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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 2, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> you would go if it was 25 bucks. david: i would go for 25 as well. >> no aim of money. >> i am out. david: i would go to the moon. that is it for "bulls and bears," see you next time. elizabeth: the markets are spooked. we're in october. we have fears of a slowdown the economy, growth of earnings. the dow is off 4% from record highs, we have nancy pelosi, adam schiff talking impeachment. president trump blasting the do-nothing democrats today, this is a hoax, a quote, bs coop that is driving the stock market down. a reality check that often bounces, it is a jam-packed sh
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show. the report on fisa abuses under obama administration, senator graham promising a hearing, and what sets stage for surveillance oof a candidate. also trying to break into the fort knox of privacy of citizen's tax return, that being the president. what sets the stage? overreach of power that critics say occurred under president obama. >> and 4 out of 10 voters believe that joe biden did put pressure on ukrainian officials to keep them from probing his son's business ties. , did that company purposely hire the vice president's son to help shield them from investigations at the time when joe biden was taking the lead in fighting corruption in ukraine? and also critics say was nancy
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pelosi reason not to put impeachment inquiry to a full house vote, did she do that to shut down republicans who wanted to ask questions about joe biden. and more on bernie sanders hospitalized for heart procedure, stopping his campaign. tonight taxes as a moral crusade. the numbers for how much americans now pay in taxes, and how your tax bill surpasses what you pay for to get by on a daily basis, welcome to the show, i am elizabeth macdonald. the evening edit, we're invested in you. thank you, for joining us, you are watching the fox business
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network. impeachment war, on capitol hill with latest, jerr gerri willis e floor of the new york stock exchange. let's kick it off in dc . >> you know during the cold war criminologist would study the may day parade in moscow to understand who was in favor, today, house speaker nancy pelosi held a press conference, standing not at her side, adam schiff, he is driving the train right now on intelligence on this inquiry into the president, adam schiff got under the skin of the president today. >> this is a fraudulent crime. but we'll work together, with shifty schiff and pelosi and all of them, he should resign, some people say it was treason.
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>> talks about speech and debate clause, it prohibits members of congress. adam schiff wants to know what republicans would say about this investigation. >> to my republican colleagues that say there nothing to see here or it is bad but is it really something you would remove the president from office for? they will have to answer, if this conduct does not rise to the level of the concern the founders have, what conduct does? reporter: nanu nanu say than nad we have to be prayerful, and we have to give the president's chance to exonerate himself, asked for kawh -- for calmness m the members. and then friday we have a
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closed-door hearing with rick atkinson. that will be behind closed-doors, liz. elizabeth: thank you. >> checking the markets. averages tested crucial support levels. the hyundathe00 -- hundred day g average, there have been more than 5 dozen panic attacks in the last decade. we're 4% down off of the highs reached of last summer. according to economy. the only sustained sell-off we had is some washington and china trade talks hit a pick up. we -- hiccup, we have more talks set for next thursday on that. we get to gerri willis at the big board with more. reporter: a very tough day in the market day two of negative action, dow down 494. s&p down 52, and nasdaq down
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123, it is the worst day for stocks since august 23. all 11 s&p 500 sectors lower. not a lot of surprise or fear or worry here from traders. they have been more surprised by the up action that we've seen over the last month. west performing sector -- wor w- worse performing sector energy. elizabeth: gerri willis thank you. >> stay on the impeachment push, bringing in bill gavin, your reaction to today's events. >> it is astounding, there are a couple things that stick out to me. the whistleblower himself or herself, from what i understand brought some of the facts of the attention of someone in the cia
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who went to the legal council. not wanting to wait for the results. this whistleblower within to an aide to schiff, now, if probably didn't have the complain done at that time. i know they didn't. but if schiff got information from that aide, it was a lot of information that he knew would be in the complaint. and somebody has to find out what did adam schiff know. when did he know it. how much did he know. this -- >> why does that matter? >> it matters because he -- first of all he may not have gotten all of the right information, with his speech, he had 7 -- he made something out of nothing that was there. maybe that was information that was given to him by the aide and he just ran with that before he ever read the total complaint.
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he really needs to explain what he knew, and why he worked so hard, and so fast to try to block the president from stopping the whole thing from becoming known. elizabeth: we're in a real-time war right now, war of words in dc. house democrats, moderate house democrats say, wait, we top see more evidence -- we want to see more evidence, and we have with rnc, raid 125 million in third quarter, the warchest for president trump surpassing 462 million. democrat representative debbie dindingell said he was pressureo go for impeachment. >> i was one of the most recent people to come out under enormous aim of pressure -- amount of pressure. i was worrie worried about how d
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the country is. elizabeth: media saying that trump is going to be impeached even before he took office, watch this. >> president pressures his attorney general to investigate and prosecute a political rival is an abutte o abuse of power. >> that could be seen as an impeachable oconfidence. oracle- offense. elizabeth: your reaction? >> i can't think of where pressure might have come from. what bothers most, in washington, everyone is running around with their hair on fire. adam schiff lying in his original statement, and then
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nancy pelosi who went center speaker to preacher of the house, and kamala harris saying they should take his tweet account away, this is ridiculous, everyone is taking their eye off of the ball, they need to do something for the american public, not devoting all their time to impeachment of the president. elizabeth: a conservative writer wrote in an o op-ed, president trump should not have asked the ukraine lead to look into hunter biden or joe biden. he said, is that impeachable? >> i really don't know if it is. but i think they are trying to make a lot more of it than actually exists. maybe it is something probably should not have said, but he did say it, i don't think it will be center piece of impeach offense,
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they will be hurt by doing what they are boeing right now. >> thank you. elizabeth: this likely your most important asset, your house. we have another reality check on big housing markets, some are in freefall. as goes the housing market, so goes the economy. we ask power brokers dolly and jennie lenz about that. >> and in the show, details about biden family instilling influence. that story coming up. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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elizabeth: federal judge has decided harvard university does not discriminate against asian-american applicants. mollie in boston with more. reporter: harvard admission program passes constitutional muster, this lawsuit that was filed in 2014 alleged they use an illegal racial quota system and discriminates against the asian-american applicants, holding them to a higher standard than others,. judge wrights in her decision, students were admitted to harvard, and choose to attend live and learn surrounded by all sorts of people. -- one of severallin challenges
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brought by students for fair admission. saying admissions are unfair, unnecessary and unconstitutional, harvard president, sent a letter to harvard community writing, considering of race alongside many factors help us achieve our goal of creating a diverse student body. everyone admitted has something unique to offer, today we reaffirm important of diversity. some legal watchers believe the case will be appealed with the goal of getting it before supreme court and the new majority. elizabeth: mollie thank you so much. >> okay. this is likely your most important asset, your house. we have a leading story on new york city housing prices in near freefall, conditions mirror
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recession era. your most important asset is your house. let's get a check with power broker dolly and jenny lenz. what is going on? great to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: there is not just federal taxes but weird nickel and dime taxes. >> the mansion tax. elizabeth: new york city. >> huge. >> it used to be 1% of purchase price over a million, is goes up to progressive tax up to 3.9% above 25 million, almost quadruple, that is why we saw so many big ticket sales in 2-2, making 2-3 look terrible. elizabeth: we have federal you know taxes issues. local cities and towns with their own taxes and fees are wiping out capital gains.
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people's houses, they are sit frozen. >> they are also increasing local real estate tax, some states froze real estate taxes so seniors could stay in their homes, now they talk about unfreezing them. all kinds of things are going on like that dre throughout the na, esspeechlspecially the blue sta. elizabeth: which. >> california, new york. elizabeth: illinois. >> illinois definitely. this is not a good thing, people want to stay confident they can stay in their homes, imagine you are on social security in a small pension then all of a sudden they will unfreeze our real estate taxes. >> as goes the housing market so goes the economy? right. >> it could. elizabeth: pile on. >> new york proposed a -- tax on top of mansion.
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>> increase in transfer taxes. elizabeth: that could behavior capital gains. >> we don't have foreigners, they said, considering a mansion appear to peer tax -- peer-to-peer tax maybe i need to look elsewhere. elizabeth: why are they going. >> where they can afford, they are going to westchester, connecticut, new jersey. elizabeth: florida. >> florida is huge. the big wave out of our states, right snowbirds, running to florida, buying big time. elizabeth: miami. >> less mo, miami has a very high real estate tax. 2 to 2 1/2%. places like naples, where brett baier lives, 1% really tax. >> huge, if you are in new york city paying tat state income ta.
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elizabeth: you worried about the housing market? >> you know. it comes and goes. we're not really worried. there is good news, interest rates very low. you may be able to pick up a bargain if someone needs to sell. there are good news items in the market. just right now with stock market down, a lot of -- no confidence in general. people will blame real estate and the stock market. >> it is a confidence play in real estate, people are not confident with so many things going on in market. people are not making their biggest purchases. elizabeth: they are sitting. >> yes, waiting. >> look. at everything, very little good news. >> trade war, presidential elect. elizabeth: sit tight, dolly and jenny thank you. >> thank you. >> blue states are piling on top of federal taxes. dolly and jenny lenz thank you.
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>> tracking other stories are death toll nationwide from mystery lung ailment linked to vaping now at 15. this as los angeles times now reports that fda under president obama did try to stop the sale of flavored vaping products to protect children and teens, but white house officials reportedly blocked that, in a face of lobbying from vaping industry. cnn reports that fbi running ads on facebook in dc area in a bid to target and recruit russian spies, get them to switch spies, cnn said that fbi did not confirm details. >> and to taiwan, aftermath of that brin bridge collapse last , sent an oil tanker truck, crushing fishing boats below. at least 12 injured. police believe 6 people are still trapped in one of those
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boats, taiwan president put more than 5 dozen military personnel, and air force helicopter on a search and rescue may be. >> and take you to an antarctica massive iceberg, bigger than los angeles has broken off, weighs over 315 billion tons. it is largest chunk of ice to break off in over 50 years. >> this scene, model taking on role of fashion police, confronting and escorted off runway, a gate crasher at shan chanel's show. 80-year-old u.s. army veteran, edward pearson died without a family, but more than 2000 people showed up to his funeral in sarasota florida, after the funeral director posted his obittartary on-line.
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next stop. questions mounting. critics asking if the ukrainian gas company purposely hired joe biden's son. >> what set the stage for surveillance of the opposition candidate. unmasks regular citizens. we're talking about what happened to the trump campaign. was it overreach of power that critics say occurred under president obama? that story next. should always be working harder. that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund
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elizabeth: fox news christian fisher. >> there were several priorities that republicans and democrat shared heading into session, reducing prescription drug prices, infrastructure, usmca, speaker pelosi said today she believes it should be possible to go down path of impeachment and work with the person they may try to impeach on policy. >> they have nothing to do with each other. we have the responsibility. we also have a responsibility to get the job done for american people. reporter: president trump said, he doesn't think there will be any deals as long as congress consumed with impeachment. >> 99% of nancy pelosi's time is spent on this, she should worry about lowering the price of drugs, worry about
6:30 pm
infrastructure, worry about the usmca . reporter: president is now labeling them the do-nothing democrats. they discussed his call with president of ukraine. hours later pelosi announced formal impeachment inquiry, move that white house press secretary said destroys any chances of legislative process. small steps are being taken to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, yesterday, one of pelosi's aides and other staffers talked about it with white house officials, hard to see how anything meaningful gets done with impeachment consuming so much. elizabeth: thank you new monmouth poll shows 4 out of 10 people think it is possible that joe biden did exert pressure on ukrainian officials.
6:31 pm
we bring in christian tate. >> well, suspicions over joe biden and his son's ukraine dealings could be the death of the biden campaign. the allegations are quite damning. up until now biden's pitch to voter has been a return to normalcy after 4 years of donald trump. if voters fine that biden is corrupt or they think he would be bogged down by investigation during his time in office, this pitch could be killed. with these allegations in news biden will be forced to address them. and person who'll benefit from all this is elizabeth warren and her anti-corruption message. elizabeth: legal expert say that pelosi did not do a full house vote for impeachment inquiry because it would let republicans ask more questions about the
6:32 pm
whistleblower documents. let's take this sound bite, president trump talking about joe biden today. >> i have a duty to report corruption, let me tell you. biden's son is corrupt. and biden is corrupt. and would rather run against biden than almost any of those candidates, i think they're all weak. but i think that biden has never been a smart guy, he is less smart now than he ever was. elizabeth: tough words, do you think that ukrainian nat gas company purposely hired the vice president's son to she'll it from invest -- shield it from investigations going on at the time, that is when joe biden was taking lead in fighting corruption in ukraine under the obama administration. >> there is evidence to suggest that is what happened, hunter biden made 50,000 a month in a industry with which he had zero experience in's country he did not speak the language, then in 2016, his father who was vice
6:33 pm
president, and who was administration point man in ukraine threatened to with hole over a billion in aid in ukraine unless they fired a top prosecutor who just happened to be looking into that same firm that was paying hunter biden. the more this story stays in the news, the worse is it for joe biden and his campaign. democrats are doing all they can to keep focus on donald trump. but, again this benefits elizabeth warren. elizabeth: you know here is the other story out of joe biden's brother james biden, charlie gasparino in 2012, did a story about a company that joe biden brother ran. helped run. one of its units got a big contract to build 100 thousand new homes in iraq. it also the brother.
6:34 pm
>> and president of hill international reportedly told a meeting of investors out right that the company benefits from its ties with the obama administration. by getting this large and lucrative contract to build homes in iraq, since 2010 -- he had no experience in thes residl cop vehiclconstruction industry. now, james biden and hill international are set to receive a huge payday, people say because of ties to the obama administration, but more corruption, and answers to be answered, more bad news are in joe biden. elizabeth: thank you, coming up more on bernie sanders stopping his campaign due to heart issues, leading to rise of liz elizabeth warren, next up, raising taxes as a moral crusade
6:35 pm
to win the white house? will real americans go for that? next.
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elizabeth: president trump firing back with, the finnish president with him, catherine herridge with more. reporter: i have been on capitol hill the day, "new york times" broke this story about contact or out reach from whistleblower to the house democratic intelligence committee. we know that it before he filed complaint with the inspector general. the timing matters. hats off to "new york times," we had a tip monday, but we were not able to nail it down the way
6:40 pm
that times did. it raises a number of questions about the whistleblower's motivation. and also potential political bias. because it is not unusual for -- not well, wi whistleblowers sometimes go to congress to get advice on how to handle their complaint. they those to go to committee led by adam schiff. when i have dealt with whistleblowers, if at issue is a high profile government official, they typically have first hand accounts or documents, of course, that is not the case here. the major development was the contact between the whistleblower and democrat led house intelligence committee, looks to be in august time frame. >> what is your assessment.
6:41 pm
reporter: the more we pull the threads, the more anomalies come up, i asked about whistleblower legal team and congressman schiff's office if there was a single contact or multiple? i was told by schiff's team, is at no point did the committee review or receive the complaint in advance, those are their words, and chairman schiff did not know the identity has not met or spoken with whistleblower or their council. and legal team said in effect they didn't have contact with congress until about a month after the whistleblower filed the complain with inspector general, it is a lot of noise at the end of the day be we know that whistleblower came to the democrat control committee, asked for guidance, on how to
6:42 pm
proceed here. and the other thing i would say, threat if i could, is that we learn that this week on their original intake form, they checked box about having direct knowledge. that is very important. because when you look at paperwork that is now declassified and was presented to congress, it also only talks about second-hand information, there may be first hand but there is no indication in paperwork of first hand. elizabeth: catherine hairchl thank yocatherine herridgethank. >> thank you. elizabeth: okay. media reporting on any criticism as a threat to rule of law, why the kitchen sink push back against the investigation to potential abuse of u.s. intelligence agency to spy on an opposition campaign. that being the trump campaign. we bring in deroy murdock. >> i think that this sort of behavior on part of obama
6:43 pm
administration in terms of looking opposition campaign is not such a flying leap of things we know what they did, using or abusing irs. elizabeth: the scroll. is the abuse under obama administration, overreach, seizing of phone records. from reporters, irs targeting conservatives. and that sort of i think set the stage. >> i think that given that overreach of governmental power does not seem to be such a great leap. both they did these things, nobody paid price. lois lerner, the person spearheading this to sandbag tea party group effort to get 501 c4 status, she was allowed to retire, got her 175,000 pay, she is collecting her full pension, nobody went to jail for this,
6:44 pm
let's look -- >> even "new york times" said in 2016, obama created kind of government neither he or republicans wanted that -- won't mr. obama government the taste for it he pursued his executive power without apol apology. that sound bite of chuck schumer saying. they will come back at you. >> you take on the intelligence community, they have 6 ways from sunday at getting back at you. even for a practical hard nose businessman he is being really dumb to do this. >> what do you think intelligence community would do. >> i don't know, but from what i am told they are very upset with how he has treated them and talked about them, we need the intelligence community, look at russian hacking, without the intelligence community we could not have discovered it.
6:45 pm
>> a major politician. you saw that. >> i saw that that was from about three weeks before president actually was sworn in. still president election and you have all sorts of leaks of conversations with leaders of australia, and mexico, documents popping out. really looks like sabotage. i think one thing this is, we say personnel is policy, president should have gotten more people loyal around him, rather than letting people from hangover obama years sit there embedded. >> deroy thank you so much. >> you bet. elizabeth: next up, 2020 democrat taxes as a moral crew crusade, you won't believe numbers that you pay on taxes. >> story next. (melissa) somebody would ask her something and she would just walk right past them because she didn't know they were talking to her.
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6:50 pm
illicit impeachment inquiry on the part of radical dimms. we will talk with the congressman jim banks about his motion to censure nancy pelosi, and ronna mcdaniel, head of chair of republican national committee. we'll talk with pet peter navar, about all of the work that the president is getting done. it is a big deal, while being savaged from all quarters by the left and radical dimms, it will be a hoot of a show, liz, i hope you will join us. elizabeth: a hoot of a show, lou dobbs thank you so much. >> thank you. elizabeth: get to republican governor kim reynolds of iowa. your honor thank you for joining us. >> i am happy. elizabeth: elizabeth warren is rising in polls your reaction? >> well, you know, i really don't think it matters who the candidate is, she is leading for the first time.
6:51 pm
as first in nation caucus we encourage the candidate to come to iowa, come often, talk about their message. that is best message to help reelection republicans up and down the ticket. the health of iowa economy is strong. we have over 700 million in our cash reserve. we're investing in workforce, and education, and mental health, and rural communities, all while building off the of federal tax cut, two years ago passing largest tax cut in history of our state. elizabeth: but elizabeth warren wants to raise taxes, it is a moral crusade for her. what do your voters say about that. >> i know. it is not iowa, they like the direction the economy is going, we put more hard earned dollars -- dollars back in to help support business with a pro business-pro growth climate,
6:52 pm
they are talking about green new deal, agriculture is the backbone of our economy. they want to tell us how to raise our family, and work our farms and run our businesses. that is not iowans, that is not when we're looking for, we believe in the individual, they believe that government is answer, it is not sustainable, it would take this amazing momentum we have even with significant challenges with egg and trade description we -- disruption we still have a economy that is growing, they talk green new deal and medicare for all, guess what, that puts a screeching halt o to the success that we've seen and takes us backwards, that is not where people want to go. we have more iowans working today than history, this is a positive narrative, come to iowa, talk about taking that away from our hard working iowans and see how far you get. elizabeth: governor renalds you
6:53 pm
are terrifi terrorist come back. >> coming up next, taking on i.c.e. .. we call it the mother standard of care.
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"new york times" report that says he proposed extreme measures including putting alligators in the river. president trump: it was a total lie. corrupt reporting. >> a source who said he was in the room confirmed the conversation about shooting migrants in the leg. your reaction to that story? >> if it was said it was cruel and inhumane. if he didn't say it, it's you be fortunate his efforts are being characterized that way. there is a lot we can talk about in terms of differences on border policy and we can be dignified and respectful and talk policy and the issues confronting us on the border. fit was said, unacceptable. if it wasn't, it's unfortunate
6:58 pm
his policies are being characterized that way. liz: i want to tush to the confusion at the states and ted rall law enforcement at the border. you have the new jersey attorney general ordering counties in new jersey to stop cooperating with i.c.e. these are the authorities upholding the federal law in the country. florida just started their ban on sanctuary cities. >> i come at it from a limited government local control perspective. these are the types of things i often viewed as unfunded mandates. the federal agencies should be doing their jobs along the border and not trying to sub contract it out to local government. with that said, i think if there is going to be cooperation there have to be clearly established protocols when local police or
6:59 pm
law enforcement will bring i.c.e. or border patrol into the equation. but generally i came down on the side these were decisions that had to be made at the whole level. liz: let's watch thomas homan blasting the virginia police chief for suspending a cop for turning a suspect over to i.c.e. >> the chief stopped being a cop and become a politician when he made that decision. >> if the local police are being directed not to engage i.c.e. by the local governing authority, that's what elections are about. if people have disagreements with the policy they can vote out the county board of overseers and mayors. liz: thank you for having us in your home. thank you for watching.
7:00 pm
lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. lou: good evening. the radical dimms contrived a political persecution of president trump they will likely soon regret. already speaker pelosi is talking about prayer, apparently praying for mercy from the low lifes in her party who concocted a scheme to impeach trump. the senseless, baseless claims that the president was somehow improper in his phone call with president zelensky of


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