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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 18, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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business. lou: good evening, left wing rats trying to run for exits, former obama national security adviser susan rice had been set to testify tomorrow before the house committee. but that is no longer occurring, not this week. susan rice, who had no problem publicly lying to the american people on sunday talk shows is suddenly unwilling to speak to house intelligence committee about the truth.
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she will testify before the senate intelligence committee, we're told, sometimes as yet undefined, undetermined this week. although a specific day has not been given, that session will be behind closed-doors, those developments coming hours after we learn that obama spy scandal is widening, a source close to the house intelligence committee, tells fox news that number of people thought to be involved in unmasking of trump campaign officials is larger than previously thought. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been following the story, and live in washington. reporter: hello, lou. this is shaking up to be a heavy week for testimony from obama administration officials. formeform susan rice at heart of the unmasking investigation will testify, this week before
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the senate intel ye intelligence committee, closed door, it will be on probably thursday, tuesday or thursday. also former chief of staff for white house mcdonna is willing to tough before house intelligence panel, today we had testimony from the former director of national intelligence, he is nation's intelligence chief, james clapper, he testified behind closed-doors before the house and senate intelligence committees. this issue of unmasks will be central to the line of questioning. unmasking is identification of american citizens in intelligence reports. >> this is not anything political has been alleged. allegation is that somehow
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obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political importance, that is false. reporter: republican chairman of house intelligence committee nunez separately issued subpoenas to three agency, requesting records about unmasking of americans by rice as far as john brennan and former u.s. ambassador to united nations power. a source close to this element of the investigation till tells fox they have complied, and records suggest that unmasking by members of obama administration did go beyond these 3 players, we do not know if they violated laws or regulations. the review of the records is just beginning and the volume is high. lou: thank you catherine herridge.
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susan rice not the only obama administration national security member trying to keep quiet. not the only one around which there is any lack of interest at this point. last week, fusion cofounder, simpson turned down a request to ip testify. the that is firm that hired former british hire -- spy, steel, our first guest said it looks like an epidemic of unmasking was taking place in the obama administration that crimes may have been committed. joining us, fox news anchor, former defense attorney greg jarrett. this is remarkable. we find out that susan rice is not going to keep her schedule.
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and wants to have a weekend testimony date. but word is she will appear some point against a date unnamed before the senate intelligence committee. >> this tells me that lawyers have got inevitablevolved. they -- gotten involved, they have probably told other clam up, it is time to play let's make a deal without monty hall. if it is true, with all evidence uncovered about her unmasking, three potential crimes here, a crime tol lie in your question to unmask. you also a crime to use your public office, for a krup corrupt purpose that would be to lie. third crime, a crime to unmask and leak a name to the media,
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like michael flynn. at least one crime was committed, likely many more. lou: that one crime, involves michael flynn. there is no other possibility other than the fact his name was leaked. >> right, it will be interesting to see if they get to the bottom of it. i have a feeling they will be able to determine number of pee people who had access to flynn's name, and wittle that down to individual who leaked it we'll see. lou: encouraging in that regard could we're learning fox news is learning that number of individuals involved in the unmasking, we're told is widening. therefore we're getting a better idea of what was involved, we would not know that. >> yes, not just samantha power and susan price, and john brennan but we're led to
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believe there are more individuals, usually one or two ask for national security reason to unmask the name of an american who is caught up incidental collection, this many people, it makes you wonder is it true that obama administration in last year in office was undertaking a concerted effort to hurt the donald trump campaign, then the presidency of donald trump? lou: in widening the distribution of raw intelligence. they assure that there would be leaks, because of the vastly greater number of people that here to for were not permitted to be aware of those names, now in terms of the unmasking itself, this getties tgets to be very serious, these are serious
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crimes. >> others have been charged with leaking not just classified information but the names of americans who have been caught up in incidental collection. i would imagine once they determine who it, it, they will be indicted. now, is it going to be a member of the administration? it would have to be, these were only ones with the access to the collection. lou: as we look forward to possibilities, i realize they are many. but is it your sense that executive privilege can be be aserred here. any -- asserted here? >> no, i don't think that there is any motivation to invoke executive privilege, only the president can actually invoke it. you have a new president who
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wants to accomplish the opposite, to uncover the information. it was the white house and white house counsel's office that found out that all of this unmasking was taking place. they did their own investigation. they said, wait a minute. what is going on here? they notified congress, here we are. >> and trump administration may have its day after all against those who have acted directly against their interests. >> as they should, this not just a crime against the names revealed, this is a crime tbrean against the people, this is something that should never been done, this is hypersensitive and private information. lou: greg jarrett thank you. >> mm-hmm. lou: we're coming right back, much more ahead stay with us. >> president trump keeping the pressure on republicans, to repeal obamacare.
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>> we have to repeal obamacare. and we will end up replacing it with something that is going to be outstanding. lou: will the mccain health delay doom the effort? we'll delay that and much more, tea -- we'll take that up with our guests next. >> much more straight ahead, stay with us, we're cococococo potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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lou: president trump tonight host a group of republican senators at white house talking about the revised healthcare bill. this week's vote, expected to be delayed after senator mccain's surgery to remove a blood clot. there is a report this mccain will be out at least a week. there are other reports he should be out longer, joining us to discuss the president's latest out reach to senate republicans to supports of healthcare legislation, is administration's effort to get his make america great message back on track. ed rollins, serving in their
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presidential administrations, chief political adviser as well as the house republican leadership, the dean himself, pulitzer prize winning columnist, michael. -- michael we start with you, health care bill putting this on mccain's health concerns, suggesting this is a very tight margin. >> the report said there are two no votes, that is is. republicans cannot afford to lose a third. mccain's vote presumably is the 50th vote. there may be others who are reluctant but so far looks like mcconnell is counting on them. for the lawye life of me, option is keep obamacare, i do not know how any republican wants to be a part of that. the party would be humiliated
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if that is a result of this maneuvering. lou: don't you think, they would have already been so. paul ryan, ed, played the oa figureaf, it was a disaster, now mcconnell acts like a man like paul ryan who does not want to see legislation. >> i think that mccain is the hold up. because of his illness. he was not a yes vote. he has not out said yes, there are 5 or 6 members, who have said no. lou: you have all along said, whether it be house or senate, there are more no votes than they are acknowledging. >> only chance they have is get on the floor and negotiate with amendments, they are not getting 51 votes before the floor.
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once it gets to floor you can add things, and amend it, see where it is. i think there is a strategy here to let it die. by not -- i think a lot would rather not be the vote that kills it. but they are not going to be the vote to put it in process yeah, i. lou: is the president wasting his time with dinner with the republican senator? >> he is doing the right thing trying to move it forward, he has to at least show he is doing all he can to deliver on his promise. lou: as he should, but at some point, when you are surrounded, the man is surrounded by people who are absolutely working against him. to call them disloyal will be a compliment. you talk about the way ryan has treated to president, mcconnell, gary cohn reports
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in breitbart he will oppose the nationalist economic policy of this populist president. i mean, where does it end. >> if gary cohn does that, he should do it when he was out -- lou: how do they get a sense they are entitled to oppose a president, i have never seen the lights of it. >> i have never seen, the key thing for this president, to say, this is my position, i want this, that, not just steve bannon or me, i want these positions to move toward. my concern about ryan right now is you still have house members now saying we're not sure we're expecting the senate bill today, you can't have any disquieting voices out there. it has been debated, now senate has to get it through, we have to get it done or we will be bogged down for the year. lou: how do you reactionallize
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when -- rationalize when department of homeland security secretary-general john kelly, saying that they will expand number of temporary visas, 15,000 more, this is doing paul ryan's bidding. >> it is you know we were talking that, it is made in america week in white house. but there is a footnote, made in america by foreign workers, that seems to be the impact of this. i don't know why everything has to be undermined? every idea has to be compromised or wittled away until -- you can say it still exists but it so compromised it loses the true meaning of it. lou: kelly has not been helpful in so many instances, we he talks one way, and accounaacts another. >> the very day that president
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said, we're going to buy america and hire americans, the same day you announce that we're bringing in 15,000 blue collar-type workers who are not american. lou: i don't understand how the president can keep from putting his hands around the throat of some of his so-called aides. >> he has to take his finger off of the twitter button and pick up a bat. and bang some up. >> that would make news. lou: ed and i are just speaking figuratively. >> teddy roosevelt had a big stick, donald trump will use a small bat. lou: thank you both appreciate it. >> vote in our poll, do you believe it is clear, senator mitch mcconnell, does not have or because not want the votes for health care. cast your vote on twitter, we
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would like to hear from you, you can follow he or like me on facebook. >> our twitter followers fired up about my through thriller. diana vaughn wrote: keep writing and tweeting us. viewers whose comes are read-an autographed copy. >> on wall street today, dow off 8, s&p down a fraction, nasdaq up 2, this is the definition of a flat trading session. volumey on the big board 2.8 million shares. nothing flat about netflix, surging past targets for subscriber growth in second quarter and a big run-up in its stock. up next, every great leader
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lou: a few thoughts as thous house kicks off a three weakness aning campaign, focus -- 3 week, messaging campaign, focusing on the president's agenda. idea. this week theme is made in america. and the theme not helped much by colleague sean spicer who said that some things can't be made in america. his first press briefing appearance since june 26, saying supply chains are not available here. politico last month reporting that president gave reince
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priebus until july 4 to clean up the white house, two weeks lighter, he is still on the job. so is everyone else. they are not only ones struggling, gary cohn also having problem, former partner at goldman sachs, said cohn bragged he has blunted the president's nation. dedicated to making sure u.s. does not start any ridiculous trade wars or do something crazy on health care. gary cohn not the cleverrist to say things like that. and just who does he think he is? there seem to be enough people in this white house like gary
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cohn twgary who seem to not take the president seriously. republican leaders are unwilling or unrain el to deliver for president trump, i have never seen anything like this so many white house appointees who feel entitled to oppose the president of united states. for those there seems to be no accountability. that can't go on much longer, not without disastrous consequences for the president trump agenda. and i fear the country. our quote of the evening, on loyal tie, ses -- nothing is more noble, than loyalty. nothing seems to be any more in short supply in this white house than loyalty. we're coming right back. >> president trump slamming iran deal as one of worst ever. >> my on number one priority
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to dismantled disastrous deal with iran. lou: ambassador john bolton calls on president trump to withdraw from the agreement, immediately. >> jaguar taking inspiration from james bond for a record breaking stunt. you don't want to miss the video, that video and much
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jackie: as an 18 year old, i let my mistakes kind of take over my life.
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and i'm just thankful for it. angela: yeah it's hard, but keep on going and keep on trying. karim: the high school diploma has just added to the confidence and now i feel unstoppable. narrator: find free adult education classes near you at
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lou: a chinese-american accused of spying by the iranian government has been sentenced to 10 years in jail. the princeton graduate student work on his documentary in august of last year. the deadline to insure iran is come blieght nuclear deal. we have been waiting all day but there has been no announcement. we'll bring that to you fit occurred this evening. for more on the recertification, what could be the delay, and what it could be. we are joined by former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor, john bolton. first your reaction to the young man being sentenced to 10 years?
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jail after being held for almost a year by the iranians. john require's a callous example of how regimes like iran and north korea treat human beings. otto warmier came home to die after the worst you could say was a student prank. the obama administration that this nuclear deal with iran and among other things would cause lilies to grow in the streets and iran's behavior would change. it hasn't changed except it's getting worse. lou: the obama administration unsuccessful in the latter months of presiden the presidens term. the united states, six months
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under president trump. this is a slap in the face as the deadline for recertification has arrived. this country right now does not seem to possess either the capacity to respond when one of its citizens is held like this, to react and to make something happen. i can't think of an instance in the last 20 years where pane american held has resulted in the u.s. action. and i cannot think an example where any country like north korea, like iran, has hesitated to take an american citizen hostage. and that says much about us, doesn't it. >> when cicero spoke in ancient rome saying i'm a roman citizen which meant you would be held harmless. these americans are just being
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held as bargaining chips. it's totally cynical. i think it's time for the united states to say we are not going to accept this. and we'll take this into account in our relations with other countries. lou: i think it's time to say there will be retribution and it will be exponential as a result. these are egregious acts and our response should be egregious in the power that we bring to bear on these countries. john: i think what we want to do is stop these kidnappings, hostage takings from continuing. you have got to need more than a proportionate response. that's correct. lou: you recommended writing in "the hill" today that president trump should withdraw from the iranian deal.
4:37 am
what would be the effect of that? is it not too late? john: no, not at all. i think it's important that the president say in his capacity as president what he said as a candidate. this is a disastrous deal for the united states. and the world needs to hear, that's our position. we reject the theory of the deal, the theory iran's behaviorl would change. lou: is there something beyond the abstract that could be remedied, the money given to them, $150 billion. the ability to proceed with a fission program that will result in a nuclear weapon? >> some of these things cannot be gotten back. that's what's to me so despicable about the diplomacy that led to this. i think it's critical we say this deal doesn't work for iran
4:38 am
because it has not slowed them down. but it's an incentive to others. lou: what is the effect and is there a remedy within this to the deal? or not? >> the effect of the deal is to basically pave the way for iran to get nuclear weapons. not at the ends of 10 years when the deal expires. so the consequences that as its friends in north korea delivered a nuclear weapons capability, iran is going right along with them. lou: let me turn to north korea and south korea offering to have family reconciliation talks as a reward for its nuclear missile tests.
4:39 am
this seems to be a very difficult point for the u.s. policy advice a advice, north korea. john: this one of the continues of electing moo moon jae-in president. we have to say to moon, you have got to cut this out. we are at the point where american lives are at risk. if we don't get serious, it will be south korea that bears the cost of that. lou: he doesn't seem to care. john: we have to tell him you better start caring soon, because we are running out of patience. lou: jaguar debuting its new suv
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in style. completing a gravity defying 50-foot, 270 degree cork screw barrel roll. it set a guinness world record for the most of extraordinary barrel roll in a production vehicle. a growing number of obama officials under scrutiny for the unmasking of trump official and american private citizens. might hofstra previously ran the committee behind the investigations. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things,
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but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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lou: president trump vowing to put the american worker first as he kicked off made in america week at the white house. manufacturers from all 50 state show case their product, anything from stetson hats to caterpillar tractors to gibson guitars. the president says better trade deals is the key the keeping uchght s. factories busy.
4:45 am
>> every member of my administration shares the same gold goal. to provide a level playing field for american manufacturers and industries. lou: for more on international trade deals we are joined by the former house of the house intelligence committee. pete, it's great to have you with us. let's start with susan rice bailing on the house intelligence committee indefinitely, but at least for now. but still seemingly willing to talk to the senate intelligence committee, we are told. but a date uncertain as to when she would do that. are these two committees getting played here? >> they may be.
4:46 am
but the committee has an option. subpoena her. make her appear before the committee. lou: what if she chooses to say no, can't do it because it would be incriminating whatever the case. sent law enforcement after her, take her to the capital and make her testify. there is every reason why she should testify. these are important issues. the most of important issue is i think the intelligence community, it appears with what i have heard the last 6 to 7 months. they have taken the ability to capture american conversationsover seas and they started to abuse this. when they capture your call or my call, they are supposed to deep six it. it appears too many of these coverings meade their way to the
4:47 am
white house. they were unmasked too often. what is samantha powers, an implementer of foreign policy, not an analyst, why is she part of this unmasking? lou: we are also learning other top obama officials were apparently involved in the unmasking of american citizens in direct violation of law, and doing so in further violation of law for purely political purposes. it's interesting that the committees didn't get excited when they found out the obama administration in it final days expanded the distribution of law intelligence, and that could only be for one reason, and that was to expose the trump administration and it officials to open them up to public awareness of their moment.
4:48 am
>> it sure look like it. this is the intelligence that has been unmasked which should have been close hold. but instead they spread it all over. what this is for is to get it out and maybe someone out there will leak it. and we found out they did leak it. it damaged the trump administration, it did damage to american citizens. like you said, probably illegal but totally unethical and inappropriate. lou: the idea south korea's moon has decided this week would be a perfect time for family reconciliation talks with kim jong-un. has he lost his mind? and could there be a greater rupture in the alliance among
4:49 am
the united states and south korea? and the united nations. >> that's one of the things i'm very, very worried about. if we are going to be successful vis-a-vis north korea, south korea, japan, the united states, we all have to be singing off the same sheet of music. john bolton was exactly right. someone need to go to moon and say stop this. this is nonsense. it hasn't worked for 25 years. as long as china and north korea see a split between the united states and south korea, they won't feel any pressure to change their behavior. we need to be doing exactly the same thing and sending strong message or nothing will change.
4:50 am
lou: the obama spy scandal is widening. susan rice's testimony has been delayed. we'll be talking about the latest developments in the deep 8 swamp. stay with us. it could be the next big thing i should totally get that domain name... get your great idea online too... get your domain today, and get... ...a free trial of gocentral from godaddy
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lou: in our online poll we asked is it time for mitch mcconnell and paul ryan to shut down the
4:54 am
russian collusion investigation. 97% of you said yes, it is. a new poll suggesting democratic leaders have a very big political problem. the abc news "washington post" survey shows only 37% of american adult believe the democratic party stand for something. 52% believe democrats just stand against donald trump. joining me to talk about the democratic party and much more. charlie hurt. i found that poll remarkable. coming as it does from abc news-"washington post." that seems to me it should bother democratic leaders profoundly. >> if you talk to democrats privately, they will tell you they are part of that percentage that will tell you we don't know
4:55 am
what the party stands for anymore. the media loves to talk about the troubles the republicans are in because you have donald trump and republicans in congress in disagreement about things. but i said for a long time, i think the real problem is the growing schism within the democratic party. we had a presidential election primary last year in which the democratic leadership rigged the primary to take it away from a socialist who was far more popular than the establishment and gave it to the safe person who was going to win who wound up losing because she had no campaign whatsoever. lou: also an f.b.i. that was obviously in her pocket and department of justice. getting by without an investigation which was rather neat. and for some reason an f.b.i. that wasn't bothered they were
4:56 am
told to just go away by the democratic national committee while are colluding against bernie sanders in league are hillary clinton. and effectively a president who is colluding with the russians because he wouldn't react to obvious evidence of their intervention against the dnc. >> it's incredible. the biggest gangsters in history would have given anything to have that kind of backing from law enforcement. i think right now we are sort of at an interesting juncture with this supposed investigation. i call it a scandal in search of a crime. you hear it all the time. democrats are trying to compare what happened with donald trump, jr. meeting with this person to watergate. no, no, no. watergate began with a felony crime. a break-in. it started there and wound its
4:57 am
way around to the president of the united states. this thing began with donald trump and the russians, assumption there is collusion and they are reverse engineering back into some sort of crime when there still is no crime anybody can point to. lou: collusion has been documented over and over and over on this broadcast is not a crime to begin with. if the special counsel had integrity he would make that statement and disband the entire enterprise. >> good luck with that. lou: gregg jarrett points out even if there were people helping donald trump who are foreign russian nationals, that under the federal election commission website, even though a foreign national cannot make campaign contributions, he or she can serve as an uncome
4:58 am
person stated volunteer for a campaign or political party. no one reads the damn law, no one cares what it says. they just want their investigation. it's fake news, it's a witch hunt. it's everything the president said it is but worse. >> we are so far outside of worry being the law or worrying about ethics. this is all politics. and democrats will -- you can kinds of see it when a few of the honest ones making ridiculous arguments. lou: how many honest ones are there? >> there aren't many. so you have to hunt for them. we reached a point of absolute absurdity. and none of them are even trying to tell the truth anymore. lou: it doesn't seem so, does it. the suggestion this president --
4:59 am
empirically he has everything on his side. a run-up in the stock market and an economy moving straight ahead. you just can't bring along the democratic deep state opposition to this administration they are trying to subvert. but maybe in time. if he succeeds on all that. that's the only step anybody actually cares about. lou: with only six months as president of the united states, he's doing just that. new book to recommend it's the same book my buddy jim born and i wrote, "putin's gambit." viewers love it. you get read here, you get a signed copy. katherine saying i love your
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candor in telling it like it is answer your willingness to call pure nonsense no matter who your guest is. haven't read your book, but will do so soon. cheyrl: breaking news this morning. the state in the senate. two more gop lawmakers will not vote for mnemonic replacement bill. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell want to repeal obamacare and replace it at a later date. train for u.s. stock market futures fell in the failure of the health care bill. not just the outside. dow futures have been 14, nasdaq futures higher by five. turning to the dollar falling to a little bit of a bump in the ftse 100 by eight points. lea: the nikkei down six tenths of 1%.


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