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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  July 16, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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watch out, there's going to be a big correction in february. liz: that does it for forbes on fox. thanks for watching. keep is right herement the number one business block continues with eric bolling cashin' in. >> if it were up to me and somebody were speaking to the media or leaking information which could be potentially detrimental to the administration, i would fire him on the spot and president trump would do the same thing. eric: the former campaign manager says the president will waste no time in doing that, the same way his administration has already canned more than 500 federal workers at the massive and inefficient va. is saying your fired the best way to drain the swamp and plug the leaks and save taxpayers money at the same time? welcome to cashin' in, i'm eric bolling. welcome, everybody. now, rachel, is it time for a
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whole heck of a lot more firings? >> absolutely. i mean, one of the most underappreciated, underreported stories of the obama administration is how much he swelled the government roles with crony bureaucrats. so, this is a liberal tactic. they know their ideas don't win at the ballot box, they bypass the people, they go to the courts and fill this with crony bureaucrats with their agenda. and the other is bully our kids on college campuses, they do this because in the marketplace of ideas, they can't win. eric: all right, it's not just the democrats that could be leaking though, right? aren't there some maybe anti-trump republicans that may be just as guilty? >> absolutely. i think it could come from either side. the problem is, eric, that it's tough to track down this leaker. i mean, we've seen the case of one leaker being caught, i guess you could say, the department
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the justice and it's really trying to figure out who these individuals are. and it's time consuming. but it's a critical role for the trump administration to look at. the second part is that during the obama administration, there were many of the political jobs where you would normally fill them up with your people, your beliefs, switched over to career positions making it very difficult and the third part of this is you have individuals who have been in these agencies for 20-something years. they've dug their heels in and you look at veterans affairs and they have basically moved on regulations, that have-- and overreach of federal government that have impacted tens of thousands of veterans and in issues like providing them education. eric: i want to bring this out to juan. i think the most famous recent leaker in the world who also got fired, james comey.
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>> i don't know if comey was a leaker when he had been doing his job. he had already been fired when he leaked. according to corey lewandowski, detrimental to the trump administration, he's not talking about someone violating a-- >> r. >> what's the difference. the integrity of the organization, the administration, at least-- >> saying a leak which is illegal. eric: as important as compromising the integrity of the united states of america, they're close to being equal. >> no, this is not about the integrity of the united states of america. he's saying that information that is detrimental to the trump administration, for example, information about meeting with russian agents, information about lawyers, lawyers representing various people in the trump administration, leaking one way or another. eric: how is that less important about leaking information about
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the united states. you work for a corporation, fox news, pepsi kolah. if you're leaking, you might not take down the entire soda organization, but why not why the trump administration fire their butts. >> we live in a democracy, i don't know that this is news, we live in a democracy and we, the people, want to know if there is corruption or excess. remember, donald trump was the one who said drain the swamp. i thought he meant going after the big money people on k street, the wall street people, too big to fail. let's get back to middle america, to main street, this is cashin' in. no, he wants to go after people who say things that he doesn't like. eric: go ahead, rachel, i'll get back to you mercedes. >> the swamp is in the bureaucracy as well. here in one case, trump needs to sake --
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take some responsibilities, or at least the administration. you know they're in the organization, and working against not just trump, but people who put them there. tillerson, there are a whole bunch of kepts in the government that need to move quicker to put their people in. eric: and these leaks, drip, drip, drip, leaks, when the media gets caught up with it, congress gets caught up with it and the rest of the agenda can't be applied because we're hung up on leaks. >> the other problems with the leaks, even mueller, the special counsel will agree, he's frustrated with the leaks, it compromises any investigation. so, i think, that you have to look at it from the legal standpoint. some of these leaks are illegal, they're felonies. leaking classified information. you have individuals within the democracy, and deep state, basically undermining our national security, it's not just about the trump administration,
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it's the fact that legally they should not be doing this. >> the biggest distraction to the trump agenda is trump's own tweets and the news, the real factual news, not fake news, about contacts between his son and russians and the like and that news keeps coming, but you don't want to hear that, but that's the reality and that's not based on leaks in security information to the united states. eric: and trying to get a lot of the people confirmed and they're slow-walking it because they're so busy, a hearing there, a tv opportunity there, here and there. >> this is so wrong and rachel says it clearly to you, eric. trump has been slow to nominate and put in place his-- >> wait, wait, i've got to stop this. i've got to stop this. there's been some obstruction on the democrat side, but trump could move faster. >> thank you, rachel. >> i think it's both, but i believe when you're looking at the senate, mitch mcconnell is having to file cloeture to ever
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one of them. the democratic senators are slow-walking the process. >> mercedes, that's-- you should. >> i can tell you i know a lot of people-- >> the house and senate. >> i'm sorry, there are plenty of these nominees sitting right there in the senate that are not passing through because of the fact when you have to file cloture, what the democrats are pushing with the procedurally process. >> and president obama never saw obstruction from republicans. eric: certainly not to this. >> he nominated his own people. eric: certainly not to this degree, juan. and it really is fascinating to watch every single democrat, senator and congressman take every opportunity he or she can in front of a camera, yet the other agenda items, they'll go to the back burner, we have to
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investigate this further, yet, know the a shred of evidence. >> if you want me to respond. why not have the president and his administration have some success with repeal and replace? oh what happened to that? how about tax reform? how about tax cuts? >> what we need to do to-- >> i don't see any action from the trump administration, i see excuses and attempt to distract people by talking about leakers. eric: go ahead, rachel, the final word. >> the way to bypass this lies in the hands of mitch mcconnell in the senate. blow up the filibuster move and simple majority because the american people voted for the house, the senate and the president. stop using your stupid senate rules and little rules holding up the agenda. eric: we'll leave it right there. poor juan can't respond to that one. liberal lawmakers say they want republicans to work to help to fix health care. getting waves it's like,
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>> that investigation, it's not, nothing is proven yet, but we're now beyond obstruction of justi justice, what's being investigated. this is moving into perjury, false statements and potentially treason. eric: wow. hillary clinton's running mate taking a lot of heat for using the word treason in the wake of donald trump's revelations. and tim kaine thinks that republicans should work with his party rather than against it. retweet if you want senate republicans to start over and work with democrats on a bipartisan plan to improve the health care system. now, mercedes, treason, is he kidding? >> no, he's not kidding. we've seen one of the democratic party on impeaching president
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trump. and this is what they've been playing since he's been inaugurated. the democrats keep overplaying their hands using the words, treason, impeachment. their play book is incredibly obvious. eric: juan, treason is an if crime punishable by death. . he started out saying we haven't proven anything, but he's right, saying this investigation which has hard evidence of a trump campaign official doing business with a russian introduced via e-mail saying this person has information coming directly from the russian government, at that point, then you start to say, well, what is going on here and why wasn't this meeting disclosed earlier? why did it take the new york times reporting to force donald
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trump, jr.'s hand. eric: the only thing you could argue, doing business comment you made there. i don't know that any business was done. >> they had a meeting. eric: you and i are having a meeting and it's not treasonous. and one was comparing the health care bill to the 9/11 attacks. >> when the experts at harvard public school estimate, is that if 23 million americans would be thrown off the insurance they currently have, which is what the house bill would do, up to, up to 28,000 americans every single year could die. that is nine times more than the tragic losses we've suffered on 9/11. eric: good lord! rachel, your thoughts on bernie sanders? and they want us republicans to
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work with them. >> yeah, it's outrageous. and by the way, elizabeth warren said that the republican health care money is blood money on the backs of the lives of american people. which, by the way, is a perfect description of the money she wants the federal tax dollars she wants sent over to planned parenthood. this is audacious. these people ran health care into the ditch. they messed up health care for the american people and now they have the nerve to call out the republicans trying to fix it. it's outrageous, they want to do nothing to help and trying to use emotional tactics, and the american people aren't buying it. they used this kind of language during the election and the american people didn't buy it. eric: that's true, we're used to democrats using overthe top rhetoric. >> i think we need to celebrate it -- we need to separate it.
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you see nancy pelosi, bernie sanders, talking in this very extreme way. i think that when you're talking about the health care bill and even mitch mcconnell warned his fellow republicans, if we can't get this done, we're going to go and start working with democrats, you have the moderate democratic voices like a senator m manchin, it's not working with republicans, you could find common ground on the health care issue. i find it's going to be difficult because of the fact for the democrats, this is about preserving obamacare and the legacy of obamacare. eric: and why do we need the peaceful party, right. listen to the senator, who says that trump is a half term president, especially if i get within ten feet of that, i shouldn't say that last word on tv. what's he saying, juan? he's going to take out trump.
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a democrat and scaring me. >> and you have on the right and left. i think it's extreme. i think it's bizarre, i don't understand it. and that to me is beyond the pale, but i don't think that this is the province of one side or another. it's a lot of heated rhetoric, but i appreciate the idea that mercedes just said. look. if we can do something good for the american people on health care, we should do it. we should get together and the problem is that i think that what you've seen-- >> it's surprising they're using this rhetoric after what we saw happen at that baseball field. it's personal for me. you know, i thought that that moment was going to cool the heels and the language and the rhetoric of some of these democrats, but it's very clear, they're angry and full of hate and vitriol and they're willing to do anything. >> have you ever listened to conservative talk radio in this.
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>> they're not elected officials. let's make that comparison. >> the elected official says my whole job is to stop barack obama from his second term. eric: oh, please. oh. >> and liberals-- >> we've got to leave it there. did you hear about this, amazon's echo called a hero calling the police after a boyfriend was beating up his girlfriend. does this end the privacy debate you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree.
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foxnews.c >> here is an artifical intelligence story that could be life-changing. and ma -- man in new mexico allegedly attacked his girlfriend. she called to alexa to call the police, and they did. >> we talk about technology invading privacy, this is a story that it actually helped this woman and her child. >> it did, but i find it creepy and this is coming from a girl who had her life taped for six months on real world. and what latino mother hasn't said i'm going to kill you to their kids, and what if alexa
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comes. [laughter] >> so, i worry that it's going to have a lot of mishaps, this worked well for this woman in my house with eight kids and fighting, i can't imagine what it would do. eric: and mercedes have you why he willed that. >> i think it's something strange to be said about having alexa in your room. i think i could only handle siri these days and she works half the time. obviously, this is where you have the benefits of technology. we've seen the iphone and revolutionize our lives, but at the same time when you look at privacy laws and whether it's a distribution of data from the technology companies or so, then it gets complicated, right? so, i think that it is a sense that you get concerned to the point where other individuals, whether this is why we have the nsa mass surveillance. eric: for the record i've wanted
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to yell that to juan on the side many times. and alexa decided to make a phone call on her own without the request, and are we headed to the day where alexa is making the decisions for us? >> yeah, in fact, there's a story about a television show, it might have been you and me, eric, something is said on the television, like call the police or we have-- and alexa responds, apparently, alexa thought her name was called. now, you've got to be aware. even in your own house, that to me is very strange, creepy. >> don't name your daughter alexa. >> there you go. >> there you go. eric: coming up, why all the ♪i hope life treats you kind ♪and i hope you have all you've dreamed of♪ ♪and i wish you joy and happiness♪
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>> all right, say thanks to our cashin' in crew, and have a great week, everybody. we have a conspiracy between the left and the media going on. they've been looking for a new
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bogeyman and found it, it's russia. it's the loss of their dear leader hillary clinton, democrats have been the epitome of sore losers. make no mistake if russia interfered in our election there's only one person to blame and that's barack obama, who was this charge of protecting the integrity of our federal election system. why is no long looking into what he did to protect the ballot box. democrats need to wake up and realize. from michigan, to pennsylvania, people voted for president trump to drain the swamp. they didn't vote for him because of the kremlin. they have to realize they lost and get behind him. hillary clinton auditioned and the country overwhelmingly said
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nyet. >> and thank you for all for buying my book, "the scamp", it's on the best sellers list for the second str >> lou: good evening, the dems are trying to cast a russian attorney as a agent sent to the america to collude to the trump campaign including donald trump junior. the entire false narrative. it has fallen apart. that russian attorney was in the united states after the reportedly after the reportedly direct intervention by


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