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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 20, 2017 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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mccain is facing because it lifts up anybody facing cancer and fighting it this very day. >> and let's hope there's a balance. maria: be well, john mccain. "varney & company" right now. stuart, take it away. stuart: thursday, july 20th, donald j. trump has been president for exactly six months. how is it going? good morning, everyone, the trump rally, the latest high, 21,640. the 26th record of this year. this began the morning after the trump win. his growth agenda turned on investors and when the swamp stalled that growth plan, profits went up big time and stocks went up some more. the trump rally has added, wait for it, 4.1 trillion dollars to the nation's wealth so far.
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six months in and politics, oh, that's a very different story. no major legislation passed and the president has had it, on health care, he says, don't leave town until you get it done. there is a health care vote next week. the outcome very uncertain. news developments today, sad news from senator john mccain. he's been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. he will not be in for next week's health care vote. president trump tells the new york times, i would never have appointed jeff sessions attorney general if i knew he would recluse himself from the russian investigations. and not writing tax reform until the fall. so what chance of tax reform this year? russia, russia, russia, when donald trump, jr., and jared kushner and paul manafort
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appear. and stocks up, you're going to love it. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ straight to the markets, please, it looks flat to slightly higher at the opening bell in 27 minutes' time. i'm going to repeat that big number for you. more than 4 trillion dollars, 4.14 trillion has been added to the stock market's total value since the election. that's america's new wealth over 4 trillion, just since the trump win and it's been six months since the inauguration. here is how big tech has performed. netflix, facebook, amazon, those are percentage increases at the bottom of the chart there, since january the 20th. how about the banks. citi, j.p. morgan, and morgan stanley, nice green arrows, too. there are the health care stocks, surprisingly enough, aetna, united health, cigna all
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up 20, 25%. and let's go straight to capitol hill right now, we are joined by senator rand paul, republican from kentucky. mr. senator, i understand that you spoke on the phone with president trump last night, and i believe you offered a kind of solution to health care, that is vote very quickly on straight repeal, and then immediately debate another bill which would handle insurance company money. have i got it right? >> yeah, one of the things that conservatives object to on the bill that the senate leadership has put forward, there's a lot of money floating around that really, we just object to federal programs that bail out private businesses. the insurance industry doubled their profit under obamacare, they made 6 billion a year before obamacare and now make 15 billion. my concern is that we're going to pass a republican bill and make their profits 30 billion a year. it's not the job of government to be doling out money to
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private industry so what i've said is if you insist that you want it, they should put that on a separate bill that democrats like, democrats typically like spending bills, put it on a spending bill, and put the repeal, make it more of a repeal bill and i'll vote for it, but and i still think it's not perfect, but i'll vote for something less than perfect as long as it's not obnoxious and obnoxious to me is subsidizing rich corporations. stuart: do you think that the votes would be there for a straight repeal bill? >> well, this isn't really a straight repeal bill. it would be more of a repeal bill and still a lot of things on it that aren't perfect. i still think it will not perfo perform-- perfectly fix the system and we will have some death spiral of obamacare. that's why they want the fixed, and subsidize it. there's a lot broken in the health care system. one thing republicans try to acknowledge not oversell this. the federal government has the
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ability to fix this at once. the federal government created the problems, but the problems in health care have been going on for decades. stuart: how did the president react in the phone call last night? >> he said that's not the easy way to do it. the easy way to do it is vote for the bill as-is. the thing is, i said, look, mr. president, i do want to help, i'm a great defender of the president, but i can't give up what i believe in. but i'm willing to vote for it if we can do something to separate out the pork and the spending, i won't vote for that bill, i'll only vote for the repeal bill. depends whether they need my vote. if they get to the end and they need my vote, i will vote for a compromise. it's not that i'm opposed to everything. i think it could be better, we should have more strength of character and vote to repeal all the regulations because once you have federal regulations on the marketplace, that's what leads to the adverse selection of the death spiral. and they're keeping a lot of the regulations and keeping
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problems of obamacare, we shouldn't promise people this is the end-all and be-all and fixes all of our problems. stuart: during the end of the campaign, then candidate donald j. trump insulted a lot of republicans, what's your rarp -- relationship via the phone call. >> we don't always agree, i'm not a yes man. i have a lot of respect for the office. we have give and take, and i told him, when i can and i agree i can be supportive because he's doing a lot of good things for the country. getting rid of regulations and appointing gorsuch, you cannot overstate it, these are great things that happened in six months and compare and contrast the disaster that would have been hillary clinton we are very hawk to have president trump in the white house. stuart: overnight we heard the sad news that your colleague,
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senator mccain diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. your response, sir? >> you know, senator mccain and i have had a sort of a storied relationship. we haven't always gotten along. gone back and forth at each other, but when something like this happens, it's a personal crisis for him and his family, you know my prayers go out to him and i want only the best for him. one thing i'd say i've seen a lot of people in my career as a doctor, i've seen those who defy expectations of a disease, this is not a good diagnosis, but i've seen people live for years with it and if there's anybody else tenacious enough, he's beaten cancer a couple of times, my hope is that he'll beat it this time. stuart: senator rand paul, i appreciate it. look at this, a new fox poll, 74% of voters say the g.o.p. should make a deal with the democrats if they can't agree on a health care plan of their own. president trump says stay in d.c. until you get it done.
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roll tape. >> for seven years you had an easy route, we'll repeal we'll replace and he's never going to sign it. but i'm signing it, so it's a little bit different. but i'm ready to act. for seven years you promised the american people that you would repeal obamacare. people are hurting. inaction is not an option and frankly, i don't think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan, unless we can give our people great health care because we're close. stuart: we're close. joining us now, lisa booth, fox news contributor and washington examiner columnist. we like to-- >> good morning. stuart: yes, good morning. >> hi. [laughter] >> we like to offer our viewers clarity. i cannot offer clarity on this health care deal. >> because it's a mess. i mean, it all is, quite frankly, a mess and it's deeply disappointing as well because
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republicans are showing that they can't govern right now and my concern is, i don't know how-- if they can't get this done through the reconciliation process what they're trying to do on health care, how are they going to get tax reform done? because the deep ideological differences which is preventing them from getting to the middle are going to rear its head in the tax reform process as well. do you think that the g.o.p. is committing political suicide? >> i do. if they don't get any major-- if they can't get tax reform done, can't get health care, can't get some big piece of legislation done before the mid term elections, i don't know how they can face voters with a straight face and ask for reelection. stuart: it might come to that. speaker ryan is not even writing the tax reform bill until the fall. >> yes, and this is not going to play well for republican voters because they asked to get elected to have a republican majority, to get some of these big ticket items done that would help america and benefit their lives.
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i don't know what their case is to voters in to 18 why they deserve to be reelected. stuart: you're a close observer of politics. >> i like to think so. stuart: president trump slammed the attorney general. roll that tape. >> sessions should have never recused himself and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. it's extremely unfair and that's a mild word, to the president. stuart: a, what's your reaction and b, why on earth did he do this? >> would like to slam my head against the table. i do not for the life of me that he would grant the new york times, of all publications, a 50 minute interview and ramble about the different stuff. i want the president to succeed. i want him to succeed for the american people. i want his agenda to be successful. 's constantly undermining his success and undermining himself by doing things like this. he needs to avoid the russia
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issue and move on to big ticket items to make america great again and this hurts this and hurts this process. stuart: and you walked onto the set 20 minutes ago and you were bubbly and lively and now i think we've put you in the-- have we? >> depressing depressing. stuart: are you in despair for-- >> too early for a glass of wine. stuart: yes, it is. lisa booth, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: president trump today had he hadded to the pentagon, actually later this hour, he's going to meet with mathis. and hedge fund manager, big chipotle investor, sending out a tweet. that restaurant chain taking a hit on a possible norovirus brought -- outbreak. we'll have that in a minute. and moe brooks accusing senat
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>> it doesn't look like it, but this is the amazon story of the day. sears stock is going to be up 23%. why? because they're going to sell their kenmore products on amazon. okay. it's the amazon connection, up goes the stock. subscribers, more of them at t-mobile, better profits at t-mobile and that stock is up 3 1/2%. i want to get back to the growth agenda, all important for them. and here is what speaker ryan side about the tax reform bill.
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the budget going through congress right now is the budget. it's not the actual tax reform bill. that is something that will be written in the fall. joining us now, congressman diane black, republican from tennessee who is on the tax writing committee and the budget committee as well. diane, this is not good news, not even starting to write the tax bill until the fall. what's holding things up? >> stuart, as you know, the first part is to actually pass a budget which sets off the ability to have tax reform through reconciliation. and we were successful with getting that budget out of committee last night so we're at the first step of that. look, we've been talking about tax reform. i'm on the tax writing committee for almost seven years, it's a complicated thing to do. we have not reformed the tax code since 1986 so it takes time to do. stuart: are you married to tax cuts paying for themselves? >> i do believe, as the committee has talked about, that this should be deficit neutral and we should find a way to make sure we don't put
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this country in more debt than it is right now. stuart: but it will stimulate with the economy. >> it will stimulate the economy. stuart: if you take with one hand and give with the other, where is the stimulus? >> we'll see more jobs created, more people purchasing products, getting more jobs, we will see the economy grow. we saw it during the tax reform of reagan and you'll see it with this as well we'll get the rates as low as we can, simplify the codes for the individuals and make sure that we can grow this country's economy. stuart: there's all kinds of talk that the current corporate tax rate of 35% will not be coming down to 15% as president trump wanted, but will actually come down to more like 20 or 25%. can you confirm that? >> we need to get that rate down as low as we possibly can. all we have to do is look around the world to see what other countries are doing. i was with some folks from the u.k. several months ago and i told they were eating our lunch
9:18 am
at 20% and now they're down to 17%. we have got to be competitive around the world. an absolute necessity. stuart: are you going to stick with 15%, with the tax rate? >> we'd love to get it as low as we possibly can. i don't want to commit to any particular number now. 15% is a good thing to shoot for and we'll continue to do all we can to get it as low as we can, that's what we need to do in order to compete around the world. stuart: you realize there's a good deal of frustration amongst voters. nothing on health care so far, tax reform, tax cuts all delayed until late in the year. do you know how frustrated people are? >> look, i appreciate their frustration and i will tell you i'm frustrated that the state can't come out with something. we've done our work and sent them a bill. we need them to do their work. we need to get the job done. they cannot give up. this is important to the american people and people are frustrated. stuart: it's with the republican party. it's not with the senatal
9:19 am
party, or the freedom-- it's the republican party. >> we're doing the work over here in the house. we've done our work on health care, we've done our work on getting the budget out, the first step to getting tax reform done. look at what we're doing. stuart: diane black, it's always a pleasure and glad you came back to see us. >> thank you. stuart: where we're going to open the market in ten minutes' time. remember, the dow hit its 26th record of the year just yesterday. repeat the sad news, senator john mccain diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer. dr. ma dr. marc siegel is next.
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banks aren't just undergoing a face lift. they're undergoing a transformation. a data fueled, security driven shift in applications and customer experience. which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. >> senator john mccain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. come in, dr. marc siegel. doctor, welcome to the show. i'm told that the survivability rate for people over 55 with this form of cancer is a very low 4%. is that accurate? >> that's accurate. even with treatment, generally 14 to 18 months and this is because it's a very aggressive, from what i hear, i haven't examined him or seen the record, a very aggressive brain cancer based on the support cells of the brain. stuart, by the time you find it it's infiltrated the brain, you
9:24 am
think you got it out, but almost never get it all out. chemo and radiation tends to be resistance it tends to come back. that's the poor prognosis. stuart: and chemo and radiation, the first line. >> yes, a drug and standard from the 1980's, pretty much all they had until recently. stuart: and then what's the chance of using, the possibility of using this cell therapy, immuno therapy where you take cells out of the patient, doctor them, put them back in and it fixes the problem. what's the chance of using that on senator mccain? >> we were talking about that last week. stuart: we were. >> they were doing a study at university of pennsylvania and harvard. it's interesting, because if he has a certain growth factor on his tumor, etg, 30% of tumors have it, if he has it, they can try immuno therapy, which hasn't been that successful
9:25 am
because this cancer tends to be resistent to it and varied. but when they do the treatment, take the immune cells out and alter them, this is the wave of the future, exciting stuff. they've shown a big improvement. stuart: is it possible to use it on senator mccain? >> i think if he has this particular protein, yes, i would predict he would get this treatment. i'm sure he's going to the top centers, the places i'm mentioning now. if he has tested positive for that, i would expect to see it. one more factor here, intangible, the courage of this man and you know, the ability he has to fight, and also, i think god is going to be with him after he sat there in hanoi and let other people out and said, you've been here longer than me. this man deserves a pay back from god and i think maybe he'll get it. he's not giving up, for sure. stuart: well said, mr. marc
9:26 am
siegel. >> and the opening bell, four minutes and 15 seconds from now, we'll take you there, take you to wall street and see how your money is growing. we'll be back.
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>> all right. we've got 20 seconds to go before we start the trading this thursday morning.
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i should tell you, yesterday the dow closed at 21,640. that was its 26th record high of the year. that is the trump rally, rit large, isn't it? and by the way, i think it's going to continue certainly at the opening bell which is now over and done with and we're trading. look at that, i see a lot of green appearing on the left-hand side, a modest loss after the stock market opened, but we'll turn ever so slightly. [laughter]. yes, thank you very much indeed. liz: there you are. stuart: we've turned ever so slightly. and i see a lot of green. here are the stocks you want to see and these are the stocks where you've put your money. big tech. today's quotes taken as of right now at the opening bell this thursday morning, all of them, apple, amazon, alphabet, facebook, microsoft. looks like microsoft, i own some, a brand new record high. facebook shy of 155 which it
9:31 am
hit yesterday and alphabet you could see that thing hit a $1,000 as of now and amazon 1031. and how is that for an opening for the big techs. ashley: pretty good. stuart: here is how the same stocks performed since the election, since the election, okay? that's since-- no, i'm sorry, since the inauguration. netflix, 31%, facebook 29%, amazon 27%. ashley: pretty good. stuart: that's the trump rally. same story again, apple, amazon, alphabet. apple 26%, 27% for alphabet. amazon, that's the trump rally six months in. who is with me, ashley webster, ms. mcdonald, keith fitz-gerald. i'll start with the tech stocks, keith, first to you, i hear the word bubble coming
9:32 am
back, bubble, bubble, bubble. i keep hearing it. do you think that-- >> bubble, bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. the market is always about growth, stuart. that's one of the beautiful things, isn't this exciting to see, 26, 27, 28, 30%? they can click a button and add a billion customers, to me that's real growth, it's exciting and that's what you're seeing. stuart: so, okay, before we close with you, the word bubble has no relevance to big tech, is that correct, keith? >> it's a term that's antiquated because you're applying yesterday's metrics like driving down the road and looking in the rear view mirror, if you go straight you're fine, if you hit a turn, there's a problem. conventional metrics no longer apply to this segment of the market. stuart: i remember hearing that? the '90s with the dot-comes. >> we understand it. stuart: scott, same question to you, does the word bubble have any relevance to the big five tech stocks? >> no, and i've got the difference for you. the thing in the '90s, had no
9:33 am
revenues, at least the revenues they had are blown away and have no profits. keith is right, a click of the button or a new website or i don't know, the amazon echo, you're adding what, a billion in revenue to this thing. amazon is making tens of billions of dollars in revenue per quarter. so these are actually companies that are crushing it. the cash flows are amazing, the revenue growth is very good and that's why the stocks are supported here, i love the fabulous five. liz: in terms of price of earnings, how they're valued, they're running at a third of what they were doing the dot-com bubble. 25% earnings, versus 70 to 100 times earnings. stuart: well said, liz. we brought you a huge number earlier. 4.14 trillion dollars. that's how much wealth has been added to the country, that's how much the total value of all stock has gone up since the election in november of last year. let's get this clear, and first to you, keith, is that flat-out
9:34 am
the trump rally? >> i think it is. because, again, it's all about expectations, stuart. we haven't-- it's a show-me rally. we need to be shown a lot on health care taxes and those sorts of things now. traders know they've got to go for the future and that's going to create wealth and why they, ta-da, moved into the markets. stuart: a story will money managers, they've not been as cautious as they are now, since 2008. okay? eight years ago, they were very cautious and we've got to the same level of caution nowment lizzie, am i right. 80% of them, of money managers in this survey are what? >> they're cautious right now, according to bank of america. stuart: does that mean they think there's a pullback coming? >> this comes from the same team led by the chief equity strategist. if you don't get that tax reform agenda and growth agenda done, then it feels like the market is running on fumes. and the mother's milk of stocks evaluations, but you've got to
9:35 am
get the growth in place. stuart: at that point, scott, we have pretty strong profits, don't we? >> yeah, we do. i love these sentiment indicators on money managers, being one myself, you know, and at my firm, it's interesting though, you talk about '08 and the reality, a lot of the money managers, stuart, got cautious or conservative way too late. everybody was so boastful and excited in '07, '08, and it crashed and that's when people got cautious, similar it this, i like when people get negative or scared about the markets, especially money managers like me and we're positive that tells me that people doesn't believe in the rally and that's when the market will punch them in the face with higher prices. ashley: and i think, scott, they think they've left it too late, surely it can't go higher, i'm cautious and been on the sidelines and missed it. >> that sentiment has cost them another what, 3, 4, 5% to their clients. stuart: how many of our viewers, maybe i want to get
9:36 am
into amazon at 600, 700, 800 and didn't because they thought it's sure to come down and i'll buy on the dip. it didn't this morning amazon 1030, i believe. by the way, microsoft now at $74 per share, all-time high. 74 and change, it reports its earnings after the bell today. so, here is a stock, we haven't seen the earnings yet, but as you walk up to that earnings report, the stock climbs and climbs and climbs. it's going to be very interesting what they report on their cloud business later on today. look, it's come back down 3 cents, but look 73.83, know the seen that before. the overall big scale market, we're still on the upside. we've got a gain of 3 points, but look, 21,642. bet you didn't expect that. alcoa, formerly known as the aluminum company of america, cut its forecast, it doesn't matter, the stock is down just-- say it's up 45 cents. more subscribers, better profit
9:37 am
at t-mobile. that's good enough for a 1 1/2% gain. travelers, their quarterly profit down on higher catastrophe losses, that's how you phrase it. i'm not sure how that stock-- it's 2% taking it on the chin. i find this an interesting trend story. the nba commissioner optimistic that sports betting will be legalized in the next few years and that would be nationwide. it's already getting-- you gamble on sports in las vegas right now, but it goes nationwide, he thinks, for a couple of years. what do you say, keith? >> i think he's right. governments that cannot manage their own pocket book have an annoying habit of covering their sins by turning to gambling. that's a look at gambling. stuart: if it's a look at stocks if it's gambling nationwide? >> it's interesting, depends on the licensing agreements. this came out and casino stocks were concerned and lobbying heavy for licensing rights in
9:38 am
other states. we've seen this before. look what's going on with the marijuana industry. the governments are upset about losing the business and the tax revenue in the black market. they legalize it, they take it away from where it's going now. stuart: fascinating. we do, of course, have an amazon story of the day. a back door amazon story, look at sears, the stock is up 15%. why. ashley: was it on death watch? >> i'm afraid we did. we put this thing and death watch when was 7. ashley: a-ha. stuart: now it's up 10 and 15%. the amazon connection, they'll start selling their kenmore products on amazon. you're not going to dispute with me, are you, scott, it's the amazon effect. >> it is the amazon effect, let's be fair, sears may be showing a pulse today. oh, my goodness. if you happen to be stuck in this stock, ladies and gentlemen, this is your chance to get out. because i feel like retail regardless of the kenmore deal is doomed.
9:39 am
i wouldn't go anywhere near it. stuart: a chance to get out. ashley: yes. stuart: like that. talk about a contrarian, chipotle gets an upgrade, give me a reason. liz: this is amid the food scare 13 diners not violently ill. the analysts are saying, they're coming out with an all natural queso cheese dipping sauce with no flavors, no added colors or gums to it. i say, let's show craft, the real way to make queso, craft velveeta cheese and i think that olive garden is fine time dining. the producer says, stop it. stuart: you don't like velveeta cheese? >> i love velveeta cheese. stuart: if you've got a three-year-old, velveeta cheese is the only thing they would eat. when my kids were young they wouldn't eat cheese unless was individually wrapped.
9:40 am
liz: i don't care if it's made out of car seat cushions, i love velveeta cheese. stuart: i'm glad we got a positive. i've got to say goodbye scott and keith. and 13 points lower. the discovery channel's shark week is coming. you know what that means? we booked a biologist who swims with the sharks. yesterday on this program, conem coneman-- congressm congressman moe brooks accusing senator strange, and senator strange will respond after this. stuart: and the deal maker in chief again on the move meeting with secretary mathis. ♪
9:41 am
♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together...
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9:43 am
. stuart: we're down 13 points. what's this? gm posts legal win? this is all about the ignition switch program. you better give me the full story, lori. >> don't get too excited. it's not terrific news for gm, but just a little bit of a break. you few shares up 11 cents at the open. a federal jury in new york ruled that gm was not responsible for a man's injury related to the new switch. it was the previous switch, back in 2014 that gm had the problem with, that switch was linked to 400 injuries and deaths, 2.6 million vehicles were recalled. gm did settle those cases. 2.5 billion dollars in criminal civil penalties, settlements and legal fees, however, back to the new switches.
9:44 am
still, 230 individual cases, once again, pending over these new gm ignition switches, stuart. stuart: and the stock is still in the mid 30's. thanks very much indeed. now this, one alabama republican going after another on this program. congressman moe brooks took a swipe at senator luther strange. roll tape. >> there are nine of us in the republican primary because the incumbent luther strange has some major ethical issues that are pushing him down. you've got judge roy moore, who is a former supreme court justice and myself, we seem to be in the top tier of three and in alabama we have a runoff system so the top two will make a runoff. stuart: you heard it there, senator strange accused of having ethical problems and look who is here, senator luther strange himself. i think you better respond, senator. >> i'll be happy to. i went back and looked and actually, congressman brooks said when i received the
9:45 am
aappointment, i was exactly what alabama and america need at our critical junction in our history. put out a press release to that effect. nothing changed except for the fact that he wants to be elected to the senate and he's trying to distract from his long, well-documented history of attacking president trump. three weeks from election kind of mud slinging we have to expect, but appreciate the opportunity to respond. stuart: it's a nasty internal fight amongst republicans when republicans are not doing that well in the national standings anyway. thank you for responding. i want to ask you about what president trump said about your predecessor when he was senator jeff sessions, now became attorney general sessions. the president said, wouldn't have appointed him attorney general if he'd known that he would recuse himself from the russia investigation. what do you say, sir? >> well, what i would say is i share the president's frustration with the media's overblown, out of control obsession with all things russian. and i think that's probably what was motivating that
9:46 am
comment and i certainly share that sentiment because we're trying to get obamacare repealed and replaced as you well know and then onto taxes and infrastructure and things that people care about. they're both my friends and i have a high degree of respect for them. stuart: it's another nasty internal fight, isn't it, that detracts from health care or taxes or getting anything done. >> that's why i'm focused on trying to get something done and i couldn't be stronger with the president's efforts and leaders' efforts, frankly, on getting a vote on repealing and replacing. stuart: i'm trying to keep my high on the ball. >> we're looking at the sad news of senator mccain, in the middle of negotiations. he is in our prayers and there are a lot of challenges, but we can overcome them. stuart: you can? i don't mean to be cynical, but we've heard this so many times, we can get this done, eventually we can get this done. time is running out, back's
9:47 am
against the wall right now. >> it's very frustrating for me, only having been in the senate a few months. believe me, i share the frustrations of my citizens and that's why i'm working hard trying to get people in the room and lock them up until we come up with something, this is a defining moment in our party. if we can't lead for goodness' sake. >> the president says don't leave town until you get something done. you could be in for a long summer. >> i'm happy to say i want it stay here and work around the clock, late at night, early in the morning, whatever it takes. americans are working hard around this country. >> thank you for joining us, sir, much appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> all right, today, o.j. simpson's parole hearing in nevada. the media circus is already on scene. do you think oj is going to get out? a lot of people do. check the markets, dow 30 shows some green and some red and a
9:48 am
mixed bag, down 10 points for the dow industrials. we are going to show you this number, over and over and over again since president obama's election, november 8th last year. and more than 4 trillion dollars has been added to the value of all stocks in america. that is the trump rally rit large. more varney after this. ♪ many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we could see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> what's the best performer amongst the dow 30 stocks? nike is the best performer. they've got an upgrade, actually yesterday, came from morgan stanley. today the stock is up 3%. let's get back to politics. can't avoid it. president trump slamming attorney general sessions over russia. all rise, judge napolitano is here. in an interview with the new york times, you know the story. >> yes. stuart: the president says, i would never have appointed him attorney general if i would have known he was going to recuse himself from russia. >> i believe the president has a very valid argument to make, but i think making an argument like that in public is-- >> to the new york times after it tried to convince republicans yes for health care reform. >> destructive to the
9:53 am
president's relationship to the justice department and undermining the work, very good hardworking decent people from fbi agents to prosecutors. stuart: is he asking for the resignation of the attorney general? >> who am i to second guess the president's style? he's become the president of the united states in large part because of his personalities and style. i understand that jeff sessions has offered his resignation several time and the president rejected it. prior to the article in the new york times. i would think if he wanted his resignation, he would give it because he could fire him. stuart: his hints that i never would have appointed him if i would have known. >> i say this as the attorney general's friend, he should have said to president, look, they're going to investigate the campaign because of allegations about russia, i was a core part of your campaign and i might be a witness in that investigation, though i would love the job, improbable not the right person to be your
9:54 am
attorney general. rather than, this is a different way, a different type of argument than the ones the president made, rather than taking the job and then recusing himself. what did he recuse himself from? the biggest doj investigation in history since watergate. and not being run by the president's appointee and the president is upset about that and i understand it. stuart: other than that, do you approve of jeff sessions' performance as attorney general? >> no. stuart: you don't? >> i attacked him aggressively with you yesterday over the forced assets. when the government enhances punishment that violates the constitution, and obl the congress can decide. what about going off ms-13. >> it's important here for
9:55 am
people who live in long island and this part of the country. but going after recreational use, recreational drug use, an utter waste of federal resources and will fill the jails with people who are victims, not criminals. stuart: what you're talking about is, a federal law is marijuana is banned, it's illegal. >> correct. stuart: some states have made it recreational use legal. >> one of the few good things that barack obama and eric holder and loretta lynch say we will not enforce the laws where you've made marijuana legal for medicinal purposes or recreational usage. >> that doesn't put people in prison with mardened criminals. >> the attorney general says we will pursue federal law and it is illegal. >> he's said that, but hasn't started to do that, but said
9:56 am
that he would do it. stuart: who would you like to see as attorney general if it wasn't jeff sessions? >> you know, the attorney general is probably articulating what the president wants. i can't imagine he's doing this on his own or against the president's wishes. if trump wants an attorney general to take the positions, that's the type of person we'll get if jeff sessions resigns or retires. stuart: let's suppose he resigns, could the new attorney general say i'm back in the department of justice investigation of russia? >> the very-- they would have to fire bob mueller in order to do that because the appointment of mueller as an independent counsel is a valid, legal and sub sis subsisting appointment. >> he is there. stuart: what a mess. >> the president is frustrated by it. stuart: okay, we've got to take a short commercial break, we will a be back momentarily.
9:57 am
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9:59 am
. . . .
10:00 am
stuart: donald trump has been president for six months. the media overwhelmingly negative. they remain contempt with us. they are pushing to get him out before he completes his first term. investors might think very differently. the great success of the trump presidency thus far is not what he has done, but what he promises to do, namely, get the economy going again. evidently investors believe he might yet get it done. look at this. since his election win the trump rally added $4.1 trillion to the nation as wealth. anyone with a 401(k), ira, college savings, retirement save s mutual fund anyone with a dime in the market has taken a piece of that $4 trillion. during his presidency five american companies emerged as
10:01 am
global technology leaders. you know the names, apple, amazon, alphabet, microsoft and facebook. it is a technology world. american companies seized future. i find it astonishing that the world of money is so, exuberant while the political world so so contemptuous at his poll sieve growth. within brief aside. can anyone tell me the democrats growth plan? do they have one? they apparently still cling to the believe if we tax the rich, by to the poor, shackle capitalism, grow the borders we'll grow. nonsense. six months in the left is mired in hate. let's hope hate loses and growth wins. six month in it is the hope of growth making america $4 trillion richer. the second of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
10:02 am
two breaking news events. the president is about to a arrive at the pentagon to meet with secretary mattis. afghanistan, about to employ more troops there. there will be international cybercrime enforcement action. he is expected to take questions. he may respond to the president's comments in the "new york times" about hiring him in the first place. we'll bring you any updates on both counts. percent, your money. we have the latest read on mortgage rates. where are we now? liz: down from last week. at 3.96 trending around the 4% levels. refinancing is popping. basically housing inventory is down 24 straight months. now pricing could look more copastetic for people as builders are in there building more homes. stuart: wait a second. the inventory of homes for sale has come down?
10:03 am
liz: number of homes on the market fallen year-over-year for 24 consecutive months according to nar. stuart: number of homes on the market down, whoa. liz: prices are higher. ashley: they had to pass a law in new jersey to stop real estate agents knocking on people's doors, would they be interested in selling their home. they're so desperate for inventory. stuart: what is wrong with doing that? ashley: depends what the offer is. that is what is all about. stuart: why pass a law to stop doing it. liz: seriously stop a law doing that? don't you have bigger things and big are issues? stuart: it is new jersey. liz: which has big are issues. stuart: yes they do. we're down eight points, 33 minutes into the session. that is not a big loss. we're still at 21,632. amazon and microsoft hitting all time highs. microsoft reports its numbers after the bell today. it earlier reached over $74 a
10:04 am
share. son story of the day, it is about sears. they're selling kenmoore products on amazon. that is why sears is up 20%, the amazon connection. despite positive signs in the market many voters feel pessimistic. new "fox news poll" shows 82% of voters are extremely or very concerned about health care. 81% are concerned about the fault turf the country. 75% are concerned about the economy. tom bevin, "real clear politics." tom, i sense in that poll a sudden turns toward the negative. is that what you're seeing as well? >> sure. those are pretty high numbers. when you have eight out of 10 folks in the country concerned about health care. look, that makes sense. there has been a big debate over health care. both sides are -- democrats saying republican plan will throw people out on the street.
10:05 am
people will be dying. republicans say obamacare is imploding across the country, we have to fix it. no matter where you look you see danger signs about health care. that explains that piece. economy piece is interesting, stuart. as you mentioned dow has been up. in this poll also, 42% of people feel like they're getting ahead, seven points higher than last summer. people are feeling better about the economy but still have frustrations i think and concerns where it might be going. stuart: is that what you see in other polls? that the economy and handling it is the strong suit for the presidency at this moment? >> yeah. definitely what people believe, is that president trump, this is his forte, and, but i think, look, i think republicans, trump supporters are frustrated that trump hasn't been able to get his agenda passed. frustrated with republicans and certainly frustrated with democrats. he has done some things generating growth repealing
10:06 am
regulation and like he hasn't been able to get his agenda through congress. when you see frustration numbers rise because republicans are frustrated, trump supporters are frustrated that his growth agenda is not getting passed through congress. stuart: president trump brute to the white house very different presidency. some people suggest his style is so different from what we've used to in the oval office it kind of stands out and it is becoming negative. what overall is people as views of the president and his style? >> even trump supporters voice concerns about the president's, some of the president's styles. his tweets and some of the distractions. by and large they like his policies. they like his agenda and they're standing by him. look at partisan split on these polls, republicans still standing by trump for the most part. there are concerns about his style, again as you mentioned earlier or i think judge napolitano mentioned earlier, hard to question his style when
10:07 am
it has gotten him to where he is. so he certainly believes, the white house believes his style is one of his strengths. they will not change it anytime soon. stuart: bottom line, he held on to the base, interesting, tom bevan, "real clear politics." >> thanks, stuart. stuart: now this, democrat donors banking on freshman senator kamala harris as rising star of the party. she was surrounded by top fund-raisers at an event in the hamptons this past weekend. her profile, as they say has grown. doug schoen with us, coauthor of the book "america in the age of trump." he is a fox news contributor as well. doug, welcome to the program. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: is senator harris being groomed to lead the party and their presidential candidate? >> i think she is being groomed. whether she emerges as star of obama 2020 is open question. clearly based on who attended events in the hamptons, the money that was raised, she is heading in that direction.
10:08 am
stuart: president trump is just arriving right now at the pentagon. we'll show you when his motorcade pulls up there. he is waiting for them. talking to the defense secretary about additional troops to afghanistan. we'll show his arrival momentarily. do the democrats understand they might have an image problem when they, off they go to the hamptons of all places to raise money from the coastal elites all over again? >> wealthy they're willing to take the benefits that accrue which is raising a lot of money for the relatively low profile events that were held. but they do have a problem, stuart and the problem was the one that you framed which is the absence of a groth agenda. stuart: yes. >> i think you couldn't be more right. i argued same way for many years, to mostly deaf ears from democrats who believe in redistribution. as you put it taxing the rich,
10:09 am
but a sense somehow if we have economic fairness as it is called, we'll have a better country. i couldn't disagree more. the american people couldn't disagree more. democratic failures in recent elections ratify that is a losing strategy. stuart: there is no sign that the democrat party understands that, is willing to retreat to the days of john f contend did who cut taxes across the board and stimulated economy almost like reagan in the recall '80s. >> that is exactly right. stuart: they show no signs understanding that, getting back to it. >> i understand that you still ask me i'm a democrat i say just barely because i understand it. people i deal with it and talk to understand it but we're a dwindling minority of democrats. stuart: on the screen, president trump mounting the stairs at the pentagon. going inside meeting defense secretary mattis, all about more troops for afghanistan. meeting other senior defense department officials as well. that is happening right now. whenever the president is on the move you will see it on this program.
10:10 am
we like to show you this live action presidency in action. there you have it. just walked inside of the pentagon in washington, d.c., just outside of the city. just outside d.c. ashley: correct. just greeted by secretary mattis there. stuart: any comment from doug schoen who is still a democrat? >> yes. on, here is the thing, we lack a strategy in afghanistan. the president has basically said he will defer to general mattis 's view what we should do. my question what do we do to stable the regime of ashraf ghani, pro-american. how do we get rid of the taliban, haqqani network, how do we stablize a country we've been in 15 years or thereabouts, stuart? stuart: yes. 2003 we went. >> that is my question, a lot of people wonder, i'm not against raising troop levels, i think we have to do that, what purpose, what end?
10:11 am
what is the long-term strategy. stuart: i want to ask but the "new york times." >> sure. stuart: interview with the president, interview took place after the president had lunch with republican senators yesterday. >> yes. stuart: tells "the new york times," i wouldn't have appointed sessions attorney general if i would have known he would recuse him is from russia. that is slam and a 1/2 to the attorney general. >> if i were sessions i would use the president conference to announce my resignation. stuart: holding a press conference to host international cybercrime enforcement action. i haven't gotten news out there the yet, very shortly he will take questions. he is sure to be asked about the "times" interview. he is sure to be asked, why don't you resign? >> right. i think he has to. i think if any high-level professional in any line of work, much less the attorney general of the united states does not have the full confidence of his principal, in this case president of the united states, they have got to go. stuart: what surprises me, is
10:12 am
that the president keeps inflicting upon himself. >> absolutely. stuart: sessions quote was a self-inflicted wound but the inability of democrats to take advantage of it. >> stuart, what is so sad to me that democrats, rather than doing as we did in the book, you know, politics in the age of trump, we have outlined, we advocated bipartisan strategy on issues. the democrats have a one word strategy, resist. couldn't be more wrong. couldn't be more self-defeating. ultimately, may offer some short-term benefits in the house elections in 2018 but it is not a strategy to revive, as you put it, i hate to say it, a dying party. stuart: would you put money on president trump serving a a second term? >> i believe the person who was most likely to impede donald trump from serving a second term is donald trump. stuart: that is easy answer. >> i would say yes, if i had to
10:13 am
bet today i call him the favorite. stuart: you would? >> i would, yeah. stuart: would you give me 10 to one odds? >> you're taking democrats? stuart: yeah. >> no. stuart: you wouldn't? >> he is at 40% approval he could lose. my history we took bill clinton at 40% approval we beat bob dole. i've seen these things turn around. but i'm still betting on trump. stuart: thanks very much, indeed, doug, appreciate you being with us. let me show you at least the jeff sessions press conference. that was all about an international cybercrime enforcement action. when he starts taking questions, jeff sessions, gentleman on right-hand side of the screen, when he takes questions we expect him to be asked about interview in the "new york times" where president said i don't know why on earth i appointed the guy in the first place. lizzie, do you have anything extra? liz: i don't hear with they're talking about, russia has been accused of hacking a dozen
10:14 am
nuclear power plants in the united states including the wolf crook facility in kansas. it was surveillance on control engineers, trying to figure out the business operations, and who was running these plants. no indication that they seized control of these nuclear plants. i'm not sure this is about it yet. we're trying to hear audio asap. stuart: that was the deal there. ashley: talking about the dark web and how the dark web operates and how it can be used to move illegal items around. that is basically what i can tell in conjunction with dutch law enforcement? we'll get to the bottom of this announcement. stuart: the real interest is, what is jeff sessions going to say about the president as statement last night, should have never appointed him. we have more news coming in about donald trump, jr. liz: according to john roberts a at fox news, they spoke to donald trump, jr.'s lawyer. they have not decided whether he will testify in front of the senate judiciary next witness
10:15 am
about the meeting with russians last summer. stuart: okay. when we get questions to the attorney general, you will hear them because they're sure to bring up "the new york times" interview. joining us now, tommy thompson, former cabinet member in the united states cabinet. former health and human services secretary in the bush administration. mr. thompson i would like to ask you first of all about, you know what's coming. this is a cabinet -- >> stuart you never called moo, you never called me mr. before. tommy, stuart, remember that? stuart: so sorry. well, tommy, you sat in the cabinet. what is it, what is going on here when the president criticizes his appointment of a cabinet minister, says now i regret it? doesn't that destroy morale in the justice department? doesn't it open the door to a jeff sessions resignation? >> i think destroys probably a
10:16 am
little bit harsher word than what i would use, stuart. it certainly demoralizes the department. i think jeff is going to have to make his own decision as to whether or not he stays or not. but when the president of the united states or any boss appoints you, and then says i have lost faith in you, you have got two choices. you can hang in there and be subservient, probably not have any real power whatsoever, or you can resign. i would have to resign. if george w. bush would have said, tommy, i don't have any faith in your leadership of the department of health and human services. mr. president, you can have my resignation, i will leave. thank you very much for the opportunity. i think that is the same thing that attorney general sessions is wrestling with right now. i know he submitted his resignation before. i think it is only matter of time, when the president loses faith and then publicly announces it, i think you only have very little time left. i think sooner or later, if not,
10:17 am
i think it is sooner rather than later, i think jeff will tender his resignation again. stuart: tommy trying to work out why president trump would say that when he said it? he had this lunch with republican senators, trying to convince them, yeah, let's pass repeal of obamacare. he walks out of the room, does a 50 minute interview with "the new york times," including this harsh criticism of the attorney general. seems like a self-inflicted wound. i can't understand why he would say that at this time? do you have any explanation? >> none whatsoever. i do not think it was appropriate. at this particular time to make that kind of a thing. if he really feels that strongly, he should have a heart to heart, man to man talk with attorney general sessions, and discuss it. i don't think putting it in "the new york times" helps anybody, especially the president. i also think your opinion on health care last week, all the republicans are not doing
10:18 am
absolutely nothing in not putting forth a republican proposal, too many taxes and regulation, stuart, you're right there, you're absolutely right on. stuart: are you with me on this, are you saying something is whole lot better than nothing, yeah? >> that is absolutely correct. you have got to do something. you can't just stand around, put your thumb or finger to the wind, say, you know, i really can't do that because somebody may not like it. you were elected to be a leader. you were elected to go to washington and change it. you were elected to make differences. elected to repeal obamacare and come in with replacement. it is up to you. you have got to get it done. you have the responsibility. you're elected, do it. stuart: sir, you're a former health and human services secretary cabinet member. you know this stuff from the inside. >> right. stuart: i want to bring you what the cbo, the congressional budget office says, they say look, 32 million people will be health insured by 2026 if
10:19 am
obamacare is repealed. liz: without health insurance. stuart: without health insurance by 2026. that doesn't sound right to me. is that an accurate statement of the future? >> i think that there is some accuracy there but it is not totally accurate. if you remember i was responsible for getting part d, which was a major change in medicaid in 30 some years. we had a lot of opposition. cbo came in scored it extremely high. when you look what cbo scored, what the actual figures came in, you could almost cut it in half. so what took place in part d, similar to, i think what is taking place here with medicare, around medicaid replacement, i don't think it will be 33 million. there definitely will be fewer because anytime you make changes, anytime you say, you don't have to buy health insurance, there will be some people will say i really don't want to buy it. when you have a mandate, more
10:20 am
people doing it because that is what the law says. when you change that, you will have fewer things. people are not talking about that part of the change of obamacare. stuart: indeed. sir, tommy, thanks for joining us. ashley: so tommy. stuart: tommy, sir, thanks very much for joining us. much obliged to you. liz: ash and i should talk about what is going on. this is a drug takedown, dark web takedown. ashley: alpha bay, apparently did thousands of transactions with illegal drugs on daily basis. they have shut it down. stuart: that is what that justice department press conference was all about? liz: that's correct. stuart: i have still not seen the attorney general taking any questions. i don't believe he has at this point. if he does we'll bring it to you. we have to wrap it up for now but got to tell you two companies facing hard times, further bad headlines, chipotle trying to solve another health crisis. uber facing a new discrimination
10:21 am
suit. we have details on both of them for you after this.
10:22 am
10:23 am
stuart: first of all, i will tell but the market. let's not forget that. specifically five big technology companies zooming all over again, especially amazon, which has reached 1030. google awfully close to $1000 a share. microsoft hitting another new high. those five big technology companies running away with this market all over again. we're only down 17 points on the dow industrials. the other side of your screen that is the press conference that is being held by jeff sessions and the justice department. they have town down an international drug ring. what we're waiting for the gentleman on the right-hand side there, jeff sessions, the attorney general. we're hoping he will answer questions. he is going to be asked about the interview in "the new york times" where president trump said, i'm sorry,
10:24 am
i appointed the guy in the first place. have we got anything fresh on that list? liz: reports out jeff sessions according to one report is not going to quit. jeff sessions was the first out of the box to endorse the president during the campaign in february 2016. and he is basically moving forward on the president's tough on crime policies, you know tougher charging policies for prosecutors, going after ms-13, tougher border security. so it is unusual for the president, any president to be undercutting his attorney general in this fashion. ashley: i find it hard to believe that he wouldn't resign. you would think -- reports say he is not going to. writing on the wall? it has been heard and broadcast everywhere. i find it -- this kind of thing president has done does upset members of his own party. why do all this dirty laundry with the "new york times" of all people, that he has so reviled and criticized since day one? this is the kind of thing that
10:25 am
presents, i think hurdles for him within his own party. this is why some people have tried to obstruct him. stuart: backtrack for one second, just in case we're not following this real closely. the president appointed jeff sessions to be the attorney general of the united states. he was installed in the cabinet as the attorney general. shortly thereafter, came up the question, well, we have to investigate the russia connection. the attorney general recused himself, said i'm not going to be part of it, i can't be. maybe some conflictinterest. liz: he disclosed a security matter. stuart: that has annoyed the president because that is very much thorn under his side. here comes attorney general sessions. i think he is walking towards -- will he do that? is somebody else going to speak. just listen. >> disparaging remarks about you and by the president of the
10:26 am
united states. given what he said is your reaction to those remarks and how seriously are you considering possibly resigning? >> we in this department of justice will continue every single day to work hard, to serve the national interests and we wholeheartedly join in the priorities of president trump. he gave us several directives. one is to, dismantle internet, transnational criminal organizations. that is what we're announcing today. dismantling of the largest dark website in the world by far. i congratulate our people for that. i have the honor of serving as attorney general. it is something that goes beyond any thought i would have ever had for myself. we love this job. we love this department. and i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. >> attorney general session, how
10:27 am
do you feel like you can effectively serve from here on out if you don't have the confidence of the president? >> we are serving right now. the work we're doing today is the kind of work that we intend to continue. just last week we announced a largest health care takedown ever in the united states. we had all of the major law enforcement leaders in my office yesterday to talk about unified efforts to improve our crime-fighting with state and local officials. so i'm totally confident we can continue to run this office in effective way, but i would really like for you to focus now on the work of the individuals behind me, that have helped put this case together, so we can celebrate and affirm the work that they have done. so that we can learn from it and get even better in the future.
10:28 am
>> deputy attorney general rosenstein the president told "the new york times," that there are many republicans on committee. is that something that is a valid concern? stuart: jeff sessions answered two questions relating to the interview given by president trump and "the new york times." in that interview, president trump said basically, i should never have appointed the guy in the first place, and i wouldn't have if i would have known he would recuse himself from the russia investigation. two questions about that interview just leveled at attorney general sessions who said. i love the job. i love the department. i'm going to continue. he is not resigning at this point. come on in please, mercedes schlapp, conservative commentator pundit, frequent guest on the program. a lady who always tells me to chill out. as you can see on the left-hand side of the screen, if you can see this, mercedes, that press conference is over, and we have had the result of that from the questions, he is not resigning. all right, mercedes, your first
10:29 am
reaction to the state of the cabinet, if you will? >> wealthy jeff sessions is sending a a clear message to the president saying i'm here to stay. obviously one of the things you and i know about president trump. he is very transparent, made it clear sharing his disappointment of attorney general sessions recusing himself on the russia investigation. and really more so disappointed of the fact that the president was not told, he was blindsided by this matter and i think the president as we know, he wears his emotions sometimes on his sleeve. it is very clear that he did so in this interview with the "new york times." but with that being said, stuart, there is the sense of common ground where the president and sessions do aagree. for example, in dismantling this transnational criminal organization, in sanctuary cities, in pushing forward strong law enforcement. in those areas there are terms of agreement but, obviously i
10:30 am
think sessions sent that message today he is staying aboard until the president says no more. stuart: mercedes, stay there for a second. i have to update our audience on the, the world of money. important that we do that, you know. dow industrials down 21. please be aware, we're still at 21,600, okay? again, you've got to check the big technology companies. that is where all the interest is. that is where the money is flowing. right now, we've got facebook ever so slightly lower. 163. amazon reached 1030. microsoft pushed toward 74 earlier. back to 73.60. alphabet close to 1000 buck as a share. not much movement for apple. the money is still flowing into high flying tech stocks. away they go. very interesting. president trump warning gop senators, you don't leave washington without getting health reform done. roll that tape.
10:31 am
>> for seven years you promised the american people that you would repeal obamacare. people are hurting. inaction is not an option. and frankly i don't think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan, unless we can give our people great health care, because we're close. stuart: mercedes, come back please, you're the one who -- chill out, stu. you know. calm down a little bit. well, i find it very hard to calm down with the republican party in this state. their back is right against the wall, i don't have much reason to be optimistic that we'll get a health care deal done, do you? >> i think the pressure is on and i think this was a message that president trump sent to the republican senators. here is the deal. this is, actually, so fascinating. you have a president who is pretty much willing to sign whatever the republicans push forward. they're being, giving support that mitch mcconnell needs in
10:32 am
many of these senators require but you have that sticking point where the conservatives and moderates can not find that common ground. moderates are very concerned about real entitlement reform. on medicaid, they don't want medicaid touched. conservatives on the other side say it doesn't go far enough. the key to watch mike lee and senator moran from kansas. those are the two that i think could be brought back into the fold to support this bill. i think it's a lot closer than we think. here is the deal. mitch mcconnell, it is truth or dare game here for mitch mcconnell. have you ever played truth or dare, stuart, when you were a kid? stuart: a long time ago. >> there you go. he will dare these republicans. he will go forward on a vote next week. that is where he will push the pub opinions. it is going to be on the record who will support repeal of obamacare and who is not. i do believe that there is still that hope. i have spoken to several individuals on the hill including one senator they still
10:33 am
have the vote, hail mary pass, throw it down the field. to see if we have a bill done by august. stuart: i have another one for you, mercedes, while i'm chilling here in new york. a new fox poll shows voters are pessimistic about a variety of important issues including health care, the economy, future of the country. are you surprised looking at very negative viewpoints on the part of the american voter? >> i have an opportunity to go speak to groups and speak to grassroots out in the country. my sense, what i get from these individuals are basically, they are frustrated that the republicans can't get their act together in congress and govern and get, for example, the health care reform bill done. they're backing donald trump. they are not going to leave donald trump. but there is a sense of frustration why can't these guys in congress, in the senate in particular, get to a point they're able to make significant changes to health care reform.
10:34 am
i think that is where the frustration lies. i do find it a bit surprising especially on the economy part of things because we've seen consumer confidence positive. so many people are basically feeling a sense of a positive outlook on the economy. i found that one to be probably most surprising on the economy. obviously what we're seeing is a very slow moving congress. the fact at the end, stuart, how much can washington really fix these problems at local and state levels? that is another reality that i think we're facing. stuart: all true, but then the gop will take the blame for everything. >> absolutely. stuart: that is the writing on the waa, isn't it? >> it is political suicide for republicans if they can't get this done. stuart: we're in agreement, mercedes, and i will calm down. mercedes schlapp everybody, you're all right. we'll see you soon. >> thank you. stuart: totally different stuff now. o.j. simpson could soon be released from prison. he has a parole hearing today. he has been behind bars for armed robbery since 2008.
10:35 am
geraldo rivera joins us from carson city, nevada with more. her ruled he dough, the betting, wrong word to use, feeling what i'm picking up a lot of people he is likely to get out very soon? >> oh, i totally agree, stuart. i think writing is on the wall. i think there is realization and recognition of two things. one he has been a model prisoner, three things. model prisoner, nine years, no infractions. he is 70 years old. those are obvious. those are the most concrete reasons he will get paroled today. the third reason i think is understanding even if unspoken, this severe sentence, mean to 33 years for this rinky-dink robbery, robbery in quotes because he is stealing his own stuff, was a sentence is imposed because he beat the double murder rap in california. they were going to show him, a
10:36 am
man who had arrogance to write a book, if i did it, they will show this sob he will not get away with murder. nevada will do what california refused to do. people understand karma is not justice, stuart. he will, i believe announced, his parole will be announced today. stuart: if you check out bookies in britain, you can bet on anything in britain, it is an odds on favorite, yes he gets parole, he gets it. it is one to 10 in favor of parole. so i think that is what the investors, that is what the betters are saying. my next question is, if he gets parole and gets out, where does he go? he no longer owns the home in california. he wants to be a resident of florida. is that possible. >> he has a sister, an adult sister in california. he may go live with her for a while. he has a lot of friend, golfing bud he did is in florida, many
10:37 am
of whom already said they would be honored to host oj at their homes in florida. i suspect florida will be his destination. they have pretty good laws, if he does buy a house, protecting homestead against the goldman family, the brown family who have that massive judgment against him in $33 million. in florida that would be protected if he invested money in his home. he has pension from the nfl. he will do okay. a lot of golfing buddies love his celebrity even if he did almost cut his wife's head off and kill her friend ron goldman. stuart: geraldo rivera back in nevada on the o.j. simpson case. thanks for joining us. much obliged to you. >> all right, stuart. stuart: how about this? nba commissioner adam silver says he is optimistic that sports betting will be legalized nationwide in the next few years. what is this about? ashley: he says, quote, there is
10:38 am
obvious appetite among sports fans for safe and legal way to wage are on professional sporting events. both domestic and global trends in sports gambling further proof that the law made it illegal should be changed. calling on congress to give this serious look, we need to change the law on this. he mentioned britain, the complete opposite what the u.s. is right now. you literally can bet on anything. stuart: yes, you can bet on the weather tomorrow morning. temperature on sunset. ashley: doesn't matter. stuart: name of next royal child. ashley: that is huge. stuart: gigantic betting on that. super bowl, they bet more on there than here. ashley: snow on christmas day. stuart: that is another good one. telling me to move along. should i do that? back to the markets. check out the big technology companies. oh a little drift to the downside, except for amazon, which is still up a fraction there. microsoft at 73, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. what will stop them? they're down a fraction today, liz. is there anything that you can
10:39 am
think of that will stop the upward, endless upward march of the five big tech companies? liz: nothing it seems. let me back up. if the fed raises rates. of course that could trigger recession. that is what happens usually when we have choppy periods. right now markets are celebrating s&p info tech sector including these stocks have hit record highs not seen in about nearly two decades in the dot-com era. i covered at "wall street journal," fake earnings coming in and corporate accounting scandals back then. real earnings lift boats in this sector. ash talked about it. we talked about amazon. amazon is helping all sorts of entrepreneurs, small businesses, people sitting at kitchen table, becoming small businesses selling stuff on amazon. ashley: right. liz: rising tide lifting all sorts of boats via tech companies. stuart: watch out fox business 4:00 eastern time when we get
10:40 am
the microsoft numbers. ashley: yep. stuart: that could move entire market as well as microsoft itself. 4:00, fox business. check this out, new celebrity face of apple's new beats he phones, kylie jenner, available in two cores, safari and khaki. $599. we thought you would like to know. discovery channel smart week is coming. up next a scientist who jumps into the water and swims with them. edward snowden. ♪
10:41 am
10:42 am
♪ ashley: senator luther strange says he is willing to stay as long as it takes to get president trump's agenda done. roll tape. >> well it is very frustrating for me having been in the senate for a few months, coming from the outside the beltway here. it is frustrating, believe me. i share the frustration of my citizens. that is why i'm working so hard to get our people together in a room, lock them up until we come up with something.
10:43 am
this is defining moment in our party. if we can't lead, for goodness sakes. stuart: as the president said don't leave town until you get something done. you could be in for a long summer. >> even though i after election coming up. i'm happy to stay here. i work around the clock, late at night, early in the morning, weekends, whatever it takes. ♪ think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes.
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stuart: home depot is down because of news from sears, they're selling their kenmoore products on amazon. it is amazon effect. very indirectly, but home depot is down six bucks, 4% that is. we have travelers down two bucks. add them together, that takes about 60 points off the dow jones industrial average. in other words, what i'm trying to say is, we would be up if it weren't for those two stocks. we're down about 30. got that? check out microsoft. new all-time high. lots of reasons for it. among them, they're teaming up with china's baidu to develop self-driving cars. forget ford, general motors and chrysler. oh, no, it is microsoft. it is apple. google they're going into the car market of the future. i find that fascinating. "shark week" kicks off sunday. our next guest knows a thing or two about, they're not fish. creatures of the deep.
10:46 am
they're not fish, what are they? >> very big fish. stuart: i didn't think they were fish. >> they're indeed fish. stuart: i didn't you properly, craig o'connell, are you not? >> yes. stuart: i'm reading script. shark biologist, founder of overseas conservation foundation. that is you. >> overseas foundation conservation. stuart: you worked on bunch of shows, alien shark, shark in the city, african shark safari i think it is was. i think there are too many sharks on television. >> there couldn't be too many. these are very important animals. stuart: they're oversaturated. are you one of guys keep them alive so they will eat you on the beach. >> we want sharks alive. they're so important. at end of the day, we kill 100 million of them every year. really important we have documentaries on tv. we need to teach people about them, why they are important to save. stuart: whose beach is it, mine or the sharks? >> the sandy guess ours but the
10:47 am
ocean is the shark's realm. stuart: really? you're prepared to give up territory in favor of big fish. >> absolutely. stuart: okay. let's move on, shall we? [laughter] ashley: you don't swim. stuart: i don't swim. [laughter] i never go in the orb shun so you can have it. >> works out perfect. stuart: okay. michael phelps, now he is facing off against a great white, isn't he. >> yes he is. stuart: we have it on the screen. it already has been shot, hasn't it the? he already faced off the against the great white. you can not tell me what happens. >> i can not tell you what happens. legendary swimmer versus amazing shark in the sea. who knows. stuart: whose idea was it to bring greatest swimmer of all time to go up against a shark. >> discovery. genius, genius plan. i don't know what to happen. stuart: how much did you have to pay him? >> i don't know. he willing did it. who else wouldn't want to do it. stuart: you have to pay the man.
10:48 am
what do you do, jump in swim with the sharks? >> if i can, if i get opportunity to. stuart: that makes good television, why you do it. >> no way. it is amaze, very first time i got in the water with a shark it was pet filing. -- petrifying. i got to the point they're incredible amazing animals. they have this poor rep attention on tv that isn't true. the terror turned into fascination and passion. i continue to get in the water. stuart: you ever been bit? >> maybe. a little nip on my hand. stuart: i don't see a big scar. >> very little scar. a baby shark. i whined. it hurt really bad. it was bleeding. stuart: you know what the audience is looking for? they're waiting for you to get bit. >> that will not happen. sharks, knock on wood. stuart: [laughter] >> sharks give you something unless in the water they don't want you there. they will posture. put fins down, maybe gape. when we see that in the water, we get out. if the water is murky, another sign not good to be there, you
10:49 am
get out. stuart: look, i do watch. i do like your stuff. when does "shark week" start? what hour on what channel? >> starts on "the discovery channel" on july 23rd. i believe at 8 p.m. from then on it goes on for the whole week. there is butch of different episodes. we go to the deep, look for very amazing alien sharks, sharks you don't typically see. stuart: do you get paid coring to ratings? >> no. stuart: you don't? >> i'm a scharge biologist. i do it out of passion and love to teach the world about sharks. stuart: i'm trying to pump up your ratings. >> i appreciate it. stuart: you're welcome. craig o'donnell. only been bit by baby shark. that is your title. craig, you're all right. >> thanks for having me. stuart: see you soon. what have we got? dow industrials down 28 points, president trump's message to republican senators on health reform, get the job done before you leave washington, d.c.
10:50 am
in our next hour, popular conservative commentator, tomi lahren, 11:45. stay there. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way
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stuart: we're joined by senator rand paul, republican from kentucky. mr. senator, i understand you spoke on the phone with president trump last night, i believe you offered a kind of a solution to health care, that is, vote very quickly on straight repeal, and then immediately debate another bill which would handle insurance company money. have i got it right? >> yeah. one of the things that conservatives object to on the bill senate leadership put forward there is lot of money floating around really we just object to federal programs bailing out private businesses. the insurance industry doubled their profit unobamacare. they made 6 billion a year before obamacare. they make 15 billion. my concern we'll pass republican bill an make their profits 30 billion a year. not the job of government to be doling out money to private industry. so what i said, if you insis that you want it, they should put that on separate bill that
10:55 am
democrats like. democrats typically like spending bills. put it on a spending bill, put the repeal, make it more of a repeal bill, i will vote for it. but, i still think it is not perfect but i will vote for something less than perfect as long not obnoxious. obnoxious to me is subsidizing rich corporations. stuart: do you think votes would be there for straight repeal bill? >> this isn't really straight repeal bill. it would be be more of a clean repeal bill. still would be a lot of things on it that aren't perfect. i still think it will not perfectly fix the system. we'll continue to have some death spiral aspects of obamacare. that is why they want insurance fund. they're not really fixing the death spiral of obamacare. they're keeping it. they will subsidize it. really there is a lot broken in the health care system. one things republicans who try to acknowledge is, not oversell the federal government has the ability to fix this all at once. the federal government created a lot of problems, the problems in
10:56 am
health care have been boeing on for decades. stuart: how did the president react in the phone call last night? >> he said not easy way to do it. easy way to vote for bill as is. i said look, mr. president, i do want to help. i'm a great defender of the president but i can't give up what i believe in, but i'm willing to vote forfeit we can do something to separate out the pork and spending, put it on another bill. i won't vote for that bill. i will only vote for repeal bill. really depends whether they need my vote or not. if they get to the end, they do need my vote i said i will vote for a compromise. ♪ today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die
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10:59 am
stuart: to put it mildly we
11:00 am
don't often agree with the washington post but one of their headlines seemed to have more than a ring of truth to it, here it is. paul ryan just made trump's agenda harder to pass. paul ryan insists that any tax cuts must be paid for. in other words you can't run up the deficit, you can't just cut and then borrow. this is the opposite of what we heard from steve mnuchin. he says cut taxes and the future growth of the economy will pay for it all. you get 3%, 4%, 5% growth and more cash will flow to the treasury, cuts will be paid for. cuts and pay for it now or cut and grow in the future to pay for it then. this is exactly the same kind of republican split that bedeviled the healthcare debate so we have to go through these acrimonious debates all over again and we are not going to get a tax issue started until the fall.
11:01 am
that is why the washington post headline has a ring of truth, makes you wonder about all these promises that we will get tax-cut, not good news for the republican party, the divide lives on, not good news for donald trump's growth agenda delayed again and not good news for the economy. after years of subpar performance this economy needs growth and needs it now. meanwhile we will try to stay optimistic. at least the trump rally keeps rolling. the third hour of "varney and company" about to begin. ♪ get you ready ♪ get you ready ♪ stuart: who doesn't remember the temptations.
11:02 am
check the big board and check the dow 30. we had earlier records, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq, russell 2000, all of the records at some point and we are only down 20 points for the dow right now. in a few moments we will tell you how much wealth has been added to the overall market since the election, a very big number. happening this hour the president at the pentagon meeting with defense secretary mathis, they are briefing the president trump on the situation in afghanistan and plans to deploy additional troops there. we will bring you any developments from the pentagon. first tax reform. here's the debate, paul ryan says cut and pay for it now. the white house says cut and pay for it with future growth. we are joined by member of the house ways and means committee, string tom reed, republican new york. if that is how the fight is shaping up for later on this
11:03 am
year, i put it to you the republicans are just as divided on this as they are on healthcare. >> as we deal with the issue this is revenue neutrality, deals with do we want to do temporary or permanent tax reform. that is what the inside dc rules require us to do in order to get to the 51 threshold in the senate to have permanent tax reform and the speakers talking about not fiscally conservative, reaction to the rules inside dc allow us to do when it comes to tax reform. stuart: the rules, the internal rules in congress are that if you don't add to the deficit you can pass the measure with 50 votes or 51 votes but when you do add to the deficit down the road then you got to get 60 votes. >> you have to get 60 votes to get it done and that is the divide. the one permanent tax reform or
11:04 am
temporary tax reform and from my perspective the more we advocate for permanent, that is better policy for the american people, they can plan and rely on and have relief in perpetuity but if we back up to temporary that is something to consider also. stuart: we will have a long delay anyway you slice it. >> it will go into the fall but the pressure is mounting with the collapse of healthcare. we have to deliver for the american people and problems they are facing and this is why tax reform is the number one priority for 2017. stuart: thanks for straightening that out. i was unaware of the procedural moves. you stated it very clearly. what a bind we are in. thanks for joining us. anything is better than nothing. thank you. i have that number for you. $4.14 trillion is what is being added to the stock market since the election of november 8th. it is not on your screen. $4.14 trillion. on wayfield is ceo of the
11:05 am
layfield report. i am looking at the market and i see new highs for all kinds of stocks. are we now in the middle of the second leg of the stock market trump rally? >> i'm not sure it is the second leg. we have a little bit further to go. i am not a bear by any means but the first time in 30 years we've got a calendar year without a 5% pullback. it would not be something horrible, it would be healthy in double market but when you look at the positives, 78% of companies that reported match the beat expectations, last quarter was the best earnings in 6 years for corporate earnings so we have a lot of positive things in the market. stuart: i keep hearing the word bubble attached to the performance of technology companies. do you think it is okay to use that word in conjunction with big-name tech stocks? >> no i don't. what you discussed earlier on
11:06 am
the show what happened in 2000 was a bubble. it is reminiscent of the railroad bubblegum 1887 you had a panic and the railroad companies that were not making money went bankrupt, they should've gone bankrupt. a lot of tech companies should of gone bankrupt but what came out of that? the greatest well that it ever been created with the rockefellers, carnegie's and jpmorgan, you are seeing the same with amazon and facebook, we are seeing wealth created on a level that in the history of the world has hardly ever been created and i don't see that abating anytime soon because of the innovation in tech. stuart: money managers from bank of america, merrill lynch, they have done a survey of all the people who manage money and the money managers are more cautious now than they have ever been since 2008. that is a suggestion that stocks are overvalued. i think you managed money or advise on money management, what do you say? >> that is what you are supposed to be.
11:07 am
these guys who got calls earlier especially saying around inauguration lost a lot of money, tech stocks up 30% since then. you have a lot of guys losing money, not necessarily a bear market coming. a pullback would be natural. people start taking profits, a political scenario, use it as an excuse for a market pullback, that probably happens by the end of the year. i don't think it is a bear market but it will be normal when it happens but i won't be coming out of the market for that. stuart: viewers asked me the same question. we have done very well, we have a lot of money in the market and have done very well, should we just pullback, should we just get out of the market now because we are worried. what is your advice? >> look at the s&p in the 1980s, 100 to 200 and now it is 2000 and incredible gyrations in the stock market, you can't time the
11:08 am
market, the greatest in the world can't time the market, solar stock, iconic, warren buffett, they are not good at calling the market. you invest in good companies and just like you do with microsoft, when it was $30 we talked about is it at a peak right here, you simply by good companies and over time you will do very well. stuart: you are right. i have held microsoft stock for 20 years, didn't sell it, just tell that and look at me now, all right. thanks for joining us as always, see you again real soon. take a look at casino stocks for a minute. the nba commissioner is optimistic that sports betting will be legalized, quote, in the next few years, that would be sports betting all across the country, not just in las vegas. that would be a big switch, maybe that would be good news for casino stocks. later this hour conservative commentator tommy lower and will join us with her take on the president's agenda and she is set to debate comedian chelsea
11:09 am
handler next week. that is a big deal, first that man heading down the hallway, judge andrew napolitano steaming towards the studio. he is next. ♪ ♪ he don't take no stuff from nobody ♪
11:10 am
11:11 am
11:12 am
>> sessions should have never recused himself and if he was going to recuse himself he should have told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. it is extremely unfair, that is my word, to the president. stuart: the president blasting attorney general sessions in an interview with the new york times. citizens responded last hour, roll tape. >> i have the honor of serving as attorney general, something
11:13 am
that goes beyond any thought i would have ever had for myself. we love this job, love this department and i plan to continue to do so as long as it is appropriate. stuart: he stays, not resigning. agenda napolitano is here. your thoughts? judge napolitano: i understand the president's frustration and he has a good point and senator sessions ought to have said mister president, they are going to examine the campaign, we know that because of the michael flynn stuff but my mindset is december 2016 and i'm probably going to be a witness. do you want me as your attorney general. that is what donald trump wishes jeff sessions has that and probably should have said but he didn't. and now we have this awkward situation where we have the largest federal inquiry of the presidency since watergate and it is being run by somebody other than the attorney general.
11:14 am
>> it would make no difference of attorney general sessions resigned as a new person took their place. judge napolitano: unless the new person could fire bob mueller, they can't fire him because they don't like him. we are stuck with this. the interesting she was why did the president say this publicly to the times of all places. he could have said it privately to jeff, this has been driving me crazy and i have to unload, tell me what you think of justice two over lunch. stuart: o'jays in court today, may get parole, serving nine years in prison, kidnapping, armed robbery, how does it look for oj? the book is in britain where you can bet on anything. it is 1-10 that he gets out. you put down 10 and if he gets out you win one. judge napolitano: they are pretty confident. i am confident as well. many colleagues have been watching this for years, i began
11:15 am
in television with another network covering the o.j. simpson trial, this is memories that go back. a lot of memories being refreshed. i'm talking the murder trial in which he was acquitted. stuart: you got your starting to at the oj trial? they didn't tell me that when i put you on the show. judge napolitano: a long time ago 95-96. you cannot punish him for the armed robbery heavier than the armed robbery deserves because you think he got away with murder. that would be double jeopardy, a form of punishment for something he wasn't convicted of. he was overpunished for the so-called armed robbery, the victims were his friends, they are still his friends, they have all testified before this board. he should be out. the prosecutor sent a letter, he should be out. nobody appearing before the board today is going to say he should stay in unless he says something preposterous or absurd. stuart: this is my interesting story.
11:16 am
huber faces a lawsuit accused of discriminating against people with disabilities. the group the file the suit says only 100 of uber's 58,000 new york city cars are wheelchair accessible. judge napolitano: the public accommodations law which requires accessibility does not require every vehicle be wheelchair accessible but the same service be available to those who require the accessibility as those who don't, 158,000 is not enough but it doesn't have to be 1:1. it has to be enough that folks confined to wheelchairs want a car, comes in the same period as those who are not in wheelchairs. i am sorry to tell you these lawyers may have a case. i know you hate to hear this. stuart: the result if they win, then what did you uber has to have a lot more cars? judge napolitano: this is the
11:17 am
rare class-action that is not looking for money. they are looking for an order from the court to uber forcing uber to have a huge number of wheelchair accessible vehicles, very expensive, you have seen those cars, i have never seen an uber that is wheelchair accessible. have you? not like new york city does that. stuart: we are moving on, thanks for joining us. check this out. hedge fund manager bill ackman, big to poli investor, sent out this, his first ever tweet, picture of him placing an order at chipotle. that chain taking a hit on reports of a possible nora virus outbreak and testing on one customer just confirmed, nora virus, stock is down again today. coming up on this program you don't want to miss conservative commentator tommy laren as first appearance on "varney and company". we have this too. and this political drama we have a nice story to share with you.
11:18 am
those kids are about to get the surprise of a lifetime and it is not just meeting mickey mouse. before we get to that check this out too. duke riley, rookie linebacker for the atlanta falcons pulling an suv down the street, training camps as soon as you can see. ♪
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11:22 am
stuart: we like to bring heartwarming stories and this one is heartwarming, these two foster children went on a trip to disney world and while they were meeting mickey they got a special surprise. watch this. >> mickey has something special to share with you guys. >> the kids names are danielle and elijah, 12 and 10 years old, their adopted parents are tom and courtney gilmore and that was the good news just delivered
11:23 am
to those kids by mickey at disney. i thought that was good for everybody. this is duke riley, rookie linebacker, pulling an suv down the street posting the clip-on instagram, a man and a drivers she only there to make sure the car stays straight. a 10-year-old, stumbled on an extraordinary discovery, his name is juice spark playing in the new mexico desert them he tripped, landed next to a huge skull, turned out to be 1 million-year-old fossil, it weighs 2000 pounds, the from a creature known as the steak a mastodon. volunteers from new mexico state university dug it up, they hope to put it on display. our question is what does the young man get. that is an unanswered question. look at this. star wars fans, this is for your
11:24 am
children, toys "r quote us selling a kid size version of luke skywalker's famous land speeder, $500 is the cost, doesn't go as fast as the one in the movie, top seed 5 miles an hour. unless you are really small, you can't get in. 130 pounds. i like the look of it. here is another one. i used to live near that. 58 story high-rise in san francisco, it sunk 17 inches since it opened in 2009, tilted another 2 and half inches, a tilt of 2 and half inches in the last 6 months alone. locals call it the leaning tower of san francisco. they are stuck with nearly worthless condos, they are locked in a legal battle with the builder's development. i could have guessed that.
11:25 am
foreigners used to be me, chasing the american dream, still doing that is the american dream is buying a home. next, why more international buyers are investing in american real estate. new foxhole says american voters not optimistic about a variety of important issues from health care to the economy and the future of the country. we are on that. ♪ liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely.
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stuart: down 50 points, 21,591. red and green evenly split winners and losers, breaking news, not sure i understand it, tesla chief elon musk just received verbal government approval for the boring company. that is the company that bores underground, tunnels, to build an underground hyperlink. new york dc 29 minutes. it would reach each city center
11:30 am
with up to a dozen or more exit elevators in eight cities. i have no idea why that exit elevator is relevant. tesla, the car company, no response them, up to dollars at 327. as we told you frequently, more foreigners are buying homes in america, a record $153 billion on us real estate this past year and that is up 49% from the year before. samantha is with us. you are on the million dollar listening miami show. break this down, very you are. i'm told it is buyers from china, mexico and canada who dominate the foreign buyers buying here. why those three countries? >> the chinese are making up $31
11:31 am
billion worth of us residential purposes. we never talk about canadians but we do especially in florida, canadians bought a total of $19 billion worth of us residential realty and mexicans. when you think of the top three states we are seeing this money, california, a lot of chinese buyers there, texas where you have a lot of mexican buyers and florida where you have a lot of canadians, europeans as well and when you look at what they are spending, the dollars they are spending their spending $300,000 on average which is a deal for them in any country but the problem is you have $300,000 of what they are spending but the locals here are spending on average 235,000 so you're thinking this is great, international money coming in but the question is is this causing an affordability problem in our country because they are taking up all our inventory and driving up prices.
11:32 am
stuart: is there any animosity towards foreign buyers? >> it depends who you talk to. in new york, california or south florida we love our international buyers. they are buying all of our real estate and really helping our market, helping a real estate market grow but at the same time, as a whole, international buyers by 10% each year, making up 10% of the existing home sale purchases. a little tough when you look at that. they are coming in, paying cash, the issue is interesting because predictions did not see this coming as far as this growth because the dollar is so strong it is not easy to move money around. i don't know how much you know about that but it is not an easy sell to say hey, let's buy a place in the us and there is a lot of political uncertainty so people were unsure about moving their money but when you look at
11:33 am
the stats they see us real estate as a safe haven and at the price point, we are still the best deal in town worldwide. stuart: this is data from google showing that more people are searching for information on buying their first home. you were on the show a couple weeks ago saying millennials are starting to buy. this backs you up. >> i like to be right and this shows that i am right. google searches of got up for buying a first home by 11% from last year and when you look at the first-time home buying a pool, that is made of 33% and the median age is 32. 32 is a millennial. when people say millennials are not buying the fact don't lie. it is clear as crystal that they are but there are two groups of millennials, there are the aging
11:34 am
millennials, i said in a category at age 33 and there are those around 25, 26, makes more sense to rent. if you look at these like san jose where the median price point is 900,000-5, you might want to rent. stuart: i would like to live there, 72 and sunny. you can't go wrong. >> look at my background, it is beautiful here, you got to come to south florida. stuart: too humid for me. we appreciate you being on and you are right on this case, thanks. with us now, nationally syndicated host larry elder. i want to talk about california's housing crisis. as i understand it strict regulations in the formerly golden state are holding back construction, you have a limited supply and a spike in prices. is that what happened? >> that is exactly what is happening. when you think of the demand for
11:35 am
housing economics 101 suggests the demand for housing would create a demand for construction of new housing but it is not happening, not happening in the city or outside the city for a couple reasons which take outside the city. a few years ago there was a project called emerson ranch, a planned city, a lot of middle-class and low-cost housing was going to be developed on the edge of la county, ventura county. a bunch of environmentalists and memories including rob reiner got together, talked about how pristine the land was and all lands was pristine at some point and they wanted to preserve it and were able to stop it. within the city you have a combination of a number of things, zoning ordinance, zoning laws, not in my backyard, foreign buyers coming and. restrictions are such that you can't build density housing, you have wind control, santa monica, very well the area, wind control, wealthy people living in apartments well below fair market value so you at that together and have a group of
11:36 am
people, a perfect storm that does not come together to build the housing for which they have a huge demand. stuart: california used to be the state of the future. now it is the state of the past. that will be my personal impression. that is all i got to say. >> a state run by democrats, democrats have supermajorities in the assembly and the senate, they can pass anything they want including laws to make california a sanctuary state including laws to make california allow illegal aliens to get in state tuition which you can't even get when you are an american outside california. it is outrageous what is going on in this state run by left-wing people who don't care about the consequences of their policies, the low income people and minorities the left claims they care about. stuart: i have a spare room in my house in new jersey, come and move. i got to move on to this one. new foxhole shows people pessimistic about very important issues, pessimistic. healthcare, the economy, the
11:37 am
future of the country. what on earth happened? all of us on the negative turn. how do you explain this? >> as our favorite recovering democrat put it, doug shown pointed out bill clinton was at 40% which is roughly where donald trump is and bill clinton went on to reelection so let's not get too panicked. if this were a baseball game assuming donald trump serves two terms this is the first inning. he served one term it is the second inning, we have a whole game left to go so let's react and find out what happens. stuart: am i right in saying caitlin jenner is considering running for the senate in california and if she did run into thousand 18 and she would be up against dianne feinstein. >> don't laugh, caitlin jenner has 100% name recognition in california the problem in california cost so much money for television, radio and print to get your name recognition up there, caitlin jenner does not have that problem.
11:38 am
also when came and it was bruce we spoke at the same event and he gave a motivational speech i thought was really off the charts. really quite impressive. she is not a fool, to underestimate her and her ability to get the nomination and become a senator in california, i would not laugh at that. stuart: i am not laughing. just astonished. come to new jersey anytime you like. >> i'm in las vegas househunting. >> low-cost housing. i am here for a freedom fest in las vegas for three days but i may look at some houses. stuart: if you moved to las vegas there will be one reason and one reason only, no state income tax was am i right or am i right? >> also larry likes to do a little bit of gambling. might not be a good idea for me to move here. stuart: are you a slots guy, blackjack or craps?
11:39 am
>> nobody is smart, the house always wins, are you kidding? stuart: what is your game? >> 21. i am not very good at it. stuart: come and gamble with me. we will let you go. stuart: thanks, see you soon. look at the stock price of sears and ask why is it 14%? i will tell you why. it is going to sell its kenmore product line on amazon. what else? who is heading down the hallway? that famous hallway? conservative commentator tommy laren. she will be with us momentarily. ♪ ♪ i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended...
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...prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed. >> i live on the floor of the stock exchange where the markets are lower but let's 0 in on amazon because amazon hitting its fifth consecutive all-time high today, shares up to it accorded dollars. the news on amazon announcing it will start selling kenmore brands of refrigerators and the
11:42 am
treasurer truck should only have been pulling around seattle is expanding nationwide. this is where the truck worked out a particular deal, could be a discounted set of head phones or even inflatable paddle boards and you the consumer have to go to this truck in your city to pick up the product at the discount price on amazon continuing its quest to rule the world after record-setting prime day. with that we send it back to "varney and company". ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have
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>> for 7 years you promised the american people that you would repeal obamacare. people are hurting. in action is not an option and frankly i don't think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan, unless we can give our people great healthcare because we are close. stuart: i can't see any viewers disappearing with that. donald trump had that message for republicans, get it done. rand paul was on this show earlier today and here's what he had to say. >> for me to vote for the bill as is but the thing is i said look, mister president, i do want to help, i'm a great defender of the president but i can't up what i believe in but i'm willing to vote for it if we can do something to separate out the pork and spending and put it on another bill and i won't vote for that bill, i will only vote for the repeal bill. it depends what they mean by vote or not if they need my vote
11:45 am
i said i will vote for a compromise. stuart: that is news. if push comes to shove, you get to that, i will vote for compromise. i did the interview and missed that. look who is with us. senior communications advisor for great america alliance tommy laren. welcome to the program. stuart: i spent the last 2 and half hours on this program in a sense of near despair for the republican party. do you share my despair? >> the american people, looking at the republican party, i said it so many times, many of these senators road on the coattails of donald trump and campaigned on repealing and replacing or at the very least repealing and here we are, they are comfy in their job and it is a different story. stuart: they haven't got the votes. if you put a bill out just repeal it, one line, it wouldn't
11:46 am
get the votes. >> that is the best strategy though. having a sunset clause. that is the first problem but if we were able to get the votes, i think repeal it and then say you got two years, get something going and i think they would have some pressure because they are looking at midterms stuart: a have got to get something done. >> if they don't -- if they go to recess and don't get something that a lot of americans will be upset if they take another break. stuart: they have to do something. that is kind of a positive. you will be debating chelsea handler. is that correct. and event, you get together face-to-face, he is a liberal, you are more on the conservative side. >> he is very much on the liberal side. it is a political convention kind of like the comic con for political nerds. my second day attending, it is fun, great for politics and there will be a good mix of conservatives and liberals. i think i am maybe a little bit.
11:47 am
i am excited about debating chelsea handler. most people wouldn't be excited about that but i'm excited for the conversation. it needs to happen. stuart: what is the key issue you will be fighting over? >> chelsea is an opponent of this president and his agenda and his america first agenda and for me it is going to be probing her as to why she has such disdain for this president because i find most liberals don't quite know especially in hollywood, they don't know why they hate donald trump so much, they just do. i want to know why. stuart: do you think she is going to demagogue, the nasty? she is a comedian. in my personal opinion i don't think liberals have a sense of humor, they see the negative and conservatives tend to be capable of joking about something but chelsea handler is supposed to be a comedian, do you think she will abandon that laughter making role and be play nasty?
11:48 am
>> comedians are tricky. i don't couple of them at this point and what they do is when they are not solid on the issues or the policy, they revert to the humor and make a mockery of you but i have been there, done that, did it with trevor noah on the daily show. i'm ready for this one. stuart: you know what will come at you? chelsea and they will say why just from paid women and what will you say? >> a from paid women so much, why did he have a first successful campaign manager in kelly and conway who was a female, he entrusted her to run his campaign and lead him to victory but he hates women? i find it hard to believe. stuart: is there any scoring in this debate? >> i don't think so. the liberals are always going to say chelsea won as soon as she walked on stage but for me it is about holding my ground, sticking to my principles, defending the america first agenda, defending donald from where he needs to be defended and i will have some fun with. stuart: have you always been conservative? >> i think -- >> didn't you go to early teens when you were sort of wildly enthusiastic about the principles of peace on earth and
11:49 am
all that? >> we all want peace on earth but i believe in free-market capitalism and beyond that limited government and i grew up in south dakota, my parents raised me with hard-working values, that lends itself to conservatism. stuart: i want peace on earth after we achieve victory. is that okay? >> i'm not tired of winning yet. stuart: the political on event is where? >> pasadena, california. >> you will have a california audience? >> there are some closet conservatives all over california. i think they will come out. they will come out and supported if they don't, hey. stuart: can you go to this event? it it is a ticketed event. >> the capacity for the room is going to be a large room for this on stage debate, lifestream for those who won't be there but a live audience so you never know. stuart: some security? i'm not joking. >> it will be probably an issue. i'm sure they will address it. it has always been great and they try to have an even playing field as much as they can but then the next day i debate simon
11:50 am
sanders. stuart: terribly sorry, not entirely familiar with simon sanders. >> turn on cnn. stuart: i was the first person to broadcast cnn on day one of the network in 1980. did you know that? >> how does it feel looking back on it now? stuart: my colleague lou dobbs, we were the founders of -- he was the boss and i was the second guy and he founded the business department on cnn in 1980, june 1, 1980, and look at it now. a well rated show and i do this in the morning. how about that? >> life has a way of working out. thanks for being with us. you can come again anytime you like a. good luck. good luck. i want to alert this. wildfires in california the size of them doubling overnight,
11:51 am
scorching more than 45,000 acres in the area around yosemite. lots of residents being evacuated and governor brown has declared a state of emergency in mariposa county, home to about 17,000 people. it is grim. next, representative love is with us, all fired up about the roadblocks in the health reform bill. stay right there please. ♪ ♪ this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes.
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ stuart: john mccain tweeting this out, quote, i greatly appreciate the outpouring of support. unfortunately for my sparring partners in congress i will be back soon, so stand by. late last night it was announced john mccain has a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer. i think we can say, however. good for the man. it looks doubtful he will be back next week to vote on the
11:56 am
health care bill. >> is a warrior, outpouring of political support from both sides of the isle. look at alcoa, not much. show me microsoft. that is the stock of the day. after the closing bell tonight at 4:00 eastern time. i advise you to watch the foxbusiness network not because i own a chunk of microsoft but because that kind of earnings reports doesn't move the world but really has a gigantic impact on the overall market. you have alphabet, apple, microsoft, facebook and google. >> news with microsoft -- stuart: they report their earnings and the attention centers on. we have congressman mia love from the great state of utah. bring me up to speed.
11:57 am
are we going to get a vote on health care reform? >> i wanted to say my heart and all our prayers go to john mccain and his family. they are going through a difficult thing. in terms of healthcare i cannot tell you how frustrating it is to me when we were in the house working on a health care bill trying to address, debate the issues and people from the senate coming over doing a press conference telling us what to do or how to do it. it is important to make sure we tell them they have to get that debate to the floor, they have to allow the american people, their voice being heard on the floor. stuart: the american people are not angry at the senate or house or the freedom caucus or the moderates, they are angry at the gop because it is not done. whether the senate has done it,
11:58 am
it doesn't matter. people are angry at the gop. >> healthcare is tough, i get it at this job is tough and taking hard vote is tough and i'm willing to take hard votes but i'm willing to get on the floor and do that. if it doesn't get past the senate we don't move. we did our job when it came to the house, i want the senate to do their job so we can move this forward. we have a president that is anxious and willing, they voted for a repeal, knowing the president wouldn't sign it. it is interesting to me to see who votes for it, knowing the president will sign it. stuart: are you pleased to see the president getting in front of this and urging everybody stay in washington, you got to do it? >> i'm pleased to see a president being bold and taking action on this because this is important to me and the american people and health insurance does not mean people get healthcare.
11:59 am
a lot of people have health insurance that will never see the benefits of getting healthcare because prices are too high, they don't have the options any longer. we owe it to the american people to do the job we said we would do. i'm calling on every member of congress to do the same thing. stuart: thank you for scrambling over here after a vote to get on the air with us. we appreciate it. thank you for joining us. 50 points on the dow industrials, every single day please check the level, 21,591. they are hitting record highs, record high for the s&p 500, record for the nasdaq and it is ashley webster's birthday, 39.
12:00 pm
stuart: a prison you would like me to buy for you. ashley: a list of the top 10, we go from there. stuart: why is the market selling stuart: neil, it is yours. neil: you know, ashley, he no more going to buy you a birthday gift unless it has coupons. by the way, i love, love your show. i love you to death. i'm catching interview with tomi lahren is it? reguileing when you and lou dobbs were at cnn didn't she seem fascinated? she bottom into it. stuart: she was fascinated. neil: it was like grandpa telling a story. i love it, looking at you, yeah. what? [laughter] stuart: are you done? neil: i am. stuart: do you have a show? i


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