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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  December 29, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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. >> don't forget, everyone, i'm in for neil cavuto today on fox news, your world, 4:00 p.m. eastern, i hope to see you there. fox news channel. 4:00 p.m. i'm going to be interviewing the ceo of one web, greg weiler who along with sprint is bringing 8,000 jobs back to the united states. exciting stuff! liz claman down at the nyse where we're still waiting on 20k. liz: trish, you just broke this newsbout rsian diplomats being expelled. it is the talk of this floor right now here at the new york stock exchange. breaking news, president obama has punished vladimir putin as a jittery world watches and waits for more breaking developments. 35 russian diplomats expelled in washington, d.c., and san francisco. retaliation for interfering, the obama administration says, in the 2016 presidential
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election. former florida congressman lieutenant colonel alan west getting in the chair to talk about whether this move will roil the global balance right now. as the obama administration with just 22 days left is embroiled in another disturbing fight. this one with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the nation of israel, but in the last few hours, something has just changed. we've got former israeli ambassador to the united nations ron prosor live from israel on the speech bibi netanyahu just gave and why christians needs to fear the resolution president obama allowed to pass. i'm back from jordan, i'll tell you what is really going on, on the ground. both of the developing story, president-elect trump is in palm beach. we'll have reaction out of mar-a-lago as soon as it comes. the president-elect causing a stir in the last 24 hours after suggesting privatizing
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the multibillion dollar veteran affairs hospital system paid for by you, the taxpayer. we're about to take the pulse of one soldier. three tours of duty in iraq. he was nearly killed by improvised explosive device in iraq. we've got an exclusive interview with sergeant anthony cala why trump might be onto something. the dow is set to hit 20,000. the dow industrials straddling the flat line, we are less than an hour from the closing bell. live from the floor of the new york stock exchange. happy to be back with you guys. let's start the "countdown." breaking news that is just hitting the tape over the past 28 minutes. president obama said enough is enough much his administration ejected nearly three dozen russian diplomats, some in the intelligence world but they are
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all based in the united states. in response, obama says, to what the administration calls russian hacking and influencing the american election process. we have sanctions that are related to thithat wne to tell you about in just a moment. i can tell you that the breaking news is causing chatter and movement on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the dow was making a run for the flat line. three points above. we can show you intra-day picture which the news broke, and you can see it immediately started to fall, down by more than 11 points and trying to claw back but losing four points in the final hour of trade. and 7 1/2 hours of trading left overall. one hour today and, of course, the hours tomorrow before the clock strikes midnight on new year's eve, could the dow pull off the 20,000? the volume is so thin at the moment that any bad news or good news performs an outsized
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move and forces that with the markets. if the dow can't get on dow 20,000, for those of you who held onto the blue chip index for the entirety of 2016, it's a year to remember certainly for your portfolio. the dow will round out the year with a nearly 14% gain, everybody seeing gains, the nasdaq had 8% gain, s&p about 10%, since the beginning of 2016, but the russell 2000, a small cap index clocking a 19% gain. if you took a chance on the small and mid caps, you are a winner now. there is a flight to quality trade we need to tell you about, gold in the after-market session up about $15.50. highest level in more than two weeks, for a single troy ounce, $1156.46, gold tends to move up when there's a lot of nervousness, globally, we've got that now. a different story for crude oil than gold.
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it is put back into negative territory after weekly inventory showed surprise build of 614,000 barrels. if you look at marathon, for example, chesapeake, apache, halliburton, these are oil services and some of the drillers, they are all moving slightly lower. financials also across the board. among them jpmorgan and goldman sachs are easinga the moment showing softness, most of the names are down and jpmorgan and goldman sachs the biggest losers on the dow. let me get to the breaking news, people are talking on b it on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the obama administration striking back against what it says was russia's malicious cyberactivities and harassment including attempts to influence the 2016 election through hacking. the administration ejected 35, nearly three dozen, pretty unbelievable, 35 russian intelligence operatives based
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in the u.s. and also the administration imposing sanctions on two of russia's leading inteigence services. fox business' blake burman standing by in washingto d.c. big move with just 22 days left for the administration. >> reporter: it is, liz, this is a twofold announcement today from the obama administration. first you have the sanctions against some of the top individuals and agencies within russia, and then separately on top of that, the u.s. government kicking out russian diplomats out of the country for basically russian interference, the sanctions are for what u.s. intelligence agencies view the interference in the lead-up to the election. multiple russian agencies in the main military agency and other russian businesses. the united states department of homeland security and the fbi released a joint report which lays out how to better protect against cyberintrusions by russian intelligence agencies
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and separately, 35 russian diplomats have been expelled from the country and russian compounds in both maryland and new york will be closed as of noon tomorrow as a result of what the obama administration says is a response to russian harassment of u.s. personnel in russia. so you've got the sanctions and then you got the 35 being kicked out. president obama released a statement just a little while ago, pretty lengthy, i'll read you a part of it, and i'm quoting -- then from the other side of the aisle a little while ago came the house speaker, the top republican on the hill, paul ryan called this a result of ineffective policy saying and i'm quoting --
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so far, we should mention, liz, no response from the president-elect and his incoming administration. liz: we have cameras on that, his compound in palm beach, florida. any announcement, we're watching the twitter verse as well, we know president-elect trump tends to go twitter when he has comments on that. we will get it to the viewers. thank you. this comes at an awfully tense time, russia is brokering a cease-fire agreement between the syrian opposition forces and the syrian government of bashar al-assad, it goes into effect in just hours. 5:00 p.m. eastern, that's like an hour and a half or hour and 45 minutes from now. this is a very tenuous situation after moscow, iran and turkey signaled they are willing to reach a deal to settle the nearly 6-year-old war in syria.
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let's bring in colonel alan west, also a former congressman. look, let me get first to the breaking news, colonel, the obama administration says enough is enough, blake outlined dramatic steps that have been taken. among them the expulsion of 35 diplomats and intelligence operatives and within 24 hours, the compounds will be closed, shut, russians get out. what does this mean overall? what do you make of this? >> first of all, it's a pleasure to be with you, liz, happy new year. and i want to ask a question, if hillary clinton had a wand, would we are going through the machinations and the sanctions and the expulsion of the officials? russia has been violating so many acts of international law. for instance, over a 48-hour period, there purpose 3 instances of them buzzing u.s. navy warships in international waters, nothing was done then. when i look at the fact that president obama has 22 days left, the actions that he just
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took right now are going to fall on the incoming administration, and i wonder if there was any consultation with the incoming administration because they are the ones who have to continue on with this foreign policy. and from a political aspect, think about the optics if donald trump were to go in and we reallow these individuals to be reinstated back in the united states of america. that's something that the media is going to come down on him about. so again, it's probably too much, too little, too late and as paul ryan, the speaker of the house said this is the result of eight years of failed policy with russia to include president obama saying in 2012 that he'd have more flexibility with russia after his re-election. liz: i'm hearing you say, when you say too little, too late, something like this should have been done long ago. look the russians have been very aggressive with america and people say president ronald reagan would have been turning in his grave to hear how open armed president-elect donald
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trump is, and yet, he would also be very unhappy if obama is doing what he's doing so late.hould be done now? >> well, the thing is, of course, as we look at 22 days before a new administration comes in, you placed the trump administration into a little box, and i wonder if there was coordination of this action with the incoming administration. i think without a doubt, the trump administration has to reestablish itself with a moral high ground when the obama administration has not had. you see the impacts that this decision had on the market right now. so i don't know if this was a very well-thought-through action that president obama has taken or just a reactionary, politically induced type of decision that he just made. liz: colonel west, does this put the cease-fire in jeopardy? supposed to happenn about an hour and 49 minutes from now?
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>> well, president obama is irrelevant in the middle east. the fact that russia, iran and turkey are meeting to decide what's going to happen in syria, that let's you know that the person that once talked about a red line, that talked about bashar al-assad has to go. he has no stake in this whatsoever. he is a side line player and about leading from behind. we have to start looking forward in the next 22 days. what this means for the incoming presidential administration, it means that we're not going to have a smooth transition and the foreign policy and national security aspect of the trump administration is going to be preeminent. liz: lieutenant colonel alan west, wishing you a happy and healthy holiday. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, liz. liz: we've got the closing bell ringing in 48 minutes, and please do not doubt these developments are affecting the psychology of traders down here at the new york stock exchange as they watch warily all of the developments. look at the dow 30, verizon among the leaders on the dow
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30, the telecom giant is one of the top performing sectors of the day and the name. newmont mining, the biggest leader on the s&p 500. that's thanks to gold's outsized move over the last four sessions, two weeks that i was telling you about. i'm watching gold still up about 15 bucks. the rest of the miners taking off, too. anglogold, gold corp. making people happy at the moment. news of russia's punishment jolting the market out of sleepy coma. our traders are joining us with their take what it means today, tomorrow and beyond. so glad you wear me live from the floor of the new york stock exchange. "countdown" coming right back.
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. liz: listen to this, the little blue bird is spreading its wings and going stereoscopic, twitter introducing a 360 degree video service as it tries to bounce back from a series of high-level executive departures and lack luster sales, no profit. got to make money.
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the move as twitter is in a desperate effort to fend off the threats of facebook video streaming platform. twitter live. unicorn darling snapchat promising investors it could be the next facebook as it gears up for roadshow to market what may end up being a $25 billion ipo, big news, i just got back from israel, big news is that snapchat bought simmagin, it will help with artificial intelligence and you look at what's going on there, very interesting what the israeli companies can offer. a sea of red, not deep crimson red but when blood hits the water. when we talk about the markets, we should look at what's sitting in the green, the volatility index or wall street's fear gauge is jumping
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3.5%. i told but the eulsion of 35 russian diplomats by the obama administration and so much more that traders are saying don't know if we can really make a run for the green here at the moment, not to mention dow 20,000. right to the floor show traders here at the new york stock exchange, cme group and the nymex. keith bliss, when you saw the news about the russian expulsion of the diplomats by the u.s., what happened with traders and the mind-set, why are we not seeing green on the screen? >> geopolitical risk. when you look at the stunning pronouncement by secretary kerry yesterday where he spent 90 minutes wailing israel about what he sees as a failure in his own diplomacy, it started to rattle the markets. thank goodness that it's a little bit of a light week, trading volumes are light.
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we had all the market participants back, i'm sure we see much more selling pressure. a little bit right here. something we're going to have to keep an eye on as colonel west was alluding to in the last 22 days of this presidency. what other actions will they take which are stunning and could rattle the markets? >> there is the perception, we've had a couple guests on fox business who said it almost seems as if the administration is burning down the house as it closes the door as it walks out. there are many perspectives to all of this. alan, as i'm looking at oil at the moment. you look at the chicago mercantile and the nymex, it is not spiking in any way, shape, or form. oil in the after-market down 34 cents to $53.72. is oil capped at 55 to 60 if we spin it forward to 2017? >> what i see here is first we have the compliance of opec as a big market focus. news what they're doing with
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russian diplomats does not have that much impact in the market. i think we are going to have somewhat of a sell-off very near-term, we're in an oversupplied market. we get down to $51.77 after that, back up we go. the reason is opec will be compliant with cuts and the non-opec countries will be compliant. that will bolster the market. i think after the end of january, we're going to see the 55 to 60 range. liz: not a surprise we see selective quality with gold moving higher. the 10-year yield made a shift to the upside, to the down side, there is fear in the markets. i think it's hitting a two-week low, todd, you at the cme are seeing that coalesce, listen, we have one more trading day after this final hour which we have 40 minutes left. what happens tomorrow and at your peril, tune out, tomorrow should people be watching the markets? >> liz, i think the market is
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an efficient machine. we've seen vix call buying for the last two weeks. last week we needed tlt calls were bought which would reflect a lower yield. the market was all insurance, not necessarily something you want to should know but you want it happen. as we head into year end tomorrow and next week, equities are within a stone's throw and we have yet to see a considerable pullback. equities are treading water and volatility is higher which suggests that next week could be the week where equities see leaking to the downside. liz: that's why you can never tune out fox business, is what i'm trying to tell everybody. listen, gentlemen, if i don't see you, happy new year. have you all been friends to fox business, and i know that's proved good news to you. >> happy new year to you. liz: thank you so much. any time, alan, keith, todd. closing bell 48 minutes away from the final hour, the
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final closing bell and one session left. up next, the department of veterans affairs, the va, boy, does it have a reputation far from sterling. america's heroes forced to wait months even years for care for injuries serving our nation. now donald trump is suggesting there might be a better way. staff sergeant anthony cala badly injured by an improvised explosive device. he is joining me live. what the va did or did not do for him? it's the perspective what you think he needs the most and is more privatization on the way. more "countdown" on the way.
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♪ liz: folks, live from the floor of the new york stock exchange i'm watching these markets very closely. pretty much flat as a pancake for the dow, s&p, russell, all
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down a fraction of a percent but the dow down seven points. jerusalem-based maker for chips and software used for autonomous driving technologies is jumping to new monthly highs on news of a brand new partnership. nicole petallides here on floor of the new york stock exchange with what is going on regarding this jerusalem company. >> that's right. we're focusing on mobile life. i have to show you some action. check this out. planet fitness is here today. the ceo ringing the closing bell because they are going to be the sponsoring the celebration in times square for new year's eve. now talking about mobile eye, mobile eye gets a new deal with here. they are a group of german automakers working on fully autonomous driving. this is the stock soaring up 9.8%. they are teaming up to work together to make this partnership, navigating mapping services and what they do, what
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mobileeye does they have all the centers and date to locate vehicles. the stock is down about 17% year-to-date but i here today about 10%. they're working with bmw, here, many others. don't forget they broke off froy move forward with fully autonomous driving they believe will happen in the years ahead. liz. liz: talking about mobileeye israeli, imagine, the reality company that snapchat bought. more israeli-based companies but for china, listed on the nasdaq than any other nation per capita. unbelieve what israel is doing. nicole, thank you very much. >> thanks. liz: president-elect donald trump is considering the privatization of the va, the veterans administration. that is health care for all of our veterans that bravely served this country. the system is in disarray. you've seen it.
3:30 pm
never had such high rates of suicide on behalf of veterans coming back from iraq and afghanistan. it's a disaster. many wait months and months from any kind of care. when they get it, 20 minutes, you're out. is the way to treat our heroes? donald trump said no. he said from the start during the campaign he wants to change it. it is a broken system. he has come up with somewhat of a controversial idea, that to give it to capitalism, privatize it. retired army staff sergeant anthony cala knows the va well he works for a software company and says he tries to totally avoid that system right now. sergeant calla, served three different tours of combat duty for three years in iraq. can you imagine on the third operation he was hit by an ied, improvised explosive device. he suffered a traumatic injury and he deals with the va system. as we get him ready to come on our air.
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as you hear his most personal story what he thinks of privatization, we've been so appreciative of lieutenant colonel west to stick around with us to give us his thought on this it is controversial. some people say absolutely do it. what we've been doing so far, colonel, it has not worked, yet what have we got? we have a very broken system, lieutenant colonel, west, to you -- we don't have him just yet. i'm so sorry, let he quickly look at markets, i need to tell you the low of the session we were down 45 points but the high of the session, we were up 45 point. at the moment you can see the dow jones industrials is down about six points and russell 2000 is flat but the russell has been the winner of 2016, up some 19%. when we come back, that personal story of sergeant calla, and how he feels about the privatization. israel, i got back from both israel and jordan. i really got a sense what is going on the ground especially
3:32 pm
news of that sanction against israel hits the wires, hit the tape. boy, you can only imagine what they think. we'll be right back live from the floor of the new york stock exchange.
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liz: we have this breaking news just in. the russians responded to the expulsion in the last two hours of 35 russian diplomats. the russian embassy out of the united kingdom just tweeted the following. quote, president obama expelled 35 diplomats in cold war deja vu as everybody including the american people will be glad to see the last and i quote, of this hapless administration. there is a picture after duck and word lame over it. folks i'm not so sure we need rush that or any other country telling us what to think about r president.
3:35 pm
they're responding with a very pointed slap at the obama administration, in the wake of sanctions and all sorts of situations that just developed in the last two years. we have that happening. dow jones industrials taking a leg down, down 15 points. we'll be right back with much more.
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♪ liz: folks at the top of the hour the dow was down three to four points. now it is down 18. a lot of global tension is simmering up, not just the russians which i just told but prime minister benjamin netanyahu, responding to secretary of state john kerry's speech, that 70 minute speech, we knew that. our closest ally, british are standing firmly behind israel. this came out last couple hours.
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theresa may came out and commented, we do not believe the way to focus on peace is not focusing on one issues, construction of settlements, when clearly the conflict between israelis and palestinians is so deeply complex. i'm joined by someone intimately aware of issues facing israel and its citizens, especially when barbs and arrows thrown at it by the united nations. former israeli ambassador to the u.n., ron kroger. we have ramped up tension between the u.s. and russia happening at moment. what do you make is going on. the kremlin will retaliate against the u.s. for expelling 35 russian diplomats in the last hour and a half. >> liz, we have enough problems in the middle east for me to comment on u.s.-russia relationships so let's stick to the middle east. we have enough problems here. liz: all right. i would have thought, you having watched machinations in the united nations but let us bring it to the middle east because these are issues that almost in
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the rear view of the obama administration. the administration decided not to partake in that security council vote, but not voting against it in a way they cleared the path. what are israelis saying tonight? the because bibi netanyahu gave a speech at a air force base near the negev desert. he actually reiterated how strong the relationship with the u.s. still is. a little bit of a change of tone in the last couple hours, not so war-like. >> so first and foremost we have to remind ourselves especially into the new year, 2017, we israelis love the united states. this is the only place in the middle east where american flags fly with israeli flags with pride. that is why we in israel are so disappointed on this one-sided resolution at the united nations
3:40 pm
and kerry's speech, basically putting terror and settlements on the same dimension. forgetting, for example, that that in 2010, prime minister netanyahu for 10 months froze settlements. where was abu mazen? did absolutely nothing. we turned to direct negotiations, and in 2014, the six points that he talked about, prime minister netanyahu said, yes and accepted them. and abu mazen, we're still waiting for his response. so in the sense, in israel, huge disappointment because the united states of america is our ally and we feel especially at the united nations, giving the steering wheel to venezuela, malaysia, and senegal, oh, boy, that is not done. liz: it is rather stunning looking at u.s. policy somewhere
3:41 pm
of epic fail when it comes to iraq, syria, libya, all the issues, yet israel the united states is verbally smacking around at this point. so i'm sure it is certainly disconcerting, as you know, i saw you less than a week ago, i was in israel and i went to the western wall and i have some pictures that i brought back. as we cycle through some of these, for those of you who don't know, the western wall is certainly one of the most, if not the holiest site, built in 20 bc, before christ, before the common era. this is uniquely jewish, certainly and the united nations certainly does not want to accept that. this is where people write wishes and hopes for peace and stick them in the cracks. i was there with my family and my daughter. we were putting little wishes into the cracks. there was a men norah being put
3:42 pm
up. what happens to the western wall if the u.n. resolution put is put forward? >> what happens is exactly that. the u.n. security council resolution basically says that the western wall, jersey university, gilo, basically occupied palestinian territories. the western wall, the wailing wall, this is absolutely absurd, it is so one-sided we at israel look at this, say, hey, this is not good for israel, it is not good for america and it's not good for the region. why would the palestinians ever return to direct negotiations if they have a resolution like that, basically telling them, hey, you can have everything without negotiating? liz: let me jump in here. for christians as well, this could be devastating. the church of the holy sepulcher
3:43 pm
is just feet from the western wall and that is where the rock upon which jesus's body was put. it is pilgrimage for many catholics and christians and i was there too. watching people go to that. if it goes to palestinian control, how much of a problem can that be? can people do what i and my children are able to do, put your hands on the rock and bo to that place that is so important for christians? >> absolutely. if you look at it, the middle east, you know, we have nation states disintegrating before our eyes, syria, libya, yemen. fire all over. and what is john kerry and the obama administration doing? trying to put a fire in the only place which is stable and the only democracy in the middle east. and if you riley think about it, this is what gets us so, so angry, and so disappointed
3:44 pm
because you know, there can be disagreements inside of the family, but giving the steering wheel to the security council, this systemic, bias against israel, with no resolutions, this is really, a friend doesn't take a friend to the security council. liz: i don't know how you did it, ambassador, how you spent all those years, facing the united nations, you want to talk a broken system, they make the va look like it is totally organized. we wish you good luck. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> former ambassador to the union. >> thank you, have a wonderful new year. liz: and to you too and to the nation of israel. thank you so much. ron prosor. closing bell. we're 15 minutes away from that and the dow jones industrials has the cap, has the lid on it. down 15 points. up next, the aforementioned va, veterans administration, a huge bloated, multibillion-dollar
3:45 pm
budget, 350,000 employees and people are still waiting months and months just to get treated for being heroes to our nation. donald trump has a different idea. is it the right solution? straight ahead, staff sergeant anthony calla, you may not know his name but you know his heroism. he three tours in iraq. he had to deal with it. privatizing the va, you will hear with he thinks of it. we're many coming right back. your insurance company
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♪ liz: when you have 180 billion-dollar budget, 350,000 employees, that is a big company, okay? 350,000 employees. like getting up into walmart and berkshire hathaway territory. that is the va, the veterans administration, it is not working smoothly.
3:50 pm
by many metrics it is a mess. donald trump says enough. when he becomes president january 20th he wants to change it. he dropped this rather big bombshell saying possible privatization, meaning take it away from the government and give it to the private sector. is that a good thing? let's bring in retired army staff sergeant anthony calla. he knows the va all too well. three tours of duty in iraq. hit by improvised explosive device, suffered a traumatic brain injury. we have former congressman alan west, he had to teal with the va himself. anthony, thanks for joining us. what is your experience from working with the va hospital serving in iraq? >> when i came back from my third deployment in iraq in 2011. i went to the va and after appointment, after pointment. here is medication for you. here is medication for you. after i was all over and done
3:51 pm
with, being at va 20 times three months i had total of 12 medications. when i got hired from a software company, i had private insurance i cut down 12 medications to only two. so the care and service with the va, it does need a little bit of help. i think privatizing it would definitely help veterans getting out of the service. liz: do you think privatizing might have its downsize? some people are concerned about that, when you put in the almighty dollar there are unintended consequences where that power of the word profit sometimes leaves actual patient behind. do you for see any of that issue? >> i think there is anything that you do new i think there is always going to be issues but i think for 1% of military service men served with this country to give them choice of going to va or see a private doctor and get the personal care, i remember my
3:52 pm
pointment sting 15, 20 minutes. if i wanted to talk to a doctor i had to reschedule two weeks later or three weeks later. if it comes to the choice whether i use vo or private insurance i would use private insurance all the way. yes there are costs. we owe it to our servicemembers coming back having difficulties and issues adjusting with civilization. liz: colonel west, listening to anthony calla's story is frustrating and maddening to those of us who feel these people deserve gold star care, platinum star car care. why can't the va get it right and maybe donald trump's suggestion is the better way. what do you, veterans of foreign wars and former congressman say about privatizing? >> one of the things you have to come to understand is that you're talking about an idealogical issue, because this is single-payer system a lot of people don't want to admit has failed. when you look at the 21
3:53 pm
different regions, what they call the veterans integrated service networks we need to look at each and everyone of those regions to come up with better public/private partnerships so someone like anthony doesn't have to wait for an appointment. shouldn't take a veteran more than two or three days to get an appointment to be seen f we have a system that can't see the veteran two or three days, that veteran should be able to go there to find that. there is culture in the veterans administration system has to be broken where they're not worried about our veterans, they're worried about the government bureaucracy. you talked about 350,000 employees, a 150, to $160 billion budget. we're only talking about.7 million -- 8.7 million veterans, 1%. if we can't do what is right for 1% of the population of the united states of america, that is a failure. without a doubt we have to look for bert efficiencies. i think one of the key things, liz, 65 to 70% of the middle and
3:54 pm
upper level management of the va system needs to be veterans. liz: sergeant calla -- >> i agree 100%. liz: you've been lucky enough to work for a private company now that takes, as i understand it much better care of you with their health insurance. what do you feel in your heart for those veterans, millions of them, who do not have the luxury, what are your thoughts for them? >> well, first, i sat in that, i get a choice whether i want to use my private insurance with my company or go to the va. i have a quite a few friend all over florida and washington that have used va, and said care is great and i have other friends say the care isn't great. i want veterans after me coming out of service to be treated fairly. and i agree 100% that the congressman is saying. upper management should be veterans. i think they should do hiring where every veteran get as job at va, whether doing security or doing cleanup, whatever, whatever they can find a job for
3:55 pm
to us do, i think by having other veterans, other familiar faces when a veteran comes to receive care, i think that is a great thing. that is a huge benefit for veterans coming out of the service. liz: listen, we appreciate hearing your very personal story. it is great to see you. thank you so much. staff sergeant anthony cala, colonel allen west. happy holidays. >> happy holidays. happy new year. liz: thank you you to you two. thank you both for your service. we will never forget it. closing bell, five minutes away. dow 20,000, not going to happen today. i'm happy it didn't happen while i was in the middle east. we have the chance maybe tomorrow, who knows. we'll talk to the 2 billion-dollar man, tim courtney, about that when we come back. ♪
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liz: one trading session left in 2016, folks.
3:59 pm
i want to bring in somebody who made money this year. prudential wealth advisor cio, tim courtney, with us live. if you're in stocks you did pretty well throughout this entire year with a lot of bumps. what happens starting 2017. what are you predicting? >> we think because of odds of u.s. recession are very low, most of the recession indicators are trending towards strength, because we should come through relatively good economically, there is a lot of potentially good policies coming up in terms of tax reform for companies, stocks should do well, although it wouldn't be surprising if we have kind of a typical five to 10% pullback with levels we're seeing in equity market today. potential small pull backs but good overall. liz: but no recession. that is what we'll like to hear. we'll put tim courtney's picks up on the
4:00 pm
liz claman facebook page. thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much. [closing bell rings] one more chance of 20,000. there is the closing bell. david asman, melissa francis, here for "after the bell." melissa: the dow falling further from the 20,000 milestone. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. this is after the bell. we have got you covered on the big market movers but here is what else we have for you this hour. the deal-maker in chief, president-elect donald trump keeping busy at mar-a-lago with his transition team, making new promises for the economy and bringing american jobs back to the u.s. the white house's slap-down of russia. new sanctions of the obama administration against the kremlin for allegedly interfering in the u.s. election. do the punishments fit the crime? we'll be asking ambassador john bolton in this hour. plus, helping our nation's heroes. the president-elect's solution for the department of vete


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