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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 24, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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intelligence report at 2:00 p.m. eastern. good night from new york. see you tomorrow. . trish: i am trish regan in for lou dobbs who is off tonight. and in tomorrow. president telling republicans they have not done their job in ending the obamacare nightmare after 7 years of promises, senators were not only ones who took heat, president also blasts attorney general jeff sessions on twitter for not investigating the clintons. fox news correspondent kevin corke is traveling with the president in west virginia, where the president is speaking to the boy scouts at their yearly jamboree. reporter: hey there, he is town this downthe road just a bit inn
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jean, a huge crowd listening to president speak, whether he is here on road in wife wif west vr at white house, president is content criticizing those he believes are standing in the way of his health carri care, agend. >> up to us to get great healthcare for the american people, we must repeal and replace obamacare now. reporter: president trump today met with a group of americans, who believe they have been hurt by the affordable care act. >> behind me, we have real american families, great families. i spent a lot of time with them, who are suffering 7 years ago a small group of politicians and special interests in washington, engineered a government takeover of health care.
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every pledge that washington democrats made, to pass that bill turned out to be a lie. it was a big fat ugly lie. reporter: today's meeting hours after trump warned republican lawmakers that there would be repercussions, they have a last chance to do right thing on repeal and replace after years of talking and campaigning on it that tweet, in a series about healthcare over the last week, each to ratchets up pressure of senate republicans to repeal and replace obama care. american people have waited long enough. there has been enough talk, and no action. now is the time for action. any senator who votes again starting debate is telling america, that you are fine with obamacare nightmare, which is what it is. reporter: healthcare reform has consumed much of president's
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social meadia of late, he is turning his attention to attorney general jeff sessions, who president criticized for recusing himself from russia investigation, so why are not committees, investigators and beleaguered ag looking too hillary as crimes. as anthony scaramucci is warning that leaks from trump administration will end on his watch or el. or -- or else,. >> they are going to get fired, it is clear, if you keep leaking i will fire. reporter: and scaramucci rejecting notion that president may be looking into option of pardons himself. >> i am in oval office of president last week, he does not need to pardon himself, because he has not done anything wrong. reporter: great pictures that we've been watching president
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speak over in glen jean, he is eighth sitting u.s. president to address the boy scout jamboree, that list does not include former president barack obama. then he will make his way to ohio, he is expected to address a rally in youngstown, we suspect that healthcare will be topic front and centerrism thank trish: thank you, kevin, i never delized that president obama never addressed the boy scouts. >> crunch time, senators holding a pivotal vote on capitol hill tomorrow but there is confusion on what they will be voting on. fox news' peter ducey with more. reporter: tomorrow, senators will be asked to vote on a healthcare measure, but very few know what the bill will look like. because, the motion to precede will be to bill that passed in
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may, it is about to under go a makeover. >> i would expect a hundred amendments. reporter: republicans must succeed with a motion to proceed, not everyone wants to to that, collins said he will vote to take a step backwards. >> a motion sending bill back to committee, then, you would be for that approach. reporter: senator mccain is absence, republicans can only afford one no vote if that i want to move forward -- if they want to move forward on healthcare, but senator collins met with a democratic senator today. >> susan, calls me up today, i just think we have to find a pathway forward. reporter: and another leader warned he will vote no if he is asked to vote on the most recent
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senate bill. rand paul said, i won't be a part of that, i won't stree vot, it's that simple and pressure not just in house but also from white house, president trump tweeting very sad that republicans even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little too protect their president. tweets like that are notice but not seen by senators as most important part of the president's involvement. >> we had a meeting at white house with president, it was a productive lunch on wednesday. we need to get to 50 votes, we're continuing too work on this president has been helpful. reporter: late news that senator john mccain may return here tomorrow to vote on health care pressure, he has been home recovering from brain surgery, top republican vote counter, said that leadership is just awaiting final word about whether or not mccain's travel arrangements have been approved.
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fox news on capitol hill. trish: trump's son-in-law, give a rare public statement, to say he did not collude with russia, kushner spoke with the press. after speaking with senate investigators behind closed-doors for over two hours. cat catherine herridge with the report. >> i did not collude with russia, or do end of anyone else who did so. reporter: off of heels of his capitol hill appearance, kushner was ad adamant his meetings with russians last year was inconsequential. >> i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. reporter: providing details about a meeting with then russia ambassador kislyak and other diplomats on the sideline of this campaign event.
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sasaying -- i never took them up on any of these, that was extent of the interaction. after the election kushner claims he had forgotten kislyak's name, he agreed too meet with him and mike flynn, they wanted to do a call with russian military commanders on ground and syria because of the crisis, but kushner said that call was abandoned because of logistics and denies media reports he suggested a secret communication back-channel. on a meeting with donald trump jr. and manafort, a russian lawyer and others connected to moscow, kushner said he came late, and the conversation was about adoptions. i e-mailed an assistance from the meeting, wrote, can you call me on micrel -- my cell, need
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excuse to get out of the meeti meeting. i brought e-mail to attention of a u.s. secret service agent on plane we were on. asked what he thought, he advised me to ignore it not to reply. which is what i did. the sender never contacted me again. >> what was released publicly in my view was lawyerly. it was incomplete, and i think it is purpose that important that this witness testify in pub lick. in public. reporter: he will meet with staffers and lawmakers, it will not be public, and to last two hours. trish. trish: thank you very much catherine herridge. we're coming right back with much more, stay with us.
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>> president trump once again putting pressure on republicans to dismantled disastrous obamacare. >> there is still time to do the right thing, for senate republicans this is their chance to keep their promise. trish: can the g.o.p. get it done? we take that up with the dean, ed rollins. >> a pair of armed chinese fighter jets flying close to u.s. navy plane in east china sea. we'll have a full report on that, and much more, straight ahead.
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huh, crisis averted.
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trish: a motion to start debate taking place tomorrow, what follows. remains a mystery, uncertain whether lawmakers will take up house bie bill erase, repeal ane or repeal only. joining me now to discuss latest on health care, and more is ed rollins, who served in their presidential administrations, chief political visor to
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republican leadership, ed rollins. >> thank you. trish: what are they going to vote on? >> if they don't know, then i don't know. they are voting on something. i think they vote for a repeal. i think the end of the day, healthcare bill that pathed house does not have support in senate. i don't think it is one or two, it is more. we'll see. i think critical thing, i would hope, someone steps forward, and said i'll cast the vote to let process begin. give them a couple more days too get here. trish: that would be generous, but expecting a lot. >> he is a good guy, they should help him. trish: they should. they should also step forward and help their own party? their president. he is referring to them now as the sewer.
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as opposed to swamp. is it that bad? >> i think it is a complicated issue. we have talked about on the show here, is democrats put together a brilliant political plan, a bad healthcare plan, but they have taken all these people, put them on medicaid, you are taking something away from them now, they are very unhappy. there is not a clear cut bill without support. normally you could have moved it forward, but not at-this-point in time. hopefully it will get through, and amendments tomorrow will make it a better bill, and we'll look back and say it a victory. trish: how scared. they don't want to own it or being tainted by something that does not succeed. and it seems as though, you keep in mind, none of them would have campaigned like he did. none of them would take or will take the chances that he has.
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so how does he bring them along? >> i think he can't threaten them. one thing that i learned, you don't threaten a senator that forces them to rally around. you put pressure, convince them, this president is doing a good job today of selling the program. he should have been out a month ago selling it. he should have made it about healthcare. i think it is a learning experience on everyone's part. including his and his white house. hopefully they learn with a success. trish: they have a lot of the distractions namely russia, he is coming out swinging, seems against jeff sessions his attorney general. is he right to do so? tioshould not sessions step up o the play. >> ideally you wish that would
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occur, problem is jeff sessions is a man of great integrity, who is beloved by senate. you go after sessions, you have to understand he served 25 years in senate. other senators will not like that, nice thing would be if sessions said, i am going to step aside. if he did that, president can appoint his own person, he should have someone, i say this name, not someone i like but answerric -- eric holder for donald trump, your lawyer, fight every day. do what president wants. trish: jeff sessions is not that 57. >person no. trish: he had an opportunity too come clean earlier, he should have disclosed, why not go to the president now, it sounds like that is what you are telling him to do. >> i wouldn ' i think, at-this-e gave up senate seat, he could
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have held for long time. hard to get back in good graces, if i was an adviser to senatorrin sessions, which i am not, i have great respect for him, i would say it probably best to step aside for the good of the country. trish: thank you very much ed rollins. >> cast your s vote on twitter. follow lou on twitter. on facebook, and instagram,. he has been getting a ton of tweets on his new thriller with jim borne. putin 's gambit. >> i would love lou to read it, autographed by you. you are only news man that i
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washed during the election, the rest were so enamored of hillary clinton. keep writing, and tweeting lou, he enjoys reading these, i know that some of those comments, any viewer whose comes are read on this show, will receive a autographed copy of lou's book, keep writing in and reads book. >> on wall street today had stocks closing mixed. volume on big board light, existing home sales fell more than expected in june. with a shortage in supply causing home prices to hit a record high. shares of google parent, alphabet, simpleggin sinking inr hours. and listen to lou's reports three times a day coast-to-coast
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on the salem radio network. up next, china bolstering its defenses on the border with north korea in preparation for a possible crisis. we take up the prospect of a possible escalation here with general jack keane next. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one.
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hey, i'm the internet! ♪ i know a bunch of people who would love that. the internet loves what you're doing... build a better website in under an hour with... ...gocentral from godaddy. the internet is waiting. start for free today at godaddy. trish: a pair of armed chinese fighter jets, buzzing a u.s. spy play, provocation occurred sunday over east china sea about
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90 miles off the coast, one of chinese fighter flew under the navy aircraft before pulling up, coming within 300 feet, just days after navy officer spoke with his chinese counterpart about stepping up pressure on north korea. joining me now, retired four-star general jack keane, a fox news analyst, good to see you tonight, what are we going to do with china and north korea? >> we're on a collision course with china, what is happening we're returning to an era of resurgences of great power competition. united states, russia and china, and second tier is north korea and iran. china, really hassett out -- set out a clear strategy for themselves. in the past we had difficulty understanding but now they write it down, revising regional order in the south china sea and east
11:27 pm
china sea, that is what this provocation is about, sending clear signals to us but more important that our allies in re john, that united states is not the reliable ally it used to be, there is an erosion of capability, and an erosion of u.s. political will, they have in last 8 years, it is true, and they sense that. trish: but have you a new administration. >> i was about to say, what is new, that trump administration, but 6 months into it, has trying to return american leadership to world stage promoting prosperity, peace, security and reasuring our allies, that does not mean that china is not going to continue on this aggressive road to dominate the region, also in their mind to be on par with united states in near future, and long future, they have written it down, they want
11:28 pm
to replace united states as the premenpreglobal power in the wo, coming up we'll have confrontation with china. trish: but how soon, seems it is already starting. question is how far do we want to take this? can we get china to cooperate with us, in terms of dealing with north korean threat? >> well, with that, i think probably, most likely, we'll wind up having to issue fairly tough sanctions on the chinese that will impact us economy likely. it appears that we have been talking about this ever since mar-a-lago, jump meet with xi, and he gave xi a hand to see if he would do something, we don't have results. and i think that get their attention we'll have to put some
11:29 pm
significant pressure on them. trish: trying to get our attention from hill tear militay perspective. >> we need a strategy to deal with china writ large, and a government strategy, they have done with our predecessor presidents and what that i want to do with trump, because of the intereconomic rape, leavinterece us alone, we want to have our way there but it is our. and because now the american people are at risk with north korea and our allies at risk. trish: they have grown their economy. scaring to think they could grow their military to rival us as well. general jack keane thank you so much. call ways good too have your perspective. trish: we're coming right back with much more stay with us. >> trump administration is cracking down on illegal leaks. >> only crime so far are leaks, the deep state leaks, intelligence leaks.
11:30 pm
they imperil all of us. trish: we take up effort to delegitimize trump's presidency with lieutenant colonel tony shafer. >> and the fearless speed new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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trish: i am trish regan, lou dobbs is off tonight, and will return tomorrow. >> anthony scaramucci vowing
11:34 pm
to crackdown on the west wing leaks. >> we have to get the leaks stopped. if we don't, i am a business person, i will take dramatic act to stop the leaks, i will pair down the staff, it is not right, something is going on inside of the white house, president does not like. and we'll fix it. trish: by fixing, he means firing the leakers. our next guest said that drastic measures are necessary in plugging the leaks, joining me now lieutenant colonel tony shafer, senior fellow with london center for policy research. does he need to fire them and how many, can he do it soon enough? >> way overdue. first off, i would not wait for leaks to fire remaining staff that are there from obama administration. i could we've seen hold offers have been bad -- hold overs
11:35 pm
are bad about supporting the current administration. i think some of the leaks have come from republican side, i think this is something that needs to be dealt with. as anthony said, dealt with severely and quickly. now they have said this,y this have to follow through. i think there are some things they can do, to increase the ability to detect these and trace them back. and let's face it, certain networks and news outlets have been way compliant in taking information that is not accurate, and often embellished. this surrounded mining the ability of the president to do his job. trish: they have been running it, it. i imagine it must be difficult, thinking from a business perspective, you are ceo of a company, you come in as new ceo, you have a bunch of people there that do not want to see you succeed.
11:36 pm
they have their own biased and are conspiring against you. and doing everything they can to hurt you. you have to work pretty quickly to change that culture, so that you have a fighting chance. >> right, using that metaphor of business, president trump is answerable to bored of directors -- board of directors that is the american people, mr. trump understands that and anthony scaramucci gets that as well. this is where there is an understanding of what needs to be done. this is is not going to be easy or pleasant. and to be honest -- >> i think it will be easy and pleasant. i mean -- >> it would for me. i have a list of folks that i think i could identify quickly, part of the problem, you serve at behest of president, it is a privilege note a right. and i think -- note not a right, he needs to go through
11:37 pm
with a severe eye on, if you are not there to support the president, you should not not be there. trish: then you bring in people who do want to support president. this is not unprecedented. didn't president obama actively get rid of the leakers? >> he is very severe, i think in many ways, inappropriately so going after whistle-blowers, you need whistle-blowers, with that said, these are not whistle-blowers, these people putting information out are doing what they can to destroy national security, i said, i go to some examples how these like of sensitive intelligence techniques is doing grave damage to our ability to college foreign threats, that is problem with president obama he turned the -- against domestic target, that is also something that this white house should investigate and wholesale misuse of
11:38 pm
intelligence capabilities. trish: at-this-point, president is losing confidence in him. we heard from ed rollins, said he has to go, do you agree? does jeff sessions need to go? . >> i respect mr. rollins a great deal. he is correct, if you can't handle the heat of the kitchen, it is time take off the chef's hat and move out. this is well defined criminal activities after last administration too include president obama's staff, hillary clinton a campaign, and clear links between russians and tony and john podesta, why are they not being investigated? this is a mystery it me, if you use rule of law as primary force behind actions of your administration. trish: eric holder might have done that, had tables been turned. quickly, before i let you go, thought on jared kushner, said
11:39 pm
there was now collusion, there were 4 meetings with three people, partly a mistake with a e-mail his he would have included them in disclosure, what is your reaction to what you heard from mr. kushner? >> i understand the atmospheric this was a come fleca complex high-speed time. you get an e-mail say go to this meeting, have said this before. i got pillared on another network, everyone had to go to that meeting to find out what the dirt, if there was dirt. we would be responsible to go to a meeting like that, the last thing you want is to idea of a foreign power having dirt on a potential president of united states, this is where it turned 180, you had to do that and find out, and again, as testified to by jared today, there was nothing, it was a big nothing burger in
11:40 pm
the meeting, you get up and leave his testimony is compelling with what i understand. the circumstance would have been in this meeting, it seems to measure up to all i heard. trish: colonel shafer, i have said before, as though, you know, if you dare to had met a russian in a bar you have to disclose it. >> you can't drink vodka in this town without people thinking you are russian now. >> i am glad i am irish. i different story. colonel shave irthank you shafe. >> thank you. trish: vote in tonight's poll. cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs, let's roll this video. look here. one man, going on a high-flying adventure through the mountains of romania implying through a thick blank iblanket of fog before swiping down to the narrow
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valley with a series of dips and spins,, he avoided colliding with trees, and rock face before landing safely. >> am category up next president trump questioning why congress and beleaguered attorney general are not investigating hillary clinton. tom fitchen of judicial watch wants doj to reopen the clinton investigation, he'll tell us why next. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. start at the new
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trish: his son-in-law jared kushner faces capitol hill scrutiny, president trump calling for my scrutiny of the clintons. tweeting out this morning -- for more on the russia
11:46 pm
investigation, and clintons, we're join by judicial watch president tom fin ten. starting with sessions why is it that jeff sessions is note beinnot being more aggressive. >> he has recused himself. and now the whole russia collusion scandal. into an investigation. the president has a right to expect his attorney general and his appointees will supervise prosecutors appropriately, that is not happening here, he is not answerable to anyone, mueller is not, that raising constitutional concerns, from a practical perspective who is
11:47 pm
running the show at justice department. this is a major investigation done without any adult supervision, and many that justice department is awol on. trish: sessions in your view, i am guessing he needs to go. >> not go but step up. trish: you give him more leash, do a better job. >> he can unrecuse himself, i think he was cornered into initially recusing himself, i think he inappropriately dand i think he should fix it and run the justice department and take control of the investigations as appropriate. trish: don't you think that our president was trying to give hillary clinton the benefit of the doubt? he wanted to move on. he wanted to move forward to healthcare and repeal and replace, he wanted to move forward, still does with tax cuts, he did not want to get
11:48 pm
bogged down but instead the tables reversed they went after him, for you know basically a lot of things that there not a ton of any evidence for. while high coul he could have gone after her for things there is evidence on. >> he tends to take leadership in areas where his appointees fail to take leadership where they are supposed to, he said i'm not going after hillary clinton, that is what you expect an incoming president to say, he is guessing his attorney general will do what is necessary under law to investigate anything that needs to be investigated this did not happen. so he had to step up here. and it would be nice in the justice department would do what i think this americans expect. where is follow-up on that, from congress and from justice department. trish: so, who else in the administration right now should put pressure on jeff
11:49 pm
sessions to do his job? why don't they say, get outdo something? >> i don't know who else you need to put pressure on him other than the president. trish: just the president, okay. >> president made is clear, and what is the appropriate response? did he recuse himself appropriately, if he did not, he should unrescues himself. trish: or put this to bed and goes off to sunset, and you find someone else. >> if we can't do this key job, you know there will be a breaking point. either he steps up, and takes control of his justice department, or the pressure will b be a-- untenable, a terrible situation for sessions who is doing great work on fighting crime, and rule of law, and crazy agenda of the obama justice department. trish: they are not going to let it go. you know, president may have been willing to give hillary
11:50 pm
clinton the benefit of the doubt, but as though it has turned. people have gotten a amnesia and for got en -- good to see you, tom. >> thank you. trish: coming up, president trump challenging the senate to fulfill its promise. >> obamacare has broken our healthcare system, broken. it is collapsing. it gone. now it is up to us to get great healthcare for the american people. >> mollie heming way and ned ryan of join me after the break. ststststst copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way
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asked you do you think the white house should be doing more to disqualify the special counsel because of its conflicts of interest. if i'm the president i'm going to be very upset the idea james comey's buddy is running the investigation and he has stacked the deck with a bunch of people who donated to hillary clinton
11:55 pm
or the dnc. >> this absurd. 7 of the 15 people on the special counsel team have donated to hillary clinton or the democrats editorial committee. one of the picks is the clinton foundation lawyer fighting the foia request for emails connected to the private server. a lot of us are frustrate when we look at deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. i haven't signed off on some of this stuff because he's not required to check in on some of these individual decisions. this is something trump will have to push against. i think he can actually start to push hard and deal with it in
11:56 pm
the next month or two. trish: it's such a distraction right now. there is any way for him to get a handle on this? and would it start with replacing jeff sessions? there is talk perhaps rudy giuliani might be in line for the a.g. position. >> you have to get that person confirmed through the senate. there is not a big majority there. there is a lot that mueller needs to do to regain credibility. they are all in this one direction of russia conspiracy theory. the only actual crime we know about in this whole mess is the criminal leaking of classified information. that's the one area we don't seem to get any updates on. going back 10 years and investigating family, for his own credibility and for the sake of the country we need to stop
11:57 pm
criminalizing elections. >> the thing to understand is think about where ken starr started. he started with whitewater and we ended up with an intern and a cigar in the oval office. trish: i hear you. they go off on these different tent10 atenttentacles. let me turn to what the democrats are trying to do. if you have seen their latest campaign chuck schumer and nancy pelosi are talking about a better deal capitalizing off fdr
11:58 pm
and the success of donald trump. they are talking about getting back to their roots in the democratic party. back to their blue collar roots, jobs, jobs, jobs. isn't this a playbook from donald trump. and assuming it is, why is it they won't work with him on his playbook? >> i commend them for realizing they lost touch with the common man, the working class. whether it's women in ping hats or rye d -- in pink hats or rioters in the street. it's such a weaker version of what donald trump did, i don't think it will be compelling to people. trish: that means finding the right candidates. i don't think nancy pelosi talking about this will embody that.
11:59 pm
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intelligence report at 2:00 p.m. eastern. good night from new york. see you tomorrow. kennedy: are republicans any closer to a vote on healthcare in jared kushner testifying today on tap hill on russia. the head of the teachers union says school choice is racist. grab a notebook. time to get schooled. democrats have been losing elections, voters and their mind since donald trump was elected. punch drunk hillary and the dems


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