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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  August 6, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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the president's plans today. tomorrow victoria toensing, joe digenova and gordon chang among our guests. we hope you join us as well. good night from new york. [♪] trish: as we continue to digest the tragedies in el paso and dayton we have evidence that some politicians are using this tragedy to line their pockets for 2020. the cost of competition from 2020 dems to out fre freebie one another is bribery for votes. one social hid d one social medt
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employee says it's trying to do whatever they can to prevent donald trump from winning in 2020. >> google executives literally tried that trump won. they wranlt to use the power and resources they have to control the flow of information to the public and make sure trump loses in 2020. trish: find out what happened when the cabin in a british airways plane filled with smoke. we have learned that just hours after two mass shootings that left 31 people dead over the weekend, the democratic party sought to fundraise after the bloodshed. the emails to supporters signed
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by former congresswoman gabby gifford who survived an assassination attempt. the email encourages donors to slate their donations between giffords' group and the dnc itself. the democratic party itself. you couple that will another one. you have far left senator elizabeth warren who is fundraising pitch saying she has been heartbroken by the el paso and dayton events. yet then goes on to say it's clear republicans don't have the courage to do something about this crisis. will you chip in today to help democrats flip the senate? that money she he will go to democratic senate nominees. is it really right in the moments after a tragedy like
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this where families are mourning the loss of those that they loved so dearly, is it right to be out there fundraising? i mean moral, right? joining me, turning point u.s.a. fundraiser charlie kirk and deneen borelli. i think it's -- it's reprehensible. i think it's irresponsible. i think it's unfortunately pretty systematic of the times we are in right now, given divides, given division that we are seeing between the left and the right. your reaction. >> it's repugnant. the democrats are doing everything they can to not just try to ray money off of this. but they are trying to raise political power and political capital off of this. moments that shouldn't be
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politicized. elizabeth warren is trying to get financial advantage off this which is so disgusting. but the step before that is trying to blame the president of the united states for these attacks. i personally do not blame senator elizabeth warren for the fact the shooter in dayton, ohio was an avid elizabeth warren fan. i don't blame her for that. she is quite silent. can you imagine with president trump tried to fundraise off a tragedy. but the democrats do it, the media is totally silent. it's reprehensible and morally repugnant. trish: deneen. >> i agree with charlie. i want to give my sincere thoughts and prayers to the families, to the communities that have been affected. this is so tragic on so many levels. what you just played laid out
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for the opening, trish, is absolutely outrageous and down right disgusting. when you think the democrats couldn't go any lower. to be fundraising on this tragedy when families are hurting and communities are hurting, and what are they thinking of themselves and their political careers and their agenda. it's outrageous on so many levels. i think this is a wake-up call for people who support the democrat candidates to look at the lengths they will go for their own political self-serving need is outrageous. trish: isn't that the problem with politics, the self-serving aspect to all of this, the unwillingness to work with another side because you are too entrenched in your own view. i think -- look, this is as bad as i have ever seen it.
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>> absolutely. the media is the one to blame for the climate that's been created here. the "new york times" receive backlash from the left and they backtrack and capitulate. unless you do everything you can to oppose this president, then you are not even allowed to be in civil discussion. to your point, trish. these politicians want power so badly that they are willing to try to literally financially capitalize off a tragedy where people died. and something should be above politics. and there is an unspoken rule when tragedies happen, you don't try to financially capitalize off of it. appreciate * i couldn't agree more. you brought up something about the rhetoric you are seeing and you are blaming the media and i think academia has something to do with it.
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everybody blaming frankly the right and president trump. one author turned professor is taking this a step further. he's tweeting after today there is no longer any room for nuance. the president is a white nationalist terror leader. his supporters are all by definition white national terrorist supporters. the nagga hat is a kkk hood. this evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society. deneen? >> it's disgusting. don't forget you have joe biden, o'rourke and castro putting president trump in the same category as white nationalists, white supremacists and a racist. that was their response after the shooting in regard to president trump. this professor you just named.
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this so-called professor. he also thinks kellyanne conway should be eradicated. where are the parents paying tons of money for this clown who is supposed to be teaching their children. this is outrageous, the length the left will go to. charlie mentioned the anti-trump media. they are certainly part of the problem because they are right up there backing everything these democrats do and say. it's reckless. it's dangerous. and they are inciting people who are unstable to also act on their word. trish: double standard, huh, charlie? >> no kidding. we experience this all the time at turning point u.s.a. with the work we do on college campuses. i wish this lack of worldliness and wisdom that comes from this professor is rare, unfortunately it's not the exception, it's the
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rule. there is so much in that statement it's hard to take serious. this is someone tasked with instructing children. actually not children, these are young adults. 18, 19, 20-year-olds paying money to learn this garbage from people like him. trish: we could save them a lot of the money, couldn't we. democrats blaming trump for creating hate and division in our country. >> let's not minutes word. this president is d let's not mince words, white nationalism is condoned at the highest level of our government. >> we have a president of the united states who is particularly responsible. trish: joaquin castro is posting the name of prominent san
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antonio trump donors. more trouble in the friendly skies. a british airways cabin filling with smoke during a flight. but first horrible video of protesters calling for the murder of republican majority lead eshed mitch mcconnell outside of his kentucky home. here is the sound. [crowd chanting
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trish: the rhetoric reaching a fever pitch. protesters gathering outside the kentucky home of senator mitch mcconnell. one of them openly calling for violence. >> bleach [bleep] -- that's probably what it is. just [bleep] in the heart. trish: that's what it's coming
11:15 pm
to? joining me, deroy murdock, and lufstafa, what do you say to something like that? >> i think it's awful. there is no justification for it. there is no defending it. there is no reason whatsoever. and the person who said it, the person who recorded it, the person who put it on social media, they all should be ashamed of themselves and authorities should investigate who these folks are. mitch mcconnell, i don't agree with any of his pol policies. i have been a critic for a long time. but i can't imagine the secret service isn't look at who these people are. trish: these people are there working for us. we don't always like their decisions, but to be threatening
11:16 pm
politicians like that outside their very homes, deroy, what's happening to us. >> this is total chaos. >> we have people who could protest in front of his office. instead they are in front of his home at 10:18 w.m. when people are trying to get to sleep. disturbing mitch mcconnell and his family and neighbors who are innocent bystanders. we hear we want civil discourse and republicans are bullies. but people on the left talking about stabbing the senate majority leader in his heart. trish: no kkk, no fascist u.s.a. what do you think of this tactic so many are taking? and there is a fringe element labeling trump and the
11:17 pm
republican party as somehow racist, xenophobic and the equivalent of hitler. >> i don't think any time we get in the habit of painting people with broad brushes that we are doing justice to our own individual causes. i think these people outside of mitch mcconnell's house, i don't think there is any organize taking credit for it. i don't know who these random people were. if we look at the last several years at the election cycle how personal this has gotten, the kri industry on coming out -- i know it sometimes we put it all in the president's hands and it's not just that. i think all of us have a responsibility to raise the level of discourse in our country. trish: i heard from so many democrats in the last few days
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that are squarely pointing at the president and saying this is all his fault. look, i am not here to tell you he's a saint and he couldn't could a better job on twitter, et cetera. but to then take that and say that somehow it is his fault. that's a leap that is frankly pretty darn bad, deroy. and it's emblematic of the challenging devicive time we are d divisive time we are in. >> he goes up yesterday and says americans must come together in condemning raisism and white supremacy and is what they want to hear. what do they do? attack him again. don't come to dayton and el paso, don't try to comfort
11:19 pm
the relatives of the peeled killed or in hospital. they say stay away. which is it? you want to unite the country? >> they are trying to raise money for campaigns based on this tragedy. >> i mean, at the same time -- i don't want a moral equivalence that these people outside of mitch mcconnell's house and president trump. i think that back and forth is not helpful. but the president is not a random person in america. he's the leader of the free world. he's the commander-in-chief. trish: he said some very good stuff yesterday. >> he did. but you -- trish: do you blame obama for all that happened under him. >> you have to let me finish my sentence. i came and i am trying to do this in a thoughtful way.
11:20 pm
trish: please, do. >> he had the higher responsibility. and it's great that he read off a teleprompter and he was pleasant for just a few minutes. but most of of the time whether it's his twitter or at his rallies or public comments, he often attacks people first. and he attacks them hard and he uses very strong language. and he sets the tone in america because he's the president of the united states. of course, we have to hold him to a higher standard than we would hold some random person. trish: what about all the democrats running and the tone they are striking? >> i think we should raise all of our public officials to a higher standard. but the president of the united states is the president of the united states. so the kinds of things that president trump says.
11:21 pm
you wouldn't want to hear those word out of that person. [all talking at once] trish: mustafa we got you. >> after the synagogue was shot up in poway several months ago. the rabbi said he appreciated that the president called with healing words. cbs, nbc and abc didn't bother covering that at all. not a second of coverage. that was malpractice on the part of the mainstream media. trish: a fired conservative google engineer telling fox google is trying to rig the 2020 election against trump.
11:22 pm
googht is able to delete two million channels every month. they censor conservative content and they are pulling politician' ads. they are looking for ways to manipulate the electoral process. trish: iran saying war with them would be the mother of all wars. john hannah is here with his reaction to all of that. and some news out of venezuela and china next. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico.
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trish: iran on the media blitz with its three newest air-to-air missiles. this as iran calls america satan. >> peace with iran is the mother of peace.
11:27 pm
war are iran is the mother of all wars. trish: joining me is former national security advisor and vice president cheney, john hannah. welcome back. what are we supposed to infer by that? >> i think it's just part of what is now three month long series of provocations and escalations by the iranians who are suffering enormously from these tripling u.s. economic sanctions, are desperate to try and get out of them. they think their best bet is to either intimidate the europeans into stepping up and buying iranian oil again which there is no sign that the europeans are going to do, or getting into a negotiation with president trump where he'll back off the sanctions which i don't think is
11:28 pm
likely. >> so they are getting desperate. i don't think this tactic is going to work. i think the tactic of saying let's make night. let me sit down with president trump and talk this out will be a lot better. but they continue in this particular vein. i want to turn to china. trump is promising to label china a currency manipulator. yesterday delivering on that promise. china saying they don't manipulate their currency but doing what they could to stabilize their currency somewhat. markets heading up as a result. where is this heading? >> i don't think anybody knows, trish. but i'm increasingly sceptical.
11:29 pm
i think it chinese have made the decision they are going to dig in here. they have got the 70th anniversary of the victory of the chinese revolution coming up in october. i think president xi decided he has to show strength. don't forget he's being challenged in a fund amountal way in hong kong. i am not sure he knows how to respond to any of this. because his economy is far more vulnerable than the american economy flips no winners here but the chinese are almost certain to be the biggest loser in a protracted trade war. >> if we see more days like yesterday in the stock market -- i don't think we will -- i think we can handle a trade war well enough provided it's contained to that. there is a lot of talk of
11:30 pm
contagion. so john if there is real financial havoc which creates a downdraft in our economy of alongside theirs. can trump get re-elected? i would say at that point it gets much more challenging for him. and china gets what they want. somebody to back off some of these things. >> across the board, not just in the chinese case and the iranian case and north korean case. even with russia. all of them seem to have latched on to the fact that president trump is a little more than a year away from an election. the president probably they are calculating wants to avoid either a dramatic downfall in the u.s. economy or a major international crisis. and i do worry these countries all of whom cooperated together and share a common interest in taking the united states down a
11:31 pm
notch, that they begin to push the envelope and press their luck hoping the president won't respond. trish: i am with you, john. i think they are trying to push with all that in mind. john, good to see you. thank you so much. a fired conservative google engineer is telling fox google is trying to rig the 2020 election against president trump. >> google has a lot of mechanisms for florida manipulating conservative opinion. they are censoring conservative comment and look for ways to manipulate the electoral process. trish: joaquin castro, the brother of julio castro, the presidential candidate *
11:32 pm
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this is how we heal. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. >> cancel 95% of student loorn debt. provide universal pre-k for every 3-year-old and 4-year-old. >> someone is running for president who wants to give every mayor what $1,000 a month. >> making public education available for everyone and job training certification programs. >> this has to be the party of universal healthcare. trish: what more can we give?
11:37 pm
trish: these are giveaways. but they cost middle class americans. the hourglass economy where you have a lot on top and a lot on the bottom and a middle class getting scwoads and squeezed some more, basically taking on the burden for people they shouldn't have to take it on for, they will have to pay more. their taxes will go up. this socialist economy that these politicians are clamoring on about. it doesn't work. just go around the world. venezuela is the latest example. joining me right now is
11:38 pm
presidential historian doug wead. doug, has there web an equivalent? have you ever seen in history this total rush to the left let's just might as well become, you know, the ussr or cuba or venezuela for that matter the way they are talking? >> there has been the communist revolution. and there is more. the democrat nominees were asked if they would give free healthcare to illegal aliens in this country and they said yes they would. here you have a dilemma, 80,000 votes in three states voting differently have elected a different candidate 2016. we have that's people crossing the border more every month. you might as well empty the country of mexico, guatemala and
11:39 pm
el salvador and nigeria. if they can come here they get free healthcare the rest of their life. trish: i have nothing against people from mexico, guatemala or honduras. i am just speaking realistically. you are a country, you have a certain system within the country that requires people to pay taxes. and that economic system is dependent upon everyone contributing to it. you can't have a system where you are responsible for an entire hemisphere yet they are not responsible in terms for you. you are going to bleed the middle class eventually. let me turn to this. speaking of these bleeding the middle class. you get the castro brothers there. a tweet from joaquin castro that's garnering a lot of criticism. the texas representative brother
11:40 pm
of 2020 presidential candidate julio castro releasing the names of employers of these people who donated to trump. people in san antonio who dared to donate to donald trump's campaign are being targeted by the brother of the guy running for president in the democratic party. what is that about? you want to talk about encouraging hate. >> that's frightening. that smacks of black list and enemies list that even harkens back to the nazi era where businesses or shops owned by jews were publicly identified, so don't shop there. in this case representative castro is saying here is a man who owns a business, he supported trump. here is another person who supported trump. publicly shaming them and listing their names.
11:41 pm
this is sad. trish: running for president of the united states. >> when representative castro goes to church on sunday every church in the country says a prayer. but now he wants to put out a hate list of anyone who supports him. that's now off limit. trish: crazy times we are in. thank you, sir. more trouble in the friendly skies. british airways cabin filling up with smoke. we'll found out how this one ended. conservatives google engineers telling fox business that google is trying to rig the 2020 election against president trump. my next guest says congress need to be looking into this immediately. he should know web's a former
11:42 pm
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trish: a fired google employee has a somewhat controversial view that he did make public at work. but his allegations are pretty disturbing. here he is tonight on fox business "bulls and bears." >> they censor conservative content constantly. they are pulling politicians' ads. people inside google are talking about remotely turning off trump's phone to turn it into a brick or disable his staffers' email accounts. they are constantly look for ways to manipulate the like early to process. -- the electoral process.
11:47 pm
trish: doug, i can't tell you how upset i am with social media and google and facebook in general. >> you are fair, you said let's take way's saying. the company is saying he disseminated things he shouldn't. there are three versions. his, google's and the truth and something in between. but you have to take seriously what he said it's a private company, not a government entity. however, if it affects the employment situation. people are fired for a particular view. congress should want to take on -- trish: i think i agree with you. what about the allegation he's making that somehow google is trying to manipulate.
11:48 pm
they had a big problem recently. if you typed in republican in a google search in california, up came nazi. do they hold no responsibility for that? >> you google somebody and all of a sudden negative information comes up first or positive depending on the ideological slant it comes from. my sort of legal nerd as far as a company gives way if it's so big, so powerful and can have such an impact on so many people. last thing you want is to have them driving this anti-trump election agenda. i'm not saying they are. i'm a lawyer and i don't prejudge things. the guy is making seriousal dwaitions. you see the extent to which you can back it up or corroborate it. right? >> that said, the company is too
11:49 pm
darn big to quash every other bit of competition out there. that's something we should be looking at. anti-trust. you are a former federal prosecutor. i am cues was to know what your thoughts are on this lawsuit and whether it has a chance. the disgruntled employee peter strzok, notorious for his racy texts and aggressive texts against the president. he says his -- the to the woman he was having an affair with, lisa page. he's suing the fbi for suing him for saying his rights to free speech western totally ignores. if they can't fire him, can they not fire anybody? >> lawyers like me generally don't prejudge a case because we don't know the facts.
11:50 pm
to me it's very, very weak in terms of what cause of action is fitting i them it an uphill battle. ways the reason why he was terminated? does that make out for cause? could he have been terminated without cause, almost at will? those are the legal issues. but i'm confident, crystal ball. i think he was fired for cause, and you had his bias. you had leaking. you had fisa. but i fisa i want to debunk a ridiculous myth. he's entitled to have his personal opinion. a it was at work and b he was investigating donald trump while he had these conflicting relationships. and that's the problem in a nutshell. trish: can i ask you why we have
11:51 pm
not seen the i.g.'s report yet? >> michael horowitz' report, i heard various and sundry excuses, they need more time. typical law enforcement time. they want to interview some additional people. in all humility i can't answer your question. i don't know. it should be out. we should see it. it will be a rorschach test. it could say so and so killed people walking down the street and you will hear people say it doesn't mean anything. but at the same time i do think and many experts predicted. you will start seeing some of the issues that you have so diligently covered. how did everything start? what is the context? it's not just a republican talking point. let's really look at it. trish: the far left is calling
11:52 pm
to get rid of grade because they are quote capitalism in action. god forbid we be capitalists. more trouble in the friendly skies. british airways cabin filling up with smoke during a flight. campus reform' will have details campus reform' will have details right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with sofi, get your credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment.
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welcome back, lightning round, first up. college professor pushing to get rid of grades. claim is grades prop up capitalism. >> yes. showing that a richard wolf from new school, a professor says that grading students is a pushing capitalism, that is a bad thing. now here is my question, if students are not graded on anything, with no measurement, why would they go to class or college. if i was a student in this position, my school took away grades, i would just drop out. and go goodwill hunting. and read until i was wicked smart.
11:57 pm
this is why students go to school. to wh prove what they have lear. >> this is like indicting capitalism, 11 for learning sake, if you can go and 11, and maybe not -- learn and not worry about a grade. but to hear about somehow it encourages capitalism capital cn inventor chose a unique way to cross the english channel. >> frankie zapata is an inventor from france, he tried to cross the english channel on a lover record -- on a hoverboard. i remember learning as a kid about a train that ran under the
11:58 pm
english channel, now people are flying over it. it is fantastic. i love the achievements that are going on there. in this part of the world. >> like jetsons. okay. why is this man, throwing a fridge off a cliff? >> well, he throwing a fridge off of cliff for reasons we don't know. but we know that police in spain saw this video on social media figured out who the guy was and forced him to drag it back up the mountain as his punishment. a few take aways from this sto story. he is singing. don't throw appliances down mountains, and don't post things like this on social media, spanish police do not mesa, round. -- do not mess around. i have to wonder who -- if we
11:59 pm
had them repelling down rock faces to pick up their garbage we might have a problem with eighthmm. cruel and up usual punishment. >> this story, is scary stuff. british airway cabin filling up with smoke. this is from spain. oxygen masks do not work? >> so there was a british airways flight that filled up with smoke for 10 minutes, customers were horrified they did not receive much from the airline. this is concerning, i know passengers are not allowed to smoke on flights, but what happens if plane started to smoke, i can't imagine laws and red tape there. maybe this plane will face a stiff federal fine, i am concerned about people who showed up to business meeting smelling like they spend their morning in a traeger grill.
12:00 am
>> all right emma, have a terrific night, we'll cover the president speaking in these communities that have been harmed by tragedy tomorrow. have a terrific night, kennedy is next. >> thank you, expert say it could turn to an economic death match, u.s. versus china. and trade war that seems to be worsening by the week, why is it happening? who is winning. and how does this affect you most important of all? you may have noticed markets had vapors, dow up more than 300, a lot to do with president trump's decision to slap heavy tariffs, hundreds of billions of will do dollar worth of chinese good, hit with a new tax. i said it before, i'll say it again, i hate tariffs, they are done, china fired back, halting purchase of all u.s. agricultural products, and they did something called,


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