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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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liz: we cued up the confetti. we get to blow the confetti cannon out. [closing bell rings] another record finish for the dow industrials close up near 25 points. a big day there at new york stock exchange. now to medical list is is a, connell, for "after the bell." connell: good luck this mean, you know what i mean? dow with another record high. the second one in a row we've had here. making money today. the s&p 500 for the second day as well, nasdaq closing higher for what is the fifth straight day. good to be with you. once again connell mcshane in for david asman. melissa: flattering yourself about the record. i was waiting. i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." more on big market movers. here is what else we're covering in this very busy hour. senate republicans take another stab at health care. gop leadership unveiling their new bill today, reaction pouring in from both sides of the aisle. does it have enough support to
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move forward? the latest from washington. meanwhile president trump is across the pond in paris with the french president at eiffel tower. why not? president trump facing reporters on camera for the first time since the controversy over his son's meeting with a russian lawyer. we have a lot more coming up. among our guests this hour, former arkansas governor, mike huckabee, arizona congressman andy biggs, charlie hurt of "the washington times" and former head of the cbo, douglas holtz-eakin, we can't forget, i don't know what that means, charlie gasparino. who could forget, maybe that is what it is supposed to say. connell: he looks angry. melissa: that's normal. connell: the dow closing at record high. here we go again, second day in a row we've seen it. nicole petallides starts us off at the new york stock exchange. tell us big winners. >> big day for the bulls. another winning day on
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wall street. apple, microsoft leading the way. leading the day with one of our traders, stephen guilfoyle, financials moving hand in hand with the 10-year treasury bonds, 2.34%. ahead of tomorrow's numbers for a lot of those banks. we watch pnc, jpmorgan, just to name a few. the airlines very interesting, the dow jones transportation index which finished lower today hit all-time high intraday. delta pulls backs on quarterly report. jetblue a winner, seeing more traffic as well. moving on to retailers. this as target sees more store traffic. that is hallelujah type of phrase. that in itself brings up the whole group. target gives a optimistic comment. that is up almost 5%. brings up walmart, macy's jcpenney. as i toss it back to you,
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jcpenney says they will have toys within the jcpenney stores. that may be something new for the shoppers interested in that. connell: who would have thunk it. nicole, thank you very much. good day. melissa: oils climbs up for the fourth straight day climbing up 1%, 46.08 a barrel. keeping in mind crude still down 14% on the year. good for drivers though. connell: the dow with the record high it is the 24th record of the year, record close, up on the day by 21 points nicole was talking about. the other thing she mentioned which is interesting, not necessarily what happened today, but what might happen tomorrow. investors waiting for pretty big names in the banking industry to report their numbers. we have scott martin from kingsview asset management, fox news contributor, kevin kelly, recon capital is also here. guys, why don't we start with that? today is calm day, we edge higher by some 20 points. tomorrow, what are we looking
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for kevin with, these banks? >> guidance on trading volume. it has been particularly weak. they're tending to hold back, not raising deposits with regard how they're paying out on those. we'll see what they have to say. jamie dimon came out this week and said he doesn't want the fed to disrupt the interest rate environment by unwinding the balance sheet significantly. seems like we'll be lower for longer. he seemed to temper investors expectations. connell: interesting to hear, scott, janet yellen this week, it seemed to help market as little bit last couple days. what about for the banking business? what do you think her comments mean for them? >> i think what she said isn't good if you're in the banking business. kevin said, lower for longer. i was shocked. seems like janet yellen is on the path for loose and easy money. yes, the economy needed sometime years ago, now adays this should be higher interest rate economy. if you're in the banking business, you borrow short, lend long to the consumer.
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that spread is where the earns power is. we will see tomorrow there is not much in there yet. melissa: yeah. the big reveal. the senate republicans release revised version of the health care bill already causing a bit of controversy on capitol hill. fox business's adam shapiro on d.c. with the details. what is the latest, adam? reporter: several senators are saying they don't want this to go forward as a introduction so they can debate. you have susan collins and rand paul, rand paul say absolute no. susan collins doesn't want to go forward as debate. she is wants to fix on the bill going forward. the person who seems to build a bridge to get enough people to vote, senator ted cruz. senator cruz describing his amendment and what happens you now earlier today. here he is in his own words. >> i'm encouraged. i think we're making positive steps. it was a big deal that the senate draft you now inyou clouds the consumer flood he
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dom -- now includes the consumer freedom amendment. it is focused on giving you the you as the consumer what health insurance you want. reporter: within the last five minutes you have got senator mccain out of arizona saying this is a quote, if we are not able to reach consensus the senate should return to regular order, hold hearings, receive input from senators from both parties, produce a bill that finally provides americans with access to affordable and quality health care. to give you an idea, melissa, just what kind of rancor among the republicans, the vice president was asked do you have the votes? and he didn't say yes. he said, we're working very hard to get there. gives you the impression this thing has appeal of a raw liver souffle'. melissa: ah, what a horrible image, adam. thank you for that i think. here is republican congressman andy biggs from arizona. thanks for joining us. i understand it is in the senate, you're in the house but does everybody need to stay put
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until something is done? >> i think so. i mean we're talking about 1/6 of the united states economy. we're talking about a bill that is drawing some very lukewarm reviews. we don't know if the senate can get it out. i want to stay out of their business but we're talking about two weeks here. then we go to a four or five-week recess when we have more than the health care to do. we have debt ceiling limit. we have budget reform and tax reform coming. melissa: how realistic is it that everyone would stay in washington? zooms like the clamor to do that is growing. seems like hard to go home and face constituents when the work isn't done? >> that is the point. we promised voters we would do certain things. we've done a lot of things,
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clear out the underbrush. we haven't delivered obamacare repeal. we have additional things on deadlines after that. we don't want to be stuck with a budget, hey we need to vote on the budget, we can't get that dons because you have to get through 11 bills to get that done. melissa: you talk about that you haven'ted produced the repeal when some people look at and criticize the bill, say it is not a repeal, but at least it is better than what we had before. rand paul doesn't think it is better. we'll listen to what he has to say. i will get your reaction. >> i'm not advocating nothing, but nothing would be better than this bill because the death spiral of obamacare is based on one fundamental flaw, and that is that you can buy insurance after you're sick and that we haves these regulations that make insurance expensive so young, healthy people can't buy it. melissa: it seems like we satisfied some of those things in this bill though, with the cruz amendment. if you let it lapse, buy insurance later, you have to pay a penalty. it does address some of those
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concerns. is this right, is this better than what we have? >> i'm looking for the cbo scores next week to tell as you little bit about that but one thing i would say you don't bring down premiums if you don't take care of community health rating or essential health benefits package. i'm not sure enough is done to take care of those. melissa: with respect, let me stop you because the question was is this better than nothing or like rand paul, do you think this is not better than doing nothing? >> well, i tend to think that senator paul may be on to something there. i think that he may be right. but i'm urging, you know, much more -- if we can't repeal it which we've done before, why not at least assimilate repeal which this doesn't do either. melissa: thank thank you for cog on. we appreciate your time. connell: our guys, scott and kevin, been here listening in on the conversation with the congressman and also to adam shapiro's report before that. scott, i will go to you first. i don't know if anything will
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get done or not. adam says there are still challenges hire. for market guys like you, you look at this when they promised to repeal obamacare we thought many taxes were going away with it. some are but some aren't. that was supposed to kick off our conversation about tax reform. you have the 3.8% net income investment tax i may be saying. what do you think of that? >> seeing more taxes come back into play, connell, to assuage some of the doubters in congress to vote for this thing. you're right. we talked about health care reform kind of easy -- donald trump this was day one, repeal and replace. not happening. behind that was regulatory reform on business an personal side. to see these problems at every level, at every turn occurring in just health care alone really casts doubt to me thinking about stocks prices here and high levels they're at as well as some things we were promised behind this health care bill with tax reform and regulatory reform. connell: getting something done after this, kevin becomes, even
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more challenging, right? you will lead to the same sort of problems politically when we're talking taxes, maybe, maybe not? what do you think? >> this would mark 0-2 for them. they tried getting this done earlier in the year. i don't know why they didn't kick-start the economy, doing temporary tax cuts, focusing on health care, do real tax reform. important to note this 3.8% tax on interest income on couples making $250,000 or more. let me tell you, if you're a school teacher and firefighter as married couple here in the city, making $250,000 you're not wealthy. connell: tax on the rich thing doesn't work. >> this tax on the rich is complete misnomer. maybe lift the levels to making a million dollars a year but it is preposterous. adam said before listening to raw liver souffle'. that is what it is. you will puke it up. connell: there is that image again. melissa: dow news is reporting that row cue could be filing confidentially for an ipo in the
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coming weeks and the company is expected to go public before year's end. they have reportedly already hired underwriters for the task. apple making a risky bet in china. it will build a data center for its icloud service which could mean giving up some control of chinese data as the company continues to be facing regulatory issues in the nation. scott, what do you think about this one? >> it is interesting because there is two ways to look at this. they will not be able to playfully obviously as they are in the u.s. and the theory is some of the propagatetors of this move, maybe they can go to china to show them how great capitalism is, all of sudden china will come around. reality apple will have to come to grips working in china, working with the chinese government which is still very tough on companies whether they're from the u.s. or china internally. this is to me is a questionable move where apple may bite off more than they can do. melissa: kevin. >> this is key part of apple's wheel.
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even tim cook said it himself, they have got to get users over in china. listen, china will have more people in their middle class than we do in the population here in the united states. it is pivotal for them. and here's what apple said. they said this will improve the speed and reliability of their network, oh, for consumers in china. listen it will not impact people here in the united states. so what, apple needs this for the next leg of growth. melissa: all right. guys, kevin, scott, thank you. connell: all right, the power to change the colors of the new york city skyline. not joking around. change the colors of the skyline, you can have that in the palm of your hand. melissa: that is what i vote for. i like blue purple. what do you think? connell: changing color of buildings. there is an app for that. of course there is a catch. we'll tell you about that as well. the founder of spire works will be here. melissa: alan and company conference is known for producing big media deals but we're hearing just the opposite this year.
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charlie gasparino has the scoop on day two in sun valley. connell: the other big story, president in paris dining at this hour with the french president, earlier facing the press and taking some time to defend his son in his meeting with a russian lawyer. charlie hurt, "washington times," weighs in next. >> nothing happened from the meeting, zero happened from the meeting. honestly the press made a very big deal something over really a lot of people would do. ♪ potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right?
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go on, try something fresh. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. melissa: busy day in paris for president trump pushing on foreign agenda before bastille day tomorrow. blake burman in the white house with all things surrounding the president's trip abroad.
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blake, why did they leave you home? reporter: i didn't get to go to paris, france, after italy, after germany. the wife is happy i guess. melissa: there you go. reporter: there was a big news conference over there in paris which unsurprisingly melissa, questions put to president trump about donald trump, jr. yesterday here in washington on capitol hill, that hand selected nominee, christopher wray, suggested if someone were put into the position donald trump, jr. was put in regards to russian attorney meeting, wray said that person should pick up the phone and can't the fbi. earlier today president trump was asked about the comments made by the director nominee. saying that his donald trump, jr. is a good person and the president contends anybody else in the political game would have acted the same way. >> my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a russian
4:19 pm
lawyer. not a government lawyer, but a russian lawyer. it was a short meeting, i think from a practical standpoint, most people would have taken that meeting. reporter: now the president described the meeting as means tracking down opposition research which he says is fairly standard in politics. at that news conference the president was not shy either talking about another meeting, one he had last week in hamburg with the russian president vladmir putin. the president noted that those conversations ended up resulting in a cease-fire. the president broke a little bit of news saying those conversations could also end with a second potential cease-fire. >> we're working on a second sees fire in a very -- cease-fire in very you rough part of syria and if we get that, and a few more, all of a sudden you will have no bullets being fired in syria, and that would be a wonderful thing.
4:20 pm
reporter: melissa, on board air force one on the way to paris last night the president spoke with reporters. according to the transcript, part of it at least put out by the white house a little while ago, president trump was asked, might he invite vladmir putin here to the white house for a meeting? here is how president trump responded. quote, i would say yes, yeah, at the right time. i don't think this is the right time but the answer is, yes, i would. if that were to happen at some point, melissa, spectacle that would be. back to you. melissa: i mean i can't even imagine. blake, thank you. connell. connell: wow. charlie hurt here, "washington times" opinion editor. he is also a fox news contributor. i think spectacle is probably an understatement. >> it would be huge. connell: do you think that would actually happen? >> i don't know. donald trump is the master of sort of floating something like that. connell: right. >> first of all makes the media freak out.
4:21 pm
he does seem to enjoy that. it sets up some sort of a negotiating positions out there that allows him to sort of kind of circle his prey or whatever and it is a very, he is very creative like that. and i see he likes to throw things out there. connell: they may never happen. we're talking about it. and then we're not necessarily talking for at least the first 30 seconds of our conversation about don, jr. >> that is exactly right. there is an outside chance it works out that he manages to elicit something from putin he wanted and he does make it work. connell: interesting on the don, jr. story as blake said, the comment from the president said, most people would have taken this meeting. to his point, chris wray, the right thing would have been to call the fbi. >> there is not a campaign in america that would have called the fbi on the idea that some acquaintance of yours has a lawyer with information that has dirt on your opponent. that is not how it works. connell: even if that person is identified representing the russian government even though
4:22 pm
it wasn't a government lawyer? >> i think trump is probably kind of right about this. i have a hard time imagining any political operatives that i have ever dealt with on federal level who wouldn't at least find out what the information is. maybe hand them over to the fbi. connell: if something illegal was said. >> but they would want the information first. you know, donald trump right there. it was real interesting, it will do nothing to calm the press obviously. connell: right. >> but that was not his audience right there. he was talking to people at home who keep hearing all this stuff about russia, russia, and i think that explanation works. it doesn't clear up all the questions but it works a lot better with them. connell: really significant that story, we knew it would, followed him outside of the country and became a topic at that press conference. >> that was a smart move on his part because, that is where he is, uses the role of the presidency at his strongest. connell: in what way? >> he is abroad, standing there at a lecturn next to another
4:23 pm
president. connell: right. >> all of it is to his advantage. he is giving this very lofty speech about big ideas. then the questions are about this. and it makes him, it elevates him in a way. connell: what do you think of the dynamic though, real quick between he and macron? kind of interesting to see you how that he developed since the handshake faceoff everyone made a big deal of? >> if you listen to opening statements, macron had very specific issues he wanted to talk about, and he listed them all. donald trump took a different tact. it was high-minded speech about history of human freedom with these two countries, sort of took upper hand, reveals two different negotiating styles. connell: charlie, great to see you. charlie hurt there with us. melissa? melissa: more breaking news right now. vanguard ceo, who is william mcnab and tim buckley is taking over starting in january.
4:24 pm
mcnab has been ceo of the company since 2008. connell: interesting. health care continues to steal the spotlight. congress still working behind the scene pushing to give americans a big tax cut. we'll talk about it. douglas holtz-eakin will weigh in. plus the administration is cracking down on health care fraud. not going to believe how many people they caught. that is next. >> we are sending a clear message to criminals across this country. we will find you, we will bring you to justice, and you will pay a very high price for what you have done. ♪ dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99%
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and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done. connell: as americans wait for health care reform, house ways and means committee chairman kevin brady has told fox business, he is confident tax reform can get done this year.
4:28 pm
>> my focus is on 2017, delivering this to the president's desk this year. that fits in with the general timetable to do that. we haven't settled a date yet on that specific action. i will tell you this. he i really like the pace an substance of the discussions. haven't seen anything that knocks us off the timetable this year. connell: douglas holtz-eakin, american action forum and former director of the congressional budget office. doug, haven't seen you for a while. >> good to see you. connell: what do you think of this time frame? congressman brady says he is confident, we heard from steve mnuchin and others along similar line, is it realistic to get taxes done by the end of the year? >> i think it is possible to do it in 2018 as well. people forget tax reform act of 1986 was passed during a midterm election year. while they like to get it done
4:29 pm
2017, realistic assessment says they can bleed over to 2018. having said that -- connell: i'm sorry. >> having said that, nice to see proposal, mark up of a bill and see the process begin to move forward. until that happens uncertainty remains. connell: you are saying about realistic expectations. what is the realistic expectation of people watching in terms of the bill itself? should we ranch when the down expectations on corporate tax cut? will it not be as big as some apriled? >> i think the benchmark is the house blueprint which got the corporate rate down to 20%. there is a controversy about base broadenners and border adjustment and deductibility. if you give up for example, border adjustment you're at 28. if you give up interest dedickability, you're higher yet. the question remains where are the base broadenners have to do tax reform, have it be permanent and growth incentives? actual proposal and legislative
4:30 pm
process is a thing we need to see. connell: the economic growth incentives are interesting, that is how most of the administration officials think it will be paid for, right? we heard from janet yellen say this week, getting to this trump administration goal of 3% growth in the economy will not be very easy. in fact it will be quite challenging in your her view. what you do you think. >> that is quite challenging. we got reminder. congressional budget office put out tear estimates of debt under the proposals. difference between the cbo happens and president happens is economic growth. getting to 3% is imperative. tax reform is probably a in-pin of that effort. in and of itself done very, very well, gets you half a percentage point a little bit more. combined with serious pro-growth health care reform, serious regulatory reform and maybe a smart infrastructure program, you have to have everything line up correctly to get three. that is hard work.
4:31 pm
connell: it would have to lien up to work. >> it is hard. connell: every time we talk to the campaign, how will you pay for this? the answer is essentially, don't worry about it, economic growth. that is always been their answer. you're saying that is not sufficient? >> i think economic growth has to be the top priority. i don't want to be misunderstood by that. that is the thing that will help americans the most. the single thing you can do for the american middle class, get growth faster, wage growth again, that's it. the second piece of it is is the budgetary piece, there i don't think you can easily shrug your shoulders say, it will all be fine. there is a lot of hard work to be done. they need to begin the process. connell: we'll check back with you. douglas holtz-eakin. thank you, sir. melissa: update on majority whip steve scalise he remains hospitalized undergoing surgery again related to his an infection related to his bullet wounds. he is in fair condition but will continue to require very careful
4:32 pm
monitoring going forward. wow. connell: authorities cracking down on major drug case. 400 individuals were arrested. over 100 of them involved in opioid related crimes. attorney general jeff sessions calling this the biggest case of health care fraud in u.s. history with more than $1.3 billion in illicit transactions taking place. many of those arrested were writing more prescriptions than entire hospitals had been writing, believe it or not. melissa: amazing. are you inspired by president trump? the big name from the entertainment world might be making his way to our nation's capitol. connell: plus the president standing by his son as we talked about earlier but has donald trump already been convicted in the court of public opinion? next, former governor mike huckabee sounds off. >> somebody said that her visa or her passport to come into the country was approved by attorney general lynch. now maybe that is wrong.
4:33 pm
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♪you are loved wherever you are. connell: back to the record close of the dow we started at with. that is the highest level in the history of the dow jones industrial average. s&p and nasdaq climbed higher today as well. investors waiting on big morning tomorrow. bank earnings coming out from likes of citigroup and jpmorgan,
4:37 pm
and wells fargo, bank of america. goldman. they all report tomorrow morning before the opening bell. melissa: senator check grassley wants donald trump, jr., to testify in front of the senate judiciary committee over his russia meeting. this is according to the associated press but is the media already declaring him guilty? look at that cover. here is former governor mike huckabee. he is a fox news contributor. what is your take on that cover, first of all? that was quick. >> didn't take them long at all. that is you all the media is obsessed about. that is embarrassing for them. they don't have the ability to be shamed. if you honestly watched most of the networks you would think there is not a thing in the world going on except an absolute total obsession with whether or not donald trump, jr., had a meeting with the russians and he is already said that he did. lasted 20 minutes. it was so exciting, jared
4:38 pm
kushner got up and left after five minutes. paul manafort, looked at his phone, after 20 minutes, don, jr., said i'm done. melissa: what did you think of the revelation today, we'll see if it bears out, but the idea that the russian attorney involved was in the country because she was going to capitol hill to meet with other people? that she didn't have the proper visa in order to travel. reportedly, this is according to "the hill," former attorney general loretta lynch is the one that actually allowed her to come into the country? >> well, if there is any justice in this world, then not only would grassley's committee have to look at that, so would bob mueller. no way you can ignore the fact here is a person denied a visa, then turned around and got one. wanted to meet with donald trump, jr., to supposedly dish dirt on hillary, and she didn't have any. then showed up the a con --
4:39 pm
congressionalling. this is pretty serious stuff. we think it was loretta lynch but who at the doj thought it was okay for this attorney to get a visa and show up? melissa: seems until recently there were bizarre things going on with various russian entities in the country, or her coming in, strange dossier, totally fake about the president, they were trying to circulate. there were a lot of different things where they were trying to sort of sow chaos, not really specific to either party but a little bit all over the place. maybe it deserves attention about i don't know who was really guilty of trying to take advantage ahead of time. maybe everybody a little bit. what is your take? >> well the guardian is reporting for example, that john mccain sent an emissary overseas to talk to a british emissary who supposedly got information, got it back to mccain, who then handed it to
4:40 pm
james comey. why haven't we heard more about this? this is pretty significant, when a sitting senator is getting information that could be harmful to the gop president-elect, and why would he have it? why would even want it? and why hasn't he told us a little bit more in detail about what that information was, and exactly what this whole trail of evidence is? i mean there is so much things. i think as far as the russians, look they're like any other fishing expedition. they throw every hook in the water they can hoping something bites. i think that is exactly what we're seeing on the part of the russians. were they trying to disrupt things? yeah. did they have a particular interest in who won? i'm not sure they did but i think the one thing we can conclusively say, melissa, they didn't affect the outcome of the election. there is no evidence whatsoever of that. melissa: well, certainly tried to impact it. they tried to impact what americans were thinking.
4:41 pm
that will probably continue going forward. maybe that is the takeaway. governor huckabee, thank you. >> thank you, melissa. >> moving right along here. talking about giving back it those who help us. good deed for firefighters after they risked their lives to fight raging wildfires out in california. ivanka trump and jared kushner mingling with tech and media titans in sun valley. the man who majors in mingling, charlie gasparino, coming up next. take care of him for us. ♪
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connell: sun valley time. jared and ivanka meeting up with top business leaders at the sun valley conference in idaho. cbs chief executive leslie moonves telling fox business he has no plans to make a move for a company.
4:45 pm
with that, our news breaker in chief, charlie gasparino, joins us with perspective on all this. before we talk about cbs, how about jared kushner and ivanka trump, any idea how they're being received out there, charlie? >> i would think fairly postively. they're the progressive wing of the trump white house. there is the nationalist wing, right-wing of the trump white house led by steve bannon, traditional republicans like reince priebus. then there is a whole group of, coterie i should say of progressive like gary cohn who actually voted for president obama back in 2008. ivanka trump and jared kushner. so i think this is kind of a, by the way i'm being attacked, i'm being swarmed by bees out here you should know. snakes, there are snakes back there. connell: right. >> look at that. in any event -- melissa: why he goes to the country. connell: don't put me on camera. see a closer shot of charlie. >> i'm glad we're not, i'm glad
4:46 pm
we're not in florida, i would be harassed by gators. remember when i was here two years ago? melissa: he afraid of the environment. >> two years ago i was harassed by security guards. i'm harassed by bees and rattle snakes. connell: i don't remember. wanted to give you time about the cbs story. >> they're in friendly territory. the cbs story is very interesting. cbs has always been rumored being something that a big distributor would like to acquire or merging with something like time warner. connell: right. >> what we have here, les moonves telling brian schwartz my producer, exclusively to fox business no deal is on the table. he is not looking. he thinks he can stay independent. we'll see you how long that lasts. cbs is one of those names keep getting out there to merge up. one of the problems with having deals, listen the trump administration is positive towards deals, right? it is not regulation heavy
4:47 pm
administration that obama had, we had with president obama. that said, prices of all these companies are astronomical. unless you're a google, or an apple, with a huge currency, lots of cash, or at&t as it is doing with time warner it is very, very difficult to do these deals. connell: right. >> we should point out moonves thinks time warner deal with at&t, will fly through despite president trump's opposition to the deal during the campaign. some of the comment about cnn which is subsidiary of time warner. there you have it. i don't think, i don't think ivanka and jared are making much noise here other than having a good time. by the way i saw ivanka coming in this morning eating my breakfast. melissa: careful. >> she was walking in with ken langone, cofounder of home depot. connell: okay. >> i wanted to eat breakfast. connell: bacon and eggs -- we go to blake burman, reporter hes to back we learn something, with
4:48 pm
you never a dull moment. melissa: there is snake behind you, charlie, watch out. rattlesnake right behind you. >> i break news and get attacked by rattlesnakes an bees. connell: thanks, man. apparently we have to move on for breaking news. talk to you -- >> overly, overly -- melissa: that's what happens when you send a city boy out to the country. fox is learning that former national security advisor susan rice is likely to appear in front of the senate intelligence committee next week. we'll update you with any developments. should be interesting. connell: yes it should. picking up the tab, one woman did paid the bill for a group of 25 california fire-fighters. the woman remaining anonymous, paid the 400-dollar tab, even leaving $100 for dessert. the firefighters after battling of stating firefighters stopped at local denny's, when the kind deed was done. very nice. should do that for gasparino.
4:49 pm
melissa: leaving work to do even more work. how millions of americans are hustling to get a little extra dough in their bank accounts. the side hustle. an, exclusive app is giving you a chance to light up the new york city skyline. you might have to pay up though. kind of depends how you come about it. ♪ ♪
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4:53 pm
douglas d you urst and his organization. joining us is spire works founder and douglas durts. this is the hit hot thing in new york that everybody is trying to get their hands on. you have to be invited. how do you decide who is invited? >> i don't. so the design of the whole app initially was to animate the lights, not with like some piece of computer code that runs autonomously, but for all the people to enliven the lights. melissa: yeah. >> and so it started off with a small group, you know. i invited some families and friends, key stakeholders at the durst organization. they in turn invited others and others and others. what happened the app has grown through this private membership. melissa: there it is right there. those are colors you can choose from. is there a limit? if you go bananas changing colors half a second i would
4:54 pm
imagine if you break things. that is what my kids do when they get a hold of it. >> we accounted for that. we had kids use it even though probably past their bedtime. it is in the design. you only get a two-minute turn. there is five people at once on each spire and -- melissa: you're fighting for control with someone else like a videogame? >> just sharing control. jug band theory of collaboration, right? you all get to do something different. melissa: yeah. >> it is through contrast of things happening it is fun. melissa: we're a money show. i'm looking for angle and suspicious how you're making money off this, you answered the question in the break before you came on you think in the long run this could be a way to raise money for charity? >> yeah. i think the future of spire works is some sort of a social benefit, probably through donation, but also partnering with csrs and causes and, we do that currently. we do lots of symbolic lighting. getting people and their
4:55 pm
engagement what they have, tied to those causes is going to be key. melissa: so for people who don't live in new york, where you don't know, for a certain holiday or when it is, heart association day or whatever, the top of the empire state building other iconic building would be lit up in specific colors. when you're driving around in new york you see a building lit in specific color, remind you what is going on. it is sort of philanthropic and awareness trend in new york. probably other places i would imagine. >> right. melissa: the idea of tying it to philanthropy makes sense. you get people donating certain period of time and make it color for whatever it going on? >> right, it might be something where the colors may not always correspond to the cause. it might be ramp up to a particular date for a cause. >> you know people are using this on date to show how cool they are? have you read some arts cycles? a tinder person i saying i guess they were trying to sell their profile, got them to take it down.
4:56 pm
you don't want any cool guys in new york using this to pick up women? >> people using it to impress people, that is fun. we support that. melissa: you support that. >> i support people having finance with spireworks. selling invites online and stuff, that is verboten. melissa: they're telling me you have to go. are you inviting me. >> inviting you after the segment. melissa: i can't wait. we're not sharing with any of you, i'm sorry. mark, spireworks. how about me. ha, ha. connell: hello. rock and roll meets politics. kid rock. he is next face of our nation's capital? ♪ potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150.
4:57 pm
michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
4:58 pm
♪ ♪
4:59 pm
hey, i'm the internet! i know a bunch of people who would love that. the internet loves what you're doing... build a better website in under an hour with... ...gocentral from godaddy. the internet is waiting. start for free today at godaddy. . >> so he wanted to be a cowboy, but he's going to settle for senator. kid rock fueling expectation that he's going to run for a gop senate seat in michigan next year tweeting quote i have had a ton of e-mails and
5:00 pm
texts asking me if his website is real. the answer is yes. connell: apparently he's going to compete against de debbie, the democrat. not usually a republican district. we'll see. melissa: there you go. risk and reward starts now. liz: markets shrugging off congressional calls for donald trump jr. to testify in capitol hill. the dow closing at a new all-time high today. this as president trump contrary to news reports did receive a warm reception in france while his pro growth agenda here at home may finally be moving forward. welcome to risk and reward i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. welcoming president trump with a big display of military in paris. the president and the first lady guest of honor at tomorrow's. the world war i to defend


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