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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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poland, getting ready for the g20 could be forensic. thanks for having us in your homes. that does it for us. charles payne is "making money." charles: transportation names flew and technology finds its footing after the jobs report friday. global tensions are rising. the u.s. is warning north korea it's ready to go to war if north korea pro claims another break through towards a nuclear-tipped missile that could reach u.s. cities. u.s. ambassador nikki haley sent a strong message to any country not willing to work together against the threat.
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>> it makes no sense to not join together against this threat on north korea. they have not had any care for russia or china. they are not going to listen to anything that you say. so it's time that we all stand together and say we'll not put up with this action. to sit there and oppose sanctions or go in defiance of a new resolution means you are holding the hands of jim congress un. charles: we -- of kim jong-un. first thing we saw this morning was a joint communique between china and russia wagging their financial officers at america for prove vision. >> they have obviously been talking behind the scenes to come out with a joint statement that quickly.
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what they have to realize is things are going to get contentious for them. if we goat back channel with the japanese like maybe stepping up p up and taking some of our troops from korea if the koreans won't let us do what we need to do in south korea and japan goes nuclear. that would send russia and china through the overhead. we are that serious. we can do a lot of things before the bombs drop but we have to be strong and resolute in doing so. charles: the administration i starting to think china is not up to the task. coal was down but the rest of
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their economics are intertwines more so than ever. >> the problem is the chinese have continued to trade with north korea as have the russians. nikki haley is asking them to join forces at the security council and joke north korea out. i'm not convinced they are going to do that. if they don't, we'll have to make a legitimate acting show of force. charles: we have precision, submit drills with south korea. we moved naval assets. what other show of force are we going to need to see before we get kim jong-un's attention? >> i don't think a show is what we need. we do need to act. that means breaking one of his military program. these actions have consequences
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even if the rest of the world wants to sit on the sidelines and twitle their thumbs, the united states can't afford to. charles: we witnesses them loading the missile with liquid fuel. their technology is moving a lot faster than the experts told us fit would just six months ago. we weren't talking about an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach all of alaska. you have to make certain asuch shuns about them put be tip on a nuclear warhead. >> you know what in the intelligence community has been wrong about the speed of chinese buildup and the speed of the korean buildup. they totally have blown it. they are on a faster timeline
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than we think they are. so let's not sitback with convenient assumptions that we have more time to deal with this. we don't. the can has been kicked to the end of the road, and now it's sitting in president trump's lap. one of the things we should do to keep the pressure on the big kids in the neighborhood, russia and china, is looking at president reagan strategic defense initiative. that's designed to hit ballistic missiles in their most vulnerable stage of flight, which is the boost stage. right now we are waiting for a mid-course or terminal. by then two of the three steps are not good. you want it in the boost phase when it's slow, hot and burning. that's when we need to do it. charles: it feels -- kim jong-un
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giving the quote-unquote american bastards a birthday gift, if you will. he launched 83 missiles. his far it and grandfather only did 15. he's a different dynamic. he's by far the craziest in the line of crazy kills. and we have to ad craz craze cry kims. all president trump had to do was say that's not a good idea and he stopped. once you prove that there is a way to stop you militarily and economically it make it easier for the diplomacy to work. charles: we'll have to show some
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force and maybe it will mean writing a check. charles: trade between u.s. and china grew almost 40% in the first quarter. the united states and china split over how to rein in the rogue state. you launch a few missiles and you launch a few missiles and you get paid something. but we always entered into agreements with them that included money and some responsibility on their end. >> they are united with iran. iran is their teammate. so this is what makes this so urgent. and why they may have more advanced technology than we realized. iran is paying them. iran has been present there physically. they are the recipients.
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they are paying them -- north korea can do things iran can't do physically. if north korea can miniaturize a nuclear weapon you have to consider iran can. the iran deal included $33 billion. and this is not just staying in iran. this is what they are using. why it make it even more urgent for us. it's not just dealing with japan. the north korean defense minister says hawaii can be reached with this. we have a duplicate dynamic happening in the middle east. charles: we sanctioned one chinese bank so far. we have been hovering around those man made south china sea
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islands. >> the show is called "making money" and this is the fox business network. there is another show of force we can dough ploy, and that's an economic snow of force. if we were to deny china to its u.s. dollar stock markets, that could cripple their economy and cripple their government. charles: why haven't we done that? >> i asked gordon that. and he said there is worry about escalating a trade war. if the consequences are a nuclear-tipped missile hitting the u.s. hawaii, alaska or tokyo.
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kim jong-un is not crazy. this is very personal. he needs to show force to the older generals encircling him. there are rumors he went to school in it witherland. so he has seen the world. but through different eyes. tammy: what president obama has been doing is brilliant. we got the tweets and that send a message. also messaging that he want to take a hard line on chinese steel. the weapons to taiwan. china can change this in a moment by removing and even just replacing him with someone not from that mafia family. and china is in charge of that. charles: we'll see what happens.
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it gets very, very complicated. people say china has $.2 trillion in bonds. rational olive branches have not worked and something ugly may have to happen thank you both very much. trump, putin, two men, one stake. you are talking about a high stake chess match about to go down at the g20.
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charles: president trump and russian president vladimir putin
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expected to sit down for an official bilateral meeting in germany in hamburg friday. this will be their first in-person meeting. it's their first bilateral meeting in nearly two years and everyone is expecting something major to come out of this. ' mercedes, we have the old kgb operative and on the other hand we have the successful businessman who goes from the gut. it will be an interesting chess match. >> with that being said i'm hoping president trump doesn't take putin's bait. we know putin is a master manipulator. we don't want a repeat of george w. bush who said i looked into his soul and saw he was a trust
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were think guy. there will be issues that will be important such as ukraine and syria. it would be interesting if he does bring up the issue of the russian interference. but he's hoping to start a working dialogue with putin. it's to the benefit of both countries that we stabilize this relationship. this relationship is at a very low point. this is not a healthy way to proceed forward. we need a good relationship with russia. it's difficult when you are dealing with the like of putin. it's critical to find the mutual interests. >> is that an advantage for put, the fact president trump has been so vocal in saying what's wrong with having a good relationship with russia. his eagerness to forge a new bridge with that country.
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typically that's when a vladimir putin find a way to take advantage. >> it does. when we had mitt romney he called russia our biggest geopolitical foe. when barack obama was running for election he said the cold war is over. in the civil war in syria, it's a quagmire with no end in sight. the problem for putin and donald trump is it's difficult for him to accomplish anything because for the first time since the cold war and well before that, the democratic party is active saying you can't do any business with russia. so everyone is watching. on the sidelines you have intellectuals like david ignatius of the "washington post" calling for a new age where somebody like angela
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merkel will lead the world away from these evil guys. but the eyes will be on these two. they have the most hard power. charles: i got into a beef when i was in "outnumbered." >> you, charles? i don't believe it. charles: some people are worried about optics, that president trump shouldn't look overly chummy. should he even care about that kind of stuff? >> get ready. media is going to be watching how close they are standing next to each other. if they looked at each other eye to eye. the body language will be important for the media. i'm just hoping they don't take off their shirts to compare muscle size. it's very important to remind
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the mainstream media that from an international perspective it's incredibly important to have a stable relationship with russia. we are dealing with two nuclear super powers. it does provide for stability in the world. we have seen aggression coming from russia in areas like the middle east and their dealings with north korea. and it's problematic. i think president trump and his team clearly understand the landmines they are walking into. i think it will be interesting to see how both of these men are size each other up and where that relationship moves forward. but we can't continue with this low point with russia. they have to show the strength to move forward. charles: 95 million americans have given up looking for a job. you do all this research
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charles: america doesn't have a worker short and. it has a work shortage. an op-ed in the "wall street journal" is saying it's time to take action to get able-body americans off the couch. 95 million americans aren't in the workforce. 128 million people were either unemployed, part-time employed or simply not in the labor force. a new study suggests that male 20-year-olds more interested in leveling out the digital world than grinding it out in the real one.
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tim, let's start with the idea some are saying, there is a loud chorus saying we are paying people too much money and they won't go to work. we are paying people not to work. particularly young, able bodied men. >> some states are requiring work for welfare benefits. that's a good idea. the welfare reforms in the late 1990s have been watered down aggressively during the obama years. the workforce participation the lowest since the carter years. one of the numbers worth pointing out, millennials 18-24, a third of them now live at home. charles: tammy, it's not going to get better. we have seen rampant abuse of all these systems.
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especially when president trump was encouraging people to seek out one of these transfer payment programs. many of them got on there and they are staying. >> when he came into office. one of the things he did was reverse the work requirement which is making it easier to be on welfare. when we had that reform. the number of people using it went down by 60%. under obama as a result it ballooned. the messaging is this is the new normal. forget about having a career workplace. it could be very different. of course it many depressing. it's not appealing. then you are going to think maybe this world is not maid f for. we have an entire generation abandoned by not necessarily the
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mechanism. this is something we saw clinton change it very, very quickly, work for welfare, and george w. bush continued that reform. and it worked. charles: i'm not sure, 12 years ago young men said i don't want to do what my dad did. i don't want to do what my did dad did, i don't want to take a train to the city fan work for the same company for 50 years. so they gravitated towards thement. the amount of time our young then have stopped working and are playing video games. >> too many americans are losing faith in the american dream, that they can through hard work and aspirational hope and make
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their lives and hopes and dreams come true. it's something that sometimes happens when they look at washington, d.c. they see a rigged economy. but a lot of it is cultural. the video culture is not a healthy thing. tammy: i would argue it's artificial. if there was messaging from the government this american dream. the future is back. i think we can do it again. it's not an american sensibility to give up. charles: it's almost identical. thanks a lot. cnn tracks down and apparently strong arms the person behind the wrestling meme.
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i have the jefferson nose right there on the front of my face. when i think about being related to thomas jefferson,
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it certainly makes me feel a sense of pride the tenacity of not only that he showed in his life but was given to me through the slaves that i'm birthed through as well. it makes me think that there's really no excuse for me in any area of my life to not be able to conquer anything. ♪
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charles: cnn facing extreme backlash. ed the media outlet being accused of blackmail after writing an email threatening to reveal the reddit user who revealed the trump wrestling clip.
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here to discuss, katie frates, gina louden and mercedes schlapp. it seems they were holding that over the guy's head and it wasn't a so thinly veiled threat. >> it certainly does on the surface level. even if we assume cnn was trying to correct someone's behavior. they are not this man's mother. it's not their job to try to change the rhetoric of a private citizen. but they haven't apologized or acknowledged that they did something wrong, they threatened a private citizen. it will be interesting what the internet does as a whole to cnn. so cnn might be in for a very
6:33 pm
bad time over the next couple weeks. charles: twitter has spoken. i can't stop laughing. gina, cnn can't stop defending itself. now they spent as much time talking about this as they did about the shooting of representative scalise. it seems like maybe thou protest too much. >> there are so many serious issues out there. north korea, china, the president's trip abroad. illegal immigration. here we are focused on this video. i guess it to me, charles, i think wow they put this much time into researching the russia collusion conspiracy theory, maybe they would have known months and months ago there was no there there and we could have
6:34 pm
been talking about the real issues getting things done for the american people. charles: i remember kathy griffin saying president trump broke her. he has broken cnn. >> it is awkward to wash cnn. they are going down a dangerous path. they had to fire several of their reporters because their stories were wrong. then they become obsessive about this meme. now they decided they are going to basically bully a private citizen. it's very disturbing. it feels like they lost their sense of what they need to be doing as journalists. i would hope cnn and their leadership are able to figure out a way, which direction they want to take this news organization.
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charles: can this be a learning experience for everyone? it feels like we are embroiled in such animosity in this country, and organizations we used to have deep trust for we have distrust for these days. maybe it's time to fix that. >> it can be a learning moment and perhaps they might not outwardly apologize for their actions. but when may see a behavioral change in their rhetoric. you would hope to see that. i think that would be a good thing. but until then we have to wait and see how their actions change. don't pick on private citizens. don't report fake news. don't stumble on yourself and fall to the ground so they can't get up anymore. charles: cheap crude, that's the story, the markets on the cusp of an historic breakout.
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charles: volvo announcing all of its models will be produces, electric or hybrid cars. the end of combustion engines. ak ak to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. welcome to unlimited what's in your wallet? their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of - researchers of technologies that one day, you will.
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some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team. >> monday the inability for tech stocks to maintain the rally cemented the idea that there was more to go on the down side. just when it looked like we would be talking about that rotation story, there was rotation in hot names. but these were hot retail names including alta beauty. burlington coat factory.
6:40 pm
both under a lot of pressure. more than usual. price mart, down 7%. speaking of former hot retailer. true religion once the hottest jeans in the nation filed for bankruptcy protection. being hip is fickle and flighty. the biggest loser was energy and crude oil. it got hit on reports of discontent. the cheap crude story helping out transportation names. the dow jones transportation index grew to a new all-time high. this index is up 29% in the last 22 weeks. but for the year up less than 7%. after moving sideways all year long it may be breaking out.
6:41 pm
we have news from the gat gallup job creation index. it's been 1 straight months at plus 30 or greater. we are going to get a.d.p. numbers, then the jobs report comes out friday from the federal government. we could see all three major indices close at all-time highs. of course, the data must coming in higher. >> i continue to be excited about this market. i'm seeing it on the business side, on the front end. and i think there is more and more opportunity. we are seeing job numbers that are really astounding. my concern is the fed. what appears to be a lack of willingness to provide the kind of liquidity that can continue to drive the market.
6:42 pm
but i don't think we'll see that right away. i think the fed is concerned about making any big move that will disrupt market forces. whether that's going to impact the market short term is doubtful. i think there is still a lot of opportunity. we have to get the policy things in place. i would love to see tax cuts happen. i would love to see infrastructure happen. i think the market believes it will happen and trump needs to make it happen obviously. charles: janet yellen has been talking about aset prices. that's unnerving. she has done that in the past and she was wrong. the most recent was the i are ration aal comment by alan greenspan. i like what eric is saying with
6:43 pm
respect to how much damage the fed can do to this rally short term. >> if you looked at the fed minutes, they did speak about that, and whether the financials and markets are stable or not. there was concern about the prices being high. but there was a discussion, the fundamentals are there to support this. what's the long-term outlook for the economy in particular. charles: why are they so unconcerned about inflationary numbers? why do they think it's a little bit something here, something there, like cheap cell phone prices and cable bills? >> there are some members of the fed who are concerned about this. they are not convinced this slow-down we have seen is not a temporary thing. they think it could be a longer-term thing.
6:44 pm
charles: when it comes to the violent words, why does the left always seem to have a double standard. what is it that maxine waters has against dr. ben carson?
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charles: she got a standing ovation at the mtv music awards, representative maxine waters preached her brands of intell rons, she supposedly took on intolerance. she is no fan of president trump. but she really doesn't like urban and housing secretary ben carson.
6:48 pm
she said he don't know anything about people in housing. he doesn't know the difference between an immigrant and a slave. then she warned him if he thinks he's going to get a fast when he comes before my committee i'm going to take this blank apart. wow! the fact of the matter is anyone trying to protect the status quo should ask themselves if they really care. something is horribly wrong with our system. mr. carson has fresh, new ideas. for that's maxine waters is going to take him apart and rip him a new one? here to discuss, gina louden and amy holmes. it's so frustrating. all maxine watters does is complain and threaten.
6:49 pm
people want to hear what ben carson has to say. >> how long has she been serving in office on capitol hill and what has she done for the block community lately? the economy? detroit. not that she's responsible. but in crafting policies to help move america forward, and in particular the urban community. but something else i take great offense at is how often democrats think it's okay to attack a black conservative. al gore back in 2000 said and i won't nominate a supreme court justice like clarence thomas. he didn't say like antonin scalia. he singled out the black conservative. apparently that's a category that can be knocked, demeaned by
6:50 pm
the democratic majority. charles: progressives, their power comes from fear. once they lose that element of fear, when people realize they are loved in this country and they lose their power base, they are in trouble. >> this is the ultimate in utility of human beings. maxine waters is the biggest hypocrite on this issue. she wants to keep black people in a needy situation where fathers are removed because they are relying on social welfare. and they have no chance to crawl out of poverty and joint upper middle class. because if they do, she knows she loses their vote. what this is about is her own power and money. it's one of the most repulsive things about the democratic
6:51 pm
party and it's exactly why they are losing. but here is one thing more. what if dr. carson said this about her? would there not be screaming media outrage from the -- from the alt-left if he said that about her? charles: this playbook backfired on democrats. and to a decree, it backfired in the sense blacks didn't come out to vote. they weren't energized by hillary's message. >> i had a conversation with donald trump's pollster during the campaign. they did well with college educated black males.
6:52 pm
by also asked the question, why do democrats think using swearp words makes them edgy and hip? they think throwing out these curse bombs is going to work. charles: the war on police sadly claims another victim. this time a mother of three assassinated on the job in the bronx. when you have something you love,
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you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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. charles: a police department and an entire city in mourning after nypd officer was assassinated early this morning in the bronx. police say 12-year nypd veteran mother of three, 48-year-old miosotis familia was shot and killed sitting in her marked nypd van. she was killed by 34-year-old
6:56 pm
alexander bonds, a convicted felon who reportedly posted anti-police torl social media. joining me to break did down, bernard kerik. it's a tough, bitter pill to take, when you have a police officer sitting in a car, a woman, 48 years old, three children. shot, slain, slaughtered in cold blood. it is tough to understand. >> any one of these days, when you have a loss like, this it's not only a loss for the city, for the police department, but for the nation, and i tell you, charles, we've had this discussion before. you know, she was assassinated by a savage, and my fear is that these savages, these human rats, if you will, they're multiplying around the country, they're destroying our society. they're attacking our law enforcement officers. you know, i think it's a very
6:57 pm
different time in this country today and we need real leadership that's going to address it. charles: christopher, it's felt like open season on law enforcement for a long time, this is one of the more egregious acts we've seen in a while. we see social media playing a role where. do you see it going? >> the opening scene in the gritty old crime thriller, fort apache the bronx, seems like the battle days are back. social media allowed a lot of these maniacs to get their message out. the reason we know this killer is disliked of police officers, hate ret of police officers, believing they are killing prisoners and gang members, they spread it on social media. we've seen the live killing sprees. i don't think there's going to be any slowdown of this, but
6:58 pm
this is the kind of message, killing, a woman there working the night shift. she worked the midnight shift in the bronx, a mother of three gunned down in blood. this is a symbol people can rally around and say this is not what we are. no matter if you get in a disagreement with police, this is not who we are. charles: guys, absolutely, i want to shift gears, in canada, a former member of al qaeda is rewarded for terrorism. handsomely, $7 million. apparently he was in gitmo, the canadian government shared information with america, even though he's admitted to killing, he's an admitted killer, commissioner, he gets pay the 7, $8 million. 10 million canadian. the bottom line is he was rewarded for slaughtering westerners and how does this happen? how does this happen in canada of all places?
6:59 pm
>> well, listen, it's not only happening in canada. you have the same mentality in some leadership here in the united states. these liberals, the left-wing politicians, they reward these people, they promote them, they support them. we had the president of the new york city council in new york city promoting a former terrorist in the puerto rican day parade. this is a woman that's an elected official in new york city. it's not only happening in canada, it's happening around the country, it's happening around the world, and i think it has to stop. charles: it has to stop but seems to be getting worse recently. >> yeah, and trudeau's government is the exact wrong take on the war on terror. this guy granted he was a young man brought over by his father, threw a grenade, during an
7:00 pm
attack on u.s. soldiers that killed a medic, a father of children. because of this he was brought to guantanamo bay. canada is saying take a law and order approach, and it's not that. it's a war. charles: got to leave it there. thank you very much. at home, thank you as well. see you tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody. president trump arrived in warsaw, poland just a few hours ago. warsaw his first stop on european trip that will take him to hamburg, germany for the g20 meeting this friday. at that meeting, president trump will for the first time be face-to-face with russian president vladimir putin and world leaders discussing how to deal with north korea's first launch of intercontinental ballistic missile. the united states and south korea responded by holding joint drills, firingmissiles into the waters off south korea.


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