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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 7, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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journalist. your show is one i never miss. every viewer whose comment is read on the show receives an autographs copy of "putin's gambit." good night. dagen: president trump making waves in europe ahead of his big meeting with russian president vladimir putin. ambassador john bolton has some insights. senator ted cruz says he has the remedy for the gop healthcare plan. how will it work? and will fellow republicans get on board? billionaire facebook founder mark zuckerberg is pushing universal income. one state is trying to get on board. is it doomed? we'll have that and more tonight.
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i'm dagen mcdowell in for kennedy. a huge day for president trump. the commander-in-chief in europe ahead of his meetings with the world's most powerful leaders, an wasted no time framing his trip as a chance to push american values, and to make his case that the civilized world is in a fight with threats across the globe. >> the fundamental question of our time is whether the west has the will to survive. do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? do we have the desire and courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it? dagen: the president made those comments in poland where he said the bond between the u.s. and europe is stronger than ever. he made news saying he stand
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behind article 5 of nato which states an attack on one member of nato is an attack on all members. that's a far try from the president's previous statements. then he went to germany to meet angela merkel ahead of tomorrow's g20 summit and his big meeting with russian president vladimir putin. as usual the protesters and anarchists were out in force. let's start with today's speech and the president's call to defend the west's ideals. ambassador what did you make of the speech? >> i think it was a powerful speech. there is no question but nationalism rested on cultural forces in the west. and that cultural distinctiveness is being called into question by many of the leaders in the european union
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and people in this country. i think we are different in that respect. there are people who question that in this country. so it's an important question to ask. and the president is optimistic about it. i would like to be optimistic, too, but i see many political leaders who don't think american culture is that distinctive or worth preserving. dagen: the fact that he stopped in poland before heading on to the g-20 summit, and he's standing with an ally? >> poland sits between germany on its western border, and removed now after belarus. he says here is a country we pledged to defend. it's what donald rumsfeld called
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part of new york. as opposed to old europe which is so much more oh fifth kaitd and advanced and doesn't value nato so much. i thought it was an excellent first stop. dagen: how important was it that he made that blatant specific commitment to nato and article 5 in the speech? >> i think the flack over article 5 is overdone. the president essentially committed to it before. after all the controversy on article 5, it says each nato member will undertake such actions as they deem appropriate. dagen: let's move on to the putin meeting. in terms of some of the actions that the trump administration has taken so far with regard to russia. endorsing mont may grow's entry was one.
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combat deployment in eastern europe. the military strike against syria and bashar al-assad, a russian putin ally. all of that speaks as he goes into this meeting. what can you expect if anything out of this? >> i would be surprised if anything concrete comes out of it, and i think that's fine it's an opportunity for them to take each other's measure. donald trump looks significantly at personal relationships. he does need to have this kind of meeting. i was more disturbed by what the state department said about working together with russia and military operations in the middle east. i hope that's not going to come out of this. while nominally we are on the same side in defeating isis, in terms of the next conflict that's coming, russia is on the side of the assad regimance and
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worst of -- regime and worst of all, iran. in the 1970 the so yetds were kicked out of egypt. dagen: it was president obama giving in to russia's demands on missile defense in eastern europe that made putin believe obama was weak. >> i think that's why poland is a good tomorrow just before the meeting with putin. in light of what we have just seen from north korea, we have much need. dagen: how is the meeting with vladimir putin going to go down? let's bring in our fully vetted party panel. host of you are welcome and author of dear reader the
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unauthorized biography of kim jong-un, michael malice. we are really sick of each other. i am expecting a full chest bump. but puff continue is shorter than trump so sit might be hard. putin might have to jump up in the air. >> i don't think putin will allow putin to appear taller than him. first all he won't have a shirt on. he will show up on a stallion. there is going to be translators. putin doesn't speak english and trump doesn't speak anything but trump. i don't know what will come out of it other tharntd symbolism. so we should pay attention to the imagery.
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dagen: if somebody has a face twitch or anything like that. the ambassador brought up the fact from the state department said they want to get along with russia. i think all of this is mind games. i don't know what to believe at this point. it's psychological. >> you look at healthcare not going anywhere. where trump has had his greatest success. and i think he's going to work putin to make the press lose their mind. this is his core competency and he will play to these leftist his tear is that putin hacked the election. watch him as putin talks about their press problems. and watch the "new york times" get apoplectic to the delight of north america. >> he finds glee in it. it energizes him.
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but he's like a marionette. he's a puppeteer orchestrating everything he does. people criticize him for the tweets and the way he's going after the media, when in fact he's shaping the conversation. when he went after cnn, we are talking about that. we are not talking about healthcare and tax reform not getting done. you can bet the same thing will happen when he meets with russia. >> the more he tweets the more people will go to social media than the networks. he will make the networks look obsolete. >> i think there is a delicate dance, a relationship, a partnership. i think that -- they are making
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money and markets will do great. dagen: journalists are the worst cocktail of arrogance and insecurity. he knows that. it's like milk of mag niece yeah and gin -- magnesia and gin. a report asked president trump if russia interest feared in the presidential election. he said it could have been, but then he blamed obama for not doing enough to punish russia for meddling in the election. >> he was told in early august presumably by the cia that russia was trying to get involved or meddling pretty strongly with the election. he did nothing about it. the reason is, he thought hillary was going to win. if he thought i was going to win, he would have done plenty about it.
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dagen: should the president continue to blame the former president's inaction? >> this is a huge winner. everyone said we'll have impeachment hearings by the end of july and nothing came of it. the more he stokes the fires, the more he gets people to be apoplectic. even if they are telling the truth, they seem so hysterical it will turn people away from their cause and towards his. >> you know you have lost the argument when they go after his mental instability. it's unbelievable that he's able to just stoke the bears. >> it's a very soviet way of approaching politics. that's old the school communism. dagen: the "wall street journal" writes about the putin meeting
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and said mr. trump should be angry at mr. putin on america's behalf and he has played into democratic hands. i never get to say the word insouciance on television. they have been pushing the russia hacking narrative since the democratic convention in philly because they wanted to deflect from the fact that debbie wasserman-schultz was stacking it against bernie sanders. >> absolutely. but the democrats -- the members of the party are not on board with this. they finally decided they were not going to go forward with this russian message. now the message just breaking yesterday, they said bumper stickers, the republicans are winning. the republicans are winning special elections.
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this is something that should be taken seriously and donald trump i think --ed the fact that he's even willing to admit maybe russia meddles is a huge win. dagen: the president had strong words for north korea which tested a long-range missile potentially capable of hitting alaska. the president said they will confront the north's very bad belayer year. >> as far as north korea is concerned we'll see what happens. i don't like to talk about what i have planned. but i have some severe things that we are thinking about. that doesn't mean they are going to do them. i don't draw red lines. dagen: should we be preparing for war with kim jong-un? >> here is another level of evil we are dealing with. north korea insisted on their sovereign rights like america to engage in arms trade.
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much of their revenue comes from black market arms sales. they are showing their missiles can go far and showing the missiles to let a one truth side sixpence vein yeah to stand up to the u.s. and japan. >> that's something we could stop in terms of -- we saw, these are secondary preemptive sanctions. this happened a week ago. >> during the 90s when we hit them with sanctions, kim jong-il let up to 0% of miss population starve. this is a -- up to 90% of his population starve. dagen: i think under the bush administration it kind of died down.
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there was an anti-proliferation dragnet. as you say, they are trying to sell these arms to the world. we could stop that. >> we are treating the symptoms and not the disease, beijing. dagen: how do we deal with beijing? >> i have no idea. >> why is he in warsaw. but using that as a backdrop and saying this is a symbol of hope. this is a symbol of what happens when we come together to overthrow a dictator. look what we can do together. to me that was a big signal he's not going to go out there and say we are not going to put the united states out there alone. if he thinks healthcare is complicated, good night, what we have to deal with.
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dagen: china wants us out of northeast asia. china and russia are like this. you throw in iran, that's another axis. >> how does that affect north korea? north korea is a threat to all of them. that's where nato and other world powers could work together. i don't trust that donald trump has the -- dagen: china benefits greatly from cheap labor and material. >> but we don't benefit from having tourists murdered and having to defend that on the world stage. dagen: the party panel is coming back later. senator ted cruz the latest republican to couple with a proposal in hopes of getting divided senate republicans to
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complex plans for sick people that meet the requirements of obamacare. senate leader mitch mcconnell asked the congressional budget office to analyze the plan which is a sign lawmakers are strongly considering it. the cbo expects to have their analysis done by next week when congress returns from their july 4 recess. does it have legs? joining me to discuss it, "reason" magazine's editor. peter, if you get conservatives on board with it do you alienate centrists in the republican party? >> politically the cruz plan is an attempt to give something to both side of the aisle it says here, your concern is people with preexisting conditions will still be covered by obamacare plans that include the obamacare regulations. then it says here conservatives
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what you get is the addition of more plans that aren't bound by obamacare's regulations. in theory at least this gives something to every one and that's why people are talking about it as a potential way out of the stalemate. if you talk to senators on the hill, it's not clear there is enough support for it. republicans have 52 seats in the senate and they have to get 50. >> it's as if we are watching these republican senators throw semi cooked spaghetti at the wall trying to figure out if it will stick or not. in track is, if you think about cruz's idea, this proposal would drive all the healthy people out of those exchanges.
12:23 am
then what happens financially and logistically with them? >> this plan would basically turn obamacare plans regulated as obamacare regulates plans into a back door high risk pool. if you are a sick person you are going to buy a regulated plan. if you are a healthy person you will buy a cheap plan that doesn't. the obamacare plans are going to end up being filled with very expensive, very sick people, and those plans will become very expensive very quickly. and what happens under this system is the subsidies provided under obamacare and the gop healthcare bills end up going up in conjunction along with the costs of these plans. so you end up with a very
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expensive system. however, that's what ted cruz says he wants. he says one of the virtues of this plan is you would have market segmentation to make the costs transparent. dagen: i look at a lot of centrist republicans on this issue and there aren't donkeys and elephant. they are all just a bunch of hogs eating at the trough. they want government spending. you listen to these gop governors who accepted the medicaid expansion under obamacare, they are crying foul over the push to roll back vast amounts of money the states get from this expansion. i don't know how you get all these guys to come together on this. this is excluding the democrats. >> senate majority leader mitch
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mcconnell will say we are going to get it done, this is just a distraction, it's just noise. but from the get-go, he postponed that vote for a reason because he couldn't get 50 republicans to come together. what this show is is when it comes to healthcare, republicans didn't know what they wanted. that's coming back to bite them now. dagen: it's shameful. they had seven years. repeal by itself and then worry about replacing it, does that have traction? >> well, people started talking about that again. but that was the initial plan going in january. and president trump knicked that plan -- nixed that plan because a lot of republican senatorred
12:26 am
said we don't want to hope we couple with something years from now. it basically admits you don't have a plan and you don't know if you are going to have a plan. dagen: imagine the chaos if they repealed the affordable care act and didn't have anything in its place. just the chaos in the healthcare industry. >> politically this is a big question for republicans. what kind of disruption are they willing to put up with. all the plans we have seen have been tremendously disruptive. but they have not been disruptive in ways that make it better. a certain amount of disruption will be necessary to get us out from under obamacare. if you remember, even hillary clinton said i want to keep the
12:27 am
good features, but we are going to fix this thing. what republicans are wrestling with is what kind of disruption will they accept and what will it lead to? right now they don't have an answer to that second question. what are they doing this for? >> when i hear fix come out of a lawmaker, it just means spend more money. president trump will pete with russian president vladimir putin tomorrow. will putin use his experience as a the future of sleep is here with the new sleep number 360™ smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides. right now save on sleep number 360™ smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. ends sunday. ♪
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dagen: president trump and russian president vladimir putin will have their first face-to-face meeting tomorrow. will the two of them get along? and is that a good thing if they do? joining me is a man who always plays nice with others. mike baker. talk about the kind of like psychological press that putin, you are annex spy. he's annex kgb dude. what kind of preparation would
12:32 am
he do in transof meeting with president trump. >> putin is a supremely confident person. he's going into this meeting feeling as if he's going to gain it upper edge. the reason he feels that way is because in the previous meetings he has had with previous administrations with obama and president bush he did gain it upper hand. he won concessions or at least he got them to sit on the sidelines. when he made his moves on georgia or crimea or the ukraine. so he's going into this very con fir dent it's likely in that confidence he will underestimate the new president. it will be a fascinating meeting. what is more fascinating is the
12:33 am
amount of hand wringing from the european leaders who can't get enough of disrespecting the new president, president trump. they are wailing about how this could go very badly and putin will get the upper hand and relations with the u.s. as far as the e.u. goats will go in the toilet. these are the same leaders who for the most part could bother to do anything meaningful about the annexation of crimea or the meddling in the ukraine or anything else the russians have done. dagen: macron did get in putin's face, didn't he? it was about information being spread by two russian news agencies. does trump need to get in putin's face and say cut it out. quit hack our stuff. >> i would like him to make an
12:34 am
unexpected and bold statement to putin about their meddling. they have been even ghaingd this sort of activity in u.s. politics and trying to influence public opinion for generations. so it's not new. but it would be a smart move if jump 2000 would get up in his grill and say something to putin directly about it. dagen: how prepared should president trump be for this? how much back work should he have done on putin. at times president likes to wing it and go with his gut. i don't know if i want to be using my belly to judge how to interact with vladimir putin. >> you don't want to do that. you don't want to walk into a meeting with putin or any serious world leader unprepared. we have seen what happens when that takes place. you go back to the previous summit and all the years back to kennedy and khrushchev.
12:35 am
and khrushchev had his way with him. that's a good lesson for trump. there are some differences here in terms of the state of the world nowadays. russia's gdp is smaller than south korea or canada or italy. they are punching above their weight. what you need to keep top of mind with putin is he an told school kgb snore sincerely thinks the collapse of the soviet union was the biggest catastrophe of the 20th century. and we do want to find opportunities to work with russia. that's always a good thing. find those opportunities when our interests intersect. but we have to be smart about this. and trump and his people do understand there are not many times when our actual interests, our actual ageneral todays intersect. so we have to go into this
12:36 am
meeting prepared and pragmatic. they are going to be look for sanctions to be released. he will be looking for things to take back. i think we want to hold the line on everything and get something out of putin. dagen: enjoy the low oil prices, mr. putin. billionaire facebook founder mark zuckerberg furyk for universal basic income. this time after a trip to alaska where every resident gets a yearly dividend of $1,000 or more funded by oil revenue. he said this is a basic approach to basic income. it comes from conservative
12:37 am
prints of smaller government rather than liberal principles of a bigger safety net. the tech but have you gets to the heart of why it could become an economic reality. it's the only issue those far apart could agree on. hawaii just payment first state to convene an economic security working group which is a big step towards a universal basic income. is this a you coachian dream tore communist hell hole? the party panel is back. >> this is disaster waiting to happen. >> we saw this in 1934. austin season clairp lost at the
12:38 am
height of the new deal. every broke frernt rest of mayor case going to go to california and you have to find a way to pay for them. dagen: it's caldwell fair. sean penn, you go to venezuela. how did that work out for you. >> the welfare that we have the millionaire, billon air chase living off the backs of the working people who are making less than they should be making. and it's getting worse and worse. if we don't have working people surviving they will end up on welfare. >> if you know what makes people feel good? working. let's not give them money, let's give them jobs and opportuniti opportunities. >> in the meantime we have a problem. you can't just create jobs.
12:39 am
the basic income has not kept up with inflation. that's why you get a deficit. >> the numbers don't add up. >> tax the rich. that's what you do. dagen: you tax the rich so everybody stops working. if people think there is a net there they will take advantage of it. you create an incentive for people to sit at home. >> $1,000 a year is a far cry from a basic income. when you read his perspective on his issue shows how fraud. it's like a freshman in college writing their first paper on basic income. why are you in alaska?
12:40 am
dagen: rib lals are wildly out of touch with people. >> there were no typos in that message. dagen: who would have thought a billionaire born in queens would be in touch with people who lost their textile jobs in southern virginia. donald trump was. so mark zuckerberg is i better figure out who these people are who live between new york city -- to live outside the still con valley. he's done a lot to communicate with people and get to know people. he has reshaped facebook, and he's talk about it being one giant community. he's trying to position himself as more than just -- dagen: he knows what he's doing.
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virginia governor terry mcauliffe, once very vocal loyal clinton supporter and frequently mentioned as a potential candidate for 2020 was asked to name a leader in the democratic party. >> the question over the past 6, 7, 8 months, and i can't get one name from anybody about who is leading the democratic party. >> i don't think there is one person today. dagen: the lack of leadership became evident after a string of election defeats. they are divide over whether the continued attacks on president trump will ever work out in their favor. can this partly successfully deliver a message without a leader? here is the democratic strategy host of "the five." are you surprised mcauliffe didn't give her an answer? juan: no, unless out of loyalty
12:46 am
he said the clintons. dagen: if he said hillary clinton, the talk would have been, she is running again. juan: the other alternative would have been to say obama who i think put tom perez as the head of the democratic national committee over keith ellison. then i have eric holder the former attorney general fighting against the jerry man during and the trump effort on the voter registration. so you have got different people there. and you have the congress, you have pelosi in the house and schumer in the senate. that's another kind of leadership, they have been effective so far on healthcare. dagen: let's talk about nancy pelosi. how hard is it to be effective on healthcare where you don't have to do anything except come up with cute catch phrases about
12:47 am
what did hillary clinton say the death party was what she tweeted about. but that's what pelosi and schumer have done. they coined phrases to describe how awful the republican plan is. juan: schumer maintained a unified opposition to the house and senate plan coming from republicans, forcing republicans to demonstrate they are split. dagen: in terms of the people in the leadership in the house and senate, pelosi brings to the table fundraising ability. but again she does not represent the ideas of the next generation. you want to grow the party and win elections. look at jon ossoff in georgia. he started with the anti-trump rhetoric. it didn't work so he pivoted to
12:48 am
tax cuts on businesses. juan: his opponent karen handel never mentioned trump. how do you run in 2018. if you are a republican are you running with trump or against trump. if you are a democrat are you saying my campaign is anti-trump? is that sufficient? look at hillary clinton. she said how can you vote for this guy and that guy won the presidency. dagen: give me one name quick. juan: you have a number. but they are all women. you are talking people like is beth warren. kamala harris. dagen: an alabama man caught his neighbor spying on him and now the e e e e
12:49 am
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dagen: i should wish a happy birthday to spam. the canned meat turns 80 years old this week. if you haven't tried it you shid should pick some up at the store. this is the "topical storm." topic number one.
12:53 am
we begin in jacksonville, alabama which is a lot like jacksonville, florida but without all the face-eating zombies. while they don't have zombies, they do have spies. a man was drinking in his backyard when the neighbor's dog was watching him through the video. cnn is threatening to give out that dog's name if they catch him doing it again. topic number two. an italian artist used a tractor to make a picture of vladimir putin in a field. this is not like america where all the artists are making frappuccinos at starbucks. most people didn't realize this was putin because he has a shirt on. but if you look closer you will see the beady eyes that try to
12:54 am
coax the nuclear code out of trump. don't worry, putin is only 5'4". and trump is good at dealing with short people. if you don't believe me, ask marco rubio. a boston auction house is selling a set of golf clubs that were used by the president at his course in bedminster, new jersey. they have the president's name engraved on them and are expected to go for $30,000. in addition to the trump clubs, the auction house is selling a golf cart that was driven by tiger woods. topic number 4. first amazon shut down your local shopping mall. now they are going for your liquor tore. the country just announced they are developing their own brand of wine.
12:55 am
true story. their merlot will get you drunk after two sips, or one if you have prime. the label is called next. it features bottles costing $30 to $40 a pop. $40 for wine is ridiculous. where i come from the on way you pay that much money for a drink is if the person serving it is buck naked. congratulations to the first couple to get married at a las vegas marijuana dispense are you. guests say there wasn't a dry eye in the house thanks to all the visine. if you want to send a gift to the happy couple, they are registered at taco bell. if anybody needs me i'll be in a volkswagen bus with kennedy's staff.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ dagen: thanks for watching the show tonight. you can follow kennedy on twitter and instagram on
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