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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  August 8, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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lou: more concerned about silicon valley than the russians. tomorrow director ken cuccinelli joins us as well as diamond and silk. trish: we are learning brand-new details in the horrific shooting in el paso. the latest on the heated debate over gun control while i continue to stand strong in my stance that we need to be making changes, changes americans are calling for. congressman joaquin castro continuing to defend his move to publish the names of trump donors. mitch mcconnell is responding to this video.
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trish: find out why he's blaming big tech for that. we are learning the mother of the el paso gunman reportedly called police weeks before the massacre because she was concerned about her son owning an ak-47 assault rifle. garrett tenney is live for us on the ground with the latest. reporter: trish, according to the family's attorney, the mother of this suspect was concerned that her son was the old enough, mature enough or experienced enough for this high-powered rifle that he had. but she was not concerned that he was a threat to anyone.
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and the cops told her legally her son was allowed to own this rifle. the police department tells us it has no record of that call. but that's likely the mother never identified herself or her son. we at fox news are still not identifying the suspected shooter. but today his family released a statement saying his actions were apparently influenced and informed from people we do not know and ideas and beliefs that we do not accept in any way. he was raised in a family that rejects racism, prejudice, hatred and violence. today investigators began removing evidence from the very graphic scene which the city's police chief described as the kind of nightmare people won't ever forget. this evening the community is
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taking another step in its healing process with the first funeral services nell pass oh for victims of saturday's tragedy. a husband and wife whose lives were stolen. they were married for 16 years. >> how can it happen to us in a safety like el paso. we were shocked. we are now coming into the reality. now we are going into the purchasial. we are doing all the arrangements. reporter: one other victim was laid to rest today. over the next week the other 19 victims will be laid to rest as well. trish: growing calls for congress to work with the president to do something on guns. i have said he ought to consider
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banning assault rifles. i also said he ought to consider an executive order to say we must have more vigilant background checks. something should be done. and this shouldn't be that controversial. if you look at poll after poll after poll. americans want change. they want background checks. they are demanding it. yet the nra is trying to convince people that somehow if you have more vigilant background checks that that's the equivalent of stripping americans of their second amendment rights. it's not. the president is trying to do something. these so-called red flag laws are gaining a lot of momentum, even among conservatives as they should. tonight senate majority leader mitch mcconnell confirming that in fact it will be part of a gun debate in congress.
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watch. >> background checks and red flags will probably lead the discussion. but a lot of other things will come up as well. what we can't do is fail to pass something. by just lock up and failing to pass. that's unacceptable. way want to see here is an outcome, not a bunch of partisan back and forth shots across the bow. trish: unfortunately we are already seeing that partisanship. the president floating red flags while chuck schumer says no, no, no, it's not enough. we'll never note for that. i had a guest on this show when i suggested maybe he consider an executive order for earn assault ban tore consider more vigilant background checks. and a democratic strategist on this show said absolutely not.
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that's never going to fly. that tells you how partisan things are. it doesn't matter. the president can propose red flag laws and one democratic strategist will tell me i don't think it's going to work, and chuck schumer will tell you it's not enough. it's never enough, is it. now is the time to do something. we can't continue to have lives lost like this. i am not saying it's a panacea that will fix everything. you have mental illness, social media, we need a multi prong approach. joining me with solutions, trump 2020 national spokesperson, kayleigh mcenany. i read your piece about the importance of having this red flag system in place. let's walk through it and talk
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about the politics of it all. i'm disgusted with what i'm seeing. to me something is better than nothing. >> of all the solutions that have been laid out. you have to ask yourself, would this stop some of the horrible shootings we are seeing? with red flag laws the answer is yes. what we know from secret service data that 81%, 81% of perpetrators of school violence tell someone they are about to do it. 59% tell multiple people, and 93% have behavioral red flags. in my state of florida with parkland that shooter they had called the police several times on them. the fbi had two notifications that this guy was a problem. he had written on line i want to be a school short. a red flag law could have stopped that.
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it's why until in the aftermath passed these laws. senator graham has a bill on this. we'll see where it goes. trish: the president was saying he's hopeful something could get done. but what do we hear from chuck schumer? let's run that statement there. the nra for that matter. we'll go to the nra will work in good faith to find real solutions. but many proposals are sound bite solutions which fail to address the root of the problem, confront criminal behavior, or make our communities safer. i know the head of the nra had a conversation with the president. how much weight do they carry right now, kayleigh? >> the nra serves a valuable purpose in protecting your second amendment, no doubt about it.
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and law abiding citizens should not be punished. that's for sure. but red flag laws. this is a common sense compromise. it's amazing to me chuck schumer is not on board with this. the parties are coming together as you noted, conservatives coming on board with this. it's a no-brainer. trish: the idea that this guy had a kill list, had access to an ak47. chuck schumer says we democrats are not going to settle for half measures. democrats in the senate will seek to require any red flag bill that comes to the floor is accompanied by universal background checks legislation. trish: right now, you take what you can get. i'm asking for a full-on ban on assault weapons. i may not see something like
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that. but this president can surprise you. but to me you have got to move on this stuff. right now front and center what you can get is important. you might have an opportunity to saw a life, kayleigh. >> right. this president in particular, he's protected gun owners across the country. but he has been the great bridge between the left and right on this. he's the one who passed. he's a bridge builder here. chuck schumer gets to get on board and stop obstructing and politicizing this awful tragedy. trish: it's important. build those bridges. this could be president trump's nixon in china moment. tonight, the far left loves blaming president trump for divisiveness, they love to blame him for these mass shootings as
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a new hollywood blockbuster glorifies the killing of deplorables. >> they are not human beings. >> every year a bunch of elites kidnapped. reporter: todd starns is here. he says trump derangement syndrome has become a cottage industry. wild new video of a dad catching a foul ball. joaquin castro is doubling down on the president trump's donors. going after them. even after msnbc criticized him. one of those donors is here. he's joining to us react to the latest sound.
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he's joining me next. >> the first thing is i don't want anyone harassed. >> you put their names in public. >> that was not my intention. >> but that's what will happen. >> these things are public. managingaudrey's on it.s? eating right and staying active?
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trish: democratic texas congressman joaquin castro getting slammed by the right and the left as he should for publishing the names of top san antonio trump donors. >> what do you hope will happen to the citizens whose names you posted. do you want people to protest and boy could it their companies. >> no, that was not my goal. >> do you want them to repent for their support? >> what do you want from them. >> i don't want anybody harassed. >> they will be because you put their names in public. >> that was not my intention. >> but that's what will happen. >> these things are public. >> the guy is a congressman. that wasn't my intention. maybe you ought to think before you put everybody's name out there like that?
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you know what's going to happen. of course, campaigns report political donors to the fec. and it takes time to find them and publish them all in one place. to say they are public is disingenuous. with me now is one of the donors castro outed for lack of a better word. the ceo of mid-america aerospace. all of a sudden, they are all over twitter. i commend you for coming on the show because now you are really out there. you are a trump supporter, you donated to trump, and castro wants to make sure the whole world knows about it. how does that make you feel? >> i said this before in previous interview, that i didn't mind being identified as a trump contributor. that wasn't my problem.
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my problem was his associating with racism and the horrific tragedy in el paso. i thought that was way over the line. trish: have you gotten any negativity as a result of it? >> quite honestly win was a little bit naive. i was just asked by a reporter to comment. and i made -- told him how i felt. but i honestly i have not been -- i have not encountered any problems. i had a couple negative email to the business. but most of of the people have been very supportive. we have had a lot of customers throughout the country and the world send us some night notes. trish: good. we shouldn't live in a society where people run the risk of being quote-unquote exposed for their political beliefs.
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let's not forget this is the man who became the president of the united states. he's in the oval office to paint him as a racist, as an anti-semite and the second coming of adolph hitler. this is what we are hearing on a regular basis from those extremists and even not so extremists on the left, sir. what does that tell you about the divisiveness in society today? >> i think that castro's doxxing is typical. maxine waters encouraging people to go to people's homes, et cetera, as well as senator mitchell. in the history of american politics you are supposed tone courage and energize supporters and really the other opponents supporters are off limit. john kennedy and richard knicks on debate in the arena. they didn't find it necessary to
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send their partisans to homes. trish: i hear you. like they did to mitch mcconnell. good for you for speaking out. thank you so much for joining us tonight. coming up. remember when hillary clinton called trump supporters deplorable? >> you could put half of trump supporters into way call the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobe i can, you name it. trish: you thought that was bad? hollywood has a movie where liberal elites hunt deplorables for sport. we have details on this disgusting movie coming up. and a police chase involving a zebra. angry mobsters, gang sisters --s
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calling for physical violence against senator mitch mcconnell. now twitter is punishing mitch mcconnell for the video. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ )
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at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $389 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month payment. experience amazing. trish: mounting evidence that big tech is trying to stifle conservatives. twitter is locking senator mitch mcconnell's reelection account after he posted this video of threats from protesters outside the leader's kentucky home.
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trish: senato senator mcconnell responding. >> twitter would allow and perfectly happy to carry massacre mitch trending nationally on their platform. but when the violent threats came to my front yard, twitter locked out actual threats made against me. which they proudly recorded themselves and we picked it up and thought people ought to know exactly what things like massacre mitch inspire. trish: joining me, britt
8:27 pm
mchenry, what is it, they get to pick and choose ways newsworthy and what is actually supposed to be carried on twitter. it doesn't matter if people are massacre mitch, that's okay. but when people are violently protesting outside the home, it's not? i don't get it. >> we see a lot of inconsistencies. to be honest with you, i think it would be ridiculous for liberals or conservatives in this regard. when we have seen the politicians be kicked out of restaurants. when there are people outside your door, you can't lock them out of your yard. you can't pretend it didn't happen. i would argue it's beyond politics. team mitch is making that known it's going on in our country and it shouldn't be on. if you don't want your behavior product cast to social media,
8:28 pm
don't have that kind of hostile behavior. there is a distinct bias on what they decide to censor. i am sure you as well with misogynistic comments. trish: twitter doesn't take a lot of responsibility. they haven't had to take a lot of responsibility. it's important to look at a lot of this stuff. all these social media companies, i question. adam, i don't see this as a left-right thing. a man from silicon valley who was an early mentor to mark zuckerberg, and he's calling them out. she says cheryl sand berg doesn't care. mark zuckerberg doesn't care. and in this case i guess twitter doesn't care. i wonder if they are playing a
8:29 pm
role in inciting the violence. >> i am with you. it's not a left-right issue. it's so beyond politics. i come on tonight with a heavy heart given the week's events. when abe lincoln ran for the senate what did he say, a house divide against itself cannot stand. i think these are symptoms. i think the country's discourse has turned into a cesspool. i think we are riven by all sorts of awful things that are tearing us apart. i don't care if you are democrat, republican or independent, this has got to stop. this is what leads to bloody gun massacres. there is something rotting at the core of the american soul. trish: if you ask roger, he would tell you it's social media, it is facebook. these things feed upon
8:30 pm
themselves, left or right. people get stuck in these silos where they only hear one opinion, and one stream of thought, and it gets ratcheted up to a level that we are seeing now is dangerous. i know you shut down your twitter account. >> i did. trish: i deactivated my personal facebook account based on roger's book. >> chang tatum, you have seen celebrities saying i have got to step back from social media because it's getting too volatile and too toxic. steven ross, and equinox and soulcycle. if you don't want to go to a gym, don't go. but to go on these platforms and put threats out. that's going to lead to somebody
8:31 pm
doing something crazy. that ma away helped my mental health. trish: i think it has to be a multi-pronged approach. i think gun control has to be part of the conversation and so does mental health and social media. >> 100%. there are some days that just reading the news on twitter i think is this country in a civil war? what country is this? it's so depressing where we have come to this place where it's this deeply ugly where our discourse is coarsened and corroded. we have to take a step back and say who are we as a country? because this is not us. trish: britt and adam, good to see you. the far left, they keep blaming president trump.
8:32 pm
they blame him for the mass shootings, and it's happening as a new hollywood blockbuster is out glorifying the killing of deplorables. >> they are not human beings. >> every year a bunch of elite kidnap normal folk like us. trish: todd starns is here. he says trump derangement syndrome has become a cottage industry in hollywood. president trump is calling out president emmanuel macron. he says he's sending mixed signals to iran. (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere. but perhaps this year, a more exhilarating endeavor awaits.
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who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. expedia. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ trish: president trump blasting french president emmanuel macron
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for sending quote mixed signals to iran over possible nuclear tawrks. he said no one talks for the united states. but the u.s. he goes on to say, no one is authorized in any way, shape or form to represent us. this as the department of transportation warns ships in the strait of hormuz, their gps is being interfered with to bring them into iranian waters so iran can seize them. i have spoken to the iranians on human ruls over cases. and i hear a -- on numerous occasions. i hear a lot of conflict stuff. one moment they want to improve relations. the next moment they don't. it feels like a dr. jekyll and
8:38 pm
mr. hyde thing. >> what iran is doing is driving a wedge that they see? between the united states and nato. and it's no secret that's iran and nato nations, the european members of nato really want to capitalize on the economic opportunity in iran. and advice versa. -- and vice versa. >> the economic deal obama did, it was all europeans benefiting. >> boeing airlines got a piece of that. trish: not much. it's all europe. i talked to people running some pretty big companies at the time this was going down. and they said i couldn't invest a single dollar in iran. i had to do everything through a
8:39 pm
european subsidiary. and i couldn't know anything about it. so the european companies:00 p.m. themselves and european nations have benefited from this deal. no. so where does that leave us? >> it's a huge market. europe really is less concerned with the nuclear aspect and much more concerned with the economic aspect. the president is correct in standing up and saying look, nobody brokers deals on our behalf. he needed to be very clear so iran didn't think maybe this was a soft outreach from the united states through macron to iran. so really what the president has done is make it very clear that there is -- we are going to continue to tight knowledge the screws and impose the sanctions and continue to patrol the waters of the persian gulf. what iran is doing with the gps
8:40 pm
manipulation and spoofing that's happening is very, very clear. in my last book "dark winter" i talk about this. this scenario. you change a couple digits on the gps and they will go in iranian waters, then they can say we legitimately seized them because they were in iranian waters when they lured them in there. trish: let me ask you about china. china ignoring the u.s. warning, signaling it will continue to devalue its currency. i will take you a trade war any day of the week over a real war. but sometimes trade wars lead other kinds of wars. with economics power comes military power. what is the big overarching theme here. 1.4 billion people and still growing. do we need to think about china like we did the soviet union?
8:41 pm
does china need to be broken up and contained? >> china has a hard time getting out of its way. militarily they do not have the ability to extend power. they view themselves as the middle kingdom. so everything centered around them. there is no need to expand beyond where they have need minerals in the philippines and the china sea. trish: they are going to dominate the world. >> they are dosm nateing economically in the cyber domain. those are their two main thrusts, and that's where we are fighting back against them. this is classic warfare as you mentioned in the lead-in. it's classic warfare. it's not a shooting war. but it's diplomatic and economic and information for sure. trish: we can do a lot. general tata, thank you very much. coming up, foxnation's abby
8:42 pm
horn chec --hornacek is here wid who caught a foul ball holding his baby. todd starnes says trump derangement syndrome is a cottage industry in hollywood. he'll explain next. hmm. exactly.
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>> we pay for everything. country belongs to us. >> stalking human beings for sport. >> they are not human beings. >> every year a bunch of elites kidnap normal folk like us. and they hunt us for sport. trish: weird. gross. but it's hollywood. >> a controversial hollywood movie depicting conservatives being hunted by liberals. we are days removed from mass shootings and nbc is promoting this. how on earth is it acceptable? joining me, todd starnes.
8:47 pm
what does this tell you? >> there is a disconnect in hollywood. the truth of the matter is deplorables have been hurnltsed by the left and hollywood for a long time. we have been documenting this in my couple at for years. this is a disturbing narrative coming out of hollywood. remember when maxine waters told that crowd we are going to harass the trump supporters. we are going to hunt them down wherever they might be. even if they are in a supermarket or gas straition. in that trailer one of the places where a deplorable is attacked is a gas station. this out of the dnc playbook when it comes to attacking trump supporters. trish: if you are a trump supporters and you are a conservative in america, they
8:48 pm
have the right to hate you, to harass you, and to be violent? it feels like -- that's why i'm so upset with social media. people are living in silos and the left has this silo where it's okay to beat up on somebody if they disagree with you. >> look what just happened. you were talking about this a few minutes ago. there were people on his front lawn saying they wanted to stab this man in the heart and the police say peaceful protest, can't do anything. you have these attacks on conservatives. look what congressman castro did by doxxing people. some people are elderly. a stay at home mom and homemaker. now their for us exposed for the rest of the country. this is the hear it in tough from the left. they are given the clearance. and the reason why, because of
8:49 pm
hillary clinton. back when she was running for president she called them irredeemable deplorables, beyond redemption. when overbind says in a national speak these people are the dregs of society. that is the wink wink nod nod that it's okay to go after trump supporters. trish: these are dangerous times. >> very dangerous. and again we have to address this. we have to talk about this. but fills is not a republican problem. this is a democrat problem. the democrats are going to have to tell their people to stand down. trish: a police chase involving a zebra. and disney getting ready to remake "home alone"?
8:50 pm
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trish: welcome back. it's time for our lightning round. i'm glad to have back on abby hornacek. this is my favorite part of the show. this a zebra i guess -- >> there was a zebra running down the road. police think it escaped from a
8:54 pm
ranch. and they think it swam across the guadalupe river in san antonio. and the best part about this is they captured that one and they said i think this another one on the loose. it reminds me of a movie. remember "chicken run"? they are trying to escape from the farm? i imagine these deeb as plotting, how are we going to get across the guadalupe river? trish: there was a snake that got out. i guess i would rather see a zebra. poisonous snake. this story i'm interested in. "home alone" remake for a variety of reasons. i actually liked "home alone" and "home alone 2". i am a little curious why disney
8:55 pm
is remaking so many movies. >> they are going to try to reimage and remake some of the old fox titles. "sweet home alabama" is getting remade. it's not the same with le bron as it was with michael jordan. they need to couple their own ideas. there were 19 home alones already. trish: what does the star think. this is what it's going to look like, him with his food. that's what i look like when i'm home alone. it's great for these actors. i think some of them haven't
8:56 pm
done anything for a while. so they are resurfacing. i get. there is nostalgia. but they need another frozen. >> we can't have another one of those. trish: olive garden's unlimited pasta making a comeback? >> macaulay need an unlimited pasta pass. you get unlimited pasta for a whole year. but what's driving people crazy, in the tweet they said there is more than meets the eye. people are saying what else is going on. people are trying to analyze this photo. i have my own theory. there is a ucf pen amount and one of the walls. they have a few different images there. i think it has something to do with college students. you get unlimited pasta for a
8:57 pm
year for $100. unlimited bread sticks. that's why i go to olive garden. trish: then this video, i guess, of a dad who is like dad of the year maybe taking on some risk. let's watch it. >> the right field line. it's 0-1. oh, man. with a baby in hand he was able to make the grab. >> he caught that oh effortlessly. a lot of people are calling him dad of the year. but i wonder, is he being irresponsible? he has his baby in his hand. if your husband did this with one of your children, how would you feel?
8:58 pm
trish: if it's coming at you and coming at the baby, i would want to make sure the baby was safe. maybe that's what he was trying to do. ripe and grab it so it doesn't hit your baby? do you have a cat? >> no, i'm not a cat person. i just got a dog. some people say it's kind of like a cat. he's such a sweet dog. i say this because it's international cat day. >> i'm not a cat person. you can't play fetch with a cat. you can't cuddle with it. trish: be careful because we have some cat people on this show. >> sara, we'll have to get you a dog. trish: she loves her dog so we have to be careful.
8:59 pm
>> i love cats, i love all animals. what's the deal with this cat? >> i think it had too much to eat. oh, man. very cute cats. i didn't mean to offend anybody. i do like cats. but they kind of sleep around and -- trish: i am with you. >> it's international cat day. maybe i'll get a cat. trish:ism not going to let you. >> i'm here, i'm open-minded. trish: have a great night. we have a lot more coming up this week. a lot unfortunately regarding the tragedy that has affected our nation so deeply. what need to be done about it. the trump administration talking about something called red flag
9:00 pm
law. a lot of democrats are even opposed to that. something clearly needs to be done. it's time we get the leadership we deserve. >> fear not trish i believe you! mark is getting wise to the bernie con job. he is sinking like a stone and voters begin to realize his dumb ideas will bankrupt the country. is the free stuff carnival coming to a standstill? a brand-new monmouth university poll shows a vermont senator has dropped from second to fourth place among voters in just the last few months. from 16 to nine percent, joe biden, still on top. liz worn in kamala harris, they are creeping up. that's an interesting threesome. b


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