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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 5, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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there is no noise. anyways, you know who's going to have a lot of fun for the next three full hours? , ms. dagen. dagen: good morning, ladies. that reminds me of when charles payne went through the inflatable waterslide on "fox and friends" in a suit. find that video and i will tweet it later on. good morning, everybody. i am in for maria bartiromo this wednesday, july 5th. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. another act of aggression from north korea. calling for an emergency meeting at the united nations after they successfully test another missile. the rising threat coming as the commander-in-chief prepares to depart for poland this morning before heading to the g20 summit in germany. investors watching the president's every move from the summit, showing slight losses at the start of trading after a holiday yesterday of course.
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in europe, the markets are mostly flat as well. vikings in france and germany at the moment. asia overnight stocks were higher across the board. tragedy in new york. a police officer has died after being shot while sitting in her squad car. authorities calling it an assassination bid the details from the scene had. moving onto silicon valley commit tax billionaires betting on the future. the new project of link didn't think will help the democratic party down the road. apple giving the iphone a new look literally. the major role that facial recognition is to play in the company's next device due this fall. gordon haworth cashing in for the former utah jazz start moving to the balked boston celtics to the tune of $128 billion -- million dollars. celebrating our freedom.
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lighting up the night sky across the united states celebrates the fourth of july last night. prior to his trip abroad, president trump taking time to honor our nation's heroes while celebrating independence day at the white house. >> there can be no greater privilege than to serve as your commander-in-chief. i pledge my unwavering support for you. the countries doing really, really well. no matter where you look, the economy is blazing and on every front we are doing well and we do have challenges, but we will handle this challenge is. dagen: so much more coming up this morning. cfr investment strategist lindsay bell. good to see you, lindsay. spin the good morning. trained army intel officer andrew peek, thank goodness you're here to talk things on north korea.
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the last three administrations, what they did to try and prevent the growing nuclear north korea while all that failed in what we to do differently. and harlan hill, former trump for president guys remember. good to see you. i'm interested to hear what you have to say about the big money out of silicon valley. >> much to say, ray. dagen: it's not the money, it's the candidate. >> at least they are coming up with a winning strategy and hopefully they can find a candidate articulated why she wants to run. dagen: or heat. arizona congressman andrew bates is the best. ron desantis and former texas congressman and ask presidential candidate, dr. ron paul. you don't want to miss any of those gentlemen. right here, right now, warsaw poland this morning before heading to the g20 summit in germany this week.
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the president's second foreign trip comes amid escalating tensions with north korea after they launched the first icbm intercontinental ballistic missile. fox news correspondent kristin fisher is in poland ahead of the arrival and has the very latest. good morning, kristen. >> good morning, dagen. it was not ready, north korea shot to the top of president trump's list. he's already scheduled to be meeting with north korea's neighbors at the g20 summit later this week. japan, south korea, china, russia. the first, poland. the president trump a little bit later today he will likely repeat a much warmer welcome than the one he's expected to receive and germany. a lot of similarities in the trump administration. they favor a more restrictive immigration policies and want to
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remove a lot of the environmental regulations. the nato allies actually made the commitment to spend 2% of its gdp on this ad. something president trump has been calling for since the early days of his campaign. a lot of similarities. the question is will they differ on one issue that matters the most and that is russia. right now, for many years, poland which shares the border with russia has been very weary and once president trump to weaken his commitment to nato. the military buildup in eastern europe in eastern europe has really ramped up back in 2013 after they invaded ukraine. president putin wants the exact opposite. >> trump has to choose here to some extent whether he's going to prioritize the nato alliance, prioritize transatlantic security with european countries to deter russia or prioritize
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with russia. >> so now after this buildup on the campaign trail with a better relationship between the u.s. and russian relations and allegations of russian meddling in the u.s. election in the ongoing investigation. finally, the first face-to-face meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin just days away. >> thank you so much. with us now from washington, republican congressman andy biggs arizona appeared but are you hoping to see during the president's second foreign trip? >> i would like to see put together some strong relationships that continue. what i would really like to see is to start defining internationally what america's strategic natural interest looks
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like picnic on a long way without that being defined and that's important. he's talked about bilateral trade relationships. i think he needs to look to solidify those and as he is doing that, what is going to happen is our economy will continue to soar because of that. dagen: congressman, is it hard for the president to get a wind in terms of vladimir putin because any anon photographs would get from the video, the competing cable networks will have people analyzing the body language. regardless of the kind of interaction. >> his detractors are going to do exactly what they say. those videos are used for reelection, et cetera. he made to set that aside and
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tried to let vladimir putin. that is what we want. i want him to define the interest. four years ago he would have been thrilled they are looking to try to have some approach meant with russia. right now because they are trying to move that way, people get freaked out in the know. he also needs to be very careful because we've got these investigations of russia's participation in our election out. we need to look into that seriously as well. the reality is i think we should be looking very carefully to see how the meeting goes. dagen: congressman come i do want to turn specifically to the threat from north korea. the leader kim jong un vowing that his nation would demonstrate his medal to the u.s. and never put its weapons
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program up for negotiation. this is one day after a test launched its intercontinental ballistic missiles, one that potentially could reach alaska in the united states and it is a mobile -- from a mobile launchpad, which again raises the stakes in terms of us trying to tamp down this nuclear threat. so how do you think the u.s. should respond to this kind of provocation? diplomatic pressure work because three prior administrations have failed. >> well, the problem that you have here is multifaceted. this is complex because we have been feckless like you say for the last three administrations. we've let this happen in the same time president trump has been relying on the chinese to put pressure on. china has not done not because they are concerned about a massive refugee influx from north korea. you've got that to deal with. when we rely too xi jinping,
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it's very difficult in some ways because they've got their own interests. at the same time the south korean leader talking about trying to increase economic activity, incorporate olympic teams even with south korea and china have said we don't like the fed been in south korea. so we have to continue to put the pressure on north korea, but we also have to define our strategic interests and say when the south korean president is not taken the hard line we are taking, we need to reevaluate that entries. >> andrew peek has a question for you. i'll point it is not just china worried about are refugees program. china profits from its relationship with north korea. trade has grown by 37% in the first quarter of this year tenfold in the last 15 years. china supplies the very missile
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materials to north korea and they made the icbm possible. >> absolutely. russia and china together have altered a halt to the north korea program and its nuclear program if the u.s. stops carrying out large-scale military exercises with south korea. why would we take that deal? >> at the dealer should seriously consider. it gets back to what i was saying, which is visit our strategic national interest to be keeping 28,000 troops in south korea when their president has indicated he would like to gather a close relationship with north korea and try to at least ameliorate the situation. the question is is a provocation on our part to be conduct in widespread military exercises in that area. we certainly need to reconsider
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that. dagen: congressman, good to see you. happy fourth. coming up, new york city police officer killed following fourth of july celebrations. details on what authorities are calling an unprovoked attack. an assassination is next. honoring america's heroes, president donald trump with military members from a special speech on independent day. this touching tribute straight ahead.
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dagen: breaking news overnight. an n.y.p.d. officer died after what authorities call an attempted cop assassination. cheryl casone for details. reporter: yeah, good morning, dig in. shot in the hat around 12:30 a.m. local time when the guns fired one round. the 12 year police veteran in extremely critical condition when she was rushed to the hospital to the gunmen struck an innocent bystander in the senate. the victim is then stable condition. officers chased a suspected gun man and shoot him dead. again, a new york city police officer and what they are calling an assassination style attack. switching gears here. americans celebrated the fourth of july all across the country last night. the nation's largest fireworks
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display was of course right here in new york city. 60,000 launched last night in the macy's fireworks show as thousands gathered to watch president trump celebrating as he thanked u.s. military troops at the white house. >> we are thinking them, praying for them and saluting them for their selfless sacrifice. there could be no greater privilege than to serve as your commander-in-chief. i pledge my unwavering support for you, for your families and your missions. i will always have your back. reporter: and massive celebrations were out of this world of course. look at the pictures. wits and adjust the shared representing the country in style at in style at the flag stand photo shoot. then of course they treated out a video of the celebration from the international space station. what a way to do it. back here on the ground.
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one california town celebrated with fireworks firework. bubble wrap instead. that's not annoying. for the past 14 years, residents in tahoe national forest laid out double wrap on main street. fireworks not allowed in the national forests. bubblebath has become their tradition, dagen. no thanks. dagen: you can't shoot off fireworks. >> what are those found? my skin crawl. >> by the way, hearing fireworks are not seen not as annoying. trust me. i was in bed last night and people were out after the new york city fireworks on the hunt and firing off fireworks in that sounds obnoxious. you can't see them. what did you do for the fourth? i had an all american fourth of
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july. the yankees took another step away from the title and then i watched the fireworks and they hung out with my friends on red hat. it was like an awesome chat room. everyone is posted in red white and blue fonts. dagen: you are hilarious. what you have to say? >> being a dog owner, i would've much preferred that. >> a lot of dogs run away on the fourth of july. what a. what did you end up doing? >> i went to five guys, how do berger and some hot sauce. dagen: i did something wholly un-american. i napped all day and watch the great british bake-off. that's what they did. it puts you to sleep. coming up, president trump's agenda at risk? a closer look at market reaction is the gop's reform hangs in the
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balance. apple is said to be looking at using your face to unlock the next iphone. why the new feature could start a legal battle straight ahead. just not
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trained to look at futures this morning. a little bit of a turnaround. the dow up four points. markets were closed yesterday for the fourth of july holiday. president trump said to depart for poland about 90 minutes from now. as the commander-in-chief takes the message abroad, questions
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remained over his agenda at home. take a look at the futures they are. a little shot of parliament hill. joining us now is managing editor todd oakley. taking a hit because of the uncertainty surrounding the health care reform. is there anyway to read how the market might react to what it does get or doesn't get done between now and labor day? >> not really. i don't think there is a lot to think about. most people probably think they'll take recess and not much will come out of it. as far as taxco, and they are in the stock prices at this point. we will have to see. nobody knows. dagen: the markets arguably in large part from the time of even the election uncertainty you not duration argued on progress changeup in washington.
6:24 am
health care reform and tax reform. if we don't get that and it looks increasingly likely that talks to form a happen, anytime before the end of the year, don't the markets give way and fell off? >> you know, i think you are right on not. i remember in the past years when you'd have some tax implications coming, people would wait and not valid because they would my taxes will be lower later on and it never really did happen so you brought selling in the market place. that could have been here. people are probably getting frustrated. i thought there would be tremendous change in the year and there really hasn't been. i'm not sure they haven't reversed things. they probably should've gone through taxes first and obamacare second. at this point i'm not certain either one will come through by the end of the year.
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dagen: here is on the ball. >> i've a question for you if we don't get tax reform our health care, we saw the defensive sector take the lead in mid-may when politics sort of went a little crazy with the russia investigation and everything. is that the way you play the market in the second half of the year for the next 12 months. in other words, if we don't get any other program of reforms. >> well, it could be. they would probably go flat. they beat technology would keep on going. by and large, most sectors at the top six or so are really expensive and it's hard to say which one would come to the forefront. but i have a sense that the more defensive sectors would come back into play and probably the bond market would do better than
6:26 am
i would expect at this point. >> we've got some selloff in treasuries just recently. there's a story in the journal about the federal reserve talking about how it begins unwinding its balance sheet. there is nervousness they are. a 2.35% on the 10 year gilt, that might be attractive to some. on the friday jobs report, economists expecting 180,000 jobs added last month. the unemployment rate of 4.3%. again, the prior month in may was a disappointment. what are you looking for? >> well, that is not something we follow as closely as wage growth because we think wage growth has a bigger impact on economy. i don't know that wage growth would pick up. i think you could have won 75-180 on the job and still not necessarily have anything in wage growth. we think that the most important factor on whether you get the economy going or not.
6:27 am
>> wage growth has been reduced so it's pretty hard. >> what was said in may? >> it was like to five. >> they're expecting to six this month. not much of an improvement. >> i want to get your take on this. if we start getting numbers that show weakening, auto sales numbers through ford, chrysler and general motors were not good for last month. consumer spending up one 10th of a percent. if these numbers are weakening, does that give republicans off their backside? >> here's my question. republicans control the house since 2010. whether they been doing down there? so many repairs and replacements they voted on. as soon as they had a republican in the white house, they didn't have something pass have something passed by the republican caucus. what have you been doing in washington? you should've had a couple and pulled it off before the
6:28 am
president. dagen: i can see the look on your face. ted, good to see you. thank you for joining us. todd oakley. the june jobs report beginning at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. harlan is able to say that and doesn't look as angry as i do. coming up, this is no laughing matter. comedienne kathy griffin questioned by the secret service after she posted the picture of herself with a bloody massacre president donald trump. a trading glitch setting apple and amazon stock prices plunging. hard technical era with billions in market value. that is up next.
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.. welcome back. today is wednesday july 5. your top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern. global tensions on high. president trump will depart for poland just over an hour from now. this comes amid another act of aggression from north korea the commander in chief calling for an emergency meeting at the united nations. investors are watching the president's every move. you can see the features are unchanged.
6:32 am
so far this morning. in europe a similar story. the markets there are flat. investors are not shaken. the stocks were actually higher in asia overnight across the board. they are betting on democrats. comedian kathy griffin is getting growth. the new face of security is your face. the major role that facial is going to place your phone. the likes of netflix and youtube are reportedly hurting it.
6:33 am
i guarantee you did not eat this many hot dogs yesterday. the highlights. democrats in disarray. to silicon valley billionaires. they were announcing the future of the so-called first peoples lobby. joining us in this morning on our panel. is a new leader and senior fellow. you will see him on the five.
6:34 am
they have really been pouring in. does it take it a step further. >> i to get is that they realized that they had changes that can be made. we need to wake up and actually listen to what people want. how does it move the ball forward. the good have to localize a lot of these races. that is a place where we can get millenials engaged.
6:35 am
the democratic losses in these special elections. did the money had that. in the special election in georgia he set records with his funding. throwing money behind the problem doesn't fix it. so far they have not been able to do it. there's been a hostile takeover in the party. and free education as a handout to them. they have significantly underscored here. they wanted to under write it.
6:36 am
>> first on the special election in georgia if you look back to 2008 barack obama won all of the special election and took major losses. number three on this. if the tech company is irrelevant. the individuals in the stem fields where we are not. we have to find a way to make sure that we are competing in the world market and that means producing more engineers and that means somehow in some and someway whether democratically or publicly reducing the cost of college. it is a huge problem in this country. the reason the numbers are coming in slower.
6:37 am
we are losing manufacturing jobs. this is a way of changing it. it was about the minimum wage. that is that how you not how you get rally millennial voters. i would love to have free college and healthcare. i would love to have all of the stuff but ultimately we have a crisis in being able to fund it. we are running at a deficit. it's tremendous. over talking about is piling on top of that. in terms of the funding problem you don't hear that from republicans.
6:38 am
they have the ball. the republicans are not worried about the deficit. they're not worried about spending. that's actually what you hear from them. they had been promising a lot of free stuff for a long time. meanwhile the democratic party has become totally relevant in terms of governing this country. the republican party is a half a legislature away from being able to hold a constitutional convention and run it. they have totally collapsed before we move on i will give you the final word on this project. remember the talking point. we can obstruct this president. that is clear clearly your strategy coming out.
6:39 am
she is still in major hot water over that controversial photo shoot. reportedly grilling her for more than an hour. she offered a weak apology. she's getting just desserts after what she did. >> is a funny thing. and i have to choose to do this. you may have some backlash. whether or not you agree with his politics are not. i think what you're doing here is exactly right. we have freedom of speech but within especially the
6:40 am
presidents. will she cry hard times now that she's been interviewed by the secret service. the going way too far. they blasted the proposal yesterday. it is a political statement not a medical statement. i think it is destroying the party is an effective opposition. people want that to be focused on americans economic needs. they want us to be constructed. i think what's happening here is not good for the country.
6:41 am
do you agree with this? >> these don't they just take away from the message. were better off talking about that entire trump agenda is stalled in the united states senate. there's no chance of them getting health care bill. that's what we should be talking about. but it flies in the face of a couple dozen members of congress. they were very careful that they were entered last week.
6:42 am
they have done everything to delegitimize them. as you come as no surprise. in a music video. just because you have that. when i think you have those. they like to do it over and over again. they're really not. a lot of people on other networks look like they had talking points. this president can't stop
6:43 am
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welcome back everybody.
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futures are pointing to a slightly higher open. let's call it a flat open to start the rest of this week. and we are looking at a few stocks on the move here. it received a preliminary approach as well as credit card process. j.p. morgan would make an offer and it would make one of the biggest moves by the bank since the financial crisis. there up more than 51 percent in the last year. cord cutters cutting into the lucrative t-ball -- cable tv business. the freeform are suffering from lower ratings. and both had lost 4 million subscribers in the last three years. the shares are up about 3% year-to-date. in my not had that familiar fingerprint sensor on the new iphone.
6:48 am
apple was planning to abandon that. in favor of facial recognition. it can verify payments and unlock the phone but it would be facial recognition. i guess will find out then. okay let's stay in technology. a trading glitch. the pricing of some of the biggest the problem briefly caused apple stock to tumble 14%. the wrong price caused him as onto plunge by 87 percent. no actual trades were affected. some of the vendors say the issues were nasdaq's fault.
6:49 am
and then finally let's take a look at this video. two police officers in north carolina responded to a noise complaint about a holiday party but instead of shutting it down they decided to join right in. with the kids were the source of the original complaint. you take advantage of the slip and slide. that's so awesome. they said it was kids a plane. noah citations issued. here is little insight into my personality. i don't care how small they are. if i see a homemade slip and slide going down the street i am all in. so let's move onto catching up on to catching up on this news.
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they have a new winner with a record setting 72 hotdogs in ten minutes. it's all coming up next. [music]. ♪
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we can even find fourth of july fireworks in the nba. with the details here. it was lit by the boston celtics. reunited and it feels so good. gordon hayward is back with his own bulldogs coach brad stevens.
6:54 am
about a hundred $20 million. they averaged a career-high last season. a deal that came down overnight. la gets irate. they will pay him $65 million over three years. his career was shortened because of issues with blood clots. what is it about the yankees and independence day. they watched him pitch a no-hitter. yesterday on what would've been his 87th birthday. more fireworks for the yankees. they were trailing 2004-zero.
6:55 am
this time he did something that have never happened before. he caused property damage. dented the casement. he needs one more homerun to tie his yankee record for the most runs. how many hot dogs could you eat in ten minutes. see what joey chestnut did yesterday. he became a ten time winner. he delivered 72 hotdogs and their bonds in ten minutes. to win $10,000 i trained. i really try to figure out how to improve.
6:56 am
i make my body work for me and i've been really lucky with how it has performed. seventy-two hotdogs equals around 20,000 calories. is it a sport i guess. he said he wants earned $300,000 a year and competitive eating he's become like a star. oh it's the hot dog guy. so you get more than just the belt. they have an organized competitive eating contest all across the country. like cherry pie eating contest. we watched a great hamburger eating contest. it was like must-see tv.
6:57 am
you think there is a strategy for that. the time how long it takes the dentist to clean your teeth. i didn't see you yesterday. there is more still head.
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good morning. it is wednesday, july 5. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. another act of aggression from north korea. president trump is calling for emergency meeting at the united nations after an advanced missile. the commander in chief prepares to depart. it includes his highly anticipated meeting with vladimir putin. they spoke about the importance of that meeting.
7:01 am
the president wants to have good relationships with all of the world leaders because it's helpful to the united states. but you have to remember that the president has been very clear at this country can work with russia particularly as we look at the battle with syria. if there is ways to do that than the president wants to do that clearly. futures are showing modest gains. you do see weakness in the nasdaq 100. the weakness started in june. will it continue. will it pick up seem to move into the summer. in europe markets are flat a little bit higher at the moment. the stocks were also higher across the board. it does speak to the lack of worry in the market about that missile launch. more than $7 million following
7:02 am
a lawsuit over his approval. he was in baton amount. the outrage over that decision i have. a new cyber threat hitting your text messages. the major problems you could face from the scam. to get rid of the conventional internal can bumps -- combustion engine. and sharon signing off he can't take the heat from some fans all of that and so much more coming up this morning. the former trump for president advisory member. he is sitting over there it's
7:03 am
interesting though because again the republicans do they wind up feeling at the same way if there is no movement on the agenda. he was making it trump's agenda. republicans should not the mistake down trumps a victory for a resounding endorsement of what they're doing. if he does nothing else but withdraws he saves tens of millions of american jobs over the course of decades. leave it there. turning to our top story and a republican member of congress north korea successfully launching its first intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states. the u.s. and south korea militaries conducting a joint exercise just this morning in response.
7:04 am
this is north korea's leader. vowing to his nation will never negotiate on the weapons program. testing and icy bm represents a new escalation of the threat to the united states. the global action is required to stop a global threat. they also respond to that threat tweeted that north korea has just launched another missile. today have anything better to do with their life. south korea and japan it will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all. is expected to be held at 3:00 p.m. today.
7:05 am
and as a member of the foreign relations committee what steps do you believe need to be taken now to stop this growing nuclear threat. they suggest that he would like to continue to put pressure on china. they represent a huge amount of the resources that are traded between the two countries. i think that would be if you look at it from the perspective out if it of if it china can really leverage you can convince china at first that's in china's interest to try to disarm or contain north korea. they have not believed that up until this point. their leader who is a young plump irrational kid. you still have to have them convince.
7:06 am
is not clear to me that that's the case. now you look at a potential military strike against his facilities. the problem with that is even not even get everything but even if you do you do risk a significant retaliation against south korea and japan and that could end up in a big conflict. it is very difficult. it would be great if you could. i'm not sure if that would work either. i will raise the issue of that. it's gone up tenfold.
7:07 am
they have relationships with north korea in terms of selling oil. and you're welcome to ask a congressman a question. we should not hold out hope for china. we are looking at the conclusion that they give up their nuclear program it's not clear how this is a win for the president. i don't think the administration comes out looking very good. do you think that's an acceptable read on the situation. i think history suggests that these attempts to persuade or use diplomatic or academic pressure have been doomed to
7:08 am
fail. north korea has continued to proceed to not only develop nuclear capability but now enhancing their missile capacity which brings our country into a range. i think something needs to change but there is a lot of different ways that this could end up being very difficult for the administration. and we should point something out. this missile launch was done. it's not like the future missiles would be on launch pads where we could detect where the lunches are can happen. that is another threat that we have to deal with.
7:09 am
we remember it's within the last couple months. we did a successful missile defense test which really was rattling north korea significantly in that as an important deterrent for sure but it can't always be guaranteed to be effective. they would really send the signal. i think it's right. it's easier said than done. just as a president george w bush dead. they're breaking tradition and visiting the country before longtime allies. why do you think paul and poland is such an important ally now. if you look at countries like poland they are very pro- american. i think in other
7:10 am
administrations had have differences with this president and i think countries like this really understand that u.s. security guarantees. i think he will be greeted very warmly over there. i think it be great for him to go and deliver the message that we intend to honor our security commitments. and then the president travels to germany for g7 summit. as well as the german chancellor. i think the media is going to be obsessed with the russian hacking and putting out information. that happened under barack
7:11 am
obama's watch. he did respond. it was pretty weak sanctions. i don't know that you spend as much time on that as the media would like him to i would look at areas where there is really significant problems. we've come into contact with russia there. between our two countries i would talk about international terrorism, russia to meet is you really can't count on them. they are a big supporter of iran. i think pressuring them is something else the president could do. i understand why the mainstream media talks about russia constantly. the democratic colleagues had ultimately they are not able to get past the election because it didn't lead to
7:12 am
hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. rush it really wasn't the reason that she lost. are you surprised that they are still bogged down with the russian discussion. i'm not surprised. it is disappointing. there has been a consistent effort to mis- represent what russia actually did. and you will hear terms like that. i think the implication of that is that somehow they interfered with that. the classified report that they reviewed back in december the best bulk of that was actually on classified. it's just a propaganda outlet.
7:13 am
i think it is a legitimate issue. i think as just been so politicized and i think the narrative the more the democrats can to focus on that i do think it hurts them. republicans when trumpet voters here russia, russia, russia constantly i think they view that like they don't have policy responses. take care. the laptop then lifted. the new protections in place. a jolt to the auto industry.
7:14 am
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are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. ♪
7:17 am
some of the headlights we are watching for you this morning. the u.s. has now lifted the ban on laptops on to more foreign airlines. they are flying to the u.s. from dubai and instable no longer had to leave their laptops behind. all three airlines now meet enhanced security measures over concerns that these devices can be used to smuggle explosives on board a plane. in the middle east and north africa. so while they launch or won't they. that is the big question surrounding space x. elon musk is unsure whether they are going to get there. they will have the problem fixed for launch this week. lunch this week. we will keep watching this. and then simpson is developing a voice activated speaker.
7:18 am
this comes as microsoft plans to release this smart speaker this fall. it's captured 170 percent of the u.s. market. take a look at the 375-pound bear caught on camera strolled through the house check that what was going on. the bear left before the property owner woke up. that beer is so smart. it's opening cupboards. i think it is a dude in a bear suit. and they just released this because it would be fun. president trumpet just tweeting this.
7:19 am
the united states made some of the worst trade deals in world history. why should we continue these deals with countries that do not help us. certainly a topic for conversation at the g20. a massive pay day. why canada is paying $7 million to the former prisoner who killed a the u.s. special forces soldier in afghanistan. lawmakers taking drastic measures. the republicans break rakes to override the governor's be to have attack desmet tax hike. it may not be enough to stave off trouble for that state.
7:20 am
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>> the state of illinois narrowly facing a state tax credit. this was hailing a move as a positive first one. a failure to pass a budget would involve in the downgrade. they vetoed the tax hike. they voted to override that veto. let's bring in the senior fellow and tax policy analysts. dan, what do you make. it would raise the state income tax just over 1%. what do you make of these republicans essentially giving into this. the republicans who are selling out of illinois are no different than the republicans in washington who are throwing roadblocks in the way of obama appeal.
7:24 am
they wind up developing strong relationships. and ultimately they don't represent tax payers. here is one thing i can tell you for sure. notwithstanding what they are saying this will hasten that the tax increase goes through. you can't lock people inside your state. and we've artie seen a huge migration hundreds of thousands of people have already left illinois and to simply add to an already high tax burden with the increase in the state income tax rate this is like you been smoking three packs of cigarette today. you start increasing your smoking. you have seen it in states like connecticut where the state of connecticut has driven businesses out. and even more importantly he is seen is seen at the local level. give given declining revenue base.
7:25 am
the few people that can afford it and they just move elsewhere. as a downward spiral that could lead to bankruptcy. it is the state version of that curve. it doesn't mean you are going to collect more revenue. but the most important thing to understand is all of the states at the are in fiscal crisis they are already the high tax states of the country. it should tell us something about whether or not you should copy if you look at per capita state government spending the states are already spending in many cases several thousand dollars more. if you're a resident of illinois or connecticut or new jersey are you getting something for all that money.
7:26 am
you are not getting anything more than residents of new hampshire. you have a big blow to government mostly because politicians are in bed with the public employee unions. let's talk about the unions because in the state of illinois it is a state pension fund. the wall street journal today on the front page takes a look at that pension crisis and reports it. it's one major hot button issue. the police and the public does stand behind them. they essentially overpromise the benefits to these law-enforcement's. it's a great deal if you're a politician because you are sitting down with the government employee unions and you say to them you give me campaign contributions and i will give you this unsustainable promise.
7:27 am
so that they can be extravagant with those kinds of promises. that is what you are seen in states like illinois. all the high tax states. they are just digging in themselves a grave because they're making these promises and getting the campaign promises. but guess what that future is in effect now and some of the states and in others it's just a matter of time. i just had a question how did they fix that then. all of the states with the major pension plans. the thing to do and michigan has just done this is you shift for new state and local government workers shift to a 4o1k type model. it is automatically
7:28 am
sustainable. you know how much money is being put into your account. is not an empty political promise to tax feature people in the state. it's a much better approach. the other thing they should do is copy colorado. if they if they so that the spending can't grow faster over time. but when you had states like illinois and new jersey et cetera. if government keeps growing faster than the private sector sooner or later you will become that. make sense of something that politicians can't. they grew almost 40% in the first quarter. so much for tight networking
7:29 am
with us and we have to give it a try. this is very telling. i want you to weigh in really quickly. this particular statistic twice so far this morning. but is he really throwing in the towel on having china actually do something in the terms of what china does. there was some cosmetic moves about that. again china supplies most of that. it's a positive thing if did menstruation realizes that china well never be a long-term partner with us hopping in some sort of final way weight with the north korean regime. i think it's a big danger for this administration. i think this is a step forward in terms of tweets or at least political rhetoric.
7:30 am
china wants to drive a set of northeast asia. china is not doing anything about to the the north korean threat. is a chinese move. they are getting $7 million from canada. the canadian government apologizing. apologizing. a prisoner who killed a u.s. special forces soldier. the average ahead. they are using texting to steal credit card numbers. and other personal information. .
7:31 am
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7:33 am
dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, july 5, your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern time, global tensions on high, president trump will departure for poland later this hour, before heading to the g-20 summit in germany, have to comes amid another act of aggression from north korea. the misconceicommander in chief for emergency meeting after the hermit kingdom successfully tested another more advanced missile president trump tweeting on north korea have to morning, a short while ago saying trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter, so much for china working with us, but we had to give it a try, again very important statement from the president on that. futures, this morning, showing
7:34 am
very little worry about certainly the north korea missile launch, you have flat market here in united states, 6-point gain on dow futures in europe markets are they have been heading up just ever so slightly, in england france, germany. but, again, worth noting you don't see fear in the markets, after this act of aggression by north korea, in asia overnight, stocks higher across the board, even in south korea up about a third of a percent. outrage up north canadian set to pay a former gitmo detainee more than seven million dollars despite the fact he was in prison for killing a u.s. soldier. tragedy in new york city after a police officer is killed in what authorities are calling an assassination. violence ruptures in chicago more than 60 people shot over the holiday weekend in windy city, the police force addressed trying to tackle that issue.
7:35 am
>> -- conducted a gang enforcement mission to target individuals driving violence through sale of drugsan times defending territory resort to go gun violence we are able to tabling 58 people off street whoed drug trade 10 previously arrested on gun surcharges. >> chicago police are working with federal authorities trying to -- put a -- an end to violence, main thing that prosecutors want to stop stalking seeking a gag order against a the former pharma executive on trial, you may want to think twice of about opening your next text message. the new cyber threat that you could face from the -- mishing scam, volvo going electric plans planning to get rid of internal combustion engine 2019. ed sheeren signing off --
7:36 am
drove music super star off twitter, we deal with them every day all kalong can't take the heat? leave. >> top story, this half hour, growing outrage in canada, and in the united states. reports are that a former guantanamo bay detainee will receive almost 8 million dollars and apology from canada's liberal government for his time in guantanamo bay, in u.s. prison gitmo, a canadian citizen admitted to killing american medic fighting in afghanistan, in 2002 and spent 10 years in guantanamo bay. joining us now to weigh in conservative columnist, doctor he pleaded guilt to killing american soldier now being rewarded with millions of dollars shameful. >> and disgusting you know
7:37 am
this is another part of the obama legacy in hurry to get -- gitmo closed, of course, he absolutely never accomplished even after repeatedly saying he was going to, this is the fallout that rest of the world has to endure, now, this known terrorist a trained bomb maker, who killed as you said an army medic, on with wife and children at home who live without him 10 years now, now this guy has millions of dollars to fund next escapade, this is absolutely concerned everyone who hears this story. >> what could possibly be the justification for the canadian government to do this american medic was killed maybe he miss streeted at guantanamo you can make in a argument make apology for that but for the canadian government to come pen sait him enrich known admitted terrorist i am trying to get in the head of that decision, who you does that
7:38 am
even come -- in a meeting if you forded that would i laugh at you you know what i mean. >> this is the result so many of we see a fruits the fruits of -- liberalizing our entire message about what terror means to western world this is -- i would disagree with you one thing i would say i don't think he deserves an apology aapology? this man killed u.s. army medic left a family without a father, i don't think he deserved anything except more prison time. >> i am not saying he deserves that is something i could see discussed, it is outrageous, outrageous. >> really outrageous the fallout of socialism we can
7:39 am
see what happens the crazy that comes out of social leaseing any amount of society americans pushing for it every day, about. >> i want to move on to another story here in new york city, federal prosecutors are asking a new york judge, for a gag order muzzling farmer pharmaceutical executive mark shell. dagen: arguing statements could taint the pool that jury but his lawyer says the request violates first amendment rights to speak freely where do you stand opted he ended up, in part thanks to hillary clinton now to poverty child for rising drug prices, even though, this is a separate issue, from that. >> this is a separate issue, you know really makes you kind of question how strong the prosecution feels like his case is if they have to gag this guy who is about the most
7:40 am
unsympathetic character we have ever seen as you said tremendously unpopular known for raising the prize of aids drug beck depositor child for -- the pharmacologya sfrooi have industry has done to american public the things he said makes him less popular my question why want him quiet it seems to me, like the more he talks the better chances are of winning this case. >> what -- how do you deal with though the issue of rising drug prices and i am going to just change the subject to slightly here. because you have -- because americans are sitting back, and i look at him and go okay, his own worst enemy, but you look at rising drug prices premiums people losing health insurance, health in sureers warning pulling out even more next year, a republican congress still on holiday for july 4th holiday has not agreed to work during the
7:41 am
august recess, to actually realism the health care system i look at him i know that he is an individual case, but it -- does raise issue what are republicans in d.c. doing about fixing financial problems related to health care? >> yeah. not a lot. and the democrats are not doing anything but obstructing all the way, this is why a total repeal is such a good idea this is why price transparency drug transparency is so important there are drugs out there dagen that we're using today that -- it is -- a deal with big pharma legislators have made that is a lot of the ren let's not forget we are watching this to see american public consuming all this information about the repeal replace people like mitch mcconnell don't entertain the motion of straight repeal because big pharma lobbyists are all in their heads all the time, and in pockets by the way, this is this is what is really going
7:42 am
on behind-the-scenes, big pharma is extremely powerful lobby for hospital, so is american medical association fairly cup all colluded this transparency thing needs to be examined before anything put in place with obamacare. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you -- >> thank you. >> still ahead, a shocking move for volvo the automaker rolling out a boldly knew plan to go all electricity by the end of the decade, no longer tweeting out loud by ed sheeren is quitting twitter for good. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:43 am
[vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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7:46 am
yoo city chicago experiencing another violent 4th of july weekend cheryl casone has details. cheryl: yeah unfortunately, dagen police in chicago, say about 6 -- 0 -- 60 people shot at least 8 killed between friday afternoon to the u.s. afternoon mostly south and west side of the city, but in addition to the gun violence, chicago police have arrested about 60 people across the city on different weapons and drug charges. well, the number of people on food stamps has plunged in states that now require recipients to find a job. food stamps enrollment soared to record levels under obama administration, that is after states were allowed to waive work requirement rules for able-bodied adults things to 2009 economic stimulus package some states moving aggressively to push recipients who can work to find work, like reflecting
7:47 am
that in numbers volvo making a change the company says all new models from 2019 fully electric or hybrid restating target to sell one million electric pardon hibernate briz by 2025 -- sheer quitting twitter says i can't read it nothing but people saying mean things, he is the latest celebrity to leave twitter because of trolling, lady gaga thrown support behind sheeren calling on people to behave better big part why he quit was lady gaga fans coming after him on twitter she spoke for him yesterday see if that changes. >> i like how people thank you so much cheryl i like how people on left try to make this a political issue that
7:48 am
president trump turned all of his followers into like -- internet patrols people said most repugnant violent things to me before president trump entertained running for presidency. >> over weekend with that just that president pr posted you would have thought only people that get trolled are cnn journalists all crying like babies when i tweeted one of them the left doesn't have monopoly on receiving these kinds of threats i get it all the time. >> i -- >> horrible. >> i got horrible threats from -- from the particularly women that is is so i don't feel -- i don't this is a financial story i don't know what happened to twitter again does this vitriol drive people off the service people seem to love it. >> there are not that many people on twitter. >> compared to the american population.
7:49 am
>> how many billion people on facebook? >> comparison. >> that is my point. >> right. exactly, and instagram because again, it is -- if you troll me on instagram, delete the comment and block you -- >> next fishing scams how to thieves use text messages to get access to personal information. great sleep we engineered every inch of the casper mattress to make it possible
7:50 am
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7:52 am
. dagen: similar to a phishing
7:53 am
scam euros receive e-mail appears to be from bank mishing targeting text messages tracee carrasco has details i saw on official media last couple days. reporter: not just your bank may be entity service provider favorite store any organization mishing messages sent via text message cybercriminals trying to trick you into giving account information as log in name password credit card a link takes to i a web site they get enough to steal your identity or you might be asked to answer questions, via text message, or to call a phone number, in some cases you will receive a text with a sense of urgency sometimes scammers try to capitalize on something timely like tax filing season, or may come in form of a personal note or telling you you could win something, criminals like this users
7:54 am
trust text messages if you get suspicion looking text asking you to you you are gently confirm not from a legitimate source don't tap on link simply delete it something you can do you can also make sure your phone has the most up to date operating system. >> if you get a text message on apple, on imessage a text message from unknown number or number that is not in your contacts it says a spam asked alerts you in the text message if not a phone number i recognize i don't open it, absolutely delete it. implication -- >> tough thing is how what is your circle of friends that you how far out do you expand saving people's numbers, right? because, you know there are some people get text from i don't save numbers like i talk to this person once every year, so i think a little bit -- is that partially the issue? i mean, i will respond if text message kind of interesting i
7:55 am
haven't talked to that person like for years. >> if you get message that says, so and so gave you a number here is a link i want you to check out most likely that is not that is a form of smishing. >> the threat coming from like your bank. >> absolutely. >> but in phishing a problem we have seen what repercussions are john podesta e-mails released phishing, scary. >> ask disproportionally targeted, clearance a lot of attention from jibe generated attractive young women very high yield for information from service members. >> we clearly are not doing enough, as a government as
7:56 am
private entities to i mean that is huge financial burden for private companies. >> yeah, mooern it is cybersecurity stocks are doing very well a great way to get -- >> that is right. >> the problem. >> very good point thank you for that tracee carrasco, still ahead republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare, under fire from within the party. some say the proposal still includes too much spending what it means for the future of the bill next hour, on "mornings with maria". ♪ ♪ beverly hills ♪ .
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
dagen: good morning, everybody. i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. wednesday, july 5, your top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. we are awaiting president trump's departure for poland heading to another g-20 summit in germany air force one to leave base andrews moments from now i believe the president in marine one headed to andrews air force base amid another act of aggression from north korea, president trump calling for emergency meeting at united nations after the hermit kingdom successfully tests another even more advanced missile, florida congressman ron desantis weighing in on rising threat
8:00 am
last hour. >> you still have to have convinced that he can hold on to power more by playing ball with china, and some other countries, not clear to me that is the case. now you look at potential military strike against his facilities the problem with that is one you may not even get everything, but two, even if you do, you do risk a significant retaliation against south korea against japan. >> -- rising articulate from north korea that missile launch muted in the markets, do not see fear in stocks, not here not abroad gains across the board in united states, although modest in europe roughly same scenario england france, germany you have more of a gain on those markets about a quarter of a percentage point in england and in france, and in asia overnight, stocks higher across the board, as well. look at south korean markets
8:01 am
up one-third of 1%, tragedy in new york city, a police officer has died after being shot while sitting in her patrol car, authorities call it an assassination. we will bring details from the scene ahead. >> the illinois budget crisis continuing the latest lawmakers get close to skwleerg a final hurdle to end at a budget battle but -- raise people's taxes, in apple giving iphone a new look literally the major roll that facial recognition is expected to play. >> what retirement most millennials believe they never save enough to enjoy their golden years, celebrating freedom, fireworks lighting up the night sky across u.s. to celebrate 4th of july last night, the highlights from independence day celebrations, across this great country. all that so much more with me this morning with me whole three hours, cfrainvestment
8:02 am
strategist lindsey bell, former army intel officer andrew peak political skounlt advisory board member for donald trump for pshths h president harlan little get to washington, d.c., president trump on way to poll landed ahead of g-20 summit in germany as trump is calling for merge u.n. meeting on north korea adam shapiro at the white house with latest. reporter: let's get right to what president trump tweeted win last 30 minutes deals not only with trade but north korea first tweet united states made some of the worst trade deals in world's history why should we don't deals with countries that do not hope us and then he tweeted a few minutes after that quote trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter, so much for china working with us, but we had to
8:03 am
give it a try. now this follows as you said the calls for emergency meeting, of the u.n. security council having yesterday both china and russia issues a joint agreement, to statement in which they called on north koreans to back down on her to missile program but also the u.s. they said to remove missile shield and halt large scale joint military exercises, in south korea this highlights the problems trump administration faces, as it attempts to confront the north korean regime here is what the former acting cia chief morale had to say about u.s. options. >> there is no good option here. there is no military option here to destroy his nuclear program, his missile program. there is no there is no option to do that that wouldn't start a second korean war. >> the president heads to poland to hamburg, of course, meeting with vladimir putin we know that later at the end of the week.
8:04 am
and perhaps, most definitely actually you can imagine they will be discussing not only this issue but several oeshz others north korea center stage as president heads to europe. >> you can see marine one land at andrews air force base, and president will be leaving -- there you see some of his travel team there with marine one, and he will be bordering airs force one heading to poland and visiting poland before some of our other allies, in europe. including france, or britain, as president bush did. so you see his team there we will watch this as president trump boards air force one but i want to bring in andrew. the president what tweeting there is president united states there, andrew, the president was tweeting this morning, and first lady melania about north korea and
8:05 am
china the roll china will play in dpolitics seems like writing off china working with us doing anything about that threat. >> absolutely, and it should have been done long ago i think one missed opportunity was if you start the administration like we all expected donald trump to, and really build up the pressure on china on a number of fronts, you can then trade that for concessions on north korea, but if you give up all concessions the beginning as we kind of have now, and not get the result we want, we are forced now to build up our negotiating leverage what i would offer is we all agreed china is a problem here china wants us out of asia the most important thing is let's set up a mechanism where every time china does something north korea does something we send weapons to japan. they can't stand the idea of a remilitarized japan that can
8:06 am
rival them long term a cause and effect they sflook the president of the united states you see president trump and his wife board air force one headed overseas to g-20, but harlan what will will put pressure on him to change posture on twitter will it not effective communications tool you look what he was saying this morning but other ways used it not. >> i think most effective channel to communicate with us we should not underestimate the he heard the he heard the nuclear iran in syria brutal dictator of gag his people he has global problem fighting multiple fronts. >> with north korea something that three past administrations have not been able to put a stop to -- >> absolutely. >> this is why his trip to poland is so interesting, because the with all these global problems, the corner piece of trump's foreign policy was to trade cooperation with russia, for
8:07 am
concessions our concessions in places like eastern europe right we are going to get help in syria north korea broader middle east but instead we are reprioritizing alliance with poland very surprising development. >> surprising how that explain that. >> for us, in terms of world view original world view of his campaign we would have expected poland to be a lower priority than north korea iran, syria, reasonably so a reasonable position foreign policy calls realist position one strategy give russians what they want in poland sort of hands off no permanent nato bases, and in exchange get something higher priority for us, in any of those regions. >> turn to "the wall street journal" editorial day andrew about north korea. and the "the wall street journal" is talking about -- they referenced china, beijing
8:08 am
behavior suggested hopes when you said north korean threat will drive u.s. out of northeast asia only tougher strategy aimed at toppling the kim regime with or without china help has a chance of eliminating a threat that puts millions of americans' lives at risk this is regime change this is different from as you had described it peaceful denuclearization, how why is that significant? wooden what does regime change mean. >> "the wall street journal", editorial as you point out calls for regime change this would be regime change would be biggest american policy shift on north korea for three decades essentially since nuclear program became public, what the journal is calling for tightening of all levels of pressure on north korea, and an abandment of long-term goal peaceful denuclearization multialert framework north korea agrees to give up nuclear weapons kim regime
8:09 am
stays in power nonetheless, the how do we do have a. >> nobody has offered a good suggest for that. >> harlan? >> is it but at least president donald trump is doing what obama never did he is highlighting very serious threat the north korea posed, he is demanding china be engaged so not going to do the this unilaterally, that is. dagen: now dismissing china that tweet this morning saying -- we i tried to work with china, i don't -- and you can't -- reading in tweet, but he is saying trade was up 37% i said that, repeatedly the last three months, that whatever china was doing in terms of cutting off trade with north korea was purely cosmetic. >> i think obama strategy here seemed to me largely about containment vis-a-vis north korea president trump said politically nuclear arsenal in north korea is unacceptable
8:10 am
stronger position. >> lindsey your insight into the market reaction to this i don't want to dismiss what we're saying there is no market reaction, to -- to north korea testing this icbm that could possibly reach alaska. >> yeah i mean the market reaction is very muted incredible, because as as you all discussed the heightened, concerns related to this test that happened, last night, but it just goes to show how resilient the markets are, and you know if something more major happens, and -- like, us -- you know shooting at them or something like that, they will definitely be a major market reaction, but maybe this is ahead of the g-20 summit this is a perfect timing for this is able to meet with other world leaders, and discuss this and hopefully come up with a world plan, and what is encouraging you heard from rex tillerson this morning, that we want it to be a global issue, like taking care of globally instead of just us in the past we said we
8:11 am
will take care of it on our own. >> do you think investors think this is bluff created framework to put pressure on north korea that it continue come to anything. >> i don't think so because you are seeing north korea make a first move, kim has shot more missiles this year than his father did in last 17 years. and they don't think it is a bluff, but investors look at things like that, and they don't know what the -- impact would be. they can only make investment decisions based on actual happening and people tend not to invest for the black swan if you will or the extreme event some do most don't though, so act on what they know in the moment we know that the economy is okay earnings are growing. >> jobs number this month supposed to be better than it has been. dagen: exactly. >> so earning season going to start next week, earnings have
8:12 am
been really good so right now we are doing okay the market actually doesn't mind gridlock or uncertainty to the extent that it is not going to impact growth. dagen: right. >> or numbers. >> thank you, everybody for all that analysis, coming up tragedy in new york city, a police officer ambushed, and killed overnight in unprovoked attack what investigators are calling an assassination. and what we know about the gunman, and apple could leave those fingerprints behind inside security technology to debut on upcoming iphone barnab.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
police officer has died being shot in the face while sitting in a police vehicle in new york city. cheryl casone has the details, cheryl: dagen investigators say that surveillance footage does show the suspected shooter marching up to command post with quote purpose the gunman came up blasted the officer through the window, without any warning, officer miosoti familia rushed a to hospital underwent surgery they could not save her, mayor bill de blasio speaking moments ago.
8:16 am
>> she was on duty about serving the city protecting people doing what she believed in doing the job she loved. and after the shocking sudden attack fellow officers came to aid immediately. cheryl: well we should also say the suspect was shot and killed by police. well, lighter note for you this morning, americans celebrated 4th of july across the country, but the nation's allergies fireworks display right here new york city, 60,000 shell launched at annual macy's fireworks smo on east river thousands gathered to watch president trump celebrating as well, thanked u.s. military troops at the white house. . >> we are thanking them saluting them for selfless sacrifice. there could be no greater privilege than to serve as your commander in chief. i pledge my in wavering
8:17 am
support for you, for your families, and your missions. i will always have your back. cheryl: well then nasa celebrations out of this world. astronauts peggy and jack representing their country in style with a flag themed footo shoot tweeted out a video of the celebration from the international space station i love the pants more than anything else dagen, headlines. dagen: thank you so much cheryl coming up an end in sight to illinois budget showdown lawmakers revolt against the governor to save the state credit rating, the latest in the battle ahead. and more infighting over republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare some gop lawmakers saying it includes too much spending what it means for the future of that law. ♪ ♪ you laughing all the way to the bank ♪
8:18 am
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look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. dagen: illinois lawmakers close to clearing a final hurdle to end the battle over the state budget, jeff bloc is in chicago, with all the details, jeff? reporter: dagen hello one step away whether a good thing or a bad thing depends on your point of view what we are close to is approving a tax increase, although republicans and democrats neither can agree on exactly what tax increase is an actual increase from 3.75 state income tax rate to 4.95, democrats say that is an increase of 1.2%, republicans would say well
8:22 am
that is a 32% increase. there you go -- i think -- figure i leave it to you to figure out whose who. >> yesterday senate passed that budget with a tax increase, and governor vetoed it the republican governor they senate then overrode the governor veto it goes to the house where 15 house members one senator voted against the governor one republican senator, 15 republican house members voted against governor in passing that budget so if they stay with them they wereically would be able to override wree don't know that could come as early as today we think won't be till tomorrow, the governor did not get here is when why he did veto he didn't get a property tax freeze illinois has some of the highest property taxes in the nation he didn't get reform to the workers' comp. laws he want also wanted to sunset that -- that income tax increase, he didn't get that either at this point. now, the rating agencies on the other hand liked what the
8:23 am
state did, over the holiday, because they want bondholders to be paid and if you tax people well that brings in money to do that here is what was said over the weekend the state of illinois made concrete progress over reaching agreement to break the two year prolong budget impasse they liked it that will enable illinois to not lose its credit rating or not have a downgrade to junk means they can continue to boro some people say that is what got us into this mess, so -- i don't know if good or bad news, to me it is just news. dagen. dagen: that is why we love you because you report the news. jeff flock thank you so much lindsey what does this say about fixing illinois problems is it enough for illinois, if you look at all other states, that have had budget impasses, at least like new jersey, reopened for business. >> what about illinois? >> well, the problem with illinois and many other states
8:24 am
is we discussed with one of your guests was the funding in states outrageous we need to cut spending, it is great you get a little bit of a tax increase interesting that republicans are voting for that it comes on the spending, that is the biggest issue, that they need -- corporations to trump's point. >> we had senator round on last week said a republican talking about where -- i am in favor of keeping the investment income tax increase at 3.8 percentage points in obamacare, because then i said what about flip side rather than i raising taxes why don't you cut spending seems republicans don't have guts to do that after they started spending money you've seen it in illinois. >> absolutely, look -- we -- look through society, technology is permeating every
8:25 am
aspect of lives more foesht, driving down the cost of a lot of things. except government, government is the only thing getting more wasteful demandinging more resources providing fewer resources during the process. so less outcomes costing more doesn't make sense, and we cannot continue to feed "the beast" in long term it is not stage the fact that even republicans are not willing to stand up and stand with principles is very revealing. >> look at political reality president trump political base industrial midwest radically different than romney-reagan tradition base of republicans the optics in industrial midwest so brutal if you keep if you cut taxes while cutting health care i totally get why white house onboard with leaving tax increase. >> has -- i don't know if they have come out they haven't come out said that they are in favor of keeping it but you heard like corker, mike rounds
8:26 am
even marco rubio saying in favor it raises 172 billion dollars thereabouts but, again, just goes against the ideology of conservatives, that you -- improve capital before -- increase capital base ultimate that translates into jobs, higher wages, just -- the this party has been turned upside down ideologically. >> spending is a drug even republicans can't withstand. >> that is absolutely the truth, benevolent government lawmakers make better decisions with your money? i am kidding. coming up republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare, facing backlash conservative senators what it could mean changing the workplace 140 characters or less millennials transforming the office.
8:27 am
♪ ♪ ne perfect mattress. supportive and comfortable. premium foam layers. breathable for airflow. perfect rebound, plus perfect lift. pick your size, you get 100 nights to test it out. test the layers, be a layer, casper.
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>> well back i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. wednesday, july 5 your top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern time. president trump gaurtd for poland commander in chief will visit the country before g-20 summit in germany amid another
8:30 am
act of heightened aggression from north korea, president trump called for emergency united nations meeting, after the hermit kingdom successfully test launched another more advanced missile that meeting will take place today 3:00 pm. >> headwinds at home health care battle rages on democrats on the attack, former democratic presidential candidate kucinich weighed in on the negative rhetoric. >> we have to realize the american people were the ones judged president trump. they decided who should be president november 2016 the way process works, so we must find common ground and you can't establish common ground if you are slinging mud. >> markets getting ready in an hour from now, to restart the shortened hollywood week 14-point gain on dow futures do you not see fear in these markets, in europe, you have gains across the board, as
8:31 am
well. although modest higher in england france german the same story in asia, despite that missile test by north korea, markets higher across the board. new face of security, is yours major role that facial recognition is expected to play in apple's device, plus, what retirement? why most millennials believe they will never safe enough to enjoy golden years top story this half hour gop looking to pass its health care legislation, despite opposition, from nine republican senators, senator rand paul criticized the bill for spending watch this. >> so i mean the bill is just being lit up like a christmas tree, full of-billion-dollar ornaments not repeal don't repeal regulations subsidies republicans getting so weak kneed saying we are afraid to repeal taxes, what happened to these people? they all were for repealing
8:32 am
obamacare, now there is virtually non left. >> president trump seemed to endorse first repealing about about affordable care, joining me former republican presidential dr. rand paul what do you make of your son's comments on gop downfall if you will. >> i agree. no doubt i agree. but i also understand the system i am sure he does too, that it is very, very difficult and that is the problem how you reverse things this isn't just recessing object i care this is recessing a principle that government should be involved in our lives to the extent it is especially medical care republicans have never been good at that they have expanded government medical care, all along, so it is a principle whether they should be involved once massive, abusive outrageous like
8:33 am
obamacare, there is a rebellion they don't rebel against the principle they think they can just tinker with it and deal with principle of it -- this is very difficult. dagen: i want to jump in here because. >> when you say republican principles increasingly that is an oxymoron when you have the senator when you have senators and your son senator rand paul pointed this out when you have senators say we need to keep in place a major tax increase on capital formation in this country and rubio has said he would get onboard with it senator rounds even bob corker when you have senators saying that they need to hand in their republican card. >> well when a one might have beefs over years continues to be we have too much i bipartisanship what you are talking about both believe government spending same
8:34 am
monetary policy the warfare system so very bipartisan they pretend this is a big difference all we have to do is put republicans in, and they are going to cut taxes -- regulation go back to free market we are going to -- the constitution that is a fallacy i think we need a -- you know we just have the 4th of july i think we have to have a realing revolution some day revolt against the type of system that we've had and i don't think it is just these you know, this is administration, or last one. i think it is happened to 100 years, those people realize that we just didn't get here overnight, it is a progressive principle isn't republican principles they have not been good. >> dr. paul harlan hel has a question. >> obama knew he couldn't get signing payer health care when they did obamacare back in first administration, but they knew that they could give an entitlement that people would not want to give up. and that is exactly what we're
8:35 am
wrangling with at this point in time republicans are caught in a very difficult spot. where they don't want to take they don't want to claw something back preexisting conditions or expansion medicaid medicare going to be very hard to claw that back how do republicans realistically contend with that going to be unpopular to take things back to arrest it. >>e i can't, it won't be all at once i mean you are right, there is too much dependence on it i was deliberate what is happening no i probably do you have the bother signing payer people more chaos all we can do is turn everything over to the government, so i -- i think that they will not claw back but what you could do is legalize bits and pieces of liberty people can say look i want to opt-out i want lint independence i don't need government to take care me of from cradled to grave why
8:36 am
force me in it one reason people who are desent have to pay for it in libertarian society we permit volunteer socialism never permits volunteer freedom where dilemma is not a partner issue there is somebody both parties who are behind the scenes, you know, making these plans, there is nobody really other than rand and few others think may be on principle we ought to get the government out of this, and have a different system. but i started medicine back in early 60s no medicare no medicaid actually wasn't that bad say nobody dying in streets without medical care existed 150 years, only recent event we have had this monster. >> one danger from medicare the moechg is medicare for all
8:37 am
in terms of pushing towards single payer it is too generous 50 trillion-dollar unfunded liability hospital trust fund goes broke in 11 years benefits automatically get cut a to 87 cents on dollar -- that is the reality of it. is that iticity generous if we are lindsey if we are doom to go that direction with all health insurance in this country, we will bankrupt quickly. >> country will be bankrupt deficit will continue to grow one of rand's major issues with repeal the senate is looking at right now my question to you what does happen what is likelihood of a repeal and then clean replace? >> i don't think so there is hardly any i think, dagen's point i think -- made a point that it is -- going bankrupt, and yeah, it is and they can't tinker and manage it differently, doesn't work that way.
8:38 am
so whether in monetary system he foreign policy medical care i want to present case what we should do do our best taking in this case we can get meantime prepare for bankruptcy, because it will come, and we will have our way we will get -- under those circumstances more people suffer than if we legalize you know, the -- the rights to take care of ourselves, but people aren't willing to do that. >> i think we are going to see big bankruptcy first. >> i want to go from the legals to illegal there are 20 sanctuary cities pledging to make one million immigrants u.s. citizens this year, as part of a naturalized now campaign includes liberal and progressive clooubz elected officials cities reportedly joining campaign include atlanta boston dallas what do you make of this? >> well i think it is horrible
8:39 am
i think it is -- national suicide what we're doing as libertarian i am talent of people coming and going and working here but easy access to citizenship come over become illegal get put in front of the line -- it angers people how much subsidies. >> other people tell stories people legitimate american citizens waiting in line just getting benefits, all of a sudden, illegal comes in they get put in front get more than american, no wonder american people are outraged over there i think easy road citizenship totally wrong, the warfare mentality that prompts this introducing this whole calamity of -- of -- the downfall of the system there is some people deliberately want this -- this is what they want they want chaos so delighted with what is happening today.
8:40 am
dagen: it was great to see you dr. rand paul we covered a lot of ground thank you so much we will see if any solutions ahead dr. rand paul apple may leave fingerprints behind with iphone 8 new security measures expected to come with the upcoming smartphone a millennial by any other name by some young adults rebranding themselves to stand out from the rest of their generation. ♪ tennis channel report for fox business, roger federer, djokovic called for wimbledon change rules after first round opponents retired due to injury, federer, pulled out early in the second set with longstanding ankle problem, the swiss star questioned whether he was fit enough to play, controversy over the
8:41 am
85th wimbledon victory new record if doubts over fitness was clear martin wasn't moving freely at all in match against djokovic -- forced to skip events in rome geneva a calf injury a reoccurens of the problem second set. >> wednesday another day of blockbuster action wimbledon prime time has you covered, all set 4:30 pm eastern. in 12 weeks. yeah. ♪ ♪ the world of fast food is being changed by faster networks. ♪ ♪ data, applications, customer experience. ♪ ♪ which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver.
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8:44 am
dagen: big banks might finally be ready to start making deals again, something they have not really done since the financial crisis. nicole petallides covering the story live from new york stock exchange, nicole. reporter: good morning that is absolutely right we talked about obviously looking at banks closely the banks so well across the board dividends buybacks kinds of things you will see now from banks, in addition to that, how about deals word on street
8:45 am
j.p. morgan was looking at a company called world pay over in uk a payment processor that turns out over the last hour, about that another name mentioned on street would have vantif making the dole j.p. morgan looking upside has been looking out there, at pay beefing that up, peer-to-peer payment we will watch for that, 10-billion-dollar deal. >> apple big one everybody has in portfolio the rumor on the street is we look at the people very credible right now apple up a half of 1%, may not be fingerprint that opens the next phone in fact it may be your face, some facial recognition retinal, iris reportedly in development need
8:46 am
to get exactly right cannot have biggest upgrade ever put on tenth anniversary phone then have it fail so we know the tenth anniversary coming up we know working on speed and accuracy for this questionable whether or not they do this reports are glass kaying steel edges display that actually fits into smaller overall body some things we can look for next iphone 8 i guess you can call it back to you. dagen: thank you so much nicole. >> banks, look better for them with fed poised may be to raise interest rates again. >> you are seeing 10 year bump always good thing banks rallied last couple sections today we hear from fed the minutes should he should talk about their 4.5 trillion-dollar baffle sheet how to unwind that expected journal reporting potentially in september, then the next rate hike not coming until december.
8:47 am
so -- i think that this is definitely a more constructive if you are looking at evaluations across the board more reasonably priced than other sectors in the market. we definitely like the banks here. >> thanks, coming up next thinking outside the cubicle how millennials use technology to reshape the office. ♪ ♪ oohhh, ♪
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8:51 am
younger workers growing fast chatroom, valued 9 billion dollars joining us on millennial panel, christie, do you think millennials are really changing the way people work. >> i think they absolutely are, something that i in our opinion the on daily basis in my office. one of the things millennials irare really into sentenced walkingings into somebody's office they prefer to e-mail them older coworkers don't necessarily like that expect you to walk into their office and technology years faster to send e-mail. >> -- what do you think. >> i do think technology i also playing a part too because i know a lot of my friends even my employer allows us to work from home, one day a week or depending where you life may be two days a week, so i think mixture of both but i think that you can't -- forget the -- the personal interaction with people i think all very important in the work place. >> we have talked about this
8:52 am
in terms of teenagers, such a low parnl of people who have summer jobs now, that it is roughly 35, 36% it was north of 50 back in the late 80s, that reduces people's -- i mean would be, you don't work when you are young, you don't develop the kind of he personal skillsness rely on technology does change the way we work. >> i am going to say something controversial. dagen: i expect that harlan. >> so i actually think there is direct correlation between that decline in summer jobs, among -- high school kids college kids, and immigration, so you have an influx of cheap labor that is coming in driving you don't have high school kids mowing lawns anymore i believe a direct correlation. >> supply of labor from elsewhere how about lack of work ethic. >> come on. >> mom and dad don't make them bring home money, my parents made me work.
8:53 am
like basically -- >> right i can name all the horrific jobs -- starting when high school, working health women try on a biging suits in sitting room at beach -- i want to move on to this if you never liked harry potter books or avocado toast may be you aren't a millennial a professor in australia reportedly claiming people between nike -- 1987, 1983 should be known as zenialgeneration, this would be between gen x i guess and millennials spent a large part of childhood without access to computer were college age facebook was invented i want to bring in richard on this, richard, again as a strategist you are about branding communication. >> i am not a big fan of avocado toasty may be only
8:54 am
millennial didn't read harry potter, so i don't know if that is. >> you are reading -- >> yeah. "new york times" "washington post" i don't know but you know i think it is one of the things people make assumptions about our generation i love it because 90% that they write about generation are not from our generation trying to exam us like endangered species of some sort look there goes a millennial on plane there goes a millennial eating look how he millennial eats. so -- [laughter]. dagen: just as many if not more people eating avocado toasty my age, than millennials. >> thank you. >> i will i would like to add that i am at higher end of the be considered zenial or however you say it i think that from older end i do feel a little bit different than what we see in interact with on the lower end of the --
8:55 am
millennial range. i don't know that we need a different name for ourselves. >> you don't want to be associated with this generation until you hit 40 then a stigma when you are not. so -- in many millennials worried about the retirement, even talking about this in break according to a wells fargo survey 64% working millennials believe they will never save one million dollars for future. harlan i think it is because people don't they want to spend money now. they want to enjoy the money that they earn, while young rather than kind of setting this oh, at 65 i am really going to start living and prying my -- >> i think also looking to parents seeing that because of the great recession they are putting off retirement too so like what is live it up while we can healthy before we have kids travel the world, and -- >> which you do. >> -- i mean -- spending now we also have a lot of -- stein
8:56 am
loans -- snaefd 10% away supposed to put towards retirement that is interest on student loans, once you have that paid off, even move on to okay i have kids a house to buy all other things not really option to necessarily put away all extra money. >> i think that is right i think the fact that we -- direct lines continues to call us say i want money this month or you are in trouble but that is -- problem number two is the idea of parents grew up in era where there are he pensions we are growing up in era -- it makes things for retirement quite problematic. >> you know gen xers faced that reality as well that is something that multiple generations share richard good to see you, christie you guys one more block to do final thoughts from awe our all-star panel coming up. ♪ i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
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8:59 am
>> final thoughts, go. >> i can't wait to see what comes out of president donald trump's trip to poland they have a poplist wave, too. >> and the president's policy on poland looks better than asia. >> look for the reaction to the news and jobs numbers on friday will probably show as well earnings that our economy is stable and growing at a slow rate maybe.
9:00 am
>> so the president can thank, basically the ongoing economy, instead of what's not getting done by all of of those republicans in washington these days. >> thank you to lindsey and andrew and harlan this morning. what a pleasure. "varney & company" starts right now with charles payne. >> i'm charles payne in for stuart. you've got a lot of stories, including north korea launching the first intercontinental ballistic missile. nearly a 4,000 mile range capable of hitting most of alaska. the back drop of president trump on the way to overseas, and then to poland and the g20 meeting, tensions between russia and china higher after the missile launch and the president will meet with vladimir putin on friday. meanwhile at home, our markets are looking to open, on monday creeping back at the close. we will have a huge session


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