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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 12, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thanks for being with us. lauren: breaking news this morning, fox news exclusive. donald trump, jr. tells sean hannity would have done things differently. cheryl: both move, republican leaders delay their august recess with new health care bill handing the trump administration, hanging in the balance, the trump administration hanging in the ballots. lauren: investors waiting to hear from janet yellen as she heads to capitol hill in just a few hours from now. dow futures up 7 points, nasdaq down fractionally. cheryl: investors around the world waiting for janet yellen.
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all trading higher by fractions. lauren: in asia, stocks mostly lower. nikkei down half of 1%. cheryl: big move in oil prices overnight. saudi arabia say it will cut august exports, oil up almost 2% right now. lauren: wow, look at that move. is facebook killing the message. it wants to put ads on the world's most popular messaging app. cheryl: amazon on pace to break records for amazon prime sales and that day we are going to have the numbers for you. lauren: who were the highest paid country music stars, the list coming up. cheryl: 5:01 a.m. here in new york. wednesday july 12th, good morning, everybody. i'm "good day charlotte". lauren: thank you so much for joining us. i'm lauren simonetti.
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cheryl: as we know about the interview breaking this morning. it was a fox es -- exclusive. donald trump, jr. explaining in detail with russian lawyer last night and also released the e-mail chain. trump explained that rob gold stone set up the meeting suggesting at the time that the russian lawyer was willing to provide information about hillary clinton. >> this is prerussia fever, this is prerussia mania. this was 13 months ago before everybody was trying to build narrative about russia. i don't think my sirens went up. he built up. you know, in the end there was probably bait and switch what it was supposed to be about, and so there's nothing there. in retrospect, i would have done things a little different.
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this is before the russia mania and they were building it up in the press. lauren: minute was a wasted 20 minutes. it have a favor to an associate in a brief statement, president trump said my son is high-quality person and i applaud transparency. later today the president will travel for paris for meeting with emmanuel macron, they will dissuses syria -- discuss syria. cheryl: bold move senate majority mitch mcconnell will delay august recess in two weeks instead of unveiling health care bill tomorrow. lauren: tomorrow, adam shapiro in washington. adam: mitch mcconnell is promising they will roll out, we will get the details of the revised health care plan in the senate and then possibly a vote on this bill as soon as next week that it's waiting on cbo score, there's so much more of the agenda at play, for instance, tax reform and a debt
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creteing increase that mcconnell is now saying that they're going to rescind two weeks of guest recess to get the work. >> as a result of obstructionism. we don't have enough time to address all of these issues between now and the originally anticipateed august recess. >> two more weeks isn't going to solve their problem, what's going to solve their problem is doing what lindsey and graham with others want to do is work with us to improve the existing system. adam: democrat chuck schumer criticizing the decision of the republicans to not only cancel part of the august recess but also their plans with health care reform. just one other thing, lindsey graham, the senator is promising some kind of compromise on health care which might include democrats. stay tuned. back to you. lauren: bipartisan effort, adam shapiro, thank you. the u.s. is releasing evidence of thaad antimissile test,
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successfully shot down north of hawaii, this is the system currently deployed to help defend south korea, the test coming one week after north korea test fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting alaska. cheryl: air travel out of new york city area today could get complicated this morning, 700 workers including baggage handlers and cleaners and customer agents are on strike. workers at new york liberty airport walked off the job last night in labor dispute with prime flight, subcontractor for several airlines. >> they're not interested in coming to the table and they're not interested interested in respecting the workers rights and they think their way and the highway and unfortunately for them it's not the law in the united states. cheryl: spokesperson for the union representing the workers says that strikes are planned for jfk and laguardia. lauren: possibly philadelphia too. if you are traveling, now you
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know. you use the facebook messenger app, get ready to see advertisings in inbox, why is facebook ramping up the ad placements? cheryl: tracee carrasco joins us more on this story. tracee: good morning, ladies. facebook is one to have most popular messaging apps and now it wants to cash in. you will now see advertisements inside messenger that's use about 1.2 billion people every month. ads won't be shown in conversation but in the main inbox tab between chat threads similar to the way ads are sandwiched in posts and news feed and face brook is trying to make money for messenger as it embraces for unexpected slow down in revenue growth from the news feed. the primary source of the remember identity cease -- revenue.
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it started showing ads to users in 2013, facebook has been tested members of the jurier ads for six months in australia, thailand where users have been receptive, facebook thinks about using this for what's app, its other app. it's going to look what you see in the scroll, so advertisers can use this two ways, they can either, you know, link to their website so users can click to their website and go directly to this whatever -- a store. exactly. link you there and then you could also use -- you also communicate directly with the advertiser which is something pretty interesting. cheryl: tracee, that's a good story. lauren: i have to stay the
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instagram ads don't bother me surprisingly. amazon's third -- 30 hour-prime day the promotion to post record sales, am done says customers ored three times as as many echo speakers and half off, great promotion. third-party sellers sold 50% more items on the site noon yesterday than a year ago. amazon has not disclosed figure but analysts estimate it made more than $500 million during last year's events. take a look at shares, i guess they were on sale too falling down a quarter of 1%. cheryl: still the stock, incredible performer, i'm sure investors can handle that. federal reserve chair janet yellen on the hot seat on capitol hill where she will deliver on monetary policy and the economy, then she's going to be taking questions from lawmakers. lauren: likely to be asked to cut massive balance sheet.
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joining us now wells afargo senior mark. >> good morning. lauren: jamie diamond says the unwinding process would be more disruptive than people think because of its share's size, do you agree with that? >> i have some of the same concerns and we've voiced them because we've never done this before and it seems rather simplistic and they intend to go about it relatively slowly and relatively cautiously but we really don't know what happens when we unwind the balance sheet and i think they're doing it the right way and i think that there's a real question if you don't do it now, when are you going to do it because they took the balance sheet from $800 billion to 4.4 trillion. things are pretty good right now. cheryl: it's widely expect that had that unwinding, we pick that up from the fed minutes we got from last week that we will start unwinding in september,
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are you worried about this decision? >> i am worry that had we may see a little bit more volatility because there's a real strong, a high correlation with the s&p 500 and is size of the fed's balance sheet and that extra liquidity that the fed provided found its way into the stock market and whenever we had a pull back the market seem today bounce right back because everyone had confidence, wow, the fed is providing all of the liquidity into the financial markets, markets aren't going to stay down, when you begin to roll back the balance sheet, i don't know that that same confidence will be there. lauren: a lot of democrats will say keep rates lower for longer so they can trickle down and impact positively lower income folks, would you agree with that or is it time to continue the raise rates as indicated by the fed? >> well, rates have been lower for a very, very long time and we are still well below what would be considered a normal
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level for interest rates given unemployment is 4.4%. inflation is low, surprisingly at 1 and a half percent. they plan to do that rather slowly. they really don't have that much higher to go. i don't think they are finished here. one of the things that we are trying to -- looking to hear from janet yellen is some clarity is to when they plan to begin to reduce the size of balance sheet. we don't know if they'll begin in september or make a formal announcement in september and begin in december and we expect them not to raise rates. cheryl: it's going to happen, mark, very much, appreciate it. >> good to be with you. cheryl: yellen's prepared testimony will be today, fox business will have analysis and highlights for you. lauren: we certainly will.
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cheryl: trump, jr. has regrets about meeting with russian lawyer. >> for me this was opposition research so i think i wanted to hear it out but really it went nowhere and apparent that that was what the meeting was about. cheryl: but did he break any laws? we will talk about that. speaking of regret, a snap stock continues to sink, oh, sorry incident we are having that story coming up. taking a look at futures right now you're watching fbn:am .
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cheryl: 5:15 a.m. in new york. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. senate judiciary committee taking up nomination of christopher wray today to be the next fbi director. headed criminal division of justice suspect as assistant attorney general in the bush administration. if confirmed, he will be leaving high-paid career as an attorney. $9million last year as partner. fox business will bring you opening statement live and key senator q&a as well. twitter is close to naming a new finance chief. wall street journal report in the company has picked goldman sachs executive ned seigal, former colleague of number two anthony, a vacancy created after
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more than a dozen executives and leaders left twitter and that's been happening over the past 12 months. shares of snap continue to plunge, they fell 9% yesterday after morgan stanley downgraded the stock. remember the bank was the underwriter for snap's ipo but analysts say that they were wrong about the company's ability to compete and that's what's happening now, lauren. lauren: thank you, cheryl. to russia, donald trump, jr. said he would have done things differently in meeting with russian lawyer. question is did he break any laws, joining us kristin, good morning, kristin. >> good morning, guys. lauren: met me ask you, do you think this is bad judgment or criminal? did donald trump, jr., did he break any laws here? >> it's bad judgment but it's not criminal. look, this happened well over a year ago at the time, you knowinger the democrats were not trying to push the whole russia
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narrative and russian interference in the u.s. election was not in the news at the time so in his interview with fox news don trump, jr., said sirens didn't go off when he received this e-mail. the woman he met with who was not a representative of the kremlin claimed that she had damaging information regarding hillary clinton's dealings with russia, of course, she didn't end up having anything and the meeting was so ib insignificant that then candidate donald trump didn't know about it. donald trump, jr. was a private citizen at the time doing opposition research which nearly every single campaign does. but having said that, it is definitely poor judgment, this was an incredibly dumb decision to have this meeting and naive. we have health care reform and
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tax reform hanging in the balance. cheryl: let's go to donald trump's actions, donald trump, jr., is this a result of political experience versus business experience. you're a business person, you take a meeting, if it doesn't go anywhere, you let it go, it's not a big deal, in politics, everyone in washington last night and probably this morning too is going to be saying that, you know, he should be called to testify and one lawmaker used the word treason last night, chris sin. >> right. cheryl: so what's the difference here? >> the reaction from the left is ridiculous here but you're absolutely right, don, jr. is not a politician and we have to keep in mind the information that he was interested in, it was not a leaked e-mail or anything like that. this woman claimed that she had information regarding hillary clinton's dealings with russia and donald trump had reason to believe that maybe there was some shady dealings there. bill clinton gave a 500,000-dollar speech to russia.
5:19 am
hillary clinton approved of the transfer of one fifth of uranium to russia after her foundation received a large donation from a russia-base company. so, you know, he was doing opposition research, dumb decision, though, but do i think that the overreaction from the left is going to come back and bite them. they are being ridiculous and calling this treason and i think if they continue down this road it's going to hurt them in 2018 midterms. lauren: what was your reaction when bill clinton met with loretta lynch in the tarmac, kristin, thank you. cheryl: all right, well, coming up, who is the highest paid country music star? ♪ ♪ ♪ cheryl: oh, yeah, who else made the forbes list besides
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mr. garth brooks, we will tell you who was named most valuable player. checking u.s. stock market futures, dow, s&p fractionally higher, nasdaq pointing barely negative by half a point. we will be right back ♪ [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer
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♪ ♪ ♪ lauren: well, that's garth
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brooks, still king of country music specially when it comes to salary. highest-paid country singers for fourth year in a row with $60 million. followed by ken any and luke bryan, dolly parton, rounding up top five. cheryl: love me a little country. lauren: yeah, you do. cheryl: time now for sports. baseball al-star game turn today pitching duo. the game no longer determines which league has home-field advantage, that kept things light. mariners, cruz, takes photo with joe west before at bat but winning still matters. washington's bryce harper loses hat as he sprints for a spectacular catch. then in the tenth inning robinson homers off davis and the american league beats
5:25 am
national league 2-1 for fifth straight victory in game dominated by throwers rather than sluggers. one swing earned game and vp honor. the deal allows to reenter the market in 2018 and salary cap expected to rise and strong market for shooting guards. trash-talking has begun and fans are hoping that the fright between connor mcgregor and floyd mayweather is as good. the two kicking off the promotion. paper view event august 26th, expect today generate hundreds of millions of dollars. >> he's little leg and his little head, i'm going to knock him out in four rounds.
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>> a you will wave a white flag. i guaranty you, you are going on your face or on your back, now which way you wanting to? cheryl: fight at the the mobile arena in las vegas. lauren: i love the trash-talk. coming up we have a fox news exclusive as donald trump, jr. tells seanty he would have done things differently when he met with russian attorney during father's presidential campaign. >> now, i wouldn't have even remembered it until you started scouring through the stuff. it was a wasted 20 minutes and it was a shame. lauren: you're watching fbn:am
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own your power. own your dreams. no judgments. no judgments. we own it. take the pledge. embrace ambition. embrace ambition. will you? cheryl: breaking news this morning, fox news exclusive. donald trump, jr. telling sean hannity that he would have done things differently in meeting with russian lawyer. we are going to have highlights from that big interview last night. lauren: call it a senate stacation, delay august recess with new health care bill and trump agenda overall hanging in the balance. cheryl: investors are wait to go her from fed chair janet yellen, u.s. stock market futures index pointing slightly higher right now. lauren: investors in europe are also waiting for testimony.
5:31 am
cheryl: in asia mostly lower there. nikkei's half a percent. lauren: big move in oil prices overnight. look at them popping 2% this as saudi arabia will taking more supply off of the table. cheryl: here is the question for you, is facebook killing the messenger, they want to put ads on the world's most popular app. lauren: amazon to break records for amazon prime day sales, we will have the list of what's hot. cheryl: out west, more than 7,000 firefighters are battling wild fires, no rain in sight, we will have the details for you. lauren: good morning, 5:31 a.m.
5:32 am
in new york. wednesday july 12th, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody, i'm cheryl casone, we have a lot to get to today. lauren: big story, fox news exclusive donald trump, jr. explaining in detail meeting with russian lawyer on hannity last night and also released chain of e-mail. trump, jr. said that music publicist rob goldstone set up the meeting in 2016 suggesting the russian lawyer was willing to provide information about opponent hillary clinton. >> this is pre russia fever, this is russia mania before the rest of the world was trying to build narrative about russia. i don't think my sirens went up. i think he goosed up, built up, puffery to the e-mail to make it happen and it was a bait and switch and what it was supposed to be about. there's nothing there. in retrospect i would have done
5:33 am
things differently. again, before the russia mania, before they were building it up in the press. cheryl: he also went onto say that the quoting a waste of 20 minutes and said it was a favor to an associate. in a brief statement president trump said, my son is a high-quality person and i applaud his transparency. we should also add that the president and first lady will be travel to go paris to meet emmanuel macron, syria and the issue of terrorism. lauren: battle over health care is another story brewing this morning in a bold move senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will delay august recess for two weeks planning to unveil to repeal obamacare and that could come tomorrow. cheryl: adam shapiro with all the details. adam: we will get the details
5:34 am
offed revised health care in the senate and possibly a vote on this bill as soon as next week that's waiting on cbo score but there's so much more of the agenda at play, for instance, tax reform and a debt ceiling increase that mcconnell says they are going to rescind two weeks. >> as a result of obstructionism, don't have enough time all of these issues between now and the originally anticipated august recess. >> two more weeks suspect going to solve their problem, what's going to solve their problem is doing what lindsey graham and others want to do which is work with us to improve the existing system. >> democrat chuck schumer majority leader criticizing the decision of the republicans to not only cancel part of the august recess but also their plans with health care reform. just one other thing, lindsey graham, the senator is promising some kind of compromise on health care which might include democrats, stay tuned, back to you. lauren: the clock is ticking,
5:35 am
adam shapiro, thank you. cheryl: 700 workers are on strike, workers at new york liberty international airport walked off the job last night in a labor dispute with prime flight, subcontractor for several airlines. >> they're not interested in coming to the table, they're not interesting in respecting the workers' rights and they think it's their way or the highway and unfortunately for them that's not the law of the united states. cheryl: spokesperson for the union representing the workers say the strikes are planned for jfk and laguardia airport, so get ready. lauren: always busy, now even more. [laughter] cheryl: exactly. if you've used the facebook messenger app, get read you to start seeing advertising in your inbox. lauren: here we go again, tracee
5:36 am
casual -- carrasco with the latest on the story. tracee: you will see advertisements inside messenger, facebook's chat app, the ads won't be shown in conversations but in the main inbox box similar to the way ads are sandwiched between posts and facebook feed, facebook is trying to make money from messenger as it braces for an expected slowdown in revenue growth from news feed, the primary source of revenue. facebook plans to roll out app slowly and carefully to messenger users, a similar strategy used by photo-sharing app instagram which started showing ads to users in 2013 and a couple of years to implement widely. facebook has been tested messenger apps in six months in australia and thailand. facebook is also studying ways
5:37 am
to impremeditate this to whatsapp, its other chat app. lauren: how it'll work for advertisers? tracee: advertisers can have a link in the chat app, the other way they can also communicate directly with users, start a conversation with them. so, you know -- lauren: how much money would they bring with advertisements, they are putting ads every. where it's a lot of money. tracee: they say they're not going to add more ads to the news feed. cheryl: actually they said that they don't want people to turn off of facebook, if you see too many ads, forget it, i'm going to go somewhere else. even messenger. it's a slow roll. blockbuster's numbers for amazon are about to come, record sales,
5:38 am
amazon says customers ordered three times as many echo family speakers compared to last year. record for the device. third-party sellers sold 50% more items than a year ago, amazon has not disclosed figures but analysts expected to be $500 million during last year's events, we will see what this share brings us. shares of amazon closing a quarter of a percent as you can see but still the stock -- >> the high was 1,017. what was bob igner think about deregulation push. >> good and bad, it's good that it opens up a lot of activity and a lot of consolidation. lauren: well, make sure to tune in fox business, charlie gasparino will have more throughout the day for you. cheryl: nobody shaves at sun valley.
5:39 am
they look very relax. how will the latest revelations about donald donald trump's jr. meeting affect the agenda? this distraction, let's call it distraction, are investors watching this play out as far as the emails and what's going to happen with his son? >> they certainly are watching it. we saw the market selloff when the emails got sold off but when the senate said we are going delay august recess the market bounced back because what investors are most concerned about is this might in some way endanger passage of tax cuts, infrastructure spending and with the news from the senate, hey, we are going to be a little more productive and cut vacation short, the market bounced right back. lauren: dow was able to end slightly higher so that was the
5:40 am
good news. we have the fed chair janet yellen her testimony on capitol hill today and tomorrow, it could be her last semiannual congressional testimony. reports are saying that trump could nominate gary cohn. what do you think? >> there's a possibility. a long list of folks that have been mentioned but he seems to be the name that's mentioned most frequently and he still may reappoint janet yellen but my sense is that he wants to put his own imprint on most government institutions including the fed and i think that he may opt to make a change. cheryl: same federal reserve that's fighting for independence and janet yellen is going to talk about that likely. really quick, talk about the budget really quick, do you there's there's government shutdown if congress can't reach an agreement to raise the debt ceiling? >> there's certainly a possibility. there's not a whole lot of cooperation in washington and i think that there's -- there's some folks that would like a
5:41 am
government shutdown just to kind of throw mud in trump's eye, i -- i hope that we don't. we've had really -- really, we haven't had a lot of policy threats to the financial markets over the last few weeks, that's likely to change as we get in august and september. cheryl: a lot happening today. thank you, mark for being here. >> good to be with you. lauren: senate republican leaders, they delay august recess as new health care bill hangs in the ballots. >> we will be in session the first two weeks of august that we had originally anticipated. lauren: can they get it done? we will see. chipotle rolling out a new cheese dip, something it said it would never, ever do is this a sign of desperation, the markets hugging the flat line as we await janet yellen day one of testimony on capitol hill. we will be right back
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lauren: good morning, 5:45 in new york. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. authorities are still searching for four men who disappeared on a farm about 30 miles north of philadelphia. meanwhile a man called a person of interest in the investigation free on bail u released yesterday after being arrested on unrelated charge, the buck's district attorney says he has not been named the suspect in the disappearance but there are links connecting him to the case. you might soon see a tesla repair van in neighborhood, part of electric company's service operations for model 3, that is expected to be very popular. the cargoes on sale this month, expect today attract hundreds of thousands of new customers to the brand, the model 3 expect today sell for around $35,000 and facebook, chipotle, fast food company said it would never
5:46 am
put that yummy cheese on menu. queso dip. cheryl, you want to get some? cheryl: yeah, actually i do. i'm very excited about that story, actually. all right, we are not loving what's happening in washington right now. mitch mcconnell at least has told congress that they're not going to to be going to vacation , giving senate time to hammer health care bill. let's bring back kristin tate. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, cheryl and lauren. cheryl: ten gop senators that are still a no here and you have a lot of anger at the fact that we think they are going to keep taxes in for the wealthiest of americans which flies against what the gop is, they're going to come to the table at all, do you think?
5:47 am
>> you know, i don't know, delaying the recess was the first good step, though, to not delay the recess would be political suicide for the republicans. the american people are looking around and saying, okay, the republicans have control the house senate and white house why isn't anything getting done. these republicans campaigned on and promise that had they would repeal and replace obamacare and it's time to compromise and get that done, i think the senate only has 31 working days left until the government's fiscal year so delaying the recess will give them more time to work out these issues with health care but also tax reform and 200 white house nominee that is need senate approval but back to your question, i hope they can get this done, i think there's still seven votes shy. it's going to take compromise. >> i'm almost scare today find out the recess of this. they skipped the recess and they still don't get health care
5:48 am
done, what happens then? >> then we would really be in trouble but they are unveiling a new version of the bill on thursday and apparently this bill includes some concessions to the conservative wing to have party and also to the moderates, so we will see what happens, some of the changes include, you know, keeping taxes in place to provide funding for state tax credits and also funding to help low-income people buy insurance and also the republicans will get to see two versions of the bill, one that includes ted cruz's amendment which would allow insurers to provide plans that comply with obamacare -- with i'm care's standards as long as they -- and they are also allow today provide plan that is do not comply with those standards. whether he see what happens. again, it's going to take compromise. the democrats are going to make clear they are not working with democrats here so it's up to them to get people on board. cheryl: really quick, a lot of discussion about senator ted cruz's proposal, he wants to
5:49 am
allow companies that participate in obamacare to offer plans in that same state, the criticism is premiums will go up for the older folks that are on the plans, but do you like that idea or are you a fan of it? >> yeah, i'm a fan of it because it's more free market. anything that makes the plan less like a obamacare and less like entitlement is good for conservatives, ted cruz is open for amending his amendment to make moderates more happy so they are open to compromise, open to changing it but, again, this all goes back to making our health care system more efficient and free market, that's what we want the end goal to be. cheryl: hopefully not ending up with a single-payer system. thank you, kristin. >> thank you. lauren: good to see you, more than 7,000 california firefighters are battling 13 large wild fires and guess what,
5:50 am
no rain in sight, fox senior meteorologist janice dean coming with the forecast. a new video may answer the age-old question. ♪ ♪ ♪ lauren: you're watching fbn:am. [laughter] lauren: dow futures up just modestly at the moment. actually dow futures now higher by 27 points, nasdaq by 10.
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cheryl: california hit by more than a dozen wild fires, one of them the wild fire which began on friday has destroyed more than 40 homes and displaced about 4,000 people in northern california. >> memories, my poor children, they grew up here. family home, their whole childhood, their whole security as children. earl cheryl this comes as some parts of the west see temperatures topping 100-degrees this week with no rain in sight. lauren: senior meteorologist janice dean with this and forecast for today. janice: the heat continues across the west with not a lot of relief in terms of rainfall. we will feel the heat in central u.s. as well as the east coast with heated indices well over 100-degrees. forecast precipitation.
5:55 am
current temperatures along the east coast in 70's. humid out, well over 100-degrees for a lot of folks stretching from the south to mid atlantic to northeast. dangerous heat, make sure you are cooling off, taking care of elderly and pets and making sure kids are endorsed. future radar will show you potential for showers, the great lakes even towards northeast as we have the boundary that's in place and we could see the potential for hail, damaging winds, even isolated tornadoes from the planes to mid atlantic with that yellow-shaded area showing where we could see watches and warnings later on this evening. there's a tornado threat, not a big tornado threat, hail, damaging winds, certainly isolated tornadoes. forecast across the west, very hot for the desert southwest. could see scattered showers, temperatures along the gulf
5:56 am
coast, severe threat for midwest ohio valley in towards the northeast. feeling like summer time, ladies. lauren: pretty good round-up, janice. a lot of weather going on. cheryl: a lot of tombedty going on. two foxes having an argument about something and, well, the internet is going crazy about it. you have to watch it for yourself. we will be right back
5:57 am
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cheryl: okay, now here is something you don't see every day. check out these two foxes getting into a screaming match. [screams] >> obviously there's no love happening between the two. they're showing their anger and happened in front of tourists in a fox village in japan. lauren: you're actually listening to two different calls, one shows aggression, the other is apparently a mating call. the fox fight was caught on camera by australian who is traveling around the country. a third fox, you might have seen it, ignored the whole thing. cheryl: i'm going hang out over here. lauren: cover my ears.
6:00 am
thank you so much for joining in fbn:am. cheryl: we will send it over to maria bartiromo for mornings with maria, good morning, maria. maria: see you if a few minutes, cheryl. thank you for joining, i'm maria bartiromo, happy wednesday, it is wednesday july 12th, your top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. federal reserve janet yellen heads to capitol hill today and investors will be watching comments, we've got a preview as she gets set to speak to the house financial services committee. markets were rattled by russia controversy. donald trump, jr.'s e-mail release set volatility last night. trump, jr. sat with hannity. democrats are weighing in on the possible legal implications. >> in retrospect i probably would have done things differently. >> we are now beyond in terms of on transaction of justice, this


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