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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 4, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> thank you for watching, i am not sorry about the dirty words. you can follow me on instagram and twitter, tomorrow night doctor drew pinsky with mckendry and brian, your week has just got started. have a good night. >> good evening from day one of the presidency, president trump has delivered on his promise of putting america first. that delivery is no more evident than in his dealings with china. the president ending the decades of china's technology transfer intellectual property theft, the theft of our technology, china pillaging the american economy of millions of dollars. his tough stance on china is about a lot more than the economy. it is about america. >> if i wanted to do nothing with china, my stock market, our
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stock market would be 10000 points higher than it is right now. but nobody had to do this, this is much more important than the economy. somebody had to do this. we had to do it with china. it had to be done. i am not even talking about purely economically, i'm talking about in other ways also. it was out of control and they were out of control. lou: also tonight, more zaniness, perhaps craziness in california. just weeks after the radical left in san francisco attempted to soft and language concerning convicted felons, they issued a new designation for the national rifle association, we will tell you what they now call the nra. in hong kong, the extradition bill that sparked month of demonstration and protest has been withdrawn by hong kong chief executive. but the people of hong kong say much more must be done to restore trust that has been
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destroyed. fox news jonathan with the latest from hong kong. reporter: the chief executive carrie lam has been under intense pressure and wednesday she buckled a green with the backing of the chinese government to withdraw the controversial extradition bill that sparked the protest 13 long weeks ago. and in doing so she called for an end to the violence that has wracked hong kong. >> are priority no is to end violence. to safeguard the rule of law and to restore order and safety in society. reporter: is seems like a significant concession was quickly dismissed by protest organizers. >> it's too little too late in the second of all hong kong people has been there themselves in the slogan that people were
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chanting were no less. this is the endorsement of people. this is the voice of the people. among the protesters remaining demand is the call for independent inquiry into what they consider police brutality over the three months of protest. without that trust cannot be restored between the people and the police and by extension, the hong kong authorities. in the protesters say, they will continue to fight until all the demands are met. while carrie lam's concession might be some organ every home congress, the hardliners will be back on the street this weekend setting the stage for another showdown. lou: jonathan from hong kong. joining us tonight, doctor michael pillsbury director of center strategy at the hudson institute. mike, let me start with hong kong, your thoughts about the
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withdrawal by carrie lam of the extradition bill that would've required citizens of hong kong to be taken to the mainland at the discretion of the chinese government. your thoughts about what will ensue as a result of this immense step forward it seems to me? >> it's an immense step forward, i think there's two of locations, one in hong kong itself, the demonstrations will no doubt continue in this is a 13 week delay, but if the main demand, this is why the 2 million people came out to make sure they cannot just be snatched and brought to the mainland for an unfair trial. but a far more important implication for the united states, xi jinping is no doubt behind this and approved it. this means president trump strategy is working, we may expect some progress in the trade talks.
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when they come out with a series of steps over time, it would not surprise me too see chinese delegation come here this week after all. don't forget just a few days ago, that was really off and things are pretty intense. lou: the president has also been very clear that he believes that his strong decision and stance on tariffs to eliminating trade deficits is contributing to what were watching unfold in hong kong. that is the chinese understands that this president, there will be consequences if they violate human rights, there will be consequences if they do not begin structural reorganization of the trade relationship. >> use all the way he played it, he hopes as a humane solution, he hopes there's a personal meeting, that has not happened yet which resident she, he did
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not confront the chinese directly, he did not call them nazi regime and that sort of thing. but he was also firm, he wanted a successful, peaceful outcome in hong kong without putting his foot on president chi's neck. it looks like a big success to president and hong kong. lou: it is also revealing to watch with the chamber of commerce at the business roundtable and wall street, the way they are reacting now, in talking about, they don't like to see this conflict, they don't want to see -- not one word from the same groups of the same interest when we were losing trillions of dollars through all the preceding under previous presidents, the three previous presidents to this ministration as trillions of dollars were ripped out of our economy.
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the reduction on the economic growth because of the immense trade deficits of the actual ability of our technology that has gone unabated through all of this. we haven't even seen a reduction in the chinese efforts to steal what is ours. >> is pretty bad, with the next challenge, the president is going to overcome fairly soon, the strange chinese wishful thinking that he is not going to win a second term. now he has the two tweets yesterday, they addressed mainly to the chinese, don't take a risk and stall for 60 months because i will have a tougher demand on you after i went by reelection. that might work. lou: it might work, it depends on him winning. your sense of his prospects right now, the economy that he
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has overseen since his election, and maybe i should rephrase that, since his and our girl, which he has influenced since his election, it could not have been better for two and half years, never has been better in the first two and half years of any president. >> the chinese called it correctly in 2016, they were ahead of everybody else saying hillary clinton is going to lose for sure, they had the reasons why, the electoral college count, they thought trump was going to win. they are telling me, these come over to beijing in two weeks, we will brief you on the election in 2020, i said yes, i'm going to beijing to hear the forecast and tell president trump what they have to say. >> be sure to debrief us as you return. >> i think they'll make concessions on trade. i think that's a sure thing. lou: it is right now a given,
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the pain that china is going through at all sorts of pain. it is in their interest to understand that if they have aspirations to truly be an advanced power, they have to come to terms with the new reality that puts away the dominance in the nonsense of what is clearly nonsense. >> you might agree that the president has more options to escalate the trade war if he desires. so the chinese i think, know that. lou: i would indeed agree. if nothing else, simply out of respect for your record and your potential for the future. [laughter] this is uncomfortable isn't afraid maybe next time. thank you for being here. uncle pillsbury. the radical dems are eating
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their own, we will have the latest on the democratic presidential hopefuls, it is not always a pretty sight. san francisco is a sanctuary city, but no sanctuary for the rational, asked the nra, and we correct the record on an element or two on last nig's broadcast, that in more after the break. ♪ credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. [ text notification now that you have] new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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lou: tonight i want to correct two elements of last night's broadcast will be focused on two republican senators. gaines and purdue. meetingit with chinese premier,i just want to say about all of it, i expressed my concern last night that their presence might undercut u.s. and chinese trade negotiation but we learned today that that meeting had been approved by the president, moocher, u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer and i also want to enter correct senator daines outsource jobs, he says he was in no way we
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sponsor both for the p&g jobs, he worked to expand the company's production in china 20 years ago my apologies tonight to both senators in today, this is what the president had tohi say. >> senator daines and purdue were on a visit to china -- did you approve the meeting? >> i approved it in my people approved it. china asked for the meeting and they have a lot of respect for them and i said they are friends of mine in great senators during a fantastic job. i knew about the meeting and approved it in all they did was say that we really have bipartisan support. if you look at it, the support is very serious, we are not playing games. and that was the message that was given by senator purdue and senator daines and given very strongly. they absolutely had myas presumptiopermission they spokeo
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lighthizer and management before they went there. lou: the two senators, i personally find very careful in the wording. talking about a level playing field. i was still prefer those two senators indeed, i would prefer all the republican senators in the senate stand up and give this president the credit he deserves for putting tariffs on chinese goods, the political courage that is taking to do so and i wouldld like to hear them use the words tariffs, talking about not level playing field but balanced trade and insisting upon a change in the conduct in the balance of trade between the united states and t china. it is time for republicans to stand up in both houses and support this president. that said, that is the
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correction i still expect a lot more both senators and the republican party on capitol hill in both houses. let's turn to the radical left on the san francisco board of the board passed a resolution, declaring the national rifle association to be a domestic terrorist organization. this come weeks after the supervisor passed a resolution rebranding convicted felons as justice and ball persons. in october 2015, 2 months after kate stanley was combining legal immigrant, the supervisors voted unanimously to keep the centurys status. then supervisor said at the time, we cannot allow them to dictate 25 years of our city policy toward undocumented immigrants. it is interesting that it took one noted instance and that was that the fair in california to
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change their mind about the direction they would go with the nra. quite an interesting state right now. 2020 democratic hopeful and spiritual guru marianne williamson slamming the radical dems, the democratic party for their meanness and their lives. williamson telling me, i know this sounds naïve, i did not think the left was so mean. i did not think the left live like this. i thought the right did that. i thought we were better. not so. joining us tonight, reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, the dean himself of republican strategist in this country. ed rollins. first marianne williamson, her discovery. >> i'm very happy for her, if i learn something out of the
10:19 pm
selection. having been in for 50 years with democrats, they are tough, they play the game in a hardball way and basically will do whatever ity takes to win and that's american politics. >> i will not mention any names, i was talking with a leading republican this week of who said that it was unfortunate that this had to be about party. this is all about party politics. and the republicans are playing the part of the naïve and around the left is filled with venom. >> the republicans basically see politics as a hobby, democrats. lou: they are not very damn good. >> democrats see it as a lifelong occupation which they will change and change radically.
10:20 pm
just as the board in d san francisco, i'm familiar with i grow up in the bay area many years ago, they are left wingers and they don't believe in jails, criminals, they do believe in anything. lou: they don't believe in reality. >> just to show up for the case, the state assembly in california passed, it has not gone to the state senate, to give 16-year-old the right toig vote. lou: where was that? >> california, there still playing games in high school, they're not ready to vote, an 18-year-old was because they were in vietnam and the premise was if you were going to fight for your life for the country, you should be able to vote. lou: what would you say about 16-year-old? >> the reality is, they keep trying to broaden the base so they can influence in the reality is, california is a law state for republicans at this point. lou: what about new york? >> new york is an equal place. those two states for republican running for president, president
10:21 pm
trump or anyone else are probably five or 6 million votes behind before they start. you have to make it all elsewhere. lou: 16 resignations already in the house. >> i live in texas, i hope this is not a trend we saw a trend last time. the reality, what they have to understand, this election is set up for reinforcement and we have to get the president reelected and a large number of the house. lou: mom asked this, this seems to be what it boilsls down to. we're talking about senators gained and purdue. doing what the president had approved mnuchin and lighthizer, but at the same time the voices on this were so milquetoast, the words laid their as they talked about leveling the playing field. we are not talking about trillions of dollars, were
10:22 pm
talking about next potential threat as the president stated to the united states and not even talk about china is exactly that, we can even get from the republican party in the house or the republicans in the senate vigorous support for this president in advance of an election within the next year end a half. >> it will be a close election, specifically we talked about and people have to understand, we could lose the presidency, trump has had a great presidency. lou: what about the senators, house, republican party. >> we could lose the whole thing. we are to get as deep as i've seen in the last 50 years, there's a lot of steak, the house,re senate. lou: what kind of person is sitting in the house ofre representatives are the senate who does not come back and rural
10:23 pm
like a lion and go get them. because there are no liens that i can see. >> in the two gentlemen in the senate who were in china, the president is supported by the country. lou: they did that. and basically we will go back and keep fighting the chinese are not receptive to the idea. >> i had not heard anything public about that. they need to have a press conference. lou: the hell with press conference. i'm getting tired of the republican response to the viciousness that highly energized viciousness of the democratic party on the part of republicans. they say will write a strong letter, we may hold a hearing someday. i mean it is justed nonsense. they are evident and they are
10:24 pm
not worthy of support if they don't go to work for this president. i think you'll agree with this, either this president wins the election in 2020 or the republican party may be, what many democrats hope, a thing of the past. >> in the midterm, 40 house seats and about to hold the senate in 2020 in addition to the presidency. every republican who cares deeply to be fully engaged. lou: fully engaged. i think i would be mad as hell and going after everyone of these issues that are trying to still avert this president and his policies. it's beyondd comprehension. >> get mad and get over it. excuse me. you could not be around me too long, ed. >> i'm mad as hell and going to keep fighting till we get this thing done again. lou: thank you so much.
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up next, president trump backs boris johnson, the deliver on brexit. imagine that. >> boris is a friend of hri mind he is going at it, there is no question about it. i watched him this morning, he is in there fighting. and, he knows how to win, boris knows how to win. >> a new poll shows just how popular president trump is among republican voters. we take that up with the chair of the republican national committee, ronal rana mcdaniel d us and we have a few quick messages and then we will talk with her. stay with us. ♪ you name it. the ford f-150 will tow up to 13,200 pounds of it.
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10:30 pm
germany would be forced to increase itsts share from 15 to 16%. perhaps they could pay what they are obligated to pay there would be a very refreshing turn of events. british prime minister arras johnson parliament voting to block his no deal brexit. lawmakers trying to prevent johnson from pulling the country out of european union without a plan in place. you ask what was theresa me doing all that time? that is your answer. the parliament voted against johnson's motion to hold a snap election for october 15. he is in a mess. the justice department here speaking of masses facing increasing pressure in court and on capitol hill to release key documents pertaining to the origins of the fbi's rush of collusion investigation, the special counsel investigation by the senate judiciary committee now asking for declassification of documents related to michael
10:31 pm
flynn and flynn's legal team is asking a court l to review partf the inspector general spendingrt report on fisa abuses. joining us charlie hurt "washington times" opinion editor "fox business" contributor, great to have you with us. let's start with first of all the idea we might findta somethg out about spygate. we still don't have the scope memos. we don't know what happened to the anthony weiner laptop for crying out loud. we don't know why nsa won't provide us investigators in the justice department with copies of the so-called missing e-mails because that's what it is, so-called because those are retained by the nsa. >> absolutely nothing is more important than going back and getting to the bottom of the origins of thein investigation n the firstin place.
10:32 pm
you could have said from the very beginning what we had here was you had an administration using america's spying apparatus to spy on political opponents at the height of a presidential election. those are all known undisputed facts and that should terrify every american regardless of what your political stripe is and the idea that all of that information hasn't already been revealed i think shows two things. one is t how to dastardly these people are but also how terrified they are of what's going to happen when that information does come back. lou: it seems to me there's every reason to be concerned
10:33 pm
about the republican party because there isn't enough energy within the republican party itself, a line interest within the party. to this point actually stand up for this president, stand up for the american people it is as if they are so used to kowtowing to the chamber of commerce and the business roundtable to wall street corporate america. they are confused about the fact that they are in charge of the senate. they are inn charge of the white house and they act like they are winning orders. they may be doing that and they just haven't received them from goldman sachs and the business roundtable and tom donahue at the chamber. this is an opportunity for them. it's the only opportunity they have got and that is to support this president and drive home a victory for 2020.o to. >> you put your finger on the exact reason why donald trump shot to the top of the field of
10:34 pm
republicans in one election, and that is because he is not afraid. he's willing to go and stir up a hornets nest. he's willing to stand forf. stu. he's willing to make hard negotiations with china or iran or democrats domestically. there is nobody he's not willing to sit down and negotiate with and it's such a breath of fresh air and of course republicans will ran into the arms of a guy who's willing to stand up. lou: this president seems to me there's no question he's done more than any president in modern history. no onene has representative an economy like this. this is a manwh who has been regulated at a rate not achieved by any of his predecessors. he's turning the calculus on international paid. china is i believe fully comprehending now that this president does not want to be trifled with.
10:35 pm
this seems to me extraordinary. the holdouts here on appropriate credit and respect are the rhinos of the republican party and they have the capacity to create great pain through their passivity and 2020. >> think about what this president is up against in his effort to secure the border. not only democrats butut also members of his own party and he's up against -- lou: paul ryan single-handedly stopped the construction of the wall the president trump is now building. >> and beyond this my goodness the federal courts are completely standing up for any effort to do it and despite all of that. lou: charlie we will have to run. appreciated as always. great to see you. thanks so much and we will take up your book and an entire segment here.
10:36 pm
>> still winning. lou: love that, still winning what a lovely title. charlie hurt. new signs theim republican party is the party of trump rally take it up with the rnc's ronald mcdonald -- rhonda mcdonald, next.
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lou: more great news for the president. a new poll shows republicans are more supportive of president trump and they are good republican party.
10:40 pm
in the herbert harris poll 42% of republicans or independents leaning republicans and say they are more supportive of donald trump and the republican party. that's up three points from last month republicans who say they are more supportive of the party fell from 30% to 26%. joining us tonight rnc chair "rhoda" daniel and great to see you. let's start with this harvard harris poll. even though it has mixed news for the party the fact that you have a standard bearer like the president in these circumstances is about the best news there popular party has going into 2020, isn't it? >> the great thing for the party to have the president leading our party and someone who expands are based and attracts voters who have an eyes looked at the republican party. part of the reason why he won in 2016 and every candidate on the
10:41 pm
ballot in 2020 is going to benefit from that base of the president brings to the polls because he will help everybody down ticket and help us maintain our majority in the senate and win back the house. there are people who will vote for president trump that won't show up for their candidates. >> winning back the house is looking like a tall order. it's incredible to me republicans retiring and fully one third are in the state of texas and bill florest the latest. that looks like a pill work for the republican party could hang onto the state of texas that was which was inconceivable just four years ago. >> i feel very good about texas. governor abbott had a very decisive when in 2018. he's a very popular governor. we do see these retirements between every election is typical.
10:42 pm
remember we only have to flip 18 seats in the house to win back the house. i think every republican should be looking out how do we keep the senate and take back the house and absolutely reelect the president. lou: who is helping decide who the candidates will be for your party because i've got to tell you what i saw the senate do in 2016, 2018 was frankly i thought some measure in certain numbers absolutely unfathomable. the congressional candidates many of them lost most of them. they didn't have the sense to support the president. they didn't have the credentials to win on their own. what are you going to do to assure the republican party doesn't tear itself to pieces going into this critical critical presidential election year? >> yes the nail on the head lou candidates matter and that's why president trump is more populated within our party with
10:43 pm
than any other candidate can he also brings in independents and republicans. the arms of the house recruit candidates but ultimately the voters decide who will go into that general election what we have seen with the republican base is they support candidates that support this present time and time again. lou: support this president and then you have senator pat toomey the president is clearly winning in the trade war and by the way it's only a stalemate right now. he will win it at great pain with communist china to pat toomey the ongoing trade war. imagine because it shows his lack of understanding of economics, his lack of understanding about the trade relationship itself with china. he's saying it could absolutely hammer the u.s. economy. this is mysterious and as i said
10:44 pm
unfathomable. >> the status quo with china hammers the u.s. economy this is a president who stood up to china. he ran out and he said we are not going to be taken advantage of the. we are going to let countries take advantage of our workers of our manufacturing base and he has done so with strength boldness and with resolve. lou: why can't we use those words with members of the senate and the house with strength and resolve. are you kidding? those words are relevant to most of the members of the house and the senate. >> we have have resolved many when you look at joe biden joe biden says china is not a competitor. china would love joe biden because then they can take advantage of america. lou: by the way most of the republican establishment candidates the rhinos as you well know are like puppies rolling over for their kibble.
10:45 pm
ron others one other thing i want to conclude with very quickly. a recent poll from harris again the harvard cat harris poll for the hill i believe, 67% say that it is necessary to confront china's trade practices. this despite the majority surveyed who acknowledged the suggestion that the tariffs will slow down our economy as well. you can argue the point and i personally think it's nonsense. it's to continue to be the for the rest of the world. >> the president is absolutely right in you and we know he's not going to plank. he recognizes that we have been taken advantage of. lou: i'm not worried about the president. what is your party going to do with that?
10:46 pm
what in the world are we going to see from your party? we have the leader in the fleeting. >> as rnc chair we are out talking to voters every day. i hear from farmers, here for manufactures. tell the president thank you for staying strong. lou: . lou: what did they say to tell those rhino senators and those rhino congressman? >> naysay stand with the president on this. he's doing the right thing. otherwise we will be taken advantage of by china for years and years and decades to come. this is the time to stand paul. lou: ronna mcdaniel the best leader the rnc has had in many a year. >> thank you lou, thank you. lou: up next of former new york -- changes his tune about using the fed as a political weapon. we will have that and more right after the break.
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10:51 pm
is spending his time defending comments he made without question irrational fashion urging the federal reserve to actually undermine president trump's 2020 re-election. a lot of people thought dudley was a very bright fellow until recently. deadly writing to stay quote i wrote the article to address my concern the president had faced a negative economic consequences of this trade war and the fed and has not pushed back against his more forcibly. i was not he said he claimed he heard not trying to suggest that the feds should take sides in the upcoming election. the hell he wasn't. joining me tonight bill lee chief economist at the milken institute john lackey chief economist at moody's. it's great to have you both here. let me start with dudley's credibility and its maximum
10:52 pm
exposure and a complete failure as a "politico" fed operator. >> bill dudley has set a new low. my gosh this man has truly like telling a fighter going to the next round and pull your punches.s. regardless of whatever shocks to the economy their jobob is to me sure we have got the growth to compel the economy forward and he's telling them you know let whatever market troubles take place.. i'm ashamed too say the new york fed. lou: it's just good you didn't rise much higher. john you know as bill says that i thought was interesting he qualified it a little bit as a
10:53 pm
new low for former fed officials. there are lower lows for current officials evidently.. >> it was very foolish to go ahead and do. the last thing we need is a federal reserve where they conduct monetary policy according to whether not they think fiscal policy is t appropriate where they could by defaultt care less about economc performance. i think that's going to happen anytime soon. >> what will happen anytime soon? i want to get both of you to answer this. where are we headed right now at this economy? we have got of course a cadre of savants who have lost a lot of money by the way over the past year or two trying to tell us we are a new direction because for technical reasons whatever it may be that they are talking down the market in talking down the economy.
10:54 pm
>> there is a manufacturing slowdown around the world, no question aboutut i it. remember lou manufacturing is only 7% of the u.s. economy 8% of total employment. so only a small share in what president trump's try to do is say fix manufacturing not just by pulling back manufacturing willy-nilly. will pull back the highest roi jobs and make sure we get trading partners that willac she in our game. we will take the deficit we have offing de larpet torre new trading partners who are willing to be part of this resurgence of manufacturing in the united states. that is the new o policy. lou: and the hill with this new survey, 67% of very important survey of american supporting the presence tariffs and they understand what this is about. i don't hear quite the same discussion and debate about tariffs. we have a very clear view of
10:55 pm
what the president is doing. >> let me quickly start by stating the slowdown in global manufacturing is not entirely the consequence of this trade conflict to an united states states and china. this also has something to do with the massive buildup of inventories late last year and early this year a cyclical natural right, so i think that's something you want to keep an eye on but if there's a good chance the u.s. economy's going to go ahead and continue to grow we had pretty good news on auto sales in the month of august. lou: how much does the market go up tomorrow? >> 150 points doug jones. lou: thank you very much. we will be rightht back.
10:56 pm
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...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. fu stocks closing higher the dow up 237 points the s&p up 32 the nasdaq rose 103 points blame on the big ward 3.2 billion shares bitter mind to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. president trump today defended his decision to revert $3.6 billion for military construction to build a wall. a reporter today saying when you thousands of people trying to rush our country and many have drugs pouring into our country that is a national security issue. that's it forng us tonight. we thank you for being with us.
11:00 pm
tomorrow night we'll we will be coming to you from washington d.c.. it's going to be something. the tory attempting joan jett di genova and mark among our guest. thanks for being with us and good night from new york. georgs are bracing for hurricane dorian as the category 2 storm slowly unleashes its wrath up the coast. it's gaining strength on the cusp of becoming a cat 3 again. mike toin is live in -- mike tobin is live in savannah, georgia with the latest. 2020 democrats are proposing to spend trillions of your dollars on climate change. deneen borelli says the radical climate chang


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