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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 4, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. ♪ weekend and we'll see you from new york. trish: sources tell me and fox that whistleblower did not disclose his or her contact with schiff's office to the intelligence community inspector general. we have much more on the story that least dems and adam schiff possibly conspiring. ivanka trump is so excited about today's phenomenal jobs report. and you will hear her first reaction to the impeachment inquiry into her father. that's happening straight ahead. the inspector general.
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the person who received the whistleblower's complaint testifying behind closed doors. sources are telling fox the i.g. had no idea the whistleblower had any contact with adam schiff's committee prior to filing the complaint. the whistleblower who was trying to do everything by the book was simultaneously going behind the intelligence community's back to adam schiff's staff. we know adam schiff lied when asked if he had had any contact with the whistleblower in a media interview just days ago he said quote we have not. but it turns out, we did. somehow the whistleblower who is so concerned with following all these rules doesn't disclose his or her contacts with house dems and neither does adam schiff? schiff's office confirmed they were given a heads up on the
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filing. the president defending his call with the president of the ukraine saying he was doing what he promised he would do. weed stout corruption. president trump: way saw bind do with his son, he's pillaging these countries and he's hurting us. how would you like to have as an example, joe biden negotiating the china deal if he took it over from me. he would give them everything. how would you like to have that? joe biden what just roll out the red carpet and give them everything. this doesn't pertain to anything but corruption. and that has to do with me. i don't care about politics. i don't care about anything. but i care about corruption. trish: joining me, mark green, congressman, welcome to the show. so did the president have the right to ask ukraine in your view for assistance in terms of determining what happened in
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2016 and also for assistance with bind in terms of that investigation? i will remind people it was the ukraine why president who brought up biden for the transcript. was this okay? was this appropriate in your book? >> absolutely. you look at wherever joe biden went, his son followed and got millions of dollars. in the case of joe biden it was a billion dollars. the president is justified in looking into this. it smells of corruption. allegedly taking a $3 million payment from this company and routing it through latvia or cyprus. if you are routing money you have either done something illegal or you are trying to evade taxes. the president is absolutely spot-on asking this be done. it's his right. his job, his duty. trish: we also know the attorney general has an investigation
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going into in terms of what went down in 2016. in doing so asked the president for assistance, making sure some of these countries helped along the way. knowing that secretary pompeo was on that call, does that make it more within the guide lines at all? there are a lot of the people who look at that and say they wish he hadn't asked that. they wish he hadn't said can you do me a favor? but nonetheless, if there is an investigation going on, it may not -- you know, it may not be exactly what the mainstream media wants said. but is it still within his jurisdiction if you would. >> i think the most of important thing is it's not a crime. he did nothing wrong. he did nothing illegal. what he did was try to get to some truth. the truth about political corruption in the ukraine. truth about the vice president
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who admitted -- volker said there was no quid pro quo. but kid pro joe. he -- but quid pro joe, bribed the ukrainian government to stop investigating his son. the president is spot-on digging into this. trish: they were going after the prosecutor because the prosecutor was corrupt. but when you look at the rather glaring conflict of interest getting the $50,000 a month for your son while simultaneously pulling strings for ukraine. it seems like corruption maybe wasn't done and over there in ukraine. let me ask you about what he's situation china. he's calling on the chinese to do something, to look into this themselves. he says he's doing this for the american people. is that okay? is that all right in this
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environment? didn't he do that on the campaign trail with russia and hillary snow jokingly said go find the emails. >> i think that was tongue-in-cheek. with china, i think we ought to look into this. joe biden and his son make a trip together. i think they are even on the same plane. then his son comes back with a billion dollar contract. that sounds bad. it sounds like manipulation, it sounds like selling of our government. it just looks really bad. we need to get to the bottom it. the truth need to come out. >> well, slowly but surely maybe some of it will. i guess i will ask you, representative. do you have see this backfiring on the democrats. they are hopeful they can drive this president out of office. if they can't drive him out via the senate. they hope this will affect 2020. does it affect them negatively?
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>> i think it does. i think it does. it's clear that adam schiff is a liar. you can't tamper with a witness before, lie about it, and still be the chairman of the house intel committee. trish: end post would agree with you on that. tonight they have come out with -- four pinocchios. the guy said on national television, we have had no contact with the whistleblower. a day later, two days later his office has to say turns out we did have contact with the whistleblower. come on. >> this is the same guy who said he visibly saw evidence of russian collusion with the president. what did he do, hide that from bob muler? no, he lied. he's a liar. that'sy signed on to the bill censoring him. nancy pelosi need to remove him.
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the whole thing is a farce. trish: she should take a darn vote. >> that's exactly right. that's what the voice of the american people would be. you can't get one law created by one person. the house works as a body. that's the way the government was set up. we vote, we represent the will of the people. we haven't had a stay in this. we had one person out of the house commandeer the whole house and leverage the house, the legislative branch against this president it's unconscionable, unheard of, unprecedented american history. now they are attacking the vice president. they are going to take out the president and vice president? this could be a coup. it's crazy. trish: my exclusive interview with ivanka trump. exclusive insight on what she
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trish: the white house is pushing ahead with its america first agenda. coming up, my exclusive interview with ivanka trump. hillary vaughn on the partnership with google to create more jobs. reporter: google signed on to trump's pledge to america's workers. >> today i'm proud to announce with the new $3.5 million grant, we will be expanding the program
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to 100 community colleges across 15 states. i am honored ivanka trump can be here for the signing. she has been the driving force behind the pledge to america's workers. apple and high crow some of the signed on to the pledge started by president trump last year. it created 14 million education and training for workers. google's i.t. certificate is a 6-month program that gets workers career ready for i.t. while staying debt-free. >> [inaudible] reporter: texas lieutenant governor says the pro business, agenda has brought growth and
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investment to texas. not just a part-time job, a real job, a real career. and ivanka trump has taken the lead for the president on his behalf. she is just fabulous. she inspired people to want to follow her as the president does. reporter: he says it has made business in texas bigger. >> everything here is big, so is our data center. definitely true. 325 acres. i am told it could fit five cowboy stadiums. over $600 million anyone investment in one of the largest data centers nationwide. reporter: there are 200,000 i.t. positions open without enough workers to fill them. google along with the white house is trying to change that. trish: my interview with ivanka trump is moments away.
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but first the mainstream media is up in arms again over something president trump said. president trump: china should start an investigation into the bidens. what happened in china is just about as bad as what happened with ukraine. trish: but one notable republican says relax. this is not an actual request from the president. >> i don't think it's a real request. i think he did the to provoke you to ask me and others and get outraged by it. he plays it like a violin and the media falls into it. that's not a real request. trish: when someone else jokes nobody said anything. watch this. >> why should russia have all the fun? and since russia is clearly backing republicans, why don't we ask china to back us. >> i hereby ask china.
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>> china, if you are listening, why don't you get trump's tax returns. i'm sure our media would richly reward you. trish: any just rage then? i don't think so. joining me, turning pointed usa founder charlie kirk. she was joking around. the president was joke around. i remember in 2016 he said russia, if you are listening, why don't you see if you can find those emails. everybody was so upset much like the china thing. marco rubio said it wasn't a formal request. >> does anyone think hunter bind was getting paid by the ukrainians because of his experience in the oil and gas second or and understanding of the region and the fact that he doesn't expect language. his far it was the sitting vice president of the united states. could you imagine with don, jr.
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or eric or ivanka dared to do this while the president was in office, the media would say it's unacceptable, and it would be. trish: why we have gotten pass? >> he was a democrat. i think what's interesting -- of course the president of the united states has been doing an incredible job for the united states. the entire russia hoax falls apart and they need to find something new in is a lot of suspicion around adam schiff and his ukrainian allegation. it will backfire against the democrats. especially joe biden. he was covering for his son if not involved with his son's businesses here. an unbelievable amount of money from china.
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whether he's joke or not, he's saying it publicly. why don't we focus on the fact that joe biden's son received a billion dollars from china? >> i suspect it will wind up hurting joe biden. it's playing into elizabeth warren's hands. she is saying there is all this corruption. then it turns out the candidate she might have had the most of trouble trying to fight off may have been doing this himself with his son. i think there is a lot of questions there. and it's fair to ask these questions given the position he has as vice president. fox has confirmed that bernie sanders suffered a heart attack earlier this week. we knew they put a couple of stents in. he had chest pains. moist turns out this was a heart attack. thank goodness he's okay. my best wishes to him and his family. it's all happening as joe biden
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drops in the polls. his fundraising numbers are getting weak. these are the two guys that were basically the front runners for the dems in 2020. so who is it going to be? politics aside we require senator sand sanders a speedy recovery. you never wish harm on someone you might disagree with politically. i think it will be elizabeth warren. she has become so radical in so many different ways. even though she raised $25 million this quarter. i want to say, president trump raised $125 million this square. they have $330 million cash on hand. almost double what barack obama had during this phase of his reelection campaign. but i think it will be elizabeth warren. the more radical she has to be,
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trish: we got good economic news today. the unemployment is the lowest's been in 50 years, 3.5%. i poke to ivanka trump shortly after the numbers broke. i spoke to her about her efforts to train americans for the jobs of the future. congratulations. these are stellar job numbers. ian credible.
11:26 pm
3.5% unemployment. five today he kade long. our economic agenda is work for the american people. what's amazing if you break out those job numbers you see it people experiencing the most of opportunity are some of those that have been marginalized. the fact that we hit the lowest unemployment rate in history for americans with less than a high school education. trish: the workforce participation rate is going up. >> amazingly in september, the most of jobs being secured, most of them are being secured by people who had been marginalized. this past report we hit another record. 73 plus percent. those who had been totally out
11:27 pm
of the workforce and the sidelines of our economy. trish: why do you think that is? >> hire wages, more jobs, and people are flocking back to work. today more americans are working than ever before. i think our economic agenda in general whether it's creating or enable can the environment through dramatic tax reform, amazing tax reform package that not only insures more money in the pocket of hard-working americans, but also enabling our businesses to be competitive with the rest of the world. trish: there are a lot of people saying this isn't fair, you are giving tax cuts to corporations. >> we have the data on our side. if you look at median household income today, it's tax cuts.
11:28 pm
there is $6,000 more in american taxpayers' pockets. the combination of tax reform and deregulation has been incredible. the new layer on policies and layers and you i shallive toughs. the private. the most of important asset is the american people. 14 million commitments to on-the-job training, education, workforce development has been secured by this administration. we got a commitment to retrain 250,000 american workers and students for high demand, high paying i.t. jobs that are a fast-growing industry in the future. there are structural problem, even though we got a great jobs
11:29 pm
report. even though there is a lot being done by the middle class. the economy has changed. and that change often results in families being affected. people losing their jobs. and that's a huge, demoralizing effect on a person and a family. especially when you can't find another job. and you have worked your entire life. this is what you are trying to get at. >> for many americans they are working in jobs that require them to learn new skills, to do their same job. we have to fundamentally create a culture in this country where we celebrate and encourage lifelong learning. it's easy to say that. that's why we have been focused. we think it's our role as government to say this is the trend. this is what is happening. we need to prepare americans.
11:30 pm
we are calling upon the private sector to get ahead of job displacement. they know which technologies they are investing in that will be disruptive to their labor force. they know long before we did, they will wowrks and think about how we can equip those same workers to fill their job vacancies. trish: we just need to work together. academia, technical schools, the private sector. and the power of the federal government. trish: do you think that push, you have taken this on. i wonder -- it makes all the sense in the world. if a company is going lay off workers, why not communicate that in a way to position those workers forther jobs in the company. >> for years we have been told
11:31 pm
the pathway is four-year university and that path is not right for everyone. why i would never denigrate our university system, it's the best in the world. we need to celebrate the multiple pathways in america for success. in this booming economy there are many whether it's technical schools or the trades and an apprenticeship program. and google committing to 250,000 training opportunities in high-demand fields of technology that doesn't require a four-year college degree and enables the students to secure a job debt-free. we want to open the aperture and talk about all the ways americans can achieve success. when you think about the older worker they are likely not going to leave the workforce and go to college if they need to learn a new skill to keep their
11:32 pm
abilities and talents relevant in the modern economy. they are much more likely to go through a shire quality shorter term training program or a career focus program oftentimes sponsored by a company. trish: i think you are on to something in terms of saying we have to think more creatively as a society and within the last 20-30 years, it's been accepted that's everybody goes through a four-year college. so many kid wind up terribly in debt when they could have done something else they could have been more successful. >> many americans with a college degree are working in jobs that don't require one. i think having a conversation that's flood people's passion. what i hear when i'm on the road and i traveled most of this country visiting training
11:33 pm
program, talking to employers and students of all ages, career workers to those in high school, they love the work that they are doing, whether that's machining, learning how to code, or whether that is working and in advance manufacturing which is the future of manufacturing in this country. and they important want it any other way. allowing people to connect and realize their potential and follow their passion through these alternative pathways, it's amazing and rewarding thing i have been able to do. trish: you couple that @with day like today when you are looking at the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. coming up more with ♪ things you can do with schwab: you can earn more when you invest your cash. ♪
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trish: now more of my exclusive interview with advisor to the president, ivanka trump. she tells me what motivates her to show up for the american people day after day despite all the political backlash to her, her kid, and her entire family. you have got a wonderful family. you -- there are some sharp elbows out there point aught, your family, your father. your son has been pictured on instagram dressed in a "star wars" costume and that created an uproar which struck me as unfair and hard. i thought here you are, trying to do some good out there, you don't have to. why do you do it? >> it's the greatest privilege
11:39 pm
in the world to give back to a country that has given so much to me and my family. trish: even when people say mean things and attack and your family. >> that can't be what motivates you. if you are tonight for another reason. it's not sustainable. because there is a lot of noise on both side. there is a lot of love, a lot of anger. it has to be about the impact. every day i come into the office feeling incredibly grateful for the opportunity to fight for the people of this country. and i believe that my track record, and i know the president's track record will show we have done just that. trish: is it hard to stay focused at a time like this? >> no, i believe there are some things outside of your control. and to be successful, you have
11:40 pm
to focus on what's before you and drive hard every single day to make an impasse. your time and service, time here at the white house. it's sand through an hourglass. and you have to remember that. the amount of time you have to make the greatest possible impact is short in the scheme of life. so i'm just really focused on delivering. and i am proud of what i'm doing. the fact we have gotten 350 companies to sign our pledge to invest in 14 million job training opportunity for american student and workers is unbelievable. and 14 mill. that's a huge number. trish: yesterday the direct result of the pledge, and
11:41 pm
hearing the individual stories. that's what's important here and what matters. that's what motivates you every single day to keep going. trish: it's impressive what you are doing and impressive that you stay grounded in light of everything. what do you think of what's going on right now with the democrats attempt to impeach your dad? >> i think everything is a question of priority. we have our priorities in the white house. we are fighting every day for the american worker. we are fighting every day to improve the quality of life for every single person in this country, and we are delivering in that fight and on that promise. usmca. let's get it passed, congress. let's lean into these areas where people want us to be delivering on and there is opportunities for bipartisan wins there. so --
11:42 pm
trish: opportunity for bipartisan wins when you have adam schiff doing what he has done. you have got nancy pelosi launching impeachment inquiries before even taking a vote. i wonder:that starts to break down the system. you do want bipartisanship. when it comes to jobs and the economy, it should be a no-brainer. >> every single day we deliver. the president signed an historic trade deal one week ago. we just announced 250,000 training opportunities for american workers yesterday. we'll continue to work. we'll continue to deliver. the ball is in congress' court. are you going to approve the usmca? probably the greatest trade deal in american history. if they don't approve that it will be a very, very unfortunate thing for a lot of americans. we know what that will do in terms of opportunity for our farmers, for our ranchers, for
11:43 pm
community across this nation. for manufacturing, for gdp growth. the ball is in congress' court, so receipt' get it done. trish: when you talk to your father, ways your sense of where he's focused is it we need to get the deal done or i can't believe what the democrats are doing now? i just look at it like myself, i have a hard time. the stress of dealing with the nonsense would be pretty challenging. he's probably experienced more incoming than any person in the history of the world. >> i think my father has definitely grown used to this. this has been true since day one. certainly since the election. we are focused on delivering and fulfilling promises made to the american people. that's every day what we are focused on.
11:44 pm
the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. the lowest unemployment rate across almost every demographic you can imagine. the lowest you be employment rate for disabled mayor cans. everyone is having greater opportunity and prosperity based on the policies of this administration, and we are so proud of that fact. we are emboldened and encouraged by it and more focused and drive be than ever. trish: what do you do in a couple years if this administration sees another term. how are you thinking about what you do next for ivanka? >> i think my family drives me. in all my decisions. it's so important to me that my children are happy. it's really hard to have two parents working in the west wing. i will have much take a cue from
11:45 pm
my children in terms of what they need from me at any given moment. trish: is it hard when you travel? >> it's incredibly hard. but it's always hard. i always worked and had to balance it's an experience every working parent has. we are fighting every single day for the working families in this country. we are delivering double child tax credit and expanded fundability, we are increasing access to affordable childcare in a real and meaningful way because we recognize how challenging it is to balance the competing demand of work and family. i have more resources and structure and more support than a lot of families do. so i don't necessarily think it' harder for me, it's just different. and i'm fighting every day for them. and people less fortunate than me. but i will have much take a cue from my kids in terms of what's
11:46 pm
right for our family at any given moment. >> you are doing work you are passionate about. i have known you for a while and i have followed you and seen this commitment to workers that i think you sort of always had. i look at what usual doing right now, and you seem very happy in this. which brings me back to the elephant in the room on the impeachment front. >> how could you not be when i go out in the country and hear from people whose lives are better, their family's lives are better. their communities are thriving. and it relates to the policies in place in just 2 1/2 years in this administration. but i was happy before. i had an amazing life in new york city. i built businesses and they were successful. for me it's the opportunity to
11:47 pm
do this. trish: it's great. but at the same time you have got a political system that is trying to take down the president of the united states who happens to be your father who happens to have your family name. if it were my father i would be angry. i would be defensive. it would be hard for me to keeping doing the work that you are doing. i admire you for that. but this is your family. this is your family name. do you ever say -- how did i get into this? >> it's focused for all of us. we want to continue to fight and win for the american people. and nothing is going distract us. there is too much at stake. maybe it's a genetic thing. we are going to keep going and keep working as hard as we possibly can, and never father
11:48 pm
in our commitment. trish: coming up next, ivanka trump gets personal. you will hear her advice for her younger self and for you next. from the couldn't be prouders
11:49 pm
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>> what would've uncl avon coul. and what could you tell the younger ivank ivanka?
11:53 pm
you always keep going and learning and developing in your skill set. i always tell young people to be open to opportunity and possibility. for me the whole trajectory of my life changed and i was a very happy mother of three young children in new york and a successful entrepreneur and the opportunity to do this in the tremendous gratitude for my father to empower me too be able to contribute and get back to this country change the whole trajectory of my life. you have to keep your eye open for opportunities and stay flexible. >> and these kids when changing careers and adults would change occurs, yet to be flexible and i think you have to stay optimistic as well.
11:54 pm
i seldom have seen pessimists be super successful. not that you cannot be a realist, of course she has to be a realist and you have to see the danger looking around but you have to be open-minded for opportunities. my father always used to say as a little girl if you are going to be thinking anyway, think big. and i apply that to every aspect of my life to get up every morning and you have a choice as to how we are going to start that day and how ambitious we will be and how motivated and how big our dreams will be. >> dream big. >> dream big, that is a very good advice. i think we all need to remember that. coming up straight ahead i have final thoughts on this interview. and everybody is wondering about the haircut. i have some into on that. i will see you right after this.
11:55 pm
>> if you were sitting down with china right now, what would you do for give-and-take to make a deal happen. >> this is all on the chinese side. the u.s. cannot negotiate if nobody puts anything on the table. so in a funny way, this is described as a negotiation but the negotiation is very much within china itself ♪ hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ come to an end of breast cancer" "i know that there's a lot of innovation that can be done to actually achieve that. and so i'm very hopeful. i really strongly, strongly believe that we are about to turn the corner on this" "but, we are a mighty force when we get out there,
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>> just in case anybody's wanting to know, neil cavuto was wanting to know how i welcome wanted up assured her. her little boy is starting school and needed a haircut and she said i wanted to get my haircut and he said why don't you get your haircut. and that was her way of making it a little bit easier for him. she said i will get my haircut too. that is part of the reason for the new bob. a very interesting conversation. she's doing a lot of good things. i am struck by all the incoming that she deals with on a daily basis. both her, her father, her family. but she is passionate about trying to get more and more americans to work and you really feel it when you talk to her. i think that came through tonight. and certainly it's a good day
12:00 am
for her and a good day for this country. it is a good day when you're looking at the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. that is something to feel really thank you for joining me have a terrific weekend. maria barta model i is next. >> happy weekend, welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps to position you for the week ahead i am maria bartiromo. the asset management is joining us with this program. later on in the program rob manfred is here to start with a baseball postseason. all that comin. the numbers did come in slightly below the expectation, the u.s. economy added 136,000


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