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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ bat cracks, crowd cheers ] two economies in one, representative thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: president-elect came out swinging against spies and lies, mr. trump holding a wideranged fast moving well organized news conference that produced a lot of news, some drama. >> i think it is a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to public. lou: president-elect's press secretary sean spicer among our guests. >> president-elect handing control of his business empire to his sons to remove any appearance of a conflict of interest. >> we'll have the story. and mr. trump's choice for secretary of state putting his diplomatic skilled to work
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today, rex tillerson under aggressive questioning, during his confirming a hearing from one of mr. trump's former rivals on the campaign trail. senator james langford and congressman chris collins joining me here. donald trump today delivering his phys new his first news conference at president-elect, his plan to separate his private business have public service at president, announcing obama will be repealed and replaced simultaneously, allegations of russian interference in the elect, fake news scandal and speculation that u.s. intelligence, might have been involved. and one reporter in left wing national media, unsuccessfully tried to railroad the president-elect. on a mistake. >> no, are in president-elect. >> go ahead. >> go ahead. >> no, not you, not you. >> can you give us a chance.
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>> your organization is terrible. >> can you give us a chance to ask a question. >> go ahead. >> quiet, quiet, go ahead. >> she is asking a question, dowdon't be rude. >> can you give us a question. >> don't be rude, i am not going to give you a question, you are fake news. lou: to capitol hill, rex tillerson president-elect secretary of state nominee, appeared before senate foreign releag relations committee, showing great restraint when he had to address marco rubeo's questioning. >> you are not familiar with state of affairs of people in saudi arabia, what it like for women they can't drive. people jailed and lashed you are familiar with that. >> there is a change underway in kingdom of saudi arabia. how and if they arrive to the
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same value system we have, i can't predict that. but i do believe is it is moving in the direct that we want it to move. i would not want to do is take some kind of a precipitous act that suddenly caused leadership of kingdom of saudi arabia to interrupt that, i would like to have them continue to make that pro-- progress. lou: kimberly guilfoyle, what an amazing day. that press address. >> sitting there watching this, are they kidding? such a disservice to journalist to behave that way, they would never dare do that to president obama, i thought he handled it well, he shut it down, they need to know this is going to be different than they are used to.
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he is not going to let someone make fall allegation, and attack and acts like a circus. he was unflappable and he preceded forward, and let another reporter, behaving in the right way ask a question. lou: there was a time in this su country when presidents and president-elect demanded respect, this president has not even held news conferences, this president being one who said good night to us last night, it is going to be an interesting dynamic, and it is pretty clear that donald trump does not have any qualms about their being consequences for reporters and news organizations, dealing with baseless claims, and publ >> no they tried to do it before his press conference. they came at him, they were
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not able to derail him, to me this was a strong moment for him, he covered a lot of ground in press conference it was well done and professional, compelling if you saw results and reaction on-line, okay. this is the guy that we voted for, we're paz passionates bi love it he is letting everyone know, you people posing as a journalists, i don't suffer fools. lou: there is no presence here, now -- pretends here, now suddenly same news organization that attacked donald trump as a candidate are trying to attack him as president-elect and then president, and pretend they are just a news organization in point of fact they have become activists, complacent with the left -- come -- with the left, and with they have been attacking him,
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relentlessly. >> they are called out today, it was shameful it was so obvious to put forward these allegations that were unsubstantiated, and to go ahead and proffer them like they were truth. it, it backfired it was another winnable moment for president-elect, moving forward to show, he just swatted home off like little bugs. like get out of my way, i am leading america forward. lou: another, that is on capitol hill, the hearings, rex tillerson, we have shown in part, handling himself as president-elect's nominee to be secretary of state, he is facing hostile questions, from republicans as well as democrats, marco rubio put on a display that i could not fathom, his motivation or contact or value system, he was purporting to represent. >> yeah, i am struggling to see what is the motivation there, what is he after, his
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future political promise? wanting to be president some day, like we saw. lou: that was not presidential. >> like we saw with cory booker with sessions, i was like two sides of the same coin what is going on, i was surprised and disappointed. no offense, why are you complaining and barking up the wrong tree, rex tillerson handles himself beautifully, really well prepared. and he was so stowic, and unflap able. lou: he looked like a man who had been running a large enterprise for a while, knew what he was doing. and he came out, on top, for a decade, leader of that organization. >> yeah. lou: cory booker, listen to cory booker, for first time in history attack a colleague in u.s. senate, and his motivation, we'll take that up on other side of the sound bite. >> america needs an attorney
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general who is resolute and determined to bend the arc, senator sessions record does not speak to that desire, intention our will, with all at stake in our nation now with need for healing and love, pray my colleagues will join me in opposing his nomination. lou: healing, praying, that is more blather than i heard. >> that was shameful, i am going to be the future of the democratic party. instead, he pulled -- looking down and reading trying to create this like, super charged energy. lou: very dramatic. >> very dramatic.
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but nevertheless, not a passing grade, i am so sorry. lou: and booker, i mean. >> we don't know what is going on there. lou: bend the arc, it sounded like bend the law a little bit. >> like go ahead, and try to politicize it like we saw with department of justice, and everything else. you know, i don't think so. lou: democrats are putting on more losing moments on television, in these hearings, than i ever imagined possible. the sooner they can get out of the way of this confirmation process the better for the democratic party, great to see you. >> i concur, lou. lou: i appreciate that concurrence, we are in concurrence, thank you. >> secretary of state, nominee, tillerson today, vowing to always put america's interest first. >> my love of country and my patriotism is going to dictate that i serve no one's interest but that of the american
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people. >> america first, i heard that somewhere, senator james langford will jane u joining us next, stay with us, more to
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lou: joining me now to talk about trump news conference today, senator james langford, only senator who sits on intelligence, and homeland security committee, let me start with first, general kelly, how is that moving in your judgment? secondly, we're starting to get real movement now on capitol hill. the attorney general nominee, senatoreve jeff sessions. >> we've been in session a week and a half, we've done our organizational meetings set' commity and started process of hearing, general kelly, to lead homeland security wil sail through, answered great questions dealing with immigration, and secret service, and how we'll handle many issues we face. he did a great job on that yesterday, i ex beck it to be
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same tomorrow with cia nominee mike pompeo. lou: senator sessions moving aways, are you expecting confirmation. >> my frustration is democrats are saying prove to us you stopped being a racist this is a unfair line of questions they are trying to layout to him, saying i assume you were a racist decade okay sometimes you change, tell us when you changed a bizarre line of questioning, and divisive. lou: i have heard some of most ignore a ignorant statements. but, some of the most, have emanated from the democrats are insincere, talking, speaking and questioning from a idealogical foundation that is purely pragmatic politics, and nasty as the dickens. >> it is, what they are trying
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to do they can't stop jeff session from being selected they are just trying to hurt him, when he does his job he will be wounded in the process, he is not going to put up with that, he is a great person, a decent human being. they don't like the fact that jeff session said i am going to follow the law, they like an attorney general that says i'll be fuzzy on the law. but sometimes i will fudge on the law, he says i will follow the law. lou: senator cory booker talking about bending the arc today almost like bend the law the way he arctic lated that expression, and i think that perhaps that is what he meant. something to be put above the law. because sessions has been a man as the president election is, of law, and order. for all of america. >> and the frustration i have with cory booker, he said this
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is a time for healing yet he lays down something divisive to come in, first time ever in senate history to have a senator testify against another senator not saying anything specific just generalities from decades ago, the real, is jeff is a prime candidate to deal with these issues right now, he is a great person to take these on, talk about healing it is more divisive, i wish it would not have happened that way, it does not accomplish anything. lou: if he takes up mantle of democratic party, one who looks like he is seeking advantage in this position, he is emulating experience of barack obama. who has been one of the -- if not the most divisive leaders in this country, over the course of the past century. >> yes, and cory booker traditionally has been someone that works hard to try to work with all people. it was a surprise to me he decided this this congress, i
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am going to switch over and be rank party now, suddenly, it is just a sad ship for him. lou: rank part you got this, and por hart partisan, tillerson, you are impressed with? >> i was impressed with tillerson, good to be able to see him make clear statements on russia. challenge you have for any of these cabinet secretaries, they are not fully up to speed. and clearly they have not met with the president, so, many of people in panel say, take a position on something now, that is not his job, he carries out position of president, and in his new job, for many questions he could say i don't know what the president's position is on this job. he set ash side a tremendous long-term private sector career to be able to set aside come to public sector is a very admirable thing to do he is very limited in what he
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could say, he did a great job showing he is a good leader, can handle th issues. and they are not able to articulate solutions are going to be. lou: he did the right thing in talking about being careful about what is public reporting and otherwise covert information that has been collected by intelligence agents upon which he would make a decision rather than they popular press. >> right. >> rex til tillerson is starting by going through information that john kerry is ending. by doing as much as he can to hurt israel on the way out the door, that is a saddening as well.
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>> ending it is, there is something gratifying about that and hopeful. senator we have president-elect today in his news conference, announcing the ways in which he will separate his private business and those asset and operation from his public service, i thought that he did a terrific job. his attorneys, in constructing what is a, i just, to me architecture of the separation, makes all of the sense in the world, your reaction? >> i think it is the right way to go, he was clear to say this, is not required but advise able, i want to make it clear, i am not going to do international negotiations buyinged on my business preference, difficult he has everywhere in world there are trump properties, he has been very engaged as a businessman doing real estate in the world, there is no way to divide up that other than
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shelter it, say i will not be involved in day-to-day operation, many liberal out tv today saying we will not be happy until he ends up in total poverty that is not even reasonable. he has to be able to isolate his holdings, and set them aside, and then american people have to step up say watch for american people, not your pocketbook that is a fair request. lou: a fair request, i believe that reasonable people and reasonable usually excludes the national left here. i think -- we appreciate senator you have a great new year. you are off to a fast start that feels right. for what we have ahead of us, thank you so much senator james langford. >> thank you. >> glad to do it. lou: china engaging in more provocative conduct.
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taiwan today, scrambling f-16 fighter jets, dispatching a frigate to taiwan strait. this is second time china has sent carrier, into the strait since the beginning of this year, secretary of state nominee rex tillerson today, signaling trump administration will be much tougher on china. on thish of tensions in south china sea, tillerson said, we're going to have to send china's clear signal that island building stops. be sure to vote in our poll, do you think that donald trump is correct to dismiss the national left wing media that unfairly attacks him? cast your vote on twitter. we would like to hear you
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from, and follow me on twitter. like me on facebook. on wall street today stocks moved higher, dow gaining 99, s&p up 6, nasdaq rose 12, yes, at another record high. fifth straight. volume 3.6 billion share, and a reminder to listen to my reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. >> up next, three amigos and a head clown working to under cut our president-elect, and mr. trump is not pleased. >> lindsey graham, i have been competing with him for a long time now. he is going to crack that 1% pai barrier one day. >> next. stay with us. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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lou: a few thought on the democrats' head clown and the three republican amigos moving together in obstructionist lock step. senate minority leader taking aim at president-elect trump and secretary of state nominee rex tillerson hitting them for not committing to mandatory saiptions against russia. but shoer said democrat wouldn't work at all, only if he tbhorkd their direction and abandoned republicans all together. that was the reasonable chuck schumer. the mandatory sanctions are being pushed by none other than lyndsey graham and john mccain. founding members of the three amigos intent on working against the president-elect it seems. mccain and graham have been looking for a third for their group since kelly ayotte lost
10:29 pm
her reelect bid. their new amigo is senator marco rubio, apparently. he head he had on southerns about tillerson. but today rubio was downright aggressive and hostile in his questioning of the nominee when they were clashing over putin and human right. while tillerson kept his cool, i believe the three amigos may be in trouble for the attacks on tillerson who i think handled himself well in the face of those petty attacks. the head clown did no better. if they mean their attacks on tillerson to defeat his nomination, that would mean their spite and political judgment has plummeted. he will be confirmed and the country will be very, very glad that he is.
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the quotation of the evening, this one from somerset maughn. it is not true that suffering ebb oabls the character. happiness does that sometimes, but suffering for the most part makes men petty and vindictive. the three amigos must have suffered more than anyone of us realized. donald trump's team. >> it's complete garbage. it's irresponsible and it's what's horrible about politic and what and happening in america. she should be ashaped of themselves. >> the
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lou: we just learned the nation's top intelligence officials will be briefing the senate tomorrow on russian interference in our presidential election. the director national intelligence james clapper, characteristics a director john brennan and james comey and the nsa's mike rogers all will brief the senate. the house received their briefing last friday. senator chuck schumer cautioned president-elect trump about being so critical of the intelligence community leadership.
10:35 pm
this was senator schumer talking just over a week ago. >> you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from sunday of getting back aught. from what i am told, they are very upset with how he has treated them and talked about them. lou: joining me now, trump spokesman sean spicer. the press conference, i felt was one of the fastest moving, best organized, and wide ranging i have seen in a while, and replete with drama. i would like to share with you. i know you lived it. the audience again. the exchange between donald trump obviously very annoyed with cnn and its -- well, its editorial choices about salacious fake news. here we go.
10:36 pm
>> mr. president-elect. since you are -- >> not you, not you. your organization is terrible. >> you are attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance to ask a question? >> quite, quite. she is asking a question, don't be rude. don't be rude. don't be rude. no, i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. lou: you were a bit exorcised yourself. now that that's occurred, jim acosta is claiming you threatened to toss him from the press conference if he interrupted again. is that true? >> well, no, not entirely. here's what happened. the clip you just played, jim acosta was inappropriate, rude and disrespectful.
10:37 pm
he did it twice. after the press conference was over and the president-elect left the area. i went over to him and informed him that his behavier was rude, disrespectful and inappropriate and fit happened again i would have him removed. i have been doing republican party politics for 20 years. if i watched president obama or president clinton treated that way i would react the same way. having a reporter stand up and basically yell and scream and act as inappropriately and rude as he did is a disgrace. we are better than that, and he was an embarrassment to the press corps. i think he's an embarrassment to the press corps. the rest of the press was behaving appropriately. his network already had a question answered. he owes an apology to the
10:38 pm
president-elect and the entire press corps for his inappropriate behavior. lou: when ronald reagan entered the white house, he was being very clear of what had become an outrageous scene with the press corps would end with president reagan would be treated with respect. there would be absolute decorum. and that was it. to watch acosta do that is stunning stuff. i can't imagine it happening in the white house. but then again i couldn't have managed it happening there in the president-elect's first news conference. >> back in reagan's day you had aggressive reporters. but at the end of the day they knew the line and they knew how to be respectful of the office. i think what he did today just really i think as i noted
10:39 pm
earlier is an embarrassment to the entire press corps. the idea that he tried to monopolize the time and make it about him was rude to the press corps and the president-elect and doesn't reflect well as who we are as americans. lou: i couldn't agree with you more. rex tillerson, handling -- i thought handled himself extraordinarily well. and i was surprised at some of the animosity, seeming hostility from marco rubio. the left wing i get, the democrats playing partisan -- carrying out partisan tactics. but for marco rubio to be quite that hostile, i was surprised. >> i think that one of the things people who have gotten to
10:40 pm
know rex tillerson, you become immediately impressed with his professional and personal story. he's a man of immense greatness, immense concern for this country. he's been enormously successful as a businessman and he has given tremendously of himself and his wife on a personal level. and i think it's something i hope more americans and not just the senators at the committee get to see. because he will be an amazing secretary of state. there is a reason the president atlantic chose him. he knows how to be successful and fight hard. he's a tough negotiator. i think our country will be blessed because he will be on board leading our foreign policy. lou: i don't think it's hyperbole to suggest this cabinet that the president-elect nominated will be amongst the best in history. extraordinary talent. and as he promised unexpected quarters that he drew from to
10:41 pm
assemble the cabinet. senator jeff sessions speak of hostility, and senator booker going after him after working with senator sessions closely on legislation, including civil rights legislation. politics, if you will, dominating all on the part ofars process. >> that's right. last february senator booker stood on the senate floor standing with senator sessions to across many the folks who marched in the 1965 civil rights. he said on the floor of the senate how honored he was to stand shoulder to shoulder with senator jeff sessions. here we are today and senator booker unfortunately reversed course and tried to make it about politics instead of the fine record senator sessions has had as the united states gnat fighting for all of us as
10:42 pm
americans. lou: the "new york times," pushing aside partisanship and rising above it. the "new york times" objectively holding forth the ethics experts are the only way for mr. trump to assure a highly ethical conduct and know conflict of interest is to shoaferg he's got right now. the plan he announced today was extraordinarily well thought out. >> oh, yeah. lou: and meets every test that's necessary for a man who first all is not required by the constitution or law to have done so. >> i couldn't have said it better myself. the constitution make it clear the president and vice president aren't subject to these conflict of interest rules. but his desire to serve this country caused him to take this extra step. he will step down from the trump organization.
10:43 pm
put his assets in a trust, hand it over to his sons. he went through extraordinary steps to show how focused he is on this country, making it great again. creating economic growth' he should be applaud for it steps he went through. as his lawyer walked through that this morning. she noted, had he done what the "new york times" had said, they with have claimed whether it was fair market value and those people are trying to influence purchase of an asset. it's a bit ridiculous. the steps he has taken went well beyond whatever is required. lou: whether it be the nomination processor handling of the drama or the nomination process. i keep remembering those long ago cries from the left, they wanted donald trump to act presidential. well, they have got it now. sean spicer thanks so much.
10:44 pm
up next, donald trump promising to repeal and replace obamacare simultaneously. that discussion is apparently over. the house votes friday on obamacare. the senate has begun the budgetary process necessary to do what the president-elect this morning said will be done. congressman chris collins joins us next. stay with us. your insurance company
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. lou: joining me now congressman chris collins. congressional liaison for the trump transition team. how does it feel right now to be the guy who was first to support him? >> well, lou, it's been a whirlwind since february 24 when i did endorse donald j. trump it's been a lot of fun, it's been educational. and i'm honored to be that person and honored when president-elect trump asked the speak tore make meet congressional liaison to the transition team. so i love coming on your show. something i wouldn't have done
10:49 pm
otherwise. i'm honored to be part of transition effort and moving forward on the subcommittee of energy and commerce work on the health issues of america to undo the damage of obamacare and have affordable healthcare that works for all americans. lou: donald trump making it clear you are going to tree peel and replace obamacare simultaneously. there has been and lot of discussion, a lot of debate and back and forth, particularly with the house leadership. >> you are right. lou: but that discussion is obviously over and the president-elect is in the house and the senate are moving together and forward and quickly. >> this is the ceo at work. and i know as a former ceo myself, i would say are we still gathering gaita, or do we have all the data. in this case we have all the data. so make the decision.
10:50 pm
there is nothing worse than procrastination when nothing is going to change tomorrow that we don't know today. so make the decision today. i love it because that's how president trump is going to run this country. he's surrounding himself with former ceos, whether it's rex tillerson or others. er? people who make decisions, a no -- a no-nonsense type of guys. pro cast nation is not going to be acceptable in done very world. lou: the speaker of the house, paul ryan, said things would be ready, but an is paid the longer workout for the replacement part of that equation. is it your sense the house will be able to move? is there a sense that this is going to be the most expeditious effort on something so bill as obamacare in history?
10:51 pm
>> i sure hope so. and the other one we have is secretary tom price who will be the head of hhs. we have remember a lot of the worst parts of obamacare like the 10 points of the policy provisions that had be provided within that was not legislation. that was a decision by the secretary of health and human services. an awful lot of this can be undone by our new hhs secretary tom price once he's in. lou: i think i know what set of orders he will get as secretary of hhs. good luck. i know you have got a full agenda. >> we sure do. it's nice to be with you. lou: president-elect trump blasting leaks from the nation's intelligence agencies. clinton cash author, one of the finest investigative journalists
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so we know how to cover almost alanything.ything, even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music) (burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ lou: in our online poll last night the question was, do you believe president obama will even come close in his farewell address to acknowledging his cy of failure? this was a closer contest than i thought. wait, 97% of you doubt he would.
10:56 pm
joining us now is peter schweizer. author of "clinton cash," one of the country's greatest investigative reporters. this is a marvelous time in so many ways and i'm enjoying myself thoroughly. as i watch what donald trump did today, and let's start with separating his businesses from his public service as president. a man who didn't have to do it. an came up with this apparatus, an architecture that it seems to me you couldn't ask him to have done more. >> i was one of the people who raised the questions that the conflict of interest issues need to be dealt with. he didn't do all that it wanted. but he did more than he needed to do legally and he has taken tee normous steps that are
10:57 pm
costly to him, and he deserves a lot of credit. lou: people don't even think about the sacrifices donald trump and his family made to serve the nation it's a quaint idea, isn't it, that people going into government sacrifice rather than get a pay raise. it's not done often. >> this is the issue of the money in politics. at the end of the day you can structure things and set up walls. at the end of the day you want to make sure people around the president, family or otherwise don't take sweet heart deals. whether it's carter or bush. >> last tuesday warning effectively the president-elect to be careful of his criticism of the intelligence agencies because as he put it they get
10:58 pm
you six ways from sunday if they want to. was he being a prophet? >> i think he was. 1960 election john kennedy campaigned on the so-called missile gap which was nonexistent. he was backed up bin tell jones services that knew there was no missile gap. there are members in the intelligence group that's become politicized and favor one party over another. lou: james comey, the director of the f.b.i. and his f.b.i. released 301 pages of documents sunday during the packers-giants game which created something of a delay for me. what is going on here? >> when was the last time the f.b.i. released document on a sunday. you know how much i have followed this stuff?
10:59 pm
i watched the game and looked at document later. it's designed to shield hillary clinton from public scrutiny. hoping people won't pay attention. what did the document reveal? they had horrible security, the password was password and hillary clinton the foreign ghost entities got access to private emails through third parties. those are bombshells. lou: and they lead to an entirely different conclusion than the f.b.i. director'susiono proceed with an investigation and prosecution of hillary clinton. peter schweizer. always great to see you. good to see you. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. congressman jim jordan among our guests tomorrow. just another news day in america. and it will be full to the brim. please be with us.
11:00 pm
good night from new york. [♪] two economies in one, representative thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: president-elect came out swinging against spies and lies, mr. trump holding a wideranged fast moving well organized news conference that produced a lot of news, some drama. >> i think it is a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to public. lou: president-elect's press secretary sean spicer among our guests. >> president-elect handing control of his business empire to his sons to remove any appearance of a conflict of interest. >> we'll have the story. and mr. trump's choice for secretary of state putting his


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