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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 26, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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we thank you for being with us. please with with us. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. home, love when you're watching and tweet me. and catch the sean hannity exclusive tonight. lou: popping tonight, enrique nieto canceled the meeting. >> unless mexico is going to treat the united states with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. lou: also, we've learned the trump administration may impose fees and taxes on imports from mexico as high as 20% to pay for the border wall. we'll have the latest. and president trump's chief white house strategist blistering the national left
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wing media in a rare interview. steve bannon saying the media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while. ambassador john bolton, steve moore, conservative commentator david horowitz among our guests tonight. good evening, everybody. president trump clearly establishing the rules for mexico and the border wall and trade. the mexican president pulled out for next tuesday and president trump says the summit would have been fruitless unless mexico would treat the u.s. fairly and with respect. mr. trump talked about the one-sided way they were treated during the republican annual retreat in philadelphia.
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>> i've said many times that the american people will not pay for the wall. and i've made that clear to the government of mexico. nafta has been a terrible deal, a total disaster for the united states from its inception, costing us as much as $60 million a year with mexico alone in trade deficits. you say, who negotiates these deals? not to mention millions of jobs and thousands and thousands of factories and plants closing down all over our country. >> and white house press secretary sean spicer told reporters that a 20% import tax might be one way in which the administration would pay for that border wall. >> our country's policy is to tax exports and let imports flow freely in, which is ridiculous, by doing it that way we can do $10 billion a
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year and easily pay for the wall just through that mechanism alone. if you think about what a border tax on imports likes with mexico, that's really going to provide the funding. lou: and shortly after that, spicer said the 20% import tax was just one of a number of options that might be used to pay for the construction of the wall also tod, u.k. pme minister theresa may delivered a speech to republicans in philadelphia and there she discussed forging a strong relationship with president trump and outlined her vision ahead of the british vote to leave the european union in parliament. >> we have the opportunity, indeed, the responsibility to renew the special relationship for this new age. we have the opportunity to lead together again because the world is passing through a
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period of time of change. and in response to that change, we can either be passive bystanders or we can take the opportunity once more to lead and to lead together. lou: oppose brexit and become prime minister and give high flutein' speeches in philadelphia. may will be the first foreign leader to meet with trump tomorrow at the white house. joining me today to talk about the way that president trump changed the debate concerning u.s. relations with mexico, the opportunities ahead and the post brexit united kingdom, former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton is here. and i've got to listen to the prime minister saying she's embracing it seven months. >> she's enthusiastic now. lou: enrique paeno nieto.
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>> he pulled the plug on it, it puts them in a bad position. i think he would have done better in mexico to stand up to the big yankee president, but by pulling out now and saying, no negotiation, i think he's cleared the field for trump. it's a big tactical mistake on pena-nieto's part. lou: and trump laid something of a bear trap into that he walked straight into. this is a president, pena-nieto in mexico has a low approval rating and a stagnant at best economy and cartels are running much of the country. it's a mess by any judgment and this is a -- it seems clear to me, at least, that president trump is creating a broad strategy here to win on this issue, whether it be in the
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corruption of the government, the violence of the society that is mexico, and the negligence on the part of those companies in this country who have just simply in all of that thrown their employees, their investment dollars, into plants down there. yeah, i think president trump is pursuing a different kind of negotiating strategy with mexico and i think more bradley, internationally, than prior presidents have done. other presidents may have a goal, but when they go into negotiation, it's very parred down just like a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a little bit of the other thing and then they don't get a little bit of this and that. what trump said, i want the big picture. he'll compromise from that, that's the art othe deal. lou: he's negotiatin >> but he'll get what he wants, but by framing the issue himself, he puts the other size on the defensive. and that's the tactic and with mexico it just worked. lou: to your point, i think you're exactly right.
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this is a president in early days, already established a penchant for action. the people, whether their country is negotiating trade, or whether they are potential foes geopolitically, militarily, they know that this president is very serious and that there are consequences that flow from his words. >> how many times during the campaign did he say, there will be a wall and mexico will pay for it. now, he said, i'm president and i remember what i said during the campaign and i'm putting it on the table. that alone distinguishing him from about 99% of the run-of-the-mill politicians who when they get to washington, decide to become part of the system. that will have a profound domestic impact as well. lou: i think, also, it's reasonable to say that the business leadership in this country, in the form of chamber of commerce, the business round table, this is a capricious assault on those institutions, i assure you, i've been battling them for years on these issues.
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they simply did not take seriously the responsibility of human rights in mexico and the impact of what they're doing in the course they followed. >> yeah, well, if yolookt the damage to mexican civil society that the drug cartels have done, it really does take you back-- >> and it's also nafta and dislocation of families and entire villages in some places. >> this is something that obama never recognized as a problem. i think the mexico thing trump defined. on the british side, i think this is one of the biggest opportunities that the trump presidency has, it's critical for britain, it could be critical for the united states. we're going to have to work out a new trade relationship with britain and like writing on a blank slate. trump, with britain can write the kind of trade relationship he wants and demonstrate it works, stakes are very high with theresa may, but if she succeeds with trump, it will
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increase hers with europe. lou: an absurd establishment supreme court, as they style it, to have said that a public referendum, that is all of the voters of the u.k., their votes don't count unless somehow it's rubber stamped by parliament is one of the most mindless pieces of law that i've ever seen. >> look, i think that decision was clearly wrong, but the encouraging thing is, 8-3 vote, dissent to come back to be helpful and i think that the parliamentary strategists of the conservative government now look looking at this think they n get through with a ver short bill that basically says we're going to negotiate withdrawal and they're working on now pumping it through the house of commons, i think it's not even a bump in the road, i hope not. lou: nigel farage, the lead are the brexit effort and the former head of a party, said
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last night if the people of europe and the people of the u.k. think they've seen some unrest for the parliament to deny the referendum and the will of the british people, there will be a revolution. >> i think so. you know, when the labor party and the liberal democrats say they're going to try and stop this bill, i say knock yourselves out, go to it. the labor party is about to disappear. this would be the end of it. lou: if anybody has any ambiguity about it, if there's any ambiguity, understanding how bad an idea brexit is, two years to get the heck out of the thing and the british people are famously patient, constrained. they're putting up with it. i'd say get the heck out. >> now the united states can give britain the exit it really needs and the european union's going to say, hey, we'd like that kind of deal with the united states, too. this is a huge opportunity. lou: and to circle back to the original point, donald trump, president trump made it clear to all he's interested in
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bilateral trade, nation to nation. none of these comprehensive, multinational platforms that are impossible to unwind or to, in fact, implement efficiently or effectively. john bolton, always great to see you. >> glad to be with you. lou: thanks for being here. we're coming right back. lots more ahead. stay with us. >> president trump delivering on campaign promises, and he's just getting started: i'm going to keep a lot of them. i've kept a lot of them already. everyone is talking about it and we're going to do things that i said we were going to do. lou: day after day, mr. trump is working hard to make america great again. our commander-in-chief, also promising to crank down on sanctuary cities, but some mayors on the left vowing to de defy president trump. we'll take that up with one of the country's my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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mainstream media has not fired or terminated anyone associated with following our campaign. look at the twitter feeds of those people. they were outright activists of the clinton campaign, he goes on, that's why you have no power, referring to the new york times, you were humiliated. president trump tonight praising the mayor of miami-dade, trump tweeting this, talking about having immediate impact from his policy decisions, a miami-dade mayor drops sanctuary policy, right decision, strong. miami-dade is counting on receiving some $350 million in federal funds this year, and the mayor, carlos jimenez, ordered county jails to immediately comply with federal immigration detention requests. that ends the county's position as a sanctuary for illegal immigran. mr. trump's department of
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homeland security will also be publishing a weekly list of crimes committed nationwide by illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. well, joining me now, former senior advisor to the newt gingrich campaign, randy evans. great to have you with us tonight. i mean, you talk about an immediate-- ments thank you for having me. lou: great to have you here. an immediate impact with the sanctuary policies. i mean, that's it. are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised because i think rapidly the media, the mayors, the intellectually are understanding, president trump is a man who says what he means and meese what-- means what he says and he gets it done. so many times we've seen politicians go to washington and have political amnesia and forget everything they said the last nine months. this president understands one important concept that ronald reagan talked about, don't let the urgent drive out the important.
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he knows what's important, which is getting the economy back on track, making america safe again, and building better trade deals, and he's tackling it right out of the box. lou: over the course of the campaign, it seems to me he was the only one in the country who knew what was both urgent and important and campaigned on precisely that. i have said some time ago that mr. trump is, in fact, the first president since fdr, to have actually campaigned on the issues that he identified, defined, and messaged. he is the first one to also, with the clarity with which he campaigned on it, presented them to the american people. he has their approval. it's not a mandate, i don't mean that, but he has the clearest, clearest path forward as president of the united states on policy. >> he understands what average americans are worried about,
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about a better future, about better schools, about safer streets, about safer homes. he understands all of that. and what the left wing media really doesn't get and the intellectual elites don't get, they got it wrong. now. lou: you know, we don't care much about them, anyway, randy? now what? you're talking about the intellectual elite in this country, i can't find in academia, i really can't. they're not -- there are no social critics. if there are, there are a handful and they are basically below the horizon. you can't find a daniel patrick moynihan. you can't find a nathan glazer, intellectual powerhouses. they're mostly to corporate, or think tank or left ideological nonsense and in business they fall in lock step with the chamber of commerce, the business round table, often the g.o.p. establishment, although that seems to be, maybe some
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change in the air there, it's good to see. the intellectual elites donald trump as a candidate defined the issues for the working family, to the middle class itself. i want to turn to enrique peaiea pena-nie pena-nieto, and he's there with the cartels the most violent in the world and there had as been no declaration of assistance from the state department of any president to this point. there has been no concern on the part of the business round table, corporate america, the chambers of commerce about human rights, even though they're being violated daily in mexico. and gruesomely so in many cases. i mean, this is quite a change for president trump to stand up
11:21 pm
and say, look, things are going to change here. >> well, and i just think it's kind of silly when you think about it for a moment. here you are, the person most in need of the attention of donald trump to help solve the problems for both mexico and the rest of south america, and he's the one who cancels the meeting? really? you decide that you're going to cancel on the one who can actually help you? and donald trump had exactly the right response. to cares? fine. we'll do it without you because we're that good. we can dream big and we can build bigger. lou: and it's a shame. i mean, nafta is going to be redone. it's going to be-- or just simply disposed of. canada is sitting there watching this play unfold. i do not believe that justin trudeau is going to-- i don't believe this message will be lost on him, do you? >> i don't think so either. and i think you're going to see a lot more-- i think a great britain, canada, u.s. trade agreement
11:22 pm
would mean a whole lot more than nafta ever meant. it would mean you would have parity parties working together to take on the rest of the world. and when you've got democracies working together it makes a big difference. lou: i've just got to remind you, there's a policy issue here and the president of the united states has said, they're bilateral treaties. only two, not three. there you go. messing th the new world order. randy evans, great to have you with us. appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe mexican president pena-nieto fully understands he's now dealing with president donald trump? and not his passive predecessor? cast your vote on twitt twitter @loudobbs and follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @lou dobbs. another record breaking day for stocks, the rally goes on.
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we have a new all-time high on the dow, the s&p and nasdaq, stripping from their record highs of just yesterday down a fraction both. volume on the big board, 3.6 billion shares. the dow jones industrials up more than 9% since donald trump was elected president, despite warnings of a market crash. do you remember that? all of the savants, the geniuses and economists including mark cuban and paul krugman, a nobel prize winner, for crying out loud, but not necessarily as you might notice in politics. and there was a hit after a canceled plant in mexico. but thinking long-term, bigger returns are awaiting them. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network and up next, president trump is fighting for all americans.
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. >> it's time that somebody fought for our country and didn't let anyone take advantage of us anymore. the world has taken advantage of us for many years. not going to happen anymore. lou: mexico is learning that the hard way and that's the subject of my commentary here next. next. stay with us, we'll bp enginrs u robotic ultrasound technology, so they can detect and repair corrosion before it ever becomes a problem. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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visit today to learn more. >> a now thoughts now othe mexican president and the mess that is his presidency and mexico. pena-nieto is an incredibly unpopular president, the most unpopular, in fact, in decades. both he and his wife are accused of corruption and corruption in mexico is rampant. the powerful drug cartels hold sway over much of the country, if not most of it. violence is a part of daily life and in almost all of mexico and so is grinding poverty and pervasive corruption.
11:29 pm
even though mexico's economy has stalled, pena-nieto didn't hesitate to raise gas prices on his people, half of whom live below the poverty line. think of that, one in two mexican citizens live below the poverty line despite the immense wealth that's been transferred to mexico by nafta. setting off widespread protests as he did raise gasoline prices and riots. and on the news of the canceled meeting of pena-nieto and trump, an already battered peso went tumbling against the dollar. it's now fallen 14% since trump's election. many of us friend south of the border are outright panicked about president trump's promise to build the border wall to endorse our immigration laws and enforce our security. in the uncertain future of nafta president trump slammed
11:30 pm
as a one sided deal. he's absolutely right. one-sided as it can be. our trade deficit with mexico topped 60 billion dollars in 2015 and it will be all of that last year. the united states is mexico's primary sourcef capital, top export capital and trading partner. pena has it in his power, if you can imagine, to throw away tens of billions of dollars through his petulance and petty macho and his people will only suffer further and now press secretary sean spicer suggests there could be a 20% tax or fee on mexican goods that are shipped to this country. president trump today told lawmak lawmaker, no country will be permit today take advantage of america. pena-nieto and his lawmakers are turning president trump is
11:31 pm
nothing like predecessors they have may have known. he's fierceness and president that demonstrates he means what he says and says what he means. there are consequences for failing to take this president and this country seriously and that is a big change for nearly every country in the world. and for more than a few of our citizens in this country. we all hope mr. pina neato to be a mature leader and partnership for president trump. if not, so be it. the mexicans citizens, however, are much like ours, they deserve better what they've had in recent years. and now for the quotetation of the evening, ronald reagan said, when you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat. we'll be right back. president trump promises the first trade and tax policies will help all americans.
11:32 pm
>> we're working on a tax reform bill that will reduce our trade deficits, increase american exports, and will generate revenue from mexico that will pay for the wall, if we decide to go th route. lou: david horowitz and steve moore with me next. and this daring snowmobile artist about to achieve the seemingly impossible. we'll show you his amazing we'll show you his amazing gravity defying stunt straight
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>> joining me now to discuss the effect of president nieto, is steve moore, advisor to the trump campaign. a fox news contributor, david horowitz, president trump's agenda to save america. it's good to have you both back with us. let me start, if i may, david, with you. the friction that's now between the united states and mexico is largely that made of mexico, a corrupt nation, an improverished nation despite billions and hundreds of billions of dollars being transferred from this country to mexico. yet, half their people live in poverty. do you believe this is a winning issue for donald trump and for the united states? >> totally. first of all, mexico needs the united states far more than the
11:37 pm
united states needs mexico, but they'll come to the table. there's no question about it. so, i think this is a big win for president trump because it protects the american people, i mean, the american people are getting short shrift from washington politicians that don't have their interests at heart and you can tell from the way trump has opened, this is the most remarkable opening of a presidency in my memory. he is a politician that gets elected and the first thing that he does is fulfill his promises. when did that happen? >> you know, seriously, david, and steve, i have to go back to fdr to remember a president who ran on a series of promises to the american people that formed the policy of the administration. every, every administration, it seems to me, since fdr has
11:38 pm
tried to object -- object have object-- owviscate, as he moved to candidate to presidency, do you not degree? >> i certainly agree and i think the reason is, he's not afraid. that a normal politician would not open so many fronts, the pipeline, the bore coalition, open borders lobby and so on, he's not afraid and that's why he's doing it and he's going to win. lou: steve, first, do you agree, and i want to get your thoughts on pena-nieto? >> so, i agree with everything david said and add a couple of points. the thing that's interesting about donald trump. it's been true since he started running for president the last 18 months, all that's happened every time he made a
11:39 pm
declaration of something he wants to do everyone in washington says, you can't do that. you know, there's a group think, so, you can't do that, you can't take the call from the taiwanees minister, you can can't build a wall. i think it's admirable as david said, you have a president who is crystal clear what he was going to do if elected. there was no, you know, vagueness about his agenda. he had a, b, c, d, e, f and now he's saying i'm president and i'm going to do a, b, c, d, e, f. people are hyperventilating and cardiac arrest here. lou: you're hearing a loud cheer from around the rest of the country. >> i know, but washington doesn't like it at all because he's not playing by-- >> we're over that. >> because this is the swamp. we don't want people to drain the swamp here, are you kidding? >> well, everybody is operating
11:40 pm
free plungers, whatever it takes. david, theresa may in the country to meet with the president tomorrow. do you have any expectation of an agreement, whether it be based on trade or something beyond, that will be helpful to the u.k. as it struggles to extricate itself from that awful dying machine, the european union? >> i think steve is the expert on this, but let me, what he's doing-- >> and he'll corroborate everything you say or deny it, that's how it works. >> well, he's reforging the atlantic alliance and began wi the restoration of the churchill bust in the white house and this is a great thing. i mean, i hope he takes not only the alliance, but the trade and political with the british, i notice that theresa may supported his position on
11:41 pm
nato, which the opposition media has battered him with. and i hope he extends it to other democracies and i actually hope he eventually pulls out of the u.n. and forms an organization that's a true democratic alliance. >> amen. i love that idea, by the way. i think that we should withdraw from a lot of these international organizations. the world trade organization, the united nations, the world bank, all of these things have been institutions that have been highly anti-american over the years and i wouldn't be surprised if donald trump didn't do that. he's contemptuous of things like the, you know, the paris climate change treaty and so on. look, who says we have to live by these rules that these politicians have established for years and years, there's a new sheriff in town. lou: listen to you, steve moore. you're a bomb thrower and you've shed the shackles of orthodoxy, i'm proud of you. >> looks, lou, i don't agree with everything donald trump
11:42 pm
does, but i love the fact that he-- >> come on, we don't need that here. >> i don't like the idea of a tariff on mexico, buts' strong with china and mexico and it's about time. we've been taken for fools. lou: now you're starting to sound like him for crying out loud. i'm proud of you even with that, quite negative in there. >> i learned all of this stuff from david horowitz. [laughter] >> thanks for being with us, we appreciate it, gentlemen. >> thank you. lou: thanks so much. please roll the video. one swedish adventurer knows how to stick the landing and watch as he does so. goes flying off this ramp. this is quite-- this is not a good idea. look at that. that's not the first thing that should occur to you, i'm sure, when you get aboard a snowmobile. [laughter] he launches a 500 pound machine, does two back
11:43 pm
fli flips for the feat the x-games medallist holds the longest record for the snowmobile back flip. somebody is yelling back there! president trump says he's essentially made up his mind on his supreme court nominee. who will he choose? the man who helped draft the list of the 20 candidates joins me next, leo liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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>> my next guest advising president trump in his search for a supreme court justice, joining us tonight, attorney leonard leo. and great to have you with us. you're the vice-president as well of the federalist society which had an integral part of the process. it's good to have you here. the question is, he said it's down to two, but it's three we're told by the white house. do you have a sense who it most likely will be? >> well, that's really the president's right to name him. i tell you this, the president is extremely engaged and knows the backgrounds of all three people very well and they're
11:48 pm
very much along the lines of what he said he was going to nom night when he first started this process over the summer. they're committed to the constitution as it's written, they're fair, they're independent, courageous people with very strong intellects. lou: and they are in the mode of justice scalia? they're originalists, if you will? >> absolutely. you know, under our constitution power rests ultimately with the people and that was at the core of justice scalia's legacy and you remember in the president's inauguration speech that's the core of his agenda. and that idea is at the core of the jurisprudence of the three men who serve on the federal courts of appeals right now. lou: let me just ask you a question on these three men who are, as you say, outstanding jurists, william pryor, kneel
11:49 pm
gorezych and hardiman. i've heard some suggest a front runner, william pryor, i don't know if they know what they're talking about or not. that they have strong opinions on this. these three people look similar to me. are they? >> they're similar in the sense that they all believe in the confusion the way it's meant to be, interpreting the law as written and independently minded, strong-willed courageous people and all have great backgrounds and legal pedigrees. in those respects they're very similar and i think they'll all get along very well with the current sitting supreme court. lou: you know, i can't, you know, speak obviously for anyone else on this, leonard, but when i first heard about the list of 21 candidates for justice, i thought, i have to tell you, my first reaction was i'm glad there are 21 people like that in the country, the
11:50 pm
number was rather large to me to think of folks who would fit the bill in the mold of justice scalia. i think that's encouraging to nearly, well, certainly to me and to, i know, lots and lots of other folks. the idea that there are three that he'll announce next week. how confident are you that any one of these three names would actually be able to get through the, what is it, president trump calls schumer, the chief clown and his posse. >> i think that any of these three will ultimately make this through the senate. they're so intellects, principled and so well-qualified. the democrats have been moderating their stance. after president trump was first elected they said they would
11:51 pm
oppose anyone nominated and this week, we've heard senator schumer and others say we're looking for him to nominate a mainstream candidate who can get some bipartisan support like roberts or alito. i don't know if we'll see the extreme obstructionism at we first heard after. lou: i think it was more than a hint and i've covered senator schumer for a while and i defer to your optimism. i appreciate your optimism. >> thank you very much. lou: up next, president trump is moving at a break-neck pace. will it continue? liz peek and eboni williams are assessing what he's done as when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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lou: we squadron do you believe the mostly left wing white house press corp is stunned that president trump is making good on his campaign promises? 79% said yes. this is quite something. the mexican president deciding
11:56 pm
he is going to rough up donald trump, president of the united states. it's one thing for him to be unpopular and inept. it's quite another for him to have lost his mind. >> the deck is stacked against him. $60 billion a year trade deficit. unequal playing field, and you have got all these people in this country sending home $25 billion a year, and his approval ratings are 12%. he's having a hard time politically. we have a new presidential election in mexico in 2018. his party is looking at him and saying what are you doing for us? lou: it many part of the establishment party of mexico running into historic waves and being on the wrong ends of the whole thing. >> i think he don't know what to make of it either way.
11:57 pm
during donald trump's mpaign season he met with him and he had a presidential showing by candidate trump. now that he's president trump, you would think there would be some consistency there. but we are seeing is a flopping of sorts. it looks like he's kowtowing to political pressure. lou: people of mexico are even meshed in poverty. one in two mexican citizens lives in poverty. one in two. that's stunning. all of the hundreds of billions of dollars we shipped to mexico. we didn't even mention the fact that mexico is the primary source of the majority of meth tam get means, heroin and cocaine that comes into this country. it may be possible knee th --
11:58 pm
he may have opened the opening salvo on the war on drugs. >> he has used as an excuse for building the wall, the drug problem. lou: it' not an excuse. >> the rationale. it's not about keeping people out of the country alone, it's keeping the drugs out of the country. that will be talked about a lot more. but i hope it gets resolved. they are talking about possibly having another meeting set up soon between the two leaders. i hope that moves forward because i don't -- lou: sean spicer says shell keep communications open. but it does in the augur well
11:59 pm
for the mexican people who deserve better from their government. >> i think your point about the drug war is very provocative. for all the bad things president trump is right to be concerned with keeping out of america, we also know we do great business with mexico. we do a lot. correction. we do a lot of business with them. i meant quantity. i was not talking about quality. lou: they are in poverty since nafta since 1973. all of that money has gone to a corrupt government and corrupt country. and we have -- our business leadership has much to account for in all of this, and i think donald trump will hold them accountable. thank you both.
12:00 am
we thank you for being with us. please with with us. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. ken there are donald trump is meeting with republican leaders. but not before making a ton of news on everything from immigration to trade. is the united nations a relic of the old world order? donald trump seems to think so. and what is the american dream? owning a home or having kids or maybe a sweet trans am. a fox news poll and what makes america happy. drive a co-pilot. time to make this baby fly. kennedy: she is a back.


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