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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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he said don't ask me where things look best, but where it looks worse. marianne, is right, europe opportunities are there. in u.s., we'll not go from sector rotation from bonds to he can quilt. but growth to value -- equities. there is real value here. liz: we'll put them on page. join us on the mlk day. that will do it for me, live and living color but david asman and gerri willis after the bell. >> liz, markets are closed but fox business is in and open for business. i'm gerri willis in for david -- melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." here is what we have this hour. donald trump met with son of martin luther king , jr., there were negative comments on both
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sides of that we'll take you live to trump tower for the he details. insurance for everybody? president-elect says he has a plan to replace obamacare, and it may include a major goal of obamacare. we're going to explain. a scandal still haunting the clintons months after the election has now led to a major announcement. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. i don't plan to attend the inauguration. it will be the first one that i miss since i've been in the congress. >> i hope that john lewis and some others who have joined his plans to take a pass on the inauguration will rethink that. >> i understand why john lewis feels the way he does. this is a very fearful and divided nation right now. >> this is disappointing to hear somebody who has such an important voice and platform to say what he said about the president, which by the way is just false.
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>> escalating tensions with congressional democrats. congressman john lewis is one of 31 democratic leaders vowing to stay home for donald trump's inauguration, this after calling trump's presidency illegitimate. the president-elect responding on twitter saying quote, congressman john lewis should finally focus on the burning and crime-infested inner cities of the u.s. i could use all the help i can get. david: ouch. back and forth. brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush, and chris atty setzer, president of new heights communications. martin luther king iii was at trump tower had a fairly long meeting with donald trump and said the following. >> john lewis, demonstrating with action. things get said on both sides in the heat emotion. at some point we --
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david: what did you didn't hear was the press baiting martin luther king, jr. to say something negative about donald trump. he didn't he rose above the comments of both gentleman. i think he took the right action, don't you. >> absolutely, if representative lewis taken that road. he chose the low road. he should be ashamed of himself. he represents people in his district, 700,000 plus people. what about their right to be represented by their representative at the inaugural. he should resign but he represent something bigger than himself. he was elected to represent the people of his district. he spoke for all of them. david: one thing he did say, which is not true. that he attended every inauguration while he has been congressman. he did not attend the george w. bush inauguration. he has done it before, and, frankly, you know, i think probably does represent, it ain't for nothing that the guy
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has been elected time after time. he probably does represent his constituency, right? >> beloved in his district, a district obviously he knows very well and donald trump does not. for example, when he said it was crime-infested. one thing trump probably didn't know, just because there are a lot of black people in john lewis's district, doesn't mean it is poor, crime move ridden or they're living in hell. actually some of the wealthier suburbs outside of at lant he represents. that is one thing. look, this is actually the least that john lewis and those 30 other congressional democrats can do by having sort of peaceful protest by not tenanting the inauguration if they believe as i do -- david: if i heard you right. you're saying john lewis did the least of what he should have done? >> absolutely. david: what do you think he should have done? >> well, look, if you believe as i do, and i believe our intelligence agencies do that donald trump was potentially accepting the help of the russian government that --
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>> that is false. david: hold on a second. i don't want to rego over all that stuff. okay. >> not going to the inauguration is a least you can do. david: brad, the point, one of star qualities of this country, i covered latin america and emerging markets for 12 years. i know what most of the world is like. it doesn't come anywhere close to the peaceful of transition of power we have in in country. that is what you celebrate. it is not necessarily that you're in favor of the guy who was elected, right? >> that's right. exactly. not one republican, that i know of protested barack obama's inaugural in 2009. can you imagine if they did what they would be called? the fact is, john you hit it right on the head -- david: it is david. >> americans to celebrate the transfer of power of the united states and peaceful way. it was a fair and free election. for these representatives to put a stain on that is really a stain on their record but everybody they represent.
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david: final word from christie, christie doesn't that deserve to be celebrated we have peaceful transition of power in this country. martin luther king iii, the son of martin luther king, jr., is celebrating that. isn't that where we want to go this week? into no. not if you think that this president was quote, elected with the help after foreign government that is not our friend. no, we don't celebrate that. >> nobody said the result, nobody in intel said the results of the election would have changed as a result of what the russians did. thankthank you, brad and christ, appreciate it. >> fascinating. president-elect trump sharing his ideas for repealing and replacing obamacare in an interview with the "washington post." trump telling the paper, quote, we're going to have insurance for everybody. there was a philosophy in some circles if you can't pay for it, you don't get it. that will not happen with us. much less expensive and much better. joining us to weigh in,
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manhattan institute of health policy paul howard. welcome to the show. donald trump, the president-elect, says he has a plan formulated down to the final strokes and includes insurance for everybody. what does he mean? >> well it's not clear. until we see the actual details of the plan, what he appears to be saying is he will have comparable coverage to the affordable care act, obamacare, and he is going, as he said before make sure people who have preexisting conditions get covered. that means this is going to be relatively expensive plan in the ballpark what the aca is, unless he finds other ways to break down costs. he alluded to fewer insurance mandates on insurance companies and other tweaks to bring down the costs. >> it is clear as mud. i read the whole story trying to understand it. he is always negotiating. the tension between providing insurance for everybody on one hand and on other hand
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republicans want to make sure costs don't spiral out of control. can you do both at the same time? >> look the republican concern about obamacare was expensive power grab that would collapse and it is collapsing. one thing republicans kicking more responsibility back to the states. that is where doctors and hospitals are licensed. that is where the biggest costs are. set a predictable framework and drive competition through them i think you can do both. melissa: i want to mention numbers. premium subsidy is on the rise, 10 billion. david: wow. melissa: >> we're seeing a spiral out of control. it raise as question can you repeal and replace at the same time? that is what donald trump is pushing for. that is what the republicans have said they don't want to do. paul? >> you have only got 52 votes in the senate right now. if you lose four or five of the votes, repeal off republican moderates like susan collins or conservatives on other side you will lose reconciliation. that is awfully tough needle to thread. they were originally going with
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repeal and delay instead of repeal and replace. >> paul howard thank you very much. david: a new sheriff in town. president-elect trump says drug companies that abuse pricing are getting away with murder calling united states government largest buyer of drugs in the world but most inineffective bidding on them. steve cortez is with us. what i thought he was talking about bidding, medicare part-d. this is 100 billion-dollar prescription drug program started undergw bush. there is tremendous abuse. there are companies that get in there without proper bidding and proper competition. i think that needs to be challenged, don't you? >> david, i couldn't agree more. this is example a when we talk about cronyism so rampant in washington, d.c., very beneficial for the political establishment and many of its cohorts, many who are pharma
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executive. hasn't worked for workers and patients taking the drugs. this is common sense. one of the reasons donald trump resonated with americans this kind of talk and this kind of approach where i take a businessman's approach. we have enormous power as the largest drug producer in the world. we don't play that way, play our hand. david: purchasing power comes primarily from the government, medicare part-d, which is $100 billion worth of drugs. let me put it to you. some people are worry he is donald trump and doesn't finish his sentences and says things in tweets, part of what he is saying drug companies should have certain price controls on how much they charge. that would be of concern to a lot of free marketeers out there. >> sure. listen i think you bring up a great point. i don't think what he is getting at. he is saying we can be a lot smarter. we have been terrible in this country negotiating deals, whether medicare part-d, whether
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trade deals particularly with china. china plays a lot in whole pharmaceutical discussion, because so much american pharmaceutical innovation happens here. the lab part happens here. the manufacturing happens in china. i'm okay with that. i'm a free market person but we need to demand reciprocity to china. they have to be every bit and open to our products and services as we presently to theirs. that is not at all the case now. we have a tilted playing field. trump, whether drugs, china, border with mexico, trump will insis we play like we have the strong hand because we do. david: steve cortez, great to see you, steve, thank you very much. >> thank you. melissa: president-elect trump threatening bmw and mercedes with a stiff border tariff if they choose to build the newest plant in mexico, arguing that they should be producing their luxury vehicles right in the u.s. of a. steve, welcome back. you said there is unevenning playing field, doesn't trump have it right there is uneven playing field when it comes to
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companies like bmw and mercedes? >> absolutely, gerry. again america first was not just a campaign slogan. it is a real policy and framework which donald trump approaches any international negotiations. whether there is security with a country like iran, whether economics and border with a country like mexico. far too long we've been shortened, american workers, they have been on the short end of trade deals simply not smart. we like trade, we want free trade, but we have to have fair trade. >> right. >> other part, gerri, it is carrot and stick. we talked mostly about the stick. carrot part let's make america a great place to invest and grow through tax relief and regulatory relief that companies are dying to get in here manufacture here instead of mexico, china and elsewhere. >> steve, thanks for that. david: donald trump meeting with civil rights leader and son of martin luther king, jr., this afternoon amid criticism over
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comments between him and congressman john lewis. we're live at the trump tower for details what was discussed. >> president obama releasing more terrorists from guantanamo bay with four days left in office. we'll tell you where those folks are headed. david: if we needed new war of words, we have a new war of words between president-elect donald trump with the intel community, calling out the head of cia calling for apology following comments like this. >> mr. trump needs to understand it is more about him, and it is about the united states and national security. he has to make sure now he will have the opportunity to do something for national security as opposed to talking and tweeting. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do
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about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. david: war of words. cia director john brennan
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slamming the president-elect saying he doesn't understand the threat that russia poses to the world. take a listen. >> i don't think he has a full appreciation of russian capabilities, russia's intentions and actions that they are undertaking in many parts of the world. that is the obligation and responsibility in the telecommunications committee is. i very much hope our relationship with russia improves in the coming administration. david: trump not sitting back, firing back in a tweet saying quote, outgoing cia tweet john brennan blasts president-elect trump on russia threat, doesn't understand. really? couldn't do much worse, look at syria, red line, ukraine, build up of russia leaks. was this leaker of fake news? chris harmer, issue you of study of war, senior naval analysts. i will put you in the middle of this battle, chris, i hope you don't mind. let's take last part of trump's message. do you think john brennan, a cia
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agent and political kind of guy, do you think he leaked dossier on trump turned out to be full of false stuff. >> no way to know. so many people have access to it and so many people have agenda, hard to track down leaks. every administration tries to do that, when you're talking about political appointees, which mr. brennan is, and change in administration, not at all surprising outgoing political appointees have a vastly different opinion than the incoming administration. what is atypical this is becoming a highly personalized conflict playing out in public. that is not good for anybody. david: it is not. hopefully they straighten that out as soon as they get in. what about russia and brennan's comments about trump vis-a-vis and russia. do you think trump is naive about vladmir putin's intentions? >> i think mr. trump is very atypical. when you look at russia, there is no reason for russia and
4:19 pm
united states to be geostrategic enemies. we were idealogical enemies, communist russia and democratic america. the resurgence of the conflict between united states and russia is highly centralized around mr. putin. mr. putin is unrepet tant communist and unrepet tant. i think when mr. putin leaves office, hopefully that happens sooner rather than later. i think there can be a thaw of relations fine the united states and russia. david: that will be a long time. he has to be dragged out of there. he doesn't want to go willing. a lot more dangerous terrorists were released, u.s. transferring 10 additional detainees from gitmo to oman. the country's foreign minister saying inmates were accepted at president obama's request. chris, oman says they are going to, quoting, to be rehabilitated, these terrorists. in my mind that is like trying
4:20 pm
to rehabilitate charlie manson. it can't be done. what do you think? >> extraordinarily difficult to rehabilitate committed idealogical jihadists. no doubt many so of the people we took out on battlefield or took into custody were not idealogical terrorists. kids looking to make money wrong place and wrong time. david: not these guys. >> the guys being released -- david: all the lighter stuff has been boiled off. now we're down to the hardcore bunch, right? >> look at lighter stuff that has been boiled off. out of 700 or so release out of guantanamo bay, at least 200 actively returned to jihadism as part of terrorist networks. we're looking at least a 25% recidivism rate. probably closer to 35%. maybe as high as 50%. i don't think we should continue doing this because -- david: we have breaking news. chris harmer, good to see you my friend. thank you have very much. thank you. >> thank you. gerri: police and emergency
4:21 pm
crews on the scene of a shooting spree in miami after several people were shot at martin luther king memorial park. this is celebration of the civil rights leader. exact number people have been shot. authorities believe it is between two and five. we'll tell you latest when we learn it. david: pray if you're praying type. reporters who cover the president-elect may have to pack their bags. plus the big top is coming down. why the traveling circus calling it quits after nearly 150 years on the road. >> it's a shame. we as kids grew up with it. >> how about the kids that are here today? they're seeing it probably one and only time. it's a shame. it doesn't have to be. (bell chimes) ♪ nice work brother dominic. now we just need 500 more... translated into 35 languages,
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gerri: trade deal with the uk. president-elect donald trump telling "the times of london" he
4:25 pm
wants a trade deal with britain shortly after he is sworn in. that is the exact opposite of what president obama said during the uk exit vote. >> our focus is in negotiating with a big block of the european union to get a trade agreement done, and the uk is going to be in the back of the queue. gerri: teach court test is back with us -- steve court test is back with us, ingrid pierce. walker global managing partner. steve, start with you. trump says uk leave, the "brexit" is great. we think leaving the eu is terrific. is that right? >> you know, absolute it is. by the way the uk should never be at the back of the queue. our relationship with them with is called a special relationship. it will be once again over the last century, we partnered with the uk many times to defeat tyranny. we'll defeat the tyranny of bureaucrats, slow growth, cronyism, whether out of brussels or washington, d.c.
4:26 pm
i think we can really see almost a round two of what we saw in the '80s with thatcher and reagan, with u.s. and uk can grow together. gerri: all right. i want to get over to ingrid who is deeply involved in these issues. i have to say, you know, steve brought this up, back of the queue. that is what obama said to great britain and i'm wondering, whether he unintentionally set things back by saying that? what's your view? >> well, back of the queue is not where a place where anybody wants to be really and i think the current statements of forthcoming administration tend to suggest that there is likely to be a lot more direct discussion and potential trade deals that are ready to happen as soon as the new administration comes in. if that happens, there are lots of positives for the uk and for the u.s. the issue is going to be for europe wondering about what other tariffs will be levied over there, and whether that is going to have an impact on people doing business in europe.
4:27 pm
gerri: you bring up a really good point. that could actually be terrific for great britain, right? steve, i want to ask you though, did obama contribute to "brexit" in some way the way he handled the whole crisis? >> i think he probably did. unwittingly by helping "brexit" pass he helped donald trump. he certainly didn't mean to. in june we saw the populist ball start to roll out of the uk and next to the united states. that is so important. what britain said our soverignty is so important. we'll not have our lives ruled by bureaucrats in brussels, who by the way produced nothing but slow growth and incredibly insecurity particularly with regard to the migrant situation on the continent. gerri: talk about empty rhetoric? the newest thing is global britain. ingrid what does that mean? we're hearing theresa may will talk about this when she speaks tomorrow. what is that all about? >> we're all on the edge of our seats to hear what that is about.
4:28 pm
it is not particularly meaningful statement except to say some people use it to refer to a euro skeptic. maybe there is some sort of a silent signal coming out there. what they intend to say, instead of identifying yourself as remainer or lever, let's be one united states and one global britain. remains to be seen what she comes out with. gerri: zones sounds all nice. steve, ingrid, thanks for being on. >> thank you. gerri: tune in for fox business tomorrow at 6:45 a.m. for british perimeter risa may's much anticipated speech about the e.u., worth getting up for. new york city mayor de blasio joining crowd of tweeting against president trump. everybody is in the tweet business. rallying at trump international hotel, 6:00 p.m. on january 19th, day before the inauguration because the next president needs to hear from all
4:29 pm
new yorkers before he takes office, join us. so says bill de blasio. gerri: the president-elect won't be inheriting one thing from president obama. donald trump's new handle on the presidency coming up next. david: remembering the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr., the civil rights icon's son stopping by trump tower today to meet with the president-elect. david webb, radio talk show host sounding off on donald trump can improve race relations in america. >> my uncle would be very happy about these times because it is forcing america to talk again. we can't be great again until we talk again.
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david: breaking news for you. a lot popping. reports from turkish media surfacing that the suspect responsible for the shooting at the istanbul nightclub on new year's eve, killed 39 people, injured 70, the suspect has been apprehended. at least one of the people responsible for this. no other information is available at the time. we'll bring you the latest as we learn more. that is why you have to keep it here, gerri. gerri: that's right. we're working today. president-elect donald trump meeting with martin luther king iii meetings at trump tower commemorating the
4:34 pm
day honoring his father's legacy. cheryl casone with the details of that meeting. cheryl? reporter: gerri that meeting happening earlier this afternoon. as we approach the mlk holiday, real war of words from john lewis, democrat from georgia, and donald trump. he started a firestorm over the weekend when he said he didn't believe president-elect trump was not a legitimate president. in fact today, down in miami, a lot warmer place for temperatures than new york city where i'm standing, marco rubio was at event with john lewis, strange bedfellows. rubio was asked with couple things regarding to the inauguration. what is interesting he brought up issue of rex tillerson, former ceo of exxonmobil now the nomination for secretary of state. listen what he said about his thoughts with regards to rex tillerson. >> i'm doing my job. the constitution is very clear.
4:35 pm
the president gets to nominate. the senate has the role to provided a vice and consent on any nominee before the with appoints him. i take into factors. mr. tillerson says he believes in nato's importance. that was a good thing to hear from him. we'll work through the process. there are a lot of difficult elements at play. reporter: that last comment, gerri, from senator rubio is interesting. makes you kind of think he could be leading towards a yes at confirmmation process for rex tillerson to be secretary of state. that could be good news for transition team of donald trump. in other news back here at trump tower in new york city, yes on this day, martin luther king, jr., day, we're celebrating the legacy of the civil rights leader, his son, mlk iii did join donald trump for a meeting. they spent an hour together at office of donald trump of. after the meeting the two came down together in the lobby.
4:36 pm
mr. trump not wanting to answer a lot of questions. martin luther king iii asking about issue of john lewis. >> certainly he said that he is going to represent americans, he said that over and over again. we'll continue to evaluate that. i think that the nation supports, i believe that is his intent but i think also we have to consistently engage with pressure, public pressure. it doesn't happen automatically. my father and his team understood that, did that. reporter: all right. open dialogue between the two as we move into the inauguration, gerri. i want to add what is interesting about martin luther king iii, actually back in 2008, he spoke at the inauguration for then candidate presidential candidate barack obama at dnc in 2008. so now he is meeting with our next president of the united states, donald j. trump. here at trump tower in new york city, back to you. >> cheryl, thanks for that. david: all right. here now is david webb, siriusxm
4:37 pm
patriot radio show host, fox news contributor. david, we heard from another king, alveda king, the niece of martin luther king, jr. let me play a sound bite from her, she was on with neil cavuto and get your response. >> mr. trump gets it and he is talking to many african-americans. he is reaching across the aisles, reaching across the aisles, that again the attention will force us to communicate. that is the key. david: she did vote for donald trump unlike a lot of members of her family. do you think she is right, that there is opportunity for donald trump to reach out in the way most of the media at least doesn't see possible? >> absolutely there is, david, and if you go back to donald trump's cleveland speech, when he talked about the importance of education, and he touched on the relationship to safe communities, education, opportunity, even infrastructure transportation, the ability to have jobs close by or get to a
4:38 pm
job, he is reaching not just across the aisle, he is actually reaching into the neighborhoods. unlike other presidential candidates what trump did this time was he didn't go in and give them platitudes. he didn't give the neighborhoods platitudes. david: right. >> he went in and say, people said famously, what have you got to lose. they remember that before he said that he talked about the challenges, the losses, the single parent issues, talked about all the key issues that affect the community. this is what we need to do, fix the economy, get that working in these communities. make them safe. david: yeah. >> make sure people have a chance to get a good education at public school or charter school or some kind of school and have a place to go and work and that is how you gyp to fix the problems. david: i'm wondering if we will have a complete change in attitude towards the way the government deals with poor minority neighborhoods? of course in the past, the democrats answer is always government support of some kind, whether it is welfare or some substitute for welfare. we had a terrific piece by
4:39 pm
shelby steele, who has written extensively about these things and he is talking about black americans and says the following, since the 1960s with the war on poverty and the great society and welfare, these defer ring policies defer to the era of victimization victimize us more than racism did. that is pretty provocative, do you think? >> the context of the words and words alone you just spoke, it is about looking at a community that doesn't need to be given an entitlement. it doesn't need to be kept in a box but one that needs to be given an opportunity, and the new form, if you will of slavery, the provocative word, is a government-based one where you have a group of people in america who are being told by one party, the democrats, that we will control your needs, we
4:40 pm
will provide for you, rather than the idea that we will help you get to the point where you provide for yourself. david: right. >> where you understand your role in society for yourself and your family. that's a big difference. we want people to be free. freedom comes with choices, good or bad. david: yeah. >> but freedom where it has to begin with, economic or otherwise. david: see a change we deal with poor people in the united states. thank you very much, david webb, from las vegas today. good to see you. gerri. gerri: power of two. snapchat cofounders evan feeing gel and bobby murphy want to retain management control of the company even after they go public. fox business's hillary vaughn with the very latest. hillary? reporter: gerri, that's right. snapchat doesn't want the shareholders to have more power than the two cofounders. when they launch ipo early in march they will not let early shareholders vet vote. this happened with apple founder steve jobs happening to them, when jobs was essentially voted
4:41 pm
out of his own company. it allows them to innovate without worrying about a shareholder revolt and cuts out of risk of activists investors taking over. spiegle and murphy are going further than tech firms have in the past. usually power of super voting shares is diluted over time as new shares are issued. snap's decision to only sell non-voting shares means the founder's proportional control won't change when new shares are sold because the common stock doesn't have voting rights. some investor will still get to vote though. three ipo shareholders get less powerful voting shares than spiegel es and murphy's. they will hold 70% of the voting power but own less than 50% of the stoc some people are not unhappy with the decision and removes public from the decision-making process and companies should stick to one share, one voting share. they are being transparent with
4:42 pm
snap from the start instead of changing their mind down the road. they are not the first company to offer nonvoting shares. 2014 google added a class of non-voting shares. and they have nonvoting stock for facebook which would allow ceo mark zuckerberg to obtain control of the company. gerri: interesting stuff. hillary, thanks. david: add this to the growing list ways this will be a new type of presidency. donald trump will keep using his personal twitter account, the one @real donald trump instead of switching over to the presidential handle, @potus. >> i've got 46 million people right now. it's fun. that is really fun including facebook, twitter and instagram. so when you think that the 46 million there, i would rather let that build up, just keep it @real donald trump. david: more than you have, gerri. gerri: one or two. one or two, for his part
4:43 pm
president obama will give up the potus handle on friday and once trump is sworn in and power is transferred peacefully. national archives records and administration will transfer all the ex-president, his tweets over to the account @potus 44. david: trump is 45. gerri: end of controversial era. why a key part of the clinton foundation is closing its doors for good.
4:44 pm
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4:46 pm
gerri: it's a fight for the white house press briefing room. the trump administration considering moving press out of west wing and into the old executive building. white house correspondents association responded saying this. access to the west wing senior administration officials including press secretary is critical to transparency and journalists ability to do their jobs. john decker, member of the whca, white house correspondents association board and also a
4:47 pm
fox news radio white house correspondent. john, great to have you here. tell me, my friend, how do you fight a sitting president? >> well it's difficult. obviously donald trump comes to town. he will be sworn in on friday. new press team comes to town as well. we want to deal with these people and work with them and make access a priority for all the journalists that wish to cover the white house once the new president is sworn in. gerri: so you want to work with them but reince priebus said, hey, we'll move you into the eisenhower executive office and that should work. here is what he said actually. let's listen to it. >> the one thing that we discussed was whether or not we want to move the initial press conferences in the eob, which is the white house, that is the white house, where you can fit four times the amount of people in the press conference, allowing more press, more coverage from all over the country, to have those press conferences. gerri: so, john, would that make your job harder going into the eisenhower building?
4:48 pm
>> well the eisenhower build something right in front of me and we have many events over the course of a presidency, including press conferences in the eisenhower building. that is not such a big deal. gerri: what is the problem? >> it is not such a big deal initially. i think it is important that the white house realizes excitement that exists right now in terms of a new team coming to town, excitement of covering them, ultimately wears off. i covered the white house for 20 years. i've seen that excitement wear off for president obama. i seen it wear off for george w. bush. initially if the briefings do happen to take place in the eisenhower old executive office building, maybe for the first few weeks, that might make sense. gerri: you say fewer people down the road. >> amount of people that wish to cover the president. gerri: you never know. trump may attract a huge crowd. it could happen over a long period of time because he is so unpredictable. before you go, i have to ask you this question because i'm so interested in what you'll say. the twitter account.
4:49 pm
if donald trump is all about twitter, major policy ish in i was it put on twitter he is bypassing people just like you. >> it is new way which the president can communicate and way donald trump communicated. we're well aware of that. we have a story as soon as we come to the white house. it's a new way of communicating with the white house press corps. new way of communicating obviously with the american public. i think mr. trump, president trump come friday will also communicate in the traditional ways we've seen other presidents communicate over the past few decades. gerri: i guess we'll have to wait and see. john, thanks for coming on. >> thanks, gerri. david: we have some sad news to bring you now. eugene cernan, the last man to walk on the moon, has died at age 82. cernan was the commander of apollo 17 in 1972, that was the
4:50 pm
last lunar mission. that was one of the final apollo flights. cernan logged 566 hours, 15 minutes in space. 73 hours spent on the surface of the moon. which loved him here at fox. thankfully he loved fox as well. he will be missed. gerri: those guys are so impressive, right? achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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4:54 pm
the clinton global initiative, key part of the clinton foundation is shutting down. the clintons are moving ahead to downsize the controversial foundation amid dwindling donations. this comes after months after wikileaks report he had said corrupt managers helped donors get political access and rather than focus on charitable work around the world. david: donald trump is sworn in as 45th president of the united states. protesters are planning to paralyze the nation's capitol. sharp shape is at parade route. how does it look, adam? reporter: there are barricades throughout the district in the capitol and essentially federal triangle area, david. one of the things they're preparing for, as you take a look at some video what was a dress rehearsal of the parade. we saw some practice marching bands as well as people filling in for the president-elect and his family coming down
4:55 pm
pennsylvania avenue the other day. but they have got the barricades up everywhere. they know that 99 groups already registered to demonstrate and protest. not all of them are protesters. some of them are in favor of president-elect trump. but at least 99 groups are intending to be here. you mentioned some of the groups which intend to try to shut down the inauguration in protest of the president-elect's victory in the november election. so all of the security, 28,000 different security officers will be in place according to homeland security. that is roughly 10,000 from homeland security. 3200, police officers from around the country as well as metro d.c. police. 10,000 national guardsmen. quite a few people are going to be in place to make sure that this is a secure and festive occasion and should just point out as you come back to me, the festivities begin tomorrow night. a black tie dinner is very expensive to get into which will include some of
4:56 pm
president-elect's trump cabinet nominees as well as some big ticket donors to the inaugural committee. they have raised something like $90 million in private sector donations to cover almost 175 million, that all of this from security down to the banners that you get to see with the american flag to cover that expense. david? david: adam, he will be covering the whole event for us on fbn. adam, thank you very much. gerri? gerri: the show will not go on. why the curtain is about to close on "the greatest show on earth." the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me
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>> the clowns. that's right. the ring ring brothers circus is closing, closing after nearly 150 years on the road. can you believe this? >> they wanted you to sing it, by the way. operating cost decline in ticket sales and animal rights group to shutter the iconic american spectacle. the circus will perform 30
5:00 pm
shows all over the u.s. don't miss it between now and may 21st. you won't have another chance. you know, the bottom line also besides the animal rights groups, life has become such a circus. you don't need to pay anybody for it; right? >> but, hey, mom and dad want to take the kids. >> here's risk and reward. >> i have instructed my team to follow the example that president bush's team followed eight years ago and to work as hard as we can to make sure this is a successful transition for the president-elect. because we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition to ensure that the president-elect is successful. >> the peafu


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