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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 7, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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liz: the trump white house set to impose a second set of tariffs on chinese gootds on august 23. that's two weeks away. adam sha shapiro here with "makg money." adam: i'm adam shapiro in for charles payne. it's primary day in five states including ohio. missouri voters are heading to the polls today and they will determine whether unions can require union workers to pay dues in a huge right to work decision. what's at stake here, jeff? reporter: ohio has gone the all the attention. but i think this is one of the more interesting races. this is called the right to work
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or what unions would call a free rider state. essentially you don't have to joint union and pay any dues, even though the unions point out they negotiate contracts and get raises and benefits, but you can free ride. take a look at money that's been spent in missouri. $15 million on the part of labor compared to $3 million on the part of the folks who like the notion of right to work. think of any union you have ever head, the afl-cio to the teamsters, sheet metal workers, they put money into this cause. it might be they are winning the ground war. the right-to-work folks are losing it. but a professor at the university of hour says that is
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an indicator of the uphill fight for supporters but it could effect the number of people who show up. fewer of them are union members compared to a decade ago. we are 9.7% of missouri that's a union member. a decade ago it was 11%. i like it because it's not about personalities. it's about people going to the polls to make policy. if they decide to be right to work at the ballot box, they will. adam: the senate in missouri voted to become a right-to-work state in 2017. if the voters say yes this happens, if they say no it doesn't happen? reporter: correct. they would be the 28th state
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that is a right to work state. this will be a binding referendum. that's kind of neat when people actually get the make policy themselves as opposed to leaving it to the legislators. adam: alexandria ocasio-cortez is holding a women's panel discussion today. she has been making waves since she won her primary back in june. but she now faces a tough battle glowft for progressives, but for the younger voters to hit the polls. joining us, lee carter, and danielle mclaughlin. liberal commentator. i want to start with emily. one of the things that is a draw
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for ocasio-cortez is she is young, and young people, i am saying peeled under 30, seem to be drawn to her regardless much policy. how do you react to that? what is her draw? when you look at the leadership of the democratic and republican parties they are like the crypt keepers. they are old. >> very, very old leadership especially in the democratic party. alexandria ocasio-cortez kind of parallels the appeal bernie sanders has with young people. i think what's lost a lot of times, conservatives like myself fail to probe why there is so much support for these policies among the young generation. how these things have sort of
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shaped and forged anti-establishment sentiments in young people. when you have a person like cortez rsh * or bernie sanders with these pitches, that's where the appeal is. adam: i want to play a sound bite with alexandria ocasio-cortez talking about the issues that seem to be resonating with young people. >> we put things in left right left. but that's not how people really work. i would say that on the left there has been this reluctance to say, don't moralized the issues. and i push back on that. we are in a kind of right and wrong. adam: lee, you understand the polls. you understand how people react to those mess across. is she on target? >> she is have much on target
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with younger people who don't like labels. people don't want to be left or right. they want to be themselves. and they don't want judgment. they want openness. i think the thing she tapped into and it's important we don't just look at her policies. we are looking at the way she is framing her policies. healthcare for everybody it's have much of a -- it's a pro america, pro youth, pro exciting message if you are not getting underneath what the policies are. young people by and large want to hear something optimistic. they say this isn't working the same way republicans said this isn't working and they wanted trump. adam: we see the establishment democrats trying to distance themselves from some of the messages of people who are
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democratic socialists. >> the typical divide is establishment democrats are pragmatists in many ways. they have been by definition in politics a long time. but they are less inclined to make niece promises because they understand this is hillary clinton to a t. she has a promise she can deliver. when you have this on your list and there isn't much to back it up, the establishment is a bit concerned. adam: donald trump is delivering whether you like his policies or not. >> he promised a wall and we haven't seen much movement on that. that's a very good question. it's hard to look at a survey right now, it's not clear who that would be. if joe biden was 10 years younger. adam: emily, how do you get a
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conservative message to people who might be attracted to ocasio-cortez? >> i really like the clip you played of her. she is not right about a lot in my opinion, but she is right that young people, there is this impulse to shirk the left-right divide. to young people who witnessed a lot of institutional failure in their lifetime, or so they see it that way. as a conservative you have to be optimistic. ronald reagan managed to win the youth vote twice. there is a lot people can learn from each other. adam: you make me feel old because i was one of the youths way back. i couldn't even vote. thank you very much. the best to all of you. thanks for joining us. tesla founder noted tweet
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after all, 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom is a stroke. so call today and start with a free health assessment to understand your best plan of action. so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. adam: elon musk stunned investors with a simple tweet. i thought the president was the only one who could shock the world with a tweet. but elon musk pulled one on us. >> he's giving president trump a run on twitter for his flurry of tweets that sent investors on a wild ride after he announced he's considering taking his company private. dropping the bombshell on twitter. the stock closing up 11%.
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tesla explained the ceo's game plan. musk writing an open letter saying investors will have a chase if they go private. they can stail stay and invest in a private tesla or be bought out. he said it would create a special purpose fund enabling everyone to stay with tesla. already do with fidelity's spacex. he made it clear investor invesr support is confirmed. but it's contingent on a shareholder vote. no word on hot mystery funder is they have lined up. but this tweet follows up that saudi arabia has a 5% total
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stake in the company. the tesla founder says he plans to stay in charge of his company even if they go private. he says he's not going to merge spacex and tesla together. he says even if they went private his stake would stay about the same. but how he went about this raised a lost questions and turned heads. questions about whether he should have announced this on twitter. adam: you are not old enough to remember the movie "the exorcist." but that turned a lot of heads. elon musk doesn't like answering to shareholders. is this a business move so he can get on dweeg wants to do? >> there is a little bit of his
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annoyance being a publicly traded company. a few days ago he apologized to analysts for his bad manners on an earnings call. a testy relationship between him and investors. it's a convenient way to get out of this. adam: we have charlie gas a trin oh. charlie: elon musk has been waging a jihad against short sellers as the stock has gone down the last 6 months. this guy has been going off the rails lately. adam with a tweet, did to shorts we wanted to do for a long time. was it legal? could the sec open an investigation to the way he handled it? charlie: the stock was trading
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flat line this morning. there was a report citing sources about saudi doing the 3% to 5% in the company. stock starts trading up. 10-15 minutes later he comes out and says i want to take it private. that to me is so strange in and of itself it leads me to believe the sec will look at the trading and option activity in that period of time. a leaked story citing sources. stock trading up. then all of a sudden the big whammy he wants to go private. a 3% stake in tesla does not equate to taking it private. he said he had the financing secured. it was a weird hedge like i may take it private. i don't know. did you see the official announcement?
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there is a couple things we have to look at here. i think it bears watching how regulators respond. the trading activity in the stock before his announcement and how the first story went out minutes before this thing could leak. the ultimate story on going private looks really weird. i'm sure the sec will look at the stock trading. number two, the disclosure. should he have disclosed it on his twitter page? is that the co-sure? you would think he would have had a filing with the sec. it's such a major corporate move. the third thing you have to look at is what he said in that tweet. does he -- i don't know if he does or doesn't for sure, dose actually have the financing? adam: that's the question. >> how big is the deal?
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i hear it could be $80 billion. they are the shorts, they don't like it. dose have the money? does i actually have the financing? whether he does or doesn't. if he doesn't have it at the time he issued that tweet when he said he had it secured, he's got a regulatory problem. adam: i can see the sec channeling the old ricky ricardo comment, some explaining to do. charlie: they hate this guy, i did that report for you. only for you. adam: it's looking like the could be bellwether for the mid-term elections. how do you win at business?
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adam: democrats hoping and praying for an upset in a special election in a district where republicans have held the district. polls show the democrat danny o'connor is putting up a tough fight against republican, troy balderson. beverly hallberg, let me start with you. you have got a small percentage of the vote in franklin county that will vote democrat. do the numbers add up that the democratic pull this off? >> the reason why this race is so tight to begin with. the reason it's so close is you
6:23 pm
look at the republican candidate. he's not a conservative. he's an individual who wanted to promote expanding obamacare in his state. even the president coming in last minute is more about trying to rescue this. regardless of what the results is, you will see democrats use this as an example of what will happen in the mid terms and the margin is something we'll have to look at as well. adam: democrats have had a lot of close calls. but you have to cross the finish line. despite how tight this is, the numbers are against the democrats. can they snacht defeat out of the jaws of victory? >> this is a must-win. this is a district trump won by 11 points in 2016. he put his name on the line.
6:24 pm
and he came in and did that rally. and this is about setting the tone and perception the next 9 some days. if democrats win, it's a narrative that they can take back the who is. it's an up or down vote on impeachment. if baldersons wills, they need to hit the panic button. they need to be concerned about tonight. even if it's a close race, they need to renew their efforts between now and november 6. republicans have 90 days to react to this. i will be curious to see what happens tonight. the last thing heard of coming out of ohio. an internal poll showed balderson up. but last-minute internal polls
6:25 pm
can be all over the place. adam: is this really a bellwether? >> it could be. it will be motivating whoever comes out in the mid terms. there haven't been as many legislative victories they wanted. but when it comes to tax reform they have to come out strong on that aspect. trying to tie these tax cuts to the reasons why social security and medicare have issues. the narrative they need to put forward will be huge for them come mid-term. adam: you keep talking about the polls show troy is a little bit a head at this point if he does win. how much of that will be attributed to the president? >> i think it would hugely show trump had huge impact with the republican base.
6:26 pm
he's one of the most of republican presidents of all time. him coming up the last minute. i think it's all trump. he has that cloud with the republican base. mid-terms are all about the base vote. and guess hot base loves? they love trump. a lot of people are saying he can't be effective with independents. i think he can be. i think he can be a huge force with independents in the mid-terms. adam: i herd one report on the 230% -- only 30% of the people in the district will show up. >> voter turnout will be huge. they will have to have a massive turnout. i'm not convinced the democrat will win. but the margin will show a huge
6:27 pm
difference in where the republican win was. this campaign needs to be run differently from the beginning including potentially a more conservative candidate. adam: a new war of words between president trump and a leader from the middle east. what they are saying and how it could impact trade when we return. of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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adam: president trump wrote a tweet saying the iran sanctions have been cast. in november they ratchet up to another level. anyone doing business with iran will not be doing business with the united states. i'm asking for world peace, nothing less. this as iran's president raw happy said they cannot enter into an agreement with the yiewments as long as iran is under sanctions. joining me lieutenant colonel james carafano, ban retired gunnery sergeant jess see duff. let me start with you james. i am curious. we see the rhetoric ramping up.
6:32 pm
but i look back at the rhetoric between the president and' kim jong-un. >> it's up to the iranians. this is a replay of the strategy with north korea. they put in place a strategy that protected our vital interests. maximum pressure. conventional deterrents and sanctioning. then the diplomatic door is open. if they want to talk, they can talk. we are seeing the same strategy here. we put in the strategy which protects our interests. the heavy pressure constrains the iranians' ability to stabilize the region. then if they want to come and talk, they come and talk. but it's like we have the safety net before we start the conversation. adam: i think we have a
6:33 pm
statement from daimler. they said they suspended their activities in iran until further notice according to applicable sanctions. we'll continue to closely monitor the political developments especially in connection with the future of the iranian agreement. now companies from europe do not want to threaten their business interests in the united states. so what other option does iran have but to come to the table and talk to us? >> i agree completely. what ambassador bolton said today, he state idea would you want to do business with the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. they are the international bank of terrorist activity. these european companies are being nut a rock and a hard place because the european union is strong arming them request a
6:34 pm
waiver to not do business with iran. the united states said the opposite, you will not do business with iran or you will experience sanctions. these countries are trying to have respect for the european union and respect and regard for the united states. germany makes $3 billion a year from iran. and they have parts from germany on iranian bombs that have blown up in syria. adam: aren't we chasing the iranians into the arms of the russians? >> i don't think so. i think what we are seeing are the europeans and the world wake up to the fact that this president means what he says. if you violate the terms, there are consequences. i think this is part of a broader rebalancing of the approach the president has taken to europe, to the middle east. and i think it's an important signal. i think there is a lot of right in what the president has been doing and saying.
6:35 pm
kind of strange the leader of a theocracy wants to enter into a tweet storm. adam: they are threatening to kill people who protest. how long can the iranian regime sustain itself with these sanctions being rammed up and a long-time investment. >> they have survived the iran-iraq war. it has across strong control of the country. people will be miserable, but they can ride it out. my guess is, if we look at iranian past behavior. when they get under pressure, they get more conservative and pull their claws in. my guess is they will try to wait trump out. >> would they lash out and try to close the strait of hormuz. >> i think it's the people of
6:36 pm
iran standing up to his regime. they used to say death to america, now they are saying death to dictators. these sanctions are suffocating them. they no longer have food, and they spent all the money they had made. adam: steven, i apologize but we have run out of time. thank you for being here to discuss this. coming up, some questions and answers about facebook. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. where life meets legal. gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history.
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adam: facebook told fox business the "wall street journal" incorrectly implied they are asking financial services companies for suffer services. but any way you lights,
6:40 pm
facebook's responsibility when it comes to handling your data has raised alarms. here to discuss, a tech analyst, along with a social media expert. do we believe facebook when they say there is nothing here. don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. or the woman i in this case. >> i think facebook has good intentions and it's awful timing for this news to come out. they have good intentions, they are trying to get more people on messenger. they are trying to be more stren for people to access bank information. i think it is -- i don't think there is malintent, but it's not good timing for the company.
6:41 pm
>> the news keeps getting worse and worse by the day with facebook and propaganda machine around it. but at the end of the day if facebook wants to remain competitive, they need to have your financial data and information. i paid numerous vendors for facebook messenger. adam: our financial data is sold, traded and out there, the credit bureaus, every time i use a credit card they know what we are buying. how is this different? >> it's not different at all. if you want technology you have to be willing to give up your privacy. and to think anything other than that is a fallacy. >> all i was going to say is there is a trade-off of personalization for convenience
6:42 pm
and that will be the future. adam: i want to talk about something that was in an op-ed today. alex jones. a lot of people i think, i know the tweets are going come. but look not a man of integrity. but banning him from facebook has riled some feathers'. in this op-ed, the good thing is tech companies don't have to deal with hate speech, but it would be better to use libel or slander. good riddance to alex jones or is there something else at play? >> facebook is a place where you have freedom of expression on
6:43 pm
facebook. it's not a free speech protected space. what you are seeing here is the line between misinformation and shade speech. i actually disagree. i think it's easier to draw a line around hateful speech and violent rhetoric than it is to talk about libel. adam: why doesn't somebody have a free-for-all social media. no restrictions whatsoever? >> if you look at facts of the situation. you have silicon valley is largely liberal. it is not politically diverse. when you couple that with journalism, with we have a problem. social media companies are taking the place of real journalists. who is determining what is real news? >> they are not taking the place. they just retweet or repost what we write. if this is the problem.
6:44 pm
launch conservative facebook. >> if there was conservative facebook. >> this ole alex jones situation is a nightmare, and the beginning of what could be mass censorship. adam: shawna, is it mass censorship? there is no right to be on facebook. >> no one would go there if it was a free-for-all place. people don't want to necessarily be strurnlded by hateful speech all the time. facebook and twitter faced criticism for violent video and violent content. they are taking measures to stop that because they don't want to lose users. >> the problem is who is determining what hate speech is. that's the issue. if that many the case, why do
6:45 pm
you have the "national enquirer" on facebook. adam: don't ban the shark and the cat on the vacuum. i appreciate you being here. if the koch brothers are watching, launch the conservative social media. new york city could be the first major city in the united states to put limits on the number of rideshare vehicles allowed to operate in the city. how do you feel about that? and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo.
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adam: tomorrow the new york city council will vote on whether to limit the number of uber and
6:49 pm
lyft drivers. just for the sake of truth and honestly and disclosure. i filled out one of these uber-lyft notes sending to city council on whether you agree or disagree with it. i disagree with it because i think it jeopardizes people in the outer bu -- theouter boroug. >> welcome to the free market. there is a lot of demand. especially with new york city's subway system being a disaster. last year we suffered through the summer of hell. we have seen water pouring down the stairs. this is the one reliable form of
6:50 pm
transportation. and i think it' outrageous. adam: lee, you speak to people. you hear what everyone is talking about. >> i think it am hard argument to make that we don't have a congestion problem in new york city. you have 80,000 app driven cars on the road versus 12,500 three years ago. the roads can't support it. the infrastructure can't support it. the salaries aren't paying for themselves. this is coming from someone who doesn't have uber apps under travel, it's under utility. adam: isn't there a better way to deal with this? i have friend who are journalists who had their wages pushed down and
6:51 pm
city council looking at one group, 13,000 taxi drivers who want an effective monopoly. we are going to wait a year, but they already studied. >> it wasn't the taxi drivers, it was the few group of people who owned the medallions they paid a few million dollars for and they crashed in value.
6:52 pm
they said we have to raise the wages for these people. but you said the market is pushing count wages. if people can't make a living doing this, they won't do it. >> that's right. i know a lot of people who used to drive for uber. my brother used to. he's now figured out another way to drive. i think a lot of new yorkers and a lot of folks i talked about with this issue they think it many a good idea to get more cars off the road so you can get where you need to when you need to. >> we are not banning uber and lyft. we are saying let's not give more than 80,000. >> it will make it more expensive. and it's taking await on reliable form of transportation.
6:53 pm
adam if you come to new york and you are on the subway system. there are drops of liquid, no one knows what it is. it's raining down. >> let's focus on infrastructure in new york. let's make that a priority. adam: we spent so much to build the subway system. thanthank you so much for being here. a rowdy crowd confronts two conservatives in philadelphia. that dramatic video is coming up next. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too.
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adam: can kas oocandace owens ai hurt ran -- chanting and throwing eggs and water as they left the restaurant. now after the incident, candace
6:57 pm
tweeted, chairry kurt and i got aiattacked. they're following us to philly. all black hispanic police force protecting us. can't say the f word on tv. with me to discuss this, donna louden and back with us danielle mclaughlin. i can't imagine anyone liberal, democrat, republican, this kind of behavior is re reprehensible. >> yeah. i feel bad for those who advocated to be the city of brotherly love. this doesn't look like that to me. i'm thinking of people in ohio who are voting today and around the country and i bonder if they were watching this massive hypocrisy was happening. if this situation were reversed and this was a black democrat and a young friend of hearse, they would be pressing charges for a hate crime.
6:58 pm
and we all know that. so why just because candace is a conservative is there no responsibility here. adam: i know you're opposed to these kinds of actions but you hear maxine waters saying -- these are not elected officials. i believe she's saying it's okay to protest elected officials. but doesn't that message to the democratic base, incite this behavior? >> i don't want to get political about this. but i see this behavior on both sides of the aisle. and my message is clean it up, people. >> where? when? when, danielle? i've never seen this behavior out of conservatives, not ever. >> president trump at a rally knocked the crap out of protesters. i don't want to go there. this is about speaking outer minds, finding ways to debate one another in a civil way. i wish we could go back there. and i hope that we can.
6:59 pm
and i think that by modeling behavior that says, i don't agree with your ideas but i'm going to listen to them and have a productive debate with you is a way to move tbhard as a country. this is across the board pointless. adam: there's a discussion that this kind of behavior works against them. >> that's my thought. i hope that the people who voted today were watching this. and i think honestly this is why the president's numbers are increasing, his popularity is so much higher than obama's, his popularity with minorities has more than doubled since the election. people are watching this going, you know what? i don't identify with that. whatever that is, that's not what i am and i don't ever want to be. they're voting for the president. adam: 15 seconds to wrap this up. is this going to work against the democrats or will this will tampered down? >> i think it's going to work on both sides. the message has to be clean it up, let's have a conversation and stop the violence and
7:00 pm
rhetoric. adam: i suspect we'll be talking about these kinds of issues as we go forward because i don't think they're going away anytime soon pu by am because lou dobbs is next here on the fox business network. lou: good evening, our top stories, paul manafort's defense attorneys attacking to mueller team's star witness, who once was manafort's principle partner and associate. resting on the words of rick gates, an admitted criminal and liar. none of the manafort courtroom drama has anything to do with russian collusion and the trump campaign. judge jeanine pirro is here tonight to discuss the latest. also tonight, voters casting ballots in primary elections in five states.


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