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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 7, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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appreciate when you watch and lou dobbs is next. keep it right here on fox business. . lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today delivering one of the best speeches of his young presidency, speaking in historic krasinski square in warsaw, the site of the 1944 uprising against the nazis. president trump spoke of the urgent need to defend western civilization. >> i declare today for the world to hear that the west will never, ever be broken. our values will prevail. our people will thrive, and our civilization will triumph. [cheers and applause]
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. lou: as you saw and heard, the crowd loved it. they repeatedly interrupted president trump's remarks with chants of usa and donald trump. the crowds much less civilized in hamburg, germany, the site of the g20 summit. world leaders descending on the city to find 8,000 anarchists, anti-capitalist protesters setting fires and hurling rocks at officers and buildings as they do whenever the g20 meets or the g7 or anything that is g-wiz. john roberts is traveling with the president, he's in hamburg and has our report. >> reporter: late into the night, we hear the sounds of sporadic flash-bang grenades as police are dealing with troublemakers out on the streets of this city during the g20 summit. economic summits have long drawn the attention of
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protesters and some people simply bent on causing trouble, but it has been a number of years since we have seen what ripped the streets of hamburg today. police in riot gear fought running skirmishes with violent groups in hamburg firing tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd. part of a building appeared to be set on fire. clouds of thick smoke billowing into the sky. police expect a core group of 5,000 to 8,000 people to cause trouble during the summit. those who came to legitimately demonstrate and a number close to 100,000 have been noisy but peaceful. far from the protests which will likely have no impact on the g20 leaders, president trump met with german chancellor angela merkel. merkel appeared critical of the president's intention to pull out of the paris climate accord.
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>> we cannot and will not wait to act. in one word, the paris climate agreement is irreversible and cannot be renegotiated. >> reporter: earlier today, in poland, president trump was on friendly territory, a speech in warsaw's krasinski square where he answered critics to mutual doctrine of defense article 5. >> we stand firmly behind article 5. words are easy, action matters. >> reporter: the president had stern words for russian president vladimir putin with whom he'll meet tomorrow. >> we urge russia to cease destabilizing activities in ukraine and elsewhere and support for hostile regimes including syria and iran and join the community of responsible nations in our fight against common enemies and in defense of civilization itself. >> reporter: earlier in a press conference with polish
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president andre duda, president trump appeared to soft pedal assessments that russia was meddling in the u.s. election. >> i think it was russia and could have been other people and other countries. other have been a lot of people interfering. >> reporter: the statement brought a sharp response from congressman adam schiff who accused the president of capitulating to putin. in a sharply worded statement saying -- the president also addressed in person for the first time north korea's 4th of july test of intercontinental ballistic missile. the president warning he has been considering some severe things to respond to the north's provocations. >> it's a shame that they're behaving this way, but they are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner and something will have to be done about it. >> reporter: north korea's missile test will put an extra emphasis on another meeting
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that the president is having with china's president xi jinping. in a tweet he set out before leaving the united states. the president gave up on the idea that china would help rein in the north korean regime. when asked if he had given up on president xi, president trump said never give up. lou? lou: john, thank you very much. john roberts reporting. here to discuss the president taking on north korea, russia and china, and the latest on president's legislative agenda on capitol hill, joining us congressman ron desantis, member of several key committees including foreign affairs, judiciary, oversight and member of the freedom caucus. good to have you with us. first of all, i would imagine you are excited about the quality of the speech that the president gave today, and his focus on issues that are the most important of our time. >> without question.
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i think his strong endorsement of western civilization, particularly against threats such as radical islam was churchillean. he coupled that with the warning about the threat of western civilization from forces at home and identified creeping statism and growing bureaucracy, i thought he was harkening back to alexis de tocqueville who warned about observing america in the 19th century and i think the strong support for nato. the strong warning to russia serving to confound media critics in the united states, and i think the telling sign that it was a successful speech was the media reaction. they didn't really know what to make of it. that tells you he hit it out of the park. >> i think you're going to see dour faces on national left-wing media types broadcasting from warsaw for the next couple of days because
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he's put in motion a considerable amount of momentum behind what promises to be a very productive meeting whether it be with xi jinping. president vladimir putin or the g20 itself. let's turn to north korea. the trump administration did not come out so strong, nor so well at the emergency meeting of the security council at the united nations. no specific recommendations. no call to action. a total lack of specificity and even as the united states called to that meeting and in the face of an absolutely belligerent, determined kim jong-un and indifferent xi jinping, to u.s. interests, we are now at crossroads. what happens now? >> i think that's why this g20 meeting is so important. he's going to be meeting with
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all thedy key players and i think the president is going to have the opportunity to really force this issue, in one-on-one meetings and publicly, in public comments he makes. i appreciated the meeting called at the security council but i'm not sure that was the actual forum where we're going to make headway. it's a tough issue, lou, there's no easy solution to it, but i think the one thing that the president's been clear, it will be dealt with. i think they were right to hope that china would recalculate in terms of what china's interest. lou: it was right, congressman, to try, and as he himself said, you know, he had to try, but now we are at real politic with the real issues, and the last 20 years, it is a trail of rhetorical debris, fits and starts and utter nonsense articulated by either emissaries at the united
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nations or the state department, our president's looking hesitant, undecided and ambivalent when it comes to korea. are we going to see, do you believe, real action and a real confrontation with the threat that is north korea? >> i think the president, i take him at his word. i think he will act. the shape of that, i think is to be determined. i think there are things that be can done covertly. we can martial more military force in the region to send a signal and send a message to kim jong-un that there is a credible threat of force on the table. you hope you don't have to use it but in the absence of that if kim jong-un thinks this is the same thing as you identified for 20 years, he knows how the game is played and he'll play it like a fiddle. i think the calculations need to be changed for china and north korea, and i think this president understands that. so i think he will act.
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lou: and a great deal he has to act upon. could have been ally in china, that is making trillions of dollars off trade with the united states and our allies. a russia who tried to intervene in an election, got as best i can tell as far as the democratic national committee. we'll have to see how this all unwinds. congressman, good to have you with us. ron desantis, appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back. much more to cover, a lot more to cover. stay with us. >> president trump warning north korea of severe consequences, after its test of an icbm. >> we must also confront the threat from north korea, and we will confront it very strongly. lou: we'll take up what that response could entail with
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general jack keane. and thousands of anti-capitalist protesters today stormed the german city of hamburg as the g20 summit gets under way.
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. lou: president trump keeping
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kim jong-un guessing about how the president might respond to north korea's provocations. president trump speaking in poland said if missile tests and bad behavior continues, he's considering all options. >> as far as north korea is concerned, i don't know, we'll see what happens. i don't like to talk about what i have planned, but i have pretty severe things that we're thinking about. that doesn't mean we're going to do them. i don't draw red lines. lou: for more now on the possible strategies of the united states might use to counter north korea's nuclear ambitions, we're joined by fox news military analyst retired four-star general, jack keane. general, great to have you here. the president talking about severe options he's contemplating. are we at a point where almost anything said on the part of the president about how he might respond is just basically worsening the problem?
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>> no, i don't think so. clearly there is an escalation by north korea and developing intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states, this is something they advertised their intent to do. they did a portion of that test successfully. that is escalation. the president is about right. in telling them that look, i'm serious about what i'm doing, i don't intend for you to put the american people at risk, but i'm going to keep my options to myselfment i think where we actually are, lou, is number one, while preemptive strikes are certainly on the table, some limited, some considerably large, for eventual potential execution, i don't think that's where the trump team is right now. though those options are on the table. where they truly are is a policy of maximum pressure on north korea and china. they know full well that sanctions have not worked in
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the past and china has not come through to a system in the way that china indicated that they would. so what they're going to do is number one anybody that's doing business with north korea, any country that we have any relationship with whatsoever, going to ask them to stop. and then wrench up the sanctions on china. we started a couple weeks ago, first time ever by the united states. the sanctions are going to get much more serious in terms of financial institutions being cut off from u.s. financial systems and also get our allies to do the very same things. this maximum pressure will escalate and increase over time. the trump team i think feels obligated to try this even though they have genuine skepticism about it because it's failed in the past but they know full well that no wop applied this maximum pressure that they intend to do and want to give it a try. lou: and certainly, anything short of war would be preferable to war, but at the
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same time, there is a certain familiarity to all of this, irrespective of the labels we apply whether it be the clinton administration, the bush administration or the obama administration, pressure brought, negotiations attempted, deals efforted, and the result has always been the same, a continual march toward the icbm. they demonstrated kim jong-un has and will now the real responsibility that they have more than ten nuclear warheads available to them to put atop an icbm. it just has the feel of we've tried it before and we're doing our best but no good options available. >> yeah, i think the administration is clear eyed about the past and what has not worked, but they also feel obligated to go one more time but to put considerable more
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pressure. we have never gone after china over this, and they are, and that's serious and see if that can squeeze north korea. i mean, i think where kim is and the road he's on, he's made up his mind having nuclear weapons is not sufficient deterrence from regime change by the united states. i've got to have a weapons system that threatens the american people. he thinks he can get the weapons system because he doesn't believe this administration or certainly previous ones for sure were ever conduct a preemptive strike that leads to all-out war. that's the calculation. lou: the calculation of the chinese if they can continue to run hundreds of billions of dollars of trade surpluses with the united states amass vast treasure in trade with us and treating us like the fools we've been in trade as the president has pointed out over these many years.
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at which point will severe responses be applied to china? because ultimately the president said it himself other in first quarter, a 40% increase in trade with china and north korea, that's outrageous? >> we got to reset the table with china. they clearly made up their mind to dominate the far east, the pacific, asia itself, they want to challenge the united states, they see themselves as eventually holding that status themselves. we are on a collision course with them. we got to start to get tough with them once and for all. this is as good an issue certainly where the american people may be at risk to start pushing back on china in a comprehensive way. lou: general jack keane as always, good to have you with us. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: breaking news now, illinois' democratically controlled house voted to override the governor's veto
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and will enact the first budget in illinois in more than two years. republican governor bruce rauner fought to stop the $36 billion spending plan and the $5 billion in tax increases, but democrats control 67 of the 118 house seats. 37 of the 58 senate seats, and the deal is done. the dems have responded to the crisis they have created. be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- cast your vote on twitter, we'd like to hear from you, follow me on twitter, "like" me on facebook, follow me on instagram at "lou dobbs tonight." twitter followers are fired up about the new thriller with
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jim born, putin's gambut. sherry wrote on facebook -- and thank you for buying the book. keep writing, keep tweeting, viewers whose comments are read receive an autographed copy of putin's gambut. the dow fell 158 points. the s&p also down sharply losing 23. the nasdaq down 61. not a good day. volume continued, light trading, 3.3 billion shares. markets dragged lower by technology. analysts are warning that investors could rotate out of tech into cheaper stocks which would benefit from higher rates. we want to caution you, if i maker the fed's declaration of higher interest rates are very much likely to be mitigated by the unwinding of massive balance sheet and the prospect
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of low inflation, inflation below its target of 2%. two factors that could influence the direction of race in the months ahead and a direction that the fed itself hasn't chosen. the trade deficit narrowed in may dropping more than 2%, exports hit a two-year high. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast, yes, on the salem radio network. up next, five months ago, outgoing president obama pledged to remain silent and let his successor govern as president of the united states. mr. obama has broken his promise repeatedly since then. i take up that in my commentary tonight and much more. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪(somber piano) ♪you may say i'm a dreamer ♪but i'm not the only one ♪i hope some day you'll join us♪
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♪and the world will live as one♪
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. lou: a few thoughts now on a former president who said this during the 2012 presidential campaign. >> i would point out that we
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have one president at a time and one administration at a time, and i think traditionally the notion has been that america's political differences end at water's edge. lou: barack obama, that one president, back then, just before he left office, mr. obama said he would only speak out when so-called core values were at stake. it took him less than two weeks to completely ignore his assurances that he would observe the historical tradition that there is only one president at a time that our differences end at the water's edge. on january 30th, obama denounced president trump's travel ban. since then, he's hit the republican efforts to rescue his failed health care program, and president trump's decision to exit the paris climate deal. mr. obama has even embarked on a world tour that appears to be
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clearly organized to mirror, to shadow president trump's meetings with foreign leaders. obama met with the former prime ministers of italy and britain. he talked with germany's angela merkel in may before the president just hours before her meeting with president trump. mr. obama had dinner with canada's justin trudeau last month, and obama met with south korea's new president moon jae-in in this past monday. only three days after president trump met with the korean leader at the white house. three days. the former president's shadowing of president trump is appalling and so is the silence of the national left-wing media who have supported obama in his egregiously awful behavior since he left office and, of course, throughout his eight years as president. there's nothing surprising in it at all of course, the former
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president who spent the eight years undermining core values, traditions and national interests to boot. and who now does his very best to undercut president trump and the will of the american people, and i've noticed, have you, that there's been not one demwith sufficient integrity to protest the offensive and aggressive acts of a former president who is now only extending his presidential record of failure through these disgusting efforts to subvert president trump and his administration, and i admit i've been reluctant to add up the leaders of the gop who have come to president trump's defense. maybe one day soon. our quotation of the evening, this from thomas payne who said --
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we're coming right back. stay with us. president trump explaining to the world just how unfair the national left-wing media has been to him. >> they have been fake news for a long time. they've been covering me in a very, very dishonest way. lou: we'll take up the disgrateful left-wing media's attack with the dean, ed rollins is next. gliding across the waters of the san francisco bay, has a surprise waiting for him. surprise waiting for him. yoyoyoyoyo
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♪music ♪you fill up my senses ♪like a night in a forest ♪like the mountains in springtime♪ ♪like a sleepy blue ocean ♪you fill up my senses ♪come fill me again ♪come let me love you ♪let me always be with you ♪come let me love you ♪come love me again
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. lou: this just in, congressman steve scalise is recovering from surgery this evening for an infection related to his gunshot wound. doctors at the medstar washington hospital center say the louisiana congressman, quote, tolerated the procedure well. the house majority whip returned to intensive care yesterday when his condition was downgraded to serious from fair after the infection was discovered. he's been hospitalized since being shot on a virginia ball field back on the 14th june. joining me now to discuss the congressional efforts to pass a health care bill, the president's european trip and a lot more. ed rollins who served in three presidential administrations,
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chief political adviser to the house republican leadership, the dean himself. >> thank you. lou: let's start with first of all, the president in warsaw. now in hamburg, germany. he is, for want of a better expression, he's a rock star. >> he is, a fabulous speech today. i traveled with ronald reagan, heard every speech he gave. this was a reaganesque speech. we forget how important the polish people were in the change of the democracies, leck walesa became a union leader, pope john paul one of the leaders, to go poland which is symbolic because the russians aren't behaving well and the chinese obviously aren't supporting us and the north koreans are very dangerous, i thought it was a very important speech today. lou: and the president also said talking about russia and
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efforts at destabilizing, whether the united states or anywhere else in the world, and to curtail that. being attacked in this country, you could listen to the chipmunks in the national left-wing media gnawing on it all day long as if he had not said and confronted russia precisely on the issue of destabilizing in intervening in everyone's affairs. >> the first words out of his mouth was russia. the other words were may, he didn't stand up to russia. excuse me, he was front and center with that. tomorrow, he'll be tough, he'll rise to that occasion. lou: and what is very clear is that we need a different kind of leadership right now in washington. we need people who understand that russia has an immense nuclear arsenal and icbm arsenal and delivery systems
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whether at sea or within russia itself. people are acting like, i think, very shallow, very foolish, beating their chests about more sanctions on russia. that will do absolutely -- first of all, it's done no good and secondly will do nothing to build a different kind of approach strategically. >> the only thing the russians understand, this is a president, who was a prime minister who could be there for life. he's jiggered that system to where he's been there forever and continue to be there forever. the only thing they understand is strength. reagan understood that when he rebuilt the defenses of the country. trump is going to stand tough all the way through and we will match them in any field and the behavior has to be called out constantly. lou: and this business with the president, the former president barack obama, attacking trump, subvert, making every effort to subvert the president. there has never been in history
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a president who behaved so ugly and so awfully as he has toward his successor. >> he started with the apology tour before he got in the office, he was running around the world saying i'm sorry for what americans have done as opposed to every place is thankful for what americans have done. he was a pussycat for eight years, that's why we have the situation in korea as jack keane and others said earlier tonight. my sense is this is a tough guy in the oval office, not always going to have smooth edges, not always going to be loved by the mainstream media, who cares, at the end of the day, he's going to be loved on the job and the american people appreciative of it. lou: ed rollins, thank you. >> take care. lou: unsuspecting kiteboarder gliding effortlessly over the water, and then, and then, there it is! almost colliding with a giant
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humpback whale going right over his back. skill enthusiast skimming right over the top of that large mammal before spreading his arms in sheer amazement what had happened. by the way, no harm at all to the 40 ton mammal. up next, president trump hitting obama for not acting on alleged russian interference in the election. >> he did nothing about it. the reason is he thought hillary was going to win, and if he thought i was going to win, he would have done plenty about it. that's the real request, why did he do nothing from august all the way to november 8th? why did he do nothing? lou: i take that up with lieutenant colonel tony shaffer who joins me next. the fella on the left having a good time. why not?
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. lou: president trump today addressing russia's meddling in will 2016 election and he slammed former president obama for doing absolutely nothing about it. >> so it was russia and i think it was probably others also and that's been going on for a long period of time.
4:45 am
but my big question is why did obama do nothing about it from august all the way to november 8th? he did nothing about it, and it wasn't because he choked. lou: it wasn't because he choked? well, the president has his opinion. we'll see what our next guest says. mr. trump's speech today a direct poke in the eye to putin. joining us lieutenant colonel tony shaffer, senior fellow with the london center for policy research and it is great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou, good to be on, thank you, sir. >> the president giving a great speech. he is in command of the g20 no matter who's there now. it is really interesting how he is performing and addressing these issues, he doesn't even blink. he's dealing with media. the national left-wing media are a bunch of snakes and let's keep moving on. your reaction to the performance so far? >> today i listened to his speech and i believed it was
4:46 am
emblematic of the brandenberg june 1987 speech of tear that wall down. a huge issue, a russian company has him over a barrel on that and restated with unequivocal clarity the article 5 stipulation of nato. so i think it's very clear that whatever president obama did or did not do, the stern talking to, lou, he gave to president putin in september of last year apparently didn't take, and very clear that president trump is very clear in his stance on this, and i do believe he'll probably bring very serious issues up when he meets with vladimir putin later this week. >> i get a kick out of the left-wing commentators who are not even -- they're oblivious to the economic realities of europe. >> completely. lou: and the europeans utter
4:47 am
dependency on russia for energy. the fact that the trump administration is already moving to be able to transport lng gas to europe to offset that dependency. >> right. lou: this is an administration already making critically important economic and trade moves to change the algorithm that is the russia, european, american relationship. >> right, and that's the key. and several said last year the best thing president obama could do if he wanted to push russia back is export europe to help the europeans become independent. and the other thing i've heard folks on the network say this speech is uncharacteristic of donald trump. i don't think people on our side are studying donald trump either. again, lou, he's been very clear, you know who it is, probably, and look, it's very clear that president trump has been very consistent in message
4:48 am
about trying to learn what we can do to leverage our resources, all resources. again, the economics of the situation can and will and should be used for national security. that's exactly what he's doing here, i think it's a brilliant move. lou: and as we look at what is happening in particular with president, the former president obama who is subverting and obvious in every, seems like all of his energy success spent trying subvert this presidency and the administration is not responding to it, i think, sufficiently. but for that matter, the left, the dems aren't do anything to curtail this president who is a narcissistic campaign of some sort that defies both history and current explanation. what should happen here? what should we do about a
4:49 am
president who insists upon imposing himself on the world stage? >> it's sauled sedition, we need to look at that from the perspective of president trump and his staff and team continuing to push out the obama holdovers who are really trying to do damage, and then i read an article three days ago, president obama volunteered to rebuild the democrat party. like typhoid mary trying to help new york city with sanitation. this is that bad. it doesn't stop them from enforcing the bad behavior of the past. president obama's administration failed miserably across the board and mr. trump has a long way to go to readdress all those failures and try to put us back on the road. he needs to get the obama folks tout do that properly. lou: you make a very good point in that president trump has to repair so much of the damage. >> precisely. lou: that president trump created are in country. >> and wants to continue, and
4:50 am
wants to continue. lou: yeah, and meanwhile, he's leading a nation and trying to build a future and doing, my opinion, quite a good job of it. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer, good to have you here. >> thank you, sir up. >> next, what president trump wants from his upcoming meeting with vladimir putin. kimberly guilfoyle joins me, we'll talk about the g20 developments and tomorrow's meeting with vladimir putin. i said it. that's right. trump meets putin. in a quick programming note, i'll be on hannity talking with laura ingraham how president trump left the dems sputtering. join us at 10:00 on the fox news channel. a lot more straight ahead.
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alone. let's try this again. smart move. because buzzed driving is drunk driving. lou: in ouron line poll we asked, do you believe the united states will have to go do war against north korea and possibly china? 55% of you say yes. joining us is kip werely guilfoyle. let's start with the speech today by our president, compared favorably to reagan, 1987. kimberly: i would say compared accurately. even some of the president's biggest detractors were loathe
4:55 am
to criticize him on today. it was very well received. he's coming into his own and hitting his stride. he's proud that he's our president in the way he spoke and the way he addressed this country and the international audience that was listening. lou: i tend to be a little less than impartial on these things. but this left-wing media gaggle of critics trying to find something to say, almost begging the president to at every stop in every day say i don't like vladimir putin, i hate russia. who knows. they just keep going on as if it's a campaign instead of today vern nance. they don't -- instead of governance. kimberly: we'll probably have to get used to it. they cannot overcome themselves and their petty emotions.
4:56 am
they lost the election and they would like to relitigate this over and over again. anything they can do to d delegitimize the president and the office. they wouldn't even give him credit for that. lou: we look back on 8 years obama it wasn't 8 years supporting american values and traditions. it was usually the inverse. we shouldn't be surprised. kimberly: the problem is he missed the memo. he still thinks he's president of the united states. he happens to be in the right place at the right time wherever trump is going to be to undermine his presidency and policies. it's unbelievable. he had his 8 years and it's over
4:57 am
now. lou: this is a president being followed by his predecessor who is shadowing him with his appearance with world leaders. it's sick what he's doing. kimberly: there is a deep state working to undermine donald trump and his authority and administration. we have a former president going on tour being an obstructionist. the bushes didn't behave that way. lou: we haven't seen any lou: we haven't seen any . . . now he's following president trump in his wake wherever he goes. it's silly beyond comprehension.
4:58 am
kimberly: look at all the time president trump and his administration have to spend undoing the 8 years of overreaching by president obama and his team. he was elected strongly by the working men and women across this country to get it done. lou: tomorrow morning's meeting with putin. what do you expect? he said that putin has to stop destabilizing countries around the world. what do you expect tomorrow? kimberly: i think president trump doesn't suffer fools. he will go in there and be strong. that's what pu -- that's what vladimir putin expects. and we'll be better off for it. i'm glad they will go over these things face to face. we see every time president trump had the opportunity, he's good at these interpersonal
4:59 am
relationships, sitting down with whether it was the president of china or all the world leaders he has been able to come across, it's been favorable. it's not like cowering hiding in the shadows worrying about climate change. lou: kimberly guilfoyle. thank you very much. "the five." that's you, right? kimberly: exactly. me and my friends. lou: we have a great new book to recommend written by my buddy jim born and i, "putin's gambit." joanne wrote in and said, looking forward to reading a book by a tell it like it is journalist.
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your show is one i never miss. every viewer whose comment is read on the show receives an autographs copy of lauren: breaking news this morning. president trump heads to g20 summit will request he meet with world leaders and come face to pay with russian president vladimir putin for the very first time in highly-anticipated meeting. cheryl: also on the agenda on g20, confronting north korea. we will have details on president plans to deal with the interrogatory threat. lauren: dow futures are down by 12, nasdaq up by 7. cheryl: european markets right now as you can see on screen, there's u.s. futures. european futures, we will get those for you in just a moment. th a


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