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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 11, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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are doing it and why it will benefit everybody. jackie: thank you for watching us tonight. lou dobbs is next right here on fox business. [♪] lou: good evening. president trump is deploying 2,000 troops to saudi arabia to meet increasing threats in the middle east. the president authorizing sanctions against turkey but not yet activating those sanctions, depending on what the turks do in syria and whether or not the kurds are protected. president trump announcing a new phased approach to the u.s.-china trade negotiations in the obvious hope of deescalating rising tensions and rising rhetoric of both nations and ultimately balance the
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u.s.-china trade relationship. president trump referred to the verbal agreements of the two country negotiators as a deal today. the chinese were more constrained. the chinese are calling this a pause in at what at best has been a trade dispute, and at times a hostile conflict between the two countries. the rall -- the markets rally on the hope this will lead to an agreement. the dow jones industrials down 200 points from its session highs. and for the latest we turn to chief white house correspondent, john roberts. >> nearly six months ago the
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u.s. and china appeared to be close to a trade deal when china backed out. after crippling tariffs, china does appear to have changed its mind. in the oval office, president trump announced months of trade negotiations have made progress. >> we have come to a substantial phase one deal. we have come to a deal on intellectual property, financial services, a tremendous deal for the farmers, a purchase of 40 to 50 billion worth of agricultural products. reporter: china made concessions on currency, a particular thorn in america's side. other testy issues like forced technology transfer will be dealt with in phase two of the negotiations. while the agreement is not the
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comprehensive grand bargain the * wanted,. president trump: we agreed in principle to just about all the important points i listed. i don't think it will be a problem getting it papered. compliena wants it badly and we want it also. reporter: president trump will hold off on new tariffs that were scheduled to go into effect tuesday. lou: joining us to discuss the implications of these agreements, as the president put it, phase one. we aren't joined by chang. this is not what the president outlined in the preceding months but he seemed to be pleased with
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it. >> the devil is in the details. the good news is the chinese seemed to agree in principle. but they seemed to agree in principle several months oh go and reneged on the deal. the agricultural property,ing a *. but nothing --ing -- agricultud it can be an he turnity. lou: they put together what is ostensibly an agreement. which do you see as the most of important issues in the negotiations between the two countries? >> i think the intellectual property issue is central.
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that has been the central sticking point. lighthizer said we are not going to lift tariffs until the chinese are willing to say if they break this new agreement what the consciouses are going to be. i hope that the chinese have given in on this. i'm much less optimistic. on the ag side, the interesting part is the chinese are facing internal problems with agriculture from african swine fever and this new worm eating its way up through south central china. lou: which is devastating crops of all kinds. >> the chinese may lot? had much of a choice in agreeing to increase american ag imports. lou: the central question in the discussion of $40 to $50 billion
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in ag products. the question is if we can provide that much in the way of exports to china. it looks like we'll soon find out. the lang used today. the president referring to this agreement as a deal. and the vice premiere did not use that language. it was called a pause in what has been clearly a trade war. >> there is a lot going on right now between the u.s. and china that spans trade and human rights. we just put over two dozen entities, chineses companies on to the entities list. these are issues i think the chinese will wants to address in this phased approach. in this first phase, those issues are not going couple and that does offer some hope of
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moving things forward. lou: it was i think a surprising development to most of people that the chinese announced they were agreeing to a small deal, which of course was precisely what they had in these negotiations proposed. we saw the chinese accepting their proposal effectively as we move toward resolution, apparent resolution of this first phase. your thoughts about the import of hong kong here, and u.s. vulnerability to continued practices that are anti-competitive and are decidedly against u.s. interests. >> i think this is what the next several weeks of the negotiations are going to reveal. are the chinese serious about addressing the most of important issue.
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information, intellectual property is the life blood of the 21st century economy. the chinese will play by accepted rules or they will try to back out again and we'll go to 30% tariffs. lou: it's worth noting the president gave up very little when he decided to pause the application of those tariffs that were set to go into effect on october 15. it was only a rise in tariffs from 25 to 30%. that's all he abandoned. those look like if you will, the weigh points that will be important to both side as the talks continue. dean, thanks so much for being with us. dean chang of the heritage foundation. the national left-wing media
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refusing to report about the president's crowds at his rallies. at last night's rally in minneapolis, hook at this. look at this. 20,000 people packed into the target center in minneapolis. the trump 2020 cap pain said there were another 25,000 outside. these are startling images of a crowd when the president of the united states walks in to talk any time any where. i can't think of any president who in his reelection campaign drew crowds of this size period, ever. he will be speaking soon in lake charles, louisiana that seats 7,500 people, and we are told reliably a lot more than that want to attend. radical dimms like adam schiff and nancy pelosi are desperately
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working to keep the identity of that so-called whistleblower who is a cia officer, they want to keep him shrouded in mystery to the american people. working against mysteries of all kind. john solomon, one of this country's leading investigative journalists. he joins us. we'll take that up and more. another act of judicious activism blocking a key part of the president's immigration policies. we take that up with mark morgan. stay with us. we are coming right back. ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh.
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>> stocks finishing much higher. the rally took the dow to 320 points on the day. the s & p up 32 a the close. volume on the big board. the s & p up over a half percent. crude oil soaring 4%. gold down more than a percent and a half.
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mastercard, and ebay pulling their support for facebook's crypto currency libra. they joined paypal which announced its with brawl from libra. a reminder to listen to my reports coast to coast three times a day on the salem radio network. a clinton-appointed judge in texas has ruled against president trump's national emergency declaration, thereby blocking the plan for funding for the border wall. the judge said the president overstepped his authority by appropriating more funds than were appropriated by congress. the border agents will soon start using drones to stop
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smuggling into the united states. it can send a signal that can take control of other drones by the bad guys have been using to carry drugs and weapons across the border. the company has been working with u.s. customs and border protection for several months to build what they call a virtual waffle. joining us, the acting border patrol and customs director. what is the message here? are you being more effective? or are there just that's more people coming up? >> i think it's absolutely, what you are seeing is unprecedented achievement being driven by this president and this administration to come up with a new network of innovative rules,
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regulations and initiatives that the men and women of customs and border patrol are expertly enforcing. from may to this last month. in four months we have seen reductions in apprehensions. a 65% reduction in apprehensions that absolutely unprecedented achievement. >> the border apprehensions up 88%. we also have as your department and agency is doing so much to stop illegal immigration and drug smuggling and sex trafficking. we have a clinton-appointed judge declaring the border national knowledge declared by president trump to be unlawful. again, the president while he is taking on nearly every establishment vested interest in
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this country, he's been then attacked by a jew dish airive that is filled, we pleat with left-wing appointed judges whether they are obama or clinton. it's an extraordinary task. what is the impact of this ruling, in your judgment. >> the american people. this is an element that should worry the american people. the degree of judicial activism against the president on an national emergency. this will impact a small amount of d.o.d. funding that's been provided. make no mistake. we already built 73 miles of new wall. regardless of this court ruling, we'll get up tomorrow and we'll continue to build new miles of wall. we'll appeal this and i have no doubt we'll win on appeal.
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lou: you are talking about the success of the wall, it's entirely dependent upon the innovation of the president. no one at least initially thought there was any way to get that wall built without running a legislative battle in the house and senate. once he understood clearly that the dimms were not going to be helping just because it's in the national interest of preserving the safety of our people of and the sovereignty of the nation. he quowms this plan to fund it using funds from the d.o.d. and you will have 500 miles of fence built by next year? >> we are hoping to have between 450 and 500 miles of new wall. it's a wall system that includes lighting and technology. this wall isn't just about the flow of illegal migration. this is also about the flow, you
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just hit it, of illegal narcotics. last year we had 68,000 americans die due to overdose of drugs. this wall will give the border patrol a better operational capacity to stop the flow of those drugs it's unbelievable anybody is resistant to this wall. lou: there are some, as you well know, and the president deal be with those few by frankly innovating and being genius which is what used to be one of the hallmark value of this country. turning to mexico and saying, you are either going to be a partner in protecting your border and ours, or we are going to be applying tariffs to everything you do that crosses that border. it worked brilliantly. how many troops does the mexican government have on those borders, both in the southern border of mexico and its
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northern border with us. >> this president's administration, the innovative approaches you just talked about. mexico, they are work was as true partners, seeing this as a regional crisis. they have 25,000 troops dedicated to this, both at the southern border, the u. much mexico border and the interior of mexico. in may we had 40-50 large caravans making their way to our border, overwhelming our system. last month we had one because of mexico's efforts. it's unprecedented support. they are joining us as true partners in this because of this administration. lou: i want to quote the director of immigration and customs enforcement if we can hear this, on sanctuary cities. >> i tell them, sanctuary jurisdiction, their elected and
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appointed leaders are making them less safe. >> straightforward and to the point. i know you agree. he's a true leader. he's a true patriot. he dedicated his entire adult life to protecting this country. he's absolutely 100% correct. lou: i have got to ask you about the drones. the bad goes are using drones to get drugs and guns across the border. >> we'll be deploying drones for surveillance and detection and we'll use that telling as a counter capability to counter the drones being used by the smugglers and drug cartels. we are expanding that capability every day, but it's something we needlou: the battle at the bords turning out to be a battle in
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the air above that border. mark morgan, thanks for being here. the pentagon announced it's deploying nearly 2,000 more troops to saudi arabia to counter iran's increasing threats. two craw drops of jet fighters in addition to 2,000 troops. these troops join 700 of our troops already stationed in saudi arabia since july. up next, an obama-era holdover joins in the radical left's sham impeachment proceedings. we take it up with the man who knows, john solomon. mexico putting pressure on the do nothing democrats to pass a major trade deal. stay with us. we are coming right back.
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something they shouldn't be doing, we'll put on sanctions the likes of which very few countries have ever seen before. lou: president trump giving secretary mnuchin broad discretion in sanctions against turkey. he says they have the ability to shut down turkey's economy as he put it. the kurdish population that is threatened thereby. the nba canceled all its media events in china. this comes days after china canceled multiple nba events over a deleted tweet from the houston rockets general manager supporting the ploa protests in hong kong. the league's commission says it
7:29 pm
would be unfair for teams to address the issue in real-time. mexico's president pushing speaker pelosi to approve the usmca agreement. obrador sent a letter to pelosi saying it's in everyone's best interest to finalize trump's new trade deal for china -- excuse me -- for canada and mexico. joining me is james freeman'. let's start with, first of all, it's good to see you. the developments today, first of all, the agreement, the so-called phased agreement with the chinese. >> it's good news. i would like to get all the other phases now. investors encourage the president. we are not going to get a tax
7:30 pm
increase. that's good news. we won't get one in december. existing ones will come down, too. it's very positive news. lou: the tax increase you referred to was a veiled reference to tariffs. see how i pick up on your subtlety? the economy has been bustling throughout this period of trade war and trade tariffs, and all sorts of angst on the part of the business press. particularly as we have gone through it. it seems to be having some significant impact. >> certainly much of the business press has overstated, overannounced, overexpected a recession. overcalled. lou: say it isn't so. but we aren't growing as fast as we could be or should be. i think this economy will roar
7:31 pm
once it gets resolved and those taxes come down. lou: who knew the on impediment to growth would be those tariffs. my goodness. >> you don't want them inand of themselves. you want them as a tool to change chinese behavior. from what we heard today, maybe it's work. we hope it does. we know for certain it will cost less to buy stuff next week than we expected. that's good news. lou: that's good news if that were our only objective. and isn't all of these trade deficits we run with the chinese. we would have fuller expansion of our economy. our gdp would grow faster because we wouldn't be subtracting that trade deficit
7:32 pm
from this economy. >> i think that's probably not a reasonable expectation for how this concludes. but we'll have equal amounts of buying and selling. but i think that market reaction. it told us early 2018. lower taxes are good for growth. >> something not so pleasant about china. that is the nba, and the authoritarian reactionary expulsion, if you will, of nba as a result of a comment by a general manager of one of their teams. that's really -- that suggests a certain predilection to something less than free speech. come niftds wouldn't feel that way. >> i guess it's fun to think that phoneys like steve kerr and gregg popovich, the nba coaches are not going to be listened to
7:33 pm
as much now that they have been exposed by this. but i think the nba may be making a terrible mistake siding with the thugs in beijing. not just u.s. fans, but chinese fans as well. they see china as their growth possibility. but many of the people in china want the same liberties the people in hong kong have. i know this may appear to be the smart business move. but i don't think it is long term. lou: this has against perceived as a smart business deal ever since the united states coupled trade interests from foreign policy interests. it's been a long time coming and it's oddity happened with the nba general manager who offended china and suddenly reminded every one that we are a
7:34 pm
constitutional republic, a free enterprise capitalist society. it feels good to have that reminder. >> i wish more people in the nba would share that message in china. it might do a lot of good. lou: i am sure kerr and the fellas will figure it out next time they go to the bank meeting. new details about the connections between adam schiff and the so-called cia plant -- i mean whistleblower. john solomon joins us right here right after these quick messages. cologuard: colon cancer screening for people 50 and older at average risk. i took your advice and asked my doctor to order cologuard, that noninvasive colon cancer screening test. the delivery guy just dropped it off. our doctor says it uses advanced science. it's actually stool dna technology that finds 92 percent of colon cancers.
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president trump: the whistleblower reported a different conversation than i had. i released the transcript. and the whistleblower didn't say that. the whistleblower is either saying unteeths, or he didn't know and he's make up a story like schiff did. lou: the president blasting the so-called whistleblower or complainant or whatever he may be. perhaps a provocateur. his comments come as a "washington examiner" reports two aides who worked with the
7:39 pm
so-called whistleblower one at the white house, they now work for, are you ready for this? congressman adam schiff. the examiner reporting the two schiff staffers worked alongside whistleblower one at the national security council in the white house. one of those staffers was hired to schiff's staff in august, the same month, the same very month the whistleblower's complaint was submitted. whistleblower one also reportedly worked with biden, is a registered democrat, a cia officer, and someone who apparently doesn't wish to reveal themselves and any more of their second-hand maybe third-hand information. the former ambassador to the sue crane, marie yovanovich on capitol hill for hours. she claims she was recalled from
7:40 pm
her post by president trump because of unfounded allegations of her partisanship. she says she unde understood the served at the me sure of the president. but she didn't have a clue why we would be removed. but we reportedly displayed an outright anti-trump on a number of occasions while ambassador. she was replaced by william taylor to head the u.s. embassy in kiev. joining us tonight, award-winning investigative journalist and fox news contribute tore, john -- contributor, john solomon. marie yovanovich says she acreeds to the power of the
7:41 pm
president -- acedes to the pleasure of the president but she carried on as if she had been deeply wronged. >> we had a hearing to decide whether there was a cause to remove an am bass dorm when the president has every right to remove her without cause. i did a lot of research on marie yovanovich. let's put 0 things out the people don't know. in may of 2018. the chairman wrote a letter to mike pompeo. said he just had gotten back from ukraine and heard the ambassador made negative comments about the president and the administration. in november ukrainian authorities complained and hired
7:42 pm
scene american lawyer to reach out to the state department saying the ambassador was interfering in their investigation. the ambassador gave him a list of names she did not want to see prosecuted. before i went to that story i went to the state department. they confirmed they gave him a set of names and the state department gave me a letter. she 0 wrote a letter saying don't pursue that george soros group. several career diplomats, former and current called me in march, they said we just saw yovanovich do something extraordinary. she gave a speech and called for the removal of a prosecutor. the foreign affairs manual makes here two things. don't meddle and don't make statements during an election
7:43 pm
that could be be seen as political. if the president needed a reason he had plenty. but he didn't need any reasons at all it was his power to remove her for any role he chose. lou: the role of george soros in this. his name keeps coming up. it's peculiar to me. what is his role, or the role of his money in ukraine right now? >> here is an interesting thing people don't focus on. he had a grouped called antac. anticorruption group. he firntds and the state department is funding one of george soros' group. it was that group the ukraine authorities were investigating officer the misuse of public funds and ambassador yovanovich's office intervened. they wrote a letter saying please don't prosecute these people, back off.
7:44 pm
we don't believe your investigation is warrant. why does our state department have an interest in that. a few months later george soros' team got a private briefing at the state department with marie yovanovich's boss, victoria newland and they are talking about a private presentation on russia bond market issues. what sort of donor gets that sort of access where they can meet with the state department that affects their business. if you look at the public documents you will see a trail again george soros and the kiev embassy. it's sitting out in public. lou: i'm impressed with how swift justice can be implemented when it is apparently a republican in the focus of the justice department. these two russians accused of
7:45 pm
meddling and improperly violating federal election laws with money for u.s. candidates and their relationship to rudy giuliani. immediately it seems they are indicted by the southern district they are stopped. they have got million dollar bond on them by the judge. it's you a different story than every other instance i can think of in the last three years by the justice is department. >> storn attorney general barr signed off on this one. many reporters myself included, knew of these men. they were well known to reporters who covered ukraine issues. a few months agree the justice department indicted a famous reggae singer who was a major
7:46 pm
donor to barack obama and was a frequent guest at the white house for doing the same thing, taking foreign money and laundering it into the elections. i think the timing of the case looks to be coincidence. i don't think it's tide anything related to impeachment. i think the attorney general signed off on it. let's get the facts and see if these men or guilty or innocence. that's what a trial is for. lou: john solomon, appreciate it. nasa and spacex announcing their plan to launch the first manned spaceship into the space. this will be the first launch of u.s. astronauts on an american rocket on u.s. soil for the first time since 2011 when the
7:47 pm
space shuttle program ended. the dems 2020 hopefuls to eliminate religious liberty. we'll tell you what else is a threat next. there's a power in listening;
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lou: president trump announcing major changes at the department of homeland security. in a tweet, the president tweeted this. kevin mcaleenan has done an outstanding job as acting secretary of homeland security. he wants to spend for time with his family and go to the private sector. congratulations, kevin, on a job well done. i will be announcing the next homeland security secretary. many wonderful candidates. joining us tonight is pastor robert jeffress, member of the white house faith initiative. the pastor of the first baptist church in dallas. great to have you with us.
7:52 pm
first, your thoughts if we may on the democrats at this town hall. to a person. wanting to strip tax exempt status of churches if they oppose any number of favorite issues, but among those issues, gay rights. >> this poses the single greatest threat to religious liberty in the history of our country, lou. for thousands of years judaism and christianity have both taught that marriage should be between a man and woman. people are free to disagree with that believe. but government is not free to punish a church who questions that belief. if the democrats ever seize control of this country again
7:53 pm
they will work overtime to restrict our most of basic freedom, the freedom of religion. there is only one candidate running for president who is working for or even talking about religious liberty and that candidate's name is donald j. trump. lou: left wing rioters attacking trump supporters. hundreds of rioters, thugs, attacking people wearing maga hats. those people -- trump supporters who had been in attendance at the rally. your reaction. >> this shows the hypocrisy of the left. they talk about tolerance and inclusion. but they are the most of intolerant people in the world when it comes to ideas they don't agree with. the president is coming to dallas next thursday for a make america great again rally. i have a friendly piece of
7:54 pm
advice for antifa or any other left-wing group. you probably shouldn't mess with texas. our folks down here aren't nearly friendly as our friends in minnesota. lou: the president tonight in louisiana, lake charles, with another rally. and i think something could be said of louisiana's citizens as well. elizabeth warren mocking christians who believe in traditional marriage. it's a different cast to it. as if traditional marriage is the, if you will, the press minority. there is a different attitude it seems on the part of the left toward our traditions and basic values as americans. >> there is no doubt about it, lou. the soul of our nation is at snake this next election. christianity is strong enough to
7:55 pm
survive the mocking of elizabeth warren. but if elizabeth warren made a snarky comment about any other religion in the world, she would be on a three-week apology tour. but it shows absolutely comfortable in attacking conservative christianity. lou: pastor, great to see you and great to have you with us. stay with us. we are coming right back. much more -- well, not so much. we have some more. please be with us for that after this quick break. we trust usaa more than any other company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family...
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yeah, i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement. president trump: we have a lot of great people. lou dobbs, great people. and the great lou dobbs. how good are they? lou dobbs. and many more. lou: and he mentioned most of of them. fox news and from fox business, i'm proud to say. our thanks to the president for the shout-outs. he will be taking the stage in lake charles, louisiana when we wrap up here at the top of the hour for a big rally in front of 7,500 people, and all the thousands who wanted to be there and are outside. 20,000 at his target center appearance in minneapolis last night. the president sure to take up
8:00 pm
today's announcement of the first phase of a trade deal with china and the left's impeachment inquisition. i believe scam is one of the word. that's it for tonight. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow. [♪] trish: tonight amid a desperate, secretive and undemocratic and unconstitutional attempt by a handful of democrats to undo the votes of the american people. our nation teeters on the brink of a civil war. in the streets of minneapolis a mob of anti-trump protesters burned trump maga hats, screened obscenities at police. and chased a man


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