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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  July 14, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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that president obama's administration granted a visa extension. to that russian lawyer who eventually had that infamous now meeting with donald trump jr. it was very unusual that she got the visa. why did they allow her in? now over to liz claman. over to you. liz: have a great weekend, trish. president trump just touched down on american soil and claims just moments ago after his two-day visit to france, now in new jersey for the weekend with two major issues awaiting him. new revelations regarding some donald jr.'s controversial meeting with the russian lawyer. plus, the fragile state of the gop plan to repeal and prere: place obamacare. by the way, that's shifting, literally as we speak. because within the last couple of hours, cracks have started to show and grow among the republican ranks as more members go public insinuating that if repealing obamacare is an impossible task for the
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gop, it's time to start uttering the word rarely spoken in dc. bipartisan. will the democrats sing along? congressman joe is the chairman of the house democratic caucus. he will tell us what's the democrats will do if and when they get a seat at the bargaining table. political strategist brad blake man are here to make bets on whether the health care fight derails or allows other to taxes to budget on infrastructure. the iran deal is now two years old. today, lieutenant highs and they're on their way to weekly gains and their highest closes in history. we're less than an hour to the closing bell on this friday. let's start the countdown.
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♪ ♪ liz: so yesterday, it was a confetti canon, today we are cueing up the video. both the dow and the s&p are on to record close. with the dow up 76, any gain at all would be a record. but the s&p must finish above this level. 24.53. right now we're at 24.59. could be by a whisker here. today on the page for weekly gains. that would be the second week in a row that we've seen that. now, to telecom here, even as your wireless bills may be dropping, a wireless powerhouse may be in the works. shares of sprint jumping on reports that sprint chair has met with warren buffett and john to discuss a possible investment in the wireless
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company. the wall street journal reporting that berkshire hathaway could put more than $10 billion into a transaction of sort if the deal goes through. looking at sprint shares, up 5 full percentage points. not a bad move for sprint at the moment. maybe get in there. bad news, though, keeps piling on for snap. another ipo underwriter. this time has downgraded the stock and lowered its price target. earlier in the week, morgan stanley changed the tune on snap, downgrading the stock and slashing the price target saying maybe we were a little too aggressive or outright wrong in our expectation of ad sales here. snap right now down another 2.5%. let's get to president trump. he did spend the early part of the day celebrating in paris with president macron of france. while picking up steam here in
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the united states, fox news has confirmed that there was a second russian at the meeting with donald trump jr. last year who had come with the woman on your screen who is a lawyer. a russian american lobbyist has confirmed he was the one who was also in attendance. adam shapiro at the white house with the possible connections to russian intelligence that that gentleman might have. >> possible connections because he is a dual citizen in the united states and russia. he did serve in the soviet military, and he does has ties to soviet intelligence. he was actually named in a letter in april by chuck grassley as being part of the -- or at least a known intelligence operative. but he has confirmed to the associated press and fox has confirmed this that he was at this meeting at trump tower. so democrats are seizing on this, and it was adam, we've got a picture of him. the democratic ranking member who called all of the changing
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stories and then said that the report about this former russian counterintelligence officer being present during the meeting with donald trump jr. jared kushner, and paul manafort if accurate, if accurate another deeply disturbing fact about the secret meeting. but then there are republicans who are coming to the defense of not only donald trump jr. but also the president who are pointing out that this does not in and of itself hint at criminal activity, although there are questions to be asked. chris stuart, who is a republican from utah on the house intelligence committee told fox this: >> we've got a lot of americans who go to bed every night dreaming that donald trump is going to be impeached, and they wake up in the morning, and their disappointed it hasn't happened. and i've been saying for a long time, there's a lot of other important things. i wonder if a year from now we look back and say, you know, we ignored north korea. we ignored, you know, another meaningful story as we focus on russia. . >> and as you were talking about at the beginning, liz,
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how many people were actually in that room during that meeting? what was said we know jared kushner was there, paul manafort was there, now these two people with ties to russia, russian citizens were there. but according to fox news, there may have been two other people there who have yet to be identified. back to you. liz: adam, thank you very much. and as adam was talking, we are climbing up higher. back to the highs of the session for the dow. up 91 moments. we are up 80 at the moment, we may breach that ceiling. i will let you know if we do. president trump putting the full-court press on members of senate. first making calls from france to privately prod select gop senators. then this morning he used his twitter pulpit to hammer his message home tweeting so important republican senators under leadership mcconnell. get health care plan approved. after seven years of obamacare disaster, must happen.
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what's next? could it be a verbal pitchfork where he could start jabbing individual senators publicly now, like, rand paul and susan collins, who has opposed, officially opposed the new health care plan? or could we be headed toward bipartisanship? listen to what republican senator tim scott just told neil cavuto two hours ago. >> there will be a move from right and left to cobble together reforms that will address some of the challenges in the individual market, which means that we will be putting time, energy, and money back into a formula that does not work called obamacare. so if we fail here, we come right back, in my opinion, to the health care conversation, and we do that in a bipartisan fashion with democrats holding the ace. liz: he said bipartisan. is the bipartisan light about to turn green?
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to capitol hill chairman of the democratic caucus. thank you so much for joining us. i know it's a busy hour right now. let me begin with this. if senator scott is right, if it fails, will democrats in the house and senate come to negotiating table and how quickly? >> well, i think it's interesting to note. since when did the word bipartisan become a word? i think that the best legislation that gets accomplished is done in a bipartisan way. we harken back to 1986. in that year reagan and chip o'neal were able to accomplish two great things. immigration reform bill, as well as doing a tax reform bill. and they lasted for many, many years because they were bipartisan. so the hope here is that when the republicans end this political hunt and work toward a policy solution that they will engage democrats, more likely in the senate through schumer and others to really get to some of the issues that
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need some fixing, need some help in terms of the affordable care act. liz: you sound very compromising here. let's imagine what senator scott talked about happens, what is the tone democrats will take? will it be one of compromise or one where you'll say just about no to everything in the current draft? >> well, i think that once we get past as i said before, the political -- this is all politics. there was never expectation that we were actually going to control everything. and now that they do, they have to come up with solutions. so they kind of just throwing things together, and really, a replying quest. so i do think, for instance, the affordability of prescription drugs. i think that's something democrats or republicans recognize is going through the roof, and we need to get a handle on that. and that's a way that really affects after our constituents. i think there are ways that we can also shore up these markets and make sure that these exchanges are working properly. so -- yeah?
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liz: well, i want to bring in some of the things that are in this. they want to add about 17 billion new money to support medicaid. and then there are other things. they want to keep, possibly, the obamacare era taxes on higher earners. those are just two things. 45billion added to fight the opioid addiction crisis. what are you willing to bend on? and what's the deal breaker? >> i think right now what you're seeing are these sweeteners not to bring democrats to the table but quite frankly, to bring republicans, republican senators specifically. they talk about the polar pay off. you know, these are temps to bring individual senators to the table. and what i'm suggesting here is that we need to come together, everyone have the opportunity to come to the table. and at this point, that hasn't happened. and until they get through the political process, they're not yet at the point where they're actually talking to democrats, and that's what i'm hopeful for. liz: well, they're talking a lot to each other. they have brought some of it in the past 48 hours to the
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american people. but, look, we here at fox business would like to see more selling to the american people versus to each other. but let me get to what the democrats can or cannot do. can you agree that entitlement programs like medicaid are so bloated that they're going to take us all over a cliff? because in the senate draft -- in reality, it doesn't cut medicaid, it cuts the rates of growth. wouldn't that be the fiscally responsible thing to do? >> the impact of that cut on growth would impact over 20 million american lives. people who now have health coverage who would be left abandoned. that's not the american approach. that's not the way in which to do this. i think there are ways in which we can boast medicaid both on the federal and state level. we recognize the responsibility of medicaid is not solely the federal. it's also the state's. and we haven't seen every state contribute toward that. if every state had cooperation, i think we would be in a much better place right now, and i think the affordable care act would be
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working better as well. liz: well, before you go, congressman, you've done a lot for your district for bronx and queens and security getting federal funds for security of that area, and that's terrific. so i -- you've been an honest guy. i need to know. will you be malleable if democrats get to the table? >> i think democrats -- and including myself. i have a track record of working through the republican colleagues that kevin brady and all those in the weighs and means committee in the house are practical solutions for real solutions, powerful solutions for america. i stand ready to do that on a myriad of issues, including health care. liz: thank you, congressman. we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. liz: fair and balanced, coming up in the next hour, melissa and mcconnell will get the gop perspective on health care and taxes with another new york congressman on the weighs and means committee. republican tom reed on after the bell. we have about 38 -- 48 minutes before the closing bell rings.
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as many of you buy things at walmart, goldman sachs is saying buy walmart. right behind it, walmart. adding it to a buy list and raising its price target to $84 from 78. we're at 76 bucks and change right now. and madia isn't going back to jail but viacom has locked in the entertainer. the entertainment company announcing a multiyear deal with tyler perry. an exclusive agreement for tv film and short form programming. and in the final hour of trade, viacom, the stock has struggled recently is one of the biggest winners on nasdaq. it's up 1.5%. jp morgan chief drops the s bomb while blaming washington gridlock for the slow growth of the nations and your pocketbook. but will the dc function
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liz: don't you hate it when you hit every ball right to the outfield and score but one whiff during the game, and that's all anybody can focus
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on? well, a trifecta of heavy banks out with results this morning. and while jp morgan, citigroup, and wells fargo beat profit expectations, investors decided to focus on their weaker guidance. and that sent all of these stocks lower. but it wasn't just pure play numbers that weighed on the results. during the conference call this morning, jp morgan ceo jamie diamond went off on the u.s. government saying the political gridlock is hurting the economy. and he got passionate about it. >> it's almost an embarrassment being an american citizen traveled around the world and listening to the stupid (bleep) we have to deal with in this country. liz: amen, jamie. and to the floor show. something tells me traders at the new york stock exchange, cme, weren't exactly offended by that. but do they set the tone for next week? we have a slew of results, about nine big names there. what are you expecting from these names? and do you relate to what
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jamie diamond is saying? >> absolutely. jamie diamond for president, you know? he's absolutely spot on. we've been talking about this for a while. the dysfunction in dc has definitely hurt us. but, you know, as we kind of expected with the banks, it was the guidance that was going to be more important with the results. and we got that profit taking today. but let's look at what the fed has to say. now, they're going to be on the sidelines now potentially for the rest of the year. so easy money is back in focus, and that's why this market has seen this rally that we've seen this week hitting all-time highs every day. liz: what about that, chris, and let's broaden the discussion to other sectors. when intel comes out. the chip names in the world start whether it's nvidia, they start moving in lockstep sometimes for tech names, for social media names. do you suspect that might happen? >> well, i mean, i think that -- this market is poised for a lot of following. so people are looking for something to do. everybody's waiting for the next big move.
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so people start to move, people tend to jump on it. you saw the fact that the trading volume has been down quite a bit because the markets haven't been moving. so everybody's waiting for something to move. so, yeah, any sort of earnings announcement, any sort of movement, i think you're going to see people jump on it because people are looking for volatility. liz: okay. let me remind everybody. retail sales for the month of june missed again. they fell once again, and then we got what's called the cpi, the consumer price index. this is an indication of the inflation at the consumer level. it too was i believe unchanged. so, no, improvement there on any of that. that has spooked traders who are betting on whether the fed will hike once again for the third time this year. in fact, it's pretty stunning. yesterday, they were at 55%. the odds of a rate hike in december. now they have fallen to 43.1% and falling. because this morning, it was 47%. when we shift the discussion, allen, to oil and everything
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else, how does that square? do you believe that there will be one more rate hike as janet yellen had kind of promised, or not? >> i do think we're going to have one more rate hike, and i do think it's going to come before the end of this year. i do think right now, it's not going to have much of an impact on crude oil. i think right now the bigger influence is oversupply and opec. and these two are at a tug-of-war with each other. last time we spoke, we recommend to the people out there that they buy dips, they buy these selloffs, and if they had, they would be doing very well. we were talking when crude oil was $44 and related to 46.5. now a little bit of an upside. come to 48 and come back off again. i'm seeing a range. 42 to 50 is the range right now. liz: okay. but, again, i've had 45 to 50 but, again, there's more production here in the u.s. because the recount jumped again this friday up about two more. and i believe that's
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something, like, the 26th out of the 27th week that we've seen gains there. matt, as we finish up, what do you think monday brings? it's a new trading week. we've had two weeks where it appears we will close to the upside for the week. >> yeah. we've had some after the european close almost every day this week. no one wanted to be short going into this weekend. that's going to continue. obviously to the close today. we've seen them off. we're at highs of the day. let's look at netflix being the next winner, really, they're the next in line as far as the market darling. liz: okay. netflix up about nearly 2% right now. matt, chris, allen, have a great weekend and don't miss wall street week tonight because maria is speaking with the editor and founder of one of the smartest guys in the business. grants interest rate observers, jim grant. the dow's record run, which, by the way, i would tell you
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if they blasted through the ceiling today. we're up 96 right now. she'll also talk about the fed's impact on the economy and talk about the trump growth agenda. that's at 8:00 p.m. eastern. and then stick around for property man. bob massie explores homes with hidden passageways and the designer who holds the keys to top secret movies. the property man 8:00 p.m. on fox business. 37 minutes before the closing of bell rings. president trump repeatedly called the iran nuclear deal, even when he was a candidate, the quote worst ever. on this two-year anniversary of the highly controversial un deal, why is the president officially about to give it a second thumbs up during his administration? lieutenant colonel ralph peters hear to explain why he thinks that is and whether u.s. businesses are actually cheering it on. countdown coming right back. dow up 97 now. at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95.
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liz: we're at session highs right now. the dow just pumped into triple digit territory. it's up 100 points. it has been two years since president obama signed the controversial iran nuclear deal and throughout his campaign, president trump was against the deal, as were many in congress, including chuck schumer. but iran's compliance, which comes every 90 days is due by monday. there are new reports that the trump administration will be expected to sign off on it. recertify it. it's a huge opportunity for companies like boeing and ge and aviation arms, which already do business in the country. and perhaps for newer companies that want to get into that untapped market or could it be a huge mistake? fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters here with his opinion on this. let's hear it. >> hi, liz. >> well, the first thing people have to understand, liz, is that a deal -- an agreement of the sort we signed with the iranians about
3:29 pm
nuclear weapons isn't the same as a business contract. you have to get the terms you want before it goes to signature. because once everybody signed, no matter how bad the terms are for you, you've got to honor the contract. we can't just tear it up, and i think, you know, trump's hands are tied. mattis doesn't like this, but he recommends going forward and certifying it. because where are we to unilaterally withdraw from the deal, we would be the bad guys and the chinese, latin-americans all want to do business with iran, and they're set to do so, and we would be the spoilers. liz: is there a window at some point in the future where president trump can hold onto that window and they'll get rid of this deal and figure out something better down the road? >> the iranians have been caught red-handed. and they are reportedly pursuing missile development in syria because of course they own the assad regime
3:30 pm
now. but without a violation and approval by the iranians, again, if we abrogate the treaty, we are the the bad guys. kerrie and obama left us in a very bad position. liz: that's what donald trump says, but i'm hearing from you. some say this is a huge opportunity for u.s. businesses. there are other businesses that are well entrenched right now. not in iran, but all over the middle east. whether it's kentucky fried chicken. you can look at anything. dubai, locations in egypt as well. bloomingdale's is in dubai. are they just a hop, skip, and a jump from jumping into iran if the green light is there? >> well, iran will look for the biggest american manufacturers, producers, developers to come to iran. now, the iranian regime hates us. it doesn't like the idea of doing business with americans. but they have watched china and how china has played the
3:31 pm
investing china make a profit, and you are slave deal. because once american businesses are heavily invested in iran or making major sales, aircraft sales and so forth to iran, well, then what you have is the phenomenon in a crisis, the american companies go to our government and say, hey, calm down. we don't want a problem with iran. so if they become iran's defenders. liz: good to see you. and one final quick question because we're running out of time. president trump says he would invite putin, vladimir putin to dc. what do you make of that with this backdrop, obviously, of a controversial meeting with the russian lawyer and donald trump jr.? >> liz, can you imagine president trump and vladimir putin standing -- you know, reviewing the troops on the south lawn of the white house as u.s. soldiers in uniforms march by in honor of vladimir putin? repulsive idea. putin is our enemy and
3:32 pm
president trump needs to get over this with one of the bloodiest man on the planet. liz: i want you to continue watching because the middle east have brought thousands of vets home as amputees. one arm, one limb, two, three, even four limbs gone. we're just 72 hours away from the new york city triathlon where i and seem fox business will compete to raise money to help get mortgage free homes that are customized to their particular injuries. that's really important. building homes for heroes, built one for brave army specialist hugo gonzalez. his wife and three totally adorable girls. hugo was blinded and suffered a traumatic brain injury after his military truck hit an ied in iraq in 2004. but there you see it on the screen. we built the family a home where every room has a different weave of carpet so
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that he can memorize each room and know it by touch. matt joining us. i'm doing the bike, matt's doing the swim, chris is doing the run. i have your running shorts. are you ready? >> i'm ready, but i don't think i can fit into this shorts anymore. i'm pretty psyched. i can't wait. liz: chris, i'm very excited. i know you are too. you and i have done this now for about six years or five -- i've lost count. it doesn't matter. all total, we've raised more than $200,000. i did want to let people know as we put up the board right now that so far, $42,000 has been donated. that makes us less than $8,000 from our goal of 50 grand. look what that money has helped. but we have to build so many more; right? go to building homes for >> we absolutely do. and these guys are great. and the people who have been helping us through you, liz, are fantastic. you're very inspiring to me to
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keep this up year after year, and we're raising a lot of money for a great cause. we just have to rate raise a little bit more to reach our goal this year; right? liz: to that end, i want to read a letter from one of the donors. i am a 76-year-old veteran of the army and retired. my income is limited, but i wanted to contribute to this great cause. i fully understand what our heroes of the military contributed because i am a vet. liz, i can only afford $5. but maybe it will buy a dish rag or two. so i just hope that everybody joins in, makes a donation for these guys; right? >> yeah. it's amazing. and we see these guys, you know, at the various events all year around. they are inspiring people. they are doing the things that keep us free, and we've got to do everything we can to keep them happy when they come home. especially when they come home wounded like these guys do. so god bless you, liz.
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liz: and you. >> god bless everybody who's giving here. liz: and matt's going to be great at the swim. thanks so much. building homes for heroes. >> and thank you, matt, for keeping me out of the hudson river. liz: yeah, exactly. it's building homes for i should be smiling not crying. we'll be right back
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>> i'm nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the dow jones average gaining 106 points, nasdaq up 44. well, if you feel like you missed out on snap or blue apron, it looks like we may have another blockbuster ipo in the works. roku is looking to file with its initial public offering in the next few weeks. aiming for a valuation above $1 billion. and then getting their first look at the new star wars
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theme park set to open in 2019. disneyland in california expected to cost a billion dollars. letting the visitors captain the millennium falcon. disney shares today have been higher. up next, the clock ticks down. liz has an all-star panel on health care and taxes so we need tablets installed... with the menu app ready to roll. in 12 weeks. yeah. ♪ ♪ the world of fast food is being changed by faster networks. ♪ ♪ data, applications, customer experience. ♪ ♪ which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver.
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>> we are committed to get tax reform passed this year. liz: at this time yesterday, treasury secretary steven mnuchin said it again. promises tax reform will be pushed through by december 31st. this, though, as congress focuses elsewhere, it's grabbling over ways to has pect reform right now. let's bring in political panel, republican strategist brad blake man and democratic
3:41 pm
strategist whom we just saw chris. brad, i want to start with you first. make your bet here. put your money on mnuchin or on the 2017 calendar? >> no. i put my money on promises made and promises kept. donald trump, the president, will get health care, and we will get taxes by the close of business of this year. liz: sounding confident there. what about you, chris? >> i don't know, brad. the clock is ticking and health care, i mean, they've only got one vote to spare, and i don't see how they're going to hold on, especially before the august recess, which is their timeline here. i don't think it gets done. tax reform, i think there might be more of a stomach for that. i think they'll be able to keep their troops in line for that and actually get something done. what it is, what it looks like, i'm not quite sure. it won't be everything they want. but they'll get something, i think, by the end of the year. liz: brad, how are they going to get to that point? it appears that there are enough republican senators right now who are either a no vote or certainly undecided at this point.
3:42 pm
and if it goes to a failed vote, once again, we heard today from senator tim scott who told neil cavuto we go to the table with democrats, and that could take a lot longer. and they might have to take out more than just two weeks from their august recess. >> well, democrats, if they get involved, are in no rush to get health care done because they want to push this over until the midterms in 2018 and make this an issue for which they can hope to get back the senate at a minimum or the holy grail, both houses of congress. so republicans have to realize, yeah, we have the clock ticking, but the time is on our side because we are in power. and i think right now what you've got to do with republicans on the fence is say, look, this is going to be open to amendments on tuesday, put your amendment in, let's get it passed the senate, and then we can work this out in conference between the house bill and the senate bill. liz: yeah, but paul ryan said that the house is going to take its recess as planned. now, how are they going to have time this year to pass the budget and the bills, raise the debt ceiling, and
3:43 pm
get health care done if they take off -- what is it? three, five weeks? take a lot of time off. >> yeah. the answer to that is they're not. and brad knows this as well as i do. there hasn't been a real conference committee in congress in a real long time. and i doubt that this major piece of legislation will be the first one to go to conference on, and i think at least nine years. so it is very unlikely that we have a health care bill, and it's more unlikely that we have a health care bill that has to go through a conference committee. they -- look, the house might just take the senate bill and say, hey, this is the best we can get out of the senate, and they might rush it through the house because they'll be able to do that. but the senate is not going to budge when it comes back to conference on anything they get. the senate is going to be a very difficult place for the president and for the congress to negotiate a health care piece of legislation. liz: brad, who's going to be the hero in all of this for health care? >> i think the american people will be the beneficiaries of it. the heroes are going to be the ones who step up to the plate and honor their promise.
3:44 pm
for eight years, we ran against obamacare. we said we were going to repeal and replace it. we have no choice, it must be done. liz: got to compromise. >> i think there's got to be a compromise, and i think there's a lot of people willing to make some compromise here. nobody saying that obamacare's perfect. definitely needs to be fixed. but people need to work together to do it. we have to be sure that more americans get covered. not less. liz: good to see you both. brad blake man, and chris hand, get your running shoes ready. that's right. thank you so much to both of you. have a good weekend. closing bell ringing in about 16 minutes. stocks, look at this. up 117 points for the dow but don't ignore the s&p. it's up 14 at the very moment. it needs to be at 24.53 to see a new record high. we're at 24.62 right now. and the trump administration announcing a historic take down on health care fraud. the shocking group of americans who committed more
3:45 pm
than 25% of these crimes that ripped off the government and you, your tax dollars by the billions. gerri willis has these people's profession and what they do. and fox business headed to the track wednesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern for full coverage of the el dorado. the camping world truck series super dirt car series live from ohio. that's wednesday only on fox business.
3:46 pm
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3:50 pm
price for what you have done. liz: attorney general jeff sessions missing no words yesterday regarding a long time crisis that's plagued the u.s. for as long as medicare has existed, cries of -- and it's just a statement. waste fraud abuse. how many times have you heard that have been hurled and for years, little has been done to fix the problem, until now with the announcement of a massive health care fraud take down. one of the trump administration is calling history. >> amazing the justice department is charging 412 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals in what attorney general jeff sessions called the largest health care fraud enforcement operation in history. at the heart of the bust, medical professionals overprescribing and distributing opioids in fraudulent transactions totaling $1.3 billion. charges have been filed over the past few weeks.
3:51 pm
with 59,000 americans dying from drug overdoses last year alone, the spotlight has been turned on opioid addiction. law enforcement officials say that those that abuse prescription opioids often turn later to more dangerous substances like heroin. the justice department has conducted similar initiatives in recent years and its medicare fraud strike force charge 49 people since 2007. in 2016 alone, 1,500 criminals were convicted and $1.9 billion recovered. a total of 12.5 billion -- 12.5 billion in faults medicare have been filed since 2007. now, the governor of hard hit new hampshire praised the justice department says it's a great first step, and he added this. this overprescribing of opioids, he said, is obviously the unfortunate entryway to addiction. fraud has been pushing medicare spending ever higher in 2016 spending in the program totals $692 billion
3:52 pm
and 2015 it reached 715 billion. this opioid crisis just won't end as long as this money is abused. liz. liz: it's a shame. it's disgusting, and i'm so glad the attorney general is going after these people. >> right. absolutely right. liz: and, liz, good luck in the triathlon. we're so proud of you. liz: thank you, gerri. less than 72 hours, but we're hoping more donations to hit our 50 grand level. could it be time to hose down your portfolio and get rid of the hottest names before they burn you? when i say hot, how about this? the s&p is on track to hit its 25th record close year to date. well, we'll give you some lukewarm names from one man who says these are the ones to buy to cool down and then build up your portfolio. that's next on countdown liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that.
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♪ liz: we did it. in just the past five minutes. oh, my gosh. team fox business has blown past our original goal of $50,000. thanks to you guys. we are going to be able to build homes for heroes, but the new york city triathlon where too many fox is competing still two days away. we'll take your donations. we were at 41,000 when i mentioned fill's letter. building home for thank you guys so much. nicole petallides, you just donated right? >> i did. wonderful that you do this every year. proud of our heroes. thank you and chris. i made a small donation. liz: no donation is too small as we learned from a 76-year-old veteran. he gave $5.
3:57 pm
he said i hope it buy as few rags for a new home. we had been up 90. had been up 117 a regap. >> records for the dow jones industrial average, wee seal a record going into the close. record for s&p 500. you want to know the best of the week? microsoft and apple. tech is great. microsoft up 5% this week. apple also 3.6%. visa, bowing, dupont had a great week. do you as we go into the close. dow, s&p and nasdaq up two weeks in a row. they have been up seven of the past eight weeks. digesting all the headlines from washington. liz? liz: nick, thank you for more reasons than just one for your report. we appreciate it. three minutes to go before the closing bell rings. it has been a year of steamy gains for investors. both s&p and dow are looking for
3:58 pm
double-digit upside. time to move out very hot names and pick up lukewarm stocks with potential to rise up. we have alan lens. what do you see that is still hot where you see more of an opportunity to see with those names? >> congratulations, liz. thank you on the great funder, thank you. we were talking about selling irobot over 100. we were buy it a year ago 30. too many investors fall in love, never sell. we thought over 100 to take full profits. on techside we're selling partially of iconic names done well last few years. basically we're buying some of the telecom and energy that have really underperformed. they're down 30ton and 15% respectively. i think there are good buys there.
3:59 pm
liz: you say twitter is too high. it is $17. well off the annual high of $25. how do you judge what is too hot? >> twit are we like at 17. we were buying some monday at 17. last four days moved up closer to 20. you know us. we don't like chasing. we have very strict risk parameters. we wouldn't chase it at 20. if it falls below our 18-dollar buy limit. we would be attracted. liz: i see. that should be reversed. been an interesting week. looks like the dow an zap on track for all-time record. let me check with the s&p. we're looking 2453 we're slightly above it. great to see you, alan. thank you so much. >> have a good weekend. i will get one final check of the tote board here, with the markets looking really good, we have standing building homes for heroes donations at $56,022.
4:00 pm
keep it coming, folks. there is the closing bell. melissa francis and connell mcshane. we get to witness once again all-time record close for the dow. [closing bell rings] will it be one for the s&p 500? let me see. 2548. looks like it guys. have a great weekend. melissa: what a way to end the week. another record day on wall street. the dow surging to end up 86 points. that is more than 21,630. all right, s&p 500 also setting a brand new record high. all three ending positive for the week. i'm melissa francis. connell: yes you are. i'm connell mcshane. good to be with you again for david asman one more day on "after the bell." more on what is driving the markets to these new records. here else what we're covering should be a very busy hour. president trump putting pressure on republican senators tweeting they must co t


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