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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 7, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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and fb @loudobbstonight. good night from new york. [♪] trish: the president's lawyer rudy giuliani tells me he's considering meeting with adam schiff. telling me schiff quote lying about direct evidence of russian collusion as well as lying about anything on his team communicating with the whistleblower is grounds for a civil suit against the congressman. he says this is not just harassment of a president, but
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deliberate misrepresentation and conspiracy. in their hatred of the president, he says, and their craven lust for power they go way over the line. rudy giuliani will join me tomorrow with more. president trump joining me a short time ago talking about adam schiff. president trump: he took to the great chamber, congress, and he made a speech. and his speech was a fraud. everything he said was a fraud. he went out as though i wrote it, he defrauded the american people. he defrauded congress. trish: all this as a second whistleblower comes forward claiming firsthand knowledge of the circumstances behind president trump's phone call with a ukrainian counterpart.
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this particular whistleblower was on the call. does it matter if you are on the call or not when the white house released a memo of the transcript? you will recall the first whistle blower did not have any first-hand knowledge of the call. just hearsay. somehow that was enough. now adam schiff and company have another whistleblower. there was the russia hoax and and year and a half long investigation. the democrats will not quit. tonight they are issuing more subpoenas for the pentagon and white house budget office. how do you go out there and issue subpoenas without having one lousy vote offer this. put your money where your mouth is, right? joining me, indiana congressman
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jim banks. where's the vote? i want a vote on it. the american people expect their members of congress to vote on it. that's the way the impeachment process is supposed to work. all members of congress should be given an opportunity to vote on impeachment. but speaker pelosi refuses to give any of us the opportunity to take an initial vote on impeachment. twrish * tell me -- trish: why is she not taking the vote? >> at this point it's unclear she has the votes. there are moderate democrats who don't want to vote on impeachment. they know it would be a difficult vote to defend moving into the 2020 election. first and foremost that's a reason there hasn't been a vote because it's unclear she has the votes. mitch mcconnell said today even if the house voted successfully
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to impeach president trump, the senate will never take you have an impeachment vote. that tells you this all about politics seeking to injure this president. trish: that's a problem. that sets an enormously dangerous precedent for the future. rudy giuliani says he's considering filing a lawsuit against adam schiff and anybody who hay have had knowledge of his lying. he was on national television saying one thing. we had no contact, he used we in his terminology. only then to have to release a statement saying one of his staff members did have contact with the whistleblower. it's clear something went on. giuliani in your view had a case here? can the president say okay, at some point enough is enough. i understand you guys have your politics. but this is interfering with my
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ability to do my job. and the american people's right to have me do my job. >> there is no question. there is no question rudy is right. there are grounds for a civil suit. but that's not enough. dozens of members of congress have signed a petition to censure adam schiff. that's not enough either. hard-working hoosiers in my district wanted him to get back to work and focus on the issues the president set us out on, to focus on moving our economy forward, the issues he was elected to do. trish: it came out friday. the best unemployment rate in 50 years. but it's all overshadowed by the divisive climate including what happened a short time ago today. you have acting homeland security secretary kevin
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macelein who was shout off stage in d.c. you have see him walking off stage. and you can hear them droughting. this is the environment. this is the norm. a member of the administration coming to speak and being shout off the stage. >> this guy is no partisan. he was an obama appointee and george w. bush appointee. a very bipartisan figure in washington, d.c. it shows you how radical the left wing of the democratic party has become and how crazy these mob figures have overcome in overthrowing anything to do with president trump. trish: i wonder how much the mainstream media is involved in that. hang on, i think we'll have tofold hold that for later.
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basically you have the anchor chuck todd talking with senator johnson. here we go. let's watch. >> i have my third letter into the egg inspector general asking to confirm are you investigating those leaks with peter strzok? >> i have no idea why -- why a fox news conspiracy propaganda stuff is popping up on here. i have no idea why we are going here. i am asking. >> that's why president trump is upset and why his supporters are upset. >> senator johnson, please. trish: conspiracy theory. he's saying what the senator said about peter strzok and lisa page which is well documented, they are their bias is well
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documented. peter strzok lost his job because of it. this out there. this is a matter of fact. these two individuals had a bias. yet chuck todd says that's a conspiracy theory? if you want to talk bias. if you think you are looking on some alternative planet where this didn't happen, those text messages were not exchanged, their own particular biases did not affect their work, you know, i don't know. it seems to me you have got the mainstream media have much in on that act. >> this is becoming all too common. i had a similar situation with an interview with npr where they edited my interview. when i said adam schiff lied to the american people, they didn't like that. the same thing senator johnson experienced with chalk todd. it's why the american people are
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become so much more sceptical of the mainstream media. at the end of the day hoosiers in indiana are telling me they largely dismiss these types of media narratives and they want to cut through it have much. trish: congressman, it's good to see you, thanks for your time. member kanye west lecturing the press on the president. he's our president. he has to be able to fly his plane and have the best factories. we have to bring jobs into america. trish: the hip hop artist is defending and promoting the president. he spoke in utah telling thousands of people that quote it's mental slavery to make political decisions based on
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race. also tonight, l.a. begging its governor to declare a state of emergency over itself-created homeless crisis. tomi lahren is here to make a plea to president trump. she says he's the only person who can save lala-land from this corrosive liberal policy. the nba showing its true colors choosing china over human rights. former nevada gop chair is here. i'm off to college. i'm worried about my parents' retirement. don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... dealing with today's expenses ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay? i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement. thand find inspiration who win new places.ct... leading them to discover:
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trish: the nba taking sides over hong kong's human rights. the controversy was set off when the houston rockets general manager tweeted this image which means fight for freedom and stand with hong kong. china's main broadcaster cut the team's games fromshire schedule. the fans were absolutely furious. the nba came out in favor of
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china. we have great respect for history and culture of china and hope sports and the nba can be used as a unifying force bringing together people. come on. is money that important, really? so important to the nba they choose to ignore human rights? and individual's quest for freedom? and instead side with a country known for its oppression? clearly the nba's reaction was entirely one of fear. fear of losing an almighty buck. forget morality and democracy. basketball is apparently like everything else in the world. markets and money. joining me now, amy tarkanian
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former obama am pain director, robin biro. i know your father-in-law had a storied career as a basketball coach. >> i think he would have been totally disgusted just like the rest of us are. you have the communist bullies in leadership over in china. it's funny when you said that in their statement they issued the chinese were not happy. honestly were they not happy or were they have just not allowed to express their opinion. the whole world is watching what's going on in hong kong. they are fighting for everything you i are blessed to have. they want the freedom of speech. they want to be able to, you know, go wherever they would like to go, say whatever they would like to say. they are completely oppressed. this is totally disgusting that
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the nba is willing to be more concerned over paychecks and money than rather humanitarian rights. trish: it many the almighty dollar apparently above everything else. this was just a tweet about standing for democracy and human rights. sight was one tweet by one gentleman. this is a pretty severe punishment for that man. trish: robin, what do you thrift nba? >> i'm with amy. i agree with the come director. he said his views are his own and we won't infringe on his right to free speech. but to walk back the statement for the almighty dollar, i don't get it. as a veteran myself. i agree with amy. this is their core democracy. their agreement when they came
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up under the british colony. so it just blows my mind. trish: it's disgusting. i have been so sick of the -- the sports organizations, athletes between the kneeling, not you nba clearly not caring about human rights or democracy and just care being money. it's sad to see, amy, especially in something as american as basketball, right? this is part of the americana. this our culture. you know that very well. certainly your husband knows that very well, given his dad. to sit there and back tread like that. >> sports is suppose to be fun. it takes tall tent and hard work. but we are not talking about
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physicians and scientists. we are talking about people who play basketball and get paid tens of millions of dollars to live cushy lives. the fact we can't defend these other people in hong kong who are literally being arrested just to have freedom. trish: this is corporate. make that call. not the players. >> it is. the this is the epitome of unsportsman like behavior. it makes me sick. i'm disgusted by the. the tweet was literally fight for freedom. i don't get it. trish: amy and robin, good to have your perspective. good you agree. remember kanye west. he wears his red maga hat.
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>> they tried to scare me to not wear this hat. my own friends. it gives me power. trish: the hip hop artist is defending the president again saying it's mental slavery to make political decisions based on race. pastor darrell scott is here to react to the sounds. l.a. sinking under a self-created homeless crisis. tomi lahren is here and she says president trump is the only person who can save the city from itself. elizabeth warren caught in another lie. announcer: fidelity is redefining value with zero account fees for brokerage accounts. and zero minimums to open an account. at fidelity those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero
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rely on the united nations and various other nations. we are not going to spend 50 years of paying for wherever they may be. trish: president trump make the decision to get american troops out of syria. here with me now, "fox and friends" weekend co-host, the veteran himself, pete hegseth. what do you think? >> listen. nato hasn't stepped up for a long time. without the united states, europe's involvement ability to project power is minimal. then you have turkey, a member of the nato alliance. not only are they not our friend, they are our adversaries. he wants to expand his power. president trump is right at the macro level. he's right to say how long will he be here to police. why won't the europeans ever step up. i was in afghanistan, it was the united states and a few other
11:26 pm
groups of troops that did the bulk overwhelmingly. there becomes a point where you say we can't be everywhere doing everything. the problem is. in the near term between syria and between iran, between russia, between the iranians, between the israel, certainly erdogan it's going to be a mess. you will see a vacuum without us there that creates unintended consequences we don't like. the question is is that chaos worth us not being there forever? trish: it's a question. let me get to another big story we are focused on. presidential hopeful elisabeth warren may be caught in another lie. but rather. why she left a teaching job early in her career.
11:27 pm
she was -- said she was visibly pregnant. >> by the end of the first school year i was quite visibly pregnant. and the principal did what principals did in those days. wished me luck and hired someone else for the job. trish: that would be terrible if it were true. but there is a problem here. that's not the story she used to tell when she was talking about that period in her life. she used to say she voluntarily wanted time off. she wasn't sure she wanted to teach. here she is with that version of the story in 2007. >> i worked with the children with disabilities. and i did that for a year. and then that summer i actually didn't have the education courses. so i was on the emergency certificate. i went back to graduate school
11:28 pm
and took a couple of courses in education and said i don't think this is going to work out for me. and i was pregnant with my first baby. so i had a baby. and stayed home for a couple of years. and i was casting about thinking what am i going to do? trish: what are you going to do, senator warren? trish: there is a little thing out there called tape. you can't keep on change the story because it fits a certain narrative at a certain point in time. >> oh, poke than as, you did not have the educational qualification. this will become a trend for her. we saw blatantly how she misrepresented her heritage to get privileged positions at ivy league colleges. the president gave her a nickname that has stuck. is that a one-off? is that because her grandmother
11:29 pm
told her stories about her heritage? if she wants to prove she is the victim of discrimination, how about another tale about when you were pregnant, you ever visible and that why the principal fired you. let's talk to the principal wbt or teachers and her husband who was there at the time. it appears it had nothing to do with the fact that she was visibly pregnant and more to do with her own choices and qualifications she didn't have. you can't get away with outright lies. trish: do we have the joe biden tape. >> he himself told a bunch of lies. >> i'm angry with myself for having been put in the position be put myself in the position of having to make this choice. and i am no less frustrated for the environment of presidential politics that makes it so
11:30 pm
difficult to let the american people know the whole joe biden and not just misstatements i have made. but be at as it may, i concluded i will stop being a candidate for president of the united states. trish: because he plagiarized. >> 30 years later he's still prone to making up stories about pinning on medals on people and things he said to them. with elizabeth warren we have the native american piece, but is there more of a trend? she has these big policy proposals. how much of it is real or how much is a figment of her imagination? there would be more of this whether it was coming from her democrat opponent or going with president trump.
11:31 pm
these questions will have to get answered. the left-wing media won't ask them the way they ask them of president trump. trish: he should be saying his prayers every night. i guess he should be wishing him a speedy recovery. if you are running against a socialist, pretty darn easy. >> that good for the president and good for freedom. trish: thank you very much. rapper kanye west defending the president. trump university co-leg chair pastor scott is here. >> i put this hat on and it makes me feel like superman. but she wanted someone who loves with the so, we got griswalda. dinner's almost ready. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with our renters insurance.
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[bleep] [bleep] [bleep] trish: big eruption from the crowd. kanye west defending his support for president trump at a sunday service in salt lake city, utah. kanye west has been supportive of the president's agenda. he's even paying the white house a visit later this year. but the left, they have not made it so easy on kanye west. joining me with early revitalization coalition chairman pastor darrell scott. good to see you. what do you mean by saying it's mental slavery to be basing your political decisions entirely on
11:37 pm
race. >> well, you know, kanye west is his own man. he demonstrated that. he's also a free thinker. he's a thinker that apparently thought this through and told himself despite the tears in the music industry and he's going to decide on his own. trish: that's what people should do. make your own thoughts and decisions. >> we fought for the right to vote as a people. we are not going to fight for the right to vote then give up the right to choose who to vote for. to allow others to put you in the type of violence where they determine how you think or how you behave. you can't voice what you like or
11:38 pm
don't like. i remember the 2008 lecture. i said the on reason you are voting for barack obama is because he's black, then you just insulted him because you are saying he's not qualified. i don't let somebody cut my grass just because they are black. you better know how to cut grass. that is mental slavery. i agree with him on that. trish: the president has done a lot of good things for the economy. you are looking at the lowest unemployment rate, 3.5% for all americans. you are looking at the lowest level on record for blacks, hispanics, for women. let me ask you, is he going to be able to chip away at a block of voters who have been considered so aligned with the democratic party? he's not all that bad. he's doing good things for the
11:39 pm
economy, i'm working, my neighbors are work. and my alternative may be working for a socialist. >> we say the black community is not monolithic. but there is one issue the black community is unanimously agreed upon, and that is the issue of community. president trump is doing things for the black community. unemployment, the low unemployment rate affects the black community. urban revitalization affects the black community. criminal justice reform affects the black community. the reason a number of black fathers were not in the homes is not because they are deadbeat dads, but bill clinton's law incarcerated them. they were taken from their homes. he's doing a lot of things for the community. there are some things about the president they might not like. my people might not like. however, they say politics
11:40 pm
regarding the community are outweighing the negative the news media is trying to portray. we night double the numbers we had from last year. that's what i'm believing. trish: it sounds like you have got kanye west on your side as well. i am sort of a deer in the headlights. wild video showing deer crashing into a long island hair salon. kat timpf is here with that story and a few others. but tomi lahren has a solution to the l.a. homeless crisis. it's called president trump....
11:41 pm
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trish: $1 billion in taxpayer money allocated to california's homeless crisis. how many more billions are you going to give them considering they still have this major problem of a homeless crisis. it's so bad we are seeing a rise in diseases we haven't seen since the middle ages.
11:45 pm
a los angeles county supervisor wants california's governor to declare a state of emergency. tomi lahren, i know you wrote a very good op-ed on this. you are asking for president trump's help. is it that bad you need the fed to come in and save california from itself? >> we need leadership like we see from president trump and tough policies. throwing more money at this problem does not solve the problem. i live in los angeles. we sent $619 million on the homeless epidemic last year. where has it gotten us? nowhere. we spent $77 million on a shelter expansion project that
11:46 pm
built two facility for 147 people. that's what we get in california. it's being mismanaged. trish: how could president trump change that. >> part of the problem is at the state and local level. i would encourage president trump to keep returning to the stage and hold our leaders feet to the fighter. we have seen our leaders in california rapid fire tweeting about president trump and impeachment when they have been ignoring the fact we have an impending emergency declaration because of our homeless crisis. he is true, we need conservative principles in the state of california and we need his presence here. we are not a lost cause and we can use that leadership. trish, you can throw money at a problem, but if you don't have people who can manage it and get
11:47 pm
things done, it doesn't matter. let me turn to hillary clinton. she is back. and apparently she can't let the 2016 loss go. she has a new excuse that maybe she took it all far too seriously. >> i am a serious person, but i'm also a fun person. i think i probably came across as to serious. i really believed my job especially as a woman and the first woman to go as far as i did, that i have to help people feel good about a woman in the oval office. a woman commander-in-chief. so i may have overcorrected a little bit. sometimes people say why can't you be like that or why weren't you like that? i did feel a heavy sense of responsibility. it was such maybe i wasn't as loose or open as i could have been. trish: maybe she wasn't. i don't know her in real life.
11:48 pm
maybe she is a blast to hang out with. she seems more at ease on "the view's" couch. but she didn't connect with people. she may do it again. steve bannon says she is gearing up for another run. what do you think? third time a charm for hillary clinton? >> i don't think so. if she decide to run again, maybe focus less on your serious demeanor and the fact you are no liar. our voters had far more an issue with that. there is something hillary does in awful her appearances. she reminds us that she is a woman constantly over and over again. add her serious demeanor to her long lives excuses for why she lost in 2016. it's time to take accountability
11:49 pm
and time to go away. trish: what do you think is going to happen on impeachment? of any predictions? >> i think if the democrats thought they could beat donald trump in 2020, they wouldn't be doing this. we are talking about misinformation and fake news and the number of times the democrats raised their pitchforks to go after this president. all the information aside, i would like to say wouldn't it be great if the democrats in the media would investigate bind's corruption on their own. president trump didn't have to look at corruption? no one wants to look at the democrats. no one wants to turn their focus there. president trump has a vested interest in making sure we don't have corruption. trish: the news breaking tonight. rudy giuliani telling me he's considering filing a civil suit against adam schiff and anybody
11:50 pm
who may have worked with adam and knowing in rudy's word he was lying. don't forget, he went on national television and told everyone quote, we have had no contact with the whistleblower when it turned out someone from his staff did have contact with the whistleblower days before the filing. as rudy sees this, this is have much harassment and abusive to the president in his view. and worry of perhaps a lawsuit and investigation into adam schiff. your thoughts? >> i think it's brilliant. any time you have a witch hunt, i think it's great tore team trump to say wait a second. they gave you four pinocchios for a reason. i think the president has his team going on the offense is a great move. i think at the end of the day he knows what he's doing. we don't like to see continual witch hunts. he's doing great things for this
11:51 pm
country. at the end of the day, that all that matters in 2020. just. >> bree minder. rudy giuliani will be on this program tomorrow 8:00 p.m. eastern. he will tell us more about what he may be cook up as far as adam schiff goes. kennedy joins us. kennedy: i have got a good one for you. we are going to talk about a new study that says people are so stressed out about politics. we have coping tips and that of course includes sangria recipes. trish: wild video showing a deer crashing intoing a long island hair salon. one woman managing to board a delta slight without an i.d. or
11:52 pm
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announcer: fidelity is redefining value with zero account fees for brokerage accounts. and zero minimums to open an account. at fidelity those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero trish: welcome back, ligh lightg round, joining me, kat timpf, a lot of questions arises after a woman managed to board a delta flight from orlando to atlanta,
11:56 pm
with no boarding pass. she get through security, through the whole thing. >> no boarding pass, no i.d., she was showing a picture of herself on her phone. and saying because she had a picture of herself. she could stay on the flight. i don't understand how she got through, that is terrifying she did. and also i think it shows, there is that saying people say if you can dream it you can do it. maybe she saw that. we shoul change it to, if you dm it, don't do it, if it is a federal offense. >> what is shocking, where is the tsa, i get tired of taking identify shoes -- off the shoes and sunglasses and extra sweater, she get through be no ticket. >> that made ticket about an
11:57 pm
hour late, it took them 45 minutes to get her off. trish: awful. here is an interesting story, i'm not one for puns, you heard deer in the headlights, my team said this is like deer in the highlights. >> i get it. trish: a deer just jumps to a hair salon. the guy getting his care cut. >> the deer is so stoked to go to the hair salon, i want to know why. that is my left favorite place to go, it takes so long, i would rather go to the dentist, you are in and out, you sit there with foil in her head. trish: hoping and praying it comes out all right. right. >> all deer who are watching, i am sure there are many, it not
11:58 pm
that fun, you don't need to do this, i hear there are a lot of deer that watch this show. trish: new survey, reveals this shocking to me. when i got an an low an, weekly allow answe abs -- allowance fos is 30 dollars. >> what does a kid need 30 dollars a week for, they don't have any expenses. "new york times" said about 5 hours of work a week. when i had my first job in high school, i made 5:15 an hour, they make more money as children. i, i don't understand the parents, i am not a mother, not yet. but some day maybe. and i -- i thought that like one of the main reason to have children to have people to clean your house and pay them below minimum wage.
11:59 pm
trish: i am not doing something right, they are not cleaning my house. i also have an instituted like pay system, i feel like you should do the chores, make your bed. >> i was paid with being allowed to play outside after it was dark. i thought that was an acceptable legal wage for a child, a child. trish: not 30, dollars. >> 30. >> i got two. if i made the bed of day, without wrinkles, by like friday -- >> i got extra chores, i spent a whole day saturday cleaning the whole day, i would get 5 dollars, now i feel ripped off. >> totally. >> dad! trish: thanks guys, kat thank you. >> you too. >> a big show tomorrow night, with president trump's personal attorney, and former new york city mayor mr. rudy guliani, joining me. we'll ask him tomorrow about
12:00 am
what he exclusively told me tonight, he is looking to possibly suing adam schiff. kennedy, begins now, see you here tomorrow. kennedy: nba shot an air ball to china, now lawmakers want to kick them in the loose balls. saying i league ignored china's human abuses. hi. >> mori tweeted. fight for freedom stand with hong kong that sparked a backlash in china, causing mori to delight the tweet, and issue a lengthy apology, still calling


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