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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 3, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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a few weeks ago they wouldn't talk about it. lou: well they are talking now. we thank you for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. trish: fox learned the president of the united states is demanding nancy pelosi hold a formal impeachment vote before answering any of the subpoenas or any congressional demands. i'm trish regan. the president is planning to send the speaker of the house this news in a letter tomorrow according to fox sources. we can reveal a troubling pattern of behavior by the democrat in charge of the powerful intelligence committee. he knew of the whistleblower report despite telling the media quote we have had no contact with the whistleblower.
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he has been discredited on that because he had contact. his team had contact. schiff has a history of being behind the scenes, including a high-profile witness he once hoped would take down president trump. michael cohen. >> did you or anyone else on your team cooperate with the democratic party preparing for this? >> we have spoken with the party. >> we spoke with chairman cummings and the party. >> with chairman schiff? >> spoke with chairman schiff and his people as well. trish: joining me, house overnight committee member. we have a lot to unpack but we'll start with this news of the letter. foxconn firming the president of the united states is going to send this letter to nancy pelosi
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tomorrow. you need to have a vote if you want an impeachment inquiry. >> exactly, trish. the fact he's doing this. the democrats didn't expect this. the democrats didn't expect him to release the transcript of the conversation he had with the ukraine president. he'sous guessed them and outsmarted them every time. the last thing nancy pelosi wants is to put her members on the hot spot to vote to take a vote. because the public opinion is against them. they know that and the president is brilliant in doing this. by doing this, we can subpoena people that we need, the president can have his staffers in there, they can question people. and they just guess this wrong. this will be the biggest blunder for the democrats. to have bu d to have pious adamf
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up there knowing he's a known hater of president trump. he lied during the investigation and he's doing it now. the president is playing his card just right. trish: how are you a whistleblower if you coordinated with the team that is against the president? if his team knows and a staff members from adam schiff got an account of this whistleblower report before it was filed, you are not a whistleblower because i effectivey colluded with another side. >> exactly. trish, here is the question. what did adam schiff know and when did he know it? what is he doing conspiring to get the information? why didn't he share it with the other members of his intel committee? he ought to resign the post as the president has said. he doesn't deserve to be where he is. he's a partisan hack against the president. i think it's good for the president. the president has a right to
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defend himself. and to hear again adam schiff who is a known liar doing what he's doing is unfair. trish: he lied in that media interview on msnbc. he said we haven't had any contact and it turns out the we did have contact. we have got to wonder about the guy. keep in mind, it was one week ago today, adam schiff reading from that transcript. a transscript that was not the actual transcript. a transcript that he just made up that pretend thing between president trump and the ukrainian counterpart. i want to refresh the viewer's memory. >> i hear what you want. i have a favor i want from you though. i will say this only seven times so you better listen good. i want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? lots of it. trish: he was pretending to read from the transcript, but the way
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it was done, this is like the onion. a lot of americans might have tuned in and thought he was reading from the transcript. you have got nancy pelosi sticking by him saying his made up transcript was in fact fact. here she is. >> i know you support chairman schiff. but was it right for him to have that dramatic interpretation of the transcript of the telephone call? >> i want the american people to know what that phone call is about. i want them to hear it. it's using the president's own word. >> those weren't the president's word it's an interpretation of the president's word. he made it up. >> he didn't make it up. trish: you don't know what to say to that. it's as though they are saying let's create our own fake news narrative. they were not the president's word.
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and good for george stephanopoulos for calling her out on that. are they trying to sell something that isn't there? >> they are tone deaf, trish. for them to outright lie with a straight face. the public deserves better than this. to adam schiff to make the comments he did, that's untrue. the mainstream media lets them get by with it. >> nancy pelosi lets him get by with it. i am just a simple girl who thinks impeachment is kind of a big deal. before you go out there and impeach someone. even fit' not going to see the light of day in the senate, even if you do it in congress. that's kind of a big thing. you are talking about reversing the will of the american voter, and you ought to have all your ducks in a row. and this should not be a political process. this should be something quite
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real. even she is trying to endorse adam schiff's fiction. >> she is doing it behind closed doors. the reason they have done it like they have. the public doesn't get a glimpse of what's going on behind the intel committee. the president is saying you need to have a vote, stand up and make your members vote or we are not complying. after that they need 66 senators to go along with a transcript after phone call purportedly. she is between a rock and a hard place. it will be interesting how she respond and what she does. because just from the talk that we are hearing on the republican side, a lot of these members don't want to take a vote because they don't want to be staked out. their job is to go to washington and vote. if you are making a charge as serious as this is against a sitting president. stand up and face the music. it will be interesting what they do. >> well, they ought to do what's
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right. congressman norman, thank you so much. good to see you. remember that woman? the woman who snuck into the line's den? apparently she needed a few more pictures on instagram. and are lefty billionaires trying to supplant the voice of the american people? tom tirepeople? tom steyer says he's raising money to impeach the president. he thinks his voice is more important than yours. we'll set the record state on from nancy pelosi's sales pitch won't work. president trump: that's why they do the impeachment crap because they know they can't beat us
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healing to do in our country for what he has done so far. i am not sure if it might be irreparable. trish: nancy pelosi continuing her press tour to sell impeachment to the american people. you know what can be irreparable harm to the country? trying to overturn the results of a presidential election. that's what this is. this is a sales pitch. she and the democrats right now are trying to convince the american public this president is impeachable because they don't like him. the reality is, they simply do not have the votes in the senate. so what is this about? it's about politic, and it's about 2020. they want to damage this president. as badly as they can. think about what damage it does to our country in the process. think about how it affects us on
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the world stage. think about what leaders think of us right now. none of this is good for the country. joining me right now is former nevada state gop chairwoman amy tarkanian and liberal columnist adam epstein. we are talking about something that's a big deal. you are talking about overturning what the american people decided. to do that for political reasons because you want a better candidate for 2020, isn't that setting a dangerous resident? >> it absolutely is. it's interesting to watch speaker pelosi lose control of the house and allow at squad members to run the roost. originally she wasn't for this impeachment conversation, and now she seems to have flip-flopped. despite knowing that if most of likely going to end up very bad even for her speakership position.
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she'll lose control when president trump is re-elected and hopefully republicans take control of congress. but not on if that's going to be a problem for her, i agree with the fact that this is something that we are going to have to pull as far as healing. but it's not because of republicans or what president trump is doing it's because of the democratic members and what they have done to the american voters and the integrity of the election. we have had things we had to overcome like the kavanaugh hearings. the russian hoax. the mueller probe. in one thing after another we found they have been trying to hurt or president in every corner possible. trish: vladimir putin, like you can't make this stuff up. he has to be sitting there go going, uh-huh?
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let me sit back and watch this movie. the democrats are doing it to our country themselves. what does this mean to our future on the international stage? what leader wants to have a conversation right now off the record with the president of the united states or at any point in the foreseeable future with any president knowing that congress can come say hey, i want all the record of that conversation. there will be some mole deep within the white house that doesn't like a particular person that has won the presidency and they can try to undo them based on hearsay. >> i just don't accept the premise of the question. the president is talking to foreign leaders, ukraine and china. and soliciting their interference against a domestic rival. and you know what? you know what? it's not right.
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that's the reason we are in it. we are talking about impeachment. i resisted impeachment the entire time. trish: he said hey, china, look into joe biden. you think he need to be impeached? >> trish, there is an impeachment clause in the constitution about high crimes and misdemeanors for this reason. this is not just simple hatred of donald trump. it has nothing to do with that. trish: adam schiff has a narrative there, and nancy pelosi was willing to back him up and say yeah his interpretation of that phone conversation which was fiction that he presented in that hearing was somehow correct. there is a whole other narrative going on. amy, i suspect, i suspect this is them trying to get ahead of things to be on offense instead
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of defense. we are learning there is big, big money driving the whole impeachment train. you have got billionaire tom steyer announcing he's got nearly $3 million he has got to fund an organization designed to impeach the president. what is this big money? they think they can take their millions of dollars and change the outcome an election? >> unfortunately in any industry the person with the most of money has the loudest voice. but that doesn't necessarily translate into success. just because you are filthy rich doesn't translate into making smart decisions. could you imagine where he could actually invest all this money? if he wants to go back to say representative maxine waters and maybe help her district, let's look at the homeless population in california. let's invest it in climate change if that your focus.
8:19 pm
there are so many areas he can invest the millions of dollars into. he's wasting his time and money. >> i think americans resent that. they see through it. they know what it is, and they resent that. you cannot change their mind about what they decided to do just because you have a whole lot of money. it's good to see you guys. her video went viral. did you see it? she is sneaking into a lion's den. now she is posting pictures to her instagram. we are going to give sow details. as democrats push for impeachment, the american commission humming along. peter navarro is here on why that is and how we keep it going despite the circus. peter navarro, exclusive interview is here next. >> the numbers are looking very good going into the future.
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>> this booming economy has created an unusual problem where there aren't enough people with skills to fill the vacancies that exist. for the first time in history, there are more job vacancies than unemployed americans which creates a tremendous opportunity for workers. that's why we see wages growing and opportunities created. so thank you, google for creating this pathway. trish: ivanka trump announcing the new white house initiative for job training opportunities for a quarter million americans. more on what the trump administration is doing, and specifically ivanka trump, i will be joined tomorrow by none other than ivanka trump. but right now, same studio, i am
8:25 pm
thrilled to be joined by the assistant to president trump for trade and manufacturing policy, peter navarro. good to see you in person. trish: what do you think adam schiff? >> a pathological liar. for three years he looks in the camera and tells you the russia hoax that he had irrefutable evidence. never saw it. now he told us on tv he had no contact with this alleged whistleblower. that turns out to be false. the thing is, this impeachment is a coup d'etat. they have been planning this since before the election. the american people aren't going
8:26 pm
to put up with this. trish: it was mueller, then the russia hoax. when i think about we are going to talk about this later in the show. john brennan. the things he had said about effectively that he believed this might be treasonous thing the president did, that he conspired with the russians to steal the election from hillary clinton. after the fact he said maybe i got bad intel. it was proven via the mueller report that none of that happened. you think of all the money they spent on that. you look at kavanaugh and what's going on now where adam schiff gets up in front of the american people and pretend to read a fake transcript, his own narrative of what went on. nancy pelosi defense it and says it's fact when it's not. >> it's crazy. brennan, clapper, page, strzok.
8:27 pm
they hate this president more than they love this country as corey lewandowski once said. and wow, the american people are looking at this. i am look at capitol hill. they are doing nothing. the house of representatives has nothing to show the american people. we need to pass usmca. we need to pass drug prices and have infrastructure. they spend the 9% of their -- spend 99% of their time -- show me the man and i'll show you have the crime, right? they invent this stuff. in this president, he gets up every day and all he thinks business creating good jobs for the american people, and he does. 6 million jobs. and ivanka is a treasure. she's like the wayne gretzky of
8:28 pm
the administration. he said skate to where the puck is going to be. she understands going forward what we need are workers with the appropriate skills to fill all the good jobs her father is creating. she does it mostly behind the scenes. she goes out into the country, doesn't work for the big national headlines. she's just getting it done. it's important work, and it should be a great interview you do with her tomorrow, and good for you. trish: i talked to her a little bit behind the scenes about her effort. she has been traveling the country and talking to governors and mayors, working to find ways to take people who have been in jobs that maybe had been displaced. coal miners, for example, make excellent computer programmers. it's one thing to talk about the big picture how our economy
8:29 pm
changes for the future. but what about the here and now. the family that's not able to make ends meet. you have to think about how to help these people in the here and now. but one thing you mentioned that's interesting to me is how much the president is still trying to do. what's it like going to work right now. when you have got this distraction going on. >> this has been going on since i got there. nothing bothers him. business at usual. yesterday you get the biggest victory at the world trade organization in its history. the award we got and airbus, $7 billion is twice as much as any other award. last week in a single day the president in new york signed the japan trade deal which great big deal. i was in geneva, switzerland negotiating one of the biggest
8:30 pm
victories in the multi-national organization where we don't have to subsidize chinese goods coming in. it was a huge deal. >> you have enjoy the victory. and you know you are doing the right thing for the economy. but yeah, it's a tough environment out there. i don't envy you that. >> the economy of is strong. we have the job numbers coming out tomorrow. if we create 95,000 jobs, we'll keep unemployment rate at 3.7%. when you spend over 20 months in a row it's been below 4%. people looking at tomorrow to see if you get above 100. the adp -- the adp numbers came out. trish: let me just ask you this really quick. everything is asking me. are we going to get a trade deal
8:31 pm
with china? you are the guy, are we? >> we are going to get a great deal or no deal. that's the president's position. the problem is as i refer to the seven deadly sins, the seven verticals in the agreement we negotiated with the chinese if they walked away from it. dumping currency that manipulation. dumping fence nil. that's a big agenda. think about that. that wham we have got to negotiate. there will be no small deal. trish: it's all or nothing. >> no small deals with president trump. great to see you. trish: i will be interviewing ivanka trump. we'll be talking about the economy and jobs. my exclusive sit-down with ivanka trump tomorrow at
8:32 pm
8:00 p.m. on fox business. former u.s. envoys appeared on capitol hill as one of the first witnesses to go before a congressional body. find out what went down. we have the intel after this. and zero minimums to open an account. at fidelity those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero
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trish report first impeachment witness take the stand. everybody seems impressed with ambassador kurt volker. but republicans are saying what they heard from volker obliterates the democrats' quid pro quo allegations. >> ambassador volker, unbelievably knowledgeable about
8:37 pm
what was going on in ukraine. but not one thing he said comports with any of the democrats' impeachment narrative. >> the allegations of quid pro quo blew a hole through the entirety of that argument. trish: joining me now, mr. john hannah. i know that you know mr. volcker * very well. tell me about him. >> we worked thing to for 8 years. he was on the national security staff when i was on the vice president's staff. we worked together on a range of issues another involving nato and europe. then kurt became our ambassador to nato. then we worked on the trump transition when we were involved with trying to get the secretary of state rex tillerson prepared for his confirmation hearings.
8:38 pm
i know the man well and think's a rock solid national security expert i think the american people -- he's exactly the type of person you want representing the country on difficult issues much foreign policy. >> how tough do you have think it is for him to sit there and be peppered. >> i think the last this he those would have to be is involved in the middle of a political investigation like this that i think puts him in a difficult position. he spent two years of his life trying to advance the country's interest in ukraine. trying to push back against russia he dressing to find himself in the middle of this kind of political upheaval i think is just really the last thing that a professional like curt wants to be involved in. trish: i want to get your
8:39 pm
reaction. there is a comment john brennan made. he seemed to be trying to discredit bill barr because bill barr has this investigation into what went down in 2016. and here is mr. brennan commenting on that. >> given that barr is accompanying durham on these things. it makes me think the hand of politics of trump are being used to massage this ongoing review quasi investigation is. i am concerned. trish: okay. don't forget that brennan once seemed to suggest the president of the united states was a traitor. kind of a testy allegation, saying he knew donald trump was working with russians to steal the election. that has been proven to be false. at the time he was talking about the president's treasonous behavior. then later he said it was bad
8:40 pm
intel. the former head of the cia had bad intel? do you think there is any part of brennan that's worried about himself in all of this? it's very clear that there was a bias within many, many parts of the administration and i just wonder how much of that is going to come out as general -- forgive me, as bill barr looks into all this. >> there is no doubt john brennan has an interest in anybody looking into the 2016 election and how this investigation got started. i think everybody throws around the charge of traitor and treason to flippantly and easily. i think it does discredit our political discourse. we ought to step back from using that kind of language.
8:41 pm
but i think john brennan, particularly given his former position, he has got a right to say these things, but he has been so over the top and come tell to youous of th to -- conte president, it threatens the credibility the organization has to have. they are supposed to be above politician and d above politics. trish: he's down in the dirt now. including the msnbc contributorship. coming up. >> i think that compels us to travel down the road toward impeachment. >> impeachment is the imperative. >> impeachment is not -- >> if he will be impeached but
8:42 pm
when. trish: coming up next. my guest says while dems are focusing on impeachment the president is getting some work done, including signing an executive order for medicare. brad blakeman joins me next. everyone uses their phone differently.
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trish: the democrats fix eight on impeachment. the president is trying to get some work done. the president signed an executive order as he vows to never let the far left 2020 dems push their socialist agenda and take medicare away. president trump: they want to raid medicare to fund socialism. every one of these plans involves rationing care, restricting access, denying coverage. smashing quality and massively raising taxes. trish: joining me right now former senior advisor to george w. bush, brad blakeman. i want to share with you a conversation we were having during the commercial break. i was asking about the use of servers within our government,
8:47 pm
within the white house. the transcript of the conversations with the ukrainian president was moved to a private server. i want to know how unusual that is. i know the obama administration did it in some particular cases. not so abundantly. rather rarely. if you have a white house where there are many people internally that maybe don't like you being there, are you going to be more inclined to maybe move this to a private place? >> well, this is a more private place, but it's a government place. it's not donald trump's personal computer. trish: that's an important distinction when we think about hillary clinton. >> he's not segregating government information for a private purpose. he's segregating government information for a government purpose to protect secrets and relationships. as the president has been a victim of leaks with
8:48 pm
conversations with foreign leaders which goes to the heart of relationships, trust between leaders. can they have candid conversations? the president decided to move this to a national security server to limb the people who have access. >> the whistleblower says okay, i'm hearing this stuff. the whistleblower was not on the conversation. did not hear the conversation him or herself. so the whistleblower says i'm going to take this information, i'm hearing the other sources. i'm going to tip off adam schiff's office and present it quite perfectly. fred fleitz was on earlier and said he had never seen a whistleblower complaint white done to that level. to what extent was this highly coordinated. was this someone who didn't like
8:49 pm
the president? >> either the whistleblower -- i use the whistleblower in quotations. trish: you are not blowing a whistle if you are talking to them before it happens. >> you earn that title by the information you give. either there is yinl tent on the person who gave the information, and that's subjective. we have to find out. then there is the i will intent of the leaker. the ultimate leaker who leaked the whistleblower coming to make the complaint, we should never know about the whistleblower until it's run its course through the system. when they say we have to protect the whistleblower. what about protecting the president. what about protecting the institution that the president has to maintain. a constitutional responsibility for foreign policy? trish: one of the things i was most of shocked by is nancy pelosi was willing to come out
8:50 pm
before reading the memo of the transcript and say she was watching this impeachment -- launching an impeachment inquiry. >> she had information this was coming down. she had more information than we had. so she jumped the begun and decided she was going to announce this. but i can assure you nobody does what nancy pelosi did unless they have information. trish: she had information. it would have been suicidal otherwise. but i suspect that in the end this could be suicidal for the democrats. >> it already is. they cried wolf after mueller. and then what did they do? they said this president is so dangerous to our republic he must be removed immediately. then they go on summer vacation. they come back and then there is this. where are they now? they are in recess.
8:51 pm
trish: it's a good gig. kennedy is joining us now with a sneak peek on what's coming up. kennedy: i was looking at my phone wondering when you were going to call. hi, girl. trish: got any merlot? kennedy: i do. if you ever wanted a pot panel, an assembly of experts, tonight "kennedy" is your place if you love freedom and you are curious about marijuana laws, treatments and how to get it rescheduled. 9:00 east right after trish. trish: th the kooky woman who wt into the -- the lion's den went
8:52 pm
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trish: welcome back time for our lighlightning round, joining me, daily caller stephanie hamill. you are in new york, i am in dc . don't get to see you.
8:56 pm
our first story tonight. from stephanie, about a georgia southern university professor claims that the media must pressure the president to resign. before abou what? more people die? >> he took to twitter to let everyone know what he is thinking about. this is shows you on bias in professors are on campus, these people are supposed to be teaching our youth, not indoctrinating. i don't know h what he means mea needs to be tougher on trump, does he not read or watch the news. they can't give our president's break, they can't give credit where credit is due. and what does he mean people are going to die? there is no example, this is a
8:57 pm
disappointment. professors are entitled to their opinions but they should not be trying to influence their students like this. trish: right. you should welcome different perspectives at universities, different views, instead it is like oh, my gosh, this president is hitler, if you have some kind of a sign for him, you are guilty of hate speech, that so wild, that is what kids are being taught for 50 thousand odd numbers a year. there say woman on the view, who not a fan of president trump. i want the viewer to hear what she said. should happen, she thinks should happen to the president. >> put him in a home. i am serious. he has come undone.
8:58 pm
he is unraveling bev ou before r eyes. trish: she gets applause and laughter, quite a crowd she is playing to. >> another day, some more trump trashing on the view. most of them don't like president trump even make megan mccain more on conservative side, what do they mean, put him in a home? president trump is defending himself, media has been relentless in its attacks again the president, he has a right to defend himself, amazing that media kind of caring water with defending democrat and ukraine scandal against the president, it is actually the democrat's ukraine scandal, they are blaming the president for what the democrats did. this is amazing how the narrative shifted, it was joe biden, hunter biden with their ties to the ukraine and burisma and making money and 2016 election, the democrats were the ones digging for information
8:59 pm
from the ukraine with russia, and manafort. i don't know -- they were also upset about. trish: well, political move or they out the it would be a brilliant political move because they thought they could get on offense. this video we've been talking about this woman decided to go taunt a lion. and post it on instagram, she climbs into a lion's den, then you know she is so proud of herself, taking pictures of police officers after pulling this stunt. is she crazy. >> this happened at bronx zoo, this is a horrible idea unless you are looking to commit suicide. she was dancing in front of the lion. people took video. police are looking for this woman, this was dangerous for herself but every around, indications there was a unnecessary rescue, and also the lion. trish: stephanie thank you so much, do not forget to tune in
9:00 pm
tomorrow night, 8 p.m., my exclusive interview with ivanka trump, tomorrow from dc. kennedy begins now! kennedy: ohio state, michigan, lakers, celtics and now trump biden. battle between the president and democrat frontrunner turning 10 shades of nasty today. this morning president trump threw his first punch. well i would think if they were honest about it they would major investigation into the bidens it is a very simple answer, they should investigate the bidens, how does a company that is newly formed and all these companies, you look -- by the way. like wise, china just started addressin


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