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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 3, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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time. we have so many more questions for you. will you come back on the show? thank you for joining us. thanks for having us in your homes. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening. the radical dimms continue to spin up more bizarre tales of fiction, their banality and that of the deep state on lurid display as never before. nancy pelosi defending adam schiff's lies and emails confirming rod rosenstein's role in that previous edition of what is another witch hunt, so says the president. we take it all up here tonight with two of the country's leading attorneys victoria toensing and joe digenova. another bust for the radical
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dems who expected corroboration for their illegal efforts to impeach the president. former envoy to ukraine speaking behind closed doors. one republican said volcker quote blew a massive hole in the dem's sporey. catherine: former special envoy to ukraine kurt volker navigated national security. he resigned after the whistleblower complaint alleged he tried to contain the damage from the investigation into joe and hunter biden. and navigate demands the president made to president zelensky. during the break, the republicans said volcker *'s testimony was a bust.
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while releasing his text message. vohker said he gave the state department his bind research and on the july 25 phone call that sparked the whistleblower complaint. voker texted giuliani. in another series of encrypted text messages, senior diplomats discuss the administration's suspension of military aid to ukraine. ambassador taylor texts i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help on a political campaign. the response by a campaign
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donator says i suggest we stop the back and forth by text. >> friday the intelligence community watchdog michael atkinson will testify behind closed doors. lou? lou: newly released documents paint a damning picture of former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's role in the attempted overthrow of the president. judicial watch obtaining hundreds of thousands of rosenstein's communications and one was written three days after the firing of james comey. in the people he assures robert mueller said the boss doesn't know with our discussions.
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he emailed mark flip saying quote, i am with mueller. he shares my views. duty calls. sometimes the moment chooses us. that email sent just the day before rosenstein appointed robert mueller to be the special counsel. the messages also delivered in the same period rosenstein was discussing with senior fbi officials the possibility of wearing a wire with former acting fbi director andrew mccabe and perhaps they planned to invoke the 25th amendment against president trump. adam schiff continues to deny reports his office was in direct contact with the whistleblower before the complaints was filed. earlier this week former national security council chief fred fleitz predicted schiff and his staff knew in advance. cnn's chris cuomo, well, he
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wanted to talk about it. >> i saw this and i thought it was unusual, not just that it was extremely well written by the had legal references and foot notes. but i compared that with the fact adam schiff was talking about the subject matter of this complaint throughout the month of august. >> you don't know any of that. you are raising it as questions. that is meaningless until you can put some meat on the bones. lou: it wasn't meaningless, it was prescient. after the "new york times" reported adam schiff and his staff knew of the so-called whistleblower report days before it was fired, fleitz posted this to cuomo. quote you were hard on me last night. we know from the "new york times" that i was right. apology not necessary. joining us tonight, fred fleitz, a prescient national security
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expert, god to have you with us. let's start with this advance work obviously between the staff of the intelligence committee, adam schiff's staff as well, i'm sure. this is -- this is really to me very, very troubling and should be of concern i think to anyone who wants to have at least the appearance of equity and fairness in that two rudy giuliani calls elicit efforts -- illicit effort that impeachment inquiry. >> chris cuomo is a good guy and just trying to do his job. i made a commitment to you and i wanted to be on your show. lou: you are a man of character and a likeable fella. >> thank you. it was pretty apparent something was wrong when i saw this whistle blowing complaint.
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it's too perfect. the legal references is not the way an intelligence analyst writes. but a lot of whistleblowers come right to the committee. they are not supposed to. but it happens all the time. now committee members are admitting this happened. a few weeks ago they wouldn't talk about this. they denied it but they didn't admit the he mom none goes on. they just kept saying the whistleblower did everything by the book. lou: it happens all the time in intelligence. >> schiff didn't tell the republican members about that. it appears lou, they should be -- each side is supposed to share classified information received by the committee with the other side. but even worse. it's pretty clear that this was shared with speaker pelosi. on the 30th of september, she said on 60 minutes she knew what
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was in the transcript before the white house released it. this suggests to me schiff and pelosi had been working together to gin up this impeachment effort. lou: you handled at various times in your career lots of complaints from whistleblowers. have you ever seen anything that looked as practiced and polished and legalistic as the one this so-called whistleblower put forward? >> i have seen some whistleblower complaints in my day with the cia and house intelligence committee. i have never seen one that's perfect or one that appeared to be written not just by a lawyer but a law firm or team of lawyers. >> or a staff on an intelligence, the house intelligence committee. >> schiff's attorneys were heavily involved in drafting this complaint. >> it's utterly impossible for
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nancy pelosi now and just economic me on this statement. it's utterly impossible for nancy pelosi to ever claim that this was anything more than a partisan witch hunt because she has not included the republicans in a floor vote to establish an inquiry as has been done in every other attempt at impeachment on the part of the house. she has a committee that is led by the most of radical left-wing democrat, imaginable. in adam schiff. he denied republicans on the committee the knowledge he shared with them. it appears all of them. and denied republicans the right to question witnesses and to participate fully in examination of the so-called witnesses.
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>> that's right. a legitimate impeachment inquiry would give due process rights to republicans. they would have seen a power. they would be allowed to call witnesses. pelosi is doing an end run around its procedure to do this. lou: at this point, do you really believe that this can end any other way than with the radical dimms in an affront against the constitution should they proceed with this bizarre effort to overthrow the president? this is even more bizarre than the special counsel in my opinion. what are your thoughts? >> it is bizarre. the american people are seeing conflicting explanations by adam schiff. what did he know. when did he know it?
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>> i am not going to say -- lou: he claimed he had evidence for two years, fred. it's not a matter of opinion. it's a matter of fact. he claimed for two years he had evidence of the president's collusion with russians and he lied. >> we are waiting to see that conclusive evidence he said. lou: not me. >> the american people are confused and the attorneys of the whistle blower, they seem to be scrambling. i saw a lot of tweets from them trying to explain what did and did not happen. this latest democrat ploy to take down this president, the wheels are coming off of it. lou: this will help the president in his fight against another just absolutely disgusting, disgraceful effort on the part of the radical dimms to overthrow him and subvert his
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administration policies. fred, you get the last word. your thoughts. >> this is not an intelligence matter. it doesn't belong with the inspector general or intelligence committee. there is a dangerous precedent. we don't want to tell the agency critiquing or trying to knock down policy. they have poor policy, they don't make it. lou: we don't want another cia officer playing the role of whistleblower for a contrived plot. nancy pelosi claiming adam schiff's interpretation of the phone call to the leader of ukraine was true, not parody. >> was it right for adam schiff
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to with the interpretation. >> it's fair, it's sad. it's using the president's own word. >> those weren't the president's word. it was an interpretation of the president's word. >> he did not make it up. lou: yes, he did. pelosi con fra extra detectiving -- contradicting him. >> i have a favor i want from you, though. and i will say this only seven times so you better listen good. i want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand, lots of it. on this and on that. i will put you in touch with people. not just any people. i will put you in touch with the
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attorney general of the united states, and my attorney rudy giuliani you know what i'ming a so i will only say this in few more times in a few more ways. by the what i don't call me again. i will call you when you have done what i asked. lou: schiff may have been trying out some of his new creative talents on the view outside the country. his aspirational career is as a screenwriter. schiff has been writing screenplays on the side for years. the first we are told a post-holocaust story, he took it to editors. they deemed it a bit dough pressing. the next a murder mystery called
7:15 pm
"minataur." his agent says in hollywood you get two answers, yeses and a check. the latest work, a spy drama. no word on when the world can expect it. i'd wonder if it will be a cia officer as protagonist in a white house with the president of the opposing opposite better party. up next. you will never guess the way the house minority heder is trying to get nancy pelosi to end the radical left's so-called impeachment inquiry. victoria toensing and joe digenova. they just flew in this afternoon returning from europe. we'll take up the latest developments in john durham's investigation of the investigators. saturdays happen. pain happens.
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lou: stocks today closed higher on wall street. s & p up 23. the nasdaq you have 27. crude oil flat. gold up nearly a half percent. silver flat.
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the commerce department says it will impose tariffs on nearly 4.5 billion on chinese cabinets and vanities that were dumped into the u.s. market at far lower prices than fair value. it will slap up to 252 percent tariffs on various goods from chinese exporters. how minority leader kevin mccarthy doing what he thinks best to stop nancy pelosi's illegal efforts to undermine and overthrow president trump. mccar think sent pelosi a strongly worded letter asking her to suspend the impeachment inquiry. it fails to note the illicit and corrupt nature at which radical dimms are proceeding, calling for suspension when it should be
7:21 pm
ended outright. president trump touted his approval rating amok republicans as the radical dimms work hard to subvert him. 95 percent approval rate can and record setting fundraising has taken place other last two weeks. thank you. joining us, trump 2020 national press secretary, kayleigh mcenany. i was talking with ronna mcdaniel yesterday. republicans are bringing in the money. the president is obviously has great support out there. now, how in the world does the campaign move forward in the midst of this babble? i hate to even use the terms impeachment inquiry. it is an effort to overthrow the president. how do you deal with that. >> you call it what it is.
7:22 pm
it's a coup against the sitting duly elected president of the united states. we have exposed that. we put out ads to that effect. i sat here and talked to you before about how the democrats have one goal. take down president trump. they don't care about facts or truth. why they peddle the bogus russia conspiracy theory. i can't keep up with their lunacy. >> the great thing is we do have a president that can keep up with them and top them in terms of their absolute attacking every one of them who rears their ugly heads to spew more lies. adam schiff, the head of the committee, outright lying about it witch hunt as the president called the special counsel investigation, to years of utter none experience and great travail for the country and this president.
7:23 pm
now we have adam schiff doing the same thing, denying. to me it's sickening to see what he, the president has to put up with and what the nation has to contend with with these radical dimms. i can't imagine them winning. can you? >> i can't imagine them winning. our polling shows president trump on strong footing and the impeachment inquiry backfiring. this was the worst decision politically speaking democrats could make. the country doesn't want this. they see this as divisive. so we are going to win this. we are going to win it with the tail winds behind us imposed by these radical dimms. adam schiff is a fraud. he's on tape saying he wants to accept russian dirt. then he makes up transcripts about the president during congressional testimony.
7:24 pm
he's a fraud and so is his entire party. >> it's that parody, it's just stunning. frustrating aspiring jean writer trying out his material in what should have been a very serious moment in that committee. but nothing about this is serious. it's a contrivance. it's a ruse, it's a sham. the president, his numbers keep moving higher. 95% approval rating among republicans. that will pay big dividend as this process goes further. i don't know how much higher it will go. that's an amazing number. 95% approval rating. but i would be prized if it didn't go considerably higher. and with great what tha -- witht
7:25 pm
pagit --banality attack this pr. >> in 72 hours we took in $15 million when nancy pelosi announced this. joe biden announced his quarter three fundraising total. $15 mill. and we did that in three days. lou: coming up next. north korea conducts a ballistic missile launch. what is going on. we take up the rogue regime's late jest provocation. general jack keane with us. stay with us. you don't want to miss general keane. we'll be right back. i can't believe it. what? that our new house is haunted by casper the friendly ghost? hey jill! hey kurt! movies? i'll get snacks!
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lou: this just in. john roberts confirming an "axios" report, president trump is planning to send nancy pelosi a letter to tell her that he and his team if the white house will not be cooperating with her house of representatives demands until she holds a full house vote on an impeachment inquiry. a full house vote. the president wants to force democrats in vulnerable races to be on the record and will no longer put up with her effort to avoid doing just that as they continue with the spectacle of an impeachment inquiry but without the vote, the requisite vote that has been the tradition of this country through three previous impeachment actions. joining us tonight is general jack keane, retired four star general and fox business senior
7:31 pm
strategic analyst. i want to start with first, general, good to see you. here we go with north korea. days before another scheduled round of talks firing off a ballistic missile. >> clearly what's happening here is the north koreans are leveraging us for the talks by firing this missile off. the submarines do not have much capability. they fired it from a submerged facility. they have diesel submarines, and that goes all the way back to world war ii, and we have nuclear submarines. they have limited range and have to refuel. it's negotiating leverage before these talks. the united states is dead serious in the so-called working
7:32 pm
level staff talks. they want to see genuine north korean concessions that these talks will continue. that has not been the case today. lou: these being described as denuclearization talks. that means the president is asserting there will be denuclearization irrespective now of any posturing by the north koreans, kim jong-un, as to what he wants from those talks. >> absolutely. in the first summit as we all know, kim jong-un agreed to denuclearization, come plea hencive, complete disarmament. but no tangible step has been taken in that direction since. now i think we are at a point where they are going to have to put it on the table or we'll likely walk away from these guys once and for all, and go to maximum economic sanctions and
7:33 pm
likely put the military option back on the table. lou: general, hong kong, the violence and demonstrations persist. we are told president xi may not be as patient following their national day, celebrating 70 years of communist rule in china. he may not be so constrained over the next few days if these violent demonstrations continue. your thoughts. do we have any other option other than protest with nose demonstrators -- with those demonstrators the communist government and the way they are treating hong kong and its people? >> i think we all recognize we have a clash of values between the united states and democracies around the world, and the chinese communist party running china. this is the front line of that fight taking place with the
7:34 pm
protest here in hong kong. and it looks like the executive, hong kong executive carry lamb will -- carrie lam will execute massive executive powers. and search without warrants and imprison people without any judicial oversight whatsoever. so they are getting tougher here for certain. the people on the front lines as we have seen in fox news interviews. they are bound and determined. they are not backing up. lou: the united states, can our support go beyond symbolic? is there anything we can do to help those folks demonstrating for democracy? >> i think what the president has done in supporting the hong kong protesters, encouraging other nations to do it.
7:35 pm
that's helpful when you are dealing with a fundamental clash of moral values we have here. the chinese are paranoid about this kind of thought process because of its impact on the mainland, 1.2 billion. they don't want them in the streets. lou: it doesn't augur well for the planned trade talks -- the trade talks between the united states and china. we'll see how that works out. general, thanks so much. general jack keane. thank you. >> we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this. like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. what john brennan had to say about the origins of spygate which some say he directed. attorneys victoria toensing and joe digenova join me next.
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7:40 pm
case of this worldwide effort to uncover dirt real or imagined that would discredit that investigation in 2016 into russian interference. lou: quite a statement. let's find out what he likely meant. joining us, victoria toensing. joe digenova, former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia, founding partners of the digenova and toensing law firm. we know you have just gotten back from europe and it's great to have you back on god's favorite place. >> we love being back with you, lou. >> let's start with brennan. what did he mean by that idea of a non-investigation and whether imagined or real evidence. >> he said investigation has been done. so i'm confused. i thought that bob mueller
7:41 pm
refused to investigate the origins of the russian collusion and how those allegations started. you recall bob mueller said fusion gps, i'm not familiar with that. he refused to recognize the fact that glenn simpson had met with the russian woman who had the juice and he met with her the night before and the night after. bob mueller said that was not my jurisdiction. lou: there is so much to investigation. right now, rudy giuliani calling it the illicit impeachment inquiry. the president making the decision now to inform the speaker of the house that there will nobody further cooperation with the house and its various committees because there has been no vote in the republican party obviously is being shunted
7:42 pm
aside and denied its traditional privileges that are required of either party in take on something so important or what should be so important as an impeachment inquiry. your thoughts, joe? >> it's obvious what the democrats are doing. they have not had a vote on the floor of the house to start a formal impeachment inquiry. if they were to have such a vote, under the house rules, the republicans would get subpoena power. in order to avoid giving the republicans seen a power, they are doing impeachment light with six different committees claiming it's an impeachment inquiry, and they are frieg trying to you mean a people without having an impeachment vote on the floor. that's why the white house says we are not going to cooperate with this kangaroo court. lou: will he be able to maintain that position if she does not relent and act in the interests
7:43 pm
of the country. >> the position is well founded based on the history of impeachment of presidents. in terms of impeachment proceedings of the presidents, always there has been a vote on the floor of the house and the minority has been given subpoena power. >> the congress is supposed to be the legislative body. they are not legislating when they are impeaching. in that they have to have the full support of the majority of the body. this is legal chess and the white house just moved its queen. >> they are trying to nullify an election. >> and overthrow a president. >> this is a coup in the form an informal impeachment inquiry. this is extra constitutional as well as unconstitutional. >> now where we have enough
7:44 pm
inspectors general from the dni or whether it be the state department. you almost need a program suddenly inspectors general are at the forefront of so much import. but today the state department inspector general, i have to say, he took a pack and showed material over to the committee. there was an email amongst the other documents that he took from john solomon, the hill's intrepid investigative reporter to one victoria toensing and joe digenova. and the left has been making, trying to make hay out of that because solomon had -- by the way, the two of you have been such -- let's put it this way. such a problem for them. they couldn't help but try to make something of it.
7:45 pm
your reaction to that email? >> that's so twisted. first of all you need to know that original email because we checked it today, said would you please take a look at this so i don't make any factual errors? how terrible for a journalist to do that. some people don't do that. they just make false allegations against people. that's why john sent it to us because he knows we snow ukraine. why didn't somebody take off that message and then start to make false allegations against john. you have know john is getting good and getting deep into the cases because they are attacking him relentlessly. lou: no one has broken more on this, the nation's worst political scandal in history than john solomon. >> john is a real reporter. one of the few left in america. >> this is a good example.
7:46 pm
months ago john solomon introduced shokin and wrote about it. the fired prosecutor general of ukraine who now says he was investigated by his son. the mainstream media ignored it and only when rudy giuliani came out and said here it is, i have got shokin's statement. now they don't ignore it. now they attack the prosecutor general and rudy and john solomon. lou: those attacks it seems multiplying as this impeachment inquiry gets hotter and hotter. and i wanted to take up something that was reported generally and chris wallace taking you have the source of many of the reports when he reported that you and the two of you were working with rudy
7:47 pm
giuliani and that you were quote off the books and you raised this issue, and i want to give you an opportunity to respond to it. i talked with chris. and let's get your reaction to that. >> i don't know what off the books means. chris did not explain it when he made his statement about us and it was clearly designed as a smear to maker it sounds like we were doing something improper or unethical. this may come as a shock to chris, but we are lawyers. we represent people in washington washington, d.c. and all over the world. we were asked to representative ukrainian whistleblowers, some of whom did not speak english if they wanted to come to the united states and give statements. we never went to the ukraine. we never represented anybody. but somebody lied to chris wallace that we did and we told the president all about it which is absolutely false.
7:48 pm
>> chris called and talked to us about it. and i went off the record. i know to do that. because if you do that -- i dealt with journalists for so many years. when i'm explaining something, i say this is off the record. if they want something particular they come back. chris never did that. he never said i am going to accuse you of a crime and violating attorney-client privilege. if he had said that i certainly would have given him a statement. lou: you have given your statement tonight and i appreciate that. chris wallace, i'm sure he appreciates it as well. a particular coincidence of off the record and lost opportunities for denials. and a smear job? nobody is going to try to smear you guys. you are too bright and too effective. i don't believe that for a minute. we'll be back with you and you can straighten me out on that
7:49 pm
and anything else you want. i want to hear more about where you are going. i love what rudy calls it, illicit impeachment inquiry. we'll have more with victoria and joe. stay with us. do you want me to go first or do you want to go first, brea? you can go first. audible reintroduced this whole world to me. so many great stories from amazing people. makes me wanna be better. to connect with stories that i'm listening to- that's inspiration. with audible originals, there's something for almost every taste in there. everything you ever wanted to hear. our ability to empathize through these stories can be transformational. it's my own thing that i can do for me. download audible and start listening today.
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lou: joe and victoria, i want to ask you about brennan. where we started the conversation with him suddenly becoming very defensive and suddenly public with his concerns. now letting the world know he's concerned about william barr. that he may have in fact put himself in some jeopardy of some kind. your thoughts about brennan and his sudden concern for the great attorney general? >> i think he should be concerned because it's obvious he was the primo gerks neture of the plot with james comey. we know he did a lot of bad things. we know bill barr and
7:54 pm
mr. durham were in rome taking evidence from people in the government and secret service. that's why mr. brennan is all of a sudden very concerned. no one has done more damage to the intelligence community and the respect for its integrity than john brennan by his post employment conduct on television. all you have to do is talk to former intelligence officers and current ones and they will tell you how embarrassed they are for the cia as a result of his awful performance. >> here is the method prosecutors use when you are investigating a drug cartel you start with the lower level and you work your way up. i wonder if that means it's been a long time since they have been doing their investigation and they are earning up with the top banana. >> that an interesting but deeply concerning prospect i would think and possibility for john brennan.
7:55 pm
there are some other candidates that could have been in that exalted place, maps james clapper. >> not bright enough. >> victoria toensing, good to have you with us. welcome back to america. good to have you back. up next more on the rampant dishonesty of house intel chairman adam schiff. stay with us. we are coming right back.
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lou: we reported tonight that president trump is prepared to tell house speaker nancy pelosi tomorrow that the president and his administration will not cooperate with house lawmakers demands of any kind until she holds a full house vote on an impeachment inquiry. and fred fleitz, national security expert talking about how he knew adam schiff had advance knowledge of that whistleblower complaint. >> it was apparent something was wrong when i saw this whistleblower complaint. it was too perfect. the legal references is not the way an intelligence analyst writes. i know from my time on the committee that a lot of whistleblowers come directly to the committee. but it happens all the time.
8:00 pm
committee members are admitting that happened. a few weeks ago they wouldn't talk about it. lou: well they are talking now. we thank you for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. trish: fox learned the president of the united states is demanding nancy pelosi hold a formal impeachment vote before answering any of the subpoenas or any congressional demands. i'm trish regan. the president is planning to send the speaker of the house this news in a letter tomorrow according to fox sources. we can reveal a troubling pattern of behavior by the democrat in charge of the powerful intelligence committee. he knew of the whistleblower report despite telling the media quote we have had no contact with


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