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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  September 24, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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before his inauguration. lou: we'll be in washington, d.c. tomorrow. vice president mike pence is our special guest. please be with us. see you then. good night from new york. trish: a sad day for our country, democracy, our freedom. the left vows to undermine the election and move forward with impeachment proceedings. without any proof they ledge the president used his presidential power to convince the ukrainian president to investigate joe biden and his son. the left refuses to wait and see what took place on that phone call. they made up their minds. they are moving forward with impeachment. we are taking a deep diefn what started this mess in the first place. the role the media played in all
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this. "trish regan primetime" starts now. nancy pelosi is officially folded. turning over the reign -- the reins of her party over to the extreme left. >> the dishonorable fact of the president's oath of office, betrayal of our national security and betrayal of of the integrity of the our elections. i am announcing the house of representatives will move forward with an official impeachment inquiry. trish: pelosi caving to the left wing of her party. they care about one thing only. the undoing of this president of the united states. regardless of part ar -- regardf
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party affiliation. and where you stand politically. this is a political assault. if this president were withholding funds in exchange for finding dirt on joe biden, that would be one thing. >> the president who believe he's above the law, pursuing the leadered of another nation to investigate a political oh point, california's election is not the conduct of an american president. trish: these are allegations made by someone who didn't even hear the call. wasn't even on the call. the whistleblower wasn't even on the call. president trump is releasing the transcript of that now infamous call of the ukrainian president in which he suggested ukraine look into whether there was
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wrongdoing by vice president biden and his son when he was vp. this is something even the mainstream media was reporting on. in july of this year, 2019, "the washington post" published a scathing piece, that vice president biden said ukraine should increase gas production. here is the headline. will hunter bind jeopardize his father's campaign. for bind a ukraine matter that won't go away. the president asked the question about bind that was welt documented in the media. it was well documented in the media until the president considered it an issue. once he started to question it, well the media calls it a conspiracy. the "new york times" trump accused of enlisting a foreign power to help him politically.
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a salon writes watch out for bill barr. trump's fixer will work his black magic on ukraine scandal. obstruction of justice hasn't worked. now we arrive at treason? >> talk about pressuring a foreign country to interfere with and control a u.s. election. it couldn't be clearer. that's not just undermining democratic institutions. that's treason. it's treason pure and simple. the penalty for treason under the u.s. code is death. that's the only penalty. trish: what? did you hear what he said? this is dark, dangerous rhetoric. america is losing its way and we could all pay the price. joining me to understand what's going down here, house judiciary committee member andy bigg.
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welcome. it's good to have you here at a critical time as this news breaks. we understand nancy pelosi is referring this to your committee. one investigation isn't panning out so they try another? what's going on? >> what's happening is nancy pelosi is basically. my opinion this is just the late jest soup du jour. you are right. when you say there is no evidence, the president is providing evidence. he's going to release the transcript. he's going to release the complaint filed by the whistle
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blower. it's a mob coming together relying on their emotions and hatred instead responding rationally to some of these things. trish: you would think they would wait to see the transcript. it's good's coming out with that. it sets a weird precedent. trust it would be confidential. not less in this situation it merits it. he's going to release that. and if there is no there there, what are do the dems do then? >> they will find something else. they want to find something -- they hate this president so much they will do anything to overturn the 2016 election. quite frankly i don't think there will be any there there. trish: can this backfire? americans still want impeachment. nancy pelosi knows that it's one
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of the reasons she is reluctant to go down this path in the first place. >> there will be a backlash. when people see this they will say the democrats lost their way. we see that day in and day out. you sit on the judiciary committee, they don't follow rules, they don't have procedure or respect for any of these things. their only job, job one is to go after this president. it's mind boggling to me. it gret -- it gets to the greatr problem this country. they are reintongd emotion because they hate the president. trish: i don't care what side of the aisle you are on. i don't care if you voted for him or not. it should be disturbing that the democrats time and time again keep trying to pull something out of their leave hoping for a magic trick to get that magic impeachment built. walk us through the difference between an inquiry and actual
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articles of impeachment. one of the reasons it's being treated as such a big story, she said to heck with that reluctance, she is all in. >> what happens ways we have been doing is what we call a faux or preliminary investigation. nancy pelosi sanctioned that prelim theirive investigation. to bring a full-blown investigation she would have to bring an impeachment resolution to the house. she didn't do that. if they do that, the judiciary committee would make a referral and recommendation of impeachment and they would send articles of impeachment to the floor of the house. trish: they say we launched.
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we'll keep talking to you. thank you so much, sir. coming up. much more break on this story. we have all of it. remember the story we did on peta complaining about elephants? >> fictional elephants is what they are focusing on now. if you are starting a movement for anything fictional. i feel like i have got some stuff you can do. trish: peta is responding to that segment. kat timpf is here with her reaction. also, socialist bernie sanders saying billionaires should be extinct. who will democrats get to pay for everything? but first more breaking news on
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trish: the "wall street journal" is reporting the white house is repairing to release whistleblower complaint about president trump's phone call to congress later this week. nancy pelosi take the first step towards impeaching this president. vice president joe biden is piling on make bold accusations. but totally silent on allegations that he himself threatened to withhold money from ukraine so his son's hunter company could have business. >> i said we leave in six hours. if the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money. son of a [bleep] he got fired. trish: tom, it almost feels like
8:15 pm
the dems were trying to turn this on its head. they knew bind was in hot water. they knew of he had an issue, so the strategy is to reverse it and pin it on trump? >> and cry wolf all the time. that's the problem with them. i predicted in november they would get to impeachment and you are right. biden has been slowly sliding away. you got warren taking him over in california and in iowa. they knew this would hurt him. so they go out on a limb with this. we'll have two witnesses this week. we'll have the transscript come out. they couldn't wait four days. the problem is for the american public, how many times are they going to cry wolf on this issue.
8:16 pm
who knows. trish: if for some reason -- and i don't think he did. he's been pretty forth coming what they he talked about. if he said president of ukraine, i'm not going to give you have this money news come through with a certain amount of dirt on joe biden and his son. that's wrong. but you have got a whistleblower who didn't listen to the call. it's coming to this whistleblower second hand. on top of that you have got the president releasing the transcript tomorrow. we'll know whether there was any funny business going on. katie, it seems like it's actually a tactical strategy if you would to try and turn the tables so nobody is talking about what went down with hunter and joe in the first place. >> i think you are right. it's twofold. one, i think it democrats got burned with the way the mueller investigation panned out.
8:17 pm
they are trying to goat impeachment rout inside of handing it to doj and coming up with nothing. and there is the bind issue with the ukrainians. if somebody is in office getting benefits that goes both ways, not just with mr. trump. trish: this is not entirely different -- it feels different because it's nancy pelosi and she has bent holdout and didn't want the send her party in this direction because she fears politically what it would mean for them. but she was the holdout. now she has thrown in the towel and joining the impeachment bandwagon. >> there was no form tall vote of the whole house. so really what is the difference here? she gave a press conference saying okay now let's call it impeachment inquiry.
8:18 pm
that means on cnn at the bottom, it means impeachment every day and that ramped it up. there is one possibility they are doing something rational. there are a lot of lawsuits. they will spread their subpoenas. now they will put in those lawsuits that we should get a wide range of material because we are talk impeachment and that covers beyond what the judiciary committee is doing. trish: especially if you get the transcript and there is nothing there. i'm not lawyer on this panel, you guys are. don't they have to have a crime in mind? they think it's treason. but if you see the transcript and there is nothing there, how do they move forward on that? >> they might be jumping the gun. they have to prove up the crime. you might have these allegations, but they could run into elements of prove problems when you are talking about the conversation and whether it could be interpreted one way or
8:19 pm
another. it won't be as direct as they are hoping. i think they have gone the ahead of themselves. if it's clear-cut, it could be a crime. i think they will run into what they ran into last time with the mueller situation. they can't prove it up. they are not -- they are going to not have a clear-cut violation of the law. trish: i said at the beginning of the show it's a sad thing for the country. for them to take us down this path, if there is nothing there, it is the boy who cried wolf too' times. they are only going to get so much help drug their constituents. we have a lot more coming up. plus peta is reacting to this. 0.0 elephants were freed because this packaging doesn't exist. i don't know if they
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appointments available now. with sofi, get your credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. trish: president trump is tweeting, the democrats are so focused on hurting the republican party and the president that they are unable to get anything done because of it, including gun safety, lowering drug prices and infrastructure. so bad for our country.
8:25 pm
one of those issue ofs is the drugs we depend on. made in china. made in india. now facing recall after recall. a common drug found to have cancer-causing ingredients. i not was frustrating. you care so much about these issues and talked to dr. siegel about the importance of understanding what's in our medicine. it's something the president i think is aware of and concerned about. certainly when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs. drug prices, drug source. china overall as it comes to trade, these are issues that are of the utmost importance. and we are talking about
8:26 pm
impeachment. >> the president has been strong on china in terms of what they are doing to us. the chokehold they have on our country, this is one of my favorite blood pressure drug. it works to loosen blood vessels in diabetics. now i'm faced with look at a ouija board. can i use any one in that class. another one like it causes a cough and it's not recalled, but it's not my favorite. president trump is very interested in the idea that in china products are not supervised. there is no fda oversight. here we are with another recall in this incredible drug class that have a potential
8:27 pm
cancer-causing agent. trish: you put it in your body. >> relying on china to fill our medicine cabinets is a national security risk and health risk. not one american drug company manufactures generic antibiotics. we depend on china almost entirely for our supply of antibiotics. what if we had an anthrax attack? the drugs we need are made in china. >> it's my number one favorite. -- blood pressure medication. >> squalid factor. >> they are manufactured
8:28 pm
overseas, then we pay more than anyone in the world. any they need to be manufactured here. >> the president has an opportunity as he's devising ways to bring drug prices down, to provide incentives for american drug companies to manufacture them right here where they can be inspected. trish: this is an important story. breaking news on this front. yet impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. we don't know. the transcript is going to get released tomorrow. you don't think it would be prudent to wait 24 hours to see what's there? >> everyone is talking about the whistleblower. that could notes a crime occurred. this anonymous person should be called the leaker. we have no idea whether anyone was done wrong. it's all this person's word. >> that person, the leak as you
8:29 pm
say, that leaker wasn't even on the call. so this is information that the leaker gets second. >> this is two times we have had impeachment when partisan rancor was so strong one party decided to sacrifice the good of the nation to destroy a president belong to the other party. >> what americans want to know tonight is what vice president joe biden was doing while his son was at risk. the sitting vice president. that was the story. by the way, if president trump is releasing the transcript of that phone call you better believe it's non-incriminating. that's what we should wait to see. trish: the mainstream media bias running rampant since this election. ever since president trump
8:30 pm
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- [announcer] norton 360 with lifelock. use promo code get25 to save 25% off your first year and get a free shredder with annual membership. call now to start your membership or visit >> he has co-signers. that's how he was able to obtain those loans. and the co-signers are russian oligarchs. >> tonight we are retracting the story. >> it's manufactured crisis. >> the entire mainstream media, we are reflex i havely jan antitrump. >> donald trump's daily sometimes hourly assault on the rule of law in this country. >> the mueller investigation not inching toward the president, it's careening. >> breaking news.
8:35 pm
closing in with special counsel's russia probe closes in on the president and his inner circle. >> michael cohen asserts the president knew about that 2016 trump tower meeting in advance. >> if it's true -- trish: are you exhausted? i think i am after watching that. the mainstream media liberal bias running rampant ever since president trump emerged on the scene in 2016. there is such a dislike. it's like people can't separate themselves. they hate him so much that it interferes with the so-called journalists' ability to do their jobs. these reporters are trading in unsourced, uncorroborated rumors. hearsay. joining me right now is presidential historian doug wead. i know you and i talk about this a lot.
8:36 pm
it's really bad right now. betsy said it earlier. any time we have gotten to this moment with the party is trying to impeach a president is because there is such vitriol and so much hate. they decide the politics are more important than the good of the country. if he did what they are alleging, that would be a big problem. but he says he didn't. he's releasing the transcript. and we don't know anything at this point. yet you wouldn't know it by listen to to these reporters. >> yeah. it's almost like a gambler it's a gamble on russian collusion instead of taking their losses and going home, they are saying double or nothing. what have we got coming down the pike. but i'm thinking not as a student of history, but as a human being watching television. i'm thinking wait a minute. you said he was a russian spy.
8:37 pm
that's big. that's the equivalent of landing man on the moon. that's columbus' voyage. that's like the assassination of julius ceasar. that's big. now you are telling me that's not true. i would like to hear an apoly for the past two years. if you will apologize over the lies you have been telling about russian collusion, i'll be able to sit down and hear your latest conspiracy theory. trish: it's like there is no standard anymore. whenever i reported the story out, especially when there is something sensitive. you want to check it and check it again, then check it again. you want to check it with multiple sources. lawrence o'donnell had one source telling him one thing. he had to retract it. there is a recklessness in news right now doug that i think is doing the american public a
8:38 pm
disservice and doing our political system a disservice. not to mention the president of the united states. >> i use the analogy of the gambler because they bet so much on he's a russian spy and they lost. they are in a panic and they are grabbing every time they got it's desperation. i think it's led to these lapses of common sense. it's not just a lack of journalism. it's a lack of common sense. you ought to check the story. trish: when you think about judge kavanaugh and what they alleged with him. what was that, last weekend when the news cycle was moving so fast? it's amazing to me that no one has suffered any consequences at the "new york times." but the idea that you can make these allegations about someone
8:39 pm
when the original person who was allegedly the victim of all this can't confirm any of it. you heard this from a third party. this is hearsay. and it's being print or treated as fact. you look at these allegations. if you are your average american and you read or consume any of this media out there. you would think that this president basically held the ukraine up and either you give me dirt on joe biden or i'm not going to give you $300 plus million you need for your security. that's not what happened. you read these headlines, doug, and it feels again for a consumer that doesn't understand media and the nuances of it like it did. >> it's very dangerous. i remember making many trips to the so yebt union. i would often ask them about
8:40 pm
censorship and the government propaganda media during that time. it's what they didn't know that hurt them. many times they could read through the lines of what was being said. i think the american people read through the lines or they wouldn't have elected donald trump. the media did not want that. they somehow managed to discern that. and we may be cocky as the american people thinking we can figure this out and survive the media onslaughts. but it's dangerous and a that he to our society. we need real journalists again and some integrity so we can hear real news. trish: you need to be able to separate the fact from fiction and separate the emotions which is so hard for many members of the media right now because they have decided they hate this man and that hate is dictating everything.
8:41 pm
>> what a great point. that has one was a great point. they looked at the cameras while the twin towers collapsed behind them and they kept their cool. but they can't keep their cool on this because they are emotionally involved. trish: peta is not happy with me. >> 0.0 elephants were actually freed because this packaging doesn't exist. i don't know if they thought there were actual elephants in the store. they were pictures of elephants. trish: socialist bernie sanders says billionaires should be extinct. if they go extinct who are you going to get to pay for all your trillion dollar social programs you want? maybe you.
8:42 pm
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trish: billionaires should not exist. that's the message bernie sanders is trying to convey in
8:46 pm
his new tax plan. if you are keeping track at home. taxing the rich will pay for healthcare, precollege, an economic overhaul and house for every single american. but don't worry they are not going to tax the middle class. not in the cards. joining me, madison gesiotto and deneen borelli. there is some funny expression. how nutty do you think we are? we are going to tax the rich. and you are never going to be affected by that. but is that true? >> it's ridiculous. first of all, why in the world would a billionaire support bernie sanders? he's all about command and control government. and his big government policies,
8:47 pm
he's trying to you find a way to pay for them by taxing the rich. the rich who by the way are generous to those who are disadvantaged. but bernie sanders is looking to harm those who are disadvantaged, especially with the grown new deal. he wants to do away with coal and raise taxes. i see him having a war against everybody. trish: in bernie's utopia everything will be taken care of for you. your healthcare and house will be paid for. you can go to school ore ever as far as bernie cares, that will be paid for. >> do people buy into that? almost every single week we talk about something related to the ridiculous policies the democrats are proposing. who are these democrats to be overtaxing americans who work hard for their money? people don't want you reaching into their pockets to pay for
8:48 pm
these policies. even though they would like to pretend money grows on trees, it doesn't. when you crunch the numbers they don't add up. when you talk about this tax on extreme wealth bernie is proposing. that would only bring in $4.35 trillion. so it may cover his $2.3 trillion house for all or medical debt elimination. trish: elizabeth's warren's don't add up either. the other big story is the impeachment developments. nancy pelosi effectively caving. at some point she couldn't take it. all the pressure aoc. she is like okay, okay. it's pretty thin what she is basing it on as of now. i will bet as of tomorrow wrns
8:49 pm
we see the transcript it will get really thin. >> jerry nadler has been investigating the president since day one, essentially. so why the press conference today with nancy pelosi i don't know. but she gets an academy award for that. when you look at all the investigations that the left has been doing, they are not focused on what is good for the country. the problems and issues facing our country. they wanted the president impeached from day one, before he was even inaugurated. that's their primary agenda and that's their goal. trish: madison, i think unfortunately for them them, and unfortunately for the country, it puts us in a very, very bad place, it's not going to pan out. this is why americans hate congress. americans are fed up with politicians because they feel like the people like to go there
8:50 pm
to bicker. not to actually do anything that would result in better economic circumstances for each and every american. >> this is version 2.0 of the witch hunt. russian collusion didn't work. they now moved on to impeachment. the president will stay in office and win reelection in 2020. promises made, promises kept. trish: we'll see how it all goes down. i don't think it's a winning strategy. it doesn't play in peoria. next our story on peta and their complaining about trader joe's packaging. kat timpf is back to annoy peta again. you don't want to miss her. she is here after this. >> fictional elephants they are
8:51 pm
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should always be working harder. that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today. trish: welcome back. time for our lightning round, joining us today kat timpf, you
8:55 pm
got peta worked up. >> they are trying to normal a the idea that elephants should be free. that is why they should not be e at the circuit. trish: you reacted. >> to my original math, 0.0 elephants are freed because they are not on packages any more. their goal is to free all elephants, i would like to say, i personally would consider a ziea --0.0 success rate to not a success. trish: you know you are making them angrier. >> i consider that a failure. if you do nothing, that is not a success. trish: they don't like idea that somehow anyone would consider is funny or normal to have elephants in the circus.
8:56 pm
do we have a comment from peta? >> they are trying to do away with normalization of circuses. no additional elephantses have been freed because of this, i would call that a failure. trish: a french woman discovered a renaissance herr -- era paintn her kitchen. >> come on. trish: some people get all of the luck. >> yesterday, i was hungry, i found a cracker with cheese dip, i was on top of the world, then i saw this, now i feel ripped off, 6 million bucks, and cheese-like product. and crackers. trish: those stories are neat.
8:57 pm
like the antique roadshow. that beats the cheese dip. trish: i don't have that much stuff. i just don't think i have anything worth 6 million in my apartment. >> a third of americans are going to unnecessary debt to pay for lavish weddings. >> they are starting their marriage in debt, for why? i don't understand having a big wedding, you spend all this money to you know just get your college buddies and aunt caroll drunk on wine. and feed them beef tender loin, i don't understand you have to walk around for hours and hours and take pictures with people you don't know or remember, your husband's great-uncle larry is there he is hammered, this stuz not sound fun, i told my boyfriend, i don't need a
8:58 pm
engagement ring or a wedding but i want a giant lizard at some point that matters to me, they are this big. he told me no. we're still working on it i'll get you. >> what do you think of the prime ministeimpeachment thing. >> i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around why they are doing this now, when they have not seen the transcript of the call yet. he will release it, we can read it, don't you want to see it first? trish: yeah. >> i would think before you call for impeachment, you should have actual evidence that it is something that should be called for, those are olden times. trish: you know, people are old fashion, you are a millennial. we're talking about this, you think about journalism today, people are trading it hearsay, you think about this or
8:59 pm
kavanaugh. it is as though everyone is jumping to a conclusion, we don't know what is there. >> let's look at it. if it is based on facts, and what is actually there, not based on, oh, could this be the thing? trish: so much hate. they mat hate him. >> they do and i don't see the senate impeaching. trish: it is a big dog and pony show. >> it is. trish: this is not article of impeachment, not different from from jerry nadler did. it was kind of a big deal because nancy pelosi was holding out now saying okay aoc squad, i will join the team, i have my pom-poms. >> right, moderate democrats say that is a fringe, they don't represent our party, but look at how much influence they have. they are fighting for then that is the main narrative. trish: amazing, kat timpf thank
9:00 pm
you so much. >> w we have a big show tomorro, president trump's call with ukraine's president will be released, we'll be all over it with matt gaetz, and jack keane and agriculture secretary. kennedy: ladies and gentlemen, the battle is on after more than two years of political pressure from democrats house speaker nancy pelosi toward announces she started an impeachment inquiry against the president. >> this week president admitted to ask president of ukraine to take action that would benefit him politically. the actions of the president trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his ocean of offers, -- oath of office. today, i am announcing the house of h


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