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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  August 8, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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i would do is look in the book. melissa: you run for office, and tell us. >> i'm on it free wine, and aliens. melissa: that does it for us, "bulls and bears" starts right now. david: a good day, winning on wall street, always a good day, it was today markets soaring after china fixed its currency higher than expected this morning, easing global concerns, all major averages celebrating with dow up more than 370. today's gain, s&p 500 and nasdaq are now positives for the week. you can believe that? good news for those businesses today, bad news for two others, calls are now growing for customers to cancel their membership and bo boycott populr fitness clubs, equinox and soul
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cycle, after news that the owner will be hosting a election party for president trump in the hamptons tomorrow. this is "bulls and bears," joining me on the panel gary kaltbaum. steven ross responds to the backlash today over his plannedded fundraiser, i have always been an active part tant participant in democratic process, i have known donald trump for 40 years, we agree on some issues and disagree on others, i have never -- >>iic equinox and soul cycle sending a message. what message is this boycott sending? >> you know, i think i'm going to start my own app called
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boycotter, this way everyone can keep on top of what is woke, what is broke. there a new boycott every day to keep track of. i have been studying on-line behavior for specific companies and social media for over a decade. there is something called vocal minority, they speak loudly but it does not necessarily represent what everyone is doing, this is out of news cycle in a couple of days. if i am the company, i hole hold tight. >> fascinating you bring up vocal minority, this is sending how vac youous these people are -- vacuous these people are, they should have been boycotting previous administration, they are boycotting united states of america because they have no idea what they are talking about. >> i guess this is the big as we used to say, nothing burger.
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i am sure that phrase is now over and done. but i'm still using it, darn it. i think it is fine, people want to protest, that is great. you know, they are entitled, this is an age, all you need to do is read through twitter in the past 6 months or so to see that it is likes whole country is a tower of babble. either we hate trump or look at me ea narcissistic evolution that we had. i am with caroll, this will be yesterday's news by a day or so, people all of the soul cycle and equinox customers will still be there, as loyal or not loyal as they have been. >> i am totally on in on caroll's woke or broke app, i i think it should be called that, that is great, best thing out of this segment. i don't agree this is boycotting america. this is just people expressing
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their views, express their views with boycotts, there is nothing particularly wrong about, that unless it is either violent or highly disruptive, only thing that disruptive in next 24 hours, is traffic in hamptons. you know, otherwise this is just -- >> i think it is a something burger, this is an attack on the democrat process, what is extra extraordinary this is from same people who were attacking donald trump for attacking the democratic process. i don't want to get to psychobabble, but there is projection, you project on others something have you on yourself, i think it is disgusting. but caroll you have tweets on this? >> speaking of projection. we don't have specific figures in how many are canceling their gym maybes, we -- memberships, we heard from some celebs former model, chrissy teagan posting
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this automatic response from equinox when she tried to cancel, saying they are experiencing high volumes of e-mails, and billy ik tweeting, just canceled equinox to cancel my maybe after many years, money talks with these monsters. no disrespect to the many wonder full employees at my local equinox bye. funny enough he asked this yesterday, what is our policy for cancels membership once a member finds out your owner is enablesracyisenabling racism anr it goes on and on. david: wow. >> to your point, we could do without a lot of the extreme rhetoric.
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enables racism and mass murder -- >> i'm glad you think it is extremist talk. >> right. >> i think it is extremist for president to say about critics they hate america, there are a lot people who disagree. weadock without that label -- we could do without that labeling, but american politics and policy has been rough-and-tumble it is part of the process. david: yeah. >> that begs the question, was president obama racist? he separated families at the border. you know, crux of this whole racism is he is talking about an invasion, if you go back, to actually, when obama dang was in administration was in power, a lot of the democrats were using the same rhetoric, you went have spit both way. >> we think that rhetoric is different, you go to elections, 150 years ago there was vicious
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rhetoric against every -- from the days of thomas jefferson this no different. it just gets spread more and quickly as care points out via social media platforms like twitter. >> yes, and -- >> also you -- >> the other challenge you have here is that i think people don't realize when they do the boycotts, you are not really hurts the investors, you are hurting people who work at these companies. billy even mentioned those employees, if you were to go out and target every company with an investor who you disagree with on something, you would not be a to pay th patronize any busines. david: we didn't have mass murders in old-times, not two within 24 hours, it stoke that with you know accusing the president of united states of being part of the process that
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lead to those mass murders, that is what you hear. not just from wild actors from hollywood but from democrat candidates who say this, this is going a little bit further, but we have to move on. we'll come back later in the show. we have breaking news. shares of uber had been down more than 12%, they are now recovering. after company posted its largest ever quarterly loss. it looks like it is down 3%. but susan lee it was down double digits not long ago. >> down 12% after those earnings were released, concern is, it was a record loss in a quarter 5 foy5.24 billion, worse than anticipated, and revenue came in light, they came in costs with the ipo, the 298 million dollar driver appreciat appreciation compensation, paid out in shares, they promised to tenured
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drivers. but also heavy competition across the 700 global cities that uber operates in, in latin america as well. we are still looking at subsidization but costs are coming town, we heard from dar awe have earnings called underway, saying that costs are coming down. past profitability in question. after 10 years, this company has never made a profit. and the stock, still trading below ipo price, there is growth, growth booking grew if you top look at cost and currency term up 37%. in line with past few quarters on a gross basis, softer, a slower gross than we anticipateed and have seen. but 100 million people, 99 million people, still use uber to book their rides, these are big numbers, they have to prove they can make money off of the rider.
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david: making money is important, thank you, suing tha. >> debating green new deal, fox news going head-to-head with bill de blasio. we'll play that for you next. >> you want to do nothing? you are not -- what do you want to do. >> i don't know why you enter this u.n. hysteria. (vo) the ant mindlessly marches on. carrying up to 50 times its body weight. it never questions the tasks at hand. but this year, there's a more thrilling path to follow. (father) kids... ...change of plans! (vo) defy the laws of human nature... the summer of audi sales event
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quiet your fears, lift your spirits. with teams of cancer experts and specialists, delivering advanced treatment options and compassionate support every step of the way. all here in one place, with one purpose. to fight your cancer, together. that's the mother standard of care. this is how we inspire hope. this is how we heal. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. david: sparks flying during a head to head between bill de blasio and fox news sean hannity? we cannot go on this way. we need a green new deal. i'm recognizing truth you failed to recognize that every economy
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in this world is run on oil, gas and cold, if america get -- coal and if america gets off it, like green new deal has in 10 years, you will watch the greatest depression in quickest period of time. david: it was a great debate. who is right on this specific issue, gary? >> i know it sean, but he is real touched the tip of the iceberg. first, thing, it is 93 trillion dollars, we can't afford it second question. is this something that government should even be doing. i ask because half of the world's pollution, greenhouse emissions, whatever metric you use, it caused by india, china, and russia. so even if we did something, if we could afford it, we can't. i'm not sure we'll have any measure able affect that gets final to the my one argument
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with any big government program, it is measurable. if we spend 93 trillion, we voted, that this is a good thing. what is the measurement? we haven't figure figured out cf climate change or solution, but democrat in usual power grab just say, give us the money, we'll figure out how to spend it. always a leaser. >> let's -- let's just start with the pure part of the program. that is about renewable energy and alternate energy aspects of power grid. that not a 93 trillion dollar price tag, that is the jobs component, let's focus on energy component, we have a derelict and aging energy grid in the united states that has -- in piecemeal fashion invested in but in the sufficient fashion. moving it less dependencey could
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be a cost safer and investment boone, and energy plus. there are aspects of this that are not only reasonable but can be conduce testif conducive to . and there are things we should think about we have woefully under invested. david: that pretty reason able. >> we should not be giving handouts to the bill de blasio's crony, that is a part of his hand, he wants high paying union jobs to install light bulbs, nycha. the public housing program in new york spent 193 for apartment to install the led light bulbs, bill de blasio is taking care of bill de blasio and his cronies, that is why new york has had quality of life diminish over
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last 3 years, and one of the main reasons that i move from there. >> you really want government to have a very light hand in there if they have a hand at all, bilge gates is work -- bill gates and working with some oil company with co2 recapture right now. i think that there is a discussion to be had, i think it will to the republicans benefit to have those discussions, but has gary kicked it off with, if india and china and russia don't get on board, we don't put pressure on them to do something, it does not matter, the last time i checked we all shared the same air and climate. david: zach, you come out where a reasonable description of what needs to be done, replace the grid it is outdated maybe more renewables, that is fine. but have you joe biden, not just bill de blasio and socialists but moore moderated, joe biden saying he wanted to get rid of coa l, hillary clinton in her
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autobiography said her biggest mistake in running against donald trump is saying she wanted too kill coal that, does not get them anywhere with a state like pe pennsylvania and t virginia. >> there are market forces that lead to less use of ca coal, tht shaping organically. it is better to allow that reality to happen organically without seen as driving it forward it happens on its own. i agree with the political strategy is does not make sense. >> can i bring up one point -- >> hole on. -- >> gary. >> there are no market forces that are leading to less coa well, use and more wind -- coal use and more wind, people useless coal because of the
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government restriction. zakhu, you made comment that government we need to do this, this, the government did didn't find big oil invent railroads or highway system, that all started by highway turnpikes, this thinking that government will should how solve things gets us back to "solo: a star wars sola. solyndra. >> i just want to -- >> i just wanted to bring it back to point that i find it rich that we're relying on bill de blasio to tell us how to implement the programs considering he is number one slum recorslumlord in world, yot nycha they were out of water,. >> is black mold there, he can't
5:20 pm
fix it, and he wanted to tell private sector. david: is a mess. >> de blasio does not matter in this, he will not be president or mayor for longer. whatever he say we can leave to the side, there is a -- gary -- there are public private partnership, oil and a loo a loe benefited from government subsidies, there are huge benefits in the tax structure. so, you know. i'm not saying government should pay for all this, it is set the conditions for a favorable investment. david: free market works better in government in just about everything. ceverything. >> this is put his own constituents in harm's way, he cales for action now. he will be joining us next. hi i'm joan lunden.
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david: backlash is growing against texas congressman joaquin castro after releasing names of san antonio business owners and businesses who contributed to the trump campaign. trying to shame them. >> they are not happy about what joaquin castro and julian castro have done. they know there is be on possible motive for tweeting out names and work places of these 44 trump donors, only possible motive is to encourage and invite harassment at best, and violence against these people at
5:25 pm
worst. they are not happy about it. as you could imagine. we're also hearing from people that this emboldened them for support of the president, saying darn right we support president trump, and we want to give more it may turn out to boost the campaign. but, that should not take away from the fact what castro campaign has done is a terrible thing, it is reckless, it is endangering safety of these people for a incumbent member of congress to list the workplaces of donors publicly, and say, essentially, this is where you can find these people during the day. to his own constituents, he did this. people who had previously donated to his own campaign and his brother's for mayor. he is elected to represent them in congress, she ha she -- he sd have their best interest in mind. >> tim, i, echo your sentiments,
5:26 pm
i have been to san antonio twice this year, the people are great, i find it a terrible tragedy he would do this to his constituents, should there be any repercussions for him putting out this list? >> i think what should happen, that all of other democrat candidates should disavoid -- disavow this, cast ro castro can should get his brother to delete the tweet, apologize, and disavow it all others running for president should say, these are not tactics that we will not tolerate. the emotions in the country are high, right now, we saw the shootings in dayton and el paso, those communities are shaken and right there in texas, san antonio, same state as el paso shooting, the tensions and emotions are running high, you put out a tweet like this, saying these are people, this is where they work, they fun donald trump campaign -- fund the
5:27 pm
donald trump campaign that is an unmistakeable message to their supporters to essentially go get them, that is a target list. nancy pelosi should condemn it and tom perez should condemn it. >> this is caroll ross this seems like a free speech issue, like they are trying to suppress the speech of individuals coming from somebody in the government, are any of the potential people who are affected approaching it that way, any discussion of official legal action? >> i don't know welling action, it is an exercising of their first amendment right, right of free a association to support a president and dan dat candidatee their choosing, this is a terrible move on the part of castro campaign. what democrats are trying to do size as a whole, all of them from perez down. they are trying to say, if you support this president, the
5:28 pm
president of the united states that you are in fact a racist, that not a winning strategy. talking about half of the nation. >> tim, you seem to miss a crucial point, federal elect commission and federal law donor names and places of occupation are public record. now whether this is wise or advise able for another 1 date tcandidate to use public information and draw people's attention to it there is nothing about this that is a privacy issue, all of us. who donate to a campaign or to a candidate has to give your name, place of work, and that is a public record. all this stuff about, there being outed, they are not outed they are public. there is no expectation of privacy by law. we say that we don't want foreign people giving money. we want to know whether or not it is above the legal threshold
5:29 pm
there is a little bit of excessive labeling here. >> no one is claims this is not public information it is. what the campaign did was collected all one place put all names and bor workplace togethen one document and tweeted out, and said at same take these people are fueling trump campaign, they are shute she aby opposed this is an open invitation to their supporters to harass and intimidate and perhaps inflation violence, no one said they are not public records, they are. but for the .1% of population that would take to look it up it is there they tweet it out on twitter, we know can be a hotbed of inflamed emotions and essentially said, go get them, to the people on twitter. to say, well it was public information, that is insane. castro himself on "morning joe," yesterday morning, trying lamely to defend this he said his
5:30 pm
intention was to make trump donors quote, think twice about supporting that candidates, there is now other disruption other than intend to harass and intimidate. >> a quick question for tim. i agree with what you say, where is it going? stunts like this stopping or they just going to escalate. i'm afraid quite honestly it the -- your thoughts. >> we have to leave it,. >> tim, i am sorry we have run out of time. >> these come back and see us again. >> we hope it stops. >> i am sure there will be more coming up, thank you very much tim. >> appreciate it, 2020 democrat flukinflokingde --crat -- 2020 democrats flocking to iowa state fair, we take you there live, next.
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david: iowa is ground zero for 2020 presidential campaigns, with 20 candidates descending -- from democrats alone, descending on the state, hillary vaughn joining us from iowa state fair. what are you seeing. reporter: we heard from two candidates governor bullock from montana with a 10 day tour. former vice president joe biden
5:35 pm
ended the day speaking to iowa caucus-goers. making his pitch for third time, part is trade issues with china, that has impacted corn producers in iowa. >> it will cuse cause a lot too bankrupt ge. reporter: we talk with pork producers here and ask them how they feel about the back and forth, we got a mix rounded of responses, we heard a lot say, they will willing to holdout, play the long game while president negotiates a better deal. >> well, as i mentioned earlier, human nature, the sooner the better, you know if this wears on for another year or two it could get serious. >> i don't think he will get a compromise made, it seems to get worse, and tariffs get larger
5:36 pm
every week or month. that we talk about palm, talk, timeline, soybean, a lot of damage has been done. reporter: we soybeans and pork, major industries impacted by the tariffs. david: hillary thank you. >> not only tariffs that we're hearing about in iowa, we're hearing about a lot of give away plans, kamala harris with her 500 dollar a month salary, so-called salary, and all give aways for healthcare. salaries. i wonder if iowans, the hard working iowan farmers would go for the democrat give aways? >> they are already going for 20 billion of federal subsidies. david: there is that. >> that is not all in iowa. and you know, i don't mean to be cynical, but voters in general tend to respond positively to
5:37 pm
things they will be given or promised they will be given by politicians that is very much part of campaign season. i don't see that as an actual backfire risk when people are told you get something. they do respond favorablery. >> the problem, is they are not getting anything, they will pay more taxes to the government so that middle man can hand you back your money, this is the dumbest proposal i heard, not like government produces its own revenue, not selling t-shirtser and flag -- or flags, but they are just taking our money, put a middle man in the processing fee in middle, and giving us our money back. anyone who pays taxes will not buy that andrew yang thinks this is a good idea, i don't think this even kamala harris thinks it is a good idea, she is just looking for votes.
5:38 pm
david: kamala has a plan to give away $500 a month to every american, and other guy giving away a thousand a month. that is what we're talking about universal income. >> you will be shocked by this. i actually like the idea. david: what! >> what! >> hold on, we have about 125 antipoverty programs. if you said here is your guaranteed income, but we're doing away with other things, it is actually a good idea, cuts down government barr crease. and other -- bureaucracy and other thing that welfare inhibits is desire to work, if you just give them the money, cut down on all other crap you have out there, and you have less government bureaucracy, you don't spend any more money. and people will now more willing
5:39 pm
to work. david: there it is. >> i think it be be a win, win. >> we're all talking about with gary alluding to is that you know, if we give away what andrew yang calls a freedom dividend and we get rid of entitlement programs, they can spend and choose, the problem with that, the entitlement programs will spring back up, they come back next elect cycle. >> 1 the once stay institute ong it never gets away it is just layered on top. >> could big tech be in for new regulation? white house reportedly drafts an extinct order, de-- executive orders, details coming next. credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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latest issue with twitter. allowing castro to out major trump campaign donor, but yesterday, the same company locked out senator mitc mitch mcconnell campaign account for showing people outside his home. responding: >> president reportedly considering an executive order targeting big tech. does the president need to step in. >> please, no. please, no. look. as much as i might be against what twitter is doing, they are
5:44 pm
not a public utility. i could care less what twitter does or does not do. did we raise issues with "new york times" being so liberal since 1800s, no. david: yes, we did. >> with big three networks so left. >> no. >> yes. >> what happened -- competition sprung up. that is how you got fox news and fox business for crying out loud. david: true. >> if you don't like twitter. don't use it, if you think it is a public uresulte utility it is. but this whole president stepping in because they won't allow this and that, i just -- i despise it. >> i think it is a delicate situation, i don't think you can dismiss it gary, this actually has to do with violence and threats of violence, we've seen this double standard is a terrible situation that happening because, it will escalate if they don't do something and address it.
5:45 pm
it only a matter of time before we on air again, talking about how why done twit dor something -- didn't twitter or president do something to stop it. i think it is within his purview to explore the idea, it is about violence. >> i don't know, i think you want to have the president out of the way. you want to have the government out was the way. , if trump really wanted to do something he could move platforms, he uses twitter as his default press secretary, he could use another platform, that would set twitter back on its heels, i would go in that direction. >> look, an executive order in this case more likely what they are to beginning of trump administration in january and february of 2017, they are glorified press released or statements of intent with
5:46 pm
presidential feel. it is not clear that president or the executive branch more accurately can do anything about this and that is probably a good thing. we have the first amendment. and these are private companies, and until they are treated as public utilities, they are not. david: i lif i love caroll's suggestion, something that president could do without an executive order, but -- what kills me is twitter's hypocrisy, they say in their statement to fox news, we prohibit glorification of violence on twitter. anyone who wants to see refuting a of that, you local pulp fix, yofiction. >> they have a problem of enforcing their service, everyone can see the bias, this will be an issue that users of twitter have to be vocal about and will to do something about
5:47 pm
it. >> i think it already happening. twitter usage is flat line at best. not growing, i know i for one, i checked twitter probably a hundred times a day, now i am lucky if i check twice. david: good for you. why we don't have more competition? i think that president could go a long way in finding a come pet or use that -- competitor, that is a great idea, we have on -- >> part is that network affect part, people gravitate. david: professor now call for schools to abolish student grades. wait until you hear why. details coming next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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david: getting rid of grades in school, professor richard wolf say it is time, all levels of education should do away with grades, what wrong with grades or amer stock -- bring it on, bring it on in droves. i just don't know. people do better, if you budget all of world record, that continually get beater, not just because of train but people have something to work toward that is how it works in real world, we need to get people who have common sense to do it. we have these crazy loonie ultra left people who are
5:52 pm
indoctrinating our kids with these ridiculous ideas that will not prepare them for the real world. >> this is case of let's redo it, i graded thousands of student papers, one thing that happens is a rampant rate inflation where grades matter less, it undermines ter -- meritocracy, doing away with grades will undermine everything it hard enough to get students to go work anyway. grades are one way to hol hold t to the fire, there is an issue in the way that grades are divvied out in dlenl colleges and universities, and we all get a's because we pretended to to our best. >> that is an indictment of the grading system, i want to get to
5:53 pm
point caroll is making this professor is anticapitalism, that is what made this country great, john rockefeller, wanted to be a swril joh a -- zillion e standard oil, and bill gates out of his garage gave us microsoft, and et cetera, that is why we won the american revolution because we want to be better than the other guys, that is what grading is about, being better and achieverring goals, without that we might as well live in a -- for crying out loud, god bless israel by the way. >> you are getting rid of actual human elements, humans are actually driven by their own gain. the incentive system, if you get rit orid of that what do we live
5:54 pm
like? i don't know, the merit base system gets me up every day, i go out, compete, beat the next guy do well for myself, based on what i earned. my hard work, i don't want that government giving me anything, i don't' professors giving me anything, i want to earn what i get. david: no coincidence, this professor, socialiveists don't e meritocracieses, they want everyone to be equal but the fact is that we're not equal. >> few schools that tried it. have had a hard time attracting good students. or any student for that matter, it has not worked as a model. david: imagine if your dar does not get any grades in medical school, would you want to go to that doctor i don't know. >> programming note, we going to
5:55 pm
be speaking with a man behind this idea, professor richard wolf, monday right here "bulls and bears" to debate this and more. >> but first neighbors seeing red after a california woman painted her home hot pink and adding unique artistic flair. neighbors want the city to take action. but do they have that right? there's a company that's talked to even more real people than me: jd power. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
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david: a hot pink emoji house. regardless of the cost, should neighbors have the right to decide the way you paint your
5:59 pm
house? >> whether neighbors should have the right, neighbors in most of communities set up local laws. some of them are absurd but that's what happens when you live in communities. >> this is a property rights issue. it's up to their communities to figure it out. >> this has to violate some right. whether it's privacy or the right not to stick a knife in our eyeball. >> i would be furious if i lived next to this house and i was trying to sell my house. but hoa. that's why you have them. if you don't have them, buyer beware. david: i have been down to florida with a lot of houses painted pink. but i see houses like that all the time in your neighborhood. >> then you know what you are
6:00 pm
getting when you move into those neighborhoods. >> and you know what you are getting when you move into a neighborhood that says they all have to be brown. we hope to see you here next time. >> what critics are calling liberal bullying. first up, trump donors calling out joaquin castro for calling them out in a tweet. some of them are castro's own constituents. the fast back pedal by castro. now trying to downplay his tweet. for the free speech we are america's town hall, that being twitter. the silicon valley liberal icon locks out mitch mcconnell's


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