with it we were laughing earlier stu you saw donald trump in by last night he had all those trees christmas trees behind him on the podium there was with a big merry christmas usa we were celebrating that we can say merry christmas what the heck happened we were supposed to feel sorry bad about saying mere chas to each other how the heck did that happen. >> i don't know i think left made us feel guilty about being insensitive to other people i hope to it changed one of the things maybe donald trump will change a new mood in this country i love it but after your list, as stores don't allow steal people to say merry christmas. , too bad, you know i don't do much shopping in stores anyway. >> best buy victoria's secret, they won't they don't want to say merry christmas?
8:49 am
>> pathetic that is what i hear bill o'reilly had big thing last night called out a bunch of stores i can't remember which ones a long list of them, where you can't say merry christmas. >> ridiculous. >> you know in the store, a sale. >> yeah. >> that is true. >> you know, on the side to merry christmas, i kind of am disappointed to find retail sales only what up .1. >> 1/so i -- 1/10 i thought would be better than that new mood of merry christmas, get out there and buy something, i thought that was in the stores apparently not. >> terrible number new talking point on left is that president-elect trump is ininheriting a great economy there you go, with 1/10 of a percent toing to see you in a while. >> you will.
8:50 am
>> i will be with you 9:30 "varney & company" cabins 9:00 a.m. stuart top of the hour "mornings with maria" see you in 10 minutes ugly christmas smartest a force to be rockoned with. ♪ ♪ . . we're home. >> the big business bund the traditional faux pas don't miss official "mornings with maria" ugly christmas sweater we're back in two minutes. stay at with us. >> jingle bells jingle bells ♪ ♪ ♪
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. maria: mark cameras national ugly christmas sweater day this coming friday to make pretty unify penny over 5 million dollars thanks to really ugly sweaters the cofounders of ugly christmas brothers good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks fostering us. >> -- the whole team has on the ugly christmas sweaters right now, here we are. >> what made you go into this business? >> um we started off selling halloween costumes going with trends got into selling ugly christmas sweaters. >> i mean a hit do people actually go out and want a christmas sweater that is ugly? >> yeah, definitely. well it started off with people wearing their grandma's old sweaters turned into us creating funny and crazy
8:55 am
sweaters for people to wear at ugly christmas sweater parties. >> i am looking at kevin kelly here cool a raindeer in the front and back in temples ugly christmas sweaters? 3-d, moz reindeer actually favorite sweat -- -- i got a battery. what -- >> it lights up you can't see with lights, but it is i have a fire in my belly. [laughter]. >> it is a seasonal item but for some reason we like ugly sweaters cozy, you feel like christmas you can -- i am not really happy about wearing a cheese sweater because the dallas cowboys version of this thing? >> you sure can. >> we like ugly sweaters so
8:56 am
much dressup during holidays wear clothes that are uncomfortable. >> this is about about comfortable. >> i mean. >> also reflection of personality in the front in the back. >> -- sweaters -- makes us look great again. >> that is that is a good one we could show this one here, make christmas great obviously this is a seasonal item, mark, and fred what do you do for the rest of the year? >> so we have also another called store online we sell tv show apparel with that, we kind of got into lincensing, the one i am wearing "star wars" sweater. we went from there all season
8:57 am
we sell tv show movie theme shirts costumes hats. >> what are most popular is it "star wars" make christmas great again with mr. trump on -- >> donald trump definitely been superpopular. and, obviously, people think hilarious also a lot of christmas story movies the classics natural influence christmas vacation christmas story home alone really popular. >> awesome what are prices of these? they range from 29.99 to 59.99 depending on if light up. >> all right, fred mark, thanks so much, merry christmas. >> great. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! xerox healthcare services... ...soon to be conduent. that's it. how was your commute?
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and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you. >> thanks for being here, everybody! we love our christmas sweaters. stuart, we're going to bring you a present at 9:30. an ugly christmas sweater for you, stuart varney. stuart: are you done? oh, no, no, thank you very much indeed. christmas must around the corner, i can tell. thank you ladies and gentlemen, i appreciate that. good morning, everyone and welcome to your own front row seat. you are watching history unfold and we're very glad you've chosen to watch it right here. stocks at historic highs. you may see 20,000 on the dow today. it's less than 90 points away. the tide of optimism that arrived with donald trump's


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