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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 14, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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again.thank you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. good night from new york. >> welcome to it. the fbi has finally agreed anti- trump peter strzok is gone. the present seems to think so earlier today we learned that they sent him packing on friday. as you recall, he is the guy who sent text messages to his fbi lever lisa paige. he slammed the president that he was going to stop her from getting elected. he testified last one. lawmakers hammered him on his antitrust bias. remember this? >> what you are speaking on behalf of the american people
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is that correct? >> i don't recall writing that text. but i deny writing the text. i can tell you that text in no way, suggested that i wear the fbi would take any action to influence the -- >> is a fantastic answer to a question nobody asked. lisa: you go! today the president tweeted what agent peter strzok was just fired from the fbi finally. a list of bad players in the fbi and doj gets longer and longer based on the fact that peter strzok was in charge of the witchhunt, will it be dropped? is it a total hoax? no collusion, no obstruction i just fight back. analysts say it's unlikely the firing will and their mueller probe. and his lawyer says it was politically motivated. is it the end of the story? or is another chapter about to start? i have former campaign communications advisor, michael caputo to answer questions. welcome to the show, sir. >> hi kennedy. thank you for inviting me.
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lisa: you say peter strzok firing only goes and a half step. why do you say that? >> i think after what we seen with peter strzok, even the inspector general said contrary to what tape they played at the hearing, the inspector general ruled that he was you know, he thought peter strzok was inclined to take action to stop donald trump for being president. they did not fire him after determining that. i don't know why. thank god they fired him today. i think it's a great day for america. i also think it's a great day for the fbi. i mean here we have james comey fire, mccabe now peter strzok. and of course, his lover, lisa paige fired. it's a pretty good house cleaning over there. maybe more needs to be done but i know rank and file ages in the fbi have been looking forward to this day for quite some time. a lot of them have been embarrassed about the political leadership they have had to endure for a little while and peter strzok is -- also think kennedy, he has done some
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things wrong. i think his name is under a lot of that black ink from the redacted department of justice document. i think he needs to be investigated. i think you need to be prosecuted. i think he needs to be tried. if he isfound guilty a thinking easy he needs to be put in jail. lisa: do think there other people might have had as much of a hand and not only the hillary clinton email server investigation but also the transition to the trump /russia collision investigation? are there others out there we do not know about yet? >> i think so. i think a lot of it is under the black ink. for example, i don't know anybody in the media is not asking the question but we do not know how that russian attorney got a visa to get into the united states to attend the june 7 in 2016 trump tower meeting. lisa: use of the fbi granted her an informative visa waiver.
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>> i think she got a visa from peter strzok. an informative visa. lisa: okay so, you do not know that she got informative visa. you think that. we do not know some of the information as you say because of the reduction but what leads you to believe not only that she did get that visa but peter strzok 's name was on that? >> i believe that they were utilizing informative visa as public benefit waivers. but they are used by informants. most of the people i know in law enforcement call them i'm sorry informative visas. the fbi informant that approached me at the end of may and 2016 was here in the country for 17 years on a variety of visas. at the bottom of the memo there is a control officer, typically from the doj or the fbi. i think congress should be asking for that memo. the i.c.e. memo, they requested her is a very simple question. one that could be looked at in a classified arena and i think
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we will find out that peter strzok is in there somewhere. >> this peter strzok 's firing have any correlation or implication on the mueller campaign? or the mueller investigation? >> well, you know if you pay attention i guess close to this, i guess robert mueller was one that fired him in the first place from his own investigation. i think he was glad to be done with them. i think this was the eventual, it was going to happen eventually and he was going to get fired completely. you know, i think, kennedy, now that the fbi has thrown peter strzok under the bus we should scrape him up off of the road and investigate him. lisa: barely, you're not happy with peter strzok. which i understand! >> i think he should go to jeff what he's done to a lot of families. lisa: explained that. you are accused essentially of
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having ties to russia and being part of the trump campaign. what did peter strzok do to ruin your life? >> i believe that he sent a fbi informant, a russian criminal, to mean the end of may. i tried to represent to the mueller investigation. it was very clear they already knew everything about this guy. i believe they were sending informants into a lot of people. not just papadopoulos and carter page. but more people. that is not how the fbi works. they do not just send informants. lisa: were they on a fishing expedition? okay so, which was the cart and which was the horse? did they sent people on an expedition? >> what they are saying out of the doj is that the full investigation started at the end of july. i believe that's true. but in fbi -- a full investigation, there is a parliamentary investigation. i believe that was going on although at the beginning of may. maybe even april. and you can do everything that you can do a full
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investigation.lisa: you can also -- >> like a preliminary investigation including sending informants into the campaign. lisa: if you are the fbi you can do all of that without a warrant. if you just have a suspicion that there is an issue of national security. it is pretty frightening stuff the more you look into it. obviously, you want there to be a much deeper look. thank you so much. >> thank you, kennedy.lisa: rudy giuliani says going to be a big week in the mueller investigation. limning the special counsel 's decision about an interview with the president is happening soon. take a listen. >> i think he will give us a decision this week on our counterproposal. we are coming down to his looking really bad into it interfering with the election. at the gas to get over with by the beginning early september. lisa: so who's timeline is this? rudy giuliani told fox this morning they have nothing on the president. the president is quote - an honest man. but will they accept his new
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ultimatum? i may bring the former cia officer, and host of the buck sexton show. >> hello. lisa: you are not bleeding into the midterms to get this done by september 1. do you think this goes with special counsel? >> no but i think rudy giuliani realizes there is a political pressure that can be brought to bear here. almost a very politicized investigation already. it would be quite a bit of irony, kennedy, if in fact after all we've seen about russia meddling and collision allegations, for the 2016 election, that now we have yet another person under the offices of department of justice who may in fact be having a massive impact on the midterm election. depending on his time here and when they drop the report and what is in the report. robert mueller may be playing
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quite a large role, in fact and what happens. i think rudy giuliani understands that and noses is leverage he can use to push back on this. don't think robert mueller will accept the limitations on the interview? i do not think he will. then it turns into, is he going to subpoena the president? i think he will have to back down on this one and release his report.then the question comes, when does the report come out? lisa: and what does it say and how damning can you be for the president if he does not sit for it? rudy says that even if it is a negative report, they can handle it because the white house, with eight of congress will put out their own canter report. do you buy that? >> yeah! i think they'll be able to weather the storm pretty easily. a lot of people have lost confidence in robert mueller is probe at this point in time. you've seen the polish of the american people feel like this is political. yet these dueling narratives now. on one hand there are these individuals that will get lined up and democrats, including quote - neutral anchors. we will retweet this where they
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say look at all the people that have been prosecuted and in some cases pleaded guilty. during the mueller probe. on the other side and i have all of these fbi officials getting fired, who are losing their pensions. some of whom themselves may face criminal prosecution. the mueller probe has been tainted, there's no question about that. the basis for the probe i think is up for not just discussion but at this point, a lot of people looking at it with it never should have happened in the first place. this is all factoring into how it goes. people can make of the report what they may. if there's no referral about criminal charges against the president of the united states or top advisors, thewhole thing ends . lisa: so, peter strzok. if he had not insert himself in the way he did, is the bridge between two investigations and helps withhold certain information and push another narrative, would we have this special counsel? in other words, what is the direct link between peter strzok and robert mueller 's
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investigation? >> no, i think anybody who is looking honestly at what has come out of the text messages, i know we have all these congressional hearings. there's been documentation out about peter strzok specifically and what he was saying and what his thoughts were at the time. this all goes to mindset. if this were a criminal trial real look at this and say this goes to motive. he is an individual that clearly hated donald trump. who happened to be -- how many people, kennedy, would be in a position to perhaps, derail a trump election where then stop a trump presidency? you can count them on one hand. he happened to be one of those people. lisa: he was one of the fingers. how many fingers have been chopped off? >> a lot have already decided or were ousted because hillary lost. right? i think people look more into brennan's background, clappers background, we've learned a lot about james comey obviously but if you look at some of the other senior figures. sally yates, acting attorney general got fired as well, by the way. i think when you look more into
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bruce ohr he was i think number four, at the doj. lisa: congress will be looking into some of his statements and texts and emails. not only to his wife but potentially to peter strzok. and he may be the missing link between the department of justice and peter strzok. buck, come back and see me soon because there's so much more to get to. >> we didn't even talk omarosa today! i am heartbroken. lisa: your name does not rhyme with -- >> i love that guy! he is the best. lisa: thanks so much. >> good to see you. lisa: president trump may never sit down with robert mueller. and we do not expect him to sit down with omarosa either. the president took to twitter today to call the former white house aide, wacky, vicious and not smart. after she released a secret recording of the president reacting to her firing. >> omarosa, what's going on?
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i saw on the news you're thinking about leaving. what happened? >> general kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave. >> no, nobody even told me about it. you know they wrote a big operation but i did not know it. i did not know that. dammit. i don't love you leaving at all. [laughter] lisa: i don't love you leaving at all! such a good line. i am writing that one down. this is the second tape released so far for the first featured chief of staff, john kelly firing her in the situation room where cell phones oddly enough are not permitted. abcnews reporting the white house is looking into legal options to prevent her from releasing more tapes. and if she headed to the big house? or the bestseller list? or potentially both? join another former deputy assistant to president trump and fox news national security strategist, doctor sebastian, also, the author of the
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forthcoming book, why we fight recovering americans will to win. welcome back!>> thank you, so much, kennedy. but this is not a kiss and tell. it is not built on a tissue of lies like omarosa 's book. lisa: but no surprise. come on!we all knew what we were getting into. she is not doctor omarosa. she does not have an area of expertise she is not a foreign policy maven! she is a narcissist who wants to make herself as famous as you possibly can. so she can make money for doing nothing. >> yes, that is a pretty good summation of this sleaze ball, omarosa. the fact is, she promised the president that she would be key to his outreach from the white house. reaching out to the african-american community and others. and i think she was asked to leave for good reasons because she did absolutely was so straightlaced to bump into her regularly in the west
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wing. lisa: we have yet to get on the screen. can you see that? >> i am glad i can't see it! she is a strange individual. when i saw her it was instantly like a reality t.v. show. kennedy, she always said the same thing. and she screamed at the top of her lungs. she would say, what an accent, what a brain! and she said every time she saw me. it was the strangest experience. but if she actually recorded these conversations, in the situation room, which is a secure, secure as part of the white house, she has committed a crime and she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. lisa: of the ascus, are there other people in the white house in the currently or recently departed who have also made secret recordings of the president or others within the administration? >> ideally, i hope there aren't peer because as long as general kelly is in the building, they
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will not fear well. even after they leave, as you can hear from the reports coming out of the white house today, it does not mean there will be no consequences. omarosa, like myself, we are what are called politically commissioned officers of the president. that is a relationship of the utmost trust. and the idea that you're walking around, surreptitiously, recording the conversations you have with the most powerful man in the world or his staff, it is reprehensible, kennedy. look, i know she wants to have a successful book. but this is utterly immoral. lisa: i understand that but it is also utterly underwhelming and unsurprising. when you listen to the recordings of general kelly and the president, neither of them come off badly. they all come off like, kind of exactly how you fire someone. who is, for a lack of a better word, unhinged! >> absolutely! the title of her book could not
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be more paradoxical, really or ironic. you're actually right, they come off excellent. this is like the other snake merchant book, michael wolff. remember, it was going to change the world. "fire and fury". it fizzled out like a damp squid. no one talks about michael wolff. again he is irrelevant. omarosa is following in the footsteps of michael wolff. lisa: is interesting because as of these people go after the president so aggressively, whether it is michael moore omarosa, they all have the same effect in that they generate the kind of excitement and chaos that the president feeds off of. and it only ends up serving his -- how can people have not figured a better way to counteract the president?
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>> you are so spot on! what people do not understand. at least on the left, in america when it comes to the president, is he relishes conflict. he relishes this kind of you know, give and take, push and shove and who comes out always winning? it is donald trump. you do not go up against donald trump, especially if you're building a fortress on a tissue of lies. you're absolutely right. lisa: gorka! what an accent, what a brain! thank you so much for your time. >> don't you start! lisa: it is like pringles, i can't stop! thanks again! >> thanks. lisa: what is omarosa 's endgame. will get the take on the fiasco plus a new poll shows democrats really, really love socialism! but if it's true why do progressives keep losing at the polls? another paradox to unwrap! it is coming up. stay right here. my father passed this truck down to me,
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12:23 am
former boss who tweeted i noticed a presidential to take on a lowlife like omarosa, while i would rather not be doing so, this is a modern-day form of communication and i know the media will be working overtime to make even wacky omarosa look legitimate as possible. sorry! despite that from the present and those that contradict the claim, omarosa extended by story. why is she doing this in the first place? let's go to the panel. tonight reporter at the federalist, also a former d&c chair candidate and fox news political analyst and a republican poster. and president -- lee carter back in action. welcome back everyone! >> glad to be here. >> let's talk a little bit about you actually knew her in the clinton white house. >> i did. i do not know this omarosa. lisa: what about the omarosa from the apprentice?
12:24 am
because that is where she wrote this being very cunning and backstabbing, unapologetically villainous. and you know, really made her way to the president. >> it was her brilliance.she benefited from it and america suffered because of it. there is so much conversation about omarosa today. i think the real conversation needs to be about what about hiring the best people? the president said he hired the best people. lisa: did he think he hired the best person when he hired her? >> he hires about 4000 people. lisa: so is not his responsibility here. >> a doolittle quick math kennedy. i think he has something like 2000 wax jobs working for him. his judgment, whether it is michael flynn, anthony scaramucci, omarosa, the list goes on and on. this is not the first situation where people have been unhinged. lisa: the president was unhinged to hire omarosa. but it was fine for president clinton because? >> she particularly i think was
12:25 am
not unhinged back then. this is a different omarosa. this is a long list, i think we all agree he does not have a good track record and this is the first person who is a appointed the next supreme justice trying to take away women's right. lisa: i forgot this is about omarosa. what is your take on this? >> my take on omarosa, it will help the present. i think that's what she does not want to have happen and i think it will because she does not have credibility. when you look at the nec a person who really does not like the president as we all know, he goes out there and says, i never said that. it was unverified, it is not credible.michael cohen said that. i never said that either! they are saying is not possible. even if there is truth in any account people say, i'm not so sure this is who you are talking about.
12:26 am
i disagree with it. now people have a reason to dismiss the charges. i think it really helps president trump. >> i think in the end it absolutely could but you look at this person and every administration from this point on, have to look in omarosa and think we want to avoid what they call a dumpster fire. instead of hiring someone like that, look at their firing might look like in the future. >> is clear to the disgruntled former employee with an ax to grind a pile of books to sell. that the addenda should bring you forward. throughout the book and i take issue with a lot of the media outlets that are just playing the audio that she has been leveraging in order to get news coverage and interviews. unfiltered nbc this morning just played this audio clip that she had with president trump and at the end they were like, we don't know what was said before or after this. like, how convenient for you. i think it is convenient. lisa: it's like michael cohen.
12:27 am
>> a thing is clear at this point media coverage is not about honesty, or transparency, accuracy. it is a thin veneer of objectivity plastered over this very bias perception that the media has. lisa: i think the most important thing you can take away is the president has a questionable hires.therefore, abortion is going to be illegal. it is a direct correlation. >> thank goodness the panel -- what about neil gorsuch or nikki haley? >> i like nikki haley. >> but she is -- >> i did some math and i think it's about 2000. >> but i thought the present was in the charge of hiring all of these people! >> according to omarosa he's not in charge of anything.>> i believe about nothing she says right now. according to a new poll, democrats really are embracing socialism. but don't worry, those of you that love freedom and prosperity, capitalism is still
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expanding and we are close to full employment. people's 401(k)s are making money! capitalism is the best, right? obviously but according to a new poll, the very left have a
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more favorable opinion of socialism. then capitalism. among democrats, 57 percent positive view socialism while only 40 7c capitalism in a glowing light. first let me say this. if you want government to have control over your means of production, finances reproduction, healthcare and what and who you put in your body, by all means, hand your assets over to uncle sam. if you want your wealth redistributed and are are not competent to donate to charity send it to the irs! they will catch it with a smile. whenever people crush on communism, they think they are talking about some hot scandinavian fantasyland but even the prime minister of denmark, said, i would like to make one thing clear, denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. denmark is a market economy. well that puts a whole and not
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danish! between 1990 and 2010, and a 20 year period alone, thanks to capitalism, a billion people were lifted out of extreme poverty. bottom line, when economy grows people live. the failure to pass an alternative to obamacare is driving this and the healthcare uncertainty in the country brought on by democrats and exacerbated by republicans, is the only thing leading otherwise rational freedom lovers into the arms of that communist cult leader, bernie sanders. i would say go ahead and indulge her immature little experiment. if the laboratory did not breed such awful consequences. in free market economies people thrive with real socialism people really die! 100 million victims of socialism in the 20th century. ask how they fared under stali . you can't! because they are really dead. and that is it.
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bernie sanders brought socialism into the national stage. and the spotlight in 2016. alexandria ocasio-cortez has become the young face of the movement after defeating the incumbent congressman, joe crowley last month.why are americans forgetting how badly socialism has fared over the years? turning out to answer just that, host of the next revolution on the fox news channel, steve hilton. welcome back, sir! >> it is great to be with you. twice in one day! here we are again. it is a dream day! kennedy: amen. for you and i both. let's wake people up from the nightmare. that somehow socialism is going to save humanity. >> there's one thing i just wanted to amplify and what you just said which was so great. he really reminded me of a story that margaret thatcher, when she was premised in the uk she was cutting taxes and unleashing enterprise as a result of it. it's the same old criticism
12:35 am
gets a which is, it is unfair, it helps the rich and so on. she used to tell stories of rich people come up to her and say, it's really unfair what you are doing.i'm very wealthy, i'm very happy to pay more taxes. she would say, that's great! you know the address of the treasury. send them a check, they will gladly receive it. she literally used to say that to people. i think the reason why you've got this lack of faith in the capitalist system, frankly, this is something sobering for those of us that when you look at the performance of what goes for capitalism these days, you look at what's happened over the last few decades, really, it certainly worked brilliantly as you said for people around the world. globalization and free markets have lifted people out of poverty like nothing else has in history. for people here, the truth is -- look at the data half of all american households the income went down in the years between 2000 and 2016. what they see these days when they look at capitalism is that
12:36 am
they do work, the rich get richer and in terms of the great recession, people who crash economy actually end up instead of going to jail for their crimes, they end up getting more bonuses and so -- kennedy: i want to pick up on that point. because you have a valid point about decreasing wages. and the uncertainty in healthcare. as far as big banks and those amid other people suffer were not held accountable. you can thank dad frank for that. and you can think the notion that these banks, these institutions were too big to fail. therefore, government has been propping them up. that in and of itself is a failure. the answer to government failure shouldn't be more government. >> i completely agree! when you look at all of these things, whether it is the attitude to the banks or especially income, you can trace a lot of that back to the fact that capitalism we have is not competitive enough. the real life force of true
12:37 am
capitalism is competition. markets. where there is lots of competition. you have not seen that.what that means is when there's not enough competition means there is not enough competition for workers paid that's why wages can stay flat. because you do not have enough choice.the same with the banks. you allow them to get too big and not face enough competition. you have to deal with this in a heavy-handed government way. i think a lot of it is to actually, if you had more capitalism in the form of better and tougher competition. kennedy: i agree with you and i love what you're saying. especially about the interception which is why people have to buy your book. positive populism. last point, the democratic socialism in america have had 700 percent increase in paying members in the last two years. they are so good at marketing they should be put in charge of the anti-gonorrhea campaign. your thoughts? >> that's exactly right! [laughter] it is branding and marketing and so on.
12:38 am
i don't think they really understand who is flocking to support them. exactly what the policies are. or the crucial fact that you pointed out, that the exact policies have failed, often disastrously where they have been tried. the man not been tried in america so they have something on the doorstep to compare it to. we look around the world. kennedy: it is horrific! you are fantastic, stephen hilton, thank you very much! >> see you soon. kennedy: the president expressing his support for a boycott of harley-davidson motorcycles after they announced their moving production overseas. at the end, we are joined with details, edward, are you writing this all the way to the sky or what? >> shares of harley-davidson split today after the president announces support for the boycott of the company. over the weekend the president held a bikers for trump event at his golf course. it was well attended and
12:39 am
boisterous. the president then tweeted about harley-davidson 's decision to move some production overseas to avoid retaliation terrace. the president saying that many harley-davidson owners plan to boycott the company if manufacturing moves overseas. great! most of the companies are coming in our direction. including the harley-davidson competitors. a really bad mood. u.s. will soon have a level playing field or better. the president has had harley-davidson in his sight ever since the company announced the plans. last month this is what he told mornings with maria. >> i think that harley is an american bike, and american motorcycle. they should build them in the country. they should not -- >> and the governor of wisconsin issued a statement today saying that he also by the way, faces a tough bid in november. his statement says he did not mention the boycott by name but said, i want harley-davidson to prosper here in the state of wisconsin. and the best ways for that to happen is to do what the president has called for. that is to get rid and have no terrace. harley-davidson says he expects retaliation terrace to cost the
12:40 am
company $100 million annually. a spokesman had no comment about the boycott. kennedy? kennedy: boycott, indeed! wow! edward lawrence holding it down for us in dc. thank you so much. >> thank you kennedy. kennedy: nobody like nancy pelosi! a new report says they want her out. wait and see her why. it is so amazing. the panel returns with more the fact is, there are over ninety-six hundred roads named "park" in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? kennedy: welcome back!
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is a blue wave coming in november?no one really knows. the tide does appear to be turning against house minority leader, nancy pelosi. he or she is responding to an nbc report that claims more than 50 democratic candidates and incumbents they do not want her as speaker. watch. >> let me just say this and i know nbc has been on this is one of their priorities to undermine my prospect as speaker. but putting that aside, i have not asked one person for a vote. i have not asked a candidate or an incumbent for a vote. it's important to know better than anybody how important it is for us to win this election because i see up close and personal with republicans and this president are doing.
12:45 am
kennedy: most of the democrats oppose nancy pelosi are running in red district with a california democrat is despised. is the media out to get her? our panelist is back, jehmu greene, bre payton and lee carter. lee, what does your polling tell you about nancy pelosi and the pickle she is in? >> nancy pelosi is the party of the past not of the future. when you saw candidates in pennsylvania and other places distancing themselves -- kennedy: even oconnor. >> is a lot of popularity around the idea we need a new party. a lot of it we are seeing is not about a red wave or blue wave. it is not antiestablishment. a lot of people want to be totally new. that's what we are seeing talk shows him to be popular. candidates that are nontraditional being so popular. people want change no matter what side of the aisle. they are tired of the way things are done. i think it's really important that they get that message and the other thing about nancy pelosi, it really sounded an awful lot like donald trump 's
12:46 am
message of fake news. kennedy: is a kernel of truth to this? is she on to something that they are establishment forces within the media who want to dispose of her so they can bring in someone new? >> surprise, surprise! the media wants is not drama in the race for leadership. kennedy: or trying to find -- >> i see the interview and i am like a looks like she might have gone to the beach and she's trying to get her groove back. this is a good thing for democrats. we don't walk in the same way that devin nunes look, the other day talking about how he had to divert the law to support the president. there is no one in the republican party willing to challenge him. that's a good thing to have democrats challenging the leadership. and she is welcoming it and she is saying when -- [multiple speakers] kennedy: anyone that opposes
12:47 am
her is going to see revenge. >> and what man has not done that in the speakers position before? there is a double standard when it comes to a nancy pelosi. on the show i have said this and that she is not the future. i think we need some planning. but i am not going to fall into that trap with a different standard be held for this woman than for other speakers who happen to be -- kennedy: than they have all been held to the same standard. >> i think it's interesting in red district that there's been a campaign against not just nancy pelosi but also chuck schumer. there very much is a referendum against democrats. it is not just because specifically the fact that they are female. i do think going forward that the republicans asked strategy in order to win in red district is to say, here's all the crazy leaders of the democrats, they want to do all of these things, you know it's not going to work for you. kennedy: they are going to use your money to fund it. it is woman day here on
12:48 am
kennedy! tropical storm is next. tropical storm is next. please stay right here. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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all around louisiana... you're a nincompoop! (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one. so you won't miss a purchase large, small, or very large. technology this helpful...could make history. what's in your wallet? kennedy: some shocking news out
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of the nfl. the new york jets got into a walled brawl with the
12:52 am
washington redskins during today's joint practice. the news completely blindsided jets fans had no idea that there was practice! that's a first. and then -- storm topic number one. begin tonight on california highway 580 where the cops pulled over a guy who is really flying. look at this. this single engine cessna became a zero engine cessna. late saturday afternoon so the pilot had no choice but to land on the highway. witnesses were shocked at the same time it was nice to see harrison ford again! just kidding! the good news is the couple survived the injury. the bad news, the pilot got a ticket for failing to signal changing lanes. let's hope his lawyer is better than his flight instructor. and they arrested a guy this weekend who was really slow. the 17-year-old allegedly stole a scooter. from a local walmart and led
12:53 am
police on a chase that only o.j. simpson could love. unfortunately for the teenager, the surveillance video fit so they were probably not acquit. one longtime walmart employee said it was something he'd never seen before. like a skinny person and i have to. he was charged with grand larceny. the judge set bail at five grand beacon get up for 4500 if he swipes his walmart card. that's a bargain! topic number three.let's head down to -- stay with me, florida! way football player was flagged for roughing -- come on! that is a legal to the face. they became instagram sensations for the love of football and now more popular now than ever. because unlike the human
12:54 am
counterparts these two always stand for the national anthem. the internet does not believe doggy football is a real thing. with one internet commenter saying it was a completely made up story. if that's the case, it is nice to see someone making up stories about omarosa. although, her and peter strzok will be great on dancing with the stars! that will be a love triangle. topic number four. everybody is busy on their wedding day. we all know that. a new jersey bride was absolutely swamped! they say it is good luck rather if it rains on your wedding. but i'm not sure what they say about a biblical flood. regardless, this is not what she meant when she asked her fiancc to take her on a cruise. luckily, a cop was able to pull her to safety and as difficult as it looked, it was nothing compared to her maid of honor. the moral of the story is never get married on a floating
12:55 am
holiday. we are happy to report the ceremony went off without a hitch! the happy couple is now on the road to their honeymoon. no! i told you not to fly southwest! they must have thrown rice into one of the engines.where is sully when you need him? topic number five. finally, this week's winner knows for a fact that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the street. you heard me! these two yahoos were driving a tractor-trailer full of what they claimed was lettuce. but indiana police found 260 pounds of marijuana inside! yes! we have all been hungry after eating salad but for some reason, everyone who ate their lettuce was absolutely starving afterwards! it could have been worse
12:56 am
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