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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  July 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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you just want to see him all the time. melissa: that was a good party. -- connell: does a good party. melissa: was a good time. melissa: that's it for us. "risk and reward" right now. deirdre:: shutting up donald trump junior e-mails. the u.s. economy is strengthening. markets rallying with the dow hitting even higher all-time high today. the record closes in strong one. welcome to "risk and reward." liz mcdonald in four deirdre bolton. the first article of impeachment has been introduced a california democrat representative brad sherman accusing president trump of obstruction of justice and interfering with the russian investigation. tonight we are tracking what the media is missing, what is not reported in the wall-to-wall coverage over russia. chaos, upheaval now growing due
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to wrongheaded progressive policies backfiring. progressive officials making the wrong choices. coast-to-coast coverage they are. shootings and gang violence rising in chicago a so-called antitrust anti-fascist groups open and physically fight back. the representative physically threatening donald trump on his face the age. yet another u.s. citizen killed by an illegal immigrant, this time in nebraska appeared the drunk driver deported seven times. tax hikes on small businesses in seattle at the government worker tension tidal waves. wait, there's more. police officers in new york city turning their back on democratic mayor build up lazio for skipping a memorial for slain officer to instead protest in germany were hundreds of cops were injured. a panic over a shortage of marijuana. and now this in minnesota. a monument eating built to.
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yes, you heard that right, to lucifer in a war veteran park. all those stories tonight. >> we are fighting for real change, for all americans. thank you, mr. >> in his meeting with the president of france come this year in terrorism. a press conference happening tomorrow for the president may be asked about it sends e-mail. donald trump junior react into fox. take a listen. >> in retrospect i probably would've done things a little differently. i take away when all this is going on with someone had information on our opponent. things going a million miles an hour. you know what it's like to be on the campaign. i've been reading about scandals people under reporting for a long time.
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you tell your father anything about this. >> there is nothing to tell. i would have even remembered it and tell you start scouring through the stuff. it was literally wasted 20 minutes. liz: this takes us to former presidential candidate and governor mike huckabee. good to see you, governor. >> things, lives. good to be with you. >> we think of the trump junior e-mail story? lots of talk about the meeting show an intent to conspire with russia, that he gave different reasons for the meaning. what is your take? >> here's a guy never involved in a campaign before. he's involved with his father's campaign and someone says i may have information that would help you with opposition research on hillary. of course he takes the meeting. the bigger issue when the meeting has started, it was so exciting that jared kushner got up in five minutes left. paul manafort was lucky not his phone the whole time and after 20 minutes, donald junior said
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this is really a waste of my time. i think that is how america feels. america right now wishes he could get up and walk out, get on its own or just in the meeting rather than listen to the mainstream press and the democrats, but then i repeat myself. go over and over the same scenario in continually try to find some blood when there isn't any. liz: governor, fbi director nominee touted his confirmation hearing today that he would be independent, that he would not be pulling punches. he effectively said donald trump junior should've gone to the fbi. do you think raceway will be able to separate himself on this rush of firestorm? >> i hope so. he shouldn't be confirmed. it is not a firestorm because there's actual fire. it's a firestorm because the democrats have nothing else. i mean, they can't say that jobs are going down the toilet
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because they are getting better. they can't see the stock market is collapsing because it's on fire. they can't say isis is getting stronger because it's actually on the run. this is all they can do, is to try and pretend somehow rush -- and i've heard commentators even our sister networks a russian novel that the election. there's no doubt. but what impacted they have on the election? did they attempt it? yes, i have no doubt about it. what i do want someone to tell me and tell the world exactly how the russian interference affects the outcome? did hillary does because of russians or because she was an absolutely lousy candidate with no message. liz: let's get back to tonight's theme, with the media is missing and we all agree russia should not be meddling. there is chaos and disarray across the u.s. where the california sanctuary state law that is all about
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sticking it to trial. a law that critics say acts like a mac that were illegal immigrant felons and they play california. nevada in an uproar because distributors ran out of marijuana. seattle's hike income taxes on small business in the upper bracket, but there's more. a town called belle plaine and minnesota has a monument to be built in a part for war veterans. he threatened the president saying trump is a term president and especially if i ever get within 10 feet of that blank. he called him a nasty name. media coverage of done juniors e-mails overshadowing what is happening in the country, right? >> absolutely. the lawmaker in maine needs to have the visit with the secret service. that is direct threat and should be taken seriously. i will surprise you with my view of these other issues in nevada, california and washington state. here's the simple answer.
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they ought to get what they want. that is what federalism is all about, letting the state do what they wish to do and let's see how it works out for them. and let's find out if the policies they are wanting to implement, strong left-wing policies into that minnesota, if that melts their butter, put on the fire and melt away. let's just see how that works out for them and if the other 46 states say boy, are doing great because of the policies come and they cannot duplicate them. i would much rather see that than continue to watch washington think they can fix something 50 states at a time, which it cannot and has not appeared liz: that's a good point. what about the coverage of it? would he think think about the media's coverage? >> it's been nonexistent. they are not covering it. these are real news stories that affect lots of people. millions of people in four critical states. all we can here, i feel like i'm watching the brady bunch, but
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instead of marcia, marcia, marcia, it is russia, russia, russia. it is getting tiresome. the interesting thing among democrats, they are sick of it. it is just wearing thin and the only people for whom this is still on fire are the people who breed each other's air out of paper bags in washington and new york and perhaps in hollywood. other than that, the rest of the country has moved on in is really interested in jobs and pension plans and infrastructure in things that affect them everyday. liz: governor, california shares is shifting back against the law. let's take a listen. >> is this a totally political issue and it does not take into account the public safety of california. this bill would prohibit me as they share from notifying someone in custody in for potentially felony driving under the influence, domestic violence, human trafficking, of
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an unconscious person. liz: is the sheriff right? >> absolutely. that absolutely. the sheriff ought to go run and some of the other states other than california were a lot of people in the legislature lost their crazy minds. to say we are going to protect felons and keep them from being arrested, and you and i don't get protected against felonies that we would commit. why would an illegal get protected? this is beyond insane. it is a rational and i just cannot imagine why anybody would defend the sanctuary state proposal and think somehow that's going to work out real well. it won't. >> equal treatment under thought a good point. we love having you on. come back soon. >> thank you. liz: the progressive mayhem backfiring. next up, seattle slapping small businesses with new taxes paid the minimum wage hike that is
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causing judge law says they are. new taxes on guns and ammo did not stop the violence. stuart varney is taking this is socialism run amok in seattle. his comments are going viral. we'll play them for you after this. >> we are fighting for real change for all of america.
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>> the socialists have seattle ruining things all of her again. that's what happened in maryland. he introduced a big tax for wealthy people. wealthy people simply moved in they brought in less than never. other examples have seattle doing exactly the same thing.
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counterproductive policy. for example, much higher minimum wage. as soon as they oppose that, jobs came down and employees had employees work for hours the lower paid people took home less money. the law of unintended consequences. and one more. seattle introduce a special tax on guns and ammunition. result? didn't bring as much money as they thought an explosion of gun violence. they hurt the people they say they're trying to help. it's always the same. trading to tonight's focus on the progressive push backfiring across america continues. we go to seattle were stuart varney points out socialist policies backed by the mayor. stuart varney's comments going viral. he seen the liberal city of seattle that their progressive policies are actually hurting the people they are trying to help. economist dan mitchell, good to see you. what you think this tax on small business in the upper bracket?
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i mean, does that ever work? 700,000 people left illinois over the decade. >> two things to focus on. there's going to be a legal challenge because under state law there is no right for local government to impose an income tax, so maybe seattle will be saved from itself. but let's say you have some left wing judges who magically decide this is okay. the first thing that's going to happen is you see some high income successful people, entrepreneurs and investors move out of the city. lots of places in the greater seattle area that won't have the attacks that are just as nice if not nicer to live. yes, i do think seattle politicians unanimously, by the way, shot themselves in the foot with this initiative. liz: follow from the bad obama economy. treated like career jobs instead of first rungs on the latter for if you thought college. a new study on the minimum wage hike to 13 bucks an hour, showing the earners now burning
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a bit less, not more. the city of seattle do it somewhere before raising the minimum wage are they just pandering to protesters rushing mark we get it. we know you want to pay people more, but these are not meant to be career jobs. what do you think? >> even if they are career jobs, the points you made is the most relevant one. low income people took home less money after the minimum wage hike. why? it wasn't affordable to hire them. i want to be fair about something. i like federalism. i like decentralization and that means not only do i want state and local governments to have the right do good policy, i also think they have the right to do bad policy. if seattle wants to go ahead and become the grease of the united states, at least it will be a case study of how big government policies fails. that will be the silver lining in the dark cloud of seattle.
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liz: have you taken a look at seattle's tax on guns in the nl guns in ml and the fallout there? >> here's the thing about the specific excise taxes that make no sense. anybody who wants to can always cross a city border, county border or using the national borders and so if you impose some silly tax that is really nothing but political posturing, guess what, if i'm a gun owner in seattle, i sure as heck don't want to pay money to seattle politicians they don't want me to have constitutional rights, so i'll make sure to buy my guns and ammo someplace else. seattle, if they want to be sort of a case study, fantasyland of left-wing social policy and economic policy, go for it. you'll fail in the long run and maybe that will teach other places in america not to have the government. liz: good to see you. we love having you on. sun valley, idaho reports the first daughter, ivanka trump and her husband, jared kushner are headed to the annual allen & co.
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sun valley conference. we'll take you to our very own charlie gasparino. he's got the scoop. >> if you say may run out of the waverley facets because i think i heard a rattlesnake he high me. i'm not kidding. there's a rattlesnake. i might make a bolt or the side of the road and we can do it from there. in any event, it's already become than by my leg. here's what we know. ivanka trump and jared kushner are coming tomorrow. they will be attending tomorrow. they will apparently arrive here tonight. the reasons are all over the place where this is a media mogul have been. lots of billionaires playing to a decidedly different crowd. i shouldn't say millionaires. billionaires. crowds of really rich people. tech, telecom and media moguls are generally not right of center. they have left of center. a lot of the supporters of hillary clinton. you will see this view do some
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outreach to that. i think the main rationale for this is that they want to get the out of washington. it's a pretty toxic environment right now. donald trump junior, the russian investigation in, which does that do not touch on jared kushner because he was involved in one of the meetings that donald trump junior. in washington, they're looking to change the narrative, get out of town and come here. either way, there's worse places in the world to be right now. there are a lot of people. a lot of deal talk here, too. they do have the ear of the president, donald trump. there's people that wanted to build including at&t and time warner which needs approval. don't be surprised if you see ahead of time warner here. i don't know if randall is here come the ceo of at&t. that's one of the big mergers. there may be some back-and-forth. that.
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that is some of the stuff that goes on here. one deal that won't happen is essentially the verizon buying disney deal that was rumored in the press. we got exclusively from the verizon ceo, not going to happen, told my producer earlier , no way, no how will the ceo of verizon told brian schwartz, not going to happen. there's going to be some stuff tomorrow. we will be here all day as long as i don't get bit by a rattlesnake. i'll be alive for drive the conference. remember, two years ago i got thrown out. liz: we don't want you to run out. we want to save them back home. they love you, charlie. come back soon. coming up come in tonight's focus on the progressive mayhem across america continues. we will tell you that the media is now covering. up next, the state of new york, new york city police turning
5:21 pm
their backs on democratic mayor bill defazio yesterday's funeral for a cop assassinated on the job. this after he did some memorial to join anticapitalist protesters in germany. we have former n.y.p.d. police officer dan bongino. he's really angry about this, do speak out after this. ♪ of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. so dentures are cleaner, fresher, and brighter. polident.
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>> and i can find solace in the fact that on the night of july july 4th, before she left to go to work, she came into my doorway, and she said i love you. i'm going to work now. and she came and gave me a hug. she gave me a really big side
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hug. i said i love you, mom and i pinched her cheeks because her cheeks are so cute. and then she went back to the doorway and she looked at me and i looked at her and i said can i just have one more hug? liz: inside that appeared in new york city. hundreds of new york city police officers attended a funeral for slain officer familia. that was the daughter of the assassinated officer began. many of them turn their backs on maher buildable deblasio. they were outraged deblasio flew to germany last week to protest e.g. 20 summit instead of staying home and attending the vigil honoring the officer who was assassinated as she sat in her police vehicle. the family say may or deblasio, where are you in getting bulletproof glass and trucks and
5:26 pm
cars police officers use. he attended the protest were hundreds of police officers were injured in germany. former and white pdf police officer dan bongino, how disrespectful was it for the mayor to skip a vigil for the fallen police officer? >> i mean, it is beyond the nation. his political advisers should be arrested for political malpractice. you know, every time deblasio has been given the opportunity to make the right decision or the cowardly decision, he has made the wrong one. when it came to the eric werner incident, he gave the speech that cops are all racist and he ought to have a special lecture with a son who's half black black about how to deal with cops. when it came to his battle on stopping for us, when it comes to defending the cops, when the facts are not there yet and when you can fault the side of the cops. the cops are this racist
5:27 pm
anti-black police source that are hunting down mailbox in new york city. and it's a total disgrace. he's alienated the entire police force. he should do this city a favor and not run for reelection. he's been a complete failure at every level. they try to pull out last year the benevolent association. 96% of cox have a strong disapproval rating of bill deblasio. if you ask it in a classroom who wants homer, you'll get more kids saying yes they want homework then cops that like bill deblasio. >> there's a lot of minority police officers, hispanics that are against what may or deblasio didn't get being dashes of dominican descent, for skipping out on the vigil. a hispanic officers are really angry. >> this is across the board. i had an interesting conversation with a detective friend of mine. we went to the police academy
5:28 pm
together. he's a good friend of mine. he said dan, you'd be astounded. democrats, liberal cops, conservatives, whatever you are, black, white, asian, it doesn't matter. it is nearly universal. the polling data i just told you crusade. you think is an epic failure. you saw that video. how do you watch the video? i'll be honest i almost didn't want to come on the segment because i'm getting choked up. i was afraid i'd get teary eyed. how do you skip town? how do you do that? liz: that's a good point. we are going to move on to christopher wray, next date for fbi are. he pledged today to be an independent leader who would never let politics interfere with the fbi investigation. let's listen in. >> i believe to my core that there's only one right way to do this job and that is that strict independence, by the book, playing it straight, faithful to
5:29 pm
the constitution, faithful to our laws and faithful to the best practices of the institution. without fear, without favoritism, anybody who thinks that i would be pulling punches as the fbi director sure doesn't know me very well. liz: what you think, guys? or later of the fbi? >> i thought he did a really good job today. he brought up the idea of torture which is controversial now he wouldn't take a pledge of loyalty, which is of course based on the trunk on the incident about the alleged pledge of loyalty. i thought he did a decent job trying to be the nonpartisan after they expected him to be. i thought his answer on torture was strange because that depends on what the definition of torture is. a very controversial topic. i think you'll do a fine job and they seem to have bipartisan support based on the feedback from democratic senators who've gone after almost viciously every other trump nominee, but seemed to be playing it straight today.
5:30 pm
liz: to your point, he said torture is wrong, right? >> most people generally agree with, but from a legal perspective with the fbi director they would have a nuanced analysis when he finds that what the definition of torture is. again, liz: good to see you. we love having you on. progressive mayhem across the united states of america continues. next up on it tour, focusing on president obama. gang violence, homicide, shooting, chicago and chaos. but an anti-fascists new martial art opening in chicago. why? what they say is the rise of what nationalism brings them former illinois congressman joe walsh. he endorsed president trump beard he is going to respond after this.
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>> we are fighting for real change for all americans. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> there were two backward approach and confronted by a
5:35 pm
white man who calls himself a patriot patriot or whitman came to the woman's defense and their abdomen neck and two of them died. >> it's an awful story. i'm just saying, you don't live in portland, oregon. you live in chicago, illinois. he had 2000 shootings and none of them were by trump supporters. that doesn't bother you but a stab at a in portland, oregon is a reason your afraid to ride. it seems a little bit disassociated. liz: mayhem across america continues to the liberal city of chicago. an anti-fascist martial art opening. the founders promoting defense and guess what they say is the rise in far right violence in white nationalism sparked by president trump. critics say the majority of shootings in chicago done there, not done by conservatives or people on the right. former illinois representative and syndicated radio talkshow host. good to see you, joe. >> great to be with you.
5:36 pm
liz: let's go to 250 shootings, over 300 murderers in chicago so far this year. not conservatives. what you think? >> you know what, lives, it was hilarious. here's my deal, as long as groups like that young lady or the opposition of president donald trump, he will cruise to reelection. we had a video you saw go viral of a six-year-old boy walking walking around chicago style size carrying a gun. that is how bad things have gotten here. it's got nothing to do with guns. it's got everything to do with the breakdown of values, break down in families. where in god's name with a six-year-old boy's parents? unfortunately, in liberal chicago, nobody wants to talk about that. all they want to talk about his guns and how being donald trump is. >> a six-year-old with the gun?
5:37 pm
that's what it's come to in chicago? i can't believe that story. >> lives, he could've been eight years old. it doesn't matter. he was caught on video with two buddies walking around the south side with the gun, a real gun. that is how bad things have gotten here. liz: another progressive push in chicago. this time by legislators. we've been talking about illinois raising income taxes. spending there has gotten out of control. the tidal wave is heading the state of illinois. what do you think? we heard that nearly three quarters of a million people with the tax policy in a decade. what do you think? >> they are leaving quicker now than they were a week ago before the tax increase. look, i'm irish. i've got a couple drunk uncles. most of their listenership knows what a drunk uncle lives. illinois is like your drunk
5:38 pm
uncle and i did a week ago was give illinois more money to spend without forcing them to change their ways. no spending reforms. illinois will come back to steal more money from the residents of illinois another couple of years. and because of it, people are just getting out. you know this more than anybody. the people leaving are the doers, the makers of the business owners and taxpayers. they pounded. they are going to wisconsin, indiana, anywhere but here. liz: now let's get to this story. we are hours away from president trump leaving for paris to address. and terrorism with french president emanuel macron. getting onto the d.c. swamp. the president may have to answer questions about don junior and the new russia controversy. what do you think?
5:39 pm
>> you probably will. i give them a lot of credit. he's our oldest president. he's 71 years old right now. the guy is a machine. he's all over the world. he was just a cheap 20. now it's going to go back to france. he and macron, when it comes to the issue of islamic terrorism, i think that's an issue where they can work together. trump can give macron a lot of cover because trump unlike macron isn't afraid to call it what it is, muslim terror in france has a real problem. i think they can focus on the issues where their interests overlap. >> is a good point to isis is now on the run. we've been talking about an isis d. for coming to our shores. joe walsh, we love having you on the show. come back soon. >> great to be with you, lives. liz: fallout from the progressive push continues. next time we visit the state of nebraska where another u.s. citizen has been killed by an
5:40 pm
illegal immigrant. it was supported seven times. coming up, a guest whose son was also killed by an illegal in a car crash. gary mendoza talks about her police officer simon what happens to him in this case in nebraska. speaking out after this. don't go away. xt generation pic. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing) listen up, heart disease.) you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable.
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liz: we have new information that an illegal immigrant from new mexico basically what's involved in a drunk driving crash last week in nebraska. he's been deported seven times. the driver had 12 years going 100 miles an hour in a crash. he told one of his passengers come a father of three. that's the allegation. they are in the mother, a police officer was killed with an illegal immigrant. he'd not been deported after being convicted of crimes in colorado.
5:44 pm
very income is so good to see you again. we are so sorry for your loss. can you tell us more about what happened to your son? >> my son was driving up for work on may 12, 24 teen and this illegal criminal had been driving for over 35 miles the wrong way on four different freeways in phoenix three times the legal limit drunk, high on meth and crashed head-on into my son killing him. unfortunately, thank goodness fox allows us to tell her stories because unfortunately mainstream media did not want these stories coming out at the mayhem and the crime that these illegal criminals are causing in our country. seven times over the border, they shouldn't be shocking to anyone. i hear about people come over the border 15, 16 times, kill elderly people, go on drunk driving rampages. this is happening all the time and it's time that people start waking up and realizing more and more of this is happening up in
5:45 pm
a secure our borders and don't become concerned about our fellow americans and quit protecting illegals. liz: it is a disgrace, just a disgrace. as you point out, this illegal immigration problem. you are saying the media is not doing enough to cover it. is that what you're saying? >> absolutely, 100%. they cover these stories up and even when they do bring it, if they guns on their second or third page, they never say anything about the immigration status and for the life of me i don't understand why this layer of secrecy of people and what i'm doing is a group of other big families with the big guns of the legal immigration. we want them to start sharing their stories with us to get the word out. the people affected on a daily basis. >> are they coming out and talking to you?
5:46 pm
>> two weeks ago in d.c., where people communicating communicating, telling us their story will start compiling notes and getting out of our politicians. liz: taken a hard stance against illegal immigrants, promising to fight for president trump border wall. let's listen in. >> to the senate and all find everest in a bill doesn't fund that wall. if i have to build on the for i'll even read the king james bible until it is funded. liz: king james bible. people talking about the natural obstruction in texas and the like. a virtual wall. do you think it's doable? do you support the president's agenda on the wall? >> absolutely 100%. the only way we can stop people from coming over our border over and over, they know where to go to crossover the barb wire fence in southern arizona. they know it's wide open. the only way to stop is to
5:47 pm
secure borders and our country. going to have a big announcement in the coming months is something we are doing at the border that we hope americans will support us. liz: words can't capture the unimaginable pain that you another parents have gone through losing your children like this. if it's any comfort, you are doing a service to the country and we appreciate for that. thank you him and mary ann come back soon. progressive push across america continues. next up florida. running out of places to protest. look at this, chick-fil-a. people are running into the store there dressed in, you got it, animal costumes. some say they are getting big into the story next. >> we are fighting for real change for all americans.
5:48 pm
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>> in the walkway where there's kids trying to leave. liz: okay, a progressive push in america continues, heading there for florida. chick-fil-a, protesters, looks like little children were getting scared. if you are again eating animals, we get it. we understand it. but they rushed into the fast food chick-fil-a restaurant. some of the people there said they may have been carrying real knives. it looks like they were dressed in bloody chicken costumes. columnist matt is in and hillary clinton communications director. good to see you guys.
5:52 pm
so-called cow appreciation day for chick-fil-a yesterday. the restaurant offering free food to people dressed like a cow. families with children, protesters acting out. what you think of this? going too far? >> it's going too far. every american has the right to free speech and the right to protest. however, under the law, to keep protesters only protect it in traditional public forum. places like sidewalks, streets and parks. these protesters were inside a private business disrupting business. the chick-fil-a have absolutely every right to ask them to leave and they potentially could have been arrested. liz: what you think a major in? people have the right to protest that they are inside a private establishment. looks like a lot of shock value going on here. do you think it's okay that this could be the new norm of shock value?
5:53 pm
>> i completely agree with madison. one of the beneficial parts of our constitution is forgiveness region under that freedom is the freedom to protest. it's the right that all americans enjoyed we are lucky for that. at the same time to do that. just in the same vein of violent protest at the rally during the campaign were not effective, this kind of protesting is not affect it. it is grotesque. whatever the messages we try to get across, many by what they are doing. it is disgusting and grotesque, frankly. liz: let's head to the state of minnesota. they are inviting a satanic monument of be built in the veterans memorial park. the countries first-ever on public property. all day started when when they complain about another monument but they christian cross. the monument was then restored
5:54 pm
to free speech zone. what do you think? how is it ongoing veterans to put their lives on the line? >> i don't understand this at all. i don't understand the rationale for what purpose this serves. again, monuments in general are being, as we all know, debated quite a bit right now. you look at the mayor of new orleans who in my view do something very heroic, which was taking down the monument that reminded so many people at the divisive confederacy to try to really create a sense of community and togetherness. that is the kind of leadership we need right now in terms of monument or any kind of monument, not conservative crazy, satanic, i don't need to understand the rationale. liz: madison, liberals destroyed the statute of the 10 commandments. the religious statues and the lake and government buildings. is this okay?
5:55 pm
what do you think? >> our veterans put their lives on the line. they are protecting all of us in our great nation every single day. most of them, families who enjoy this part have not been happy and some very disrespectful. at the same time, we want to religious monuments in the park in the city specifically the city council voted instead to have the freeze each area of the park where we'll put these monuments. there's not much we can do other than put up monuments to support things legally. we need to allow even if it's things we don't agree with. liz: a protest of the satanic monument, how do you see this playing out? >> well, to madison's point, your point as well. you see a lot of people perhaps on both sides. some people who really are about religious freedom. to madison's point, you will allow a monument that lists out the 10 commandments and there may be other religion who want their monuments as well.
5:56 pm
again, this is the kind of thing that divide our country right now, which is not what we need. we need to come together. again, i see no rationale regardless of your religious beliefs are having any satanic monument that taxpayers are paying for. liz: madison, adrian, good to see you guys. thanks for coming on. president trump to leave for paris in a couple hours. the details on this trip and meeting with the president of france after this. these ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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6:00 pm
yellen giving doveish comments saying interest rates will stay below historical averages. thank you for having us in your homes. trish regains here with "making money." trish: we have new developments in the donald trump, jr. saga as legal questions mount on whether the montana's son broke the law when he met with someone who was said to have information on hillary clinton. donald trump, jr. told sean hannity it was for opposition research. if it's for opposition research, how does that become a crime. we are asking alan dershowitz. >> it becomes a crime only if donald trump, jr. said to the russians, we want opposition


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