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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  July 6, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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where there is a global stage, there are global protesters. some of this is getting pretty rocky. we hope it just stays relatively calm. trish regan to take you through that with a market that's kind of going nowhere fast. trish: thanks so much, neil. yes, it would not be a g20 meeting without these protesters; right? these, however, have turned a bit violent, and we have video coming into us moments ago. you see protesters clashing with police there as president trump with leaders in japan and protesters of course it was a similar protest that they have at a lot of these summits and that they are protesting globalism. i can remember being at g8 in germany, actually, when you had a lot of these protests breaking out. the difference, however, in most of these is that they don't turn quite as violent. the concern here with this one is that the pictures have just come into us from hamburg, germany is that protesters are more violent than what you would typically see, so you see the police trying to get them to back off, and they're
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trying to clear the area. again, very important meetings happening there. president trump meeting with putin from russia and of course angela merkel. so lots going on. lots to discuss. i want to go to hamburg germany right now. i'm trish regan, by the way, everyone. welcome to the show. good to have you here watching intel. let's go straight to hamburg, germany where we have blake burman there outside the area where the protests are breaking out and where in less than 24 hours our president will meet vladimir putin. blake. >> hi, there, trish. yes, the meeting tomorrow with vladimir putin. of course, the main thing -- the main topic, really, that everyone's talking about and the anticipation building 3:45 tomorrow when the president will sit down face to face with vladimir putin. on this day, he has already had a couple of messages as it are that to russia in a prepared speech earlier in poland, the president kind of previewed his warning to russia by saying that they
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need to, and i quote join the community of responsible nations. however, he also received some criticism on this day, president trump did, for not solely putting the blame on 2016 medaling in the elections on russia. listen to his response here during a news conference earlier today. >> i think it was russia, but i think it was probably other people and/or countries, and i see nothing wrong with that statement. nobody really knows. nobody really knows for sure. i remember when i was sitting back listening about iraq. weapons of mass destruction. how everybody was 100% sure that iraq had weapons of mass destruction. guess what? that led to one, big mess. >> right now, the president is at a dinner function with the leaders of south korea and japan. the issue, most likely to be brought up there, of course, the many challenges with north korea. at that very same press
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conference earlier today, the president was asked if military options are or are not on the table, and he gave somewhat of an open-ended response. >> as far as north korea's concerned, i don't know. we'll see what happens. i don't like to talk about what i have planned, but i have some pretty severe things that we're thinking about. that doesn't mean we're going to do them -- i don't draw red lines. >> trish, you've been watching some of these protests that have been building here. to put this all in context, it is 8:00 on a thursday night here in hamburg, germany. we are down on the street level. haven't seen any physically here, but you definitely notice the stream of people that have been coming out over the last probably couple hours or so here at 8:00, many of them with a beer in hand. but the crowds are gathering. the leaders are here in this city, and the protests, which have been expected, are starting to come in to hamburg. trish, back to you. trish: all right. thanks so much, blake burman.
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i want to stay on these protest pictures as we continue to watch these being fed into us via sky news there. hamburg, germany, again, you see protesters clashing with police outside of that g20 summit. and this happens typically at a lot of these summits. there's a lot of protesters that want to rail against things like globalism. but this in particular, this particular protest seems to be worse than others we have seen, so we want to talk about all of that. why they're protesting, and what we can anticipate in the hours ahead from our president and from vladimir putin. from more of this as we continue watching these pictures, former governor of arkansas and fox news contributor mike huckabee joins me. governor, good to have you back. good to see you. is there anything different or anything special about these particular protests happening now in germany as we watch these pictures come in? >> probably not, trish. most of these protesters are part of what security officials openly call rent a mob.
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these are people who literally travel the world. they've been to see more of the globe than most of us ever will. but the question is who finances these people? but they're the same people. i had a security people tell me at a republican convention. these are the same folks. same people. same faces, and they show up all over the world. this is not unusual, and the only thing we can hope is that there's a good security force in place to keep them from really disrupting the meetings. trish: i was mentioning when i was at g8 there in germany, i was caught up in some of those protests as i was reporting on it. but none of it became so bad that it was out of hand. and to your point in some ways, it looks rather streamlined in that people are professional protesters, and they go to these events like g8, like g20, et cetera, where they know they can have their voices heard, and they know they can get on television. but let's think about what germany is going through right now, governor, and that's a
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more challenging economic situation and more challenging social situation. angela merkel has brought in more than a million migrants into that country, and she has neither the social nor economic structure to support them. how has that changed the fabric of germany as we know it? and how might that be contributing to higher tensions? >> i think it's contributed to a fracturing of germany where people are sick of it. they realize that this is not a policy that they can sustain. they can't sustain it economically, and they can't sustain it socially. when people come in who are not interested in learning the language, the culture, and assimilating into their host country, it does create extraordinary problems, and we've seen everything from, you know, all kinds of uprising among some of the immigrants, crime, terrorism activities. i doubt angela merkel is the
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most popular person in her own country right now because of it. trish: i think angela merkel might be facing political challenges because people are so concerned about their safety now in germany in a way that they previously didn't need to be. just the reality of having all of these new people that have not assimilated with that culture. we showed our viewers many times, and you've seen them as well right here on this show, the pictures they have to post in the pools in germany now. pools, very much part of the culture. but they have to instruct these young migrant men not to grab at a woman. and these are the posters that depict this to them. so it gives you the sense of the social strikes that country and much of europe is dealing with as a result of all of these people that have flooded into the borders. let's talk about donald trump. let's talk about his meeting with vladimir putin that is happening, of course, tomorrow, and we've been saying this is going to be an interesting one. what is the message that he
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needs to get across? and, again, we're going to continue to watch these protests to make sure nothing truly bad happens, governor. but what is the message he needs to get across to putin? >> i think there's two things that will happen in that meeting. one is there will be some attempt to find common ground in their mutual stand against radical islam. that's something both leaders clearly realize has to stop. and they have some common ground there. but i also think that trump is going to see just how far he can push when it comes to things like invasion of crimea and ukraine and whether or not that putin understands that he's not obama. and i think he understands that already. i think his speech in poland today was very powerful and truly remarkable in that there were two things about it that i think putin has to listen to. one, he recognized the unique culture of poland, and he said that the three words that really changed poland and got
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them unshackled from the tyranny of both communism and naziism were three words. we want god. that's powerful for a u.s. president to recognize that the transformation of poland, getting back to free people was as much spiritual as it was political. trish: do you believe he's as committed to nato as nato would like him to be? >> he clearly embraced article five. he also made it very clear that he appreciated countries like poland for paying up their fair share. i think what people underestimate about trump, you know, they say, well, he shouldn't have gone to europe and kind of chide at these other countries for not paying. why not? they weren't paying their fair share. we were paying it all as americans. i think as an american, i'm kind of proud that he's pushing their buttons a little bit and saying, guys, you know, if you want to sit at the bar, pay your tab. trish: look, we can't do this alone, and we can't be out there policing the entire
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world for them. they need to participate if they want that protection, they have to -- they have to engage in that as well. governor, good to have you. viewers, if you can take a look at this video that's coming into us, i want to point out that these are anticapitalist protesters, these protests have turned violent there outside the g20 summit where world leaders are gathering, specifically donald trump going to be meeting there with vladimir putin tomorrow. angela merkel of course there as well. she is seeing an increasing growth of violence, frankly, in germany in recent months as she struggles with germany struggles with the on set of all of these refugees and migrants that have flooded the community there. for more on what to expect with the big meeting tomorrow and what we should anticipate from these protests where s.w.a.t. teams have now been mobilized to deal with these g20 protesters and water canons have been employed by the police.
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i want toking to ford o'connell executive and residence capri. thanks, guys, for being here. >> thank you. >> always. trish: ford, over to you as i said these are anticapitalists, antiglobalists, they have an agenda, they want to be heard, and, governor huckabee was saying, look, this is the same crowd. they show up everywhere with the same agenda. is that true or is this somewhat different? >> well, they do show up everywhere, but understand the position that you're in. particularly germany when you talked about the one million migrants that have showed up on angela merkel's back doorstep. look, part of this is changing western values. not just god but also capitalism. and i have to say donald trump hit the right note in the speech in poland because he was unapologapologetic about western values, and he said does the west have the will to survive? yes, we need to make changes, but we have to remember why we're the most powerful region in the world.
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and bowing to these folks is going to undermine, basically, everything about the west, and it's going to allow everything to turn it to pandemonium. we're talking about other world leaders. trump also being unapologetic challenging other world leaders saying, look, we have to have the world to survive and a lot of folks whether it's macron in france or merkel in germany with respect to the refugee crisis. that's why everyone was so happy in poland because let's talk about something else he did. while the media says that trump hasn't been standing by nato, he put back a patriot missile defense system in poland, which obama uprooted. so ends about their civilization. trish: let me jump in here. i need to give the viewers an update what's going on as we continue to look at the pictures via sky news. you're looking at the police there. there are 20,000 police officers there that are trying to deal with 100,000 protesters. so clearly, the protesters
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outnumbering the cops here. police have asked the mask demonstrators to remove their masks, so they want them to remove them to show themselves to show their identity. we have seen water canons getting sprayed into the crowd of protesters there, and we are told these protests are turning violent. capri, what's different about this g20 summit versus other ones? >> frankly, i don't think much. i do agree with ford in the sense that the global economy and the state of national security in the west is certainly different than previous g20 summits. but when it comes to the issue of these protesters when you think back to some of the protests that happened in 2000, 1999, 2000 in seattle, you know, that footage showed up in rage against machine videos. there were similar protesters in washington, d.c. as well. so i think you know how i feel about protests.
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and i feel that they're widely ineffective in moving agendas, and i think a lot of these folks are really just trying to see what's in vogue to do something in the summertime. no different than going to a music festival when real issues are having to be addressed at the g20 when it comes to stabilizing our western economy. trish: and it's also possible, let's not forget, that they knew there would be an increased media presence there; right? because you're talking about vladimir putin and donald trump. i mean, that is the meeting of all meetings. >> that's right. that's quite the celebrity death match, as they used to say. trish: watch out. there could be a meme that shows up. careful. we don't like the wrestling reference. but, no, i think there's a sense that they are -- they've got an audience; right? the cameras will be there, and they want to make themselves heard. . >> what are they even standing for? trish: well, anticapitalism, socialism. >> but what does that mean to them?
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you know what i mean? no one's talking about what their supposed agenda is. you're anticapitalist or antiglobalist. is it a buzzword? so they have this captive audience. the eyes of the world are on their protest. do something about it. if they had a message -- all we're seeing right now is chaos, and that's certainly not effective. i mean, not that i agree with their agenda, but if they have one, and they have a captive audience, there's a better way to communicate their agenda than this. >> you're hoping that these folks actually have a message. >> no, i agree. >> would somehow get a fixed income inequality. we know this. the problem is that in an urban area, and we have putin and trump along with most of the world leaders to this event and therefore, this is a way to be seen and to cause chaos so that people at home and around the world see this. but, again, i think this is a nothing burger. i think the key is going to be what happens between trump and putin. >> that's right. trish: all right. well, we're very much watching all of it.
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not just protesters but of course what happened between vladimir putin and our president. thank you so much, ford and capri. good to have you. >> that is right. trish: trump, meanwhile, putting north korea on notice. he's calling on all nations to confront this global threat as tensions rise and worries of war heat up. but what are our options, really? there don't seem to be a whole lot of good ones here. but national review rich has some thoughts of where we go next with north korea as we continue to watch the developing story right now out of hamburg, germany. i'll be right back after this you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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trish: all right. everyone, we have breaking news. president trump is in germany right now at those hour meeting with world leaders at the g20 summit.
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amid protests, lots of protests erupting outside there in hamburg, germany. there are 100,000 anticapitalists rioters there in the streets. there are 20,000 police officers there trying to manage all of it. there are water canons. now, earlier today donald trump vowed to confront north korea following the latest missile test, and he's urging the rest of the world to step up against the rogue nation. all of this happening right now after they sent an intercontinental ballistic missile with reported capability of reaching alaska. north korea also says it could carry a large nuclear warhead. so what are our options right now for dealing with this crazy man in north korea? joining me on set rich, good to have you here. i want to remind you we're keeping an eye on the situation there unfolding in germany. and before i get to north korea, let me ask you a little bit about this.
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these are anticapitalists, antiglobalists, and as i said to the previous panel, getting quite a on crowd there because they know this is a very big deal. this meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. and interestingly enough, they timed their protest to coincide with the president of the united states rival. >> yeah. this is part of the theater around any of these meetings where you have these folks who are fundamentally opposed to the global international capitalist order, and they go, and they make a lot of noise, they run around with puppets, they break things, and generally cause mayhem. and it's really -- it doesn't effect very much. it's just part of doing business at these meetings. trish: and i guess this meeting -- dear, we're looking at a person that seems to be carried out there on a stretcher. i want to remind viewers that the police have demanded that these protesters remove their masks. there are a number of masked demonstrators there.
2:22 pm
so they want to remove them so that their face is seen there, and we're looking at one marine seems to have been carried out there on a stretcher. we'll continue to follow these pictures. but you're right, rich, in that they want an audience for themselves, and we've seen this at a number of these world events. it's just that this one is perhaps getting even more attention, and thus has generated that many more people to come and be there. as we continue watching this, i want to ask you about north korea because there's a bad set of facts there, and the president is clearly confronting a number of international issues and one that he's going to have to deal with in the very near future as a result of the missile that they just fired off is north korea. what options does he have? >> well, not a lot of good options. certainly not a lot of easy military options. the one thing we should be doing more of is sanctions. and despite this hideous regime that has been isolated for decades, there's still more we could do in terms of
2:23 pm
sanctions, especially secondary sanctions on other entities in financial institutions that do business with the north koreans. now, does that end the problem? no. but you could at least squeeze the regime, meanwhile, you should be doing anything you can to infiltrate internally using covert action to destabilize the regime. and then otherwise, you just need the most robust missile defense systems you can get in the immediate vicinity and here in the united states. trish: okay. now, i hear you. and, by the way, i said as much earlier today on that number on fox news. we need to do a better job at these sanctions. we're not doing enough. we just sanctioned the chinese bank last week. great. you have to sanction a whole lot more to see who's doing business with these guys. a lot of people feel the sanctions aren't enough, and they don't actually really influence things as much as we need things to be influenced. so the scary thing here is you fast-forward this, rich, and you're looking -- if you're talking military options, you're looking at potentially
2:24 pm
really disastrous consequences for those living in south korea. >> right. so the problem is you have a major modern city right on that border in artillery range. so if there's a war with north korea, we are going to win it. we're going to twin fairly rapidly. but the cost might be the destruction of the biggest city in south korea at an untold economic and human cost, and that's the deterrent in effect that north korea has. trish: but is it us or them? they're saying that they can get all the way to alaska. >> well, not yet and not with a nuclear-tipped missile, but that's where they're heading. and eventually, if that threat fully materialses, you have to think it's intolerable to the united states. trish: thank you very much. all right. again, keeping you updated here, there are 100,000 protesters there taking to the streets at the g20 summit in hamburg.
2:25 pm
we're going to talk more about them. we're going to watch these pictures to see how this goes here. we are getting reports that they are getting increasingly violent, and we're going to talk about what is ahead for president trump. a very important week for him. i'll see you back here in two. [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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trish: all right. everyone, we've got violent protests that are breaking out right now in hamburg, germany at the g20 meeting as all the bigwigs there gather. president trump, vladimir putin, angela merkel, you get 100,000 protesters taking to the streets, that's what's estimated, and 20,000 police on hand to deal with them all, we are continuing to watch this. we do know that the police are asking mass demonstrators to remove their mask. and they have moved water canons in to try to get these protesters to settle down and to back off. meanwhile, here they've got
2:29 pm
about three weeks for health care reform before taking off again for august recess because that's what they do. they took a lot of time off, especially in the summer, despite the fact that they need to get this done and through. senator cruz says he's got a plan that is gaining some traction among conservative republicans whose amendment would allow bear bone policies, as long as they comply with obamacare rules. adam shapiro has a very brief update for us live from the white house. hey, adam. >> hey, trish, and as you pointed out, this is key because you have people like senator mike lee from utah who have said regarding the cruz amendment that this might be the kind of game changer. there were five senators who said they wouldn't vote for the better care reconciliation act in english. that's the senate version of repeal and replace obamacare. but now mike lee is saying okay. what senator cruz is proposing, that might work. there was a town hall last night, senator cruz speaking to veterans about health care and the need to replace obamacare. and here in his own words is
2:30 pm
why his amendment, he says, is the bridge to get to a "yes" vote. >> obamacare the last seven years has proven to be a manifest disaster. the most important focus is on lowering premiums. the single-most biggest reason people are unhappy with obamacare is they can't afford health insurance premiums. i hear that every single day as i travel texas. what i am pressing senate republicans, let's focus on lowering premiums, and that's a win, win for everyone. >> and, trish, one of the ways his amendment would lower premiums is it would allow obamacare insurance companies, the insurance companies that want to sell insurance to offer cheaper insurance plans, as long as they're offering a plan that meets the obamacare mandates. the cheaper plan would be exempt from some of the obamacare mandates. so that is in play. we're waiting for the tbo to score it. if it scores successfully, it could be added to the overall bill and could be the bridge
2:31 pm
to "yes." trish. trish: adam shapiro, thank you so much. all right. again, you're looking at pictures coming to us from hamburg, germany right now. we are getting an estimated 100,000 protesters there in the streets, anticapitalists, antiglobalists. they've got a message that they want to send effectively to the capitalist world, perhaps that's donald trump, specifically. but this is what they do. they go out to every big world forum. i was at g8 several years ago there in germany, actually, where a number of them were. however, i would tell you that this year is worse. and perhaps that is because they recognize there is an increase amount of tension surrounding, of course, the big meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin that is happening tomorrow. angela merkel and donald trump met earlier. there was a photo op there. the two of them shaking hands. obviously, two very different people, very different leaders with very different approaches to how they see the world
2:32 pm
right now, angela merkel having really opened up those borders in germany with so many refugees and so many migrants coming in, and it has put a real strain on the social fabric and the economic fabric of germany right now. we have more coming up, including the very latest on robert muller's special counsel legal team that is investigating russia's election involvement. they have, actually, now an assistant u.s. attorney who worked. absolutely no fan of the president. my question is why can't mr. muller assemble a team of people who are at least neutral. why do they have to be people that have heavily contributed to the democrats or worked for the? we're going to continue following this. next
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trish: all right. breaking news, everyone. we've got police, and we've got protesters clashed in germany right now outside the g20 summit. black clad rioters through police have returned fire with water canons and are continuing to do so. police say they're facing around 100,000 protesters, anticapitalist protesters, you know, the antiglobalists, you see them at almost all events. but this time you have president trump there meeting with world leaders today. so, again, they're out there,
2:37 pm
they're about two miles from the area where president trump and the leaders are gathering. this is typical of these summits. they do basically secure the area, usually two-mile radius around the place where the summit's actually happening. so the protesters will gather there on the perimeter. lots of them there this year. so as we continue to watch this story unfold, i want to talk about something else pretty important right now. we've got news that special counsel robert muller is putting together a powerful legal team, of course to investigate russia's involvement in the 2016 u.s. election. president trump and his allies are criticizing the team after reports show many of them donated to the likes of president obama and hillary clinton. get a load of this. muller's latest acquisition, the addition to his team, he's got a top prosecutor who worked for the former u.s. attorney who has been quite an outspoken critic of the trump administration ever since he was fired by the president. very own charlie gasparino joins me with more. first, our thoughts on this.
2:38 pm
>> these are protesters that always look for a reason to protest. i covered the occupy wall street movement pretty heavily when it was down in lower manhattan. what was fascinating about these, and most of them were communists. i think people talk about i'm all for free speech, you know, do what you want. but these were people who weren't just advocating free speech, they were basically destroying the lives of people who live in downtown manhattan. trish: i live downtown at the time, so i lived through all of that. >> insults at working class people who were working at banks. there are -- these are folks that are very divorced from reality, and they are communists. when you go there, i was handed -- i mean, this was like the socialist, communist epicenter of new york was the park and literature was being handed out. let's be real clear here what this is. this is a communist protest. people who really think that communism -- we're not talking
2:39 pm
progressivism, that president obama -- trish: they're not anticapitalists. they're communists. >> they are further left than bernie sanders, if you can believe this. just put that into context. and i don't understand why you have an absolute right to do that. i mean, i can understand peacefully marching. you have an absolute right to speak. why do you have an absolute right to destroy traffic? and disrupt people's lives? i don't get it. trish: 100,000 of them. >> you can have a nice protest. but do you have to get violent and crazy? trish: i agree with you. i fully agree with you. there's no reason for the violence. no reason for that at all. as we continue to watch all of this and see what happens, i want to ask you about muller because this team he's putting together, charlie, it's feeling very bias. >> i'm going to tell you this. someone who has written critical into white-collar crime, i thought he went way too far.
2:40 pm
but in covering the people in law enforcement as they went after inside trading, i got to know a lot of the prosecutors. not every one of the prosecutors is a card-carrying member of the democratic party. these people are generally professionals and, you know, net does their political bias -- trish: i hope you're right. you're telling me they're professionals. i mean, he's best friends with comey, he's stacking the deck with a bunch of people who have donated -- start right there. trish: that just doesn't feel right. it doesn't pass the -- >> i don't like the i want counsel stuff. remember who appointed muller. okay? someone inside the trump justice department who felt that because of the optics of donald trump, the way he fired james comey,
2:41 pm
which he had every right to fire. probably should have done it day one. he had to put in a guy that, you know, both sides thought was above approach, and that guy's going to go out there and hire who he thinks are good prosecutors. this is a dangerous, dangerous situation. prosecutors -- i'm not so much worried about this guy's political views. just so you know, i think that's the wrong way of looking at this. oh, he voted for obama. trish: he wants to get the president. >> prosecutors want to get you. just remember that. that's where -- trish: that's their job. >> i mean, it's funny that people are saying, oh, he's -- they like -- if they voted for obama, that means they really want to go after trump. no, that's not the issue. the mind-set of a prosecutor is always to make a case. so that's why -- trish: maybe the case needs to get this dismantled then. maybe muller needs to go away and have an event. >> that's not going to -- you know what should be done here? trish: quickly. >> real quickly.
2:42 pm
someone in congress should say bring muller up before them, if that's possible and say conclude this sooner or later. i mean, you know, i don't -- do we really need to deal in this forever? trish: and it's using up taxpayer resources, and it's been a real drain -- >> well, i think it's more of a diversion. the taxpayer resources is one thing. we've got important stuff. nukes -- nuclear warheads. we don't need our president distracted by this. trish: agreed. agreed. charlie gasparino, thank you so much. he's calling these protesters not anticapitalists but communists. they're taking to the streets at the g20 summit in hamburg right now. they're about two miles away from where president trump is meeting with all of the leaders. they have sectioned off that area. 100,000 of these folks out there protesting. we're going to talk about all of that, plus the rule of lawbreaking down amid this chaos and violence that's plaguing not hamburg but venezuela as well. we have pictures of venezuela
2:43 pm
and some of the protests there making hamburg look like a walk in the park there. government support stormed into congress on wednesday attacking lawmakers, attacking journalists while a crowd outside in a office building trapping people inside the country has been complete and utter chaos. a total melt down there in venezuela. we are watching venezuela for you and hamburg, germany next
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...oral-b crossaction is clinically proven to... ...remove more plaque than sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b! the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. oral-b. brush like a pro. trish: violent protests erupting in hamburg, germany right outside the g20 summit that's happening there at hamburg. you've got about 100,000 people there that have gathered at g20. 20,000 police. these are anticapitalists. charlie gasparino cut to the chase and said they are communists. they are antiglobalists,
2:47 pm
anticapitalists or in charlie's words, complete communists. meanwhile, violence and chaos also erupting in venezuela as the rule of law breaks down in that socialist country. pro government militias now carrying six metal bars stolen in congress and stormed. the latest violence comes three months of unrest many see as a dictatorship led by socialist leader. i want to point out the oxymoron there. socialist dictatorship. in other words, socialism is all about sharing and everybody getting along. but that's not happening in venezuela. ashley webster joins me right now. how bad is it getting? >> it is so bad. the collapse of socialism as we continue to watch the unrest outside the g20, which we see at every g20 meeting, by the way. trish: but this one, by the way, this feels a little bit more intense. i've been at g8 summits where
2:48 pm
you see similar things that are not as bad because this year, you've got president trump. >> you believe of, but i've seen it in london, we've seen it in seattle. these are professional protesters. they're the mom and dad's money in many cases running around the world shouting and complaining that they all should get a fair share of the money, and the big, bad banks that take money away from people and capitalism is not the future, blah, blah, blah,. trish: similar to venezuela. >> very much. what we have in venezuela, by the way, which was one of the richest countries in latin america, if not the richest. it was seen as a pinnacle. it had oil, the biggest known oil reserves in the world, and then what happened last year? she saw their economy shrink by 10%. inflation running at an estimated 720% all because you had a dictatorship who basically overspent on all the domestic programs and then corruptly funneled money away
2:49 pm
from state-owned companies into, you know, crony accounts, their own accounts, just a horrible situation. so what was once a shining example of what could be done in central america has now become just an awful, awful collapse. and quite frankly, what happens next? i think one thing we should point out here is as venezuela collapses, this is happening in the u.s.' backyard. let's be honest. they have ties to iran. the vice president of venezuela has very close ties with hezbollah and lebanon. trish: this goes back to the monroe doctrine. you can't have this kind of chaos in your western hemisphere, anything that would threaten us. >> yeah. trish: and if they're going to turn into already been a number of reports about concerns about them harboring potential terrorists, that's the real fear here. does venezuela disintegrate into such chaos that they would then be a welcomed area of the likes of iran?
2:50 pm
>> you're creating a vacuum. that's the problem for that kind of activity. trish: we're going to continue to watch these anticapital, i guess, protesters that are swarming hamburg, germany right now. we've got more on all of it right after this you always pay
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for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. trish: breaking again. we've got lots of protests going on in hamburg, germany right now. a lot going on in the world right now as of course vladimir putin gets ready for his big meeting with our president. that's happening tomorrow. the big summit's happening in hamburg, germany, and 100,000 protesters are now there gathered trying to. things have gotten violent. joining me now, his thoughts on all of this, i know you've done work with the bank of norway, you've spent a lot of time in europe. >> i'm actually just
2:54 pm
european. i think there's a sense of being disenfranchised and not having a voice where your own views can have a hearing and maybe have an impact. and it's obviously frustrating. i think the after effect of the crisis has left a lot of people feeling worse. trish: so would you equate some of these folks say they occupy wall street movements? >> i would suspect that that's a big piece perform of it. there's a financial side, obviously, and i think some of it on things like the environmental side. i think there is an element of concern about united states and its direction under the current president because the europeans sort of are going in a different way. trish: for sure. we look at angela merkel; right? and her approach toward immigration. let's bring them all in. we'll provide everybody with a check and room and board and people are swarming into that country. there's over a million migrants and refugees there now, and it's become a very different environment, neil.
2:55 pm
i mean, i think as a woman, you walk around the street to germany, and you have a very different situation. it's harder to take the bus or train home, let's face it, at 11:00 at night. >> i'm sure it is. this is one of the problems where you can't think three steps ahead and not engage the impact. merkel allowed the immigration influx and one of the consequences seem to be the british and the british population said that was not going to be our decision, and that had a tremendous effect, obviously, on the british vote. and now you have britain sort of separating itself, you know, from continental europe, and that's going to have a lot of long-term implications. trish: do you think that that's going to go through? as they're on path for brexit. >> i don't see how it can stop it now. i mean, the exact nature of the negotiations, obviously, i mean, teresa may's choice to have a vote is pushing it a little bit towards, you know, sort of, like, brexit. but i don't think that's the way it's going to be. i think you're going to have
2:56 pm
to find a way of reaching an accommodation that the europeans are happy with, and that's not going to make the british people and vice versa. trish: so if we watch these protesters, you're giving them the benefit of the doubt. i think i'm a little more -- >> i'm not giving the benefit of the doubt. i understand the motivation. trish: as much as ashley said, they're kids that want to take to the streets, and they have lots of cameras there because donald trump's in town. >> this has been going on a lot longer than donald, though. trish: i think what you're hitting on is people all around the globe right now, whether it's here, whether it's in europe, they feel as though they are being left out. and that's perhaps why you see this rise, essentially, in populism both overseas and here. neil, thank you. we're out of time. i have to leave it there. >> thank you. trish: thanks for being here. quick break we'll be right back
2:57 pm
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all right everyone we are continuing to follow these massive protest. this was video descendent moments ago sent in from germany. they are gathering for the g20 summit. president trump and vladimir putin there. a lot of anticipation. i'm sending it over to liz right now. liz: you can see the violence developing. off to quite a start. clashed with protesters right now. they were firing water cannons. with the intake capitalist demonstration. police expect that. 100,000 protesters far outweigh the number of police there. being attended to by global leaders including president trump.


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