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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 11, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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[♪] kennedy: tonight donald trump's pick for secretary of state is grilled on capitol hill. by the wasn't only democrats that turned up the heat. how did rex tillerson do? donald trump holding his first press conference since his election. and, boy, did he tear the media a new one. attorney general nominee jeff sessions back on the hill for another day of testimony. his views on personal liberty haven't gotten any better. ron paul is here. grab a fork. time to feast on freedom. rex tillerson slid into the line of fire as the most high-profile
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nominee to face senate fire. they tried to tease out his views on russia. >> is vladimir putin a war criminal? >> i would not use that term. kennedy: rubio got high marcos for that. while there may be differences between warriors and business allies. there were democrats to tried to pin dunn sexy rexy. >> i want to go back to for a brief moment. >> what are you going to say to put, question you say, rex, you said sanctions are bad. >> as ceo of exxon you openly opposed the sanctions put in place which hamper exxon's ability to dwril there.
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kennedy: being secretary of state is more than about the damn dirty russians? or the real threat to our freedom, canada? >> they no longer cook on animal dung and wood cooking in their homes. kennedy: no confirmation hearing would be complete without screeching protesters. >> protect america. rex tillerson i reject you. kennedy: a few of the protesters tried to sneak into the president-elect's press conference, but they were quickly shouted down. >> since you are attacking us, can you give us a question. >> not you, your organization is terrible. your organization is terrible.
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>> sir, sir, can you state, mr. president-elect, can you. >> go ahead, don't be rude. she is asking a question. kennedy: that was a reporter? it was jim acosta from cnn to tried to accosta the president-elect. mr. crumb dismissed hip he tirely with an ironclad he can explanation. >> does anyone really believe that story? i'm also have much of a germ phone. believe -- a germ oophobe. kennedy: anyone who is freaked out by shaking hands. all that remains to be seen is how sessions, tillerson and the rest of the nominees survive missiles and mortars from all
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side. especially there own. but then i'm always on your side. i'm kennedy. it's time to bring in my party panel. dagen mcdowell. alex hennigan and tom shillue is here, host of "red eye." i want to talk about sexy rexy. how do you think rex tillerson did on that all-important russia question. >> i think he held his own. marco rubio is still trying to live down the little marco moniker. he's different from trump on a lot of issues. he's not opposed to the trans-pacific partnership. kennedy: he likes free change.
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he talked about climate change. human activity has an impact on the climate on earth. his voice and his texas accent he hung on to all these years. people will think he will put that boot heel on the throat if i don't watch out. kennedy: there is something warm and welcoming about the southern accent. >> they think you are going to make a mac and cheese. >> i always feel hostility. underneath the friendliness. kennedy: both of nominees -- the main nominees we have seen thus far. they have differences of opinion with donald trump. yesterday i spoke with sean spicer on "outnumbered."
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they said this is the trump administration and their personal feeling don't matter. >> it depend on the issue. i think donald trump has really strong opinions about three or four things. kennedy: free trade being one of them. >> free trade, a wall, muslims. i wouldn't want to be the secretary under him when he decided to press ahead with that. but the vast majority of things i don't think he has any opinions. it would be a great job to be a secretary. kennedy: let's talk about rex's performance. >> i heard him ducking, bobbing and weaving. marco rubio came on strong. the panel is 11-10. one republican flips, they will have to find another way to make
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him secretary of state. kennedy: did rubio get the best of him? we haven't seen a lot profilewise of rubio since the presidential election. he retook his senate seat in until, but now he inserted himself to great effect. he would have gotten the best of him if tillerson was a politician which he isn't. he doesn't need to score any point. he was boring because that's what ceos are, boring. they are great at answering questions without saying a lot. at being very safe. >> it would be better to be completely unmemorable on a day like today. >> that's what youo at these arings. >> it's interesting because yesterday as we saw jeff sessions go on and on on the hill, it seemed as though being a senator helped him because he had a lot of his colleagues say
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don't you remember we lad this piece of legislation and sessions said we have this other piece of legislation and it seemed as though his career politicking was his greatest aid. >> encorey booker, you can look back and cory booker was saying he's the greatest guy in the world. at all times they have had good relations. they are a jeanial bunch. kennedy: i don't think cory booker had the greatest impact today. >> i like the senator who called putin valdimir. kennedy: donald trump blew his lid during his first press conference since the election when he was asked about an unconfirmed report that russia has a smoking pile of blackmail.
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here is trump's response. >> i think it was disgraceful, disgraceful that intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake out. i think it's a disgrace. and i say that. and that's something that nazi germany would have done and did do. i think it's a disgrace. kennedy: trump has made quite a pivot on fake news. in the past he claimed president obama was born in kenya and insisted rubio's father assisted oswald in killing jfk. now he compared the intel community to the nazis. >> i'm still trying to get my head our tinkle party.
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you will explain as the hour goes on. denial from donald trump is not the same as denial from most people. he denies a lot of stuff that we know is true. making fun of the reporter. i had no idea. kennedy: slow down, meryl streep. >> i don't know whether that stuff is true or not. but it doesn't convince me one way other other to hear donald say it isn't. kennedy: you would be predisposed to doubt weighing had to say. the fact that you are not full throatedly saying he's guilty of all these things. >> do you think this tone is any different now in his press conference than the one he had? >> no, it's the only tone i ever heard. kennedy: he's saying the ones who didn't publish this, i have
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a better opinion of you now. >> i think what trump should say, nobody can blackmail me. did you see what i said on that bus? nothing shocks anyone anymore. he's immune to blackmail. >> the next four years will be awesome. again -- kennedy: it reminds me of donald rumsfeld early in the war. >> this guy is fearless. this twitter feed seemed like elevated discourse when you see him go out there. kennedy: but the press knows how to get him going and he's not afraid to push back. it takes most presidents years to push back. >> he knows the press loves being sucked up to and that's what he did. i don't like you guys.
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kennedy: last word, ellis. >> don't wait six months for another one. let's do it again tomorrow. kennedy: going to the ritz carlton in moscow. president obama gave his farewell address to a teary nation. succinct, short hour-long speech. >> if you are tired of arguing with strangers on internet, try talking with one of them in real life. kennedy: there was so inch that speech. was there anything he could have left out? maybe about his legacy? let's ask my next guest, tim carney. you have written about this. i was comparing the speech all night long to ronald reagan's farewell speech in 1989. if you go back and right. i rated over and over again.
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i'll ride a passage from it. i loved it so much when he talks by wasn't a great communicator, but i communicated great things, and they didn't spring full bloom from my brow. they came from the heart of a great nation from our wisdom and belief in the principles that guide us for two centuries. that's how you give a farewell speech. >> obama gave a rally which is a weird thing to do. some parts of the speech were saying we disagreed at times but we all have to come together as a nation. that doesn't work with a rally before your liberal base. that's wait turned out to be. it was an hour long, highlighted for me the fact what he preached in the beginning he didn't practice. every time he said we need to get along with people who disagree with us. i thought about all the people where he said you are a shill for industry. or we'll make you provide birth
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control even though you are nuns in a small order. kennedy: on the reason republicans are winning is they play fox news in every bar. i love the part where he talks about his wife and daughters. you can say what bull his policies. but you can't fault the guy for being a good father and a good husband. and he clearly loves his family, and i thought that was lovely. >> i agree. personally i look at obama sometimes as a role model and he's he fuelsive publicly about this wife. he really is a role model as a dad and husband. i agree. kennedy: it was a big commiefest. he has trump envy and he saw the thank you tour president-elect trump went on and went to all
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the places that elected him with great adoration. and hillary clinton didn't take her moment in the sun or the moonlight on election night to go out and thank all the people who supported her and give that important concession speech. so i think it was sort of lapping you have and modeling himself after what trump has done and saying to hillary maybe this is how you do it. >> certainly for an hour would have been far more excuse yaight than barack obama for an hour.lf hear's how you will live in the trump america. we have to guard against the hatred. but he did try to say maybe the working class white guy who is a conservative living in pennsylvania, maybe you should try to have some sympathy for him.
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obama was actually trying to walk it back and say there might be some good trump voters. kennedy: if you want to win the presidency again you better learn to talk to the disenfranchise candidate no matter where they are from or what they look like. great summation of the speech. coming up, is jeff sessions a constitutional conservative or looking to limit our liberty. intelligence officials say the russians hacked the democrat's server. is there more to come? stay here and find out. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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kennedy: storm clouds are brewing in medical and recreational marijuana. leading the charge against it could be alabama senator jeff sessions, president-elect trump's pick for attorney general. sessions seems to think toothpaste could be put back in the tube even though pot is
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legal in one form or another in more than half of the country. >> would you use our federal resources to investigate and prosecute sick people using marijuana in accordance with their state laws even though it might violate federal law. >> i won't commit to never enforcing federal law, but absolutely it's a problem on resources for the federal government. >> you even man dated a death penalty for someone convicted of a second offense in the use of marijuana. >> i don't know under what circumstances i said that, but it doesn't sounds like something i would normally say. kennedy: that's a relief. the obama administration is mostly leftist. the states rights issue mostly.
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but will those days soon be over. joining me is dr. ron paul. as well as the former congressman and presidential candidate. welcome back, dr. paul. let's talk about this a little bit. i made the assertion that it fear that an southern general would spark up the drug war that would cost billions of doors and thousands of lives. were his answers sat twri to you? >> heavens no. i claimed over many years eventually the country would wake you have and get rid of prohibition like we did with alcohol. and we have been moving that direction. and the states have been doing a wonderful thing in nullifying federal control. but i think it could be reversed with the next administration. it will be very, very bad. it's bad law enforcement. the penalties given to people, you can go to prison for life.
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three charges and no violent crime ander in prison for life? it's total insanity. this is a major step backwards if they would become more aggressive stont war on drugs. in one place sessions argues on some lawsuits it's the states' rights. but on marijuana, no, it's the federal government's responsibility. it's inconsistent, unnecessary, un-american and against the principles of liberty and free choices. kennedy: he acts as though it's a legislative decisionnd congress can amended the federal through therefore make it federally legal in a majority of states. he has a great deal of power concentrated in that office. how much are you worried that someone like jeff sessions who by all accounts is a likeable person. but there are areas open for abuse at the highest level,
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including civil asset forfeiture. does that worry you? >> absolutely. his position on the patriot act is horrible, too. he isn't a good civil libertarian. but he's not a mean guy, and he believes's a constitutionalist. but he gets confused. so often people use the constitution to defend their progress tifs, but not at other times. i think he would be a great danger for the setback of civil liberties. but not for all of reasons they are chanting about in washington. most of this is about racism that doesn't exist. kennedy: today in regards to sessions, senator richmond who is a democratic representative from louisiana, testified with senator cory booker and john lewis. here is representative rich nonld in his own words.
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>> to have a senator, a house member, and a living civil rights legend testify at the ends of all this is equivalent of being made to go to the back of the bus. kennedy: come on, is everything about race? john lewis had poignant thoughts on growing up in alabama. cory booker did political grand standing. i would say you don't have the final act of "phantom of the open extra" at the beginning of the show. we do have a black president he electricked by a lot of white people. for people to try to go back into the dark ages and resuscitate some of this racist stuff is disgusting. i have come to the conclusion that the people who shout the loudest about racism are most racist themselves.
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there are still problems out there, but put it in context of what we are doing and put it in context of civil liberties. libber cities shouldn't be designed -- we shoulden talk about groups, any of these things. we should talk about individual rights and dealing with these. then you can get to the point why is it that the blacks aren't treated as fairly, you know, with enforcement of drug laws as white people that have the money to defend themselves. that's a civil liberty issue. kennedy: civil libertarians have done the best job leading that conversation and you have spearhead it. thank you very much. i appreciate it. obamacare is about to meet is end in a fiery thud. will republicans replace it with something just as bad or something free markety? that's next.
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i'm going to the bank, to discuss a mortgage. ugh, see, you need a loan, you put on a suit, you go crawling to the bank. this is how i dress to get a mortgage. i just go to lendingtree. i calculate how much home i can afford. i get multiple offers to compare side by side. and the best part is... the banks come crawling to me. everything you need to get a better mortgage. clothing optional. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. okay! ...awkward. kennedy: obamacare. it must be replaced very quickly. who said that? and nip congressional lollygagging will be unacceptable. it was president-elect trump. when asked how long they will take to install their own plan
8:31 pm
was echoed by president obama in his farewell address. if anyone can put together a plan that is better than the improvements we made to our healthcare system that covers as many people at less cost, i will publicly support it. kennedy: if you go to my aunt's house and she gives band-aids and mouth wash, that would be better than obamacare. trump offers center few specifics on how it will be done. glenn, it's not a lack of plans. a lot of people say the republicans don't have any plans. they have so many plans, how are they going to narrow them down? >> that's the problem. there are a lot of ways you can provide healthcare and pay for that. all those plans are out there and nobody agrees on any one. and how they all fit togethern is harder to come up with.
8:32 pm
kennedy: they are talk about a budget reconciliation process which would start pulling layers of the onion away in that sense. however, that doesn't get to things like preexisting conditions and the individual mandate and parts that -- >> reconciliation touches only on the budget side. the taxes and spending. so that guts the plan, takes the money away so you strangle it. but it doesn't replace. so that's the repeal part, but from the replace part. a reconciliation doesn't allow for a filibuster. so a simple majority can get it passed. kennedy: you go in for a liver operation. you take it old liver out. but they have to procure the fresh one and put that inside of you before you can live again. >> and they don't have a plan for the transplant.
8:33 pm
if donald trump has a line with rand paul and even speaker paul ryan said no we can't repeal and replace later. instead it has to be repeal or reef place almost simultaneously. you can't just take it out. >> it's true. and so as much of our economy of is dependent on healthcare. this is a $3 trillion industry. and you can't strangle the insurance companies. you can't leave people without coverage. so many people on obamacare are on medicd. do medicaid continue to fution if the pl is delayed or there is a temporary small? >> it's also interproafen between how the care is delivered and how it many governed. expansion of medicaid provided coverage to people in lower to lidt middle lower incomes.
8:34 pm
by law they have to provide that expansion. they rely on federal funding to help make that possible. if you cut off the funding the states are on the loo hook for providing the care. the republicans need a replacement that doesn't leave them on the hook for unfunded mandates. kennedy: so many states are having trouble, teetering on the verge of bankruptcy in california and illinois. we'll see what happens. i hope beyond optimism that the free market prevails and people get less expensive health insurance coverage and they get better care. i don't know if that will ever happen. and like you said during the break. no one will agree on all of the parts that have to replace this healthcare law. coming up, elon musk has a plan
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kennedy: speak of gazing, at ourselves. tesla and spacex ceo elon musk worried about super robots killing mankind.
8:39 pm
he has come up with a novel solution to join them. according to musk if we have cyber parts evil machines won't be able to push us around. welcome back to my party panel. tom, i will start with you. we should swap out our parts. take the metal bits. we'll have our biology and we be upload our con chest chusness and access google. >> it's no surprise he on plus be comes out with this now. he's already done it. don't pretend you are not half android. have you looked at that guy. look at a picture of him from 20 years ago. he's already gone half and half. you could tell there was
8:40 pm
something up there. >> every woman in the greater los angeles area over the age of 32 will look the same way. >> but you should have seen him before. kennedy: other than sex robots, what's the best part about melgd our humanity. >> i want to make sure we get the party parts right. i want flat steel abs. kennedy: stop being modest. we know you have them. he walks around shirtless. >> it will be backward. we'll get the wrong things. i will have a mouse or something. >> that's not necessarily the wrong thing. you can use the mouse in a garden.
8:41 pm
>> i want to be mave in west world. i could look at her all day on freeze frame. why are we listening to elon musk? this rocket are still blowing up on launch. kennedy: it's less expensive than government rocket. we are saving money. >> they are not even in the sky. he's not quite there yet. i just think we are listening to somebody who -- you know -- >> he says we can meld with him as long as we are the aivment. what does he mean by that? kennedy: if we keep our consciousness to ourselves and maintain our biology we'll can their servants and slaves.
8:42 pm
that's not good. $6 million man, it will be a bargain in the future. >> we may not have a lot of intelligence, but it's real. kennedy: that's so beautiful. what a fine note to end on. a glorious panel just for you. the f.b.i. says russia hacked into the republican server during the election. but if they have, they are apparently still sitting on the info.
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kennedy: president-elect trump claimed russia managed to hack the heck out of the dnc and steal info that ultimately damaged the clinton campaign. but the rnc has such strong protections the hackers can't get in. but james comey said they did break into rnc computers. but apparently the info was old and was never released.
8:47 pm
welcome back, you dapper devil. >> it's a new 2017, kennedy. kennedy: there are some serious allegations going back and forth that donald trump has had ties s to for years. is this the intel community screwing with him before he ascends to office or is there something more nefarious at work. >> buzzfeed did a tremendous disservice to the president-intelligence community relationship. what they released was so badly sourced and uncorroborated and trump blames the intelligence community, not buzzfeed. but he thinks the i.c. somehow handed it to them. but in that report last week there was a two:page apen deks they probably didn't brief to trump.
8:48 pm
they probably said for exam examples of disinformation, go to apen deks bravo. the notion that the gop wasn't hacked was a bit naive. you must assume the worst any time you sent an email at at degrees gop. a president can mix trust the national park service. $20 for mount rushmore, are you serious? that's fine, we'll live. but a president who doesn't trust his own intelligence community, that's putting us at risk and that's on buzzfeed. kennedy: chuck schumer was taunting the president-elect saying you don't disparage the intelligence community because
8:49 pm
they have six ways to sunday of getting back aught. does that mean part of our government is bully seeking retribution? that sucks. that's a bad scenario. >> it's a bureaucracy. the best analogy i can make is the relationship between mayor bill deblasio and police. he made his career bad mouthing police. he has to even 40s laws of new york. he finds the nypd as an institution as contempt for them. it's the same with the president who throws the intelligence community under the bus with the pentagon. brewer yat krat is have a way of -- bureaucracies have a way of fighting back. kennedy: this report on buzzfeed and cnn, is this the intel community biting back?
8:50 pm
>> no, because the cnn report specifically was what was in the odni's apen deks. buzzfeed ran with something that was uncrop rateable. rate -- that could not be corroborated. it's clear trump blames them for stuff they probably never leaked. kennedy: have a wonderful evening. you are a lamb of god. innocent. the "topical storm" is next.
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kennedy: when your ski lodge gets bulldozed by an angry avalanche, i'll kill that avalanche with a flame thrower of news. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. the gods of internet popularity are fickle mistresses. businesses spent thousands of dollars trying to make a video go viral, and nothing happens. meanwhile a guy in australia posted a clip of his road building business and the internet went crazy. wow, look at that. like he's unrolling an as faulty carpet. so smooth and straight, so wonderful. and the gravel, there is the
8:55 pm
gravel perfectly aligned. the video has over 14 million views. and i want in on it. i sent my producer paul to the road behind my house. check it out. we have motorcyclists. there is one. sorry, motorcyclist. topic number 2. aren't pap ras wharen't paparaz? you are trying to mind you're own business. here is one celeb who wouldn't take the heat anymore.
8:56 pm
kennedy: preying mantis, they are so creepy. i will never forget time i saw one in my backyard. here is a preying mantis. what a scary insect. it took me an hour to beat that thing to death with my shoe and burying it in the quarry behind my house. it took a long time, a lot more than an hour. love you. topic number 3. what you are about to see is real. i think. i don't mow. watch prove snow boarder attempt to back flip over a moving
8:57 pm
stationing whaton to get groceries and pick up the kids from soccer. holy cold dog crap. what a perfect physics and momentum. he is able to use the angle of the car's hood and the speed of the vehicle to build his own. it all could have gone horribly wrong like this. he could have crushed his swedish meatballs. topic number 4.
8:58 pm
drones can be a lot of fun. but remember to land them on something that isn't your spouse. otherwise this could happen. >> what happened? kennedy: wouldn't that be convenient if a drone came with haircutting tools so they wouldn't get tangled in your hair? paul says he upgrade it top remove hair. paul? there is paul. okay, fall, paul, the drone seems far away. no, paul. what if those had been interns. that's not a haircut, that's a homicide.
8:59 pm
but to be completely fair, his hair looks presentee good now. if you are like me, you have had bend it like beckham with drawlts for more than a decade. keira knightley honored the game of soccer with sick skills. i like how a kid tried to nab her ball, but she has got a lot of video on her social media account. she put that kid to bet like a computer at nap time. shut it down like chinatown. thank you for watching the show. i enjoyed your eyeballs. you can follow me on twitter and instagram @kennedynation.
9:00 pm
email tomorrow andrew napolitano within dana perino and brian brenberg. i'll see you then. good night. passion for old west guns, guts, and glory. >> i do see bullet holes. >> two strange inheritances -- one a lone star mystery... >> i'm roy roberson. >> i don't think he wanted anyone to have the combination, because that was his control over the pandora's box. >> ...the other a texas-sized challenge. >> this may be financially one of the dumbest things that i have ever done. >> together, can they make history? >> fire! [ explosion ] [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪


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