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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 6, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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comey. lou: as always we appreciate your insights. gregg jarrett. that's it for us. tomorrow night ed rollins and ananananan unit we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people's jerusalem. >> this is his son is taken apart diplomatic relationships. [inaudible conversations] middle east shakeup to deliver the campaign promise later today announcing united ditzel recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. trying to the pullback for stocks continue. the dow fell 104 points yesterday in right now futures are down 66. trade to europe stocks open lower thanks to a selloff in technology. all major indices in the red.
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chewing through the nikkei in japan down 2% preaching had composited china point to 9%. cheryl: holiday delivery nightmare ups warning delays just in time for christmas. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: good morning. it is wednesday, december 6. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: i am cheryl casone. get ready for this package is to be a little bit later. lauren: i don't get it. they beef up their infrastructures because they know they will see delays but yet they obey. i don't get it. trying to break in this morning, and maybe shake. president trump will declare jerusalem the capital of israel and a plan to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to the
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holy city. >> this is a promise past presidents have made. bill clinton, george w. bush. in 1995 by a vote of 93-five from the united states senate declare jerusalem to be israel's capital and promised to move at their years later. cheryl: critics say term's could trigger violence from the anger arab allies and damage efforts to get a two state solution. israel and palestine authorities claim jerusalem as their capital moving the embassy to jerusalem would take years. fox business will have live coverage from the white house 1:00 p.m. eastern time today. lauren: joining us now with potential fallout of the embassy move is eli claim from a former seal who served in iraq. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. lauren: what are the potential consequences of moving jerusalem to tel aviv.
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>> potential consequences are yet to be seen and they will be seen for three or four years. the most important thing about this move is the very strong and bold move that the president is making to show the rest of the world the united states and israel is back on with our solid relationship will support and protect our strongest ally in the middle east. lauren: say three to four years because they still have to construct the embassy and get security and all of that. i'm curious as the larger hiv here is obviously the president trying to keep the campaign promise. he's putting the america first tragedy in terms of foreign policy on the stage here in trying to influence the middle east peace process. see also trying to align israel that their archenemy arabs in the taken battle against iran? >> that is all possible.
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we just have to keep in mind this president has done everything he can to keep his promises to the american people and that is one thing they love about this president as he doesn't tell us one thing when everything we want to hear them go behind the scenes and make the absolute opposite decision. he continues to live on campaign promises. he continues to tackle controversial issues. i for one support them in this decision. lauren: 17 countries in moving to jerusalem. mark amodei bias, the palestinian leader saying in the statement such a move will have such detrimental consequences on the peace process for a two state solution. the icing violence this morning. protest where we are seeing the images and video images of president trump being burned. how do we ensure that we look
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forward in our influence in the region helps bring a peaceful solution? >> one thing you have to be realistic about is we are talking about israel and palestine. if you want to trace it back to biblical times, and these guys have been fighting with one another. i don't personally think there will ever be peace in the middle east between these two countries. there's a lot of product is in the world that want peace and diplomacy when it suits them, but every other time in the year they are doing exactly what they want and behaving poorly in president trump understands that. i don't think you will matter whether we move our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem or not, there's always going to be violence between these two countries. lauren: thank you for your perspective this morning. train to an assassination plot against british prime minister tony 78 foiled. our sister network sky news
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reporting sky police prevented islamic terrorists from carrying out a suicide attack that would place an explosive device on downing street at the prime minister's office to two men arrested on charges except terrorism are due in court today. cheryl: house gop leaders have prepared about as a friday deadline looms for a government shut down. caucus members on a three-week spending bill which would give them more leverage to negotiate a long-term plan to fund the government. mitch mcconnell holding fast the representative mark meadows is surely pushing back. >> will we anticipate is a two-week cr and a december december 22nd, which are to give us a little room to talk about a larger understanding about how we are going -- but the caps are going to be in the other provisions part of the year and spending measure.
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>> i can tell you right now that would have to be some very ironclad commitment on behalf of leadership on how this will be different from the last five years. you know, when we look a short-term cr coming generally it doesn't produce a different result. lauren: democrats have been noncommittal on the spending bill. cheryl: not surprising. the white house robert mueller has issued a subpoena for president trump's financial records. lauren: more now from blake berman. >> the white house flatly denying robert mueller special counsel has subpoenaed deutsche bank to get a handle of president trump's relationship with the lender wants of us close to the matter described as false in the president's attorneys jacek is a type the statement said he would've confirmed the news reports a special counsel has subpoenaed records relating to the president or false. the subpoena has been issued a
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receipt. we've confirmed a receipt. we've confirmed that with the bank and other services. press secretary sarah sanders took issue with the report. >> this is another example of the media going too far too fast and we don't see it going in that direction. >> issue as he is for mortgages that deutsche bank for properties in the miami area, chicago a new hotel in washington d.c. does total to a minimum of $130 million. back to you in new york. lauren: the mueller investigation has cost taxpayers $657 million in the first four months. cheryl: taxpayer money. if you're expecting a delivery from ups, you may have to wait a little bit longer than usual. lauren: i don't get it. tracee carrasco joins us with more on that and the other headline. you shop early come to think everything will be wrapped in time for the holidays and no.
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tracee: hopefully won't be too bad to be that bad. some deliveries are being delayed one or two days because of an unexpected flood of orders from online shoppers the week after thanksgiving. remember, record i can just explain $6 billion in online sales on cybermonday among. ups hired 95,000's of the workers use more automation to meet demands of an estimated 750 million package deliveries between thanksgiving and the end of the year up 5% from last year. train to their offering to more drivers working with 70 hour weeks are some like that? that's crazy. train for in my apartment building allowed the mountain of packages, i can see why there might be a delay. lauren: at google and amazon going head-to-head.
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tracee: cut access to amazon to to amazon's effort showed plans to block youtube on amazon's fire tv media streaming device on january 1st because amazon doesn't sell competing products like the google home smart speaker or google's chrome cast streaming device. the move is because of the lack of reciprocity and amazon spokesperson told "the wall street journal" google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website. cheryl: instagram taking steps to fight animals. >> instagram will issue warnings on southeast taking with wild animals. animal cruelty will now appear when users search or click on hashtag's michael wallace sofia or lion sophie like this one taken by paris hilton. according to "national geographic," the warning reads you are searching for a hashtag that may be associated with post that encourage harmful behavior to animals or the environment.
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along with the link to more information about why they fixed rotation. and instagram spokesperson says they care about their community including the important part of the platform. it's important for the community right now to be more aware. we are trying to do our part to educate them. trade to have to fight back on this. when i went to australia we went to a koala sanctuary and you take pictures. we all do. >> you can still take the pictures and post them, but when it comes to the hashtag, just to let you know that possibly animal exploitation -- cheryl: that's just one example. interesting. thank you, tracee. lauren: winwood wildfires scorched nearly 60,008. the latest situation on the ground to campaign most buyers.
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another dangerous close quote one of the busiest airports on passenger planes cleared for landing on the same exact runway for another plane was about to take off. what happened? stay with us. ♪ ♪
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wildfires continue to burn through southern california, uprooting tens of thousands the most damaging fire in ventura county in ventura county west of los angeles can los angeles can 150 structures destroyed, thousands more threatened. preventing firefighters from deb and water to protect homes. democrat john conyers finally bowing out under intense pressure amid an avalanche of sexual harassment allegations. former congressman calling at retirement and endorsement of time to replace him. conyers is 88 years old and longest-serving member of congress. another close call at america's busiest airport. the passenger plane cleared for landing the same area have been at jfk. a flight from mexico was told to land a friendly third team left and ended up on 13 right. air traffic control had them abort landing before anything happened. luckily everything was fine.
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lauren: that is what we call the close call. this is a close call as well. less than a week until the alabama senate special election for voters will decide between embattled republican candidate were a more a democrat doug jones at the receiving of between the two, but also republican party at health after the president's endorsement of worry more. >> i think the president is wrong here and it will have nega f party. cheryl: republican senator jeff flake tweeted out this picture of a $100 check that the road to democrat doug jones campaign with t memo reading country over party. what does this do to the gop decides supporting weimar. what does it mean for the upcoming midterm election? missouri state senator john martyn. this is a local race but certainly about national
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politics. >> is sure is. i came back from an investor conference in las vegas and markets are loving the status quo. things are great. everything moving in the right direction. everything we want to stop this up, everything we want down is down. jeff flake is off on his own here. transfer you're basically arguing everything is going great in the country, so we should ignore what is going on in alabama? as far as i can tell and as far as i know republicans don't endorse bad behavior in politics has the whole bill clinton situation. >> well, i rate communications for senators on alabama. they are smart people, capable of playing everything and doing what is right. uncomfortable leaving things right there. cheryl: if you look at the latest polls, this will be such a tight race in such a close
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call. look at that. according to real clear politics come is 4040% for worry more, about 46% for doug jones. if we do get a worry more if it to read, is that going to be more costly to the party that the defeat? >> you know, that is a good question. the people voted for this president and the republicans control and move things in this direction and people tend to over dramatize one election and once they. all politics at the end of this. your senate candidate in what he or she stands for. i tend to not get so excited when candidate will not nationalize for the whole --
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lauren: people are talking about this nationally. steve bennett talked about this and also supported a primary challenge the exception of ted cruz next year. what does that say about steve bennett? >> steve bennett is making a plan to make america great again and hundreds -- not hundreds of millions, tens of millions of people are working with him and voting for this pass. they want to swamp drained. they're focused more than anything else on putting people in congress that will support the president on this path and i really think he's leading a way that it will continue. lauren: do you think this love consequences in the mid-term next year? how does this impact the 28th team midterms?
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>> understand, congress is supposed to be about gridlock. america doesn't want a bunch of laws passed quickly. if we get nothing done in congress and just let the president broke his trade deal and curb regulations, we will do great. which means everybody's going to do great. if we get the tax bill, and that will just help further. the economy is going to be great next year. unemployment stemmed from especially the president worked hard for the blue-collar worker. he ran to create jobs and while wages haven't quite caught up, unemployment is down wages will, but i think everybody will continue. cheryl: with the announcement on israel, the president keeping campaign promises. good to see you. >> thank you. good to see you. cheryl: coming up covered to
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trading is a good way for the president to express his thoughts. lauren: really? cheryl: we've got the most popular treats. here's a hint, it's about food. sky diving over the beach. guess what, if things don't go so well for saint nick. boucher at the rest of that in a minute. looking at a lower open once again. technology is focused on lower by 60. you are watching "fbn:am."
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cheryl: president trump may be that tweet in chief, or
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president obama tops the list for most read treated for 2017. number one is response to the deadly violence in charlottesville, virginia. he quoted nelson mandela. he would know when is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or background or religion. the most liked of the year beyond two harder will continue to try to give free chicken nugget from wendy's. he has to twitter verse to give him millions of likes and he was actually kind of sort of successful. he didn't quite get it, but he did get the chicken nuggets. while trump didn't make the list directly usage numbers seven calling him a bump for disinviting the cold warriors to the white house. go chicken mcnugget guide. lauren: wendy's was nice to him. did you see this? santa claus should stick to display. looking to make a grand entrance than he did about taking off on
5:26 am
the shelf to a 9-year-old girl. he did not want us guidance of a crashed into the tree. there is no juggling with him. you can see a bandage on his leg, too. the santa claus actually has a go find the page to help pay for the medical bills. that was a grand entrance. see how much money he's raised. cheryl: is for a charity event for the poor guy was trying to do something nice. let's move out to what is happening in california. santa ana winds are whipping up wildfires. cheryl: we ask if there's any relief in sight. janice dean here with the forecast. >> firefighters will not get any help from mother nature. they will be in place not only today but through friday.
5:27 am
elevated fire danger in the area they are battling 0% containment in and around the l.a. area. not a good situation and the relative humidity remains low. look at the forecast here with 10% to 20% relative humidity which is not good news. high-pressure crosswise went to drag the window and warns them not. that is going to be unfortunately concerned not only today but through friday with winds gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour. not a good situation and to wish her the forecast. current temperatures are cold front through across the eastern third of the country. still warm in new york at the cold front pressing eastward in the temperatures change in some cases a 25-degree drop in san antonio, texas. marching eastward bringing mainly reigned too warm for snow that for snow but heading into friday and saturday some of the cold air.
5:28 am
will we see snow? stay tuned. cheryl: janice dean. thank you. trade to contract lauren: americans spend $16 million a year to take care of pets and their health care. should you consider health insurance for your pets? [inaudible] is that jeff flock's dog. stay tuned next. investors will .
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>> will move the american embassy to the jewish capital of jerusalem could >> this is breaking apart diplomatic relationship. transfer the middle a shakeout. president trump set to deliver on a campaign promise. later today he will announce that the u.s. will recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel.
5:32 am
train to the pullback in stocks continues. dow 100 for yesterday. looks like biting down by 64. lauren: stocks their opening sharply lower. down 140 points thanks to a selloff in technology. cheryl: stocks in asia also hammered big in asia also hammered big in japan the almost 2%. shanghai composite index quarter of a percent. lauren: pizza hut has her deal and delivery will not be the same. "fbn:am" continues right now. cheryl: 5:32 a.m. in new york at wednesday december 6th. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. true to the pizza debate got pretty heated right now. lauren: we do have to get to the
5:33 am
big news of the breaking news this morning and that is the potential middle a shakeout. later today president trimble declared jerusalem the capital of israel and announced a plan to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv where it is now to the holy city. >> this is a promise that past presidents have made. bill clinton, george w. bush. in 1995 by a vote of 93-5, the united states senate declared jerusalem to be israel's capital and promised them that their four short years later. cheryl: critics say the decision could trigger violence across the middle east, anger arab allies in damage effort to get a two state solution. israel and palestinian authorities claim jerusalem as the capital of the newest to the embassy would take several years. fox business will have live coverage of the speech from the white house went a.m. eastern time later today.
5:34 am
>> assassination plot against theresa may photo printer sister network sky news is reporting british intelligence and police prevented islamist terrorists from carrying out suicide attack involving an improvised explosive device on downing street in london at the prime minister's office. two men were arrested last week on charges of preparing acts of terrorism and they are due in court today. cheryl: reaping the rewards of a deal. the ceo of aetna could soon get a massive payout. lauren: massive tracee carrasco joins us more with the headlines i'm not. trade for mark purdue for mark bartolini may be be out of a job would someone does agree to abide aetna but a walk away with $500 million in cash that will soften the blow. the $69 million deal was announced over the weekend. larry b-bravo has been tapped to
5:35 am
run both the combined companies. trigger the deal goes through come in the of health care is changed. what happened with snap shares yesterday? a little bit of good news. two analysts from barclays listed the ratings to overweight from equal rate citing signs of a turnaround within the company in 2018 was get back on track of 10% to close at 14.94. one of the best sessions in months. we've heard he had here this morning. this is pizza hut. >> pizza hut planning to deliver beer and mind you decided to start in phoenix, arizona and plan to expand this to the rest of the country later next year. you can get a six pack with your
5:36 am
pizza. not a bad deal they bad deal dare they think that there's a big growth opportunity and this will differentiate them from the other pizza delivery like papa john's, domino's. look for that. lauren: i think the debate was i don't like beer and pizza. wine and soda. cheryl: winder soda. red or white. lauren: either. cheryl: will see if it works. that's not a bad price for a six pack. tracee: i think it's a great idea. lauren: thank you, tracee. if you guys saw your health insurance is expensive, it's nothing compared to which it could be paying for fido. to do that is true. jeff flock has the details. reporter: lorded cheryl, good
5:37 am
morning from a place we'd all love to be with the increased importance in our world today to help important. this is a place called pups at club, day care in chicago. people spend on day care and health of their pets. bob, you founded a company called? >> help deposit insurance. reporter: there goes my notes. pet insurance. it's been around a long time, but it's more popular than ever. you've got 300,000. >> 300,000 coming at us. now that pets are more and more part of the family committed people are looking to make sure they always protect them. >> we spend 16 billion a year on veterinary care for animals. if you look at the more difficult melodies that can hit a dog, it can run into a lot of
5:38 am
money. if they get a big bill, the difference between life and death. >> absolutely. >> first of all, is it like regular insurance i would get? >> liability insurance. this covers all regular. >> its insurance covering the day. so long as the clinical signs or symptoms were present for enrollment, that would be preexisting. >> does that make sense? >> i think it depends. if you feel that that is part of the family, you treat a four-legged family members related family member. for that. but it does make a big deal. >> i appreciate all the lovely dogs who got out here. people increasingly spending on their dogs. people increasingly wanting to
5:39 am
make sure they've got enough money to do it because they are not cheap. lauren, cheryl, back to you. cheryl: he is right. they used to be one pet insurance company. there is now several options. that means the cost will come down for pet insurance. lauren: hopefully. i don't have a pet. everyone i know has a horse or the hospital bill. cheryl: i don't have one of those with milo. he's a pretty unhealthy cat. i have to say i would spend it. jeff flock. we've got a lot more coming up here talking about the markets. technology stocks still under pressure. here's a question. do you buy the dip? gary b. smith does a bear. we'll be back. nearly 200 passengers on a cruise ship probably regret a bottomless bondage. let me explain. you are watching transcendent.
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lauren: welcome back. the undocumented immigrant acquitted in the murder trial of case dynamite. a grand jury indicted him of being a felon in possession of a firearm in an illegal immigrant in possession of a firearm if
5:43 am
convicted of either of those charges, could face a maximum 10 years in prison. department of justice prepared to hand over fbi agent's anti-president trump text messages. as intel union is an fbi lawyer with whom he was romantically involved. both were part of special counsel robert mueller's fresher team but they are no longer. nearly 200 passengers aboard one of the world's largest cruise ships at sea. i'm good stomach albums after the ship served on the bottomless buffet. health officials say five people were taken to the hospital during the two-week voyage could they ship is set to arrive in sydney tomorrow. cheryl, you're a chuckle. cheryl: is the bottomless part of the bridge. so many jokes we can make but we
5:44 am
won't. which could be a bad idea. three cruise joke as well. let's bring in our next guests and talk about the markets. you might be queasy. gary b. smith is here. great to have you on the show to talk about the markets. i know you've been bearish about technology and i want to ask you why because when it comes to facebook and apple and google, they have been on a tear for a year. but be careful. why? >> if only because of the run-up. it's not because of the companies in particular, although i'm always a little skip the goal to be honest of technology stocks unless they have what they call a moat around them. amazon is a great example to have to replicate now because of their internet presence, more
5:45 am
because of their distribution centers. as opposed to a company like facebook, which is other than their users it's pretty easy to replicate. aol had a lot of users, but that to your question, solely because of the run-up. stocks along with the market have gone straight up without any pullback. we have to have some reversion to the means. cheryl: you see in these companies really take off. at the same time that fell off this week. the big piece of it seems to be tax reform. the tax rate for a technology company if it gets finally passed, technology companies don't quite get the benefit that other companies would get other sectors like the banks, for instance. what do you make to the argument? >> again, it's because of the
5:46 am
run-up. you make an excellent point about the tax reform. it is not going to affect a lot of those companies. a lot of them have been them have money parked overseas. maybe that's like the economy if they pull some back. i think there is a rotation in the rotation is not as a lot of people think into finance. bank of america is up 30% this year. the rotation should be to the sidelines. you build me as pink bearish right up front. cheryl: has done a lot time. that's the problem. >> i don't know of that's good or bad. tried to it good. you know i love you. the corporate amt. a 20% corporate amt. the senate put it back in. that could be an issue in general for companies, especially those that lobby for lower tax rate and now they are
5:47 am
putting back in corporate amt. does that concern you at all? >> it does not so much because of bad although that is concerning. once again, it looks like the gop is trying to defeat as they say in the jobs of the jury. they've taken a very simple code sent. let people and corporations have more of their money. it's become this colossal tax reform plan that is hard to sell. it is hard to implement and it's hard to explain to people. the average person out there why this is good for them. now if you have the corporate rate essentially going up a little bit. i'm trying to look for the positive here and it's difficult to find. cheryl: before we let you go, jobs report later on this week, do you think it's a market mover? >> yeah, i think the effects of the hurricane are now behind us.
5:48 am
a pretty solid jobs report, but there's so many crosscurrents nowadays, and it's a big market mover. it is from 930 to 935 and then we're onto the next trump the next trump trade or something like that. make sure you have very sharp focus for a few minutes and then on to the next thing. cheryl: the way that the environment is for investors, and the average viewer, they can't blink. you will miss something at this point. >> i think you either need to go two ways. either put your money in the market and walk away or you have to watch it all the time. lauren: thank you for getting up early for us. >> the olympic committee slugged vladimir putin in the face in an unprecedented move. the golden state warriors skip some bad news for south korea.
5:49 am
what happened? we will be right out.
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retail. under pressure like never before. and it's connected technology that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver.
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lauren: russia suspended from the upcoming 2018 onto campus for south korea. the international olympic committee said they ran a state-sponsored doping program in sochi. the ioc said the russian athletes with a clean history will be allowed to compete but won't be allowed to display the russian flag or colors, where russian uniforms or play the national and admit they won gold. russian president vladimir putin has not said yet if you allow athletes to participate.
5:53 am
moscow denies the existence of the alleged doping program. cheryl: branches here recovering from a spinal injury. reportedly in good spirits after he suffered a spinal contusion monday night. players and fans worried after seeing him lay motionless on the filibuster what looked like a routine tackle. he that concern fans know he does have feeling in his legs. treating out his appreciation. thank you for the prayers. your support is uplifting to me and my family. adding the hashtag. an update on south korea sprained ankle expected out for at least three weeks of outgoing undervaluation then. we shall see. a night for the washington wizards with 51 points against the portland trail blazers beat the wizards 106-92.
5:54 am
lauren: oklahoma city thunder knocking on 34 points and 14 assists. that is westbrook's third triple-double in the past five games. now that's seven for the season underway and 194. florida state named its new head coach willie tiger for the oregon ducks. florida natives had done an impressive turnaround jobs that western kentucky in south florida. get this, new york rangers celebrating more than just a win yesterday. "forbes" listed them as the nhl most viable franchise on $.5 billion. toronto maple leafs, canadians and the chicago blackhawks and boston bruins round out the top five seen the value shootout. nhl now valued at over a billion each. >> cowboys can't be the only expensive out there.
5:55 am
as the markets under pressure this morning, we are going to give details on what's happening with technology stocks. "the wall street journal" on monday. that is next on "fbn:am."
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my "business" was going nowhere... so i built this kickin' new website with godaddy. building a website in under an hour is easy! 68% of people... ...who have built their website using gocentral, did it in... ...under an hour, and you can too. type in your business or idea. pick your favourite design. personalize it with beautiful images.'re done! and now business is booming. harriet, it's a double stitch not a cross stitch! build a better website - in under an hour. free to try. no credit card required. gocentral from godaddy. lauren: taking a look at stocks in europe and asia, losing significant ground today.
5:58 am
riva gold from "the wall street journal" joins us with what exactly is selling. is this a tech selloff for something else now? >> it is really hard to say. this morning was pretty brutal in asian trading. hong kong's knocks down by the most in japan the most in eight months. tech stocks are definitely underperforming. people may be looking to lock in some profits where they've done really well this year. you've also got a generally downbeat tone around the world. commodity stocks are lower unfallen metal prices in this uncertainty and ongoing developments in washington creating a little bit of a sour mood for stocks in the short-term, just giving the fantastic when they party had so far this year. cheryl: they are not going to get the benefit of tax reform in this country like other sectors would. let's talk about banks, the pair
5:59 am
rotation in the banker jpmorgan of bank of america morning trading revenues will be down 15% year-over-year. >> boosting weak trading revenues in the first three quarters of the year and it looks like that will continue in the fourth quarter. really hard for banks to make money when things don't move very much. fixed income in particular, the 10 year treasury revealed has gotten nowhere this year. that serves as an anchor across stocks, bonds and currencies and that is made it harder for banks that rely on trading revenues to do well. lauren: they get criticized for hacking some consumer banking fees as well. shop for, thank you. cheryl: thank you for watching "fbn:am." maria bartiromo now. maria: good morning, everybody. i am maria bartiromo. wednesday, december 6th at
6:00 am
6:00 a.m. on the east coast. an historic move. president trump sending shockwaves throughout the middle east has a place to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. he's expected to do that later today. commander-in-chief of order and the seamen from tel aviv, something he commanded to do well on the campaign trail. >> we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people of jerusalem. [cheers and applause] maria: while the decision is being met with sharp criticism, hamas is promising a day of rage in response. fox business network bring you live coverage on the embassy move beginning at 1:00 p.m. eastern. stay with us as we take the president's speech live. tax reform battle at home, republicans pushing forward to get a deal done. new polls show the majority of americans do not support their plans. one group i have the d.c.


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