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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 15, 2017 1:00am-2:00am EDT

1:00 am i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] dobbs is nen fox business. lou: president trump is back on american soil after spending much of his day highlighting his growing friendship with the leader of america's oldest ally, french president emmanuel macron. president trump ref -- reveled in pomp and circumstance coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the united states entry into world war i. president trump visibly relaxed, at least, with no sign of the turmoil being manufactured at home.
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the dems and the left within media engaged in a full-on attack as usual against him and again his family. john roberts is in paris with our report. reporter: a rare and prestigious honor for president trump. the first president to do so since bush 41 in 1989. a russian american lobbyist told the associated press he was also in the meeting. he's described as a former soviet military intelligence officer. he denies any involvement then or now in intelligence activity. his role in the meeting is
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unclear, know he has been involved in activities opposing human rights abusers. another man who said he was there, a friends of the family who wanted to set up the meeting also denies any contact with russian authorities. the revelations prompted new demands from democrats. >> there was a counter intelligence person in the meeting as well it's important we see all electronic communication among the members of the trump family and within the trump administration. reporter: the democratic criticism was expected. but even republicans say it's time to get it all out on the table. >> russia is trying to destroy democracy. donald trump, jr. is he wants to tell his side of the story.
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i think that would and good idea and he would be welcome to do it in the judiciary committee. reporter: the bastille day celebration were in part to honor america's 100th anniversary into world war i. it was also a show unity against terrorism. on bastille day last year a terrorist mowed down 500 people on the promenade in nice, killing 86. in paris a precision military marching band paid tribute to those who lost their life while france's president spokes of enduring bonds. >> mr. trump's presence at my side is a sign of an enduring friendship and i want to thank him. nothing can ever separate us.
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>> reporter: the story about donald trump, jr.'s meeting has changed several times, and they say it was so insignificant that the principles forgot details of the meeting it was over. jared kushner added the democratic powerhouse attorney abby lowell to represent him. lou: there are new details linking the firm fusion gps to the russian lobbyist who met with donald trump, jr. senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grass are you stated this in march. it's particularly disturbing
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that that they were working with fusion gp, in light of mr. akhmetshin torking together. he's admitted to being a soviet intelligence officer. the russian attorney was also linked to fusion gps, related to a money laundering case involving a russian holding company. are you confused yet? fusion gps's christopher steel created the false dossier on then candidate donald trump funds by the democratic supporters of hillary clinton. i kid you not. joining me now chris farrell.
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i have got to say with all apologies to my colleagues in broadcasting and media across the country, you are damn fools for chasing this nonsense like a bunch of buying hounds. this ridiculous. >> if anything needs to be investigated it's the dnc link to fusion gps and the phoney dossier. clear live it doesn't benefit trump. it was an attempt to knock trump out. whose money was behind that. if you want to peel back the layers on the russia hysteria, look at the dnc and hillary's campaign. that's where it seems to point in my opinion. lou: i have been saying the number one question in the so-called russia collusion investigation which is a manifest joke. but if there is a question to be answered, it is how in the hell
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did the dnc get away from telling the cia, the f.b.i. to get away from their servers because they had some sort of national security interest and why in the world did the f.b.i. and the cia say very well, democratic national committee people. we'll step back and get out of your way and let the russians have their way with you. this is absurd. >> the fact that the f.b.i. would stand by and tack that is just nuts. but let's not forget, boris and natasha were running around the united states under the obama administration. lou: the attorney general hands out as best we can tell one and only immigration parole in history to a russian citizen. >> correct.
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and jeh johnson's hands are dirty in this. i want to know why jay johnston, and the homeland security secretary who handles the security issues, i want to know why homeland security investigations is not out conducting investigations of all those persons in the obama administration who approved that. who authorized this female attorney to enter the united states. let's get names. lou: they seem to get better and better once the republican senate and republican-led house start behaving. the statute that permits an immigration parole refer to the secretary as having that power. not the attorney general. and how did the attorney general then ascribe that authority to
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herself and reportedly approve the immigration parole that per mid the russian attorney into the country? the questions then compounds themselves. how did she remain in the country until june of last year when that immigration parole ended back in january? there is no explanation for this. >> you had multiple obama gang officers or officials signing off on allowing this woman to operate in the united states it's minds boggling why they with ever do so. if the f.b.i., homeland security investigation should be getting statements right now from those persons who authorized her to stay in the country. they made super exceptional above and beyond efforts to allow her to stay here. why? who authorized it?
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lou: next question is why in the world is the attorney jon not shutting down the special counsel. why is this justice department not going after the answers to all the questions that we just raised here and the hundreds of others that likely will fall from them, as well as investigating now the clinton foundation, now investigating the conduct of a secretary of state by the name of hillary clinton and the conduct of the democratic national committee and the leaders of the cia and fbi who withdrew from a national security breach with the democratic national committee's servers? >> if i told you it was an email
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from sidney blumenthal to huma abedin, you wouldn't believe it. but there are so much democratic operatives involved in this, all the investigative efforts are pointed in the wrong direction and the government information side of this should be talking about how the trump administration is addressively pursuing this and trying to get 20 to the bottom of it, and not passively sitting by and waiting for mueller to dream something up. through. lou: he's in charge of finding out whether there was collusion. and as you pointed out, there is not even a law to be broken. >> correct. lou: but to go to the issue of watching richard burr being led around by his nose by nor mark warner and watch this parade of i will relevancies, and the same
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thing happening to a lesser degree to the house committee, and senator chuck grassley, the chairman of the judiciary committee. the republican senate has been turned on its head. >> it's so absurd. it's a case where the bad guys come in and do something, then the cops in the form of this incredible senate leadership stops questioning the victims as though they were the bad guys. lou: we are coming right back. much more straight ahead. and i mean much more it's complex. by the's so it lating. i assure you.
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desperate dems in the national left-wing media will do anything to try to damage the trump presidency. >> news media he athletes which wake up every morning knowing i know trump did something terrible, i wonder what it was. lou: we take up the vicious attacks on trump and his family. happy bastille day. president trump attending celebration in paris as the guest of honor of the french people. people. paying tribububububu♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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lou: president trump calling republican senators during this trip to france lobbying for their support for the healthcare bill. susan collins and rand paolo pose the legislation. moderate are asking for chance before they will agree to support the legislation.
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joining me to discuss, randy evans, along with ed rollins who served in three presidential administrations. political director of the reagan white house and a lot, lot more. he is the dean. let's start with you, ed. this fusion gps is a firm that keeps wobbling in and out of the attention of the national media as they report to be covering the russia story. >> i think they are up to no good. whenever you tart something like this you have to mike sure your story is 100% accurate.
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the issue is the donald trump, jr. meeting. who invited this woman. how did she get to the door. how did they bring this former intelligence officer here? because every day something else unravels. it's all about us. it hud be about the democrats, but it's not. it's all about our side. lou: it won't be about the democrats until the president and the attorney general turn the focus to where it belongs, and that's on the egregious behavior of the entire democratic party and the hillary clinton campaign. ed: chuck grassley has an investigation going. he can get into this. and he need to do that in he's going to pursue it. lou: let's go back to fusion
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gps. what is it going to take to get a true investigation whether it, the former intelligence agent michael steele, christopher steel. and all the characters that seem to be showing up in various places thanks to the obama administration. ed: someone at justice should make this part of the investigation. lou: randy, your thoughts. let's stay first with fusion gps and its role in all of this. >> i don't think we'll ever know all there is to know, but they do seem to be a common thread. they seem to have common connections with the democratic party and they seem to be illusive in terms of anybody wanting to look too deeply within them.
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at the end of the day it will be a lot of nothing about nothing. lou: you mean as far as president trump and his family. >> absolutely. lou: i would definitely agree with that. but there is culpability here and cause and effect at play. and i want to know what in the world fusion gps was doing, why, and with whom. because they seem to be threaded into every aspect of this, randy. lou: you are going to talk to me like you talk to a group? isn't there something special about our communication? >> people care about jobs, security, terrorism, they have completely lost interest in who donald trump, jr. met, what food they had, whether adoption came up.
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lou: i want you as a republican leader to understand clearly on this. this is a war against a president, his administration by the democratic party, the left-wing national media, the deep state in this country, and they mean to destroy president trump and his administration. this is not politic as usual where you can turn the image maker one direction or the other and talk about substantive or ancillary issues. this is about survival for this president. it's about turning back evil-doers of the left. >> trivia will not defeat substance. lou: what in hell do you think is? i'm talking about subversion of the u.s. presidency and you are trying to tell me substance lies
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elsewhere. >> no, i'm telling you they tried to subvert him all the way through the campaign cycle in 2016 and it failed because he proved at the end there are bigger issues than who met who in a russian adoption meeting. lou: randy, i don't even know what you are arguing. ed: where i disaguy, the -- disagree, the problem to our members in congress many of whom are gutless. we need all the support we can get to get a healthcare bill through and to get a tack bill through, and this bang bang bang every single day and they are not standing up and defending us. you may think it's trivia. i don't think it's trivia baits' a distraction. and it's getting in the way of of this president driving his message. the white house and members of congress need to get into a war
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mentality and fight against this. >> i will say this, when they bring this healthcare bill to a vote before they recess and they pass it 50-50, i want to talk to you again, about how substance beats trivia. lou: i don't know what the hell that means either. we'll find out and we'll meet on the field of honor and decide it. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. is it time for mitch mcconnell and paul ryan to shut count russian collusion investigation? how do you feel about that one, randy. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. our twitter followers are fired up about any new thriller with
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jim born. keep writing, tweeting us. viewers whose comments are read on the show will receive an autographed copy of putin's gambit *. i guess the the economy is growing. who the heck is doing all that worrying? it's not an investor and it's not a consumer, and it's not the folks filling up those jobs. we are at 4.4% unemployment, i believe. light trading 2.7 billion shares. shares of jpmorgan, citi falling
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despite better than expected earnings. a good start to the earnings city. but some corporatists can't seem to stop whining and complaining and implying their consternation is all the fault of president trump. we'll take awful that up in my commentary next. stay with us. stay with us. you ararararar well, thomas, you've got prediabetes.
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so, we're good? what? oh, you still have prediabetes. big time. lou: a corporate chieftan said he's gone the a better payday than expected. the jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon
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launched into a tirade against the gridlock in the foggy swamp of washington, that not nearly enough has been done to boost economic growth. where the hell was he for 8 years of the obama administration? instead of calling out the dems and the left wing national media by name, dimon chose to blame featureless generic gridlock for the glacial pace of putting through the president's nominees. >> have one of the most bureaucratic litigious societies on the planet. it's almost an embarrassment being an american citizen traveling around the world and
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listening to the stupid [bleep] we have to deal with in this country. he doesn't have the guts to acknowledge what the president who has been in office less than 6 months has already accomplished. all of this from a bank that paid $40 million in fines from violating sanctions to manipulating securities. which at times it was the largest settlement between the government and an american corporation. sometimes it's just tough being an american, mr. dimon. dimon's jpmorgan chase settled a case with the justice
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department. dimon has a short memory but no shortage of hubris. dimon doesn't credit president trump with the $4 trillion runup in our equities market. and he brims with ideological passion if not grace, citing nonsensical phrases such as anti-immigration and anti-globalization is to risk to his bank. he seems to be the greatest risk unless he can imagine another risk that's greater than the $40 billion his bank has already paid out for bad behavior and bad stewardship. dimon didn't have the grace to thank him for the greatest record-breaking square. and the shares of jpmorgan chase
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have listen 40% since president trump has been elected. jpmorgan stock is up double that in the first few months of in trump's presidency. a simple thank you is in order and i'm sure the president will be preesh yeah tough. our joe takes from jamie dimon who said it's important policy be properly designed it's not enough to just get angry over a subject. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck.
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potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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lou: with more on democratic obstructionism, forbes media chairman and editor-in-chief, steve forbes. we are wrapping up a peculiar week. the russian collusion. fact or fiction. what should we do? >> ignore it. lou: i couldn't agree with you more. what is motivating the republican leadership in the house and senate to pursue this? what is motivating them except. >> sincere desire to destroy
1:39 am
themselves. >> i would have thought by now they what realize if they don't have a real record by the end of the year, they will be pursuing new opportunities next weekr year. they have to get things done. lou: i think it's all sustainable. let's turn to the healthcare bill the senate produced after much travail and angst on the part of the senate majority leader. he produced what seems like a half hearted the effort toward doing something. >> getting rid of the employer mandate, the individual mandate. a shock they took out the tax cuts. and having some flexibility on
1:40 am
medicaid, and let the governor carry that bill continue steafd washington. mcconnell's bill gets rid of the employer mandate. do you think this has a chance in hell amounting to anything? do you think they will spruce it up? >> get rid of tax increases. lou: well, they are not doing that. they are not extending -- steve: one of the things they have to a few days to get this thing stitched together. lou: do you realize we are having this conversation about a proposed piece of legislation that doesn't even recognize 6 1/2 years of history with warm care nor tonight promises of the
1:41 am
members of the united states senate, forget house of representatives. they already had their own test and they barely passed. the senate is flailing here. steve: that's the senate, and they will pay a price for it if they don't get something through, like losing an election. senator cruz is trying to put in the provision that insures -- offer a policy that we might like. i don't need pregnancy services, by to buy them. lou: i don't get the part about putting something out there that is inadequate to the needs of most people and not giving them away forward which is what the president promised. there is right now in republican leadership it's as if they entered a valley of death. they have no way out.
1:42 am
they don't trust the principles, they don't trust their philosophy. they don't trust their voters and their own integrity just as the rest of us don't trust our integrity either. >> that's why they should take time off, watch the yankees beat red sox. they have had theirertainment. lou: they haven't even worked half a year. if they work full time on their legislative schedule, it won't even be half a year by the end of the year. these people are shameful. no one should take them seriously. steve rrp watch aaron judge.
1:43 am
he may be our next president. lou: forbes would put about any young for president in 8 years. good to see you, forbes. up next, growing pressures on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell by moderate demanding changes to the bill. betsy mci could healthcare expert extraordinary takes up the issue. stay with us, we'll be right bababababa
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lou: joining us former new york lieutenant governor, betsy mccaughey. >> thank you for the book, by the way. let's start with healthcare and the gambit if you will that is mitch mcconnell. >> it's discouraging to see you how cowed the republicans are by the lies and demagoguery of the
1:48 am
defenders of obamacare. chuck schumer is crisscrossing the country deck going the issue of the opioid crisis. this bill allocates $55 billion over the next few years. that is 40 times what the obama administration was willing to commit to this crisis. it's five times what the federal government provides for breast cancer turning under the national cancer institute. it's $670 for every opioid addict in the country. yet chuck schumer is still saying, he said it yesterday again and again, oh, this senate bill abandons opioid addicts and their families.
1:49 am
nonsense. lou: it's not a newsflash to millions of conservatives and independent watching this broadcast that chuck schumer is lying through his teeth about public policy. >> the lies are driving the process because too many members of the senate cower against these lies instead of correcting them. lou: there are spineless republicans against leaders who are vapid and inseason sheer. this bill mitch mcconnell produced is not a serious effort. >> it does repeal the employer mandate. and that's critical. lou: not the taxes. it doesn't resolve medicaid. >> passing this legislation is
1:50 am
step 3 in the relay race. and then the house and the senate will confer and produce a bill to put on the president's desk. lou: congressman jim jordan said at the outset of this process it's a simple deal, let's keep our promises. >> otherwise we are doomed to a continued sluggish economy because of the employer mandate. if you are looking for a job, hope your member of the united states senate votes for this bill next week. lou: i would say this, hope like hell that there is a senator with enough guts and intelligence to do the right thing. that's what we should be hoping for. >> it's a betrayal of the american people. lou: go get'em.
1:51 am
one hysterical democrat taking a first step toward impeachment of the president. katie frates and charlie hurt join me next to talk about the evil-doers of f f f f
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low rrp last night we asked do you believe attorney general sessions should immediately
1:55 am
investigate clinton corruption conclusion. 96% of you said yes. and i couldn't agree with you more. joining me now, editor of the daily caller, katie frates. washington times opinion editor charlie hurt. let's start with the healthcare bill. i just talking with steve forbes. i talked with betsy mccaughey, both extremely knowledgeable people. they are so beaten down by this exercise they are willing to say let's take it to congress. katie: it's disheartening to know for the first time in ago long time republicans chron all three chambers and we seem incapable of getting things done because we are too busy fighting with ourselves.
1:56 am
dems aren't going to have a hard time campaigning on this if we control everything and can't get anything passed. lou: how is it they can't find their way out of this to a position of leadership? charlie: it goes back years. all the times they passed legislation in congress repealing obamacare knowing full well it would not go anywhere. it turns out that was just a joke. they had no plan to seriously address this. now they can do that. i wish they would do that alone and walk away from obamacare and let the marketplace fix -- fill in the gaps and fix itself. the government doesn't belong in this area. lou: they want to subsidize insurance companies.
1:57 am
>> they are going to get killed for that. lou: and they are keeping obamacare taxes at the very least and the mugged up medicaid mess alive. there is no way the republicans survive this in the mid-terms be is there? >> it doesn't look good. how did it suddenly become complicated once they are in power. now suddenly things are so murky and difficult? it makes you wonder if they thought they were going to get the chance to repeal and they used it as a nice fluffy campaign promise. lou: i want to turn to a quick pivot i made to the president. guest of honor of the nation of france on bastille day, the last time that happened was almost 30 years ago, president h.w. bush.
1:58 am
his third foreign trip. this foreign policy is working, his charm offensive is working. charlie: it was a tremendous success. ways most interest being it is when he had the press conference where he gave a soaring speech about the history of human freedom and the history of the alliance between the french and the u.s. then what are all 9 questions the press asks? i thought it was different revealed so much about the press, but it put him in a very, very good light. i love the fact that otherwise intelligent, mostly intelligence colleagues of ours in the national media, they are pursuing this nonsense with those 8 people undescribed and
1:59 am
not necessarily quantified or qualified to be in the room, and it's as if the republic were hanging in the balance. katie: next i'm expecting a news banner saying there was also a dplawght room. but it's not the best look to have a drip drip drip story like hillary clinton had. we know it didn't work out for her and it won't work out for trump very well. but i don't think it will affect healthcare or anything else congress is working on. lou: charlie, you get a quick last word. charlie: the press as much as they hated hillary clinton, it's nothing like the degree to which they hate donald trump. they give him no breaks. lou: maybe they shouldn't,
2:00 am
because every day he prove them all to be frauds. we have a great new book to recommend written by my buddy >> one family's secret history buried in old boxes. >> i needed to know who i was, where our family came from. >> a fortune in precious art looted by the nazis. >> renoir, degas, botticelli... >> i'm sorry, the degas, the renoir? >> oh, yeah. we didn't know until we started to read through these documents and discover what he'd been looking for all his life. >> two sons vow to keep their father's search alive. >> it's about vindicating my father and my grandfather. >> we said, "you can't sell this painting. it's ours. it's stolen." [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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