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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 24, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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intelligence report at 2:00 p.m. eastern. good night from new york. see you tomorrow. kennedy: are republicans any closer to a vote on healthcare in jared kushner testifying today on tap hill on russia. the head of the teachers union says school choice is racist. grab a notebook. time to get schooled. democrats have been losing elections, voters and their mind since donald trump was elected. punch drunk hillary and the dems are trolling for answers.
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democrats realize they have to success it up, take the blame and hatch a few new ideas in the washington hen house. the senate minority leader has been crafting a plan to immediate until your business like a russian adoption lawyer. he laughably said the better deal isn't about expanding government, but the powerful condis want to increase the min municipal wage by force and break up what they arbitrarily called monopolies and the venezuelan price fixing in the drug market. shellacked populism is big government disguised as increasing dependence and control. >> we are going to raise people's wages and create better-paying jobs. we are going to cut down on their everyday expenses they
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have to pay and give them the tools they need to compete in the 21st century. kennedy: do you know what tools people in businesses need to improve and growth economy in a hacksaw and sledgehammer to dismantle government regulation and get it the hell out of the way. chuckles thinks you are too dumb to make you're own decision and manage your life. statism is never a better deal and individuals have a better sense of how to run their lives. i'm kennedy. is the better deal any good? joining me now is the host of the richard fowler show.
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he's also a fox news contributor. he's appropriately named richard fowler. i like that democrats are saying they are done with identity politic because they realize it doesn't work, and at least they are talking about some economic ideas, although they are not born of their own where it's practical. what do you think of this better deal? >> i think it's a better deal from what we are getting the trump administration which is a big bag of nothing so far. chuck schumer is saying he wants to rein8 a principle we all agree on. if you work hard and play by the rues you and your family are granted a ticket to the middle class. and we have got to do neglect of our power -- kennedy: i want everyone to be upper middle class fancy pants. >> they could have all of that. but the reality is the 1% would
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never make that happen. kennedy: it's counter to what classical economics, the right economics taught us about how markets and economies actually function. >> if you look at this proposal a better way carefully. there are a couple things in here i think everyone can agree on. grandma and grandpa and folks with critical long-term illness are pays too much for prescription drugs. we the people say healthcare is a right for american people. i think the united nations talks about the importance of having healthcare. if we want people to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we need to make sure grandma and grandpa and those with critical
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long-term illnesses are getting affordable drugs. kennedy: how do you make drugs for affordable? i have an idea. get rid of the fda which arbitrarily keeps drug companies from going to market with drugs and companies competing against each other instead of arbitrarily keeping new treatments and medicine off the market. >> the reason why the f -- a was created to make sure we are safe guarding some of these medications. kennedy: they are safeguarding a few giant pharmaceutical companies. >> remember when fen-fen was on the market. kennedy: people are dumb. >> people were taking fen-fen
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and it was the fda that said listen -- it was the fda saying this is not a good drug, we are taking it off the market. there have to be common sense rules of the road. kennedy: when i think of common sense i think of below thed federal bureaucracies. >> i don't think that's true at all. if you think about the most of below thed federal bureaucracy and the pentagon. kennedy: i have that covering all the time. >> that money could go to building schools, roads and hospitals. kennedy: or go back to the people who earned it in the first place. you guys immediately say let's take money from here and put it here. >> but who benefits from a hospital and a road. kennedy: private hospitals and private roads more people will
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benefit. >> that's not true. >> we were a system of private roads until icen hour said it was in our best interest and national security interest to build an interstate system. that was the federal government coming in and saying we are going to build an interstate system. a lot of our bridges are falling apart and a lot of our road are falling apart. kennedy: so we should spend a trillion dollars on all of that. where do we get the trillion dollars. >> the money is already there. for every trillion dollars you spend on infrastructure you create 30,000 jobs. kennedy: shovel-ready jobs? you know what they are shoveling? hot federal manure. it's not going anywhere.
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>> that's just not true. kennedy: republicans and democrat both like to spepped money. republicans are going through a populist phase. it's like your adolescence when you dye your hair, i just don't want to pay for it. republicans are having problems with their own agenda, chiefly over healthcare. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell $says he wants a vote this week. the president tweeted, republicans have a last chan to do the right thing on repeal and replace after years of talking and campaigning on it. but as we know the gop is divided over this issue. can republicans unify? let me bring in my sweet and
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sour party panel. and national review editor rich lowry. great to see you. what is mitch mcconnell thinking rate now? >> he's thinking i am going to bring this to a vote one way or another and force people to declare them receives and maybe that will concentrate some mind and create a deal. but no one has a high degree of confidence. i don't think the bill is dead, it has a foot and a half in the grave. but there is a chance they pull it out of the hat. kennedy: it seep like he lost the faith of several factions of the party. i saw headlines that said republicans have control of washington, but they lost control their party. >> they have 52 votes in the senate. susan collins is a no. you have zero margin for error.
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you have a lot of moderate who voted for repeal only bill in 2015, knowing obama would veto it. now that they are firing with real ammunition there has been a lot of cold feet. plus you have people i agree with mike lee and ted cruz who want to make it as deregulatory as possible. kennedy: there is so much interdependency between healthcare and government. i don't have a lot of faith they will figure this out. >> it's something trump is tweeting about because it's obvious he has to get ahead of this. republicans -- you can -- kennedy: why would they talk about it for oh long, but when it come time to dance they are not there. >> my honest opinion is they are corrupt liars.
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when you look at when the pay the why the act expired. it was 24 hours before the u.s.a. freedom act got passed. because that's what political rail looks like. they signed it right into law. there is no political will to repeal obamacare. and rand paul and others have proposed a straight-up repeal. kennedy: they would do it in 2015. what would hold them together? >> you take away a little bit from moderate. i don't see how this passes. john mccain probably won't be back for a vote. you can't skype him in from somewhere to cast a vote. i has to be mr. physically. an exception cannot be made here. but there is no excitement behind this.
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that's why mcconnell won't say what they are going to vote on. their heart isn't in it. this has never been a republican issue. rich: it would be so embarrassing not to do this makes me believe there is a chance. kennedy: the white house, they are about to get tough on leakers within the administration according to the new communications director anthony scaramucci. >> if the leaks don't stop i'm going to pare down the staff. it's not fair to the president, america or the people in the government. i won't be able to stop the leaks in the intergovernmental agencies, that's a whole different ball of wax. but something is going on inside the white house the president does not like and we are going to fix it. kennedy: the white house has been sawed in half and he's the
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human flex seal. but is it possible to stop those white house leaks? will scaramucci help the president build a better relationship with the press in the meantime? they have to take a more aggressive approach because what they have done so far has not worked. >> the last administration wasn't easy on whistleblowers. kennedy: do you equate whistleblowers with leakers? >> no, i don't. these are actually leaks. it's been crazy, however you feel about trump. it seems like every day cnn has another article, an official told us this. kennedy: and there is more intelligence information that when shouldn't be privy to it's a way for these agencies to say we are really in control.
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we are the ones with the power and we'll tell you how this is going to go. rich: even if anthony is successful in shutting down the entire white house, which he won't. some of the national security leaks are literally illegal. not all of them are. the white house has been very factionalized and that accounted for a lot of the leaks. a lot of the calls are coming in from inside the house. >> every day at 4:00 p.m. we see leaks coming from so many places. this is not just you find one person and the problem solved. this is several. kennedy: what's your motivation for leakers? >> to damage the president in every way possible. the media, they are like seagulls, they are going to go after it in droves.
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kennedy: comey said that's why he felt compelled to leak and give the memos to his columbia friend because the seagulls gathered outside his house. >> the way he said it was so casual almost gave me the impression he has done that before. kennedy: he had thought about the line. fox news went back and looked at all the times his name and the law professor's name were mentioned by the writer at the "new york times." jared kushner told the senate intelligence committee he did not collude with the russians. that's next.
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kennedy: president trump's son-in-law jared kushner says he has nothing to hide and he did not collude with russia. he is the first member of the inner circle to speak with congressional investigators about the administration's alleged ties to russia. experts say it's a bit after
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legal gamble. after the meeting kushner said he's done nothing wrong. >> let me be very clear. i did not collude with russia nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. and i have been fully transparent in providing all requested information. kennedy: but will his meeting put the story to get or create new questions. joining me, chris stirewalt. he sounds like a 12-year-old,ing a young man with a very bright future. chris: summer cam has been worse than expected and he wants his moth tore pick him up now. kennedy: did kushner's statements he released before the hearing and some of his comments afterwards do anything
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to soften the magnifying glass over his head? >> for him, yes. but it makes it worse for donald trump, jr. and paul manafort. kushner made it clear that he was not there, he came late, left early. didn't know anything about all of that. that it was all a big mixup. he never even read the email for the meeting that took place with these russian operative and it was innocent and he stumbled into it. shortly thereafter su you theres assistant to set up a phone call so he could leave. kennedy: why do you think don, jr. isn't in the white house?
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>> i think one offspring and the offspring's husband is enough. you couldn't imagine having two children at the white house. i don't know if that's why don, jr. is not there. i think the reason's not there aside from running the company, is obviously he's not very good at the politics stuff. he was an able spokesman for the president. but as was demonstrated in that meeting he lark lacked basic awareness of how life in the real world of politics works. kennedy: ex flainl why sergey kislyak is so problematic. chris: ambassador kislyak is being returned to moscow like a panda bear on loan to the national zoo.
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he's problematic because as an ambassador he would be expected to meet with a lot of people. that means there is a lot of meetings. i ran into him at the convention. now we know jeff sessions it's reported had more substantive discussions with kislyak than previously reported. the president is very upset with sessions. calling him beleaguered. kennedy: paul manafort, what is his relationship with the administration? is there coordination going on between the various lawyers and don, jr. and the president? >> no. i would imagine manafort looks like the person who is head first to the pit of despair. because he has a long standing relationship with
8:24 pm
kremlin-affiliated entities from his work in ukraine. there were existing investigations into manafort even before we got to this point. so for manafort it looks pretty bad. but what people in trumpland have to worry about is will manafort be snitchy. kennedy: if anyone were going to flip, it would be manafort. he many the person most of interested in self-preservation. he will do whatever it takes to save his skin. we'll see what happens. chris stirewalt. thank you so much. the president of the american federation of teachers says giving americans school choice for their children is racist.
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and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something
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set it free. see you around, giulia kennedy: betsy devos has been
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the target of nonstop criticism. but the leader of the federation of teachers reached a new low saying her push for school choice is racist. he said this use of privatization coupled with disinvestment are slightly more polite cousins of segregation. giving parents with low income to have a chance to get their children out of failing schools and bringing competition into our stagnant education system is racist? here to make sense of this is former congressman dr. ron paul. is school choice racist? >> well, i guess if you play the race card, it's racist.
8:30 pm
that's the demagoguing that goes on. there are tricks in the word choice, too. most of people don't have a choice. they have to go to public school. they are told where to go. there used to be laws that made you take a bus to go to the school they tell you to go to. they are trying to correct that with vouchers, but to declare that is racist is playing a race card. if you don't like something, you do that. you lose all credibility and say we don't care about people, and because we want to give people more choice and break up the monopoly of the pun school system, you can't have a government system to have perfect choice. and make it perfect equality
8:31 pm
it's impossible. even picking the books, they can demagogue that issue. the books make as much difference. and what difference will it have if someone from washington dictates the books everyone will read. i think it's very sincere trying to get people out of the system. but it's still dish understand more people want out and they want vouchers and people can use them. so it's real why it system they are trying to get away with. unfortunately this is reasonable discussion. but it doesn't solve the problem of a monopoly system by the federal government that dictates all the rules. where does the government get all this authority to perfect our public schools?
8:32 pm
kennedy: obviously randy weingarten is scared her clutch on power is loosening and it's her reaction to that. thank you very much. the pentagon catch something heat after spending $28 million on camouflage uniforms for the afghan army. here is the kicker. the cam oh is useless because it's designed for forest combat in a country only 2% woodlands. over the past 10 years the pentagon spent 93 million to buy uniforms for afghan soldiers. is this wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars helpful to the cause? joe, i'll start with you. when we talk about below thed spending in the military -- when
8:33 pm
we talk about below the below bd spending --. >> the same government entity that didn't spend $620 on a toilet seat. that toilet seat would now be $3 million. this keeps going on and on. why can't they hire some bean counter who looks at these things and said that may not be right. kennedy: there was an afghan counterpart look at some of these uniforms on line saying i like those. but you say of all the ways we spend money on the military, this is the least distressing for you. >> you guys might look stupid next year when we invade brazil. that's the new front on the war in terror.
8:34 pm
$28 million is a good day for the pentagon. kennedy: it's not even our army. $28 mill to any normal person is a lot of money. but a billion and a trillion, and we wasted $4 trillion in foreign policies since 9/11. we have hundreds of thousands of dead people, destroyed nations. so i'm a lot more upset about that. kennedy: rich, i see that far off look in your eye. >> they take it to the function of government. we have to across knowledge the pentagon is a bureaucracy. and among the worst in government. so this sort of thing is even maddening for people like me. kennedy: i think what you see is oftentimes some ders and men and
8:35 pm
women, sailors as well on the front lines often don't get what they need because of this overspending. >> active duty members gave more money to your last guest ron paul than any others. kennedy: there are a lot of people fighting for freedom, and that is an implicit and important cause for them and we shouldn't lose sight of that in our support for them. rich: consensus on that. if we were attacked by a terror group that emanated from a certain country called afghanistan. kennedy: and we have been there ever since. >> we also gave $100 bill to the saudis who had something to do with that attack as well. rich: the alternative to the
8:36 pm
saudi government is probably something worse. >> audis are better than saudis. i bought one this weekend. kennedy: did it have a giant red bow in. >> yes, and i got some free fen-fen with it. kennedy: i want to thank the man panel for being here tonight bringing clarity and testosterone. what is the average cost of tuition for a private college in the u.s.? the answer after the break. plus gerri willis tells us why there might be some good news for college students just around the corner.
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kennedy: welcome back. before the break i asked you what is the average cost of tuition for a private college in the u.s.? the answer, $49,000. that's just for one year.
8:41 pm
whoa! that's a lot of shift at starbucks if you are an art major or sociology or pretty much anything. the cost of tuition has risen by over 400% in the last four decade. but the laws of ply -- of supply and demand are forcing them to cut back. the end result is college tuition is now growing at it slowest rate. it's still going up, but it's not growing as fast as it has been. has college become a safe space for student bank accounts or is there more work to be done. gerri willis, this is a story you covered passionately oath years. finally colleges are lowering tuition or slowing the growth
8:42 pm
rate of tuition. >> from% to 1.9%. that's better. but it could be he better in my view. why is this happening? a lot of people aren't going to school anymore. either they got a job in an improving economy or decided to do something else all together. there is a smaller number to choose from. fewer people enrolling which means more competition. the signs were on the wall for a long time for this. remember how we would talk about the bells and whistles on these campuses. kennedy: massive swimming pools and climbing walls. and sushi in the lunchroom. gerri: we didn't see it when it was happening necessarily, but that's what was going on. we have more and more student
8:43 pm
out there negotiating their prices for college now. that's something you can do. if you are tuning in tonight, don't call it a negotiation. you are nice about it, you say i would like to have a conversation about how much my family is paying. kennedy: part of it is on the return on investment. college peaked in 2010. that was when the great recession started. so you had people who didn't know where to go, so they went to that safe space which was college. but it's a good sign for the economy that they are going. >> you are right, it's a good sign for the economy that people are going back into the workforce. what they need to do is take out a layer of bureaucracy. folks in the schools are making more than ever before. kennedy: that's where so many of
8:44 pm
the costs go, to that bloated administration. it's the assistant to the assistant. at the end of the day you are talking about bloated costs. do people really need sushi? kennedy: i guess if you can pay for it. go out, get a job and pay for it. gerri willis, thank you so much. coming up, a chicago man has gone to desperate measures to catch the crosstown bus. and a new event at the x games. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance
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kennedy: i spent the weekend at freedomfest. i'm pleased to announce that unlike my previous trips, i didn't have to sell a single pint of blood to pay off my gambling debts. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. i did get a twitch in vegas though. last month the hottest workout
8:49 pm
trend was the cross fit. you dodge the fence' and the secret service. the hottest trend is cat yoga. a bunch of single woman in their 40s doing yoga. each class features a dozen cats walking over the participants. why do downward dog when you can do downward cat brush. these women are still better off in the end. after doing an hour's worth of yoga surrounded by cats. they have the ability to showed in their sneeze and gasp at the same time.
8:50 pm
if they don't, they could always blame the cats. topic number 2. a chicago man didn't have money for the cross-town bus. so he did what any of us would do in that situation. he hopped on the roof. he was freaking because he was going to miss his cat yoga class. he jumped on the roof where he would have been safer than those inside the bus. inside the chicago buss is where steven king gets most of his ideas. if the man is caught he will be forced to watch every chicago bears game in its entirety. there are laws against cruel and unusual punishment in this country. if you are looking to watch that video in its entirety. google man on bus.
8:51 pm
don't google man wants if free ride. all that takes you to is bernie sanders supporters. everyone gets free college. my wife, jane. topic number 3. 90 people are hospitalized for excessive drinking at a chance the rapper concert. nobody can believe 90 people showed up. according to our head writer jimmy failla makes chance the rapper sounds like beethoven's fifth. donny and marie. hartford police if he arrested 50 people for underaged drinking.
8:52 pm
topic number 4. lana del rey cast a spell to make donald trump go away. i am furthest thing from an expert. but i can guarantee you her cell didn't cost a tenth of what they spent on that jill stein recount. she was kind enough to share a photo of her instructor. everyone could see that hillary joke coming from a mile away. they would if it weren't for the trees. i'm not mad at you lana. i think it's nice to hear about an absurd rest fee pea that
8:53 pm
doesn't involve gwyneth paltrow's blog. shark week is here. assuming you don't live understood a rock which costs $2,600 a month in new york city. you saw their ads all week for a race between olympic legend michael phelps and a great white shark. in theory it shouldn't be close because a shark can swim 35 miles an hour and phelps can swim 6 miles per hour. but that didn't stop the producers from hyping this one-on-one battle knowing full well phelps would be swimming alone and shown on screen
8:54 pm
against a digital shark. but despite the criticism they are going ahead with their next race with cnn producers against the sharks. they have 5-1 odds. coming up. president trump said he went to washington to drain the swamp. now he says our nation's capital is much nastier than a swamp. he has a new moniker for it i will unveil in the nightcap next. to folks everywhere whose diabetic... ...nerve pain shoots and burns its way into your day... ...i hear you. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you.
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with free shipping and returns. casper. kennedy: it would be sad for jared kushner testimony day toned without a tweet from the president. he said drain the swamp should be changed to drain the sewer it's much worse than anyone ever thought and it begins with the fake news. it's a cesspool inside a hell hole. the president is only reflecting
8:59 pm
widespread frustration. i don't know if all news is fake news. but i do know these six months have obviously worn on the president in ways he didn't anticipate. in trying to change a broken system he butts up against all sorts of static barriers, when you combine that with a host of unforced errors, it will be a miracle if he gets anything done. there are still gaps in the russia story. if rechristening the national sewer he's hoping the distraction gets traction, if he's not getting anything done, at least no one in his circle is getting into any more trouble. tomorrow night we are live at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 in the west. my guests include mollie
9:00 pm
hemingway and kirsten haglund. good night. >> a wild west pioneer... >> there's a saying, "the cowards didn't come." so you had to be brave. >> he truly was the john wayne of the 19th century. >> he leaves behind a trunk of relics... and a classic, woven into the fabric of america itself. >> there was a pair of old blue jeans in here. >> what'd they look like? >> they said that they were the oldest unworn pair they had ever seen. >> that's unbelievable. >> so are the lengths to which folks go for vintage old denim. >> finding any levi's pre-1900 is a massive rarity. that's the holy grail. >> what do you think they're worth? ♪ [ door creaks ]


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