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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 30, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST

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next several hours. monday january 30. the top stories 6:00 a.m. president trump looking to set the record straight. this weekend following his executive order on immigration and extreme vetting. they're sending the measure it's only about protecting the american people. >> your town about 325,000 people from overseas came into the country just yesterday through our airports. your tech protect about 300 some who have been detained who are prevented from gaining access to an aircraft in their home country that's 1%. the upside being greater protection of our borders of our people. it's a small price to pay. >> it is to ensure that we have for their vetting restrictions so that we know who is coming into this country.
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the safety of our country is got to be paramount. corporate america getting involved. will take a look at what business executives are doing now and the face of this. right now terrorism and in canada over night. at least six people have been killed after gunmen stormed a mosque in québec city. police say the suspects are in custody. the latest of elements this morning. delta airlines facing a big problem with a computer glitch once again. what you need to know before heading to the airport. and toyota losing the crown as the words -- world's top automaker. markets looking like this is morning. a lower opening. dow industrial expected to be about 40 points. a big week. the jazz report for jobs report for the last month on friday. in europe stocks are under pressure. take a look at the market in
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the euro zone. about 1% across the board. as is the catch cron. in asia overnight most markets were closed for the lunar new year. it was down half of 1%. all of the stories coming up this morning. good to see you guys. happy monday. steve obviously fbi looking at what's going on in terms of this immigration ban across the country. the president made it very clear that he would put first and foremost as a priority the safety of the american people. this is a temporary b indian i don't understand where all of the reaction is he is looking out for the safety of our country. let's just calm down a little bit and see where this leads us. the biggest problem as to is to quote the wall street
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journal editorial page today the ban is so blunderbuss in broad poorly explained and prepared for. it has produced confusion and fear at airports that is one as one of the biggest problems. an immediate legal defeat and political fury at home and abroad. i was sitting around watching this announcement. it is so with confusion and outrage. he talks about this over the campaign. but certainly the way it was implement it was a big surprise. a promise at a political rally is a very different then the implementation of it by the biggest most important government in the world. will talk about that this morning. a lot discuss on that. former florida congressman allen west is with us. nicholas burns is here. a fox news senior judicial analyst is bought.
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and the retired tennis player andy roddick. one day after what many is calling the most important tennis match ever. we kick it off right now with the top story of the moment. her chest continuing this morning after president donald trump cited executive order on friday suspending the refugee program. from seven mostly muslim countries. america is a proud nation of immigrants and we will continue to show compassion but we will do so while protecting her on the citizens and border. this is not about religion this is about terror and keeping our country safe. white house chief of staff reince priebus he said that they identify those countries
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as needing extra security. >> this is a promise that president trump have made and as a promise is gimmicky. he's not willing to be wrong on the subject. we need to do our best to be vigilant and protect americans. these are countries that have a history of training harboring ex parte terrace. working to make sure that they had been perpetrated for other reasons have an opportunity to apply and go through a system that ensures that they're coming to this country to seek asylum and to seek a new life for themselves and their family. but to do so with peaceful purposes. also with us is a former illinois congressman joe wash --dash joe walsh. look, the increased vetting
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can be done without an executive order they could've done this without creating the kind of chaos and fear that is moving across this country. and apparently affecting other countries as well. there cannot be a religious -based test according to our constitution. the essence of america is pluralism and i think that's why the protests are occurring. it goes beyond this bn. it goes right to who we are as americans and that's something we must never forget. is not a religious being. it's not a religious being. were talking about the seven countries the hysteria this morning and all we can is incredible. this is a course correction. after years of political correctness in dealing with islam president trump is following through with his promise. and we are finally can act like adults and protect the american people. the hysteria is just beyond
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the pale. i think regular americans are not -- nodding their heads. they understand what he's doing here. >> i think some of the trump administration in the way that this was rolled out. they need to impart on some of the chaos that was created. because people even people who work within the government and work with the customs and immigration were in the dark about how to implement this. i think that is the bigger problem rather than coming and really explaining what was in effect and what was happening it was very unclear. so the trump administration now is back on its heels in its position at least from a pr perspective that you never want to be. i think they need to own the lack of explanation and their role in causing some of this chaos at the nations airport. people were stopped coming into their country. they can communicate with their families. and i can't imagine that the
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people in trump administration knew it was going to look like this two days on word. the fact is you people who had green cards there was some confusions. >> several months ago isys sent a very clear warning to this country that they're suddenly the there suddenly their fighting hears. their neck in a come in an invasion of world war ii. they will be embedded in a lot of people traveling to this country. what president trump did it was a surprise but a surprise were enemies as well. i think what he did sent a very clear message that anytime anyplace the united states government is gonna take the necessary action to protect the citizens. and then right on cue two suspects were arrested in a shooting of the shooting of a mosque in canada last night. six people were killed eight others wounded. justin trudeau spoke up about the shooting. he called a terrorist attack.
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the nypd has increased security across all places of worship. as a result of this just last night. how else do expect to expect security change and what else about that. his reaction was hilarious. in a nanosecond he called it terrorism and in a nanosecond he called it terrace against muslim. whenever there an act of islamic terror the left are always hesitant to call it terrorism. some of the roll out with what trump did here may have been a bumpy and some of this may have been self-inflicted at the chaos is here because this is a course change. it is a needed course change and there are people in this country who don't want to accept it. >> i think myself and a lot of republicans are looking at this in a broad term in the
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broad overwhelming strategy with how we deal with middle east. what he did say to a lot of national intelligence organizations that says the real threat is homegrown terrorism. additionally this might give fuel to the fire want to say that muslims are being attacked in the west that they don't want you in america. what is good to be the long-term ideological strategy to confront this at that level quacks? >> i don't think they need an excuse. they make up their excuses. this is a battle. it's not just isis it's al qaeda. much of the islamic world is caught up in this in our side in our world has not gotten serious about it. this is gonna take an adjustment donald trump is can it try to get our country serious about the real threat. how do you think this plays out.
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>> i think it will be play out very good for the united states because he finally taking action. they're finally taking action to protect itself. this is a course change may be a little painful but i would rather be more painful for the enemies of this country than for the american people. >> can we talk about the broad agenda and what investors want out of this administration. the american people outside of that. the concern is now this dominates how long does it dominate nobody knows but this dominates so much that it gets in the way of all of those other agenda items because at least in part this has pushed some republicans in the senate towards the democrats. you don't want to unite at least a few members of your own party when it comes to pursuing everything else you have to get done.
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i do get the question mark. if they can put the fire out in the next couple of days it will certainly help. we want tax reform the people are expecting the affordable care act to go away and to be changed and by the way its point out today the senate sun is trying to end the debate on rex tillerson. at 3:00 p.m. eastern. also the small business committee is voting on linda mcmahon. once he gets his cabin and place. maybe well had more clarity. but right now he doesn't have his cabin and place and people are running wondering who stalling the process. good to see both. thank you for weighing in. companies are responding to the immigration be in this morning. the biggest names in wall street to silicon valley. will take a closer look on that next. delta airlines received a second day of delays and
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maria: delta airlines plane
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back in the sky this morning after computer issue that forced the airline to cancel at least hundred 50 flight overnight. headlines and details there. >> the issued and nationwide ground stop. the airline's website and mobile apps also crashed along with computers and airport reservation desks. they have canceled 80 flights for today hundred 70 lights work canceled yesterday. delta is issuing waivers to disrupted travelers. meanwhile american businesses are taking a stand against president trump's executive vetting efforts. he plans to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide over the next five years. he said that will include refugees who have helped the u.s. military tech giants like apple, google and microsoft are offering eagle legal aid.
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several of the company's executives also donated to legal efforts in support of immigrants. they both offered on twitter voicing concerns surrounding the band when they attend them later this week. hollywood also took aim at president trump's plan at the guild awards. it's un-american. everybody that belong in airports that belong in my america you are part of the fabric of who we are. we will shelter freaks and outcasts and those who had no homes. this is just the latest criticism from hollywood. stars like meryl streep tore
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into him earlier this month at the golden globes. they spoke out on the red carpet on the stage on social media basically the entire show. that's exactly what i did. and it want to be bombarded with politics while i was trying to watch celebrities on the red carpet. people tune into the news to watch the news. i did that the last time. a second and my mom on the phone. we're talking about what was going on she said mumbo-jumbo. when we look at this romance that hollywood and some of these companies are having with his political issue about mister scholz hiring the schultz hiring the war veterans. that fought and spilled their
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blood for this country. he's more interested in hiring the refugees the non-american refugee. they had been big on the veteran program. and remember was starbucks they have the idea of not serving police officers during the time were talking about the unrest in this country we have a real problem with the company. that wasn't actually come to know --dash mac company policy. if consumers don't want to hear these messages stop buying there. easy fix. this is coming just before the setting committee is voting on the pic to leave the small business administration. toyota no longer holding the title of the biggest automaker.
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president trump is said to have brackets with several business leaders this morning. expected to get a senate committee vote. do you think this momentum continues. we see a lot of good things that are likely to come. obviously there is a little noisy right now and the financial markets but of if everything that the president is proposing actually come through for wishing we should see the equity market doing a lot better. historically going back to
6:24 am
1929 it outperforms when you have a reelected president. and that is just typically the new president. you believe a 15% corporate tax rate is equivalent to it. if it's retroactive to the beginning of the year. >> how quickly it doesn't need to get done and do you worry about the headline risk of what you agree with that trump administration and how he did it doesn't get in the way of things really happening that will boost the economy here. there are a lot of things that can get away. that certainly one of them. certainly the risk of a trade war with mexico, china.
6:25 am
they can actually hurt it. yes there is a lot of noise. do you expect to actually expect it to happen soon. i think he's tried to keep all of his promises. the question is is again the come through as quickly as the financial markets expect. for small business leader this week. the wall street journal just put out a report this morning that talked about how a small communities in this country it might might be adversely affected by trade war. and they did the export intensity study.
6:26 am
is small businesses that would be expected. i think main street america will push back. if you do anything that has that part of america. the president have a very fruitful conversation. and so far we haven't heard too much noise out of china. yes is nothing wrong with reed negotiating these trade deals but walking away and i having a backup and is causing a trade war would certainly benefit no one. the truth is once the slot became prevalent out there.
6:27 am
where was okay. that just became the template. did it displace hundreds of thousands of workers. if you get a border adjusted tax now it will become a little bit more profitable to actually export. unfortunately it's not clear who is going to bear that burden of the tax. move in the direction of that. our country is dealing with other countries we have rolled haven't rolled over and we have a lot of people in
6:28 am
countries like china to manipulate us. what i have a problem with is walking away and say and i get a trade with you. where i'm at it and pose a tariff and expect that there to turn the other cheek. you seem pretty positive on markets. coming up president trump facing a backlash over his latest executive order questions are now rising if he and his cabinet are actually on the same page. managing one of the top spots.
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>> did monday morning everybody. thank you so much for being with us. happy monday. your top stories right now. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. the decision to temporarily be in people from seven muslim based countries sparking outrage this morning. what we couldn't do was
6:32 am
telegraphing the positions ahead of time to ensure that people flooded and before that happens. we have to do in a way that ensured the safety of america was preserved. that would've been a massive security problem. the president's pick to run the state department facing his own bed on capitol hill. they're expected to hold up preliminary vote with rex tillerson today. the very latest on the cabinet confirmation coming up. the terror against muslims. the details at least six people are dead. set to take sides. the futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages this morning. the jobs report on friday. in europe stocks are under pressure this morning.
6:33 am
and the nature overnight most markets are closed for the lunar new year. it was down one half of 1%. only one winner at the box office over the weekend. split cap the top spot the second straight week. to temporarily be in people from seven muslims based countries from entering the united states. it leaves critics concerned over the implementation there is no way he is supportive of this. he relied on translators for his life just like i did. he also knows that implicit in that is that they put their lives in our hands as well.
6:34 am
they clearly don't have a voice. joining us right now is fox news contributor. thank you very much for joining us. we all know the top countries where terrorism exists in exists in addition to the countries that president trump has pointed to in terms of the span. afghanistan is a pretty dark place. they were all saudi. how come this countries were on the list you think. i cannot answer that question. i do get something the trump administration well had to enter. the executive order has come up to be something that i was well-planned or thought through.
6:35 am
when you're gonna do going to do something as massive as this you need to make sure they are according with the department of homeland security. telling people too soon is about messaging. they found out things were different. when you go back and understand the san bernardino tech we do need to fix these procedures. in pursuit participating when that. that requires very strict and precise language that is dealing with the real issue that we have. unfortunately we just lost and navy seal out of yemen. this is about execution. but where is the cabin.
6:36 am
why are the democrats stalling the confirmation hearings. he's gonna keep doing the executive orders. and it's not his fault. they could've opposed pounded though. at the time it was up to the trump administration. they're the ones that can authorize the exemptions to the travel being they have the secretary of state that hasn't been concerned --dash confirmed yet. again make it clear on sunday that people with green cards are exempt from the travel ban.
6:37 am
how quickly can they the button us up so to speak and get back on track. >> it have to do that as soon as possible. they have lost a moral high ground. when i took an economic security or the lack of this senate confirmed the people that are necessary for his cabinet. if we had have a will thought through process we would not had to do this right now. they have accessed passport making machine. and now we have a messaging problem.
6:38 am
they probably had more intelligence information and that we are being told. it's a mission that he have. we all had to calm down and look and see where this is to go. at the end of the day you can find out that perhaps it was something going on that we do not know now. >> that's exact point that i'm trying to bring up. give to to be precise in your language. i talked about single military age. i've talked about the fact that we have to tighten up our processes and procedures they are able to purchase produce be in actions and come back. those are very specific things. and not this big ham-handed meat cleaver approach.
6:39 am
>> it's really difficult because the republican party is very fractured over the response. an immigration enforcement is really in the face of the congress. it's a really say going forward morgan included congress have been very vocal and outspoken about that. he has to start mending those bridges. they can't even get their act together on the most simplest of things. i thought that was not just a bit much but a lot much.
6:40 am
if you can cry over all of those people who were murdered did we see them shed tears over that or the people murdered in san bernardino. but you're weeping over people over there. what about finalizing the rest of president trump's cabinet. it's really a disgrace he is can we facing the entire -- entire senate today. do you believe they will confirm him today. there is another very important aspect of this and that no one's talking about and that's the attorney general. we have the senate say they needed to go back and review his papers even more. everybody knows him there. he's been on the senate
6:41 am
judiciary committee. so what more papers do they need to review. this is a slow roll that's going on. and that should be the message that the trump administration should be talking about. we need to keep people in position department of homeland security along with my secretary of defense. as well as my economic scene. they want to stall him from implementing any of other policies that he has promised so they are stalling and not confirming these guys evil right he will write the executive orders. that's he's gonna continue to do. this will be a four-year battle. they cannot handle the fact that they lost. the airport shooter is set to be arraigned today on more than 20 charges but none related to terror.
6:42 am
expected to announce layoffs as well. we will bring in the story next back in a moment.
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>> welcome back. markets looking lower this morning. down about 40 points on the dow industrial. job number out friday. the information today is reporting that the company could announce layoffs for up to 10% of its work force. the stock of fit bit down nearly 50%. starting price of 240dollars.
6:46 am
the man accused of killing people in fort lauderdale will be arraigned today. was invented by federal grant dirty jury on thursday. he told the fbi after the shootings that the government wasn't controlling his mind a grand jury adopted special findings to seek the death penalty but the u.s. attorney general well have the final say in this. allegedly he boarded a fight -- flight and continued to flow lauderdale where the shootings occurred. toyota is to get a back seat to volkswagen. thanks to the strong sales in china. the core strength is sedans.
6:47 am
down about four tenths of 1% so far this year. it's a stock to watch certainly. check on the action for the weekend box office for you. as you probably know a lot of controversy around that film. it fell short of expectations at the box office over the weekend and came in second with $18.4 million and they were looking for about $24 million debut. it's still a healthy start for moving. so split held onto the number
6:48 am
one spot earning an estimated 26.3 million dollars and coming into coming in third at $14 million hidden figures. the final chapter. loveland rounds out the top five. oscar buzz is helping felt that have been out for a while. those are actually picking up audiences as we get closer to the big award show. maria: it surprising that there is so much talk about a dog's purpose. you watch the trailer. i'm so excited for hidden figures though. i'm just ecstatic for them. for the best cast performance. it was such a different idea.
6:49 am
that is exactly the kind of movie that america needs in terms of bridging gaps and uplifting message about what people can do. i always tell people i can't wait to i go home. they said what about your wife for goodness sakes. when we come back. the sports history of an american classic basketball. is back in a minute. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck.
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foxbusiness is taking a look at the history of basketball. he just saw host jamie colby. asked agreement and/or act to be. out of trouble during the winter months. the new games are big hit. he types up 13 basic rules and attach them to a board in the gym. these are the tablets they brought down from the mountains. good show. how about that. tells about the episode. thank god the high school
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let's take a look at that clip. what made your dad think that this is going to be a winner? >> when you a passion for something you think other people feel the same way you do. how did you hear about these stories. the jurassic park with the roadside attraction. even though they are sitting on tens of millions of dollars in property.
6:56 am
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7:00 am
from the terrorist threat. has been the seven countries that we are most identify with. with dangerous. perhaps we could take it further. it will only serve to in bold and inspire. joining the fight against the administration. they are not alone. terrorism has hit canada. at least six people have been killed.
7:01 am
they are warning today. we have the details. the long awaited snap ipo. the company set to file paperwork this week. we have a meeting on wednesday and the in the jobs numbers out for the month of january on friday. also in the middle of earnings season. forty points lower. the nasdaq done about a third of a%. stocks are under pressure. it sat about 1% or three quarters of a%. in asia over night most of the markets were closed. down one half of 1%. the political in most christian haglund. good see.
7:02 am
a lot of debate a lot and a lot of discussion. the prime minister really jumped the gun. was he get into if these were refugees or muslims that committed to this act. this is the problem we head with individuals who have a political agenda. they identify these incidents without first embedding the intelligence and information. why had they not released the identity of these individuals. hopefully we will get them this morning. it is a travel ban and how it was implement it over the weekend and how quickly the trump trumpet administration can fix the problem that happened. it didn't necessarily derail the whole political agenda but it certainly takes the focus off of all of the other things we want to see happen in the
7:03 am
next 100 days. especially when you protesters all over the country into confusion at airports. some people are coming from these affected countries they were midflight. will talk about that this morning. they will have the administration will they have the supreme court's pick. one day after what a lot of people are saying it's the most important tennis match. president trumps immigration orders first. ultimately we see the executive order will be a self-inflicted wound against the fight against terrorism. the joint statement is wrong.
7:04 am
they are sadly weak on immigration. .he two senators should focus instead of always looking to start world war iii. nicholas burns. under president george w bush. so glad to see. your reaction on the band. not necessary because we've already have a very strong that even in the bush and obama administration. it we've taken an 800,000 refugees with very few problems. it's a gift to the islamic state. the perception here whether it's right or wrong is that this is a ban on muslims. that's what they want to be able to say to their followers. so the smarter policies all republicans have said we have to do this in a different way
7:05 am
without informing the government and were trying to fight for the future of muslim i think it has been very ragged and they have to turn this around. the truth as he made this promise on the campaign trail. nobody should be surprised. the truth is he's true to figure out how he's going to stop terrorism. what would've about the better all through who could protect them by various trunk betting. it showed that most of the intending refugees in the united states have to wait 24 to 36 months they are investigated by all of our intelligence agencies by the state department and fbi others. we arty have this in place don't act like we are against muslims. he made a big statement in the days after 911 we are not at war with islam. president trump has sworn -- thrown himself into.
7:06 am
did not consult the congress. they need to go back and .-dot those eyes incapacities. we should point out that isis did not exist under the bush administration and also in terms of the vetting last year it was only last year that they started looking at the social media records a people who wanted asylum from syria here in the united states. to say we can do more that's unfair. certainly we should do everything we can do is smart president bush obviously faced al qaeda that was a more villain threat. you're right that the islamic state appeared in 2014. the way to fight the state is to reinforce the iraqi
7:07 am
government and not surprise them with a ban on all of visitors from iraq. the intelligence is very important and i think president bush and president obama were able to put in place a security system that is defending this country. one of the problems i see with all of this that's what it looks like. it can look like what it is. the fact of the matter is everyone is drying all of these narratives without that information. to suggest for example that we should have notified of the iraqi government. i stand very firm with the president on this. we can't trust anybody. it's hard to trust people overseas especially when it comes to the sharing of intelligence information. he did what he did. i think he did in the best interest of this country and the fact of the matter is we are going to find out when we get all of the intelligence information that this was the right thing to do.
7:08 am
we know there is an issue with execution. iraq has already responded so lawmakers took action to retaliate against this move. they have passed reciprocity measure that will allow --dash that will apply to americans are traveling to iraq. what you say to steve rogers as well as his reaction. if you look at the terrorist attacks that have taken place. they had been carried out by american citizens the san bernardino would not have been prevented by what president trump has done. if you really want to go after terrorism we have to look at pakistan and saudi arabia. it's incomplete and before you take a major decision like this you have to talk to homeland security you have to talk to the congress gifted think these things through this looks ragged. and looks fearful on the part of the united states. it is completely inconsistent with what our law enforcement has been telling us in the bush and obama administration.
7:09 am
there's a possibility that they gave us intelligence and information. you don't think we know everything. what president bush did after 911. it's very good however looking to where we are now. 2017 and were still experiencing attacks. as well as home grown attacks on our soils from people here in the united states. what is the american intelligence committee doing now that can help them feel safe at home. what can you tell them to encourage them to people are actually working to combat these threats before they
7:10 am
begin here and the united states with homegrown terrorists. >> i think what he could do is to tell the american people that the government is working while on this. we've had 800,000 people come in as refugees. we are securing the borders of this country in that respect. it doesn't mean that we are home free obviously. we defy every day to protect this country from terrorism. not everything we have done is feeling. everything my predecessors have done is wrong is not correct. it's not smart. there is an appearance that this is a muslim band because the only exceptions of course are for christians and some of these majority muslim countries. there's a 46 other muslim countries that there was no being on. is that true that's not true that's an issue regarding muslims. it certainly is a ban on them.
7:11 am
with all of the intelligence information we don't know everything here. we do know a lot of these countries. we know that they some of them of course have a terrorist groups on their soil. and that's a problem. but the major threat here to the united states is to be smart and what we do and to work with our allies not against them. i think this was a smart move. and take it in the back seat. we have a president of the united states who is now leading and now they are upset over that. i think that's an insult to president bush. i did not say george w bush. this is a problem we have we've a lot of people in politics who are inventing narratives what did you say.
7:12 am
the american people are tired of it. i admire this president for being tough and being strong. i think our congress has been doing that for a while. the political correct policies have destroyed this country. that's a making reference to. the country is strong we haven't been destroyed. where the leading power in the world. our borders are largely secure. we should not elite have the world keeping them out of this country. it's wrong it's un-american. i think what president trump is doing it right now. thank you very much for waiting. the flu has reached epidemic levels. that is up next.
7:13 am
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7:15 am
at least six people are dead
7:16 am
this morning. eight others wounded in an attack on islamic center in québec. two suspects are under arrest. i happened during happened during the evening prayers more than 50 people were at the mosque at the time. we condemned the carrot the terrorist attack. it is heart-wrenching to see such senseless violence. lyrics of the new york city police are saying they will increase patrols and at other houses of worship around the new york city area the cdc said the flu is reaching epidemic levels. it's actually already caused 19 deaths this season. if you haven't done so. is taken up to two weeks.
7:17 am
95 percent of affluent the flu strains of the season. snap the parent company reportedly is filing for its ipo this week. the filing does come this week it could go public sometime in the month of march. just five years ago. and finally i knew miss universe france. the host was very careful not to repeat last years on year's on air disaster. the first running up is columbia.
7:18 am
we never thought he would live that went down. they got it right. a dental student she is a first winter in 64 years the costumes are kind of crazy. i felt so bad for all involved in that one. president trump is tweeting right now. only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questioning. we will bring you the rest as it comes. donald trump the president just tweeted this out. i'm people were actually detained. hundred nine people after were detained and held for questioning.
7:19 am
big problems at airports. the issue is don't expect the trump administration to own up to the way it was handled. it was poorly explained on friday. with them implementing this temporary travel ban. and again there were immediate legal challenges. for a president who is very gifted at public relations this was a disaster. >> he just tweeted that out. he's probably going to tweet more. more still to come. one company is taking matters into its own hand.
7:20 am
we will get into that next back in a minute.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
president trump's tweet. only a hundred nine people out of the 321,000 were detained and held for questioning. big problems were caused by the computer outages. all is going well with very few problems. take america safe again. president trump tweeting out this morning. in his immigration ban not only sparking protests at airports. among those who had commented
7:24 am
so far. the company will hire 10,000 refugees at stores around the world. it's all among those offering legal aid to affected employees. goodness right now. taking a look at this. what he think about you think about all the ceos pushing back. and some of them actually hailed from those countries. i'll i will put them into two categories. then there are other ceos who have a political agenda who are trying to use this as an excuse for some larger policy changes. i think the first category what we see what's wrong with this. i can do that friday as part of the business advisory
7:25 am
committee. but challenging the president insane that this is something that is not in terms of the substance is probably counterproductive. our these ceos obligated to speak out publicly. they could act as a leader of the company without doing that. some of them have a legitimate business concerns. they should be able to do that. the trump administration probably has another executive order. that's very important for the companies that are speaking out right now. they are trying to have a larger debate on immigration. talk about the hundred or so people aren't really a talent.
7:26 am
that's why you get this to see to see the message getting broader. he brought two perspectives in. on the possible political perspective but what i see here is that the president is keeping his promise. america first. i think when you're talking about that you're also talking about the safety of its economy. i said it over and over again. we are out more and now we have a president who understands that and i do think the moves he's making is to hurt the economy but to keep america safe and keep america first. what about job creation. this band doesn't create jobs. the economy is the most important issue. showing below 2% growth that's eight years in a row now. now at the point about if you get the economy going you will
7:27 am
start to see a lot of this start to fade. with $50 million of energy products that are stalled right now. you will start seeing congress in march and april move forward on reform. that such a for tax reform and reform in the second half of the year. we want the affordable care act. and how about that cabinet. part of the vetting and public relations as he doesn't have his administration in place. secretary of state will go through today. by the end of the week you will start to see a lot of these come through. they are talking about slowing these appointments down. i will probably get a seat in the supreme a supreme court
7:28 am
pick sometime this week. i do believe that washington is very focused on getting the economy going through the series of cascading issues. would you tell them to do a tax reform first and then we on the affordable care act and everything else. >> there is a net merging a view that may be due a big tax cut. tax reform is closing up there. and then worry about the reform later. also underestimate the tax benefits. does the biggest tax cut of all. you would be reforming our healthcare system. what is the economic impact
7:29 am
have you studied this is an economic impact that you can measure as a result of a 20% corporate tax rate. if you're looking at it fully implement it you're going from a 2% to 3% economy. you had need to generate productivity. 100% expensing. that will immediately get to growth and real job creation going not the jobs we been seen so far. another trump tweet we want to see you. there's nothing nice about searching for terrorists before they enter the country.
7:30 am
this is an ugly fact but we've got to do it. it's got to be done. it hasn't been done. i hope to god that he has presented -- prevented a terrorist attack. could it come to a have sooner rather than later. the highest court in the land. that's next. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado 2500hd all star edition and get an average total value over $11,000 when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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7:33 am
>> welcome back. thank you for being with us. it is monday january 30. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. protesters a sweeping across the country this morning after president trump signs an executive order temporarily banning from people in seven muslim base countries from entering the united states. for now, immediate steps is to do further vetting. this is bad for the united states of states of america. number one it's bad for the economy i think what immigrants have done to help build this country i'm also very concerned, about the national security implications of what this message has done. we are no longer open and welcoming.
7:34 am
president trump adding to it in a series of tweets. only hundred and nine people out of 325,000 were actually detained. they were caused by a delta computer outages. protesters and the tears of senator schumer. all is going well with very few problems. make america safe again. there's nothing nice about searching for terrorists before they can enter our country. this is a big part of my campaign study the world. breaking news overnight. a new wave of terrorism hits canada. his calling it an attack on terror against muslims. president trump said the new a supreme court nominee as early as today. it could shake up the highest court in the land.
7:35 am
a murder case solved after nearly four decades. they were finally able to find answers and one famous cold case. the latest round of layoffs hitting the country. they've taken a downturn this morning. they're expected to open down by about 40 points. as a pretty big week in terms of data. we have the jobs number out. stocks are under pressure this morning. it's done almost 1%. in asia overnight most markets closed for the new year. the stars showed in orlando last night. the highlights from last night pro bowl.
7:36 am
>> is working out very nicely. he is at the airports and all over. it's working out very nicely. we can have a very strict man in extreme vetting which we should've have in this country for many years. >> that was president trump on saturday. i was hours later a federal judge in new york and brooklyn actually temporarily blocked part of the president order. want to bring in that judiciary us. good morning judge thanks for joining us. explain to us what the rulings of these judges mean that the federal judge in brooklyn said were putting a stay on this. there are several executive orders here at play. one the president suspended the refugee program for four months. the other he barred all entry into the united states of all persons from the seven
7:37 am
countries. it significant that the bar was based on their place of origin not based on their religion. there is an exemption in the bar for people who were being a persecuted and whose lives are threatened. and his only place of refuge is here. that is the baseline. people arrived here on saturday afternoon with these visas that have been issued by the state department prior to the ban in the department of homeland security which runs tsa was not letting them in. it's a very small number of people affected by what the judge did. those who had legitimate visas issued by the state department cannot be deported. three judges followed suit yesterday. usually they just make rulings for the geographical area in which they sit.
7:38 am
instead of ruling just for jfk they rolled ruled for every airport in the country. that's what her colleagues did yesterday as well. a small part of the president order. it certainly doesn't affect the guts of the order. it doesn't stop the ban on all persons from the seven countries. do you think this order was the way it was issued and written was lacking they probably didn't expect the reaction that they got. as the president said this is unpleasant business because of this is stopping people from moving who think they have the freedom to move in the name of national security and public safety something he promised he would do. a lot of us were surprised that they kicked in so immediately. a lot of emotion around this.
7:39 am
senator chuck schumer he was fighting back tears. he was very upset over the weekend. this executive order was mean-spirited and un-american. >> the president's response would be a very serious of a very serious problem with bad people coming to this country which would've stopped have stopped the many years ago. there we see him crying after san bernardino. we've never seen him cry over the military combatants. is there anything you see anybody in their
7:40 am
constitutional rights were violated here at all. the congress has the ability to regulate immigration. they have given the president the authority to block individuals or groups based on a first amendment protective right. like speech or religion. i can block it from a country that has been the law since the eisenhower days. so to the point that we been saying all along that this is not being on muslims and simply a band to help secure the safety of the country. based on place of origin and geography. not based on religion. i don't know the reason for that.
7:41 am
those are very good questions. they did base this list on the list of countries that the obama ministration had put together in recent years. they were trying to base it and what the previous administration was doing. there's a possibility that they provided us with some intelligent intelligence we don't know i've said all along we don't know. see mccue make a very good point. this is not candidate trump he has at his fingertips and the most vast array of intelligence information on the planet. could very melt while have informed the decision. looking at the strategy broadly and going forward what he's gonna try to do to keep america safe.
7:42 am
we know from the last two terror attacks welcome minute they are both homegrown terrorists. these were americans who were radicalized here. there just to focus on this one ban of what band what is that agenda to fight terror broadly. see i don't know the answer to that but i do know that the president is determined to address this. >> before you go we have to switch the conversation. and announced the supreme court to pick sooner rather than later. a person very close to me informed me that he doesn't even know if he's told the candidate yet. if it is today he is told that
7:43 am
person this morning and that person is flying from arkansas to pennsylvania or denver to dc as we speak. are the implications of this naming. as one of the three finalists. they're all cut in the image and likeness of justice's glia. they all set the mold and are from the list that president trump released back in june. we will see what senator schumer has to say. when it chris wallace said and spoke last sunday mitch mcconnell said the nominee is can be confirmed. are you to get rid of the filibuster the nominee will be confirmed. they will use all possible paths to do. always a fountain of information. coming up. a cold case solved.
7:44 am
then the all-star football tradition ahead of the super bowl. highlights and low lights of the pro bowl. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
when investigators say they have solved the decades-old cold case in california. good morning maria. ellie investigators are set to announce they have solved the 1976 slaying of karen klos. mother of two and x wife of bill bentley. they found her killer using dna which allows investigators to search law-enforcement databases to identify likely
7:48 am
relatives of the person who committed the crime. they will be unveiling a lot more details today about the case they will be holding a news conference. we will bring you some details from that. on and other headlines this morning. sears is trying to stay in business. the cuts affected most of kmart's 800 stores. reports on message boards say they're leading them with a skeletal staff. the full-time workers including assistant managers and department heads. if you all a pair of the new air pods and you don't like them and want you now have another option. there's a company called black pods that's offering to paint your air pods black for $99 where they will send you a finished new for $250. many owners in the seven plus they don't like the white and they want their air pods to match their jet black or matte
7:49 am
black iphones. the nfl had one of its most competitive pro bowls yesterday. they beat the nfc in front of a sellout crowd. in orlando florida. the game came down to one possession with a minute left. kurt cousins looking over the middle. just of alexander joseph alexander is about to get there. to it find the way towards the end zone. suddenly cousins comes out of nowhere and forces a fumble then they recover and when 2013. they earned 61 grant. eighty players from declining invitations to participate this year in the pro bowl. we will take a short break. launching fashion for a younger crowd.
7:50 am
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7:56 am
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7:59 am
. maria: good monday morning welcome back thanks to o much joining thousands morning happy monday i am maria bartiromo, it is monday, january 30, your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. he on the east coast, the white house playing defense this morning over executive order ons immigration protestings across the country, plashl at airports, after roughly 100 people were detained yesterday, the administration, is standing firm, saying the adamant on pulling campaign promising president tweeting today, saying he wants to make network safe again. >> this is a promise that president-elect -- president trump had made, and a promise
8:00 am
that he is going to keep. and he is not willing to be wrong on this subject. we need to do our best to be vigilant, and protect americans. >> protesters spreading beyond streets into c, sooult leaders in cam, corporations speaking out they are also taking action, we've got all the details, breaking news a shooting at a québec city moving six people dead a gunman attacked the pleasing of worship the latest out of québec city this morning, delta airlines dealing with aftermath of a massive computer gover weekend nearly 200 flights canceled today, continuing, what you need to know before heading to the airport today, furt of energy oil prices president energy policy is beginning to take shape, how opec, and the production costs affecting the market oil off 535 and change this morning, markets this morning kts lower futures caught a lower opening for the
8:01 am
broader averages about at lows of the morning right now dow industrials down 50 points that is one quarter of 12%, dow down a a third of a percent record-setting week last week market hit 20,000. in europe, stocks under pressure take a look at eurozone indices they are lower across the board the worst performer in london down 3 swlash 4 of 1% on ft cac quarante in paris down almost 1% 40 points looer in asia overnight most markets in asia closed the for the lunar new year japan is open nikkei average was a down one half of 1%, the cat out of the bag walmart go market details on the craft breaux, that it was keeping under wraps so long. all is to say cooling up fox business network dagen mcdowell former fbi joint terrorism task force member steve rogers, christian haglund good conversation. >> fiery morning crazy weekend
8:02 am
only follows monday contestuous. >> -- remember what you say, this is not a problem created by delta -- with respect president. >> it is not a problem created by the president of the united states, you know maria remember during the campaign he was criticizing obama, for signaling the enemies as to what we were doing to do when we were doing it sent no signal took action for the safety of this country. maria: he sure did. >> that is the execution of it though was -- i c minus execution because if implemented o properly from day one friday there were few details, wouldn't have had to backtrack yesterday say if you have a green card this doesn't play to you. >> that should have been clear from day one. >> gap you'll poll numbers approval rating higher than disapproval rating for the first time. >> moving up, i. >> here is where we could agree to disagree on execution. when you are at war, you don't
8:03 am
signal an execution of an operation, you just do it! maria: fair enough joining the conversation to talk more about this we are all in this morning on have to former jerment mirnz guttenberg with us retired tennis supersar andy roddick did you catch awes ace openly oh, my gosh, host of "varney & company" going to way in don't miss a hometown an hour ahead stay with us kick off right now with backlash over president donald trump he is immigration ban that is continuing right now, blake burman at it white house with all the fallout blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well talking about tweets this could be seen as the president's personal respondings this morning as they were sent out moments ago his response, to the themes playing out across the country at airports over the weekend three tweets in total here is what he said quoting from the president only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and 45e8d for questioning, are big problems at airports caused by delta computer outage protesters and the tears of senator schumer secretary
8:04 am
kelly said all going well he with very few problems make america safe again, he goes on to write there is nothing nice about searching for terrorists of about they can enter our country this was a big part of my campaign, study the world. by a the way there was an official white house statement that was put out here over the weekend the argument twofold, first, they contend this is not a muslim ban, so he can as for seven countries that are being targeted they say they point out officials at you white house they are going off actually obama administration guidelines. >> congress and president obama's administration -- came up wp -- came up withless of seven we are following on that, week one, this president will certainly keep identifying threats and risks and look chris people can't have it both a ways with president trump. >> by the way, maria at senatory white house on this morning another packed schedule for president trump, he will meet with small business owners about an hour from now in the morning an national economic council
8:05 am
later this afternoon back to you. maria: then we are also expecting, rex tillerson, to be confirmed, secretary of state, later today we will see what happens with jeff sessions that is expected tomorrow. a lot on the agenda blake thank you so much, blake burman at white house bring in president of the republican muslims coalition, thanks very much for joining us this morning, to have your reaction. >> thank you so much. . >> well, i think there is a way to protect the country without you know, implementing a generalized muslim ban, i know the president is arguing to that probably delta airlines other issues caused this but i believe he has the right intentions but the way that it was rolled out was not very well thought through. and, obviously,, it did case a lot of problems to green card holders dual citizens from seven nations. >> so this talking about on set your issue with this is the way that it was executed then, but you have no issue
8:06 am
with putting a ban on visas, in organized way, for people coming from these countries that are rife with terrorism is that what you are is aing. >> someday. >> i think sponsors of terrorism we had to have those lists civilians object administration making stronger better for the country but, at the same time, the way it was implemented, was very questionable, you know, it caused a lot of problems headaches for people with visas, i believe all visas o going forward could have been stopped but ones already given should have been on case-by-case bays instead of complete i blaevenlt ban. dagen: i do want to point out it is dagen mcdowell this is a travel a temporary attractively plan based on place of origin search countries seven countries came from presidentos upons administration the congress because it was related to the
8:07 am
federal program that travelers from uk france dozens of other conditions used to be able to attractively to the u.s. without a visa. but there was a federal law that was passed in 2015 that required anybody from a list of approved countries that they had to obtain a visa. that list was expanded that is where seven nations -- comes from so it is not muslim, it is place of origin. ban. >> right. i understand but the way president trump had talked about it during his campaign, er talked about a total complete ban on muslims coming to the united states obviously people are reacting to that, our community is very fearful there is a lot of sentiment people are you been fare full hope not just muslim ban we are all concerned about national security we hope to see safer america secure nation, but the way protect it
8:08 am
by enforcing the law i think you know just targeting one -- one -- one religion or national religion should be scrutinized i think why we are seeing oversight a lot of courts have been granting to those orders it was not very well thought through legally why challenged in courts aliens winning raised over 20 million dollars last weekend because of the stay order in new york, i think the -- >> muslim community reaction? >> people are very fearful right now what is next to come, like this is just the beginning, he is only in office first week, and how is he going to be targeting muslims in america already living here may be traveling overseas, and you know, it is causing a huge shock wave within our community. >> very clear judge napolitano mentioned this morning, he did work within the constitution. there was no religious test no ban on muslims what concerned
8:09 am
me talking about fear not diminishing fear in muslim community i am concerned about fear of american people spread worldwide not just with muslims my goodness it is not just muslims causing terrorist attacks it is others we have to keep that in mind there is another group of people called american people, very freely they are going to become victims next terrorist attack 109 people detained -- i didn't say -- i didn't say i agree with you my point is that 109 people believe me i am sure if i was one of 109 i would be a little bit disturbed over being detained, however, if they -- found one person. >> there was a lot of people -- >> if they found just one person who was coming here with notion they were going to harm american citizens i tell you what it was all worth it. >> just -- >> christian haglund here what is your -- muslim countries
8:10 am
that were -- part of this ban, he mostly been silent except for iran said came out saturday said we're not letting americans into the country, what is your feeling of impact of this, on our allies, in -- iraq affirmative me what is your opinion of middle east allies forward we have 2r507s on the ground in the middle east what is the situation look like with middle east allies? >> i think you know they are going to be, fearful like america shutting doors on us, like you saw with iraqi interpreter, people -- u.s. troops denied entry running 24-7 within middle east, so obviously people are fearful be helping americans, yes, i understand iraq, syria isis a huge problem yes would should he examine monitoring every person coming in like i said a
8:11 am
blatant ban on entire country is not the right way to go, and it should have been better implemented rather than causing a a mess. >> i want to ask you about what happened in canada last night quick should pakistan afghanistan have been on that a list? >> no. >> no. >> pakistan afghanistan should not have been on that list. >> no definitely not. >> why not. >> i am from puck a stan there are so many pakistani americans in this country, i have seen -- doctors, fearful, and we were productive citizens of this country and you know we haven't -- i don't think like i said a blanket ban on entire country is not right way. >> this is why we're really grateful to have you on the show today because, you are giving us, real information from on the ground. what is your take on what went on in canada two suspects were arrested shooting 6 killed 8ous wounded canadian prime minister justin trudeau spoke out about shooting calling it
8:12 am
a terrorist attack on muslims do you think this was a terrorist attack on muslims. >> definitely, like i said we are suffering as much as any other group, within america, where canada, i think you know we had about those mosques burned down you can't have a president targets religion i hope president trump will meet with muslim american community understand the impact of his policies are having on us, i hope that you know we can work together we all want national security, and defense of this country we are proud americans, we hope to serve this country as best as we can we would like our religion not targeted. >> any act of violence against anyone should be condemned i am concerned about one thing regarding canada they don't know yet they do know who committed the act i am wondering why they didn't identify them publicly? >> well we will find out i hope to god not another muslim, but then again, you know, it is -- it is sad to
8:13 am
see that somebody would two in a place of worship and gun down, people during prayer. >> you have a lot of courage why isn't anybody else of muslim faith coming out denouncing isis? >> i think people are trying to denounce isis you know there is a lot of condemnation going around with terrorism but people are fearful right now community like they have just don't know what is going to come next and they are living in fear. >> okay, thanks very much for speaking out this morning we so appreciate your time. >> very important. >> thank you. >> joining us there, coming up the issue lens derlt airlines update on computer coast focused airline to ground nearly 200 flights president trump said that was the confusion this weekend. >> wall blart surprising new craft from the giant back in a minute. using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease.
8:14 am
there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin.
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8:16 am
guttenberg, guttenberg. member of seal team 6 was killed sunday. cheryl: so three other seals also wounded in this operation, military officials say 14 al-qaida fighters were killed in predawn raid the mission marked first counterterrorism operation authorized by president trump, trump called raid successful adding it captured important intelligence, that will assist u.s. in preventing terrorism.
8:17 am
well hackers struck polic cameras in washington, d.c., just 8 days before president trump's inauguration planted tro thirds of the closed circuit cameras officials managed to fix problem by january 15, paper says did not have to pay any ransom public not in danger are not saying who may have been behind attack there is a lot of footage out there you are watching some of it right there. delta airlines says 68 flights canceled 108 delayed due to computer outage candled 170 flights yesterday say this morning operating most scheduled delays affected thousands across the country some took it better than others. >> we came here in -- thank god we had time for this delay but i guess there systems are down, so -- yeah. >> i think they are handling
8:18 am
it the best they can, but i mean, you can see a lot of angry people around us, there is not happy people. >> obviously not he happy online disrupted the flights atlanta new york as he houston tucson austin several major u.s. cities. you may not remember walmart entered craft beer business last year a company called trouble brewing to producers red flag amber cast away ips round midnight belgian white after party pale ale "the washington post" reporting there is no trouble brewing company in existence the question is who makes the beer for walmart? well, get this major retailers trader joe's costco also are being a little fuzzy when breweries they use to keep thurber walmart says we don't put name on private label brands not going to disclose
8:19 am
it "washington post" is on the story this morning. maria: we will wait to find out still ahead we are keeping eye on oil prices, sliding after last week's losses when we might see the market rebound oil prices staying up there, 53.22 a barrel this morning fifrt in four years toyota no longer world's largest automaker who pulled ahead in sales we bring it to you next back in a moment pop. is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. tilt your tormentor and put those snores to sleep. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store where the queen c4 mattress is now $1199. it's a no brainer.
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comcast business. built for security. built for business. . . maria: welcome back oil prices above 50 dollars, 53 we are watching oil this morning, because concerns are lingering as rising u.s. supply is off setting opec production cuts as global reactors react to uncertainty caused by president trump hard line immigration poilgs joins us
8:23 am
with outs librarying on oil steven short good to see you. >> thanks for joining us characterize the market what is driving things. >> well, right now essentially we are now getting, the preliminary numbers forecast on whether or not how well opec is complying with self-imposed quota system so you are getting some bullish hackish remains to be seen the market is taking a wait and see approach he we've been since opec made the announcement in november we've been pretty much spot market in the range low 50s to mid 50s essentially this is where we are holding at this point. >> it is dagen mcdowell what about increased production coming from the producers here in the united states? sand is there any chance that that ramps up more quickly than some people are anticipating which would drop prices lower? >> yeah, dagen.
8:24 am
certainly from this point of view we keep that in mind u.s. production starts to fall sharply after first half 2016 that fall plateaued over summer, and production has been rising, since august, and in fact since opec made its announcement, u.s. producers have put an additional 250,000 barrels a day of oil back on to the market. now this is important, because since the crash in oil prices in 2014, for every one barrel that u.s. produces took off market opec and russia put on market 2 1/2 barrels so now the fact that o opec is saying they are going to take some barrels off, u.s. producers are indeed putting those oil back but not oil back on to market, so even if we get a hundred percent compliance this month with the opec "a opec will still be producing 200,000 barrels day more oil today than they were last year, and that comes in the fact that u.s. production is
8:25 am
on the rise, so we're seeing this, because from standpoint of rig counts u.s. companies added rigs oil drilling rigs week in week out nine out of 10 weeks since august. if we look at the producer, the producer has never sold more futures contracts ever before. keep that in mind a producer only sells a contract to hedge forward production, so telltale there that u.s. production is on the rise, and this is a great thing because we are seeing here, here my home state pennsylvania we have three steal mills that are adding shifts putting workers back to work to make the sealless pipe needed for infrastructure for the build out this is indeed a prospect of good economic growth in the coming into the new year. >> to be clear you said for every one barrel at an off by the production cuts 2 1/2 barrels are put on? >> yeah, exactly. maria: u.s. -- >> by u.s. producers so we have a big run-up, in oil
8:26 am
prices, a lot was stemming from opec was going to cut do, had a meeting doha meeting, it didn't happen opec was able to jawbone prices higher from 25 to 40 darrell a barrel range while doing this iran specifically and iraq were adding saudi arabia excuse me all opec adding a significant amount of oil to the marth as they were talking prices up, as were russians, so u.s. producer pulled back, now keep that in mind opec did u.s. producers and canadian producers a tremendous favor they forced them to retrench forced them to become more efficient more productive, so u.s. producers canadian are bringing oil to the market at greater margin than prior to the run-up the down turner in prices in 2014. >> before you go -- >> at the end of the day. >> yes? >> go ahead finish your thought. >> so at the end of the day
8:27 am
the u.s. a kid miami producer stronger of that ever bringing oil to the market that a much harder to compete, so with all that oil they brought back to the market, they are going to be more than happy more than willing there was a study put out by fed last summer what price do you need to see to bring significant anlt of oil back to the market? this is 150 you executives oil and gas industry 150 of them majority responses came exactly where oil prices are today. so when we look at producer hedging what is happening at the back end of the forward the back end of the forward curve is indeed getting a lot of u.s. production is strong going to be very strong coming into this summer driving -- >> we didn't speak about russia president trump's call with vladimir putin. i don't think anything came out of that in that regard, quick did you? >> well, absolutely no -- look, it is -- it is a situation where -- the russians have played the markets that is over the last years very cagey fashion, they
8:28 am
are on border, er supposedly with production cuts given themselves -- no, i don't expect any significant cutbacks in russia oil production, who regardless who is in the white house. >> thank you for analysis great analysis as always. >> travel ban a black demonstrators swarj airports to protest president trump's stream vetting order how world leaders are reactings automaker overtakes toyota which competitor pulled ahead in 2016? who do you think it is? back in a minute.
8:29 am
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. disenfranchisement demonstrator. happy monday i am maria bartiromo, it is monday, january 30 your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump decision to temporarily ban people from seven muslim based countries sparking outrage trump administration forced to defend the action from fellow republicans. >> the process they will go through, if they are not dangerous if not a threat then they will be disposed of like -- the situations will be handled case-by-case basis. >> another thing that should have been done, of course, to alert friends allies what we were doing we expect them to cooperate because people are leaving from these various places, particularly in europe. so --, i think if effect in
8:32 am
some areas will probably give unifies for propaganda. >> some america strongest allies creativing the move therlso theresa may does not free with decision angela merkel said the ban was not justified, the move for u.s. foreign policy coming up, canadian prime minister justin trudeau calling the attack on a mosque terror against muslims at least six weem killed in québec city in terrorist attack toyota losinging top spot set to take title as world's biggest car maker markets like this we are expecting lower opening for broader averages dow industrials lows of the morning down 70 points a third of a percent lower s&p nasdaq also down almost half a percent personal in being spending hitting tape income up 3/10 of one percent you he see right there winning on court to success off the court tennis ledge end andy roddick
8:33 am
with us. >> president trump tweeting if ban announced with one week notice the bad would rush into our country during that week, a lot of wad dudes out there he writes take a look he is basically explaining why he didn't give any heads-up, as for announcing this ban. he protesters across the country, following president trump's executive order to tearly about an from seven muslim based countries from entering united states laura at jfk airport in new york the latest. good morning to you. reporter: good morning, maria we do have new numbers to bring to our viewers today, in terms of the amount of people that have been detained let go, we just got numbers from a team of volunteer lawyers who have been camped out at jfk inside terminal four for the last several days trying to help folks through all of this. we have just learned that there is one person being detained still this morning,
8:34 am
41 in all since friday. were released, and two people have been deported now we have been talking about some protesters we want to show you some video department homeland security announcing agency working with airlines now to prevent people from bordering flights overseas who wouldn't be allowed into the u.s. under this new executive order adding this in a statement, the executive order protects united states, from countries compromised by terrorism and ensures a more rigorous vetting process. this executive order ensures that we have a functional i immigration system that safeguards our national security that order, of course, sparked all massive protests from coast-to-coast largest happened at jfk on saturday, thousands descended upon terminal 4 to make voices heard response also trieshgdz legal action in federal court, this happened in brooklyn a judge saturday issued a stay allowed some traveling to be
8:35 am
released, some of the reunionize that we witnessed over the weekend, including an iraqi couple the man citizen of the united states, lived here 18 years, waiting two days inside terminal four to meet with fiancée who had a recessed sunday, the situation challenging one for those held, after he cell phones confiscated upon arrival that is a big component of this story. team of volunteer lawyers continue to be camped out inside the terminal, now guide travelers and families through legal paperwork to keep them in country. now, again, through the weekend you know we had international flights rising here at jfk but that is expected to slow down, now that the order is out, people understand how this is working. and in terms of people being detained here we may not see those high numbers this week, but you never know what the morning will bring we will keep you to up speed. >> laura behind you looks he pretty quiet.
8:36 am
but are there still protesters making a lot of noise disruption throughout the airport? >> today, right now where you are sitting? >> not the moment, we were here in this very same live shot location yesterday morning, very early. and then it started picked up in the afternoon, so that could happen again today, but as of the early morning hours we're not seeing any protesters just team of layers, inside, doing lawyers doing their best toen help people the day is young. maria: thanks very much we will get back to you as news develops laura, joining us right now former german ministers economics under angela merkel kt zu guttenberg, thank you so much kt great to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good morning maria. >> what is your reaction to this? >> i talked to a couple lawmakers in germany this morning, and to those close to angela merkel. and we know that they had a phone conversation over the
8:37 am
weekend it was good it took place she made very clear that specifically the geneva convention you can't picked whenever convenient. we hear a lot of reactions now from european member states and within european members say people say if you are looking for a recipe, to raise anti-americanism even among nonmuslim states friends of the united states this is how to do it. and i think that there is -- he reactions should be a wake-up call for the white house, that some things have to change rather swiftly. maria: what. dagen: quowhat changes kt woul i argue a temporary ban on people entering from some countries, seven then a look at the refugee program, i will say that it was balanced implemented on friday, badly implemented butz broadly
8:38 am
speaking the order seems logic, and looks legal. >> the order is logic if you would it would be logical if countries would be implemented that are actually responsible for raising terrorism for training terrorism and others, some on the list he probably have that connection, others are not on the list, why isn't saudi arabia on the list -- pakistan -- >> kt i want to ask you a little about déjà vu frankly protesters are erupting over the immigration ban we went back and looked at bill clinton, when he was first voted in and what i said in his state of the union address back in 1995 listen to this got to get your action. >> all americans, not only in the states 340689 heavily affected every place in this country rightly you disturbed by large naubz of illegal aliens entering our country. the jobs they hold might
8:39 am
otherwise be held by citizens legal immigrants public service they use o impose burdens on taxpayers we are a nation of immigrants. but we are also a nation of laws. it is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for nation of immigrants to permit the use of immigration laws we have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop it. >> that was 20 years ago kt. >> 20 years ago a very strong statement. he referred to a nation of laws. and i think a nation of laws also would be tied to international law, especially if international law there was brought into play by the u.s. and with the help of the united states. but geneva convention for instance is also law he secondly he was referring to illegal immigrants i am entirely with you as it comes to the question of legality
8:40 am
illegal immigrants something needs to be tackled human zith refugees not illegal comrapts we are talking about actually paving the way for those in need of he, it is not thattees i think that comparison has let's say some intellectual -- >> steve rogers here i have spoken to law enforcement officers in france england germany they said refugee problem in those countries out of control we have seen on news what is happening in germany the merkel government as a result of a totally breakdown in failure, to screen refugees coming into that country. we've seen what is happening in england we see what is happening in france, so the united states, by the way, is governed by the constitution of the united states. and the people of this nation want this country safe, the president of the united states did not put a ban on muslims no religious test may not advance that narrative but
8:41 am
nothing wrong with a national lurid like our president putting his nation first. >> there is nothing wrong putting a nation first, but there is also nothing wrong in -- in rethinking what cubed of about repercussions this may cause if you are in a situation think about international implications it might have if a situation that you create something for instance think about syria syrian census might be higher risk because of such a step, is that something you would like to see? >> no, i would not but americans people. >> creative more ways -- >> -- we need to protect our -- people here. maria: this is going to protect people. >> that is my point will it protect people if you create refugees can you shut down borders entirely i am with you with statement that 850 or a million plus refugees as happened in germany way too
8:42 am
much cannot be handled er properly. here we are talking about a couple of thousand, right now. a couple of thousand that we are actually created cocreated by some -- u.s. in that region you say europeans handle with what we have created i don't thinks that is the solution and the absence. maria: we will leave it there kt a pleasure we love having you sir thanks very much. >> thank you. >> kt zu guttenberg joining us there. >> is it ceos political how putting money behind opposing president's immigration policy talking with tennid legend andy roddick about thoughts on historic australian open what he is up to now. back in a minute. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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8:45 am he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands. ahhh...that's a profit. way to grow, rodney! visit maria: welcome back. breaking news right now president trump is tweeting on his supreme court pick decision, here is what he says i made my decision who i will nominate for the united states supreme court. it will be announced live on
8:46 am
tuesday, 8:00 pm eastern fromwhites, okay. so -- from the white house house we thought thursday now tuesday. >> move it up change the discussion. >> right. >> conversation -- >> may be on twitter. >> we will see who it is apparently down to three picks. >> certainly going to be a conservative that will be a big plus for the country. maria: and that is what, of course, judge napolitano said earlier, that it is going to be someone similar to justice scalia, who see it is constitution the way it was written. look at markets worsening last hour or so we are not the lows down 60 points on dow industrials expecting weakest necks nasdaq as well s&p 500 investors watching apple ahead of first-quarter earnings report after the bell tomorrow night hoping iphone 7 could end streak of shrinking seams of iphone past three quarters sharings apple edging lower, as you can see, there toyota
8:47 am
in news a backseat to volkswagen, as largest carmaker toyota sold 10.2 mm vw 10.3 million thanks to strong sales in china china an important market for automakers toyota shares down better 2% last year very much a flat showing, most recognizable names in business taking on president trump's travel ban host of "varney & company" stuart varney, goldman sachs among names fighting book in internal memo, so lloyd saying not a policy we support. >> well, i am kind of surprised at how everything has become politicized facebook feed awards show on television even a sporting politics intrudes surprised that so many big major corporations are saying we're taking a political stance as you mentioned, goldman sachs, moments ago talking about not agreeing with the president's
8:48 am
executive orders, we've got apple google, netflix uber starbucks saying something in s opposition to the president executive order on travel ban from where seven countries, i think they are taking a risk pb i don't think that is very good trend in our society, especially once he amongst businesses after ail you could say that there has been a reaction, against some companies which take out a stake out a political position. because there is going to be opposition to that political position you have taken maybe some people will respond by not applying your product or bad-mouthing the company i think you might see that, some major corporations, that are now coming out in opposition contemptuous opposition to president trump. >> not surprised. >> i am not surprised. >> man standing in line waiting for coffee have a conversation about race i am not surprised that he is not favor of the president's executive order.
8:49 am
>> keeps doing it stuart he knows customers expect him to do that, and he doesn't think it will hurt his business. >> so far it has not. that is a truth it has not look at that chart, tesla starbucks chart, is -- you know it is rebounded, okay. >> where it was a year ago a little lower than the highs of the year ago, but he -- jobs to refugees we will watch that see you in 10 minutes top of the hour 9:00 a.m. mariner after "mornings with maria", join stuart top of the hour still ahead serving up questions to tennis lemgd andy roddick next get his take on australian open five sets nadal and federer. back in a minute. your insurance company
8:50 am
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maria: welcome back, about about historic australia ann open roger federer defeated rafael nadal for 18th major title on phone with me retired tennis champion andy roddick thank you so much for joining us onnon thank you, maria. >>. on the phone: thank you. >> i know my family got off -- up 3:00 in the morning to watch federer in a a.m. you said one of the most important cham shaipz ever why?ust by nums if you look at going into the match roger had 17 rafael 14 slams now won that walked away gab 18-14, i don't know if there is enough time to make up that difference when talking about these two guys being the greatest players of all time, every slam matters head-to-head slam if rafael won that only two back with french openly favorite tournament around the corner, this is a match of proportions
8:54 am
signift as far as 10 insides you said nadal matchup would be greatest ever was it for you its was fivesets come on. on the phone: the fact that we're talking about it monday morning, when it was played middle of the night in america is a testament to how important it was, you know obviously these two with history, and you know the only time roger underdog, matchup wise against -- there is something about greatest of all time having a tough time getting the other great player of a generation i think all that lends itself to you know people wanting this matchup we don't know if we will see again in a grand slam final i am glad it was protectored. maria: guys are supposed to be old? [laughter]. maria: right? 35 years old on the court i mean when you look at at the overall age in terms of tennis today. on the phone: well, it is getting older makes me think i should have played longer.
8:55 am
maria: yeah. on the phone: if you look at the not just guys rafael youngest serena 35 won combined age of 70 for the wins is pretty remarkable i think just you know advances in the way people take care of bodies, i think it is smart that they are you know serena roger playing less tournaments throughout the year, you know, and kind of trying to keep for the big ones i am amazed, by what happened on there it was amazing. maria: yeah then venus serena also so incredibly exciting, andy congratulate you you are being induct into international en'tis hall of fame u.s. open champion former number one player in the world what does that honor mean to you characterize your place in this great sport today. on the phone: well, i don't know my place, i know that -- i probably links limped into hall of fame, as far as credentials of other people i
8:56 am
was a tennis fan long before i played of significance, you know i was down in australia to be around i know the rod laborer, john mcenroe, be at least, a peer of theirs the rest of our tennis lives newport, rhode island tough to wrap my head around it ecstatic that it happened. maria: audience gets it you are too modest congratulations we are thrilled you are about to be inducted tell us about new app what you are doing today. on the phone: , charlie a new app that i am an investor in strategic adviser social media online shared community first online socially marketplace that gives users direct one-on-one access to influencers experts live video messaging, during australian open any fan any publications
8:57 am
get in touch with me through the charlie app you can get, what do you think of roger, i would give a breakdown or people sitting around want analysis direct to consumer open marketplace if people want to talk to owe you can set your rate people can get your thoughts on -- on the business day so it is a pretty cool new thing i am involved in, and he hopefully it will be great. maria: awesome andy i tweeted it out, so that everybody has the handle for your in my view app charlie, great to see you thanks very much. >> any time. >> you andy roddick, final thoughtsts from our all-star panel. (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...)
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and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you. >> don't forget to catch dagen mcdowell tonight hosting "kennedy" at 8 p.m. eastern. it's going to be hot. it's hot right now. businesses take sides, celebrities rant and president trump stands firm. little impact directly on your money. good monday morning, everyone. let's start with this. confusion at airports, ban on visas from seven countries was badly implemented, no question about it. immigration authorities were not sure to keep out. the political reaction has been intense, and it started immediately with demonstrations at the airports where detainees


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