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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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david: what do you think? >> that is the worst. david: it's nothing new. >> it is terrible. david: he has to have something new. >> that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we're going to lower taxes on american business from 35% to 15%. we will cut taxes for middle class, real change. begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. at the core of my contract is my plan to bring back our jobs, trade policies of hillary clinton from nafta to china to korea to transpacific partnership, which is a disaster. drain the swamp.
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liz: time to drain the swamp, congress got a wake-up call about that from president-elect trump today, welcome to "risk & reward." it is day one of america's 115th congress, they were sworn in today. what is first thing that house republicans do? they under cut president-elect trump's vow to drain the swamp by gutting the ethics office panel. president-elect saying, with all that congress has to work on, do they have to make the weakening of the independent ethic watch dog as unfair as it may be, their number one act and priority? focus on tax reform, healthcare and so many other things of far greater importantance, #drain the swamp.
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marcia blackburn just came o the floor, she is joining me now by phone. good to have you. >> thank you. i have been on the floor and voting. liz: here is the thing with this first move to gut the ethics panel. it is taking off on twitter, now a joke that g.o.p. is acting like it is my party, i will lie if i want to, is this a mistake to gut the ethics panel? is this what senator schumer said obama should have done. why did the g.o.p. make this move and not do what trump wants focus on jobs and health reform. >> you know. it is one of those things where rules package gets voted on by the conference before the swearing in takes place. i tell you, i think that timing on this is terrible.
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there is bipartisan agreement that the steps that need to be taken to bring transparency and allow individuals who are being accused to know who is their accuser. to know where the accusation is coming from. all of that is transparent see that needs to happen. i had one democrat ask me -- >> we understand that, we get that. people know the unfairness. but just don't make to the first move right out of the box. g.o.p. has control of house and senate, ethics are going to be an, credible tie is going to be an, this is a mistake at your first move, right? >> yeah, a timing, this something because this has been rules package gets voted on, it a part of that rules of the house. that is when the vote occurred. i am with you.
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the times on it was terrible even though springs transparency is what has to happen, you know, i we'll get back to this soon. it will come from the ethics commite to the floor separately, then rolled into a package. liz: turning to transition. president obama promised a smooth presidential transition. and hillary clinton said that democrats would give donald trump a chance. >> we must accept this result, then look to the future, donald trump is going to be our president. owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. liz: well, unlike what g.o.p. did, they accepted president's first cabinet choice now -- that was in 2009, dem krot democrats are moving to block
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8 of 9 trump's nominees. what happened to president obama's smooth transition? are they following his or hillary's advice. >> well, they are not, they are going to try to obstruct the process for these individuals. they seem to have picked out who they want to block or slowdown the nomination of. it is not surprising to us to see that health care is one of the ones they want to go after . education and removing some common core provisions. i think they are trying to say, where cane slow the process down and gum up the works. this is typical, they are misreading the american, once again. just like they did through the
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election, people voted for change. they want to see things done. there is a terrible misreading of what will be the process, i think you will see them -- the democrats continue with this, i believe it will backfire on them. liz: nancy pelosi putting obamacare blame on republicans, say if you break it you buy it. >> old thing of going into a china shop, you break it you own it. this is -- they are dealing with something that is very when i say complex, it is sophisticate snood sophisticated. liz: a quick recap this passed in house and senate with no republican votes, zero, nancy pelosi said it was better to pass it than to know what was
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in it. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> you got that? to today, is this what happens, is this how politicians behave today they pass bills they have not read? >> it is astounding, everyone was stunned when she made that remark. here is what we know, the disruption to the health care system came about because of obamacare. if you go back to 2010 when we had this debate, we had provisions that were patient-centered on the table, the democrats had provisions that were government-centered on the table, wen 't tha went the government-centered route, it does t work it is too
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expensive to use. the networks have narrowed, access to healthcare is more difficult now than ever. so what we're trying to do is restore from order and access and affordability to the health care system. liz: to your point, donald trump saying, people must remember, that obamacare does not work, it not affordable, more than double increases in arizona. up 1/16 -- 116%, and remember how bill clinton called it crazy. >> you have a crazy system where all of a sudden, 45 million more people have health care, and people are busting it 60 hours a week, wind up with premiums doubled and coverage cut in half, it is the craziest thing in the world, this insurance model does not work here, it does not work. >> he is right. it does not work. we also have to remember, is
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in 1994, his wife, secretary clinton, led the fight for hillary care which obamacare was based on. and here you go in theory, they thought it would work in '94, they did tennessee medicaid delivery system as a test case, it nearly bankrupted state. went 10 years it was 35.3% of the state budget and program had to be taken down. it does not work, i am glad to former president realized this all these years later, this is the craziest thing have you seen to run the health insurance to the point you cannot afford them unless you get's subsidy, when you get it you can't afford on use it because the deductibles are so high.
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liz: thank you so much for coming on the show. >> happy to be with you thank you so much. liz: thank you. we have democrat national committee chairwoman donna brazile is back, and talking like she herself may want a seat at donald trump's table. >> he has an opportunity as every president in first 100 days to show that you know he is eager to find common ground to meet with you know democrats. liz: you heard that, but will president-elect be open to that after donna brazile said in. >> i denounce donald trump, for not denounces the violence he has perpetrated with his angry rhetoric. i play straight up, i did not receive any questions from cnn. next time don't bring me no
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e-mails unless you clean your system, don't bring nothing corrupt to me. >> given all you said about this hack do you think that donald trump's win of legitimate. >> donald trump used this information in ways to also sew division, i was disappointed in his repeated usage of some of the stolen information, we used it as if he received daily talking points. the election was tainted by this -- intrusion. liz: sa sabrina, should trump negotiate with democrats? maybe he can launch a new era after obama's trash talking style. the political divide is now a canyon.
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>> i am a glass half full. i am all for coming to the table, i believe that democrats are in a rebuilding period, they realize they are either the party in the minority they have a lot of work to do to regain the trust of the american people. there is a lot to gain, that said, i think there are plenty of areas where republicans and democrats, if they can get beyond political i hav i have i have the -- i have the real can agree upon. like women's issues even i feel optimistic with right leadership and right conversation we can move the ball forward. liz: a starting point, that everyone agrees to the government-issued set of facts, donna brazile saying that, democrats have done well economically. we have anemic 1.5% growth, a
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record number of working-age men out of a job. we have harvard and princeton saying more than 10 million new jobs, 9 out of 10 are temporary contract based. more people drops out of the workforce, and household income levels to 1997. >> we can agree on that the economy when obama took over, unemployment was higher than 10% now 4%. liz: no, no. come on, be straight, be straight. >> if you are going ask. liz: i aming into yo asking to agree on government issued facts. sabrina.
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>> le let me answer. liz: i will let you answer when you get the facts straight. >> the government actually says that unemployment from 10% -- >> no, take it back. >> this is why -- no, this is why i cannot have a conditio couldn't vera conversation, you just want to white wash, you are not letting me answer. liz: stop for a second. what is rate for people out of a job longer than 6 months. >> down have that money. liz: 7.5%. >> okay. for last 8 years there have been a lot of people who have been struggling a lot of young people who left college with massive loans they maybach without jobs, we have a lot of people different parts who are struggling, a lot of people who lost health care or whose premiums are poised to go up there are a lot of challenges
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we need to say, debate, and having political differences as we made have is a good thing, it is a cornerstone of our democracy bnow time to get beyond name calling that is both sides of the littal litical silk and thin -- aisle, roll back government in high view, roll back the regulations and get this economy moving. liz: sorry, we're passionate about it i get where you are coming from, i just -- >> i really, i really was going on -- >> stop, stop. hang on. stop. hang on. hang on. stop. where do you think we can agree on. that republicans and democrats can agree on. >> i agree with sabrina to work on criminal justice reform, and many trump folks supported trump, do like the fact that health care will be able to keep them with preexisting conditions or staying on parent's plans
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until they are 26, we could talk about infrastructure development. >> another one liz: quickly. >> i think that minimum wage, that we're seeing, states -- >> we have to go. >> another one. liz: thank you, you will be back later, next up, president-elect starting new year off with a win, bringing american jobs back to u.s., ford motor will cancel 1.6 billion dollar mexico factory, possibly safeguarding 3500 jobs, jo joe the plummer is here. >> ford is leaving, thousands of jobs leaving, michigan, and ohio, they are all leavingwe cannot allow it to happen in american. me to reach my goals. alreadye
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>> the cancellation of plant in mexico is looking at capacity requirement, and in michigan building high-tech products. making flat rock our advance facilities. >> this has nothing to to with criticism you got from donald trump. >> we're doing this decision based on what is right for our business. we look at some tax and regulatory reforms he has been talking about, that gives us confidence this is a vote of confidence he can deliver on those. liz: neil cavuto talking with ford ceo today, ford announcing it is canceling the plan to build a $1.6 billion plant in mexico. now donald trump criticizing gm on twitter. here is what donald trump said, general motors is sending mexican-made model of
5:21 pm
chevy cruze to u.s. car dealers tax free across the border, make it in the usa or pay a big border tax. to joe the plumber. good to have you. >> thank you. liz: let's do some house cleans here. gm did fact check trump's tweet, says that cruze sedans are sold in u.s., and they are made at a factory in u.s., the chevy cruzz hash backs that are made in mexico, gm manufacturers chevy cruze in ohio, all chevy cru sedan sold in u.s. are built in assembly plant in ohio -- small number sold in u.s. here is the,.
5:22 pm
gm is laying off over 2 thousand workers. >> donald trump is proving that make america great again is not a slogan, he is using the bully pulpit, doing a great job, brought in element lockheed-martin, and boeing and ford, give him credit for that. now gm, he is letting business know i am here, i am going to work for you, let's keepings in america, and keep the business in america. donald trump has been proven to be, he will be president of republican, democrats, union, non-union, he wants to make america great, and doing a great job of it bayousing tha by using that bully pulpit to throw shots over the bow, he is just calling gm out.
5:23 pm
this is a great way with twitter, getting around media and letting them know we're here to work we need your help. liz: a different use of bully pulpit, president obama shamed american businesses for being successful, saying, you didn't build that, now we have donald trump being criticized for using it to strong arm the companies as you noted. is this going to be a successful way in -- is this a long-term way to get companies to bring back manufacturing jobs. >> it is hard to get people to do the right thing. i'm really thankful for what donald trump is doing, don't get me wrong, a lot of people talk about donald trump not conservative. he is focusing on the economy, health care, he will focus on a lot to help make america great again, liberal agenda that donald trump has in some capacity we'll fight at state level, and work through that. you know, democrats, are really hitting him hard right
5:24 pm
now, but they you know, hitting -- hurting themselves donald trump will embrace a lot of things they will to to do, there will be a lot of give and take, but if we could get the economy going back, to then people can take care of the minutia. that federal government should be out of anyways. liz: joe, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, liz. liz: next up, in a interview with fox news, sean hannity. julian assange is doubling down, saying that russian government did not provide him with the dnc and podesta e-mails. my next guest, a security expert said that the information that obama administration is using is thin. we'll explain that, back in two. d i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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>> can you say to the american people, you did not get this information about the dnc, john podesta's e-mails, can you tell the american people 10% you not get it from russia or anyone associated with russia. >> we can say, and have said repeatedly that our source is not the russian government, it is not state parties. liz: that was wikileak founder julian assange in an exclusive hannity video that will air tonight on fox news channel, he is doubling down saying again that the russian government is not the source of the e-mails leaked by wikileaks. we have robert sis civiliano, he said that every that obama administration has is very thin about russia the source. can you explain that. >> sure, well one of the offers, that -- identity --
5:29 pm
identifiers, that makes them thing is was hacked by russia is it was a russian language keyboard. po it is important that everyone looks at actual fact here that you can install a russian language keyboard on an iphon iphone. >> i am sorry, i don't understand you are making important points. at what step in this process did the russian language keyboard come in? >> so, within the past 6 months or so, researchers responsible for doing the forensics and regards to the dnc hack, discovered code and language names some of it in russian text.
5:30 pm
and fact that there had been a russian keyboard, russian language keyboard associated with the computing, that said, the smoking gun, is they identified a russian language keyboard as part of that breach. liz: okay julian assange and word is that it may be a disgruntled dnc worker who released it. what is your sense? where, what, what, what caused these disclosures? >> so, anyone from anywhere in the world, can set up servers that are rerouted from china to russia to the u.s. to brazil back to russia to china, and so on. they can use any keyboard, in this case a russian language board, to make it look like it
5:31 pm
is coming from specifebbly frospecifically from russia with other offers like names that are, russian based, and in this particular case a name from a russian that is known to support other causes revolving around hacking and breaches and such, and they can ke thi this circstannal evidence and make it look like it coming from a russian hack maybe a state opera tiffany what d-- op operative. liz: what do you think happen? >> it is possibl. they say where there is smoke there is fire. there are so many other situation that have occurred in past decade that point to state hackers out of russia it is possible. liz: all right, robert thank you for your expertise.
5:32 pm
>> thank you. liz: president obama to make his final presidential farewell address in chicago, my next guest, said no one is celebrating. he is making it in a city where homicide rate is soaring. >> we have bruce springsteen saying he never felt the kind of fear he feels now with the incoming trump administration. guess what, bruce springsteen said the same thing about ronald reagan in 1980, we have that sound, we'll play it for you coming up, back in two. n yod with a snap, with zicam. does your mouthg prescripoften feel dry?s, a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath. over 400 medications can cause a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. biotene can provide soothing dry mouth relief.
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liz: welcome back, 10 days before president-elect trump is interest rated. -- inaugurated. president obama will say good-bye to the american people from chicago. donald trump tweeting out, chicago murder rate is record-setting more than 4300 shooting victim, 762 murders in 2016, if the mayor can't do it, he has to ask for federal help. the homicide level is 57% spike from 2015, there are more than 1100 shootings this year versus last year. next guest said that chicago has no reason to celebrate. with me, diversity coalition liaison for trump inaugural committee. brunell donnell shea. what do you make of president obama choosing chicago.
5:37 pm
>> god bless you and god bless america, miss liz, i would say, i think that he -- you know he started in chicago. and now he is coming back, but the difference is, the enthusiasm. the love, the level of respect that we had for him, i know i had for him, is not the same. i believed in the hope and change message. i believed that he was going to help out the inner-cities, he was going to make sure that there would be jobs, and grow the economy, things like that. and here it is 8 years later, that enthusiasm that fire, me even voting for him two times is gone, that is really the feeling throughout th the city, and i believe the nation. liz: you voted for president obama twice. >> i did, believed in that first 4 years, i thought okay maybe he had to pay off those people who you know put him in there donations and whatever. and you know after those 4
5:38 pm
years, i said maybe he will know do something for the inner-cities, here it is 4 years later, inner-cities a shamble, chicago murder rates are high. i will say, what has changed in chicago is just the barricades in front of his house. and the murder rates. the no vocational programs no improvement as far as people's living conditions and jobs. liz: homicide rate -- >> very disappointed. liz: more than i think more than new york city and l.a. combined. >> yes, i saw that. earlier, it is heartbreaking. i was born and raised in chicago, i believe his wife is from chicago. i thought if you took care of nowhere else in this nation that chicago would have been somewhere you made sure we were a good. that did not happen. >> heartbreaking. let's turn to next topic. we have celebrities continue
5:39 pm
to go after president-elect trump, some playing the race card, bruce springsteen in a interview, claiming he is afraid of president to be, saying i fill dits gus i -- fel disgust but never fear that i file now. >> when you let that je jeanie out of the bottle, bigotry racism. you let them out of the bottle, they don't go back in the botel that easily, if they go in at all. liz: i want to play a clip from 1980, 80s were a period where race relations improved, this came the night after ronald reagan was elected to his first term this is bruce springsteen then in 1980. >> i don't know what you think about what happened last night, but i think it is frightening.
5:40 pm
you are young. there will be a lot of people depending on you. liz: bruce springsteen says that donald trump is going to worsen, make worse erase relations -- race relations. >> i say, you know, i used to love bruce springsteen. dancing in the dark was my song, but he lost a fan today. donald trump is not going to ruin this nation, he will do is make sure that americans are put first, he will make sure we have jobs, make sure this we build that wall to protect americans, he will make sure that he putting money into our inner-cities, to make sure also school choices will be available for the nation, so there is so many thins that donald trump will do, it is unfortunate that people are painting this as bigotry and intolerance on a man who has a heart for the people, there are so many people on campaign trail you
5:41 pm
hear their interviews, you go on youtube they tell you, he has such areat heart. i believe donald trump has a heart for the people, and i believe high will go in get results, i believe all of the bad negativity is going to fuel him to prudential g truly ge in get results we need to make america great again. liz: all right, brunell, thank you for coming on. >> love you too, god bless you and god bless america. liz: the spin is on before obama leaves office, valerie jarrett saying, that unlike trump, the president has not had a single scandal during his tenure. my next guest disagrees, he should know he has sued the u.s. government several times, concerns scandals during president obama's watch. next, don't go away.
5:42 pm
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5:45 pm
>> do they feel responsibility because they are historic figures in yes, they do. but i don't think it made them being different than who they are, the president prides himself on fact his administration has not had a scandal. liz: valerie jarrett saying that president obama has been scandal-free for his 8 years in office. remember, national security advisor susan rice, just one scandal. >> what sparked violence was airing on internet of a hateful video that has offended many people. liz: with me now, judicial watch president tom, -- judicial watch has sued government many times over
5:46 pm
scandal, first the ones that did not get brought up, benghazi. and nsa surveillance, and money for iran an hostages. >> she is dishonest or dilllusional. i think this is a swipe at trump. suggesting he has something to be personally embarrassed about. i have no doubt that president is not embarrassed by those scandals, but they are scandal, government prescriptioprup corruption at forefront of america's concerns. a big reason is because of what president obama was doing withs irs abuses and benghazi and "fast and furious," which is still a major, with
5:47 pm
americans. this is nick ownian in -- nixonian in terms of scandal he has been involved? liz: new york times have picked up on too, president obama, they called him tourist in chief, he has done more than any other. some say, than any other president, his personal bucket list or tourist destination, ston stonehenge and bob marley museum in jamaica, what did you tally? i think $96 million in obama travel cost is that justified. >> it at least 96 million it was not justified it was not political business. some was fundraising or luxury vacation on the taxpayer dime, including trips to hawaii for
5:48 pm
weeks at a time, which are unnecessary. by the time his administration is through, total will exceed 100 million dollars, this is an area ripe for reform, oer presidents have gone on vocasion, but -- vation, but, president obama's disregard for public trust it is scandalous. liz: have his trips been the most expensive versus other? >> with inflation for tour it is cheaper to send machine to ca crawford, texas than to sending secret service and military that goes who president to place like hawaii. liz: all right, tom come back, we love having you on terrific. >> thank you. liz: next up air travel tempers running high. nationwide system shut down, disrupting customs. causing massive lines in airports.
5:49 pm
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liz: barely a few days into 2017, already viral video takes off on the iernet from aboutragairline passenger, to a two-year-old rescuing his own twin brother, first up a california flight from australia grounded after a
5:53 pm
pagepassenger was outrage over a middle street. >> if you treat people right. -- down put someone else in the middle of them, i'm not yelling. do you want to see me -- yell. do you know how cruel it would be to turn the airplane, i am being so impolite. liz: let's take this first view, what do you make of this? >> no one likes sitting in the middle seat. i try to avoid it. but, i don't think it was a way to handle that is staff who a lot are working long shifts, they are already tired and upset i think it was a long flight that one.
5:54 pm
probably a better way to handle that. liz: we have that video posted by a 20 toddler's parents, a toddler saved his twin brother after a bedroom dresser fell on him, mother putting these as warnings, these are real dangers. >> i have three little children, understand, you get this -- you know are building your shelves they give you secure brackets, you think this san attrac antic an extra step, but these kids get into everything, i watched that video, i thought how terrifying. liz: do you think that internet and these videos that help to hold companies account able for a problem? >> well, i think, that is
5:55 pm
interestg to me is that, i saw that clip earlier, and heard that parents put it out as a disclai disclaimer. bolt your furniture in place, i looked up that ikea had been urging. make sure you pin your dressers and other cabinets. very easy when you get out of college or in college, make sure they don't move, they are pretty heavy, but everyone loves them, they are easy to put together and move. >> we should not blame companies for parent's mistakes, but i think that when they provide you with material to make sure secure, it is up to parents to make the right risk assessment, i think this mom is admitting they did make a mistake. liz: that is a good point. the parents, really brave here to put it on video, they are doing a good thing for other parents.
5:56 pm
who may have furniture, and they don't realize, that also tvs often fall on children as well? >> yes. they do. and i think, don't have children yet, but i think watching my trips with small children, who are about the same age, you never know when they can get into and move. bolt everything down, tvs, i am a big fan of mounting those high. out of their reach. it is key for companies -- to make sure they put those instructstion. liz: thank you so much for coming on the show. atima you are a good sport we love having. >> you happy new year. >>hank you. liz: gas prices rising in a growing number of states, find out if your state is one of them after this, don't go away. hink about.
5:57 pm
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liz: gas prices jumping in 7 states. the national average $2.29 a gallon. thank you for welcoming us into your home. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: ford ditching its plans for that $1.6 billion plant in mexico, opting instead to jump on the trump train and invest in a factory in michigan. trump slamming general motors for manufacturing on mexico. but he tweeted the headline. ford's mexico plants, invest in michigan due to trump policies. a lot of moving parts here.


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