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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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the companies, i do worry about that. david: great show, thank you very much, hope you at home join us of night 6 p.m. this week, lou dobbs is next, right here on fox business. thanks for being here with us.. >> president-elect trump is lashing you on at united nations, 4 days after security council voted to condemn israeli settle am in west bank. former u.n. ambassador john bolton is among our guests tonight, calls it president obama's parting betrayal of israel. >> a historic visit, japanese prime minister abe visiting pearl harbor memorial with president obama to pray but not apologize. who are these people? shopping malls nationwide in chaos, we'll have a full report.
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>> good evening, i am tom su sullivan in for lou dobbs. we begin with the historic meeting at pearl harbor, prime minister abe is not first prim japanese visit to visit pearl harbor but he is the first to acknowledge the past the aggression. >> a day for reflection, and reconciliation, but not for apologies. >> the prime minister of japan, i offer-- sincere and ever lasting condolences to the souls of those who lost their lives here. reporter: japanese prime minister abe acknowledging japan's role in the deadly attacks at pearl harbor, 75 years ago this month but he stopped short of apologizing,
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he struck a tone similar to that of president obama who spoke at hiroshima earlier this year. the sounds of battle have long since faded, some messages of the war remain, the security relationship that calls u.s. to assume role of protect or of japanese empire. a roll that comes a heavy cost to the american taxpayer, in terms of manpower and money, something that then candidate donald trump called unsustain able. >> i want japan and germany and saudi arabia, and south korea, and many of nato nations they owork owes, we're taking care of their people, i want them to pay up. reporter: leaders in tokyo have dealt with complicated politics of military present in okinawa. expert doubt that rhetoric
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will alter reality. >> they have common interests and values, they are threatened by a country that has challenged tokyo and washington, that is china. i think that will be an important element of the ble fly that keep -- glue that keeps the nations marching forward today. reporter: it was abe to greet mr. trump first after his election in november. president today recognized veterans of world war ii, many who were here. the greatest generation, who served so bravely that fateful day. tom. >> thank you so much kevin cork, growing fallout over a united nation regular declaring israeli settlement illegal, secretary of state john kerry to address middle
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east peace process tomorrow, his speech as israel accused the obama administration of oh, spritinorchestrating the vote. >> we have iron glad information from sources in arab world, and initially that it was a dib wit deliberate push by u.s., and they helped to create resolution in the first place. >> israel already is reducing ties with country who supported anti-israely regular that netanyahu called a shameful ambush. president-elect trump slamming the united nations over the vote, tweeting, the united nations has such great potential but right now, it just a club for people to gettinto get together, talk and have a good time be so sad. about a quarter of u.n. budget, 3 billion dollars comes from the u.s. annually. >> joining me now, former u.s. ambassador to united nations, and senior fellow john bolton.
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what is your reaction to this? that is where you hedge you hung your hat for a number of years, is it just a place to get together and talk. >> i had fun, defending american interests, probably not other people not so much fun. but, this was a clear abuse of the u.n. to disadvantage israel. obama administration's -- is a reputing a of 50 years of bipartisan american policy it steps in to try to tilt scales in favor of palestinians against israel, and rejects this 50-year-old dock rain called land for peace, that israel gives baxter torrey -- territory it won in wars that were directed against it, it gets peace in exchange. i can't think of a worse way for the obama administration to go out, it will be a significant resolution, i
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think that trump dodge will havadministration will with to work hard to mitigate o reverse the consequences this is a needless tragedy. >> i don't expect you to understand why he did this, it just seems odd, you kind of go out gracefully, this does set up with an opportunity for donald trump to come in, and make a correction, make sure that policy is between u.s. and israel. >> i think that by definition, at noon on 20th of january, relation between u.s. and israel are going to improve dram at belie, the problem with the impact in this resolution, and other things that obama may do between now and january 20, will be disadvance to israel because of regular -- resolution provision that encourages
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nations and things like eu to impose their own national sanctions again israel for economic activity on the west bank. so this harm that it resolution is going to cause will be pervasive, i think that there are thins this u.s. should do to maybe country that support it and u.n. feel the consequences cutting off financial contribution is one way. but this was you think normally presidents go out gracefully, i don't think that obama knows what that means, i remain worried, perhaps beginning with what may come with this peach that secretary of state john kerry will deliver tomorrow. perhaps in paris that will begin of all dates january 15, 5 days less than obama administration, imworried that the damage not finished yet. >> let's talk abouts u.n.
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george w. bush talking about all resolutions thats u.n. had come up against saddam hussein, he said don't become irrelevant. is the u.n. irrelevant? >> well, i think it is gridlocked in the main political entities like security council. that is why i think this vote, remember 14 to 0 with only u.s. abstaining, even our best ally britain, country lik like thesenes new je zealand voting in favor of it, where have gotten u.n. attention before is when we cut contributions or threats ened to do, that i believe that incoming trump administration has to take a stand.
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>> would you recommend to cut off the funds. >> i would recommend cuts off our assess contribution to main u.n. that is about 3 billion annually. looking at entire u.n. system. did is about 8 billion. i think it time to end the idea of mandatory contribution, i believe that all u.s. contribution across the system should be voluntary, this is as good a pi pivot point that i could think of. >> thank you. >> we're coming right back with more, stay with us. >> incoming white house press secretary they'd president-elect trump will continue to tweet to america during his presidency. >> he has a direct pipeline to the american people, he can talk back and forth. >> doug shown and lee carter
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tom: president obama claims he could have won a third term if he were allowed to run. he argued this americans still subscribe to his vision of progressive change. >> i am confidt in this vision because i'm confident that if i had run again and ar tib lated it -- articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of american people to rally behind it. tom: interest he always talks about, if i could just ar tib latarticulate it. voter wanted to make america great again. trump writing, president obama said that he thinks he would have won against me, he should
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say that, but i say no way. jobs leaving, isis, et cetera. joining me now, doug schoan and lee carter. what do you think about his thinking he would have won a third term. >> we'll never know. but election results were a reputing a of his policieses to a large extent. a majority wanted to go in a different direction, they did. he hill sel himself said that hillary would provide a third term for the administration, and the electoral rejected that notion. i am not sure that the president of the united states is correct. tom: it sounds like he would
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like a third term. >> i think he would. i think that big story here is not so much that he thinks he could beat donald trump, what he is doing on hillary clinton, this is such a slap in the face to her, he said she is the most qualify candidate testifier run in history of the world, she is right candidate, right time, it makes it seem like it was not genuine, he thought he could do it better, if he thought he could, i don't know why he did not advise her. did he really not want her to win? i can't help but wonder what this is really all about. tom: doug, you know he used that phrase many times about you know i didn't explain it well enough, i didn't explain obamacare well enough or whatever it might be, so she back to that, if i can articulate it. but at same time, he said hillary would be a third term, bill clinton said, hillary would be a change agent, their
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messaging, your game was all messed up. >> you are right. i still don't know what hillary's core message was other than stronger together. donald trump had clear messages, he had clear policies. the clinton campaign, as you point out, at one level it was doing same thing as obama exp obama and another level, different things. other than progressive policies, i did not have a sense as to what would be her priorities, the result was, while winning a popular vote victory, secretary of state, lost a convincing electoral college mandate for donald trump. tom: this hole thing about the campaign, looking back, and analyzing it, on one part you look, you go, he is still popular, "fox news poll" still shows better than fi 50%
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number, which is high for an out going president. but dems lost 1042 state and federal democratic posts during his tenure. did he become popular but ruin the democratic party? >> i think what interesting, you ask most people if they feel they are better off today an beginng of obama po presidency, most say no. there are certain areas like silicon valley, and places in california, where people say yes. the rest of the nation is hurting, they say, you might say you had economic growth, and all of this great things that you keep saying but that is not my truth, i want a good paying job, i want hope for the future, we have seen ever since donald trump has been elected there has been a shift in optimism, most recent poll, 55% of americans, are more optimistic about what is going to be next year than this
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year, that is a big shift. while the president, currently has a good approval rating, i think a lot of people saying, i am hurting and i want to do better. tom: doug schoan, he has to get going on delivering goods, he has don't carier, and -- done the carrier, and talked to boeing and lockheed, but when does he start to deliver jobs. >> he has to deliver a direct that would create jobs within the first 100 day or sooner. i think he will begin with a infrastructure plan hopefully one that gets bipartisan support. he is going to do tax reform, both corporate and individual. and he will do a tough immigration plan including but not limited to building a wall. maybe part of it will be a
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fence, but he has to do that and make it clear that along with repealing obamacare, is his cora,genda. tom:ia and so, time is of essence, that is probably why we're watching him working hard right now. so, listen, doug schoan, lee carter thank you so much. >> thank you. tom: be sure to vote in tonighty poll, should the u.s. cut off three billion dollars we give every year to united nations after it voted to censure israel? cast your vote on twitter. and follow lou on twitter, or instagram or facebook. >> fans mourn the the death of of actress carrie fisher. she was princess leia, fisher suffer a massive heart attack
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friday ona flight from london to los angeles. carrie fisher was 60 years old. >> on wall street, stocks ending higher today, do you increasing 11. -- dow increasing 11, s&p up 5, nasdaq up 25. a new record, volume, where is everybody? light. >> another sign of post election confidence in president-elect consumer confidence climbing to the highest level we've seen since way back in 2001. >> and listen to lou's thin financial reportsly times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> where did the christmas spirit go? fights breaking out in malls, i heard of boxing day but what is behind the chaos? we'll have a fill report for you coming up next. . rowe price,
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tom: malls across country are increasing security after violence erupts in 12 states over weekend. disturbances included gunfire, massive brawls, and food court fights, police say it may not have been spontaneous. rob schmidt has our report. >> it was mayhem the day after christmas. at fists flew in a mall in fort worth, texas, calls of gunfire. were called in but they found fights instead, malls likely this yesterday, there appears to be no connection, this video record near cleveland, ohio, shows more of same, teens meeting at local mall, a fight erupts, pushing, shoving, jumping, running.
7:27 pm
>> i seen a girl ge over it was scary. reporter: a chair crashing down sounds like gunfire that put everyone in a panic. >> a small fight erupted, someone shouted shots. >> people screaming shots fired in the mall at new york long island as well. and aurora, illinois, it was evacuated. >> two of these fights may have been coordinated on-line, this one in aurora, colorado, after 500 teens met at food court, a police officer said he was surrounded by an unruley crowd. there were 5 arrests, no
7:28 pm
customers or officers were hurt. after receives reports of possible flash mobs, police responded to two different malls in memphis, tennessee. tom. tom: all right rob smiet than schmidt thank you, violence in chicago, tribune reports 61 people were shot beginning friday afternoon, 12 others died from their wounds bringing total of murders to 770 in chicago. a 50% increase from 4. >> homicide last year. ing whicchicago has some of the strictist gun laws in the nation. >> this is the sickening reality, shows again. that our penalties for carrying and using guns here in chicago, are just not
7:29 pm
enough of a deterrent for gun oracle fenners -- offenders. gave chicago gun sentences tools again repeat gun offenders to change the narrative. tom: police are blaming most of violents on gang conflicts but whatever they are doing, it is getting worse. we're coming right back with more. stay with us. president-elect trump slams the biased media for its failure to report on his charity's generous work, raising millions, why can't the media call is straight? >> this deer about to go for a ride. with a dark twist. the video of his ride next. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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tom: president-elect trump defending his foundation and twitder last night and blasting the media, saying ... then he added the djt foundation, unlike most foundation, never fade
7:34 pm
fees, rent, salaries or any expees. 100% of money goes to wonderful charities. he says he will shut down the charity to avoid conflicts of interests. but eric snyder said the foundation cannot legally dissolve until the investigation into whether donald trump benefited is resolved. rachael, let's start with you, eric schneiderman says no you can't shut it down. this is obviously a line of attack, schneiderman who is a hyper partisan democrat. >> it smells of partisanship. but if there is criminal activity it should be investigated. but donald trump is right to close this down. he needs to concentrate on the presidency.
7:35 pm
at this point in our nation's history the best charity donald trump can do is to bring back jobs and get this economy started. i hope it gets resolved so we can close it down and concentrate on what the american people hired him to do. tom: i have a feeling schneiderman is not going to let this go as long as he can keep a punching bag going. it gives him something to do and keeps his name in the press. he sends out emails every day to the media about how wonderful he is. >> this is the kinds of political gamemanship donald trump ran against. this is the old thing, heads i win, tails you lose. if trump kiements open web has conflicts of interest. if he tries to close it, he's trying to cut off an investigation. but we have to put an to end
7:36 pm
that if we want to start to solve problems. tom: i ar -- all he has to do iy out of business, not accepting any more donations, not giving any donations. let the accountants and lawyers do the paperwork. >> donald trump has dealt with many lawsuits. he knows how to handle this kinds of stuff. he's smart to try to shut it down. he has a big job in front of him. this guy looks like -- it looks like partisanship, and i think it will get ex posed as being that the more he pounds it out, as long as no money is coming until, it looks like they are investigating an empty shell. tom: i think schneiderman wants
7:37 pm
to run for governor or something. let's go on to the business at pearl harbor between president obama and the prime minister of japan. randy, what's your take on that? >> i thought it was an important step. i thought it was great any time we are honoring troops who served our country. i thought it was great for the japanese prime minister 20 to come over and establish close ties. but what worried me the most is what president obama has been saying, which is literally. he's showing what happens when you are on the losing side. it's one thing to judge somebody when you are winning. it's another to look at them when they lose. he's been a sore loser. tom: i don't know why, everybody is praising the fact that the prime minister of japan was there.
7:38 pm
it just bothers me, i don't know why. does it you? >> it didn't bother me. i took this as a great opportunity for me to revisit with with my own kids. i have 8 children. many of our veterans from that war are dead or dying. this is an interesting moment in history for us to be able to revisit that with our children, teach them those lessons for that important work. and again i didn't take anything from that. tom: i think i'm only one walking around grumbling about it. we have run out of time. third term for president obama. would he have been able to do it? >> the kansas city royals have stopped the chicago cubs? no. it just shows how out of touch he is with the political realities of the day. he doesn't understand his policies have been repudiated by
7:39 pm
the american people. until he accepts that he will be delusional thinking i could have won. it's all about me. if i could have been on the ballot, we would have won a third term. it's just not true. tom: if he only could have articulated it better. that was his reason. thank you both have much. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. should the u.s. cut off the 3 billion we give every year to the united nations, especially after it voted to censure israel. watch as this skier skis the french alps in complete
7:40 pm
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tom: president obama believes the american people would have rallied behind his message if he had been able to seek a third term against donald trump. but over the past 8 years american voter has been rejecting president obama. under president obama the democratic party lost 63 house seats and 10 senate seats. republicans have gained over 900 seats and state legislatures, nationwide along with 12 governorships, making 2/3 of the nation's governors republican. joining me now, a national
7:45 pm
spokesman for racial equality. nigel, you are already laughing. this is shocking about how decimated the democrats have become. i blamed it on hillary clinton wasn't a good candidate. but it's obviously deeper when you start looking at these numbers nationwide. >> it's not just the federal level it's the state level. the number of legislative seats that have gone republican and the number of governorships. 33, to be exact. it's been a real wipeout for the democratic party. it's in weaker shape now than it has been since the great depression in the 1920s. >> is it -- remember a lot of people forget that barack obama when he was a senator, a lot of people said this is probably the most liberal guy running for you office in a long long time. he's not just a little bit left,
7:46 pm
he's way left. is it his fault the democrats have been so decimated? his message? >> it's a strange phenomenon because he's been able to elect himself in 2008 given the image and projection he was middle of the road. then in 2012 by demonizing mitt romney he was able to get himself re-elected which was pretty miraculous. the republican sweep that has taken place the last 8 years is a reflection of a rejection of the american people of these far left policies. a centerpiece of legislation for his domestic agenda which is obamacare is in danger of being largely overturned. it's more than likely going to be dramatically changed in a trump administration with a republican congress. >> things don't look uphill for a democrat.
7:47 pm
if you look at two years from now. one-third of the senate up for election, and a heavy majority are democrat seats that have to be defended. >> they are states where donald trump won or did extremely well. the worst aspect of the post obama years is the fact that the democrat party is not doing what is needed which is its ownself-autopsy. an examination of the policies they are making that are not triking a chord with the american people to bring in a younger more vibrant bench. if you look at the leadership of the party and the house of representatives. adding up of the ages of all those in the house of representatives leadership, over 232 years, that is not a reflection of a party doing a real self-examination in
7:48 pm
deciding to become more of a center left party as opposed to far left party. >> the center left is where bill clinton tried to sit and was successful doing that. did you hear what harry reid said? he said if you look at the leadership, it looks like an old folks home. >> that might be the one thing i agree with with my outgoing senator, harry reid. tom: what you talk about is the fact that they had a chance at getting a young guy, a congressman from ohio running against nancy pelosi, a 40-year-old guy. he was young enough to be the sons of some of those leaders out there. but the democrats in the house rejected him overwhelmingly. >> it wasn't just his age. the congressman from ohio also represented a rust belt region of the country.
7:49 pm
he represented working class americans, whites in particular, but working class americans across the board that the democrat party failed to attract in this election cycle. he would have been a refreshing change. there are a number of more centrist oriented democrats that are out there, but they are not coming into leadership and they are not being recognized by leadership. as we close the segment. one of the tragedies of the obama years that is left undone is the killing fields that is taking place the last several years but has gotten particularly bad the last couple years and that's in chicago. one district in chicago, the 11th district of chicago. you have over 91 killings in 2015. that's more than most medium size cities.
7:50 pm
that rate is up 90%. that is a particular tragedy with this president that came into political office after being a community organizer. he had his man, his former chief of staff rahm emanuel as mayor for the rhine's share of his 8 years in office, yet he's leaving office -- he adopted the city of chicago, that became his oklahoma city after leaving hawa and the biggest tragedy, and i don't say this with joy, i say this as a black man who feels this is a tragedy for the american people. this killing field has not gotten better. it has gotten preci precip to uy worse. tom: up next. critics blasting the united nations after it voted to
7:51 pm
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tom: in our online poll last week we asked you, has president obama embarrassed himself by abstaining from the u.n. vote condemning israel. 91% of you said yes, he has. joining me is leslie marshall and brad blakeman. what do you make of this abstaining thing? why -- israel says they are going to show trump proof that president obama was behind this whole rest solution business. why didn't they just vote for it instead of abstaining? >> i don't think this is a big surprise at all. i think this administration and other administrations in the past have been pushing for a two-state sotion which the united states is not alone in the world with the idea that you
7:56 pm
have got to stop the settlements which is a violation of the fourth geneva convention. and in addition to that, i have lived in israel. in 1996 when i'd lived there, it was problematic then and it's worse now. this is problematic. it affects the economy. it certainly puts individuals at risk and it does not get us any closer to peace by most people believe is a two-state solution. >> the obama administration has tried to act like they are a friends of israel. the key that israel always points out is the way to a two-party state is to have negotiations. that's what they are aiming for, and this under mines their ability to negotiate. >> there is no doubt about it. friends don't take friends to the security council and allow that to happen. think about it.
7:57 pm
the administration, didn't they know swat security council was going to do? if we did, why didn't we try and stop it? this is the final insult under this administration. donald trump is going to show when he is our president that this kinds of treatment of israel has to stop. israel is our most staunch ally. if we don't stands with israel, then we lose everything this country stands for. we must stand with israel. and i think under donald trump you will see that happen. maybe one of the first things he will do is move our embassy to jerls * where it should have been -- to jerusalem where it should have been decades ago. tom: charles krauthammer says it's out of date and otherrage tifs. governor huckabee wants tomorrow
7:58 pm
moist into the river and make it a parking lot. >> i will give you two numbers. the u.n. directly has been responsible to help reduce hunger to half of wait was among impoverished nations, including millions of children. the mortality rate for children under 5 has been cut by 2/3 as a direct result of efforts by the united nations. those are two examples in which the united nations has played a role in the betterment of our planet. we don't need to make more enemies. we need to stand with israel, but we also need to stand together against terror. i think people will move to supporting organizations like hah malls if the world doesn't show, look, we are here to support peace, not just israel,
7:59 pm
and be in a sense anti-palestinian or anybody who is anti-jewish as much of the awill be world views sit. >> the 3 billion we give to them, the stories have been going for years about the corruption at the u.n. do you want to cut them off or at least threat snn. >> i do. i think it's become a country club for misfits and malcontents. that's got to stop. i behind a donald trump administration we'll see just that. the u.n. will be reduced to doing the good work leslie talks about and less of the bad work that feelsers and encourage -- that festersness behavior and incursions we have seen all over the worlds. tom: maybe go over to the u.n.
8:00 pm
let's watch your expenses here. leslie marshall, brad blakeman, good to see you. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. pete hoekstra and pastor mark burns are our guests tomorrow. kennedy: president obama says he could have beaten donald trump in the election. the president-elect says no way. trump has promised to make big-league changes when he takes office. the iconic "star wars" actress carrie fisher dead at the age of 60. a look back at how she helped shape the world's biggest movie franchise. president obama could have beaten donald trump in this last election this year in this


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