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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 7, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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maria: take a look at markets showing mixed performances in heels of beg selloff yesterday. of course, we are waiting on the june's job report this morning. that will set the tone for markets. economists are expected jobs and hold steady in 4.3%. the european indices are lower across the board, fractional moves, though, cac quarante down almost half of 1%. shanghai composite once again squeaks out again. shocking images out of italy. latest as search for survivors continue. apple and qualcomm squaring off
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again. the galaxy note 7 comes back with a bang. how samsung hope it is new fan edition will help and tesla lovers rejoice, details as the first model 3s rolls off the assembly line today. all is stories this morning right here joining me to break it all down fox business network dagen mcdowell, rosecliff ceo mike murphy and coo joanie courtney. >> good morning, maria. maria: watched you last night on kennedy, you were great. major show. dagen: reminds me every day how lucky i am to work here and i love the people i work with starting right with you every morning. maria: right back at you. dagen: we have so much energy in this building and such a sense of commodore and fairness, it's june unparallel. maria: you're right. i absolutely agree. then there's the guest mike
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murphy. dagen: mike is like, what about me? maria: job's friday. dagen: putin meeting. president trump please don't wing it. don't spit ball. >> he was great yesterday. i thought he was fabulous. mike: i think he will do great. maria: so far has been at its best in foreign policy. all the trips have been real successes. >> they have gone really well. he might get a little bump when he gets back approval. i thought he did excellent yesterday when he spoke to the people of poland and really relayed to them and talked to them about values and culture. maria: no wonder they were chanting usa. the leaders of the world major economies are all gathering in
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germany this morning where the g20 summit is getting underway in the wake of clashes and bro testers there. terrorism and trade set to dominate the agenda this morning but all eye tons face to face meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. fox business network blake berman is in hamburg this morning. is going to talk to us about the high-profile meeting and has the latest. blake: can i echo dagen's comments, the president is here for the start of g20 meetings. it is underway, simple handshake with german chancellor angela merkel kicking things off earlier this morning. right now the president is with the other world leaders and what is being called a retreat. so it is very possible that president trump and the russian president vladimir putin have already crossed paths on this day. they are set to meet on the
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sidelines later this afternoon. 9:45 p.m. back in the east coast. a 30-minute meeting with secretary of state rex tillerson joining in on the discussions. yesterday the president had a bit of mixed messaging on the one happened and questioned russia was the sole octoberor saying other countries could have been involved in that, quote, no one knows for sure, however, later in the day he also took a much firmer stance as it relates to russia saying that they need to join the community of responsible nations as he put it. listen. >> to support for hostile regime including syria and iran. blake: ahead of the meetings the president has sent out a handful on tweets on this day, maria,
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culminated with the following with twitter handle. i look forward with all including my meeting with vladimir putin. i will represent our country well and fight for its interest, fake news media will never come me accurately, but who cares? we will make america great again. maria, back to you. maria: all right, good tweets there. blake, thank you so much. we will come back to you, blake berman in hamburg this morning. joining us from washington on more on what to expect in the first face to face to face meete house correspondent for the washington examiner sarah westwood. >> good morning. maria: what should be spoken about in your view? >> president trump and president putin have a lot of topics to get to. clearly the situation in syria is begin to go boil over. it was just two weeks ago that the trump administration shot down a syrian government plane
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for the first time and russia threatened to shoot down u.s. and coalition plane ifs they wandered west, that was the greatest escalation of the american role in syria to date so clearly we are going to see some talk about russia support for the assad regime. president trump said so in his speech in warsaw yesterday. ukraine is another topic of discussion that we will see between putin and trump. german chancellor angela merkel brought to trump yesterday in talk trying to get trump to push putin to abide by agreements which was supposed to get russia out of crimea and that didn't work and obviously president trump is under tremendous pressure back here at home to bring up election meddling when he confronts putin there. some say that it would be difficult for president trump to move to other issues if he doesn't put the meddling issue to rest. those are the three biggest areas that we will be watch to go see see how president trump and putin get to some kind of resolution. maria: i think the syria and
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ukraine issues are must come up, don't you think, dagen? does he get criticized if he doesn't bring up the meddling in the u.s. election? dagen: he gets criticized by people on the left because that's literally the only thing that they can talk about. maria: right. dagen: all the subjects can come up but quite frankly president trump will do the u.s. quite a great service if he gives nothing, if he says, he doesn't agree to even looking at anything, you discuss it but you don't give it, one thing also that the compounds that were shut down by president obama at the end of last year, two russian compounds in the united states, putin is going to want those reopened and it doesn't sound like a big deal, you can reopen them, but it is largely symbolic, so it should -- trump's answer on everything should be niet. mike: he likes to make deals. dagen: that's the problem, actually. mike: than giving back these two
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bases. i think if it's better for the u.s., i would be happy with a deal. dagen: vladimir putin will not offer anything that is good for the u.s. and he will con you into thinking. he's an exkgb and try to play mind games. later in the morning i will bring up something that putin has done with merkel and bush with his dog. >> yeah. maria: yeah. dagen: she got bitten by a dog many years ago and was afraid of dogs and giant black lab comes bounding in the room and she was horrified. dagen: he did the same thing with president bush when bush and the first lady met with him in russia, big dog comes bounding in, barney, this dog bigger, stronger faster than barney. he plays head games with people. >> interesting to see what he does on this meeting, during this meeting.
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maria: that's really funny. all it is is an intimidation. >> he's trying to play games. maria: there's the protestors, they're already getting underway. ahead of g20. let's be clear, protestors are not necessarily antitrump, this is anticapitalist protesting. according to officials, more than 100 police officers have been injured in the protests, 44 people have been arrested, more than 100,000 demonstrators are expected to join a series of protest marchs tomorrow. do they have a unifying message? i feel like we see the picture every g20 with every administration. they just anticapitalist? >> right, it's important to note that the protests of the g20 are extremely common, any meeting where there are a large gathering of world leaders is going to attract demonstrations, obviously there's a lot of controversial things going on in europe right now. angela merkel is controversial in her own country because of
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refugee policies. it's not just antitrump, very diverse set of protestors protesting diverse set of issues, some are antiglobalists and some anticapitalists, maybe some antitrump and antimerkel. but certainly they are not just antitrump protestors. dagen: president trump was criticized by some bringing up president obama yesterday but look no further than the mayor of new york city bill de blasio who is going to germany to criticize capitalism, leaving a day after a new york city police officer was assassinated in her squad car and he actually skipped the swearing in of more than 500 police officers yesterday to get ready for this trip overseas. so the post head line says and don't come back. and so you want to talk about appalling, at least in his trip and what he has to say about the american people.
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this is just -- maria: the funeral of officer amelia and homelessness in new york is up 40%. dagen: train derailments. maria: the subways are a mess and he's jetting off to germany to start protest line. dagen: campaigning for what, the next leader of venezuela? maria: it's incredible. >> it is, to me it's so sad. new york and you think back to like even when mayor giuliani and how much better the city was, right, and the crime rates were coming down. they were not on the streets and things were moving in the right direction and it seems like we are moving backwards. maria: it's about leadership as kelly told us yesterday. let me ask you about the democrats' response of election hackling in hamburg ahead of g20 meeting, president trump tweeted this, sarah, everyone is talking
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about why john podesta refuse today give dnc server to fbi and cia, disgraceful. john podesta, former chairman of hillary clinton's presidential campaign, he joined me last week in a fiery interview and i asked him this question specifically, listen. when you got hacked why -- and the dnc got hacked why wasn't the dnc passed over, why wasn't it given to law enforcement and intelligence agency, did you not want government agencies to investigate this? >> look, hillary clinton servers were turned over to agency. with respect to dnci wasn't involved with that. if anything, it looks like the fbi was fairly casual, maybe as a kind word about the fact that they were -- what they knew, how much they were investigating, and, you know, so i think you to look at the whole picture and seems like if anything it's on the fbi that didn't come forward
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and really inform the dnc about what was going on. not much of an answer. >> there's never been a satisfactory explanation why the dnc withheld -- maria: it gets worse. not only did they not handle the server to the law enforcement agencies after the massive offense where they got hacked but they hired a private company, that the private company would only answer to them to really go through the server. >> no justification for that, there's really been no digging into why that was and so obviously i think a lot of aspects of the election meddling are probably subjects of discussion at the g-20. this is one of them and certainly, i think, president trump has tried to draw attention to the fact that this has been criminally undercoverred in the u.s. and maybe one day we will discover why that server was withheld. maria: sarah, thank you.
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thanks for joining us. we will be right back. stay with us.
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possibly caused this to happen. multiple reports are confirming construction was done at the time of collapse. cheryl: that's according to officials, passengers help today restrain the man until the plane landed. port seattle police arrested him. his name has not been released and flight attendance were taken to local hospital. and more about this berkshire hathaway striking a deal to buy power transmission companies. this would make electricity one
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of the company's largest businesses. berkshire would buy holding corp. for 9 billion in cash. valued $18 billion. largest ever if regulators approve it in the state of texas. those are your headlines. maria: top story in the journal. mike: a lot of undervalued energy assets out there and buffet is looking for because he has so much cash, he's looking for larger acquisitions and would get approval and we need to improve the energy grid in this country and buffet would be wasn't step toward that. i like it and there's a lot of energy assets out there that are undervalued now that would be acquired also. maria: lots of deal happening in energy. what does that mean for oil prices, we talk about it a lot that with all of the supply and the u.s. doing more drilling that would -- you would think send prices lower.
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mike: today we are lowering the price of oil and more oil comes to the market and technology is a big part of that, we can get oil quicker and cheaper than we could before so i think it's going to be lower oil prices which ultimately receiver as a tax cut or a benefit for the u.s. consumer. dagen: a benefit in terms of our position on the national security stage because you want to stick it to russia and vladimir putin, you pump oil, you keep the glut in place and you keep prices at least low enough that producers can make money and that it hurts russia's bottom line. maria: all right, great point. coming up, could the iphone be banned, the qualcomm story is coming up. straight ahead. jobs in america, futures currently looking like this. we have a big job's hour coming up. preview on the june job's report coming up next, back in a moment
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in applications and customer experience. which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. maria: welcome back, it is job's day. economists are expecting 179,000 jobs added to the economy last month one employment rate holding steady at 4.3%. joining us alan to talk a little more about the market. good to see you. >> good to see you, maria. maria: your specialty is placing twhiet-collar jobs, give us a characterization on what the market looks like right now? >> it's slow but it's at least upward sloping and there's a steady market for new executive and professional level talent.
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maria: you are seeing job opportunities? >> we are seeing job opportunities. >> what about you joanie? >> you look at the report and we are at all-time high, 6 million job openings across the u.s. but we are not seeing the strong job numbers actually created. there's a lit bit of a disconnect. i was wondering what ceo's want to hire, are they finding the skills because that's where i see a little bit of a challenge, the jobs are out there but i think we are not finding the skill, experience, trained educated people to make that match. >> yeah, no question. that 6 million number has been around for 24 months, basically the live-die number between jobs that are being filled versus jobs that are vacated has pretty much stayed newt real, right? in terms of what they are looking for, we fill positions
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$75,000 a year plus to 10-plus million, we have a good sense across the spectrum. what they are looking for is tech-related jobs, stem related positions but i will tell you something about the 6 million, inside the 6 million people are people that are data scientists and job programmers and technically skilled for openings. what they are experiencing environment that's hard to succeed. they can't handle the pressure and demands of the pace and change at work. it's not only skills anymore, skills and your eq and your ability to work inside a matrix organization and fit into a culture that's just as important as to whether you can do math. maria: emotional is what you're talking about. mike: looking at white-collar paying jobs, are you seeing people pushed out as the population gets older, 50-year-old executive, is he
6:27 am
being pushed out and being replaced, millennials don't want to work, are jobs being offer today younger people? >> great people -- dagen: lower salaries. maria: there you go. i think back when i was in my 30's in the dot com. [laughter] >> the reality is that fortunately for our generation the gray hair is in high demand. maria: is that right? >> absolutely. all goes to the whole notion of pace of change. we have a pace of change, if you go back to industrial revolution that's now curved exponential which was sensible in terms of slope over a hundred years, as it curves up in terms of pace of change, human ability to adapt hasn't done that so people are having a hard time performing and gray hair and experience and battle scars are helpful. mike: if it's gray it stays, remember. [laughter]
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maria: you're coming back at 8:00 a.m. and we will find out where the job opportunities are specifically. alan, thank you so much. stay was. alan will join our panel to talk more about where jobs are today, jobs in america 8:00 a.m. eastern. president trump's strategy on curving the hermit kingdom nuclear program. that's next. mornings with maria continues n . and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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for joining us, it is friday, july 7th. it is 6:30 on the east coast. the world meet in germany, donald trump and other leaders at the g 20 meeting in hamburg, germany. one of the hot topics, the rising threat of north korea, dealing with the hermit kingdom while speaking in poland yesterday. >> i don't dry red lines. it is a shame that they are behaving this way but they are behaving in a very very dangerous manner and something will have to be done about it. >> watching all the developer and out of germany, markets flatlining, nasdaq composite is up after a selloff yesterday, dow industrials in positive territory as well. economists expect 179,000 jobs, with the unemployment rate holding steady at 4.3%. in europe look at the indices,
6:32 am
this is live. the dax index down a 12:45%. china was up a fraction. it is a battle of the tech titans. the qualcomm company asking authorities to block imports of apple's iphone. galaxy node 7 is recharged but will consumers embrace the device after it's plagued history. wrestling fans listenable is how an it worker's mistake could put users personal information in a chokehold. a new hero swings into the box office this weekend. >> do me a favor, can't you just be a friendly neighborhood spiderman? just stay close to the ground. >> the spiderman from youtube.
6:33 am
>> we look at the money spiderman could catch in its web this weekend. first a top story, the north korea thread taking center stage in germany. donald trump vowed to act strongly following the latest missile tends. south korea avenue president announced plans to seek a meeting with abca14 anywhere anytime. defense secretary james madison said there are diplomatic options on the table. >> diplomacy has not failed as general brooks said so well, our self-restraint has prevented war in the face of provocations, we are working with allies, we are working with the chinese, but obviously any kind of effort by north korea to start a war would lead to severe consequences. >> joining us is former commander of the uss cole, good to see you, thanks for joining
6:34 am
us. your answer to north korea. how should the us address north korea's provocations? >> we need a change in how we address north korea. up to this point we have seen successive administrations fail by doing and commensal measures against him. i think the president needs to direct rex to listen to have a comprehensive breadth and depth of sanctions so we can put into place against china when they provide 80% of the support to their country. daymac how do you see the demand from china and russia saying to the united states if you stop the joint military exercises with south korea we will work on negotiating with north korea on denuclearization but it was described as that is a hard
6:35 am
demand with a soft offer and i was curious your take on that. >> the reality is we cannot do that. north korea is the one who initiated the confrontational exchange, they are continuing to develop miniaturization of a nuclear weapon. the development of intercontinental ballistic missile to deliver to the west coast and the united states. the negotiated needs to take action and it is time and we are going to have company and a set of sanctions aimed specifically at you since you continue to aid and abet north korea, technically, financially and economically it is time, the game is over. we can stew the incremental with china or north korea, dealing with north korea has not worked, that is why we specifically look at the main trading partner that is china and whether russia and china agree we won't negotiate security with the allies in the
6:36 am
region just because they want to have a negotiating position. maria: what about what you talked about yesterday? is that effective in terms of the us going after countries wanting to do business in the us? dagen: those sanctions are fresh and speak to the commander is talking about. they are not sanctions on north korea specifically but on companies that do business. they are only a couple weeks old. there was one bank in particular, a chinese bank, there were sanctions, they were said to have been helping north korea with its nuclear and missile programs so to the commander's point there could be something much bigger in terms of sanctions. maria: was that an effective move? >> it is a step but we are past the point where incremental measures are going to work.
6:37 am
it has been decades, we have been in commensal measures, they haven't worked, time to have a comprehensive package put into place and it is going to hit and it is going to hurt and it is going to hit the chinese, our economy to a degree, but our national security is at stake because we now have a nation that is going to threaten the united states with nuclear weapons that can be delivered remotely and we cannot tolerate that threat anymore and israel should tolerate it from the iranians. dagen: one more thing. there was something under the bush administration we started to do as a nation where we would intercept ships that we suspected of carrying fissile material. should we resume that. was ineffective and should we resume that? >> i think we should. the time has come where we need to start being proactive in our measures. our nation lives with the fact that we waited years before we realized fred terrorism presented to our nation and it
6:38 am
took the attack on call and 9/11 to wake up and realize that threat should have been dealt with years before. we can't wait for that threat any more than we can wait for it to exist in iran. we have to be proactive in eliminating the threat before it becomes a reality at home. >> mike murphy, going into that region and looking at china, north korea, russia. is it possible or a better tactic to deal with one of them directly, for instance north korea, to avoid battling on different fronts to attack one at a time, to try to get the other ones on our side. is that possibly a tactic that would be helpful? >> it is a good point but china is the fulcrum nation that has to be dealt with. we can no longer talk to north korea because the chinese have done nothing to stop north korea from its development.
6:39 am
dagen: trade is up 40%. >> russia is a player because they are in the region but whatever happens on the korean peninsula and north korea china is the first to live with the consequences of it. they have to deal with the refugee crisis that would be created. they are the ones who have to deal with the economic hit they would take by cutting off north korea, we have to find measures that not only in some ways punish china if they do not cut off the trade but give them an opportunity to have greater trade with not only us but people around the world. you have to do positive and negative with it but it has to be focused on the chinese at this point. dagen: what about hacking? hackers are targeting us nuclear facilities. the department of homeland security and the fbi issued a joint reports, this report did not say whether the cyberattacks were hostile but they resembled techniques by russian hacking
6:40 am
group. your thoughts on this. is this a new development we need to focus on, hacking potentially of nuclear facilities? >> absolutely right. it is not a new development but a continuing developed of russians trying to get into critical infrastructure of the united states probing not only how it works but where are the week points, how do they exploit in the event of conflict or a quiet signal to us if there were an international incident, we have to view it of that threat, and where cybercommand is going to become a combatant commander on the cusp of becoming operational. we need to develop a quicker, faster and have that become a reality across government. we are taking the cyberthreat more seriously than we are today is putting more resources toward it. maria: good to see you, thanks
6:41 am
so much. rivals uniting, qvc acquiring home shopping network on a $2.1 billion deal, what this means for online retailers. test labs long-awaited car, the model free rolling off the assembly line today, we bring a cool new feature coming up, stay with us. ♪ i won't give up ♪ let me love you ♪ don't you give up ♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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to not be able to conquer anything. ♪ >> markets are mixed, futures indicating mixed open, nasdaq up 10 points, down industrial down eight after triple digit selloff yesterday on the dow. a couple names we are watching, qvc merging with home shopping network, a deal valued at $2 billion, qvc parent from liberty interactive would buy the 62% of hsn it does not already own. that home shopping giant could become the largest e-commerce company and third-largest any armors kind amazon as walmart. liberty interactive shares up
6:45 am
22% year-to-date. wwe is investigating an it mistake may have exposed private information 3 million fans. and unpredicted database with email address, age and other things, wwe shares are up 8% in the past year. qualcomm, qualcomm is asking the international trade commission to stop imports of apple iphones and tablets the don't use qualcomm chips. qualcomm is claiming apple is infringing on several of its patents on wireless technology in those specific devices. a spokesman says qualcomm is seeking payment on innovation this that it didn't make. also this story this morning, relaunching the galaxy node 7, police in south korea today, it is to minimize eco-waste and salvage of unused node 7 parts.
6:46 am
samsung recalled millions of node 7 found after some of them caught fire or exploded. the company could release the galaxy no date as early as next month. test labs new model 3 electric car could begin production today. elon musk says $35,000 vehicle passed all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule, the model free part of the strategy to boost production to 500,000. separately, tesla also says they plan to build the world at large is battery system in australia. the battery design to light up 30,000 homes if there is a blackout. the stock trading higher in the premarket, a little more than 11/2%. and those are your headlines. maria: tesla stocks continues to trade well. >> it traded well for the year up 40% but in the last we 5
6:47 am
trading sessions it lost 20% of its value, a major pool back, there were downgrades on the stock and the deliveries of the model 3 which comes out today would be lower than expected. if anyone tries to price tesla as an automaker it is overvalued but if you price it as a tech company or battery company, betting on technology i don't think it is overvalued so i see a name like this with his growth and the ceo and 20% pullback is a buying opportunity. dagen: one thing the country has to deal with particularly lawmakers as you get more electric cars hitting the road, more people buying them, how do you pay for infrastructure spending? our national gas tax has not gone up since 1993, declining source of revenue because of that. it has not been adjusted for inflation and as you get more electric cars if somebody drives an electric car they are not paying to for one pothole anywhere. period. if it is pure electric they are not paying for infrastructure
6:48 am
spending and it will hit these lawmakers in the face because it is about in action, they can't figure out how to pay for roads and bridges. >> tesla has an opportunity to drive some of that, to really try to leave the infrastructure policies and what is needed. dagen: they don't want to get taxed. somebody, whoever is driving that car, you pay for the use of the road so will we have toll roads across the country? we have now the internet debate interstate section is not all roads. >> it is the future and they can set the pace. dagen: even though they are all a bunch of liberals in silicon valley they still want somebody else to pay for it. >> someone always has to pay. >> and his been on spiderman this weekend after half a dozen movies feature the superhero. how the latest stack up? we have a preview next.
6:49 am
stay with us.
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>> spiderman. >> what are you doing in my room? >> she doesn't know, nobody knows. >> there was a clip from spiderman homecoming which swings into theaters today, it follows peter parker as he struggles to gain the respect of his fellow superheroes, the
6:53 am
avengers. mike sargent, great to see you, thanks for joining us, people talking $100 million this opening weekend. are you buying it? >> there's a lot of interest, the third reboot of this character, this is a return to the roots of spiderman where he is really a teenager in high school, if john hughes made a superhero movie that is this spiderman. maria: people don't know the back story when he was a teenager, the new way to look at spiderman. >> sort of do. maria: do you think they will be different than what we already know? >> it is because they have updated him. i don't want to give away too much but they have given them different reasons for why he can do different things and they revamped -- and may is not at all doddering woman. a lot of things that make it a lot of fun. maria: i liked it. >> i did. i am a spiderman fan. maria: me too. it is dominating social media,
6:54 am
on twitter, facebook, created 345,000 conversations last week according to media measurement firm, score. why so much buzz online? >> people are curious, this is the 6 spiderman film in 15 years was what are they going to do that will make it worthless going to see? why are we going to pay our money? people will be happy because at this point he has become part of the marvel cinematic universe which is a huge thing. spiderman was bought by sony before the marvel cinematic universe had become what it is. maria: highly anticipated film but the critics, it and transformers, a disadvantage compared to wonder woman. >> the first wonder woman film ever. most people have no idea.
6:55 am
linda carter tv series, everyone knows the story of spiderman, there have been five of them. maria: how would you compare things like spiderman, wonder woman, other traditional films, it is good for something like spiderman? >> it is spectacle. spiderman has spectacle, lots of large set pieces, all kinds of crazy feeds, this is compared to a drama, no comparison. summer is a time like a tv show, telling you something new. >> great family film. mike sargent joining us, previewing the big film ahead.
6:56 am
a new take on the smart phone. the mobile device with the holographic display, how the company will compete against apple next hour on "mornings with maria". ♪
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maria: thanks for joining us, i am maria bartiroma, friday, july 7, 7:00 am on the east coast. donald trump meeting with leaders of the g 20 summit this hour. commander in chief continuing his european trip after a strong speech in poland, mike pence praised the president's efforts on the world stage. >> what i keep hearing from leaders around the world is how grateful they are that america is leaving again on the world stage. maria: it leads up to the highly anticipated first meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin that happens later this morning on the sidelines of the g 20. more coming up. markets a mix after triple digit selloff in the dow jones
7:00 am
industrial, the dow today is flat, waiting on the june jobs report, that will set the tone for markets. economists expecting $170,000 added to the economy, unemployment rate holding steady at 4.3%. in europe look at the indices, this is live and they are lower, the cac quarante down one third of 1%. the decks index down one 12:45%. in asia overnight stocks mostly lower with the exception of china which squeaked out a gain as you see, meanwhile this news out of washington, congressman steve scalise remains in serious condition, the latest following surgery to manage his infection three with after he was shot at congressional baseball practice. we understand the surgery went well yesterday. more coming up on steve scalise. would you shell out $1200 for a new phone? one company said the holographic screen will have customers breaking up the big bucks. get in shape with the greatest of all time. how tom brady wants to help everything from your's to your end zone. we will break it down, dagan
7:01 am
mcdowell, managing partner mike murphy and joni courtney is here. on jobs they. >> tom brady worked out. dagen: people i like stop that on twitter. you know what i'm looking at? a story about mitch mcconnell saying if we can't repeal obamacare we will fix it. fix it means keeping it in place. fixing it means pouring more taxpayer money into it. fixing it means putting us on the road to single-payer is a nation and ultimate bankruptcy. maria: if we can't get the votes i will do another one, come out with another bill. is he trying to say i will repeal and replace or are you reading it differently? dagen: i don't think a full repeal down the road, week later a month later is going to work,
7:02 am
the danger is they can't come up with a replacement bill. the ted cruz amendment idea is in play about opening up, letting insurers offer plans, if they offer a plan to abide by the rules of obamacare, a more open plan but financially i don't see how it works. >> looking at it differently, breaking pieces off and trying i guess to keep some of it and create something new for part of it but where it is right now is broken. >> democrats, republicans and private people in a room, don't let them out. >> what democrats say no, we won't participate, when will we see governing from the democrats? dagen: 7 years they had 7 years.
7:03 am
maria: 7 years the republicans have had to come up with a replacement blues top story, all eyes on germany as donald trump attends a working lunch with world leaders at the g 20 summit in hamburg, the top of the discussion global growth and trade as mike pence says america is donald trump's number one priority. >> the world understands donald trump is going to put america first in diplomatic terms and economic terms, but the world on notice these lopsided trade deals that have been negotiated by multiple past administrations are unacceptable. america is open for business but we want win-win trade relationships and you are seeing the world respond to that. maria: joining me to talk about that is eurasia group president ian brammer, good to see you, thanks for joining us. you always have fantastic insights in terms of the global
7:04 am
stage. before we go specifics into the sideline meeting we are expecting, what is your reaction to what has taken place on the ground with the president of the g 20 summit? >> the big news is the global order as we have seen it for decades is unwinding. the united states have a residence is america first, plays well to a large part of the american population but outside the united states is a different matter. we already had countries that were staying can we count on america? now we see hedging, the europeans, japanese with a trade deal, much greater tensions between india and china, china creating an alternative economic structure and lots of countries orienting themselves towards that. there is no leader from the g 28 today who wants to be on the stage but everyone is looking in their backyard saying here is an opportunity for me. creating a little more conflict in some places, creating a little more regional vacuums,
7:05 am
very different from a us-led order we have traditionally seen over the course of many years. maria: people have to look behind him saying what does the new trump presidency mean for me? look at mexico, these talks we are waiting for with donald trump and vladimir putin are also coming ahead of the meeting, what economic implications make donald trump's meeting with world leaders have? what goes through what these meetings may result in? >> a number of leaders the meetings won't matter because ultimately their dependency on the united states is too great. economically you can't move your country. you are oriented toward the us no matter what. maria: don't want to make waves. >> you can make mistakes, you can screw up your trade relationship but ultimately you will be as dependent. a in japan as grave concerns
7:06 am
about china and north korea, and the united states, defending him. as a consequence, a -- the indian see, china's rise, military clear and economically surrounding them in their backyard is a problem for india in a way they never wanted to play geopolitics, we need japan and the united states. mostly talking about the europeans hosting the g 20, particularly talking about angela merkel who believes, and democracy, used by trump and his big speech. that is the most awkward meeting and there's vladimir putin donald trump, a meeting that will go well because trump doesn't care if the media
7:07 am
opposes him or investigation going on but at the same time i in mike's professional career have never seen a situation where two major countries have interests so diametrically apart yet their leaders so wants to work closely together. everyone is going to look at every single body language. maria: vladimir putin is expected to meet the president at 9:45 this morning, the president tweet toed this. i look forward to our meeting today with world leaders including my meeting with vladimir putin, much to discuss. the white house is not confirmed what the two will talk about. should investors be cautious leading up to this meeting. what do you want to hear from this conversation, what is most important for the president to bring up? >> not a particular trade relationship in the us and russia. maria: it has been taking all the oxygen out of the room or because vladimir putin continues to break international law by
7:08 am
invading ukraine. >> for the first time trump in a speech in poland, called on the russians, and in russia, the way this changed path on issues like the importance of nato in the past and currency manipulation, interesting to see is he going to be consistent in that line? we know he will not talk about hacks. will undermine the legitimacy of his own election. maria: russia meddling in the election. >> we know that is not going to happen but if he brings up why are you supporting assad, we need to find a way to work together in this. your in ukraine and can't be, even if there is nothing behind
7:09 am
it. that brings much more into the mainstream what the entire international community aside from russia and china. a lot of wavering embers of the republican party are concerned about, something the foreign policy establishment had daggers out for trump all the way through. one big mistake already, looks like it will be small. it would be better for trump, would have helped inoculate -- not the press but at least bring a few members of the administration that are seen to be more respectable in russia. fiona hill, hr mcmaster, people who seem to be no friends of russia but solid part of the trump administration, they could have done a brief for the press afterwards, give them a read on the meeting and make them feel there is no secret thing going on between trump and vladimir
7:10 am
putin. rex tillerson is arrested talking to the press and trump and translator, that is all there is. you are going to have much more speculation that comes from people that want no good for the american president. maria: when i was talking to a russian official in new york, i said to him what is the big issue with vladimir putin? we don't want any additional sanctions. bringing up crimea, syria, does this give the president leverage that if you don't do this more sanctions may come? does he have some leverage given people are talking about more sanctions? >> it is useful for him to say that. useful for trump to say i would love to help you. you know what my situation is like at home so you have to give me something because otherwise the boom is coming down, how credible trump will be on that i don't know. let's see. let's also be clear, the kremlin said in the last 48 hours, they are running out of patience.
7:11 am
and that would be a bad move at this point because given the us, the russians escalated in terms of saying any american aircraft threatening to the syrian regime to be hostile. a deal was coming on that where both sides say they can get but if you are trump, it is a mistake to be seen, not much. his entire presidency, he is tweeting about podesta. prime minister abe doesn't know who that is at this point. that is strange. he needs to back away from
7:12 am
everything being about the american media and his environment, he needs to do g 20 because if he doesn't, even though americans may not care, all of these other leaders are going to be moving against him. >> there is no question about it. the policy basis is defined by north korea. we talk about russia, look at the aggressiveness out of north korea which of the us be doing about this. >> of all the crises that exist in the world stage. other presidents have said we could get down the road. it is getting worse and worse. actually red line. you are not going to develop missile capability to hit nukes
7:13 am
in the united states. the reaction from kim jong un july 4th is icbm, thank you very much, the chinese are not going to get the north koreans to the place the americans want. maria: is that the only lever, the chinese? >> the only lever short of military strikes. maria: what else can we do? >> very little. that is why presidents having dealt with it. give trump credit for addressing the fact this is a serious issue that does undermine american security directly. it is not just in about nukes but cybercapabilities engaging bigger and bolder hacks against the world and making a lot of money doing it. what this means is the us china relationship, the magic of mara lago, the best meeting trump has had, it is the reason why we are
7:14 am
going from i like this guy and work with him, linkage in another direction. if china helps with north korea, trump was prepared to work with the chinese more closely on trade issues meaning if north korea is a bigger problem as they are, and the entire economy smaller than that. the largest economy in the world, if that happens, we start whacking the chinese that affects the cost of goods, the value of stocks in the portfolio. for all the excitement of the vladimir putin trump meeting, what your viewers should be caring about is what is happening with china. maria: in terms of trade and
7:15 am
sanctions recently put on chinese companies that the us has done. we talked about why that is a big deal, do you expect any more big moves from the us to prod china to do something? china trade with north korea is up 40% so in all the talk about what china is going to do to reign in north korea they have increased their trade. >> almost 90% of their exports are china. no one else can do anything here. it is all about beijing but the chinese perspective is we don't have a lot of control. we don't have a lot of insight. if we pushed them hard it might not work, they might escalate. if that happens it hurts us. there are reasons the chinese have chosen not to take these steps well before trump's pressure but if you look at the trump administration with the exception of gary cohen, national economic council, just
7:16 am
about everyone thinks the us should be pressuring china more. i'm hearing that from american ceos too, they don't have much access as they used to, chinese companies stronger. maria: there are certain industries that are deemed off-limits to foreigners. you can start a business and on the business in china if you are an american company, you will only get a joint venture. they know the potential power. >> look at the most exciting companies in america tech sector, facebook and amazon and google, they don't have a business model for china. that is a problem for our economy. if you talk to someone like steve bannon his perspective is confrontation is coming sooner or later. we are more powerful than they are now. that is the case, the fight should be we have the advantage, not when china is in a better position to do something so they
7:17 am
are pushing hard to say let's it these guys with tariffs, raise the military and in the region, show them that they can't continue to walk on allies in the south china sea, that is a dangerous thing for us to do, it could go badly but there is a logic to it and it is a mistake to simply say escalation against china is always a bad thing, if you want to take that strategy you really want your allies in asia to be as well disposed toward you as possible. the fact that trump ripped up the transpacific partnership for example, the fact that trump has not been seen as suitably consistent from many allies in southeast asia makes it harder for trump to act effectively push the chinese, not impossible that an uphill task. maria: let me ask about global markets because there seem to be a lot of hotspots.
7:18 am
what kind of reaction should we expect? we have north korea here, rush of air, all these hotspots in the us, global markets have not reacted much to all these hotspots. do you expect global markets to pay attention to the news out of the g 20 summit. >> i think the north korea issue is a direct one for south korea and you start to see some depression as a consequence of that. in calcutta the markets have taken a big dive because of saudi arabia led blockade against them. these are very narrow issues. the united states equity markets do exceptionally well and there are two reasons, the first is we are more insulated from these geopolitical issues and countries on the front lines, canada, mexico, big bodies of water, increasingly self-sufficient for energy, food, technology so in a world that is very unstable the us continues to look more like a
7:19 am
flight to safety. beyond that a lot of the issues you are asking about are not like brexit negotiation where we know it will work or not so markets can react to that. and election where you know the date. is north korea going to blow? there is a greater chance we will see direct confrontation in the next year in north korea but if you are an investor saying okay, timing and the markets is everything. if you are talking greater volatility with uncertain timing markets just aren't going to react. maria: unless something is really significant. let me ask about the state of the economy blues the president has stressed focus on jobs creating american jobs as investors await the june jobs report. we we expect the jobs report to
7:20 am
show 179,000 jobs with the unemployment rate holding steady at 1.3%. what are you predicting in terms of economic growth in this country? in light of all this? >> the imf and world bank report outlooks for global growth and developed markets specifically have been continued improvement. i would not say a rosy outlook but it will cautiously more optimistic outlook but that outlook has come with continued growing any quality. there has been a lot of jobless recovery, jobs being produced in the united states but not nearly enough to account for all the additional people coming into the workforce and there is a reason why so many people voted against the establishment and so many people decided not to vote in an important election in november because they feel like this economy and this stock market isn't working for them and very little has come out of congressional legislation in the last we 6 months or the past
7:21 am
five years that lead them to credibly believe it will be better for them. maria: a significant movement on growth and jobs. >> this economy is fantastic for me. if you're living in new york city god bless. i grew up in the projects and i can tell you the vast majority of people wouldn't agree with that. that is forgotten by a lot of people that have more in common with people in singapore than with people living 5 miles away from them and that is why these job numbers, trump said the job numbers were fake when he was running against hillary clinton. now they look a little better for him so he says they are great numbers but the reality on the ground has nothing to do with with these presidents are saying. are we going to see a very different type of building infrastructure, different type of funding and training not just for education as kids but all the way through your life. these technology jobs that call miners out of work will find them, not going to work for them. that is where the book hillbilly elegy grew up in appalachia and
7:22 am
left everyone behind, the system doesn't work for any of these people. there will be more books like that and more frustration. maria: do you think he will be successful in his economic package domestically? he is trying to do healthcare reform, tax reform, that, a lot of people feel, will move the needle on economic growth. >> tax reform will make a difference. that is the single thing i hold the biggest hope out that would move the needle. maria: optimism, do you think it will get done? >> on balance i think something will happen but on infrastructure, infrastructure, lloyd blank fine trolled the president, where is the infrastructure? what this congress, it is very hard to do and we need to do serious spending, privatization by itself. on air traffic, lord knows it needs the investment but there are too many parts of american infrastructure falling apart, i
7:23 am
don't see any american president making a difference on this. maria: great to get your insights. we want to tell you about steve scalise in serious condition, remaining in serious condition following another surgery. cheryl casone he was that story. cheryl: we are following the news out of washington, the latest update, in washington after scalise had surgery to manage an infection yesterday, doctors saying scalise, quote, tolerated the procedure well. we are watching those headlines, all happening in the g 20 and talking about this. louisiana congress and in two capital police officers were hurt when the gunmen opened fire at the gop baseball practice in virginia. that gunmen killed by capital police but sources are telling fox news doctors did anticipate scalise would suffer the infection related to the shooting. we will keep you posted on that.
7:24 am
of 52-year-old man is in police custody after trying to get into trump tower wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying two knives. he is told security was a senator and wanted to see ivanka trump. the displays on smartphones reach new heights, camera maker read introduces a high end smart phone with holographic images, and according to the press release seamlessly switches between traditional 2 the content, 3-d content and interactive games. those are the headlines. >> breaking news, german chancellor angela merkel speaking at the g 20. >> shows the logo from the maritime world, the more you pool on it, the faster it will
7:25 am
hold. it is an interconnected -- a large part of the world, millions of people, what we have to say, bring their anxieties, their fears, they hope we will be able to contribute to allaying their fears to solving their problems. the spirit in which they cooperate here. in order to give a good contribution, before we come together, they have done a lot of work, and that is part and parcel of that.
7:26 am
many young people -- [speaking german] >> translator: good working basics. i would like also to welcome -- work together with norway, singapore, we work together with the 8 you. all of you you our guests, very welcome guests and thank you for the contributions. we are all familiar with the great global challenges. we all know that time is of the essence, in present solutions can be found if we are ready to strike a compromise, if we
7:27 am
accommodate each other's views, or with out expanding much. or giving up principles. we can very clearly also say we are representing two thirds of the global population, four fifth of global gdp and three quarters of global trade. everyone who is not at the table today, trying to put together a good agenda. global trade, and also on climate change, energy policy and africa because we as europeans if i may be allowed to speak from the european vantage point consider that our neighboring continent.
7:28 am
house will play a central bill. all of these issues, the central role of women, far too often do not enjoy equal rights. and so many work for young people. and seniors work and later on we start with global growth and global trade, the core competence of the g 20 group of nations. >> listening to angela merkel at the g 20, we will take you back to hamburgers dues - news develops, we are waiting on highly anticipated meetings where we have vladimir putin and 9:405 am this morning, mike murphy, this is what everyone is
7:29 am
focused on. interesting to hear ian brehmer say he won't bring up the middle of the election, why would he? he doesn't care. >> that will be -- i would love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. it will be incredible what comes out of it. donald trump has the ability, one on one meeting with vladimir putin to bring some cohesiveness, get something good for the united states of america, russia is a small country in comparison to our country. i think he will put vladimir putin in its place. maria: the entire economy of russia is the size of new york city. dagen: especially vulnerable, i talked about this year after year after year. if you want to put america in a better position on the world
7:30 am
stage. increase energy independence, ultimately you make us and exporter of energy, oil and natural gas because that gives us control over nations that hate us. look no further than vladimir putin and russia. and the fracking in this country, and the glut of oil around the globe, prices or contains, that put a great deal of financial pressure on russia. maria: it is not just an economic issue but national security issue. dagen: it gives us power, no longer beholden to the nations of opec or russia. we are in charge of our own energy infrastructure, in charge of our own energy supply, puts us in a great position of power. >> this is going to be a monumental day. everyone is going to be waiting
7:31 am
to see what he says when he comes out. maria: fox news contributor, good to see you. what is your view on all this. >> it will be like two poker players in a room. you will see both of these figures in a position of strength, optics showing both of them, and the topics of syria, the ukraine, north korea can come up as well, russia and china are wanting the united states and south korea did not move forward on military maneuvers, in exchange for having north korea stop its
7:32 am
nuclear development. and if he brings of the russian middling issue of donald trump does, stick more to these contentious international issues including syria and the ukraine, this is the first real face-to-face meeting. with donald trump this will be about how they are going to get along, we have seen this play with presidents in the past. maria: apparently democrats response to that hacking, the election meddling as part of the discussion ahead of the the 20 meeting, everyone is talking about why john podesta refused to give the dnc server to the fbi and the cia, he says disgraceful. john podesta is the former chairman of hillary clinton's presidential campaign and joined me in an exclusive interview and
7:33 am
it got quite fiery. >> when you got hacked why wasn't the dnc server passed over? why wasn't it given to law enforcement and intelligence agencies, did you not want government agencies to investigate this? >> they hillary clinton servers at the agency with respect to dnc i wasn't involved in that. if anything it looks like the fbi was fairly casual, a kind word about the fact that how much they were investigating, lackadaisical in their approach to the dnc. you have to look at the whole picture and it seems like the fbi, and to inform the dnc about what was going on. maria: i don't follow that. the fbi is to blame for this. they were supposed to get this
7:34 am
server to the fbi. instead they hired a private money to go through their server. what do you think of that? >> i think the democrats have played this game about the president being critical of our intelligence agencies, and you are seeing clearly, john podesta is critical of the fbi. donald trump is tough on our intelligence agency, with john podesta using that argument. and the fbi. there is a bigger story here too, a lot of missteps when it came to this russian middling. president obama met at the g 20 summit with vladimir putin, very
7:35 am
critical of vladimir putin in terms of saying stop meddling in our elections, they were very much comfortable with this idea, didn't become a big story until donald trump won the election. >> the cochairwoman of the women's march. calling for jihad against donald trump and his administration. addressing islamic society. when we stand up to those who oppress -- that is a form of jihad. not only abroad in the middle east. where fascist and white supremacist and islamphobos
7:36 am
reining in the white house. >> he also said muslim americans number one priority should be not to assimilate, not to fight back, but assimilate -- >> even if -- basically came to a defense. not trying to incite violence, but compare herself to martin luther king, martin luther king who loved america, martin luther king who fought for civil rights in america, those who are more extreme. go after and incite violence and attack donald trump and the administration, which he uses, fascist, the white supremacist in the white house is so
7:37 am
troubling. it is so anti-american quite frankly, one of the things donald trump talked about is the idea of western values, we want to have the sense of diversity of religion, that makes us american. it is a privilege to live in america. people who are not part of the american experience and assimilate. people want to come to america to be part of this american experience. it is disappointing for me. dagen: we were watching the handshake happen. >> the german cabinet facebook page posted is highly anticipated handshake between the president and russian president vladimir putin.
7:38 am
here is the handshake. this is what we are buzzing about. dagen: based on the reporting out there, there is teresa may, when donald trump gives vladimir putin a pat on the back, seem to be warm, based on people who were there, and the private meeting they were having, this is what they were doing. >> a hand on his arm. i bet they will. >> reading body language but looking at that, trump seemed more confident. vladimir putin is only about
7:39 am
5-6, standing next to angela merkel, angela merkel is almost his height. donald trump has quite a bit of height on him. it was like the long arm back pass. >> it says a lot. dagen: we don't know how firm the handshake was. >> the task gives him the upper hand. dagen: the other handshake, the other handshake has the internet buzzing, twitter lit up with posts saying the polish first lady snubbed donald trump when he tried to shake her hand yesterday in warsaw. cnn responded to the video tweeting oh my god, oh my god, oh my god but if you actually watch the unedited version of the moment you will see the polish first lady shakes hands with donald trump right after shaking hands with the first lady, she went to the first lady first. is this more fake news?
7:40 am
>> it is childish news at this point seriously. i did get to see the video. if i were to have mrs. trump standing in front of me i would shake her hand first because she has the thinkable presence when you meet her. i would not be surprised if the polish first lady decided to shake hands with melania. it drives me crazy, the mainstream media waste so much time, it is not a story. and so many important issues like the fact that we have crazy toddler in north korea who just launched a missile close to japan, that is what we need to be focused on, not on whether there was a handshake or not. i find it to be irresponsible coming from this. maria: when she decides to go to
7:41 am
the first lady. dagen: the first lady -- the only that made it awkward was donald trump -- the first lady of poland. starting to put his hand out and she made a beeline for melania. who wouldn't do that? maria: it is the big story in the mainstream media. >> he can do no right. maria: he will get criticized for the vladimir putin meeting. >> the president does not bring out the russian middling they are very obsessed with that, the key is they need to start developing a relationship is the first time these two individuals are going to meet and it is important, they set the right tone. it is a very important relationship with the united states and the stability of the world.
7:42 am
if russia and the united states do not find common ground it really creates a very bad situation as we move forward. maria: the handshake has occurred. dagen: president bush that he could see into vladimir putin's all and that does no good. good to see you. maria: thank you so much, coming up, illinois finally get the budget after two year stalemate but the bill is just the start to stopping the state's financial crisis. hamburger helper could use help on its own. some iconic brand are struggling to attract grocery shoppers today. big changes happening at the grocery store. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ the way you threw me on ♪ but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do?
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7:45 am
maria: well back illinois with first complete budget in
7:46 am
two years but does come with o retroactive cheryl casone all over it now the headlines. cheryl: only in state of illinois, right maria? the state legislature, had to override governor's veto to get the budget through the governor criticized it for he had aing 5 billion in taxes, illinois still at risk of becoming a first ever u.s. state with a junk credit i like to rating, political drama not over legislators still have to figure out how to pay 15 billion in unpaid bills. well -- analysts say some americans food companies including general mills slow to address threats of fresher products and inexpensive store brands hamburger helper other varieties that are owned by general mills declined to 40% of sales last year from 61% back in 2007, so nobody is loving the ham bugger heller general mills does say they will generate profits feeds millions americans so shares
7:47 am
down 25% should point out from one year ago. well, joining the circus, cirque du soleil anyway the canadian entertainment company big the productions, terms not o disclosed the chief executive says tens of millions. >> five permanent shows but cirque du soleil plans to expand parens to include a world tour permanent international show in berlin china is also going to be a focus of the expansion actually for both companies. all right. well five times super bowl champion tom brady is he had aing the title of author to his résume the quarterback releasing first book in september called the tv 12 method how to achieve lifetime of sustained peek performance dailying unusual training regimen reveals brady's
7:48 am
methods for success. i am going to rush out and buy that one? because i am a cowboys' fan. >> get my hands on that book, thank you, cheryl. cheryl: you bet. maria: coming up anything but same old song an dance for hollywood the singer made waves with make america great again dress at grammys talk about new attempts to unite the country she is out with a new single back in a minute. smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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7:51 am
[suspensful music] ♪ you can come back -- we can still be -- >> that was cla up from brand-new song make america great again, from joy, you will remember joy from grammys
7:52 am
red carpet stole show with gown a head to toe tribute to president donald j. trump joins me live in the studio great to see you. >> great to see you -- >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> a lot of people are talking about the courage that it took for you to wear that dress at grammys, and then to continue to trying to unite opportune tell us about your song cooling love song for the country. >> absolutely platform is love for the country love for america, and what i wanted to do with that dress what i am continuing with the song is just to provide something that is unifying i say we can come back twice as strong, i absolutely believe in america right now, is in this sort of in rest period but people are saying no, i am not going to listen to violence i am going to come back i want to say love tolerance say i am actually proud to be america i want that voice to other people why i wrote. >> so wonderful what you are doing you released the song on 4th of july already number
7:53 am
four on amazon's best-seller list. >> that is right. >> how much of your recent success do you attribute no, not hiding from political pleefz be right out there you the it on the table here is how i feel. >> absolutely, i am in a period of my life like i don't care what other people think you have to be like that as artist if i were to hide political believes enterprise in the climate i would be denying part of myself there is all this hate against the president i into are the president i support the family what they're doing i have been to white house i saw them working and saw felt energy in that place they are really working for american people. >> is it will hard for you being in hollywood in your business, when so many of your colleagues other artists trash the president. >> it is difficult a challenge for sure, because i don't feel supported amongst my pierce i get so many alerts teens
7:54 am
1-year-old conservatives say because of your dress i now stand up for my conservative beliefs i was bullied at school combating that saying i love the president that is it my message. >> with all backlash from you know the george clooney's of the world the truth is america voted for donald trump, they wanted xiek policies to get executed, so you know, why not just look at what america is voting for, rather than -- ignoring and thinking elites have the answers to everything. >> absolutely. >> that is not true. >> i feel if people actually want to make money in this country with product or get jobs, they need to also see that there is 50% at least of americans who support the president, and i have unfriended not unfriended but unfollowed certain companies that use promising hey we don't spr president or down with trump i write them letters i apply your product i support the president, why are you alienating me so celebrities and people are
7:55 am
doing that have a responsibility, to all fans, not just to fans who think like them. >> to quote michael jordan, asked about politics he said republicans buy sneakers too i am not getting involved in that, all of this anti-trump backlash your song "i make the static" jumped number one after grammys red carpet so thrilled for you, have you found the support, is outweighing negativity because fans are the ones that you are listening to -- >> absolutely, exactly that is now i have just tens of thousands of more fans, and a lot of them happen to be trump supporters some say listen up not necessarily a trump supporter but willing to give him a chance middle totally unrepresents me being a conservative artist beautiful to see that my whole album jumped to number one itunes amazon billboard neb 3 on amazon oh, my god. >> people want that other side to represent their beliefs. maria: they love to see you talking about making america
7:56 am
great again, talking about the love you have for your country. you went to white house you said. maria: . >> yes. maria: also met with first lawsuit ivanka trump one of the president's top advisors kellyanne conway, what did you talk about when you went tell us about your meetings. >> well the meeting was so it was super -- amazing, because when i was talking about kellyanne coming out of suv started talking to me i said the president is doing great things you are actually paying attention she is super intelligent mind that is really sharp we talked about how the media is not portraying good things that he is doing and how he is actual doing a lot of stuff that is just not talked about. and he is putting you know veterans back where they should be respect for the country respect for veterans affairs, and respecting people that are underrepresented, he is moving infrastructure all these things that i am following, and so she thought that was smart of me to be paying attention. >> i agree, because these are really market moving sort of economic moving policies he is talking about, quick where do
7:57 am
you go from here what are your aspirations your music doing incredibly well incredibly talented where do you isn't a yourself next. >> i want to keep going or aboutinging on whole album first single the full album will be coming out i am working hard on doing more music more public appearances talking at conferences as conservative leader speaking to children, and other people just be strong bold don't care what people think. >> i hope you come back as part of that tour once again great to see you thanks so much, go out get that album, that new single, of joy's, back in a minute stay with us genuine jobs' report right after this break.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
daughter. . maria: welcome back good friday morning everybody thinks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday july 7 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, we are 30 minutes away from june jobs' report economists expecting numbers 179,000 new jobs added to economy last month unemployment rate holding steady 4.3%, world is watching germany this morning, president trump, is meeting with leaders of the g20, at this hour. it leads up to highly anticipated meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin handshake happened going viral on intent more from g20 coming up, markets look like this, futures indicating a mixed opening for the broader averages waiting on jobs number an will set the tone right now looks like dow
8:01 am
industrials opened down 10 points nasdaq composite opens up 4 1/2, in europe, the indices like this largely to the downside, exception of ft 100 up a fraction cac quarante down a half percent dax index down a third of a percent, checking asian markets stocks lower as you see worst perform hong kong hang seng down one and a half 1% battle for health care reform raging on capitol hill very latest as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says will produce a fresh bill opening to other options. >> delta flight to beijing forced to turn around go back to seattle, after a passenger attacked a crewmen, the tense moments less than hour into that trip coming up, qualcomm squaring off, chipmaker asking authorities to block imports. >> france charging up for future details on plans to end the sale of gas, and diesel cars, coming up this morning joining me to talk all about it fox business networks dagen
8:02 am
mcdowell rosecliff capital ceo manage i go pattern mike if you are fee joanie court inner higher. >> big jobs at a. >> a -- may disappointment hopefully this will be better i wouldn't we will see. >> good morning big day. maria: see if it moves markets a lot of people expect second quarter to show economic growth 3%, just seasonal factors we could see 3% number second quarter. >> if we don't see second adequate i think we will see it in third. >> you are expecting as soon as numbers show president trump joining fellow world leaders in hackburg germany g20 under way trade terrorism to dominate factualness all focus is on that first face-to-face meeting between president trump and his russian counterpart vladimir putin this morning, fox news network blake burman in hamburg ahead of the high profile meeting very latest for us blake good morning to you. reporter: maria, good morning to you as well we already know at least one intersection president trump and vladimir putin have had take a look at this a few seconds of video
8:03 am
that was shot posted by germany government earlier this morning shows, president trump vladimir putin shaking hands making small talk at one of the events here, the discussions will most certainly intensify about two hours from now, that is when both leaders will sit down for a bilateral meeting to last 30 minutes or so secretary of state rex tillerson will be joining the president, in that meeting, makes a lot of sense, as tillerson and putin have a preexisting relationship know each other from as the as former ceo of exxonmobil in lead-up president sent out tweets cull minute aides with two from feed quote look forward to all meetings today with world leaders, including my meeting with vladimir putin much to discuss. goes on the write i will represent our country well and fight for interests, fake news media will never cover me
8:04 am
being a accurately who car is we will make america greet again. >> yesterday president received criticism for how he answered a question about usual russia meddling in 2016 he go selections saying russia was he probably involved but other countries our people might have been involved as well ended saying quote no one really knows, however, he took a much tougher stance later in the day when he said that russia needs to join the as he put it community of responsible nations. >> we urge russia to crease its destabilizing activities in ukraine and elsewhere, and its support for hostile regimes including syria, and iran. reporter: maria you probably heard all of that police activity surrounding us here this place is crawling with police officers for good reason, protests are once again taking to streets today, in fact melania trump first lady has not been allowed at least as of this morning, out
8:05 am
of her issueresidence to go to event police saying best for her to stay inside she has missed that event. >> protesters really creating disruption blake burman want to bring in bgc partner sr., strategist steve cortes with kevin kelly good to see you thanks for joining the k conversation about kevin your reaction to what is taking place in hamburg how it relates to the economic story. >> i think there is a lot of -- dynamics coming into play here right now we've got the world doing better economically actual leading in economic sectors than u.s. right now i think that is actually pretty telling, because their starting to do some fiscal policies and we're not we're talking about it not being about it you are starting to see that weigh in on a o lot of leading economic indicators, including the durable goods reports we have seen come out recently so i think that is some of the issues, so donald trump actually does need to focus on
8:06 am
trade because that is a big partly of his policies especially when it comes to jobs in the auto sector a big deal that we have. maria: i wonder what the impact to the bond market is going to be we have seen a pretty good bond sell-off recently dagen rates rising will this number today impact what is going on the bond market is telling us something. dagen: bond market is concerned about central banks around the world starting to remove its crisis accommodations for lack of a better phrase, the federal reserve has made it very clear telegraphing to "the wall street journal" just yesterday, on the front-page story that they are setting in motion the plan to wined done the balance sheet, at least, 4 1/2 trillion-dollar balance sheet markets rattled, about those comments from mario draghi head of ecb the point is we are not in a crisis anymore, and this level of stimulus is 60 -- north of 60 billion dollars monthly bond-buying just in europe still this is not a crisis
8:07 am
this has got to happen at some point academies and the fiscal policies in these nations need to pick up the slack. >> i think it is going to happen it is happening i think they just want to telegraph it because it is still something that comes from -- major financial cries in 2008, so the fact that we're raising rates in this country and remember talk once fed raises rates watch what happens to markets the rates, markets held it right at or near all-time highs i think, the same will happen when they start to unwind balance sheets, as dagen points out the we have to unwind that balance sheet we can't keep that balance sheet there, for ever, so i think it is a positive, that the fed can reduce it. >> cortes jump in looking at markets president is abroad, while genuine jobs numbers 20 minutes away. >> right maria i am so glad you mentioned the bond market i know you often do i think a lot of retail investors don't pay enough attention to bonds, but it is really good news, that interest rates have been rising that is not always the case rising interest rates are not always good news for
8:08 am
investors but i think in this environment it is very, very good news, a month ago when we covered this report together i he thinks in i was so concerned, that the bonded bobbed wasn't believing in growth 10 unifier yield looked like might break 2.0% the last 5 weeks dramatic rise in interest rates bond market believing we can grow that central banks can normal publicize at more gre pace i think great news for main street also great news for the stock market, is to i am anticipating the strong report today, we've got terrific manufacturing data out on monday, was kind of a quasi hollywood for a lot of folks didn't get a lot of attention but ism manufacturing number genuine manufacturing hit 3-year high today in europe to kevin's point got wonderful industrial numbers out of europe so i think globally, there is an uptick here, there is an optimism a lot of which would i ascribe, to trump, with zoufr i am a trump partisan i think a lot has to do with optimism trump engendered.
8:09 am
>> the big problem i see that we have seen over the past few years, is that it is distorting the free markets you have some coming in suppress interest rates that actually doesn't help the free market, have capital growth to highest best use that is a problem small business -- jive favored, by the way -- >> have gotten hurt as small business big businesses benefited that is is what a stock market has run up biggest issue we need to stop this whole bond-buying sayings here and abroad. >> i think this report is a really big report going to be important to look at did we have revision are we seeing minimum wage, are we seeing labor participation the fed looks at all those indicators, and we've had you know, quite a few months now, of not really robust growth, and today's report is going to be important to see are we really moving in the right direction. maria: does this report change the fed second half schedule? >>. dagen: no. >> in terms of raising rates. >> no. >> no way. dagen: leave it there.
8:10 am
>> great to see you thank for joining the conversation coming up in the end of the road for gas and diesel vehicles in france how country plans to phase out conventional engines over next two decades we are 20 minutes away from june jobs' report what you need to know about this report identifying specifically where are this jobs now back in a minute. ♪ ♪
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i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪ . maria: delta flight from seattle to by janing forthwithed to turn around go to seattle after a passenger attacked a crewmen. cheryl: a lot more a 23-year-old man sitting in first class not only attacked a flight attendant about 45 minutes into the flight, but also tried to open the emergency door the emergency exit door passengers did help to restrain him until plane landed back at sea-tac airport police arrested him name not released but about officials say they talked with fbi incident not thought a
8:14 am
national security threat or terrorism. that flight did leave for beijing later, scary moments for passengers. berkshire hathaway super charging energy portfolio warren buffett's company agreed to buy encore one of the country's biggest power transmission companies nine billion dollars in cash for part of energy future holdings one of berkshire's biggest ever if this is approved and goes through, according to the "the wall street journal", would expand holds of abel 55-year-old ceo berkshire hathaway energy a leading candidate to succeed buffett as berkshire ceo shares up nearly 5% so far this year, certainly a is to being to watch today. well qualcomm stepping up fight against apple, the chipmaker is asking the international trade commission to stop imports of apple iphones and other tab plethoras that don't use qualcomm chips.
8:15 am
qualcomm is claiming apple is infringing on several patents wireless technology in devices, the spokesman for apple ways speaking payments on hee i had did not headache. >> -- brand says the plan to encourage clean energy and fulfill the commitment under the paris accord this comes after swede volvo said it will abandon cars powered fully by tradition engine. >> in my opinion, these awith ai from jooin jobs' report likely could move markets we've got a flat market right now see what happens after the numbers come out 15 minutes away, stay right here we've got the experts on it what you need to know with the release next stay with us. your insurance company
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beijing genuine jobs report due out looking for 11 9,000 jobs unemployment rate 4.3% joining us alan garino welcome to the program let's talk about where the employment situation is right now how would you characterize it. >> i think the employment situation is steady, solid,
8:20 am
not robust but -- but we will have growth. >> you are placing people in jobs, a feel for this market where are jobs right now in your view. >> there is a strong demand we have talked about health care in the past, definitely continues. but we are seeing a pickup both in manufacturing, there is demand in construction, financial and accounting jobs have been coming back, technology jobs, as well. then really the energy sector maria has done so well, over this past i would say nine months we have really seen jobs come back in oil and gas engineering, in the energy sector. maria: a business related to just energy. >> yes, we do we're placing people engineers working even out on the rigs in texas north dakota, demand is so strong right now, that business for us is up 50%, on a
8:21 am
year-over-year basis which is significant, moving in that area. >> to me energy construction manufacturing is really the key, because that is what is going to help have trickle down effect throughout the entire economy but is there enough to offset retail when i assume is going to have more lay-offs because people getting laid off left and right there. >> interesting what is happening in retail because jobs retail sector where working in the store or you know we're seeing, retailers pull off the real estate there are retail jobs no more of that e-commerce and online, jo liftics has been doing very well because of the e-commerce sector, so there has been a shift we're not seeing the retail you know, clerks and management jobs there. but there are other jobs in different sectors that continues to be very strong. >> would i like to get alan's take every time i am reading on newspaper there is a lack of skilled labor that we're having right that is the
8:22 am
biggest problem as we talk about construction jobs alan what are you seeing when it comes to skilled labor is there enough people out there are jobs hard to full the jobs' report contrary to jobs numbers. >> construction jobs example we have real wage inflation in construction industry a frenzy tremendous demand for hiring in that regard so i think that is probably a shining moment. that said according to adp construction hiring numbers were down but, again, numbers are monday month-to-month. dagen: one quick thing you mentioned earlier the labor participation rate, it jumped in january, it was 63%. yes 63%. and but fallen a little bit as we moved into the year we a want optimism in that number. >> you are right dagen that is like a 40 over40-year low we just don't have enough people
8:23 am
participating in have the workforce, we need to get people back in the workforce. it is really important, to have people feel there's jobs out there, and get them out to work. maria: joanie courtney, mike murphy no where else you want to be when that jobs number come out right after the break back in a minute. . >> hi welcome back to tennis channel court report for fox business i am jonathan novak day four wimbledon one top seed go out american suffering what could be a career threatening injury. world number three is packing her bags the star went down in three settings on tennis court, wins enough to seal
8:24 am
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maria: well back i am maria bartiromo it is friday july 7 almost 8:30 a.m., in the -- wroot breaking news genuine jobs' report due out two minutes economists looking for 179,000 jobs added unemployment write a holding steady 4.3% checking markets before this hits the taib take a look, dow industrials s&p, nasdaq fractionally higher steve cortes what is most important from this report. >> to see manufacturing i mentioned we saw serious uptick in manufacturing in
8:28 am
june does that translate into manufacturing jobs, i suspect it will, i believe we are going get a 00 i really want a two handle on this report, by the way, i believe we get tax cuts when we get tax cuts start seeing 3 and 4 handles near future. dagen: labor participation rate in prior month was 62.7% want to see that moving up and then wage growth 2 1/2% wage growth has been in decline, this year, that is year-over-year, we want to see that get back closer to 3%. maria: mike. >> i am with dagen wage growth we seed wages increasing as unemployment keeps dropping, it is one has to break we either have to go higher unemployment if it keeps dropping we have to get wage growth leads to some inflation backing up fed story here about rates -- >> some expecting -- ken. >> what i am looking at is businesses, 49 or fewer employees what percentage are they he had aing in this jobs
8:29 am
number that is going to be very big especially start to think about how it is impacting on health care debate, we saw the cbo say that actually this new health care plan affordable care act wade on small business see what is happening. maria: we know that already, people are wondering why those 49ers as we call them companies are won't hire more than 49 people they have to pay benefits health care that is the issue. >> definitely, i think of will be trog to look at that everything that everyone mentioned the other thing going to be interesting is revisions, do we revisions to may report a disappointment 138,000 jobs created, so he hopefully we will see some of those numbers revised upward he hopefully were stronger than originally reported. maria: waiting on wages waiting on participation rate revisions 138,000 last month as i say was -- was real we can about, of course, the
8:30 am
numbers and the unemployment rate we are expecting at 4.3%. >> 16-year low. >> that would be good news, adam shapiro with the numbers. reporter: 222000 jobs in june the economy added 222000 jobs, unemployment rate slightly ticking up to 4.4%, may was revised up 14,000 jobs to 152000 april revised up 33,000 jobs to 207,000 that is a total revision up of 47,000 jobs for those two months, the u6 unemployment rate down 6 -- will.6 june 20169.9 hourly wages up 2/10 of a percent four cents over 12 months 2 1/2%, 6 cents, weekly, wages, in 2016881.33 now, 905
8:31 am
and 36 cents labor force participation rate 62.8%, in may 62.7% the private sector added 187,000 jobs, the government sector added 35,000 jobs, that was o mostly local hiring,.employment little changed a -- 5.3 million average workweek rose 1/10 of an hour 34 1/2 hours temporary health services added 13400 jobs health care added 37,000 jobs, about social assistance added 23,000 financial after i up 17,000 jobs, mining and logging up 8,000 jobs, 7,000 support activity since october 2016 low for mining mining added 56,000 jobs professional business services up 35,000 jobs construction up 16,000 manufacturing up 1,000 retail up 18 -- up 8100 that is highest since january.
8:32 am
transportation up 2400 over 3 months job gains averaging 194,000 per month for the year we are averaging 180,000 in 016, average was 187,000 jobs to repeat 222000 jobs added in june. unemployment rate 4.4%. maria: all right adam shapiro thank you very much very better better in an expected. >> away better revisions higher last two months wages we didn't get growth looking for slight miss there but i think this tells you that the economy is picking up steam, whether or not it wants to be reporting that way economy is picking up steam a positive, can into are the market up here at these levels can into are the fed, this report i thought would come more in line is is way better than i anticipated. >> steve you wanted two handle you got it. >> going to get more ahead this is great news, i don't expect much mainstream will will report that might reflect the well on president trump clearly the economy
8:33 am
accelerating the optimism out there is palpable, by the way, in terms of getting wages up i agree that is really the only thing i sigh in this report that is not terrific how do we get wages up workers more productive companies have to invest in technology, plants equipment one reason they haven't been doing that tax code really deters it paul ryan yesterday in home state wisconsin was touring a plant he made the point i think a crucial one that we in this tax reform in the tax cut package we've got to get through we have to make it immediately deductible for xhaenz when they invest in equipment, in wlarj equipment in particular, if we do that, the american worker will get massively more productive wages rise good news can become great news, very soon for the american work. maria: s i am impressed kevin kelly with fact even mining jobs, the mining jobs say increase. >> pretty interesting especially in light of what we have been talking about contradiction jobs they only added 16,000 year starting to see, when we look at real estate prices real estate prices are starting to
8:34 am
appreciate on the home value spied because a lack of strucks jobs think if we start to do a lot of infrastructure, spending we are going to need lot more construction in a lot more mining jobs so starting to go up the government did add a lot of jobs if we look at this number 222000, really you deduct out 187,000 private payrolls label participation rate going to be very hard to get that a number a lot higher because you have baby boomers retiring every day, that is what impacts the labor participation rate pretty significantly. now given we added all jobs wages came down disappointing it further rein forces we need to address productivity but also health care i mean that is certainly weighing on and that is just a fact everybody agrees on it is a nonpartisan issue the cbo has even said it, so we need to figure something out on health care side to get wages up. >> oi agree and that is a craziening everyone agrees we need to do something on health
8:35 am
care but we can't do anything about it, i don't -- you would think it is not -- rocket science maybe it is we need to get best minds to figure this out thefying it out quite a while ago because i think that is a biggest thing holding back a big pop in the economy. >> they sad seven years to put something that weing were you doing seven years other at an talking about about it voting for repeal, and same thing with same thing with request federalism paul ryan put together a plan with kevin brady very few conservatives would get onboard with because it raises taxes on imports they sat around, and acted like donald trump wasn't going to win quiet house i digress a great jobs' report it is a very good number, very strong, 47,000 additional jobs added in may, and april, as mike pointing out in revision, if you look at the sectors there is job creation, across this entire economy, health care,
8:36 am
financial services, mining maria pointed out professional business services, food services and drinking places other major industries construction, added 16,000 jobs manufacturing wholesale retail added 180 -- >> probably n would have the best reports he we've seen in years maybe we have seen stronger headlined number but each part of this report the growth and all sectors, you know wages yes, could be he stronger, weekly wages definitely up, you know, on a year-over-year basis, but even i look at temporary help i am in that industry, and we continue to see therewith is still a strong demand for temporary help, always a good indicator for the future. you know many people will say oh, bls report the unemployment report is a lagging indicator, temporary help is a leading indicator it is showing that there is a demand right now that companies need people to do
8:37 am
work, whether on project basis, maybe they have permanent options across the board you can't find anything wrong with this report. it is very good. and here we are six months, you know into the year, this really speaks to president trump's you know, what he is trying to do in making america great again -- >> one number that is great in this report that he everybody can focus on is the u6 number, 8.6% that is a great number that is where if you look at a jobs' report you are looking for a number to really hang out there, it is this one, this is this is so the number that talking about headlined number u3, u6, coming in 8.6% a great number a 126-year low, so that -- >> it is. >> how strong. >> i want your take on this as we watch market reaction, here. where the major averages have surged on heels of this number dow industrials up 50 points, nasdaq up 30 points right now,
8:38 am
alan your takeaway here? >> maria i think during the break, you know i said i wanted to see two handle i thought could see two handle, 22000 great, government contributed for sure in that growth. the -- the construction numbers you know, are in line with what i expected so that is that is really good. i think the -- the expediting thing to think about here focus on is that u6 number, that number has been as high as 9 1/2% within the last year, telling us that people are now getting employed right kind of jobs when u6 comes down says people underemployed filling two roles, just covering ability to make income, are now deployed no jobs that are appropriate for them, so that unemployment rate we're seeing is starting to reflect the a real full employment situation when youu u6 comes down that is very big. maria: yeah, that is breakout groups here major worker groups unemployment rate for adult men 4%, adult women 4%
8:39 am
troorjz, 13.3% troorj unemployment 13.3%, whites 3.8, blacks -- >> 7.1%. >> i'm sorry. >> i think he has an audio problem. >> asians 3.6% not a lot of change interesting to look at breakdown. >> you mentioned teens we foe they are getting employed in seattle i want to make sure that this government really talks to a lot of the municipalities and cities about the -- minimum wage the fight for 15, because we have seen a negative impact on a lot of the working class in regards to this numbers are strong but we need to make sure that in order for people to keep being ployed we cannot be focused on the minimum wage. >> a 30 year trend used the to be, between ages 16 and 19 i think, is 2 -- the age range more than 50% used to have
8:40 am
summer jobs, back in 80s, 30 years ago now it is about closer to 30%. >> figures don't work during summer so that is part of it. >> part of the trend for sure. >> i think kevin's point on the 15% 15 $ minimum wage that is we need to get -- to do better job communicating to public that just the fact that that is a higher number it sounds great on paper, of course, everyone wants to earn a more ultimately hurting you minimum wage worker, we need to get the point across if you are not working -- >> coming out they have to pay you more going to cut hours. >> i think the american people know that, it is why the message from democrats during election didn't resonate with people it is bernie sanders is the one backed 15 dollar minimum wage hillary rodham clinton wasn't year that a number if that is your economic message, people hear that say i don't want to work i don't want to work for minimum wage. i want prosperity start my own
8:41 am
business -- i want better than that, and that is what where the disconnect was between that political party and how real americans feel. >> you know the other disconnect with that is just raising minimum wage to $15 an hour is not helping us with our workforce, we need to invest in training, and education, and give them the skills. otherwise we are not going to be able to have those jobs like, we need people that have the education and training to do the jobs of the future raising minimum wage is not going to help us they are going to think they are entitled to getting more money, and not getting the education and training that is going to be required to do those jobs, so there is a big disconnect there but it is very important that we focus on that area of improving training and education, and having skills for the future. >> i mean this is something the administration is trying to figure out too how do we basically get people emskills remember the president was actually in wisconsin talking
8:42 am
about not everybody needs to go to college when you go to college you are burdened by a lot of debt, so do you remember that we do need a lot more skilled labor we need this government to foster that especially in the communities and incentive private sector to give apprenticeships we have seen it work very well in europe so you know this administration, is looking at it that is a good sign. >> does it bother you alan that government jobs of 35,000 seems one of the higher easier term of job creation i know that is very good report across the board strength here but government did a fair amount of hiring here. >> maria i think they are making up for lost time i think if you look at last six months, the government has had a lot of vacancies this might be an aggressive move to gill some vacancies, that might have been a backlog. >> markets good reaction here steve cortes, would you put
8:43 am
new money to work in stocks right hereafter seeing this nice? >> you know i would, maria i still think that the future is very bright for the economy as a whole. maria: so you would? >> you would. >> yes, i would i would putney month in i will tell you one sector that is really refreshing i think to me is that mining did as well as it did i am in pennsylvania right now traveling and i talked to a lot of people here in western pennsylvania in the mining business, and all of them to a person what they tell me is it is so invigorating to know there is going to be sensible regulation regulatory relieve because previous administration epa had a stronghold thwarted. >> you can make the argument job in mining as a result of president trump getting elected the recent low in unemployment in mining was last october, and since that month mining added 56,000 jobs. so i think that that -- >> those are good-paying jobs.
8:44 am
>> was the a trump report -- the trump administration. >> have the questions. >> i think so can he own it. >> i think another part is financial services, jobs 17,000 i know that mainly not most popular sector but -- >> rollback in regs. >> regulations rolling back led to this. >> i agree more on june jobs' report better-than-expected also revises breather than expected after the break. whoooo.
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maria: watching june jobs' report impact on markets economy added 222000 jobs last month, that beat economists expectations much better-than-expected unemployment rate picked to up 4.4% but being looked at as -- as an indication that things are getting better and markets are reacting positively get to floor of the new york stock exchange fox business network nicole petallides watching markets. >> good morning i love standing in trading booth watching so closely get nice you see the reaction, really saw that spike in stock market futures moving to the upside jumping higher, right you get headline number whisper numbers in line with what was expected not aggressively different pop in futures
8:49 am
dollar drop traders looking at inflation, it is in the j.p. morgan jett in everything that we are seeing through the morning, they are watching inflations even more closely than this jobs number for next week, next week we get that cpi report we know that inflation has been tepid in fact one of the -- economists actually said that the u.s. wage growth somewhat disappointing is teen take away doesn't -- the market i leave with you this the rate hikes we've got -- this week we know fed plans to unwind that balance sheet you also got that from within the federal reserve open market committee they really, really are considering some don't necessarily think that rate hike is necessary fun wipeding balance sheet inflation is really front and center we've seen the trade financials moving up as tech trading off that is an inflation trade back to you. maria: thanks so much we will watch this market point out revisions you are waiting on revisions we got a revision from may 138,000 initially now
8:50 am
152000 a revision for april as well. >> combined, for may and april we have added 47,000 additional jobs. to the economy. so that even takes the last three months average to 194,000, so the numbers are very strong. i mean this is really a very -- really robust report i love to see we are going to talk soon about when -- are we going to see 3 in front of that number i really do believe we are starting to see some of the things that president trump has been working on you know he came out strongly one of the first things he did before he took office focused on manufacturing jobs. and starred meeting with manufacturers, we saw 16,000 jobs, created in manufacturing this mini, i think that might be more than we saw all last year. >> wow, that is a big deal! >> this is really a great report, all sectors across the board revisions, labour participation rates, ticking up slightly, but we're seeing
8:51 am
360,000 people enter back into the workforce, and that is really a good sign we are finally people are more optimistic that they are going to participate so hopefully that trend will continue as well. maria: final take from steve and alan. >> steve final take here, what now? >> you know maria we are heading in baseball all-star game a baseball analogy the job market is consistently now starting to hit doubles that is good news, we get the tax package through though we are going to start hitting bombs 400 foot home runs 300, 400,000 job gains i think coming. maria: good news alan you are dealing with businesses all the time consulting in terms of their creation of jobs, and obviously placing some white color jobs at your firm your final word here what next? >> at quickly recap don't want to throw cold water on numbers they are terrific people got hired we did a survey 25% or so of people leave new job
8:52 am
within first six months, managers leaders need to focus on teaching people how to leave and manage for retention, so exciting that they have to got this traction in hiring, now let's really focus on making a great work place for people, engaged in high, people really happy about work the focus needs to be. >> steve, alan, great to see you both thank you so much we are going to continue our conversation here, final thoughts from this all-star panel on june jobs' report when we come right back. quick break. stay with us. ♪ i'm jamie and i'm the fifth great-granddaughter of benjamin rush. he was actually the only medical doctor that signed the declaration of independence. i myself am a nurse, my daughter is going to physician's assistant school. we're passing on family traditions. ♪
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we have to remember it's the wage number that we're looking at in this report is just the hourly worker so it's not wages all across the board, we're really looking at just, you know, hourly wages with still, i would expect that that number would move up more. but, we see, you know, wages from my company, we're seeing employers really starting to move the needle. >> and right now, it's more
8:58 am
competitive, we're at a 4% unemployment. it's going to get extremely competitive for employers to find talent in the marketplace so they're going to have to start being a little more aggressive and recruiting. they'll start paying more, and certainly to attract those people, so alan made the point about companies focusing on retention and engaging people. and companies want to hold onto their talent and otherwise won't be successful with their strategy. >> we run a venture capital fund and we speak to start-up businesses and investors across the country. investors have been a lot nor confident in the economy. when the market was up and pulled back, investors have just been feeling better. business owners are feeling better about the economy and i think startups are disrupting our lives and changing the way we live for the better.
8:59 am
we talk amazon prime isn't necessarily a start-up, but technology is changing the way we live and i think that change is going to continue throughout this country and it's going to affect manufacturing, retail, i think that we're just still at the beginning of that and i think there's a ton of jobs out there and a ton of opportunities out there for millennials, yes, but for everyone out there to start a business and live the american dream. >> we focus on health care and taxes as if those are the only two things that get changed down in washington, but there are other things at play. we know taxes hopefully aren't going to go up under this administration, number one, and two, regulations have been falling by the wayside. it's a great deal easier to do business in these industries and that does have an impact on the businesses bottom line. >> taking down regulations it hits them more because it costs them more. >> great panel, everybody. nice to end the week on a
9:00 am
strong note with the jobs numbers. dagen mcdowell, joanie courtney, and all of you, and on wall street we hope you'll join me. i'll see you sunday and we'll talk about the president at the g20. ashley webster in for stuart. ashley: stuart will be back from his july 4th vacation on monday. money and politics, we've got every angle covered for you. the g20 summit officially underway, the moment to watch, what everybody is watching, president trump meeting with russia's president putin. that meeting scheduled to happen in less than an hour and of course, we'll take you there live for the events surrounding that. and not inside, we're not allowed. and anti-capitalism protests,


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