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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 12, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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tonight it's growing. and as schiff and nancy pelosi and ilhan omar and rashida tlaib and the rest of the so-called squad that refuse to condemn hate, instead they are feeding it. recklessly pushing our country to a breaking point. good evening, i'm trish regan. our nation is being rocked to its very core. america's belief in our system, our foundation, our constitution. the most of prosperous land in the entire world as the democrats attempt a coup to undo the vote of the american voters.
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they are hoping to seat narrative that make it okay to push violence and hate just so long as it's hate for the president and the president's supporters. this is the result. this is the result it's barbaric, sickening, and it's dangerous. the left has lost all respect and tolerance for the right. something that has been increasingly encouraged by leaders on capitol hill. >> you get out and you create a crowd. and you push back on them. and you tell them they are not welcome. >> they go low, we kick them. that's what this new democratic party is about. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. >> bullies don't win, i say baby
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they don't. we are going to go in there and [bleep]. trish: what kind of rhetoric feed these masses. it feeds this. watch again. you know, there was a time in history when the u.s. was just as fractured. when people refused to see others as people and politics got in the way of family, decency and faith in our government. i am talking about the 18. the result was -- i am talking about the 1850s. the civil war. we are in a civil war. i'm going to warn in quite a literal historic sense. i don't think there will be armies and generals leading battles. but when you are at the breaking point of an emotional civil war
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with violence that will spill into our streets, our leaders must take responsibility for this. they cannot permit this violence nor can they remove forward to undo an election by refusing to follow historic and constitutional precedence. thethe result can be catastroph. live from athens, greece, former white house chief strategist, mr. steve bannon. steve, welcome back. >> thanks for having me, trish. trish: i know you are joining me from greece, in athens, outside greek ruins. there is a reminder in there for people how great civilization can crumble. will all this hate that's directed right now at this president and his supporters, do
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you think it is pushing our country to a breaking point? >> listen. i think that this type of heated debate, as long as it stays a debate is actually positive. i think the violence is not only unnecessary, but it's un-american. and it ought to cease. i am in athan. behind me is the acropolis and parthenon. this is the cradle of democracy. it's the democracy forum put on by the "new york times" and other liberal organizations. i said you wouldn't worried about democracy when you were winning elections. but now that you aren't winning elections democracy is at risk. what trump supporters and americans have to focus on is we have to beat people at the
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ballot box. the reason we are in this situation with president trump is the left mobilized in 2018 and beat us in the house of representatives. they won 26 seats in districts president trump had won. it's incumbent upon people to put this anger aside and focus on getting out the vote. clearly the left has been triggered by donald trump. the left understands something the republican establishment fails to realize. donald trump is a transformative president and historic figure. the progressive left will take to the streets and do anything possible to defeat trump. let's settle this at the ballot box. the way to do that is the old-fashioned way. start knocking on doors and getting people out to vote. the way you stop this violence is to beat people at the ballot box. trish: it's the american way and
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the old-fashioned way. i'm very disappointed in where we are as a country. we used to admire ourselves and pat ourselves on the back because we had a transition of power that always moved seamlessly. we were not like the countries, the banana republic, paraguay, venezuela, can't get their act together, and there was so much political infighting. we were better than that. where are we now with this behavior and tack figure coming from the left. >> we have been separated and divide before. think about during the vietnam war and president reagans first couple years. millions of people in the streets to protest and try to stop the nuclear deployment of weapons into western europe to defeat the see yet union.
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it has driven america forward. donald trump was going to be contentious from day one. he said the corrupt incompetent elites have led to america's decline. and my focus will be to return america to her previous greatness, make america great again. for middle class americans. seeing what the opposition is saying. what happened in minnesota, people are saying look what the they represent. look at what they want to do. if that mob violence is what you want to support, then go ahead and support it. if you believe in contested elections at the ballot box with debates and get out the vote drive. and look at the maga movement. i think president trump's presidency can rise to a whole
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new level. in '18 the reason we lost the house of representatives and president trump is going through all this is because the maga base and others that voted in '16 were not motivated and fired up to come out within the left was. elections have consequences. if you want to see your country turn in that direction then just sit at home, get the channel change and start watching the entertainment on television and decouple from the political process. but if you want your country to move forward and return to its previous greatness. it will depend on you. the whole burden can't be put on donald trump. the burden has to be put on the american citizens. trish: i love the optimism. don't go anywhere. after this quick break, more with steve ma steve bannon livem greece.
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president trump is saying the u.s. and china may have reached an initial trade agreement. more one pushed for this more than steve bannon. but he's got a lot of concerns, shall we say. those are next. >> there was a lot of friction between the united states and china. and now it's a lovefest. that's a good thing. but that's good for china and it's good for ♪ this is the family who wanted to connect...
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the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is now only $1,399. plus 0% interest for 24 months and free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. trish: i want to get your first reaction to the china news. president trump: phase one is one of the biggest deals ever made. unbelievable for technology and the banking industry and services. it will be the largest deal ever made for farmers. we are talking about a $40 to $50 billion purchase. it's an incredible deal for farmers. they will have to buy more land and bigger tractors. china will keep their word. they want to make the deal. trish: tino how sceptical you
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have -- i know how sceptical you have been on china. you pushed for the stance gore graight a stronger position. what do you think about what's happening now? >> tariffs work. everybody that mocked and ridiculed. all the geniuses, in national security, wall street. they can see tariffs work. he broke the chinese so they came to the table. they came to the table on intellectual property. it looks like the details are not fleshed out. also opening up the financial services area to the financial services of our bank and investment banks and investment companies. all he has given us is delaying the 5% increase on the tariffs that would take place monday morning. that's what secretary mnuchin said. in the papering and the
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contractual phase, there is a long way between the lip and the cup. but the president says the chinese want to do something because this strategy of using tariffs brought the chinese to the table. everybody said this would be catastrophic to america and the american economy and they are dead wrong. date was the university of michigan came out with a consumer report that shows consumers are in the best place in 20-25 years. low inflation and rising wages. that's because of what president trump did in this trade deal it's a three-phase deal. it's still to come. huawei is off the table. for the basics you saw the chinese blink. that's why this is a big victory for president trump. particularly if you can get this signed and closed in this
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meeting in chile that will take place in four or five weeks. wall street likes what it saw today. but they have been worried about this. there were so many people who said you have got to make nice with the chinese. it's such an important market. you were one of the first alongside president trump to articulate a different kind of strategy where america could see more economic success if they were just a little bit tougher. so where does it go from here and how critical in your view is it that this president get four more years if you want to see real substantive change in our economic relationship with china? >> you see, this is what president trump never gets credit. he brings his followers along to make compromises and deals that work for the nation. he has many followers including
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myself. others people call themselves hawks and super hawks who don't want any deal with china. we want the overall big deal or no deal at all. he's bringing those people along to get this phased approach. it looks like this deal makes sense. but this is trump bringing his people along to get a smart deal for the nation and not just taking a hard line. he never gets any credit for that from the democrats. he's the one leader i have seen on the border or national security or economic policy. he takes the hard line but brings his followers along for something that's good for the nation. he's got long way to go to get this thing closed. i am from the committee of present danger saying a tougher stance with china is what we want to do. president trump says it's all a lovefest now. we look at the ccp, the chinese communist party with a jaundiced
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eye. we don't think they are a friend of the united states, president trump or mankind or the american people. it looks like it's a deal that will work for the united states and china. we'll have to see how this thing plays out. trish: any thoughts on the nba? have you been following that one? >> very closely. this shows you. this is what's so powerful about the nba. now people who maybe follow popular culture more don't tune into the trish regan show and don't follow the business press haven't followed the details. now they are seeing in real life what the chinese communist party, how they handle people in hong kong and the chinese citizens in china. they are a totalitarian dictatorship i think is smash mouth. that's why donald trump's economic policy and his engagement on this economic war
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brought them to the table. you have seen trump has been up against wall street, the financial organizations. they are kowtow. it's called barbarian management 10. the chinese have been doing this for 4,000 years. the nba and steven kerr. the barbarian imagine the of tributary states they have perfected. they deal in economic' for elites. but you have to kowtow. in american stadium with american citizens saying free hong kong is unacceptable to the american people. trish: don't go anywhere. you created a big ruckus.
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hillary clinton might be running now.
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trish: former white house chief strategist. one of the most of brilliant political minds. steve, you predicted hillary clinton could be testing the waters for a 200 rematch rub. she is making a lot of media round. you are convinced she is in. and she might be. she recently sat down with pbs and said she would possibly do it again. here we go. >> it is remarkable how obsessed he remains with me. he's either delusional. but i can beat him again. trish: steve, what do you think?
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>> if you look look at the radicalization of the democratic party. their number one focus is to beat donald trump. they see elizabeth warren being pulled further and further to the left with policies mainstream america will not accept. they seat ugliness in the streets. they realize that won't sell to main street america, the silent majority. they have joe biden. but partly because of china and party because he's not a terrific candidate. when he drops low in the state polls in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina, outside the leadership, the centrists in the democratic party will have a challenge to elizabeth warren.
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kamala harris, senator bennett, those who could have been the centrist candidate haven't materialized. hillary clinton will ask the basic question, who can get 5 million votes? we won the electoral college. if we had gone for the popular vote we would have won that, too. but we focused on the electoral college. she'll make a point of who got the most of votes. she'll take a look at this to see if she can elbow her way toib this primary season and try to have a rematch with donald trump in the fall of 2020. trish: would she be a more difficult candidate for hip to beat? america, they are not made up --
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even the democratic party self -- they are not made up of socialists. if you are running as a candidate, liz breath -- elizabeth warren, it won't lay in peoria, so to speak. does hillary clinton have a better thought than elizabeth warren? >> the on person who can beat donald trump is donald trump. i think president trump in getting through this impeachment process which they set up from the beginning to nullify the 2016 election. i think it will make him a better and tougher candidate than he was in '16. donald trump is the best candidate we had since ronald reagan. he ran a highly energetic race. he did 3, 4, 5 rallies a day.
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wisconsin, pennsylvania, iowa. it will be tough for any candidate to take that away from him. but hillary clinton, the people they have got out there. that was a tough fight in '16. we had to hammer that out to the last day. the first exit polls came out. we were getting blown out. it wasn't until 2:30 in the morning on the night we won. hillary clinton, particularly the trump supporters should not dismiss her. she is a tough war horse. if she decides to get in here. president trump will win. she is tough and she is smartr smart and she'll have a lot of money to back her. trish: there has somebody part of her that feels, i was so close. to walk away and see your party turn to a radical economic line of thinking. that's got to be tough on a
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personal level it's tough from a policy level, steve. maybe she feels like it's her calling? >> look, the clintons are from arkansas. that's where they started their political career. i'm a southerner. we are a democratic family also. working class democrats. we left the democrat party around the vietnam war. you look at the democratic party where it used to be. this is a radicalized party. you look at the policies elizabeth warren is supporting, they are not culturally sustainable. elizabeth warren has been radicalized in this entire process. i don't think the american people will see her as a commander-in-chief, particularly in a time when we have china, iran, turkey, you have the entire world on knife's edge. are they going to see elizabeth
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warren as commander-in-chief. hillary clinton for all her shortcomings does have bona fides in that area. everything we know bill clinton was saying donald trump is focused on working class people's needs and concerns. i's talking about bringing manufacturing jobs. he's in michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania. getting working class people who have not come out for a republican candidate in a long time. i think that's what eats at her every day. if she would have listened to people who said you have got to confront trump. every day on the talk shows they would talk about how brilliant they were and they would win in a landslide. and i think that eats at her. but i think the democratic party will go through their civil war before they get to the nomination process in 2020. it will define hot democratic
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party is -- define who the democratic party is. trish: so interesting to talk to you, sir. thank you so much. i know it's late there in athens. but thanks. steve bannon, everyone. despite the president of the ukraine saying his so-called controversial call contained no threats or bribes. the so-called whistleblower wants to testify in writing rather than in person. brad blakeman is here next.
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the only thing that wasn't perfect was the fraud committed by the american peopling in congress when schiff got up and instead of reading word for word what was said, he got and lied by making up a conversation. he made it up. so let me just tell you that the whole -- this whole ukraine story is a hoax. trish: that was president trump blasting democrats in what he calls the ukraine hoax. lawyers for the whistleblower wants their client to testify in writing rather than in person. joining me, mr. brad blakeman. brad, how unusual is that to testify in writing? this has been a secretive process, don't forget. and the president is not allows despite the fact that this is not a criminal case, to confront his accuser. >> what if the shoe on the other
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foot and the witnesses for the president said we don't want to appear, we'll just take it in writing. the president has the right to confront his witnesses and accusers. that's the system. democrats say this isn't a judicial system, this is a political system. the american people expect fairness. they believe the president should be treated fairly. this is an informant at best. perhaps even a leaker. trish: not a first-hand witness. going back to writing a college paper and the need for primary sources. as a journalist you need primary sources. you have got to track it down and find the origin of it. it is, i think, incredibly odd for a whistleblower to be someone who wasn't even on the call and is interpreting what
8:39 pm
others may have said. so you know, that could take a vote, they could take a vote. they probably don't have the vote. but by not taking a vote, my concern here is that you are going to leave americans especially the 63 million americans that voted for this president feeling very disenfranchised, not connected. and once again losing faith and trust in the system. >> they will have an opportunity to have faith again in the system when they re-elect the president. the american people have the last word on this, not congress. assuming they do impeach the president in the house, the senate will never convict the president. there aren't high crimes and misdemeanors here. the informant is irrelevant because the president did something democrats never thought he was going to do. he released the transcript. the transcript is the best
8:40 pm
evidence. the four corners of the transcript speak for itself. and what's contained in that transcript is not a crime or misdemeanor. trish: karl rove said he preferred he didn't see what he saw. he would prefer the president stayed away from that and let his people handle it. by the is what it is. but you have to say, is it impeachable? is it impeachable? from a historical perspective we have to remember what a big deal that is, brad. >> you can't hate this president out of office. this is not an impeachment. it's an inquisition. they have been over him from the day he was elected until the day he was sworn in. they are just looking for an excuse to get rid of this president and disenfranchise voters, overturn an election. they are talking about amending
8:41 pm
the constitution to get rid of the electoral college. trish: they are worried he could win again and they have to stop him at all costs. the woman who used to be the ambassador for the state department to ukraine speaking today, testifying, there is as concern maybe the president fired her because she said some things that were not pleasant about him. no, that's not the case. there is something for people to remember here? you worked in the administration at the white house serving effectively at the pleasure of the president. and she would have done the same. >> you can be fired for any reason or no reason at all. the president does haven't to give a reason. that's why her testimony is irrelevant. trish: technically it's a transcribed testimony. >> it's not worth the paper it's written on. she is disgruntled because she
8:42 pm
was let go. but the president had the right to do it and he didn't have to give anyone an excuse as to why he did it. and apparently evidence proves the president was right. trish: analysts and politicians from both sides are cite sizing president trump's decision to pull out of syria. my next guest says the criticism is overblown and they are missing the bigger picture. we have top military and foreign policy an list retired lieutenant colonel robert mcguinness.
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>> we have to stop this incursion and highlight the importance of doing so because of the destabilizing effect has had throughout the region. >> we have not abandoned the kurds. nobody green light this operation by turkey. just opposite. we pushed back at all levels for the turks not to commit his operation. trish: the pentagon is calling on turkey to end its three-day
8:47 pm
assault. president trump: if turkey does something they shouldn't be doing, we'll put on sanctions the likes of which very few countries have ever seen before. trish: joining me, retired lieutenant colonel robert mcinnes. isn't turkey doing something they shouldn't can doing already? >> if you understand what president erdogan is trying to accomplish, i think the listener will appreciate. it's not that different from what we have with our own southern border. he has had what he considers a terrorist organization to the south of his border working with the terrorist organization north of the border. he has 3.5 refugees from that region. he wants them to go home. it's draining his economy. there are a host of reasons for erdogan to do this, and damascus -- trish: we are look at the fire. we have seen women running with
8:48 pm
their kid. does it really need that kind of brutality? he control the air space. if they had a phone call couldn't he say, hey, erdogan, no way. what he just said right there. if turkey pulled something they shouldn't pull, we are going to do something about it. they did do something. turkey went in and there are people that are victims of erdogan right now. people that by the way, sir, fought with us, right? 11,000 kurd died fighting isis for us. >> trish, that is a sound bite i have heard' times. this is a proxy war. russians have mercenaries, the iranians have mercenaries. we had the fds which is composed of a lot of kurd. they were paid, equipped and led to a certain degree by our soft
8:49 pm
elements that are there. yes they called in fire. i would be careful of believing a couple clips that come in from that part of the world. everything has a spin in this world today as you well know. we have to be careful about embracing a short segment indykive of what erdogan is doing. trish: i know what they are doing. erdogan is not a good guy. >> i agree. trish: we controlled the air space. now we are like fine, do what you want. general keane said it was a small price to pay when you think about the cost-reward scenario. you want to make sure isis doesn't start all over again. we never should have gone into iraq. i'm with the president on that one. but then obama went and pulled everybody out. what did you get? you got isis. my only fear here, sir, and i would love for you to tell me i'm totally wrong. by us leaving, we run the risk
8:50 pm
of having isis become a problem again. i don't want to be in the middle east either. but at some point you have got to say okay, we are there. >> al qaeda, isis has morphed all over the world. indonesia and north africa, and it happened in part because some of the mistakes you just wasn't threw. we have a lot of power in the middle east. if the kurd need help we can bring them in from kuwait and the abraham lincoln in the persian gulf. we have a lot of capability. but that's not the issue. people are missing the fact that we have a national defense strategy. we face major problems with china and russia in this world today. we have a constrained resource capability. we don't have forces to go after
8:51 pm
every war in this world. a thousand. for every combatant in that country there are 10 people behind hip at least and probably more. that's how sit works. when we were in iraq with hundreds of thousands. we had millions of people supporting them. mostly contractors behind the scenes. trish: at least i take heart in this, i'm a big believer in using every economic weapon you have got. the president talked about sanctions on treasury. here is the treasury secretary today. >> these are powerful sanctions. we hope we don't have to use them, but we can shut count turkish economy if we need to. trish: okay. that is a big threat. we have the ability to take anyone's economy down if we put those sanctions in place. so, you know -- >> keep in mind that erdogan is
8:52 pm
a nato ally. a treaty member. they have certain obligations to us. we have forces inside turkey. we have staff talks with the turkish army all the time. yes, there are concerns and we can clamp down as the president said on their economy, however, we need to recognize that we have limited resources around the world. the dangers in asia and the dangers with the russians are significant. trish: those are real. >> a thousand troops is a lot when you consider there is no shortage of opportunities around the world to pull a thousand troops. trish: this cute video of a baby lion cub sneaking up on his mama. a 10-year-old turned motivational speaker takes the
8:53 pm
internet by storm. >> how to be a maverick. >> how to be a maverick. we have more after thihihihi yeah, that's half the fun of a new house. seeing what people left behind in the attic. well, saving on homeowners insurance with geico's help was pretty fun too. ahhhh, it's a tiny dancer. they left a ton of stuff up here. welp, enjoy your house. nope. no thank you. geico could help you save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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>> welcome back, joining me now trumped 2020 campaign, and this
8:57 pm
is so inspiring, the young football player gives an incredible speech to his team that went viral. we should all patent into this. >> have passion, be determined. [inaudible] >> the story gets better, after his speech went viral, he came to fox and friends and gave another very inspiring speech to the audience today. watch this. >> just because the world knocks you down, does not mean you cannot get up. you are more powerful than the world because you have the ability to change it. so when you get knocked down, just remember you are stronger and you are braver. [applause] trish: remember that.
8:58 pm
this kid is pretty impressive. he's a leader in the making. a motivational speaker for sure. i am inspired. all i have to say, food needs drew breese and bill belichick will be half 10-year-old from texas, he's on fire, adorable, amazing. he is saying things a lot of people need to hear after his speech went viral, his team went on to get the six went and remained undefeated. that is great news. here is another story, the lion cub that gave his mother a scare of a lifetime when he pounced on her back. look how tiny he is. so cute. from scotland zoo, obviously
8:59 pm
halloween is a few weeks away but this cub was in a spirit one of three remaining, one of the three that survive, and endangered species in one of the most adorable videos. trish: very adorable indeed. and there's a little boy who you know who has an obsession with planes and he came to work with me today and our elevators are all outfitted with school themes, you getting one for fox business units in airplane and another is a being island. it's part of the invested in the campaign. he got in the elevator and he said take a picture mom. i'm on a private plane. so we did, invested in you, that's our new slogan, it is so true, we are invested in you. and i hope you are all invested in us. i know you are madison.
9:00 pm
>> yeah, and i love seeing jamie today, >> the heyday of hollywood. >> it was exciting. bette davis, marilyn monroe, joan crawford. >> a star-struck teen bit by the bug. >> before there were paparazzi, there was jack kuster. >> this autograph hound takes names like no other... >> elvis and, oh my gosh, robert redford. >> you name it, all of them. >> it's probably the best collection in the world. >> ...and leaves his stunned heir a lot to sort out. >> what, in your wildest dreams, is this collection worth? [ theme music plays ] ♪


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