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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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go long™. ♪ we have more "fox & friends" after this. maria: good morning, tomorrow is the first day on the job for the new white house chief of staff. senate considers the future of obamacare, is the repeal effort really over and house turns attention to tax return. good morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo. thank you so much for joining us this is sunday morning futures. reince priebus is out, retired four-star general john kelly is in. what does the new chief of staff bring to the table after rough week to the white house? mike huckabee will join me live. my one-on-one exclusive with house speaker paul ryan coming up. when does he think congress will
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get tax reform and when will it get done and steve bannon's reported plan to raise taxes on the rich and the man's whose commitly will write tax reform bill, kevin brady is with us live coming up. now comes word senate republicans may not be finished with the fight. i will talk with republican senator mike rounds of south dakota for update. we are look ago head right now on sunday morning futures. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: white house begins new week with new chief of staff. president trump selecting current homeland security secretary john kelly for the new chief of staff replacing outgoing chief reince priebus. kelly expected to be sworn in tomorrow morning right before cabinet meeting. mr. trump hoping military discipline can bring order to west wing. joining me right now to talk
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more about it, former arkansas governor and fox news contributor mike huckabee. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria. great to be with you on the sunday morning. maria: your thoughts of john kelly as chief of staff. >> i think he's going to be great. you can't get four stars pinned on your shoulder without not being an extraordinary person and certainly running the white house is one of those. it may be his toughest challenge yet but i don't think there's any doubt that he's up to the task, the big question for john kelly is without a real political background, without maybe the kind of connections with members of congress and how washington works as much, it'll be a learning curve but let me again say if you have four stars on your shoulder, you're not a slow learner, you didn't ride the short bus. he will be fine. maria: i think you're right.
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people are looking for some discipline. discipline on a lot of levels in that job and do you think he's going to be sort of the gatekeeper for the president. for example, will everybody report into john kelly before getting into the president? >> well, that's what needs to happen but that's going to be up to the president. the president has a very different style. it's very open, the door is open. he invites people to just come on in to a meeting and, you know, it's one of the things that has been a challenging to president trump because i know people say, we want to run government like a business, but, maria, government is not like a business. it's very different. and while you can do certain things in government that are business-like, it's never like a business because you can't fire the legislative branch, you can't fire the judicial branch, you can't fire really the bureaucrats unless you catch them doing something on four angles on cameras that is a -- a class a felony, so the challenge for a president trump coming from the business world is
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adjusting to the nuances, the complexities, the frustration and the incredibly slow-crawling nature of changing anything in government. maria: yeah. >> he's going to have to delegate some real authority to general kelly for this to work right. maria: for sure. one of the big i have leffants in -- elephants in the room that they need to have a victory. will general kelly help out on that front. the president tweeting nudging republicans on the health care situation opening up the idea that maybe they're not actually done. the president this morning writes this. don't give up republican senators the world is watching, repeal and replace and go to 51 votes, the "nuclear option", get the cross state lines and more. so he's pushing for the ideals that he would like to see in a health care bill. is there any way you think that is still on the table? >> it should be. they'll be people,
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mr. president, if we push that, there will be such a reaction. there's already reaction to donald trump. it can't get any worse than it is. if the senate decides to do a 51 majority vote on basically every issue, get some things done. i think the american people will forgive them how they did it but they won't forgive them if they don't get something significantly done. i think the idea of repeal and replace has got to be kind of maybe changed to repeal and refer. the best solution is to repeal obamacare, give it 12 months to play out so people can make the transition and refer all of the federal health care dollars to the states. it's essentially what you see in the graham cassidy bill. this is not a federal issue. the federal government shouldn't be involved in dictating health care because mississippi and massachusetts both will approach health care for their citizens in a dramatically different way. maria: absolutely, you make a lot of good points, governor. let's talk about what just went on in the white house and whether or not john kelly is
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going to be able to put some stability and discipline. obviously governor, your daughter got a big promotion, sarah huckabee sanders has been doing very well, he's right in the thick of things, though, we saw that outburst by anthony scaramucci last week. you are a religious man, how did you feel about what you read from scaramucci's rant? how is your daughter holding up? >> i would have given him breakfast that would have included two bars of soap followed by strong coffee for some of the language he used just because i don't think it's necessary. scaramucci is learning something. there's no such thing as off the record, not in politics and every morning you wake up you need to look in the mirror and say to yourself, the press is not my friend. the press is not my friend, keep repeating it no matter how nice they may be to you, no one gets a front page copyrighted byline, they show it by showing
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controversy and some type of distraction, any time the person is dealing with the press period, specially the washington press and covering the president, be aware. as far as my daughter, i think she can handle this. she's a tough kid. she's grown up in politics since she was a little kid. she's sitting around in the kitchen table listening to dick morris when other kids were jumping rope, i think she's going to be at least perfectly at equilibrium, she's used to having questions asked of her over and over, same question expecting different answers because she has three preschoolers, the reason she doesn't get all flustered by it is she's quite used to it. maria: she's doing very well, governor, you must be very proud. that's terrific. do you think that the fallout from the outburst last week is dying down at this point, a new
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chapter tomorrow, john kelly starts the job, trying to put some discipline in this white house, you think they'll be able to stick on message, stay on message? >> i think so. they should be focused on tax reform. i thought that was the more reasonable, doable thing than doing repeal of obamacare. i want to remind people back in 1993 when bill clinton was in first term and they spent all the time dealing with hillarycare and went down in flames, it wasn't the end of presidency, the fact that this glitch of obamacare is the end of the world, that's only speaking of people who have a very short memory and can't even remember back just 24 years ago when bill clinton had that disastrous issue with hillarycare, came on to do some pretty staired -- extraordinary
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things like welfare reform, let's not get overexcited because one legislation didn't work out. thankfully a few republicans that acted more like democrats when the vote came. maria: one quick question before you go, it brothers and the story of iwan trying to flee the country getting arrested as he tried to leave to go to pakistan, there seems to be more here, governor, what's your take on the story that we know that debbie wasserman schultz kept him employed just until a week ago even though he had been arrested on bank fraud charges? >> the big shock to me is this is not the screening headline on every front page of every newspaper in america. pakistani-born it worker. he gets $4 million from the taxpayers, maria, all told
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between he, his wife, total of four members of the family. he wires nearly $300,000 to pakistan, there's fraud all over the place. this is a huge story and it ought to be screaming on the lead of every paper and broadcast in america. maria: we have been following it and covering it, governor, we will get to the bottom of it. >> yes, you have. maria: i think that's probably what the real story is. governor, great to see you, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you, maria. maria: thank you, governor huckabee there. tax reform on the president's agenda. what are the chances to get to pass it by year end, my exclusive interview with paul ryan next. follow me on twitter on sunday morning futures. we are looking ahead on sunday morning futures right now. ♪
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that's how you outmaneuver.
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maria: welcome back, the house is on recess until september but
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after a bruising fight on health care, lawmakers are now look ago head to the next big issue on the agenda, tax reform. i sat down with house speaker paul ryan for exclusive interview about tax reform and started off with what it would take to get tax reform done by the end of this year. >> what we are trying to communicate is we think that most of all that's important is we come to common ground on how to do tax reform so we can get tax reform done in 2017. what i and other house leaders had been pushing, i think that's the right way to go and if it's going to stop us getting to consensus to get tax reform done, then we don't want that to happen, meaning the border adjustment. we want consensus to get tax reform done. it is more important for us than anything that we get tax reform done because we think it's absolutely critical for strong economic growth. so what we wanted to do is go through and look at the details to see if there's a viable alternative to a border adjustment tax. if there's a way of doing tax
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reform that still gets what we are trying to get which are low tax rates, expensing things, things like a territorial system, the aspects of tax reform that we agree on, we wanted to make sure that we could achieve those things without having a cash flow tax or border adjustment tax. once we view that's viable, we agreed that we need to go to common template and now we are getting tax writers, ways and means committee and finance committee, we have tasked them with taking on writing details and so getting consensus when the white house, senate and the house makes it that much more of a viable enterprise. i feel much more confident that we are going stick the landing on tax reform because we have now said we have consensus, here is the framework, let's go get it done. maria: good news. does tax reform have to be revenue neutral? >> compliant with our reconciliation packages, our
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reconciliation rules. so what -- what people may not know in the house we use macro economic scoring, we call it dynamic scoring, we take into account economic effects of tax changes and we use a realistic baseline that reflects current policy, our counter policy proposals, what that means is we can have a big tax cut but also make sure that we are in compliance with our deficit targets, our deficit rules. maria: do you need to find revenue somewhere else? >> of course, of course. the answer is yes to that. the point -- that's right. but the point i'm making is with all the tools we have to make sure that when we revenue estimate our tax reform bills, we take into consideration economic reform rates and that helps a great deal. maria: you're expecting 3% growth? >> i don't think we can get to 3% growth without tax reform. it's a goal we can achieve in this country, regulatory relief, working on labor supply, you
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know, welfare to work but tax reform. you can't get to 3% growth in my opinion without tax reform. that is why this is so important, that's why we all agree and the thing about tax reform is we as republicans, specially now agree on how to do it. maria: i want to ask you if you support white house strategy steve bannon that he's willing to raise the highest rate up to 44%, is this something that you agree with? >> i think the trump man earlier in the year fits our preferences. i think the rate 10, 25 and 35, that's the kind of thing we are looking at and the area that we have consensus. the president's plan that hi put out with secretary mnuchin and director cohn are the areas that we are looking at going. maria: you would probably not support 44%? >> i'm not going to meant on something that i don't know about or haven't seen. i have seen the president's framework which is what we are going to work off of.
6:18 pm
maria: as a republican, talking lowering taxes -- >> that's what it is right now. maria: 39.6. >> if you take and some other things with the obamacare taxes and the pass through, 44.6%. getting a rate down is what -- we are in the business of lowering tax rates, we are not in the business of raising tax rates. the president himself with the economic advisers put out a framework that we think really works and now on the business side, we spent the last three months looking at making sure that there's a viable alternative to a cash flow, border adjustment tax that still allows us to become a territorial system. get our tax rates down, now that we are confident that we can have that system, that that is achievable, we are moving forward with the same template in agreement so that our tax writers can get this done and pass this this fall. maria: more with paul ryan coming up but first the house ways and means committee is tasked with putting together
6:19 pm
with the gop tax reform plan, what is the committee chairman think of what he just heard, congressman cech brady will walk us through details on what he's hoping for tax reform as we look ahead on sunday morning futures. kevin brady is next i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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6:23 pm
maria: the fact that you decided to do away with the border adjustment tax idea. how did that come about and the chairman said, you know, i mean, paul ryan just said, look, you need to have reconciliation rules. does that mean you have to have revenue somewhere else? >> you do. i still believe ending the made america tax, leveling the playing field, bringing new jobs. it's a great solution for bringing jobs back and we had a healthy debate. the debate is over. it set aside and now focused on how we can you -- unite. there's an urgency, get it done this year and president trump is fully commit today this approach and so, yes, we will have to look for ways to lower the rates and do sort of unlock the expensing that drives so much of mainstream job growth. >> where would you find that revenue? the border adjustment tax was going to bring $10 billion, is
6:24 pm
there another low-hanging fruit? >> the answer is no, there's not. we will have to look at the proviolations in the road, distort the tax code, you know, instruct businesses that do this and do that and create complexity, they are -- they erode confidence, provisions. we will take a look at all of those because what we want for local businesses is tax code that's a green light. nos a directional signal that says go right, go left, do this, we really want that low-rates and the full and strong expensing so we can grow. maria: the president is talking a 15% tax corporate rate. that seems like a reach. >> we are working with senate republicans, the short answer is
6:25 pm
we want it as low as we can go. yes, without border, that's a little steeper hill to climb, but doable and so we are still headed that direction. maria: i was talking to bob, used to run home depot, 28% is a yawn, is that too much down? >> it is. average of competitors is around 22% and continuing to go lower. maria: would 22% would be the right rate? >> again, i want to stay away from rate itself, we want a code where we leap-frog america from nearly dead last and keep us there and so you have to get the rates and expensing down or in a good place to do that. maria: because no border adjustment tax is, it can't be 15%, maybe in the 20's, is that where you are playing with? you don't want to commit.
6:26 pm
>> low as we can go which i think is going to be a good strong number. maria: do you really think you will get this done by the end of the year? are you saying you want to have on the president's desk for him to sign by year end? >> i do. we are on the timetable to do it. i know there's been a lot of distractions in washington. we don't have that luxury of getting distracted and within president trump's team, senate republicans and speaker ryan and ourselves, there's a seriousness of purpose within these efforts to come forward this year and thursday's unifying statement was important step and timetable going forward. maria: it was an important step. you have all the players right there coming together. the white house, steven mnuchin at treasury, yourself, paul ryan, you've got all -- everybody wanting these things together but is there enough common ground throughout the house to actually get tax reform done? let's talk deductions for a minute. >> yeah. maria: some people are uncomfortable with a lot of the
6:27 pm
deductions going away for their constituents. >> the answer to your first question is there a purpose on the house to move forward, i think the answer is clearly yes, every republican i know came here to get this economy going. we can't do it without bold permanent tax reform and so, yeah, i'm confident. will we have to make trade-offs, yeah, we will. people are so tire of complexity, compliance costs, they just think it's unfair the way we have it today, there's a hunger across america for different type of tax code. maria: look, if you don't cut taxes on everybody including the rich, then you're not for cutting taxes, we all know that the highest earners pay the majority of the tax. what's your answer on steve bannon's 44% number, he wants to raise the highest rate to 44%? >> so we want growth. we want a tax code built for tax growth. wages and the economy and the way you do that is less of what people earn at every income
6:28 pm
level. let them keep more, invest more in the economy, become competitive again. so we are headed downward on tax rates at every level. maria: are you giving a thumbs down to 44% rate? >> i don't intend on introducing a 44% tax rate in ways and means committee. we are going for growth, lower rates at every level. maria: it's almost like a left because they are going to name call that you get put up against the wall, okay, we will have to raise rates on the rich. >> yeah, raising taxes hasn't worked out so well for this economy. maria: no, it hasn't. >> we tried that and we have the slowest recovery in half a century and now every economist is telling, get used to the sub 2% growth for another decade. well, that's not acceptable. so we have to lower those rates, jump-start the economy. maria: all right, we will are going to talk more about this. i love you to tell us a little bit about what's going on behind the scenes in terms of you
6:29 pm
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maria: welcome back, we continue the conversation on tax reform with congressman kevin brady, chairman of houses and ways means committee. congressman, you have been putting something out every day on social media to explain to people why tax reform is so important. i retweeted it and here it is right now. 31 reasons for tax reform. >> 31 years since president reagan delivered on progrowth tax reform. august will be 31 days, 31 compelling why we need to ditch the code we have right now and simplify and redesign for it growth and these are just reminders on what we can leave behind and where we can go with bold tax reform. maria: i like it. you brought the postcard so people can simplify it and do taxes on postcard. >> families back home they love the thought that we could eliminate complexity and nine out of ten americans can file
6:34 pm
using a simple postcard style system. they love the fairness of it and simplicity of it, are you willing to give up lots of special provisions for some, so we get lower rates and simple fairness for others, they love this approach, now that we don't have a lot to work in this area but drives the interest. maria: can you pull back the cur taken for us and tell us what's going to be going on in august and in september in terms of the meetings that you're going to be having to really dig deeper in terms of what we are going to see from tax reform package in. >> yeah, there's really three key actions in august, one the tax teams working with president trump's team and senate republicans will continue work to narrow the differences and find common ground. our tax teams will be writing the legislation as they have for about six months to be ready and will be work to go get the score on that to make sure it's permanent and bounce within the budget. final thing we will be doing in august is making the case along with president trump, along with
6:35 pm
others in the country that now is a once in generation opportunity to do this. it's important we deliver this year. maria: in addition to doing away with the border adjustment tax idea, another thing that was in the white paper that you released last week, unprecedented expensing, talk to us about this, what does this mean, how should we be thinking about how you're approaching unprecedented expensing? >> that means the status quo isn't enough. equipment software. maria: absolutely right. >> drives productivity, drives higher wages. imagine a zero tax rate on new investment for new businesses, incredibly progrowth. we want to make sure that as we look at lowering rates and continuing grow expensing, we are not trading off growth against growth but we are looking at other provisions that aren't so progrowth in order to get this in a good place. maria: in doing that, you want to have a territorial system to
6:36 pm
encourage companies to bring all that trillions of dollars or money they have sitting overseas back to america. >> yeah, this is pure competition. our competitors do this. we are one of the few countries, the only major one really that punishes you, punisheses our companies when they compete overseas to bring dollars and reinvest back in the united states. one of the few countries still punishing them. we are proposing the tax rate to bring earnings back zero, early to bring capitol here and research new jobs, growth here in the united states, again, no one yet convinced me that there's a better use of a dollar stranded overseas than brings it back to be reinvested in the u.s. maria: you sit companies sit on cash because they are getting strangled by regulation and strangled by all of the taxes, if they had a reason to bring money back they would hire american workers. let me ask you about the llc's and pass-through companies.
6:37 pm
22% is what i have been saying, my opinion. but then you've got smaller businesses so-called pass-throughs, you're looking at 15% rate for that? >> we are looking at dramatically lower rates for them as well. look, we have a lot of our businesses and jobs who are not in the corporate side of things, they will not be left behind. we want -- we propose in the house plan equal 40%, 43% tax rate for all businesses whether you're mom and pop on the corner deli or the largest corporation of america, we want to deliver that type of equal rate reduction for all of them. maria: what do you mean? the pass-throughs get what kind of rate? >> rates haven't been settled yet, driving toward significantly lower rates for every business regardless of how you're structured. maria: right now they pay 35%; is that right? >> yeah, they do. most small businesses pay 39.6. maria: that's right. >> the speaker said, the
6:38 pm
government is taking nearly half of what they earn. that's not acceptable n. the past we couldn't lower rates on small businesses because you couldn't tell tax code today, can't tell the difference between michael jordan and michael the local plumber. michael the local plumber is paying higher taxes. we propose lower rates for smaller businesses. maria: 35% rate, i'm going to call myself an llc and maybe i can get the 15 or 20%. >> that's a real concern. we have been working with treasury and tax teams as well. i think we are getting close to a good, i think, sustainable way to differentiate wages between business income and to prevent those abuses. maria: you speak about wages, isn't that the quandary. we have a gdp on friday 2.6%, certainly better than first
6:39 pm
quarter and wages are not moving, congressman. how do you get wages to move? that's really what we want to see, have people have more money in their pockets to spend, right? >> yeah, i still think the answer is productivity. we gave last year. it all goes back to investment from businesses and equipment and software and technology, all of which drive american workers and companies to be more productive. it's one of the reasons along with significantly lower rates, we want expensing real incentives to begin investing now. maria: where do you think of where we are in the economy, what did you think about the 2.6 number and what do you see for the rest of the year? >> my biggest worry is that every economist seems to see 2 or sub-2% growth in a decade and act like we are supposed to accept that. it's not acceptable. the president doesn't accept that and we as well.
6:40 pm
no longer accepting this dumb-down european-style economic growth in america that frankly we should never settle for. maria: final word here, if you get this done by the end of the year as you say, will it be retroactive to the beginning of 2017? >> we are having discussions with the president's team and the senate as well. all part of the equations. we want fast growth, we want sustainable growth, we want permanent growth and so all those factors are in there. maria: looks like we are looking at better times ahead. chairman, great to see you, thank you so much for joining us. kevin brady joining us there. meanwhile a deal though may not be dead just yet, senator mike rounds is going to give us an up to date look at where the repeal efforts go from here. we are looking ahead on sunday morning futures right now. we will be right back. i am totally blind.
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maria: welcome back, senate republicans trying to keep the promise alive to repeal and replace obamacare. lindsey graham of south carolina and two other senators pushing a new alternative now. it would keep much of the federal taxes for obamacare in place and send money to states. joining us right now south dakota senator mike rounds, thank you very much for joining us. >> i appreciate the opportunity this morning. maria: how do you keep the obamacare taxes in place and call it a repeal? >> well, to begin with we are trying to do a transition period and we know that if we don't keep some revenues in place then we are not able to assist individuals that are going to have very high premiums because they are still subject to the obamacare requirements and if we simply eliminate everything, we dump that back on the american public and in many cases on
6:45 pm
those individuals with low incomes and have no place else to go to get health insurance. so we are trying to make the best of a very delicate situation and that will take revenue to do it. maria: so what happened last week with your colleagues john mccain, murkowski and collins voting no? i was told by sources who foe the situation in the house that basically a lot of the senators were basically saying, look, i will vote yes only if i know that you in the house are not just going to take this and go with it, we have to go to conference, why were they wanting to go to conference committee and they didn't even -- they were going to vote yes but they didn't want actually the bill to pass? >> because although this was a good step it wasn't the entire step necessary. we had a number of amendment that is we wanted to place on the final product that we didn't have scored yet with the cbo and this would have given us the extra time to get scores for the amendments, that includes the
6:46 pm
graham cassidy amendment and includes the cruz amendment and the portman amendment all critical to making this a long-term good product. we simply didn't have time to get the -- the scoring in without going to a conference committee and so what this was was a first step, we spoke with speaker ryan, speaker ryan made it clear and agreed with us and he told us personally that he also thought it should go to a conference committee. we took him at his word. that's the reason we moved it forward. it would have given us the time to get score on cbo on the very important amendments which was a good step, it would have made it a very good step long-term for the american public. maria: how much money can you throw at it? i understand in order to get rob portman's vote you had to give him more money in terms of what he was looking for. can you keep spending here and a lot of people are wondering at this point because we haven't seen the chamber come together on health care, if in fact, you really want to see this president succeed which is an issue that i brought up with speaker ryan.
6:47 pm
listen to this. i have to get your reaction, senator. >> lisa murkowski, she voted to repeal obamacare years ago and she won't even vote yes -- >> you're asking a house member to criticize the senate. it's so tempting to do so. maria: how about rand paul? your pushback within the house in terms of getting together, coming together on common goals in terms of health care? >> we passed a repeal and replace in may. that bill is done out of the house, full-scale bill, the one we said we would pass, we passed it in may. maria: isn't a fair question to ask at this point, senator, does the senate really want this president to succeed? >> we absolutely do and we also want to do health care reform correctly. we do agree that it has to be repeal and replace. we have to look out for the way that it impacts the american public. if you simply repeal, you have taken away all of the guidelines and rules that were in place beforehand and you let the american public stuck with very
6:48 pm
high premiums, the transition plan that we were working on would have allowed individuals to transition from high cost insurance coverages during a period of time to one of competition once again with the cruz amendment. this would have reduced premiums, in fact, cbo indicated that the actual senate plan that was scored would have reduced premiums by 30% over what they otherwise would have been in 2020. we were moving in the right direction and we were also taking the first steps in making medicaid, which takes care of the very young and the very old sustainable fur the next generation. this was moving in the right direction. we were simply running out of time to get the scores on the necessary amendments in order to really take effect by january 1. the challenge we've got right now is that we don't have any fiction for january 1st and since obamacare is still the law of the land right now, those individual who is are subject to it which are small group and individuals will see significant rate increases.
6:49 pm
we were trying to avoid that. we can't stop, we still have to do our best to try to find remedy that would take some of the increases an premiums away from those folks who can least afford it. maria: we will watch doments, thanks very much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. maria: we appreciate it. senator mike rounds. new chief of staff rains ryans tomorrow. how john kelly gets the president's agenda back on track? stay with us it was always a dream of mine to become a professional soccer player, but i never imagined that i'd be playing in kansas city. when i was first elected mayor, they would talk about kansas city, kansas like... i can't wait to get out of here. through the years we lost over 30,000 people. we turned that obstacle into an opportunity. the speedway was the catalyst... and because of the speedway we now have a shopping area and a wonderful soccer stadium.
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maria: welcome back, what a week it was in washington. so what is the next move for the white house. joining us right now michael goodwin, columnist and jon
6:53 pm
hilsenrath. great to see you both. thank you so much for joining us. i want to get to tax reform and i want to get your thoughts on what you heard, jon. first let's talk about the white house and what we just happen in the last week or so. your reaction, michael. >> well, i think it was the worst week of the trump presidency, you had the policy failures, mistakes, announcing the transgender ban without the pentagon buying into it, you had the collapse of obamacare, you hat the anthony scaramucci eruption. this is one week only and i think that the obamacare, of course, is the big thing because it really sets back the administration's plans. but look, i think -- and i think the president has a growing problem with republicans in congress over robert mueller, the special counsel i believe is slowly rattling the president
6:54 pm
and he feels trap. maria: he brought in a whole team of clinton donors. >> mueller is obviously a serious investigator, he's going through trump's life it looks like according to various reports and i think the president has talked about firing him, he's talked about replacing his attorney general. republicans have basically said you can't do either. i think that's created a box for him. jon: let me try and draw a parallel with bill clinton, if i can. let's not forget that president clinton early in his presidency had a lot of struggles. he had a health care bill go down. he had what was called travelgate with whitewater investigations and he managed to turn things around. he brought new people and turned things around. the big question now is for this president is are we seeing him ride the ship so to speak by bringing new people like a new chief of staff and is this the beginning of a turn-around for him or is this just heighten level of chaos that's going to continue?
6:55 pm
maria: will general john kelly be able to bring discipline to the white house? >> i think he will if the president lets him. maria: he has to give him the authority, jon. jon: it was odd to me that he chose to replace communications director before the chief of staff. chief of staff is really important job, that makes white house work efficiently and effectively, why didn't he do that first and play -- and then move down with staff replacements after that? maria: will scaramucci report to kelly instead of going to direct line to president trump? jon: that's exactly i asked the question, it was still priebus and he said, i'm reporting directly to the president. we have to find out if the reporting lines are going to change. >> my guess is no that he will report to the president i think because the president cares so much about communications and, you know, watches a lot of television, he may be watching now.
6:56 pm
maria: that's right. >> scaramucci will be the keeper of the keys according to the president. maria: wow, let's talk economics for a second, did you hear anything that struck you from my interview with paul ryan or kevin brady and what's important on economics? >> brady sounds optimistic and determined on the tax reform front. so that struck me more than anything. this whole idea that they got rid of border adjustment. they are trying to get sources of division out of the way so they can reach -- maria: good idea. you mentioned the debt ceiling. >> they have work to do before tax reform. the treasury secretary said last week, september 29th, we have to raise the debt ceiling or else we have a potential financial crisis on our hands. a lot of republicans could be against that so we are going to have to find out if the leadership in the house and senate can work with democrats to raise the debt ceiling. september will be an interesting month. maria: real quick on 44% steve
6:57 pm
bannon idea. very quickly. >> if trump goes in there raising taxes on anybody, i think it's going to be seen as a violation of his promise. maria: absolutely. michael goodwin, jon hilsenrath. ♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. so she only earns double miles on purchasesit card. she makes from that airline. what'd you earn double miles on, please? ugh. that's unfortunate. there's a better option. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles
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money-back guarantee. and shipping is free! visit or call 1-800-954-3559. >> buy, everyone. happy saturday. [cheers and applause] neil: welcome, everybody, live looking at the implications on what was shaking down in washington and what was not shaking up markets that much. as you know by now, john kelly, the homeland security secretary will be moving to white house chief of staff. the president has been busy tweeting this morning. we will have the fall-out from all of this as well as the agenda and what it means for the president. he has been, of course, changes he would like to see in congress right now to avoid the kind of thing that always happens, the simple majority vote, whether he get into all of that.


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