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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 2, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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how do you fight that? don't forget, when i was running the last time against crooked hillary, what happened? i had nothing like that. i said i was going to do that. but you had to take my word for it. one of those guys said recently, whether you like him or not, he's actually fulfilled more promises that he made. and i have. and i had obamacare done except one guy at 2:00 in the morning went in and says, he went thumbs down. even though he campaigned for years, repeal and replace. but we have done a number on obamacare. we are coming out with tremendous healthcare plans. we have gotten rid of the individual mandate, the most of unpopular thing probably in our country. gone gone. no individual mandate. where you have the privilege to
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pay a fortune as a penalty in order not to pay a fortune for bad healthcare. think of that. is that a good sning i don't think so. you know how many team have come up to me and said thank you very much for getting rid of the individual mandate? isn't it a beautiful term in the required mandate -- the individual ran date is wonderful. the individual mandate is a disaster. it sounds good. like the affordable care act was not affordable. remember when bill clinton got and said the problem with the afford and care act is it's not affordable. then you didn't hear from him for two weeks because he got the hell knocked out of him by crooked hillary. for two weeks he went dead silent. they wouldn't let him out of the
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house. the women's unemployment rate is the lowest in 65 years. not history. sorry. but it will be low too. it's 65 years. but i would almost bet within two weeks or the next time this incredible statistical group is relaxed and released, i would say the women will be historical. but in 65 years, i'm doing my best. 52%. the women liked me, you know? they liked me. i keep hearing -- look at all those ping signs for women. look at that.
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the women have been great. and i think they are incredible. they have a harder job than all of us, fellas, the women are great. and we did great with the women. i remember again on election night, they said how the hell did this happen? they were giving you phoney numbers on that, too. the veterans unemployment rate reached the lowest level in 18 years and that's going to go up very well. more than 3.5 million americans have been lifted off food stamps. more than 4 million americans are going to receive job training under our new workforce initiative. manufacturing, consumer and business confidence has reached the highest level in the history of our country.
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i would say that's pretty good. confidence is a good thing. having confidence is good, right? if you have confidence and you know what you are doing, you can't lose. that's a great stat. think of it. business the most of confident in our country. the united states now is now a net natural gas exporter for the first time in more than 60 years and pennsylvania workers are leading the way. i don't know if you even know that. right? [cheers and applause] now that we have the best economy in the history of our country, this is the time to straighten out the worst trade deals ever made by any country on earth at any time.
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for generations, pennsylvania steel and pennsylvania coal made this state the center of the industrial world. [cheers and applause] the workers of scranton and bethlehem and allentown and wilkes-barre were the backbone of american might. they really were. the backbone of our country. the backbone of american strength and might. but the loyal tough our workers -- but the loyalty of our workers was repaid with betrayal. you were betrayed by the politicians and the people that ran our country. but you are not betrayed anymore. pennsylvania lost 300,000
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manufacturing jobs and china joined the wto. right now china is not too happy with me. but i have great respect for president xi and great respect for china. it's not their fault that our leaders were stupid. for decade our politicians ran for office pledging to crack down on unfair trade. but they never did anything. but once elected, they did absolutely nothing and our workers in our country got ripped off like no country ever before in the history of the world. we got ripped off. it was a massive, massive transfer of wealth to other countries. the politicians just watched as other countries stole our jobs. plun derd our wealth and looted the crown jewels of the american
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economy. but i am not another politician. i keep my promises. i didn't need this. i didn't need it. i had a very nice life. i didn't need to be -- did i use to get good press? i didn't need this. but i love it. i love it because we are doing things that are historic. there has never been -- even these people back here. these horrible, horrendous people, even these people back there say it looks like the academy award there are so many. is this academy award you are doing? even these people, they say, probably in the history of this country, probably the history of the world, there has never been anything like what happened in november of '16.
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probably never happened. i believe there has never been. i remember watching one and we were starting to do really well. that last two weeks i had crowd like this everywhere. we had thousands of people outside, they couldn't get in. i said why are we going to lose? hillary would have 50 people. she would bring in beyonce and jay-z would use language that if i used it i would be run out of the country. she would bring in bruce springsteen and they were drawing crowd smaller than my crowd. i said why are we going to lose? and you know what? we didn't. but what happened is interesting. they started off by saying we haven't seen anything like this
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since ronald reagan. i like ronald reagan. and then it got bigger and bigger and wierld an -- and wild wilder. it was 306-223. that's a lot. there is no way according to fake news cnn, there is no way for trump to get to 270. you had to get to 270. there is no path. remember the expression. ladies and gentlemen, there is no path for donald trump to get to 270. no, there wasn't, but 306 was no problem. [cheers and applause] so after years of rebuilding other countries, we are finally
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rebuilding our country. in the numbers that were just released, the reporters didn't cover this one. to me it was maybe more important than the 4.1 because we'll be doing a lot better than 4.1 as things go. for the first time maybe ever the trade deficit just fell by $52 billion. nobody reports it. why don't you report that? just fell by $52 billion. because of our economic planning and our charging taxes or tariffs to all of the dumpers of steel all over our country, america's steel mills are roaring again.
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our country is being respected again because we are finally putting america first. [cheers and applause] we eliminated a record number of job-crushing regulations. i went through the united states from the unfair and very, very expensive for our country paris climate accord. so unfair. that was another great rip-off. republicans just passed the biggest tax cuts in the history of our country. and the democrats want to lift them way up. remember that. when you go to vote, they want to end your tax cuts and lift it up so they can waste your money on a lot of nonsense.
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and very importantly, we saved our family farms and our small businesses from the estate tax also known as the death tax. no longer the death tax. no longer will they pay the estate tax. our family farmers. the individual mandate is gone, the penalty is gone, you know that. the association are allowing americans to join forces to buy much better healthcare for a fraction of the cost that you can go across state lines and negotiate with everybody you want to negotiate with. we invested a record $700 billion in our military and $716
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billion next year. we are rebuilding our military with the finest planes, the finest missiles, the finest ships anywhere in the world. we had to do it. had to do it. and they are all made in the u.s.a., folks. it's called jobs. in that case, much less important, there is nothing so important as protection in our military. but in this case only time secondarily it's called jobs. all of this equipment and brilliant planes they want to buy. we make the greatest military equipment in the world. we make the greatest jet, the greatest ships, the greatest missiles. we have the anti-missile missiles that shoot down missiles many, many miles away from the sky like a needle in a
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haystack, they shoot them down. hard to believe. and we are surrounding our country with them by the way, if you don't mind. remember when other countries said we don't want you to put defensive missiles in your country. explain that to me, please. remember? they used to get angry when we would put defensive missiles, anti-missile missiles in our country so we wouldn't do it. no thanks. we'll put them in if you don't mind. and i directed the pentagon to begin the process of creating a 6th branch of the united states armed forces called the space force. very important. [cheers and applause] we just passed the landmark va accountability law.
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now if a bad government worker mistreats or neglects or steals, does anything bad to our great veterans, we turn to them and we say, you're fired, get the hell out of here. [cheers and applause] gotta do it. gotta do it! maybe most of importantly, that was 40 years they tried to get accountability. but even more, i wanted veterans choice where if a veteran isn't properly served. if they have to wait 3, 4, 5 weeks. can you imagine. the doctor says that's okay, come back in 22 days. people who weren't ill and they are terminally ill because they can't see a doctor.
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they tried to pass it for 40 years. we just passed veterans choice. where a great, great veterans, if they have to wait for a long period. they go to a private doctor and we pay the bill. right? i withdrew the united states from the horrible and very expensive and a deal that didn't work, the iran nuclear deal. and i hope everything is going to be fine with us in iran. but i will tell you, they are a much different country than they were four months ago. i also recognize the capital of israel and five months later we opened the american embassy in
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jerusalem. instead apoll jietions for america, we are standing up -- and we love our country. and we are saying we have a great country. we don't apologize anymore. we are standing up for the heroes who defend america. and we are proudly standing up for our national anthem. [cheers and applause] [crowd chants usa! >> with every promise we keep, and every factory we we open, we
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are restoring american strength and we are restoring american pride. but to continue this incredible movement, we must elect more republicans so we can get the votes we need to pass these incredible programs. and most of importantly, get your friends, get your neighbors, and get out and vote for an incredible champion and incredible winner. lou barletta. loyal citizens like you help build this country. together we are taking back our country. we are returning power to where it belongs. to the american people. this is the state where our founding fathers declared our
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independence. signed our constitution. and testified our god-given rights. proud pennsylvania workers mind the coal. worked the railroads, and forged the steel that made america into the greatest and most of powerful nation in the history our world and not' more powerful and richer than ever before. and it's only going to get better. from valley forge to gettysburg to normandy, pennsylvania patriots gave their sweat, blood and very lives to protect our families, our freedom, and our great american flag. we stand on the shoulders of
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these american patriots who knew how to work, knew how to fight, and knew how to win. they knew how to win. with your help, your voice and your vote, we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning. we are going to win so much perhaps some of you but not all will get tired of winning. anybody going to get tired of winning? we'll never give up, we'll never give in, we'll never back down, and we'll never stop fighting for this land that we love. [cheers and applause] because we are americans and our hearts bleed red, white and blue. [cheers and applause] we are one people.
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one family. and one glorious nation under god. and together we'll make america wealthy again. we'll make america strong again. we'll make america safe again. and we'll make make america great again! thank you, pennsylvania, vote for lou. [♪] lou: president trump, wilkes-barre, pennsylvania, a crowd of some 8,000 people inside. the president said many more than that outside as he talked for one hour and 18 minutes. that's pretty close to the second. an hour and 18 minutes, eclipsing his time of an hour five minutes tuesday.
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this president taking it to the dimms, to the fake news media and taking the love to the trump supporters that fill the building and surrounded the venue there in wilkes-barre all in support of lou barletta running for the senate. a long-time congressman, republican from haze hazelton, pennsylvania, just got one heck of a boost from the president who has proved himself to be an extraordinary force as he inserted himself unlike any president i can recall in the primary process. he has a powerful uninfluence and has had to this point. we'll see what happens for lou barletta in the great state of
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pennsylvania. ed rollins is here with us. fox news political analyst. joining us, harmeet dhillon, rnc political committee woman from california. the president is in his element and in his glory campaigning for lou barletta tonight. but campaigning for republicans across the country. he says it will be a 7-day a week deal if he has his way beginning 2 months from november 6. >> absolutely. he's michael michaelangelo of the art form of political rallies. he time he does one of these rallies, it drives volunteers and contributions and enthusiasm in those states. the liberals, the mainstream media says he's just talking to his base. and they are wrong. this makes a big difference.
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americans all over the country love to watch these rallies and it turns out the voters. he's campaigning for the candidates and for america. you heard him say all the ticking off the 4.1%. the 3.4 million people have gotten jobs. the 3.5 million who have gone the off of food stamps. the numbers don't lie. this is an amazing energetic event like all of his rallies are. lou: we witnessed a president who has been in office basically 17 months. and already he is historic in his accomplishments. watching this president, i have never seen a president -- and we go back aways, you and i. i have never seen, including president ronald reagan campaign with the energy, the focus, the drive, and just bring an hour
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long -- well, series of magical entries to the rally. ed: he's in full campaign mode. one of the things he does, reagan never attacked an individual. the president tonight went after with both fists, he moved lou to the forefront of this campaign. the president putting his arms around him. the base in this party is pretty solid. he makes the best sales pitch of what he accomplished than anybody. ryan is not selling his program and mitch mcconnell is not selling his program. he's selling his program. he's going to nationalize a mid-term election which nobody has ever done before. lou: another primary election under way in the great state of
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tennessee. just a couple of percentage points precincts reporting. already they declared congresswoman marcia planning burn to be -- marcia blackburn to be the party's candidate in the senate. we are watching a number of other races and it's too early to call those. when we talk about republicans, the party officials, we were talking about relatively stern figures who were somber and not particularly effective. we are watching the republican national committee, and you are a great representative of the group, with smiles on their faces and bouncing in their steps as they move forward here, this president has brought more confidence, there seems to be some joy in campaigning. and at least, you know, i have
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to exempt paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and the rinos. they may not be joyable but the rest of the party is. it looks like it may have an effect november 6. >> i'm from san francisco. if you can see a smile on my face as a republican watching this rally. that's how powerful this is. we have our share of d do of dor figures. the energy is there, and young people are coming into the party as a result of this. people are tired of losing. democrats get out there and they lie, they get out there with their demagoguery and hate. we are fighting it with optimism, positive energy and winning. it shows americans are looking at their paychecks.
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they are seeing their 401ks soaring. it's winning, winning, wing all day long. lou: to -- to har harmeet's poo watch the stupidity of the folks who run the dnc competing with socialism and special interest groups and the so-called coalition who for the first time are being delivered what the democrats have promised for 50 years it's being delivered by this president and the republican party. that many full participation and the prosperity of this country just as the president promised in the campaign. historically low unemployment levels amongst blacks, hispanics, women. you can't do much more oh yes
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you can. he can also deliver 4.1% economic growth in the second quarter. ed: and rising. i i'm used to having a dower smile. i was there in the glory days with ronald reagan. >> it's much worse now. ed: the democrats, the only new name that's surfaced and he rolled it out tonight. that's maxine waters. she is the only new voice of the democratic party which a vicious, vile voice i have known for 30 years. if she is the best they can do, brit on. let her be speaker. lou: to be speaker they would have to win the election. ed: maxine said the mere thought
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that she'll be a major player sends shutters through most of republicans that know her. lou: harmeet, as you travel around the country, the mood in the country seems to be for the most of part upbeat unless you happen to be on the left, then you are sort of captured and they keep talking about a blue wave. it looks like a blue convulsion, as awareness dawn on the dimms and the left. that their old coalition isn't work. the democrats' coalition is in utter disaway, and they haven't got -- utter disarray. >> that's what i hear when i leave california and come to america.
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whether they are taxi drivers or uber drivers. people in grocery stores. they are excited. they are not hearing any new ideas out of the democrats. the democrats are talking about abolishing i.c.e. most of americans want criminals locked up and if they are from out of this country to be deported. they don't want free range illegal aliens in this country. what the democrats have been reporting for many years, the forgotten places in america like the rust belt. they see that. the warmth is there. i see more and more. every time i leave california, i'm feeling the love. ed: he has created more jobs and a better economy and they decided to go left and give a lot of stuff away. lou: the truth of the matter is i can't figure out how any candidate can successfully run against a traditional republican because the story attached
11:32 pm
himself or herself to this president's agenda, he's delivering in a way that hasn't happened since ronald reagan. ed: that's the key. they have to run with him. lou: keep america great or make america great again. harmeet, good to have you with us. ed, thank you so much. up next, president trump wowing a massive crowd in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. we'll be right back. president trump: anything i want -- it's not even the republicans -- i don't know if they care about me -- anything i want they want to oppose. i just figured out how to do the wall. i will say i don't want to build the wall and they will insist on building it.
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(vo) progress is in the pursuit. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during summer of audi sales event. lou: in his one hour and 18 minutes in wilkes-barre, the president having a lot of fun. joining me is gregg jarrett. i want to talk about the number one book on the "new york times" best sellers list.
11:37 pm
it's judge jeanine's book, "liars, leakers, and liberals." gregg's book is not yet on the "new york times" best sellers list. but this weekend it will replace pirro's book on on of the list. gregg will be number one and the judge number two as they duke it out. gregg: thank you very much. and your support for the book. i gave it to you several weeks ago, and you have been enthusiastic ever since. lou: how long have i been enthusiastic? i was late to the party.
11:38 pm
but congratulations on the book. and the president going straight at it. absolutely marvelous tonight in his appearance. i think he is unbeatable. i can't inimagine the person that can defeat him at the polls. what i can imagine is the presidency being undercut by loathesome rinos and dems who have been working for two years nonstop to undercut him and subvert the presidency. gregg: he gets very little support from ryan and mcconnell. but ryan is leaving and everybody is throwing a party in the gop when he says bye-bye. much is at stake in the mid-term
11:39 pm
elections. any time donald trump sneeze or coughs, it's time for impeachment. lou: do we have the sound bite of david gergin talking about this? the fact of the matter is, bob mueller has taken on a political dmarnlgt minds of some, particularly on the left. and they are being overt about it. rather than illegal. a legal initiative against the president through a special counsel. listen to what the man said, gregg. it's to me remarkable. >> the mueller people have basically taken the view if they find a crime they are not going to indict. this is not going to a court of law. if there is a question of
11:40 pm
obstruction, it's going to be weren't impeachment proceedings and that will be a power play. and the democrats who by then may be in control of the house can define obstruction the way they want to. and schiff said he sees this as obstruction. i don't think it's necessarily the court of law where this is sorted out. it will be within the politics of impeachment. lou: the politics of impeachment. he's conjuring against stable forces in the dark of night. gregg: they are hang their hat on the old gerald ford equip impeachment means anything congress says it means on any given day. lou: special counsel means this instance it means whatever they want it to mean because it's
11:41 pm
clear they making it about impeachment. he wasn't hired to make a report. he was brought in to investigate allegations of higher -- >> we'll talk about obstruction. i devote an entire chapter in the book to obstruction. it's not obstruction of justice to fire. it's an important issue and there is no evidence of collusion. lou: the issue of impeachment as the contingent precedent here. as the basis for this special counsel. suddenly it's not about law. it's about politics. and that's what republicans have been saying throughout. this is a witch hunt, that this is subversion, and it's calculated to hit the mid-term elections and this president. >> this has always been an
11:42 pm
investigation in search of a crime which is backwards. that is a bastardization of the special counsel regulations that authorize in my judgment illegitimately the appointment of robert mueller. you can just feel not just democrats, but the media salivating over the possible sects of any report by robert mueller that they will use as a basis for articles of impeachment why it's important to maintain the houses specially that would vote articles. the senate would have a trial. lou: paul manafort, day three of his trial. this looks to me like the special counsel team, they look like amateurs. i don't know what they were supposed to look like. this judge is dressing them down at every turn. they are trying to prejudice the
11:43 pm
jury showing ostrich and python as manafort's favorite animals to decorate himself. gregg: the on thing he's guilty of is bad taste. the judge said it's not a crime to be rich in america and have cash in your wallet. they switched tactics and tried to convict manafort of guilt by association because he did business and knew oligarchs. the judge said you are not using that term in my court of law. that's prejudicial baits conjures corruption and greed and power. use a different term. this judge said you are not going to talk about trump, russia or collusion. none of that's that has to do with the tax fraud case. lou: the special counsel looks
11:44 pm
increasingly like a political operative. it's really appalling. to see a district court judge, i'll be clear by the, judge ellis had an opportunity to shut this down and he didn't. so he's clever and cute with his words from the bench but i have to say, it's very hollow to watch that kind of language and that assessment and see that result which is the trial goes on. judge napolitano talking about in his judgment, manafort had been exonerated 8 years ago by the justice department. gregg: the judge has the ability even upon a conviction to step in and set it aside and say the evidence as i heard it in the court of law doesn't support the jury's verdict. we saw that in the nanny case. the judge said you may have
11:45 pm
fooled the jury, you didn't fool me it's an important case because it sets a principle. this is a judge who said i will let it go to a jury. but you reserves the right to set it aside. lou: do you really expect them to do that? gregg: the chances are slim. they have to get a conviction first. lou: it's proceedings against manafort and the president of the united states and it's going forward because after gutless judiciary, a corrupt justice department, and fbi. and people should be outraged not watching this thing like it's a cage match. gregg: i would agree the fbi and the department of justice are cesspools of corruption and they need to clean house. many of the prosecutors across
11:46 pm
the nation are honest, hard working people. but the people who manage those two agencies are not. lou: what's the last case the fbi closed with a report whether it was national security or law enforcement? the department of justice and the fbi have not been doing well. gregg: with jeff sessions and rod rosenstein at the helm, and wray at the fbi, not much has been accomplished. lou: judge pirro still number one until the end of the week. president trump telling the left wing national media what he thinks of them at his rally in pennsylvania tonight. president trump: they can make anything bad because they are the take take disgusting news.
11:47 pm
-- the fake fake disgusting news. lou: here to discuss, dr. sebastian gorka. former strategist to president trump. author of the upcoming book, "why we fight." i am surrounded by august authors and we wish -- you guys are in some sort of contest here. so far we are going to have to give the first two points to judge jeanine and greg jarrett. you are up next, dr. categorically today. when does -- dr. gorka, when does your book come out? >> it comes out in october. i have to give sean spicer, judge jeanine and gregg their space. we have to call this the lou dobbs book hour. lou: you can call it what you
11:48 pm
want so long as you watch it. the president was in great form tonight. he was taking it to the enemy or enemies, if you prefer. i love the fact that this president is saying it straight up. he wants lou barletta in the united states senate. he put it on the line. barletta is 16 points down. this president didn't hesitate to support him in the primaries and keep driving. you know he will be pushing his candidacy throughout. no backup whatsoever in this president. >> when i was in the white house i said he needs to be doing one of these at least once a week. now he's doing them multiple times a week. this is what made him the 45th president of the united states. he was so on board today when he went off the teleprompter. he's so in touch with the audience.
11:49 pm
someone in front of him wasn't feeling well. he said are you okay, get her help be make sure come back in. politics today is about authenticity. you really have -- lou: let me turn to if i may, russia. and the president ordering his national security team led by national security advisor john bolton into the briefing to talk about electoral integrity, securing our elections, and going after if you will the russians. i love that look to see that formidable national security team standing up there reminding every american that this administration means business when it comes to the national security issues. >> can you have a better team? you have got the president of
11:50 pm
the commander-in-chief. john bolton, the national security advisor. jim mattis, the secretary of defense. pompeo at state. it's the best bench you can imagine. but today's rally was important with regard to russia. the president said two things that describes his policy toward moscow. of course, it would be good to have better relations with moscow. but, but vladimir putin can't be happy with the things i have done in the last year and a half. and that's the reality. it's a geostrategic country. at the end of the day, they are trouble. this guy is a former kgb colonel. we are not sending blankets like obama did.
11:51 pm
don't forget the socks. blanket and socked. lou: the idea that he can be compared to his predecessor, he has done in a year and a half more than obama accomplished 8 years and what little he did do was in the wrong direction for the wrong and most of of that this president has taken time to reverse. dr. sebastian gorka, thank you for being with us. president trump angrying radical dems with numbers they have no response to and they can't argue with in any way. president trump: women's unemployment rate, i'm sorry women, it's the lowest in only 65 years.
11:52 pm
not history. sorry. lou: joining us now, gordon chang. author of "the coming chance of china. it's going something of a cliche' to say he's a force of nature. >> he command the world stage. he takes stand and follows through with them. he's actually benefiting the american people and the american economy on protocols and on. steel workers, going back to work. how about apple.
11:53 pm
trillion dollar market cap. he's making progress because his policies are making progress. lou: we have a trillion dollar corporation. but to me it's more powerful to see a president keeping his promises and who promised in the campaign for the office he hold that he'll bring prosperity to all americans. he said that over and over and over into the minority communities he said what have you got to lose. typically the target and the tool of the left. and have been promised so much and delivered so little by the dems. this president almost single handedly turned that around and is delivering. >> we see this on trade with china. for many many decade, americans presidents have had an inadequate response to china's
11:54 pm
stealing of u.s. intellectual property. lou: $600 billion a year of intellectual property being stolen by the chinese. >> and there are other problems with u.s. companies being taken advantage of in china. what we have is president trump going after the chinese on something that is really critical, which is innovation. innovation is the life blood of our economy. we talk about a trillion dollar am. amazon is not far behind. president trump is look down the road saying there are other trillion dollar american companies but they aren't going to get there if china steals their intellectual property. lou: the idea this president is focused on working men and women. this president is committed to the working man and woman.
11:55 pm
the forgotten men and women. he's so committed to the family. what is more fundamental family value than prosperity itself? the opportunity to earn a living wage and provide for your family. and create a sense of independence rather than dependence. this president is doing just that. and in foreign policy it can't be clearer than the issue alluded to, the trade issues. this is a man laughed at because this is a man of original thought. we'll have to put tariffs forward and we'll need to do that because we have to have balanced trade. here we are in july of 2018 and the country is now realizing that my god, we have given up trillions of dollars in economic
11:56 pm
growth because these damn fools who have been leading public policy, the business rounding table, the chamber of commerce, the koch brothers and wall street have stripped us of our birthright, the opportunity to have a job and grow this economy. no one wanted to say before this president that trade deficits cut into your rate of economic growth and significantly. and nobody knew that until president trump was here because no one would listen. -- he alone has the voice that will reach the ears of the american people. and i think that's big trouble for the dems. >> i think he's enabling the american dream by enforcing the tariffs and trying to equalize trade. hes' enabling every one in this country to realize a better life
11:57 pm
and he'll enabling him and his party to be re-elected. his policies to be carried through the next generation. those policies were going to effectively hurt or country over the course of years and years. lou: it's so bad what preceded this administration as the president said tonight at the rally. we'll talk about three predecessors. charles koch of the koch brothers said that tariffs are quote-unquote ridiculous. then to lament their impact on foreign workers rather than discuss the american middle class which was withering under those three presidents and which is now growing once again. and the koch brothers making it impossible for the middle class to grow, if you listen to their policies and follow their
11:58 pm
practices. >> what they don't say is the tariffs are imposed under the trade act of 1974 to stop the taking of intellectual property. and we have an opioid crisis. lou: trump was the first to bring it up on the campaign trail. >> you have the decimation of the u.s. factory sector. i think it's largely, you go through a lot of towns in the united states that have been thrown on their backs because of factories moving elsewhere. clearly that's connected with the opioid crisis. those opioid come from chinese gangs. lou: coming in by deadly doses and brought in through mexico as well just to keep -- make it global with the chinese production and distribution. and of course the mexican cartels delivering death it seems every day.
11:59 pm
we thank you both. rebecca thanks so much. if you like this show, you will love these books. two of our guests tonight. other friend of the broadcast and guests are out with great reads as well. judge jeanine's "liars, leaks, and liberals" currently number one, and gregg jarrett's "the russia hoax" will be number one sunday. and don't forget "why we fight" by sebastian gorda. and sydney powell's "licensed to lie." greg gutfeld, "the gutfeld monologues." it's in bookstores and you can bite if you choose to do so.
12:00 am
but without him here i have to stand in. we recommend it. perhaps not as highly as we would have if he was standing here. good night from new york. >> president trump wrapping up the rally doing what he does best, playing to his face. the crowd loved it. i'm tom schilling and for kennedy. the president spoke in support of pennsylvania up again lou barletta who is running for senate against democrat bob casey. he touted the economy and job creation slam taxes and regulations and attacked the fake news media and even came up with a new nickname for political adversary. >> we are at the white house with the details.


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