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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  July 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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my son is promoted to master sergeant. there's his mother and on a day we see so clearly how decisively marines act to solve problems. my son follows in the tradition. melissa: that's wonderful. congratulations. david: thank you. melissa: risk and reward starts now. liz: day one for general john kelly as the new white house chief of staff and on the general's first day anthony scaramucci gone. out from his post as communications director less than two weeks on the job. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders just commenting moments ago. >> look, the president certainly felt that anthony's comment were inappropriate for a person in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of concession, as i think we've made clear a few times over the course of the last couple of days for these individually.
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but general kelly has full authorities to operate within the white house and all staff will report to him. liz: a push for civility amid geopolitical turmoil. socialist venezuela on the brink of civil war and in a rare mood, the white house sanctions venezuela's president. russia kicks out 755 u.s. diplomats. china flexes its muscle with a massive military parade. north korea test launches icbms that could hit denver. and an airplane bomb terror plot foiled in australia. so is this a time to have a general as chief of staff? welcome to risk and reward, i'm elizabeth macdonald in deirdre bolton. john kelly sworn in as chief of staff earlier today. his inbox already full. venezuela, russia, china, north korea. this as the media belittles the appointment saying the general is on a mission instoppable.
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but being the right guy at the right time. the dow closing in on 22,000 just about 70 points away. closing 60 points higher to a record high. the s&p in a record high too, nasdaq closing a little to the downside. now geopolitical chaos as we -- this as we have record complacency in the markets. but it is time to be alert. now, last time we had a 5% downturn is when politics shook the market last year. that's when brexit voted to leave the european union. left the rates downward. but it is a world on fire. do not forget the backdrop to what shook the market in the 1987 crash. three days president ronald reagan was contending with a iranian military that had attacked a u.s. -flagged oil tanker in the persian gulf. two days later, the u.s. navy responded by bombarding iranian oil platforms. now, anyone listening to the news on monday october 19th would have thought we were
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finally at war with iran. a market barely able to maintain equilibrium back then. the dow had suffered its largest ever one-day drop up to that point. tipped into a crash because something no investor could foresee. now, other market plunges have had similar geopolitical catalysts. not saying this is happening now. but the inbox, again, is full in the white house. for investors there are warning signs now that there were back then. that's why general kelly could not have come at a better time, according to a lot of people in dc watching what's going on. let's bring in former republican presidential candidate, he is former governor mike huckabee. good to see you, governor. >> liz, great to be here. thank you. . liz: do you think the general is coming along at the right time? >> i absolutely do. there are has been some confusion as to what the chain of command was in the white house. i don't think there's any confusion anymore. and i think the general brings an extraordinary level of professional experience. he brings discipline and focus
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and a clear sense of mission. he understands what it's like to be under pressure because you don't get under more intense pressure than combat. so there's nothing in that white house that is going to shake him. nothing is going to cause him to get all sweaty about it. he knows how to manage people. he knows how to bring good people in. he knows how to let folks go. that's what a good chief of staff is all about. liz: now, governor, your daughter press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says that the president felt that anthony scaramucci's comments were quote inappropriate. that essentially the president looks like the president made the call that the president wanted a clean slate for the general. what do you think of anthony scaramucci and his leaving? >> i like anthony, and you and i both worked with him doing fox business things from time to time. and i find him to be, you know, a great guy. fun to be around. i think the interview that he did was most unfortunate. if he thought that was off the record, then he learned an
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important lesson that most of us learn quickly in politics. there is no such thing as off the record. there just isn't. and you have to wake up every day if you're in the political side of things and say the press is not my friend. you may get along with them, you may have a good relationship, but they're not out there to do you a favor, and they're never going to be front page with a copyrighted by line by saying the president's a great guy and doing everything right. they make surprises by telling some scandal. and so, you know, it was unfortunate. but i think it was a good decision whether it was anthony's or whether it was the president's or whether it was kelly's, it seemed all of them had a hand in it. but, you know, the deed's done. let's move on. liz: let's get to north korea and the icbm launches. one according to north korea could hit denver. that's how fast and far it could go. now, president trump has assured japan of total support, vowing all necessary
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measures to protect allies from north korea. and we have a new report, again, that report that says north korea's new icbm could hit denver. but, you know, back at home, governor, we have former green party nominee jill stein slamming the white house quote demonizing north korea in an msnbc interview. let's take a listen to jill stein. >> north korea is part of the run-up to regime change. we saw it in iraq, we saw it in libya, it's part of demonizing a government that we then want to exercise regime change on. and then what do we get, you know? look at our track record here. it's not so good. they've been basically cornered into feeling they have to develop a nuclear weapon. liz: what is jill stein missing here about north korea, governor? >> well, one thing she's missing is that north korea is developing nuclear weapons. they're developing a delivery system. they vowed to take it and
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point it to america. and, you know, at some point, you better start paying attention when people every day say they're going to kill you, i might start taking them seriously. i don't take jill stein seriously and good heavens, this is not about some political move. this is about protecting the u.s. as well as our allies. and if we don't look at something preemptively, we're going to wish we had. liz: governor, does jill stein to what you heard, does it seem to you she understands what exactly is going on inside the hermit kingdom? >> no. i don't think she has a clue. she couldn't. i mean, look at the things that we already know. they starve their people. the only people that eat a decent meal are the military. they brain wash them. they completely keep them from any information. they beat up americans like they did that young kid from ohio. what a horrible treatment he had. ended up dying from the treatment. this is -- you know, this is not a normal country. this isn't even a bad country. this is a country that is led
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by a maniac who is utterly unbalanced and who has one goal, and that's essentially to prove how tough he is by blowing up countries that he can point a missile at. that's very frightening, and it ought to be to jill stein. liz: governor, let's get to china. it held a massive military parade showing off its might over the weekend. story even estimates it could surpass the u.s. by 2030 as the world's number one superpower. what did you think of china flexing its muscles here? >> well, i'm just hoping they're flexing it because they want to say something to north korea, not just to us. it is concerning to me that they've been building seven ships to every one that we're building. they clearly are in a very intense period of military build up. for what purpose? not sure. but it's time for the u.s. and the chinese to work together on containing the threat that north korea presents because it's not just the u.s. that has to worry about the
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consequences. the whole world does, and it is right in the backyard of china, it's one of the things that i hope the president is going to be able to do with china. this can't keep going on. liz: this is another issue in general kelly's inbox. organized hundreds of u.s. diplomats to leave russia. so where is the collusion narrative here? >> there isn't one. there never has been. i mean, they point to a 20-minute meeting that some of the members of the campaign team had. they're not even government employees at the time. what they need to look at is the very serious issue that is faced when donald trump, the president, puts sanctions on russia, russia retaliates. i think that's to be expected. this is an alpha male battle between our president and theirs. both are exercising a little bit of saber rattling here. but i think for the u.s., quite frankly, the bigger threat we face is not throwing out from russia. it's the fact that russia and
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putin really would like to rebuild the old soviet union. and there's a lot of anxiety all over northern and eastern europe about that. liz: governor, some in the media. let's get to stateside what's happening here at home. some in the media sympathizing with the brutal ms13 gang. that's how they're coming across. they're attacking the president on cracking down on this gang, even quoting gang members. here's one headline from cnn. ms13 members quote trump makes the gang stronger. but retired lieutenant lieutenant colonel called the gang quote isis of the western hemisphere. let's listen. >> ms13 is the isis, the al-qaeda, the taliban of the western hemisphere. it is a brutal, vicious organization. they torture, behead, murder, extort, terrorize, and they raise money the same way as isis with robbery, drugs, and ransom. the only difference, julie is isis kills to die and ms13
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lives to kill. liz: governor, what do you think of the media presenting sympathetic coverage of ms13? >> it's utterly sick. i can't imagine how they would do that. colonel north is 100% right. one of the reasons i love colonel north is for just that clarity in what he said. but how could the media ever somehow look at a gang that is doing the torturous, savage things that ms13 is doing and do anything other than condemn it and recognize what a threat it poses to really just law-abiding citizens in the united states and all throughout the western hemisphere. it's the ultimate sense of insanity to ever be sympathetic toward a gang like this. and they really are despicable. i think when the president called them animals, i couldn't agree more, although i do believe it's a great insult to the animals on planet earth. liz: we knew you would come out with a funny somehow there, governor. good to see you, sir.
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thank you for coming on the show. >> you bet, liz. liz: let's get to the markets and your money. doing extremely well this month with the dow hitting a new high. all three major averages ending the month of july in the green. it was a fourth straight month of highs in the dow. record close last week or so. it is the 42nd record close since election day. up nearly 9% for july settling above 50 bucks per barrel. let's get to pandora reporting money from advertising grew 5% year over year. subscription revenue up 25% year over year, sending shares up more than 3% in after hours trading. pandora stock is rebounding from a selloff earlier i in the day, sent shares down over 5% in regular trading. let's get to this story. our own tucker carlson taking on a immigrant advocate who's trying to grew that is the president who is more dangerous than ms13. we're going to play you that
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designed to save you money. >> i have not been happy with the past prosecutions and investigations of leaks. we've already taken a number of steps. we'll have multiple -- we'll have a press conference next week about it. but we already have multiple numbers of prosecutions compared to last year at this time.
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we're stepping up those cases that cannot continue, so people need to go to jail. if we can make cases, they are going to jail. liz: attorney general jeff sessions says he's cracking down on leakers ramping up leak investigations. the attorney general plans to hold a press conference later this week where he will release a report showing an increase, he says, in the number of leak investigations pursued so far this year versus 2016. by one estimate, seven a day more than the prior two administrations. joining me now, kurt. what kinds of charges will be brought against these leakers? >> well, there's all sorts of charges that will be brought. look, there are leaks, and then there are leaks. there are some leaks that's gossipping and fighting. that's annoying. the stuff we're worried about are the leaks of classified material. i took it very seriously as the vast majority of men and women in our government do.
5:18 pm
but some people think that the information that they receive as part of their duties in the government can be traded away for a little power, a little prestige, a little glory by leaking it out for their own personal advantage, and that's absolutely wrong. we're seeing techniques, procedures, tactics. being revealed to our enemy, it does tremendous damage, and those people should go to jai j. liz: ton seems it's from the top down. the white house, and also a different levels of government right, kurt? >> well, i think we're going to see a new standard being set with general kelly in there. general kelly is a four star. he understands the importance of maintaining operational security, and i don't think he's going to tolerate this. leadership gets set from the top down. with general kelly in there running things in the -- as the keefe of staff who's basically the right hand man of the president, i think we're going to see a change. with jeff sessions prosecuting people who violated the trust to the american people, because that's what it is, liz.
5:19 pm
it's a promise to you, me, and every other american that say we'll safeguard this information that they violate. with him going after them, we're going to see both a good example, and we're going to see the consequences. liz: let's get to this story. the former computer aid, the it aid for debbie wasserman schultz is now thrifty. it was found that he was liquidating assets, on the day of his arrest. he was apprehended by the fbi. he was trying to flee the country last week at dulles airport headed to pakistan. he wired more than $285,000 to contacts in that country. again, in the process of liquidating multiple real estate properties. but there's more potentially going on here. his family, they were on the payroll, they had access to e-mails and other electronic computer files of members of the house intelligence and foreign affairs committees drawing concern from republican leaders.
5:20 pm
>> what was he doing with this very confidential information that he had access to as he was serving congressional members? >> people don't even want to cover this. her it adviser who was not fired, along with other people in february. this could be more than just bank fraud. liz: you know, this involves smashed devices and awan's possession it involves debbie wasserman schultz obstructing law enforcement from getting at the issues here and getting at the information. i mean, kurt, is this just the tip of the iceberg? could he have been selling intelligence? >> he could have been, liz. who knows. i mean, you know, we're doing a lot of investigating now, and sometimes it takes us off the track of what we need to be doing as far as business for the american people. but, you know, questions like this need answers. you can't have someone with so clear connections foreign nationals with our intelligence committee's information? that's insane. that's nuts.
5:21 pm
and we've got to deal with it. we've got to find out what this guy knows, what damage has been done, and take steps to make sure it never happens again while also holding the people who fail to do their duty to the american people accountable under law. liz: debbie wasserman schultz wasn't complying, now she's complying. i don't know. could be involved, you know, have wasserman schultz handled bernie sanders in the campaign; right? because she wasn't a fan. she went for hillary. maybe it's as mundane as that. who knows. >> oh, there's all sorts of questions. what was going on in her florida district during the election? were there election shenanigans going on? we don't know. and when you betray the trust of the american people, these questions get raised. it may turn out to be nothing. few. lucky us. or it may turn out to be something. but this is something they brought on themselves by not hearing to basic protocols. it's inexcusable. liz: good to see you, kurt. let's get to this story. the stock in amazon really
5:22 pm
taking a hit earlier in the day. amazon told investors that it is under federal investigation for potentially violating u.s. sanctions against iran. amazon admitting it sold consumer goods to at least one person it says it was not in the country of iran. but that person was on the government's blacklist people and entities associated with the government there. amazon stock closing well below the $1,000 mark today. next up, we have this story for you. president trump a crackdown on violent gang ms1337 but, you know, not everyone's happy. took on a immigrant advocate. he tried to argue it's the president. the president is more dangerous than ms13 than immigrants. former arizona border sheriff paul here to react after this >> this is about tearing apart immigrant families. >> okay. if you want to -- >> just -- look, i'm giving you a voice on the spare me the dumb rhetoric and answer the question. then i havea real treat for you today.
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trump: we're going to restore peace to our communities and destroy the vile criminal cartel ms13 and many other gangs. ms13 is particularly violent. these are animals. it is the policy of this administration to dismantle, decimate, and eradicate ms13. liz: on the heels of president trump announcing a ms13 crack down. major arrest. douglass herrera hernandez also known as terror. he's an illegal immigrant and one of the top ten most wanted fugitives in texas. he was arrested in virginia charged with capitol murder in connection with two killings in houston, texas. but not everyone's happy with the crack down on violent gang members. we have a member of an antitrump immigration advocacy group claiming president trump is more dangerous to the immigrant community than ms13. and he called the gang murders
5:27 pm
on long island a quote tragedy. >> this is about tearing apart immigrant families. >> just spare me -- wait, stop, stop. i'm giving you a voice on the show. spare me the dumb rhetoric and answer the question. what is done with going after ms13? >> these aren't slogans. these are hard data. >> no, stop. i know you want to give your speech. but i'm asking you about ms1337 you don't like the administration's position on illegal immigration. that's fine. >> what i'm saying is -- >> stop. stop. there's a reality at the bottom of this. hold on. there's a reality, and i would think that you, who claims to care about immigrants or at least acknowledge the reality that america preys upon immigrants. liz: joining me now, arizona barriered sheriff. good to see you, sheriff. let's take a look at the numbers. so glad you're on the show.
5:28 pm
there are over 10,000 ms13 members across 40 states. but now we have pundits like this guy calling the gang murders quote a tragedy. he's arguing the president is vilifying all immigrants when he cracks down on murderous gangs. do you see the louisa hodge there? what do you think? >> that's completely absurd. the president and his team are literally here to the rescue. and it couldn't be any sooner. when you see vicious murders like have been recounted with the machete attacks and brutally hatcheting up other young people in the community, and you saw this herrera who killed two people in texas, was on their top 10 most wanted list and was arrested walking down the street in arlington, virginia. so these vicious criminals and this guy called terror is only 20 years old. many of them are in their teens. and these are just the crimes that we know about. oftentimes in law enforcement, we know when we've arrested somebody, it's like hitting
5:29 pm
the jackpot because they've likely committed that very same crime multiple times, often without our knowledge. liz: you know, sheriff, to your point. el salvador has the world's fourth highest murder rate. it's estimated about two-thirds of the murders there because of gangs. the murder rate there is more than 20 times with than what it's here in the u.s. el salvador is home to ms13. you see this trend taking hold in the united states, what was going on over the last eight years versus what is happening now? >> it's complete lawlessness. and now we have reprioritized safety in our country. we've had close to 200 plus sanctuary communities where it's complete hands off. literally handcuffing the police. not just at the local jurisdictions, we've seen this all the way up through eric holder, loretta lynch, president obama, and they've been focused on keeping wide open borders. that's completely changed.
5:30 pm
we've seen a complete reversal, the border is far more secure because we're going to enforce the law. nobody's going to have this catch and release, and we're going out there targeting in these communities, including sanctuary communities to arrest the real criminals. liz: sheriff, what happens if ms13 is not eradicated. what's at risk here? >> you're going to continue to see this lawlessness and murders. what's stopping somebody if they're 20 years old, and they've already committed two separate murders in different communities that we know of. what's stopping them from doing that again and again? because there's no boundaries or sense of right or wrong any longer. and there's thousands and thousands of these individuals. they have to be arrested and deported forever. liz: paul, sheriff, thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. tv company discovery communications is buying competitor scripts for 11.9 billion bucks. the deal together brings scripts together largely female audience of viewers
5:31 pm
lifestyle channel like hgtv, travel channel, and food network with discovery's animal planet and discovery channel. a lot of male viewers, and i think men and women who watch them both. discovery closed up, scripts closed down. we've got maria bartiromo interviewing the ceos of the two companies tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. fox business reporting house speaker paul ryan meeting with members of american for tax reform. the heritage foundation and freedom works to give an update on tax reform. now the president of americans for tax reform, he's norquist, slaying conservatives. basically saying this is the way to go. basically 97% agreement on tax reform now, that's according to him. the index today may signal the market isn't counting on it. we're staying on that story for you. we have liberal movie maker michael moore got so mad and so angry at president trump that he tweeted out that he's a loser, and he actually tweeted out that the president
5:32 pm
lost the election. we've got the social media firestorm over that. and also have a presidential historian on cnn saying president trump is not fit for command. blaming the chaos over scaramucci on the president. we've got a historian who disagrees. he says we speaking out, after this. >> is donald trump unfit for command, in my opinion? i mean, you could go look at godfather movies. >> let me be clear. you said he's unfit for command. >> i think so
5:33 pm
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>> donald trump unfit for command, in my opinion. you can go look at godfather movies -- >> let me be clear. you said he's unfit for command. >> i think so. i think when you have a white house communications director that uses the kind of foul language that he does against fellow employees of the federal government and makes threats the way that he did, and that's supposed to be your solution to the united states' way they're going to communicate to the world, it means donald trump picked the wrong person to be the communication director. listened to the nixon watergate tapes. the secret tapes, and you hear nixon ramble, it sounds like donald trump's tweets, and it didn't turn out well for nixon. liz: saying president trump is unfit for command, citing former white house communications director anthony scaramucci. basically was let go today. he also cites the president's tweets as the reasons.
5:37 pm
let's see if our own presidential historian agrees. he's doug. good to see you, doug. first of all, are the president's tweets like the nixon tapes? >> no. not at all. and it's comical of all people to be talking about profanity the day before the election, hillary clinton celebrities all got together in a studio out in california, they used jesus' name in vein, mixed it with the f word to urge their supporters to get out and vote. you can imagine if they had used the name muhammad as a curse word in a commercial that showed on youtube, you could look it up on youtube. that's what they did to get out the vote for hillary clinton. but -- liz: but how are tweets like the nixon tapes? >> well, he was talking about profanity, and that's what i was talking about. but luckily michael moore doesn't pick the president. the people pick. and the people have seen the last two presidents a democrat and a republican.
5:38 pm
the poor got poorer, the rich got richer, and it wasn't because the rich were smarter, and they worked harder. it was because of corruption on a scale of brazil and the congo. one company gets $100 million from the federal reserve, another one doesn't. one company gets exempted from regulations, environmental regulations, another doesn't. they're sick and tired of the corruption, so they picked donald trump. they wanted to mix things up. liz: okay. let's get to this one, doug. here's this for you. michael moore got so angry, he made a big mistake on twitter. now the liberal movie maker said president trump did not win the election. this is what he said on twitter quote, hey, loser, you lost. you lost on november 8th. you lost on friday. this is the obamacare failure. you hold fake power that was not given to you by the majority of americans. loser. now some on twitter coming to the president's defense questioning more saying exactly how did he lose the election? seems to me the u.s.
5:39 pm
constitution electoral college say otherwise. so go learn civics, you tool. does michael moore have different numbers than we do, doug? >> well, there's a certain arrogance out at hollywood. they still can't get over it. hollywood supported hillary and wall street supported hillary and academia supported hillary, and they've never forgiven us font picking who they think is the right person. but it reminds me of andrew jackson. he came into power, he feuded with his own cabinet, he started his own advisers, they called it a kitchen cabinet, he feuded with the u.s. senate, they rejected for the first time in history one of his nominees for the cabinet. you see the same thing playing over and over, people thought it was the end of the world. a constitutional crises. but andrew jackson turned out to be a great president. he was hot-tempered. there were some controversial moments. he had 100 duals in his lifetime, and he died with a lot of bullets in his body. but he was a great president that we needed to stem the
5:40 pm
tide of corruption that he was facing in his day, and that's what we need again with donald trump. liz: good to see you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, liz. liz: next up, the national highway traffic safety administration announcing a probe ford fumes in the vehicle. inside the passenger. now, the probe covers more than 1.3 million ford explorers from 2011 to 2017. the agency made the move after finding more than 2700 complaints of exhaust odors, again, in the passenger compartment. ford stock closing the day up slightly. it's down year over year. next up, liberal "harry potter" creator jk falsely and wrongly claiming that president trump avoided greeting a handicap boy in a wheelchair. but the president actually did greet the boy, even the boy's own mother says so. and we have the video to show you the proof after this ♪
5:41 pm
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. liz: author of the popular "harry potter" book jk rowley got it wrong. the author blasted president trump claiming he purposefully refused to shake the hand of a young disabled boy in a obamacare press conference. here's what he said in the tweets. rowley said quote trump imitated a disabled reporter now he pretends not to see a child in a wheelchair. my mother used a wheelchair. i witness people uncomfortable around her disability. but if they had a shred of decency, they got over it. so, yes, that clip of trump looking deliberately over a
5:45 pm
child's hand ignoring his outstretched hand. but it turns out that video you saw was edit. we have the unedit video that the president indeed did give a very warm welcome to the child. let's watch. [applause] . liz: let's take a look at how some of the stocks behind the "harry potter" franchise did today. we have the book publisher and the film distributor warner brothers parent company time warner, it looks like unchanged. tipping a little bit down into the red. let's bring in the political panel, joining me now conservative commentator and author of indian country and democrat strategist danielle first to you, kurt. even the boy's mother responding saying quote if someone can please get a message to jk rowling, president trump did not snub
5:46 pm
my son. monte was not even trying to shake his hand. one, he's 3 and handshaking is not his thing. two, he was showing off his annual-acquired secret service patch. thanks. what do you think there, kurt? >> well, liz, i'm an adult, so i'm not super familiar with "harry potter." i mean, i have kids, i've seen it. but i understand it's about a struggle against the evil voldemort, and it's undertaking evil acts in order to fight evil, and that's what jk rowling is doing here. she thinks donald trump is evil, so she thinks it's okay to make up things about him. you know, when she put this out, maybe it was a mistake. and then you go back and correct it and delete it 58,000 or sore retweets, and, you know, she hasn't. and she converted what could have been a mistake into a lie, and that's sad. liz: yeah, to kurt's point, jk rowley, danielle has not deleted or corrected her
5:47 pm
tweets at all. i wouldn't say delete. she hasn't corrected it. the boy's mother is clearly refuting jk's claims. the mother saying she hasn't heard from jk rowling or anyone on the team. isn't that enough for her to come forward and say, you know, i'm wrong. >> i'm surprised she hasn't. i do think it's a genuine mistake. i think she saw something that was a truncated video that was weaponized, which happened with hillary clinton a lot with the wikileaks and the dnc. i do think it was a mistake, and i think most of us would have taken it down. for any of us who think this should be an apology, the person at which this was aimed, donald trump never apologizes for anything; right? liz: we're talking about jk rowling. >> no, sure. but the other thing is that we have to look at his behavior in the past to why she might have believed -- liz: chelsea clinton admitting error after she retweeting the comments. saying quote i have not seen the full video until now. i removed the retweet.
5:48 pm
but the president should have shaken the boy's hand at the end. look, the mother is saying what you know? the president was fine with her son. the mother's defending the president. how come neither chelsea clinton nor jk rowling can acknowledge that? >> well, look, there's some sort of derangement here, liz. donald trump is apparently so evil that the truth doesn't matter, the facts don't matter. and as a conservative, i should be happy about this because i think this helps donald trump because when people look at it, they say, look, this is a guy who's not getting a fair shake. his opponents are dishonest, they're lying to my face, so i guess i should be happy about it in a cynical way, but i'm not. i think you ought to be honest. i think when you're wrong, you -- like an adult -- you would admit you're wrong, and you would make corrective action. chelsea kind of did, jk rowling hasn't, and it's not to her credit. it's sad. liz: to kurt's point, stop with all the -- when you're wrong, say you're wrong. stop with all the opinions.
5:49 pm
we're talking about jk rowling. >> this is common; right? this is the -- liz: we're not talking about the president. we're talking about jk rowling. >> but the victim. there is an argument to be made that if you're not going to step down, if you're never going to apologize and someone -- liz: so it's okay just to have wrong tweets out there? >> i don't think it is and personally, it's not something i would do, but you reap what you sew. liz: all right, danielle, good to see you both. and be sure to tune in tomorrow. we will have the mother of that young boy, she will be our show to react to jk rowling's comments. we've got some breaking news coming in, according to reuters. rand paul saying president trump is considering taking executive action on obamacare. senator paul reportedly saying it would be legal for the president to use an executive order. watch this. to create health associations. we're going to dig into that. hbo hacked. up coming episode game of thrones leaked online. we've got the details we promised. no spoilers.
5:50 pm
and then we have this story. hackers have managed to break into u.s. voting systems. one hacker even getting a machine to play pop singer rick ashley's hit song never going to give you up. my next guest saying most of the media downplaying that threat. after this. don't go away. i accept i don't bike as far as i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter where i ride, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis,
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♪ ♪ . liz: you see that? whether or not the u.s. vote can be hacked. hackers cracked the security of digital ballot boxes at the defcon hacking summit in las vegas. one hacker even able to get
5:54 pm
the voting machine to play back song never going to give you up. hackers have managed to break into u.s. voting systems and take control of them in minutes. fears that cyber criminals could have easily tampered with elections. let's bring in cyber security expert he's with the center of government, he is senior fellow. what do you think of this story that these guys could easily hack in? what are your thoughts here? >> i was more impressed that they rick rolled everybody who was on that voting machine. so, yeah, what it tells me is that there's a great business parallel to this. there was a company who said, look, don't worry about digital cameras. we're going to stay worried about film and our polaroid cameras. now kodak is out of business because they didn't evolve with the team. these voting companies if they don't look how to securely do it over the network, they're going to do it the way of kodak who filed bankruptcy in 2011. they it proved the point of what we all knew is that these things are not that secure and
5:55 pm
if anyone can get close to touch them, these guys did it in 30 minutes. imagine if someone had most of the night. liz: the media labels voter fraud stories as fake news. we had one guy break into the website for one state. the web was being housed at a university, and they got into the university's website and could download pdf files for the voting system. what do you think of that? >> well, liz, the biggest danger -- and i was at fox news on election night. i told them and said the biggest danger that might be difficult at that point. what they were going to do is ruin the trust in the outcome and the process and go back and redo a lot of things. trust was the biggest issue that wasn't affected by doing this. and, again, people may say, well, they're not connected to the internet, they're this, they're that. it doesn't matter. you just get one machine that has been tampered with, it's like tampering with the water supply, and then i have to boar all the water supplies. liz: what are you most afraid of, morgan. what can be done when it comes
5:56 pm
to hacking the vote? what can hackers do now when it comes to hacking the vote? >> i would have everybody watch "house of cards" on netflix and see what happens when the country goes into chaos, you know? in this season. . liz: but what can they do? what can they physically do now? how can hackers break in now? >> well, they would have to have physical access to it. but you're right. through the social engineering plugging in usbs, altering the firmware, the software, you could throw a lot of elections into chaos because you wouldn't trust the outcome. liz: morgan wright, you're the best. love having you go on the show. come back soon. >> you bet, liz. liz: let's get back to your money. the dow closing close to 22,000. closing near that record high. it did close at a record high, in fact, today. again, the 47th since the election. we're going to have more after the break. don't go away
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
liz: the dow getting close to
6:00 pm
22,000. the 47th high for the dow since the election. all major averages in the green. watch for your money. this is a good time for the markets. cheryl: good evening, i'm cheryl casone, you are watching "making money." anthony scaramucci is out as white house communications director at the request of general john kelly who began his first day as chief of staff. all this has the white house is pitch oughting to tax reform. the dow jones inching closer to 22,000. we'll have more on that in just a little bit.


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