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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 8, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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[♪] trish: the white house drawing a hard line saying once and for all the white house will not cooperate with the democrats and their endless subpoenas. the president's attorney rudy giuliani is here with his first reaction to this news. good evening, i'm trish regan. president trump's white house lawyers sending a scathing letter to speaker pelosi and adam schiff. saying you seek to overturn the results of the 2016 election and deprive the american people of the president they have freely
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chosen. and saying there is no valid consciouconstitutionally valid r your impeachment inquiry. joining me, andy biggs who is leading an effort to censure adam schiff for his conduct. 94 members of congress are on board with that one. what do you think of this letter? >> i thought you can't be harsh enough to people who know no shame. so you have to be very direct, blurnt and forceful. i loved the letter. i am so frustrated with the way mr. schiff is acting, nancy pelosi is acting, and the entire democrat group. they are just literally trying to take await election of 2016 and subvert the 2020 election
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with this basic focus. they are focused in such a way that they ignore the realities of all the facts that surround them. trish: what's most of puzzling to me is why there is no vote. why not take a lousy vote. >> you have got members of their conference that don't want to take a vote because it will jeopardize them politically. they probably don't have enough votes, and if they take a vote, that would mean by precedent of the house of representatives that the president would have his legal counsel afforded to have an opportunity to be there. republicans would be allowed to subpoena witnesses. trish: don't you want it open and transparent? you are talking about reversion an election. and having the biggest effect on 2020. i don't know how just a couple people in congress can take over
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effectively the government. you wonder why everybody keeps talking about a coup. >> it is a coup. this has been going opposite since the day after the president was elected. they started the investigation before he was ever elected. they were spying on his campaign and this just kept going at the highest levels our fbi and doj. you wonder why people are saying, hey, we have a problem with what you guys are doing. trish: they want to subpoena everything and get more and more transcript calls. i want to remind everybody there was a report, congressman biggs two years ago that revealed the obama administration spent $36 million in legal fees. there were federal reports that had been requested under the freedom of information act, the obama administration said it was
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so transparent. yet somehow they misplaced all these documents, documents people warnltd and need. susan rice admitting they did move sensitive material to secret government servers? >> to me it's amazing. you are right it's a double standard. they spent millions of dollars fighting foia requests. they hid what hillary clinton did and her team. thirdly, we weren't allowed to give transcripts of telephone conversations between president trump and other world leaders. rightly or wrongly. those should be classified. if they were going after president trump, what you have is two world leaders talking about a third world leader, angela merkel of germany. you don't want to cause an international incident because
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two leaders are having a candid conversation. so what's going to happen is you will freeze out these conversations. when he's talking to leaders anywhere in the world, everybody will have to hedge their bets. suspecting you have leakers in a security apparatus that might leak it which is what happened here. trish: in some cases not even beyond the call. but hearing it second harmed. then that hearsay becomes ammunition for members of congress that want to hurt a particular president because he's not on the same side. i think it also is tremendously bad for precedent. it's bad for our system of government. what does that mean for future presidents? >> it undermines their ability to do the work we want them to do. we delegated work by the
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constitution to the executive branch'. basically it will undermine all of that. trish: how important is it that the american people know if there was any funny business between the bind family and ukraine or the biden family and china. >> it's critical. you are trying to impeach a president who is asking for help from international leaders for where the corruption took place. they are saying we can't have that. but they don't want to go after the corruption and uncover that. that's bart of the do you recall standard that exists. that's why so many americans say there is a double standard of justice in this country. trish: it was hillary clinton's campaign that paid for the opposition research that was done overseas. that was effectively foreigners meddling in our election because they had been paid for by the
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hillary clinton campaign. i'll leave it there. good luck to you, sir. i will see where this goes. the liberal media couldn't stop talking about rudy giuliani. >> rude * to testify. rudy giuliani's press secretary is speaking out. >> lindsey graham has invited rudy giuliani to testify. trish: i have someone on the show they do not. rudy * is here. he's here respond. find out why he tells me he is considering a lawsuit against adam schiff tonight. but first the liberal media going crazy as the white house blocked ambassador suddenland from testifying. >> gordon sundland ordered by
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trish: at the trump white house, it declares it's not dmoopght way shape or form with the democrats' demands. my next guest led the impeachment efforts against president bill clinton in 1998. and he said one or two whistleblowers with hearsay accounts does not make an impeachment. he says that's what you call a soft coup. former georgia congressman bob barr. there is another whistleblower who said i was on the call so i can provide more perspective despite the fact that we have a memo of the transcript. he talked to adam shiches office
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ahead of time before tbielg they filed. and lo and behold, we have bedlam. >> this is beyond unprofessional. this is entering a silly zone. according to reports we have seen, this second so-called whistleblower who is a saboteur the same as the first one. now tells the first andture that the phone call -- saboteur that the phone call he overheard was so frightening he was visibly frighten pded. frightened. one wonders what the third so-called whistleblower will do. trish: i suppose if you don't like a particular politician. if you have enough people who agree with you who don't like that politician, people can get snowflake-like and not like some
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of the things that have been said and go into overdrive. but what fundamentally concerns me. it's kind of a big deal. it's a big deal to impeach the president. just the fact you are doing that in the house, wasting time and resources. >> what they are doing, even beyond that, and you are absolutely direct about that, in the current sense. but what they are doing here is undermining the constitution of the united states. and the system of government that was so carefully crafted and paid for with so much blood over the years. the notion of impeachment is the ultimate remedy for a free people to do away with or remove from office somebody duly elected but who has very, very badly abused that trust. and to go about this in the way they are doing, sort of well,
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we'll try this person. let's try jerry nadler for a while. well that didn't work out so now they have thrown the ball to adam schiff. who knows who they will come up with next. this is being orchestrated from within the government, within the executive branch and the intelligence community sector which raises very, very serious concerns about what is going on in our intelligence community and what this portend for future presidents unless his president as he's doing, gets a handle on it and stops it right now. trish: you grow up in this country believing in the system. look around the world at other places that don't have such good places. and you have got those banana republics it's a disaster. every incoming administration, somebody winds up in jail.
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it's not good. and we have always been able to say, look, we are better than that. we have a better system. thank you founding fathers. now, you look at what's going on now congressman. i don't know how much better we are than all that. does this feel reminiscent of some of the things you have seen over the years, over the decades in some of these countries that we don't want to be? >> trish, i was fortunate growing up through my teenaged years in foreign countries. my dad was a civil engineer. we lived in the middle east and latin america. and yes, i lived through revolutions. i lived through bloodshed and coups when i was growing up. it gave me from an early age a strong appreciation for what we do have here in the united states of america because of our history, and the a bit of our institutions. and that's why it troubles me so
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greatly way see happening here, that our very system of government, the foundations of our republic are being so cavalierly whittled away by this majority in the house of representatives. trish: being traded for political chips. thank you very much for your perspective. liberal outrage after ellen degeneres is seen sitting next to former president bush. she had to come out and defend herself. >> i'm friends with george bush. i'm friends with a lot of people who don't share the same beliefs i do. we are all different. and i think we have forgotten we are all different. trish: you shouldn't have to say that. but first the big story everyone is talking about. the liberal media can't stop talking about mayor rudy
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giuliani. >> the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani can now testify. rudy giuliani's press secretary is speaking out. >> lindsey graham has invited rudy giuliani to testify. trish: mayor rudy giuliani is here and he has intel for us. stay tuned. the mayor is here next. credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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trish: senator lindsey graham inviting the president's personal southern rudy giuliani to testify before the senate judiciary committee to he can please joe biden and his son's highly questionable dealing with the ukraine. as we first reported on this
8:23 pm
show, mayor giuliani is threatening to sue adam schiff and rashida tlaib for attempting to remove a president from office illegally. i want to get to your news in a second. i want to start with what the heck really happened. right? the improprieties there. walk us through it. because, you know, it's certainly improper for the son of a vice president to be getting that kind of money from any kind of ukrainian company he doesn't have the credentials to be on the board of. but it may not be illegal. that's where i'm wondering what the heck did any of this go back to joe biden himself? >> if that was a won-off we would have a highly unethical
8:24 pm
conflict. joe biden lost it today. he got very, very angry. reminded me of some of the people i investigated when i was u.s. attorney. but the reality is what happened in the ukraine is seen as a one-off could be an isolated case of technical bribery. offering something of value in exchange for official action is the common law crime of bribery. he offered a loan guarantee, threatened to take it away to intimidate and strong arm, his word, the president of ukraine to threaten the prosecutor. as a prosecutor you probably wouldn't prosecute it unless there was a motive. the motive was to bury the case on his son, soros and. the russian to return to russia
8:25 pm
and keep employing his son for four more years. joe's defenses that he didn't know about his family's business. that's strange because his family has been doing this for 30 years. in the 90s his brother was taking down loans from people who were indebted to joe and telling them this is how you get to my brother. he would say i don't talk to my brother about this business. the third, fourth time you say that, i as an investigator, former u.s. attorney and justice department official, criminals would say that's a pretty good case. "politico" first revealed it. biden, inc. got elected to the senate, his brother man tides his senate seat for millions of dollars.
8:26 pm
and as vice president he man tides it for hundreds of millions of dollars. it's too often, too frequent, too many times saying i don't know my family's business when his family's business was in the newspapers. >> he should know. >> it's corrupt as heck. that's what it is. it's a big scandal it's a big pay-for-play scheme it raises the question how much more like this was going on in the obama administration. it sounds like the clinton foundation to me where they were selling out the country. and obama was i don't see it. trish: then the question becomes. conflict of interest, maybe far worse. it could be much worse than a conflict of interest. but why is the president of the united states asking by the. why is he doing any digging. why does he leave it to you and
8:27 pm
others to do it? why get involved? >> because this came up not having to do with joe biden running for president. it came up to me in 2018 almost a year ago, several ukrainians reached out to me and told me i wouldn't believe it, for a year and a half they have been trying to give us evidence that more collusion took place in ukraine than in russia where they believe no collusion took place. i jumped on that because i'm his defense lawyer. if i were doing this for a terrorist, those phoneys in the senate and house would be defending me. i am doing it for the president of the united states. he's my client. i'm defending him. every bit of my investigation took place before the mueller probe ended. i was gathering this evidence to rebut any false finding mueller would make that there was russia collusion. you covered up mueller.
8:28 pm
trish: the concern is why would your name couple in a conversation with the president of ukraine. why would president trump be talking about rudy giuliani. >> he didn't talk about me. trish: technically you are right. >> i am not technically right. i am right. trish: i read the memo. the president, however, why didn't zelensky bring me up. five months before. 8 months before i had been investigating ukrainian collusion that interfered in the 2016 election. it resulted in a ukrainian court decision, the only court decision that found collusion in our election. it's between two ukrainians and hillary clinton. i have a whole gathering of evidence about that. i don't have the rest of it because joe biden bribed the president of the ukraine to hen
8:29 pm
had the next prosecutor dismiss the case that contained that evidence called the antak case, along with burisma. i wasn't look for joe biden. the ukrainians gave me joe biden. they said he interest geared your case. at the time they gave it he wants a presidential candidate. trish: did the parties say maybe they are trying to play everyone, they cozy up to biden? now they are trying to cozy up to people who know trump? >> they did it because for three years, five years, the bidens were the joke of the ukraine. 13 times biden went there in an 8-year term. 13 times he went to ukraine and lectured on corruption. the ukrainian people said what a
8:30 pm
phoney. you put your son in a job he has no experience for. you put him in a job where his firm is making over a million a year after he got tossed out of the navy for drugs. you put him in a country like ukraine where there are a lot of drugs and other problems. and you don't think we think you are corrupt and your country is hypocritical. don't you think the president of the united states has to vindicate that? article 2, section 3 of the constitution. something these democrats trashed says the president of the united states has the obligation to take care that the laws are faithfully executed. joe biden trashed the laws of the united states to the embasement of my country and i found that not because he's a candidate for president. he was only thinking about it then. i found it and i started my career and maybe i will end it rooting out corruption at the
8:31 pm
highest levels of government. i have done republicans and democrats. there is only one criminal worse than a corrupt politician selling out the oath of office and that's a murderer. trish: rudy giuliani with us. don't know anywhere. mayor giuliani is back after this quick break. this is the family who wanted to connect... and find inspiration in new places. leading them to discover: we're woven together
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trish: mayor giuliani is back with me. you are in the news today. a lot these days, but you are in the news in part because in the "new york times" an open said says america's mayor today is president trump's bumbling lawyer and henchment and defender of the indefensible. what do you have to say to him and others?
8:36 pm
>> i'm very embarrassed for you, ken. he wasn't my press secretary. i didn't hire him to city hall because my deputy mayor told me he wasn't trustworthy. i have always been nice to him, i conducted his wedding. most of of my friend think's a leaker. i guess they are right and i am wrong. he has no idea what i'm doing. i can't talked to him in 12 years. he's a democrat. he's in a democratic city. and he wants to suck up to the "new york times." i can make myself popular, too, by suck up to the "new york times" telling them what they want to hear. i wasn't doing this to find evidence of collusion and i found plenty of it. they are the ones who told me don't you know what joe biden did, the ukrainians.
8:37 pm
i said no i don't know what he did. they know like the nose on their face this bribery, extortion and money laundering. one of the payments foa goes from ukraine to latvia to cyprus to little biden's bank account. that's what we call money laundering. that's the typical ukrainian pattern. so there are so many crimes that have to be investigated here. i didn't do it to get joe biden. when he came up, i said to my colleague. you know what that washington press club is going to do? they will crucify us because they will have pulled out one of our protected people. bind is protected. he's been doing this sentence the 1980s and 1990's.
8:38 pm
in the "washington post" article after article about his brother saying joe will help us. then joe biden says he didn't know the family business. trish: it's one thing for you to do it. but the problem is coming, people are saying why is president trump involved in this in any way, shape or form? >> because if he doesn't do it, who is going to vindicate the laws of the united states of america? who is going to exercise that image of america that we are a bunch of big phoneys because the vice president goes there and has his son take money from one of the most of crooked men in the ukraine. he was making millions from one of the most of crooked people in the ukraine while was sitting in the obama white house. in the 2016 "new york times,"
8:39 pm
any president that had the slightest interest in ethics would have called this vice president and say cut it out. get that kid out of there. i got embarrassed by having to pull strings to put him in the navy. who gets in the navy at age 40 then gets kicked out for drugs. if this were a republican i wouldn't have to be here having to plead the case. trish: this conflict of interest, this swamp-like stuff. one is a politician and another has their hand out. this is the whole conflict of interest with the clinton global initiative and the idea suddenly all these niger yanl bill why airs are becoming legitimate because they have their picture
8:40 pm
with clinton because they made a donation, and it's that fear, pay-to-play. i think i understand you here, mr. mayor. you are saying this is the president's duty to look into this. the other side is saying wait a second. was this a problem that he's looking into it because ukraine doesn't have a whole lot and they will be depend department on the millions the u.s. may not give them. >> tell me they are not hypocrites. somebody has to exorcise this. we elected this president to clean up the swamp. the swamp is considerably worse than i thought. the reason the democrats are fighting so hard is because it's going further than joe biden.
8:41 pm
it's almost impossible to turn your back on this. the "new york times" stuck it right in obama's face and said your vice president has a glaring conflict of interest. what did obama do? he didn't do a darn thing by the. i don't know how far it goes. but i know it goes further than joe biden. maybe those who were calling world leaders telling them not to cooperate with barr. they may have a few problems. pay-to-play. you know why it happened? it happened because they got sloppy. i have been investigating corruption since i was 27 years old. i convicted my first congressman at age 28 and got him to plead guilty on a wirtness stand. this happened because the press enabled it. i gave my tax returns 20 times because i know as a republican
8:42 pm
they will come after me. they know they can get millions from russia and the new york times will say that's fine, that's okay to hillary. that's what happened. criminals get sloppy. trish: you told me you are look at possibly preparing a lawsuit against adam schiff because of he has been caught in this lie. his team of did have access. he's got one big mouth. tell him to read hutchinson. his each is only protected in the chamber. when he goes on msnbc, or the corrupt news network. it's a big case and this guy has gone way over the top. read the letter from cipollone, the white house counsel.
8:43 pm
it lays out the activity of adam schiff and the congress and why these hearings are illegal. the salem witch trials required people to testify against you and face the accused. these guys want to conduct a secret proceeding so we never find out hot accusers are. are they americans? that happened in the soviet union. it's outrageous. even joe mccarthy didn't do this. trish: are you going to go before the senate committee? >> does it look like i would be shy to point out that a biden's family 40-years worth of corruption? who is the first one to prosecute rico statute against the teamsters. trish: mayor giuliani, good to
8:44 pm
have you here tonight. >> i can smell crooks. trish: we have a lot more. new documents show a second year teaching contract was approved for a young elizabeth warren. but she stands by her claim. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks i can get. line? liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. that's a lot of words. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is,
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trish: brand-new developments from liz warren's seemingly tall tale she was fired from her teaching job for being visibly pregnant. new documents reveal senator warn was offered a second-year contract with the school, but two months later her resignation was accepted with regret. what is she saying? she is saying no, i lost the job because they could tell i was pregnant. it turns out the records show just the opposite. joining me now, deneen borelli and charlie kirk. is she caught in another one here, deneen? >> is her name really elizabeth? come on. how many lies has this woman
8:49 pm
told? and she expects people to vote for her. this shows how desperate she is for women to vote for her by playing the victim. thank goodfest more these county records that say she is lying. trish: i'm sure it does happen to people. i am sure there are women who have not gone the jobs or lost jobs tore being advisably pregnant. it shouldn't happen to her and it shouldn't happen now. but to chalk that off as a bonding experience. fit was ground in truth, sure. now we have two different stories of and the county records that comes on the heels of the native american stuff. and it starts painting a picture of somebody saying what she needs to say. >> that's right. it was a key part of her stump
8:50 pm
speech where she said she was terminated or pushed out because of she was pregnant. she used it as a reason to justify bigger government programs. so this is troubling because this is a pattern elizabeth warren used in the early stages of her career and now her political career to misrepresent how she got where she is. her misrepresentation of her native american heritage. and it's very troubling. i would ventura guess we'll see a lot more of -- i would tenure a guess we'll see more of this. >> listen, i don't dismiss hillary clinton. the woman will not go away. and the democrats don't know where to put all their money at. joe biden's donors are complaining he's not a good
8:51 pm
enough, strong candidate. i wouldn't rule her out. trish: we have a great story coming up. steve back noon predicted exactly that on this show a week ago it's kind of caught on. so much so there was a exchange between the president and hillary clinton about all that. i will share that with you. thank you so much. kennedy joins us with a sneak peek sat what's coming up at the top of her hour. kennedy: it's tickle me tuesday. a good time will be had by all including elvis durant. you will talk about his life in radio. how music has changed and whether the 90s were a better time to be alive. elvis has not left the building. there is some fantastic music
8:52 pm
now, but the vibe in the 90s unmatched. trish: we'll see you at 9:00. liberal outrage after ellen degeneres was seen sitting next to former president bush. god -- forbid. we have the clinton trump exchange story and a whole lot more next. i'm off to college. i'm worried about my parents' retirement. don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... dealing with today's expenses ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay? i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement. ever since you brought me home, that day. i've been plotting to destroy you. sizing you up... calculating your every move. you think this is love? this is a billion years of tiger dna just ready to pounce.
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trish: welcome back time for trending with trish, joining me cabot phillips, do you remember steve bannon was here last week exclusive rely this show. >> hillary clinton is doing a thing this week, she came out yesterday, saying illegitimate president, he is a clear and present danger. chinese communist party is not a clear and present danger, she is running. trish: she is running he said, hillary raising a few more eyebrows. responding to trump's tweet urging her to run against in
8:57 pm
2020, she says, don't temp me, she might be back in, they are losing biden. she middle of road candidate, that some money will come out to back. >> if hillary clinton is middle of road it shows how far left and how crazy democrat party has become, a clear example of someone who desperately wants to be in news, but does not look like she wants be in the news. if hillary clinton runs for president it would be a god send for republicans, how out of touch the democrat party circumstance i don't think it will happen, but it would be a glorious day for conservatives and republicans. trish: again, don't temp her. talk show host, ellen degeneres takes on a twitter mob, people
8:58 pm
are somehow outraged she sat next to bush 43 at dallas cowboy game. >> they showed a shot of george and me laughing, people were upset, why is a gay hollywood liberal sitting next to a conservative republican president, i am friends with george bush, i am friends with a lot of people who don't have the same beliefs that i have, we're all different, it is okay we're all different. trish: i never liked her so much as now, people lose sight of that. >> i was not that surprised when i saw this from her, i have been a gift on her show before, beforehand, i made a video of my siblings, we came on show, i had a moment of freaking out before, i said, what if she finds out i'm conservative, they will not let me on, producer say, we know you are conservative, don't worry about it, life is bigger than politics, we could have
8:59 pm
fun. i think that america needs more. trish: weird to say i it is oka. let me get to china, scrubbing southpark from the internet after the show made fun of the censorship practice. >> for this movie to make money, we need to make sure it clears chinese sensors, we want their chinese viewers. >> they are banning that. leave it to a cartoon on show the world, and nba what it like to stand up to a tyrannical regime. so i respect southpark for sacrificing from profits. trish: i do, i don't respect the nba not one bit. total sell outs, total sell
9:00 pm
outs, cabot thank you so much. thank you for joining us, what a night, that rudy, kennedy begins now, see you tomorrow. >> smacky rudy in the booty, thank yotrish. hillary clinton if you are watching please run for president. you are only one that can heal our nation's losing soul. i am kidding, i just want to see her run lose again. this morning president tweeted, i think that crooked hillary clinton should enter the race to try to steal it from uber left elizabeth warren. but c


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