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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 23, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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and you gentlemen played a big role in that. >> amen. lou: thank you both so much. good to see you. >> merry christmas. lou: merry christmas. that's it for us. merry christmas to you from new york and we'll see you in the new year. kennedy: a new poll shows hillary clinton has huge support from coast to coast. even democrats want her to disappear. will president-elect trump usher in a new living march or are this policies setting us up for a sugar crash. we have a list of the worst violators of the year. it's that time of year when people start compiling boring lists of momentous achievements. gq magazine has been kinds
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enough to assemble a list of the least influential people of 2016. i added some losers to their list. on it, anthony weiner was once a democratic party star. but now's a one-man freak show. wiener stiffed hillary when the f.b.i. decided to probe the computer. chris christie was never destined for the white house, but he learned how to stare ominously at the back of president-elect's head. he would have been a terrifying candidate or a.g. the entire state of california couldn't deliver hillary the goods. it got no thump by the electoral
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college, and jerry brown and nancy pelosi and the dork dumpster couldn't grease hill over the hump. celebrities in so cal are also i am potent. they all came up flat. and two monsters were created as amy shierm and lena dunham made gaffe after gaffe when they used to make us laugh. they couldn't muster any enthusiasm in the middle of the country. they think by virtue of their past success people will automatically agree with their superficial leftiness. but they lost all awareness. tim kaine will not even be a footnote in presidential history. he will be an annoying
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forgettable wart. i pin my hopes on this porcupine. gary johnson was supposed to influence the race with sanity, reason and choice as major parties lost their mind and nominated candidates that were less likeable than ebola. i don't care if you are under the influence. i'm glad you are here. i'm kennedy. "gq" list of the most uninfluential people including hillary clinton.
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guy benson is here. gillian turner also here. she returns from her white house security staffer. good evening. the left took a lot of heat on this "gq" list who were least influential. tim kaine was on the list. anthony weananthony weiner was . >> they thought they were important. but i don't think there is a left. the real left, the ones who probably should have won this election and the primary, they were dismissed. >> publicists putting them in magazines and at parties with other rich people. i think the american people lost this election and they are the
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ones who are least influential because it was designed by these losers. kennedy: you pointed at guy benson. kennedy: guy does so many winning i'm almost sick of it. who do you put on your list of least influential. >> i had to give an honorable mention to bill weld. basically endorsing hillary clinton but not really. anyway, you tangled with him. i any the "new york times" editorial board has to be on the list. they went as far as they possibly could to destroy donald trump and failed. they also went out of their way and endorsed in a bunch. senate races not in the new york area. missouri and florida and almost he single person they endorsed lost. appreciate that. marco rubio is like, this is not going to work for you guys.
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i would have to say these super serial celebrities who looked into the camera with a white background and repeated the same slogans to be taken i guess seriously by the american people and the electoral college later on. no impact whatsoever. if anything they took perhaps electoral votes away from hillary clinton. kennedy: you say the "new york times" going after marco rubio was a sort of endorsement. i would say the same thing about the celebrities you just point out. >> number one for me is someone on the list which is david cameron. i could not agree more with what "gq" had to say. he was up until, you know, earlier this year he was considered a world leader. he was one of the most powerful people on the planet. and as gq said never has anyone
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pleased himself allowing this vote to happen. kennedy: nobody is going to vote for it. >> the e.u. is facing this momentous identity crisis because of his oversight. kennedy: it didn't happen that he had barack obama over for the big press conference. i don't want to meddle in your election, but don't vote for the brexit. >> you have a' more refined british accent than that. kennedy: hillary clinton's irrelevance is backed up by "gq" and the polls. a poll from suffolk university
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shows 77% don't want her to run again. why would you want hillary clinton to run again? who would run -- who would think that's a good idea. >> her donors probably. kennedy: her donors are so mad at her. >> they don't want to give up because they lost a lot of money raising money for her. it's like me at a casino asking for a mulligan. >> that's exactly the case. i'm concerned we are taking these polls. why is "usa today" and these pollsters spending this money on something that's never going to happen? the base of the democratic party is sitting there with pitchfork ready to go after these guys for sending us in this direction. hillary clinton and the dnc thought that donald trump -- propping up donald trump would win the election.
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here we are a billion dollars later. kennedy: she is the youngest of the golden girls. >> she is fresh, she is spry, she is inspiring. third time is a charm. and all these majority of democrats oppose to her running again, wow, sexist. how dare you suggest that. she is invincible next time. kennedy: against whom. >> everyone. she is so relatable and warm and likeable and truthful. >> my brother called her america's grandmother. she'll have a 99% nationwide approval rating. people will love her. kennedy: she has to go away for so long. she has to be buried under
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grawnd ground for 7 years. >> that's harsh. >> you want to bury her alive. kennedy: i don't want to bury her alive. the undead are not alive. i wouldn't be doing the burying, i would hire someone to do it. i learned from the best of the worst. i want to thank my panel. now to the political and legal disaster brewing in north carolina. the tarheel state last night lawmakers failed to repeal the so-called bathroom law despite countless boycotts and lawsuits that cost the state millions in tourism and business dollars. the repeal was widely expected. the state's governor-elect said the failure to find a solution was shameful. >> today the legislature had a chance to do the right thing for north carolina. and they failed.
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i'm disappointed that republican legislative leaders failed to live up to their promise to fully repeal house bill 2. kennedy: good job, jerks. the law forbids transgender people from using the bathroom their choice. and the repeal sets up more showdowns in the statehouse as well as in court. joining me now is former miami-dade court judge, alex ferrer. welcome back, judge. what happened in north carolina? >> everything they didn't want to happen. there was a big four repeal this bill. it cost north carolina a fortune. ncaa has moved all championships out of north carolina. bruce springsteen canceled concerts. charlotte repeals the ordinance
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that originally started it. charlotte repealed part of the bill, and the house saw that as an affront that they were trying to pull something. charlotte tried to repeal the rest of it. the house created a moratorium so they couldn't reimpose it for a period of time. there was a lot of finger pointing and accusations, even the incoming governor was actually behind the scenes telling democrats not to repeal the bill. kennedy: what does roy cooper get out of telling them to not repeal it? especially since he lost in such a close race. and it took pat mccrory weeks to concede the now governor of north carolina. he lost and he was the one that you could say was the political sacrificial lamb. you would think it legislature seeing all the money and
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businesses leaving north carolina -- >> it's unbelievable how much this is costing them. the federal government is still suing them and that will continue. so i guess it's back to status o. businesses like paypal was going to expand there. they are no longer expanding there. kennedy: i found this to be really silly. who cares. i had a conversation with sean haad running for senate as a libertarian. but he made a good point that north carolinaans have known how to use the bathroom all by themselves without government interference for decade, centuries in fact and they were fine and they didn't need this law to begin with. >> this started during the past year, and it was popping up everywhere, and it divided people. people were furious, men are going to go into the women's room and they will claim protection because they identify as a woman.
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my experience as a police officer and as a judge, if some pervert wants to go into the women's ream's going to go in there. kennedy: if you are talking about a pervert dead set on harming children this law isn't going to stop it. >> they convened a special social repeal this bill. they put in nine hours of negotiating trying to get this resolved. and finally at the end of it all they voted the repeal down. kennedy: too many side deals. now where do they go? >> they continue licking their wound right now. it will continue to cost them money. i'm sure at some point they will get together and in advance draw up the bill and have it when they come in to vote on it, it will be repealed.
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>> a lava is the worst salve, but you are a great jurist. thank you for being here. thanks again. coming up, the party panel returned. remember how donald trump's doctor said he was the fittest presidential candidate all times? why does the good doctor now why does the good doctor now seems a little less
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you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. kennedy: vladimir putin said we can say with certainty that we are strong than any oh pension aggressor, anyone. american defense spending dwarfs any other nation's defense spending. a new anti-satellite weapon has been detected. is putin doing some chest thumping? let me ask buck sexton. let's ask about putin. what makes russia so strong.
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>> not only the i.s. but even some chain -- not only the u.s., but china would have trouble with this statement. but he probably means of any country that would actually try to come after russia. if he's talking about fighting in ukraine or a non-nato country, they do have an edge. >> note to the rest of the world. if you never want to worry about regime instability, good to have some nukes. you don't want to give them up. kennedy: unless it's someone we hate. >> it's hard to do the whole toppling get rid of the dictator thing when they can destroy a city with a push of a button. kennedy: russia, they are not
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going to outspend the u.s. or china. what strategy can they employ to make themselves feel stronger? >> putin has given us a fantastic template of what his plans are based on the last 8 years of the obama administration where he has been outmaneuvering a more powerful group against it with nato base has decisive action on his side. kennedy: dose know no one will come at him? >> he knows he has consolidated power in russia. his critics have a mysterious way of turning up dead. when you look at polls, his numbers are so high, any u.s. politician would think it was thbest period of his career ever. but he pursues russian nationalist tints, particularly in ukraine and crimea.
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he does so without apology and deflois well-honed former soviet kgb. it's warfare that's concealed. that's where you get these men that speak russian and look like they can be russian special forces. they show up in you a crane. and they say we don't know what you are talking about it's not just a thing that happened. disinformation is not just something that happened in the context of the election or not depending on who you ask. the russians hacked. but i don't think it made any difference. but the russians have been hacking stuff for a long time. so have the chinese. much more sensitive than anything that happened in the election. kennedy: is the u.s. together same sning. >> i can neither confirm nor deny. but back into what russia has
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been doing. they purchase sue the interests, they do it without apology and that gives them a strategic advantage. what we have seen in syria. russians have been the difference maker in that conflict. assad will stay in power because of russian ais answer. the u.s. could have done this with syrian remembered on the -- on the other side of the table. could it have its own problems? yes. kennedy: with the amount of money we have invested. >> i think the final tally was $500 million for five. but that was a poorly planned and executed program. kennedy: russia is doing stuff that used to be in secret. but they have the advantage in syria.
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we are not allies with russia. where do we go from here. >> putin decides what the initiative is. where do we go from here? i think one of the great ironies, people have always assumed that they want -- that hillary was a sort of more difficult choice for putin to deal with. and trump is so buddy buddy with him. trump is like the guy walking around the bar for a few drinks. i don't think this is what people think it is. kennedy: maybe he's the guy who hugs you at bar and punches you in the face. >> the bluster is not going to be met with meek, lipmatic overtures. kennedy: so glad to have you. so much to talk about as the world falls apart. coming up. does donald trump and his
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presidency mean an ends to modesty in america? we'll talk to jonathan hoenig next. star achoo! star (snap) achoo! (snap) hoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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kennedy: gordon gecko famously said "greed is good." that's the same year the stock
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market crashed. but will the trump era usher in large living. we used to be more into modest thinking. now people are thinking you have to live big league. is this a sustainable financial philosophy or are we setting ourselves up for a crash? jonathon hoenig, welcome back. did you send me a copy of "atlas shrugged in arabic"? >> hebrew, actually. >> thank you. i would disagree with robber schiller. i don't know what he means by living large. does that mean being bankrupt three times like trump's companies?
12:30 am
it's the materialism and obsession about stuff. building stuff here, owning stuff here, things with your name on it. i know a lot of wealthy people with a lot of stuff and they are very unhappy. stuff will not make you happy, you need self-esteem for that. kennedy: some stuff does make you happy. >> you have to have the right underlying philosophy behind it. for americans 's always been about owning your own life and pursuing your happiness and having a pride in that. i don't think what i see from president-elect trump echos the tradition. kennedy: you are taking issue with what schiller is saying, and saying there is an under current of leftism that is being sarcastic and poking fun at materialism. >> donald trump is kind of the poster child for what business
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and the pursuit of wealth is all about. bombastic, some would say win worshiping person. so that kind of fits into that's -- if you said evil gordon gecko stereotype and you think life is just about making money and you are willing to cheat and lie to do that, this plays into the left's hands of smearing capitalism. it's one of the reasons -- let's just say it's not showing well on free markets and individual rights in this country in my opinion. kennedy: we love free markets and love to be able to forge our own paths. and lot of the people donald trump nominated are objectivists. >> i disagree. they would like to think that. but what they subscribe to is collectivism and nationalism. trump's closest advisers have
12:32 am
talked about this being a national economy. you are not going to sacrifice yourself for the environment. you will sacrifice yourself for the country. they are going to tell you where you can buy, where you can set up shop, how you can live your life for the greater good. that's about as leftist as it comes. kennedy: maybe living large means there is a certain degree of optimism afoot. can the notion of an improving comeb economy, even if it's the perception of that, have some benefit? >> i think americanism isn't dead. people love this country. and this is still the most free and most individualistic place on earth. the american spirit isn't gone. it is just better ex pressed. a strong stock market and the innovative companies that represent america, these are recent companies, facebook, but integral parts our lives.
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that's what we want to see more of in the trump era. kennedy: i love look at vw bus on pinterest. have a beautiful holiday jonathon hoenig. kennedy: coming up, donald trump's personal physician once said donald trump would be the healthiest preside we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, save $400 on the c4 mattress, the lowest price of the year! learn more at know better sleep with sleep number.
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kennedy: how important is the health of the president of the united states? well, according to the personal physician of president-elect trump, who cares. come on. remember back in august when dr. harold born stein said donald trump would be the healthiest individual elected to the presidency. yesterday in an interview he took a different tack saying quote if something happens to him, then it happens to him. that's why we have a vice president and speaker of the house and whole line of people. they can just keep dying. is listing this morbid hierarchy
12:38 am
suppose to be comforting? or should we be strapping trump to an oxygen tank? guy, when he says they just keep dying, they can keep dying, what's he saying. >> that's correct. under the constitution eventually if enough people die, keifer sutherland will become president. he has had a lot of training doing things the president would look at other way at. but he will be an excellent president. he never went to the bathroom. kennedy: who will produce the apprentice and the celebrity. >> i'm morat. kennedy: is it in the constitution that mark burnett
12:39 am
is in line to ascend to the presidency if something happens to everyone and keifer sutherland. >> that might be the 17th article. kennedy: if he produces a show called "survive," then he would have to be the survivor. i did have my backpack searched on fifth avenue. i wanted to say i'm a mom and i'm on fox. but i didn't. i understand our president-elect has a prostate the size of a peach and it's made of solid gold. what do you have to say? >> when the doctor first gave his prognosis of donald trump, he increased his height by 2 inches so donald trump was no
12:40 am
longer obese. i would love to be 5'10". kennedy: do you think dr. bornstein is fudge can the numbers? >> he looks trustworthy. >> i would not be in an exam room alone. >> he looks like what donald trump's personal doctor ought to look like. kennedy: self-examination is an important part. he said in the same breaft these comments, he's like well aside from the fact he's overweight. >> i would be like are you kidding me? you are going to tell the entire world you think i'm overweight? >> he describes himself as a little pudgy, trump did.
12:41 am
that was in juxtaposing himself with rosie o'donnell. they are all pudgy, but she is disgusting. kennedy: thank you so much. what a great night. coming up. you will be astonished why police locked a pregnant woman in jail for a night. america's epidemic of helicopter pare
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kennedy: parents in the united states bought into the idea that our children are precious snow flakes and in a constant state of danger. if left unsupervised they might explode. they are fencing in childhood and publicly shaming parents who do nothing wrong. why are so many parents frozen with panic? because they are getting arrested. wer wit -- with me is the foundf free range kids.
12:46 am
let's talk about some of these you have cataloged. they are the most egregious example. >> a pregnant mom is running an end. she has kids 4 and 2 years old. she decides to let them wait in the car because she'll only be gone 3 to 5 minutes. anyway, so she lets them wait in the car. she comes out. there is a sheriff there and she is arrested. she is six months pregnant. she is thrown in jail overnight because she abandoned her kids. i loved the explanation the sheriff gives. if someone has abandoned their child for even a short time that's another matter. because she actually cpleted going to the store and getting
12:47 am
the thing and coming out. that's abandonment. kennedy: there is no intents there. abandonment means you are leaving your kids to fend for themselves and not coming back. that means words have no meaning. >> also there is a mania and hysteria that believes the second -- if i'm look at you you are fine. but if i go like this, you are going to disappear. any parents who runs an end. d an end. a mom d runs an errand. she can see through the class window. she could see the kids. the door is open, it's summer, they are not going to explode or overheat. i can see them. you could have seen me. i was waving aught. she was arrested, child protective services gets involved. she had to take the kids to the
12:48 am
pediatrician to make sure she wasn't abusing them. kennedy: any parents who comes across this, they realize how overbearing the state has become. >> they have all the power. last weekend a dad and mom went in to get christmas lights at a home depot. when they came out. and it took longer than expected. that happened. when they came out there was a whole commotion in the park lot. there was a fireman there, an ambulance. they had broken the window because there was a child who was unconscious in the car. they left him snoozing. he was taking a nap. kennedy: we don't allow our children town independent anymore. if a child is under 10, they are not allowed on the premises unless the parent is within sight line. >> in the library.
12:49 am
the before on, oregon library says if you are under 10, your parents must be within sight lines but if they cannot find the parent of a child 9-year-old they will take that child to the police. i was 9. i rode my bike to the library and i read. what's the library there for? kennedy: that's why we have safe spaces and nonsense in college because kids are raids and coddled. >> kids are told they are never safe. they know they are safe in the library and safe waiting in the car. but if you are told safe sprailss not safe enough, you look for safe spailss the rest of your life and expect an administrator to come save you. kennedy: thanks so much. go eat all her stuff. are holiday snowboarders being abducted by ufos?
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kennedy: when you are strands on an icy planet, come to me. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. do you know who hates christmas
12:54 am
more than the grinch, ebenezer scrooge and santa's evil twin brother? cats. it can't stand the santa cap. it will kill the hat. all that freak out and flailing around reminds me of something. >> i don't know what i said. what? topic number two. santa claus has been around for hundreds of years. reindeer have a life expectancy of about 20 years.
12:55 am
so it seems likely jolly old st. nick doesn't have the same flight companions every single year. and this season they all died at the same time. they must have gotten norovirus. how is the big guy going to get around? look at that. even santa is getting an upgrade in the 21st century it's a drone custom built able to lift a man being straight off the ground, which is great for science but even bert for kris kringle. not you ladies can travel in style vi sarks drones and take all your money and stuff. topic number three.
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next year i hope we can come together as a nation and a planet and stop squandering money on more weapons and misery and start spend it on more go-pros for dogs. watch this. look at that. you are seeing a dog's eye view of what skateboarding looks like. this little guy happily trots behind his owner. if you see skaters on the left side of the pavement skating in a pretentious manner or boiling every meal, there they are. but the dog its actually skateboarding. meanwhile, here is what happens when you try to take a cat skateboarding.
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little devil muffins. topic number 4. "the elf on the shelf"s a christmas book. north one final word for our viewers finds creepy dolls so adorable. some finds it scary like these kids. >> what's scary? look. look. kennedy: that's how edward snowden felt before he left the nsa. i continues sleep for a week until after i saw that evil jigsaw. >> tone it down a little until corporate gets off our back.
12:58 am
okay? >> all of our legs have been chained together at the ankles. kennedy: topic number five. the stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that some bourbon would soon thereby. all i found was coal and viewer mail. dave starts with excellent. you ratchet up like a tight bean burrito. jeff rights, kennedy, don't be that girl. you mean the smart, fun, well dressed girl with a sassy haircut? harry advise. kennedy stop being negative like everyone else and putting crap
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in people's heads. all right, i'll just put crap in your oatmeal. yesterday we talked about a video from mtv. when i saw your face on mtv, i thought it gone it to some of those magic mushrooms they found in nyc. i would like a box of see's dark chocolates and a four-door bentley. email go ahead and tweet me your worst christmas present.
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i'll retweet them. i love you so much. merry christmas to all. the following is a paid advertisement for time life. who are you? what are all these people doing in my living room? (laughter) (announcer) he was america's clown prince. i'll never drink any more. i'll never drink any less but i'll never drink any more. (laughter) (announcer) his heart was pure gold. if i knew you better, i'd just give you a real big kiss. -i'm george. -i'm alice. (laughter) (upbeat swinging music) ♪ (laughter) ♪ talk to each other. (raucous laughter)


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