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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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entrepreneurial capitalism we love, maybe it will not work but a great venture, right? >> david, always the consumer, we who benefit, companies tripping over them systems to make our lives better. >> thank you, that is it for "bulls and bears" see you next time. elizabeth: house and senate in session after over two week recess. the mutua impeachment fight, fit over turkey, over syria, and now john bolton and ukraine controversy, getting hotter, dc at allege latest stand still. this as critic say democrat strategy now is clearer by the day. instead draw out impeachment to damage trump in the eyes of 2020 voters. even before he won the election, now this moody's analytics known
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for spot on election model, shows candidate on the way to easy 2020 victory, we have that candidate's name. and turkey ignored u.s. sanctions, the debate on democrats pushing back against trump here. and names include joe biden and nancy pelosi, also with us, acting custom and border patrol acting commissioner, mark morgan on the trump successes stopping border crisis, building the wall. his take on accusations of abuses at the border. >> a couple hours from now, fourth democrat debate, trade, health care, capitalism now hunter biden is front and center, we ask what was joe biden's strategyin strategy havr talk about his scamp swamp -- sy
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behavior on day of the debate. >> and another 2020 democrat, attacking bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, single pair government run health care idea for infringing on america's freedom, thank you for joining us, i am elizabeth macdonald, the "evening edit" starts right now. you are watching the fox business network, we have all edwards covered for you. earning season is rampin rampine start with edward lawrence in dc . reporter: on capitol hill, number two person in ukraine for u.s., george -- sat for a deposition behind closed-doors. even though the state department
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told him not to. republicans cry foul over this secret process, they have no right to subpoena or call witnesses until house speaker nancy pelosi holding a full house voice t to -- formalize mutual am. impeachment. >> if he is impeached in the house they will look at how it was done. reporter: today ambassador for the eu was supposed to go in front of house democrat, but as current employee, state department blocked testimony. he traveled from brussels to prepare for testimony. he looks forward to appear, democrat believe he has information about rudy guliani, and effort to get dirt on biden, senator schumer said that state department and white house are engaged in stonewalling. >> alleged offense by the president is serious enough to
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warrant an investigation by congress. that is what the house of representatives is doing in the impeachment inquiry it must continue unimpeded. but we can do two things. and must do them. we can protect the constitution. and take acted to help average working families at the same time. reporter: but no mention of other thing like budget or the usmcarc today, nancy pelosi considers having a formalize vote on the impeachment process, she will speak in about 30 minutes on that subject. elizabeth: thank you edward. >> let's get update on the money in the big rally, gerri willis at the big board with more. reporter: all three major averages finished higher, dow up 237, through the 27,000 level, and s&p up 30, and nasdaq up 100. this was all about earnings, positive prpl reports from jpmon
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chase, and wells farco, but not for rework, they -- we work they are cutting 13% of their workforce, they were forced to pull their ipo last month because of lack of investor interest, autonation, in headlines, the car retail chain accused of selling used vehicles with unrepaired safety recalls, autonation di denies report,. elizabeth: thank you so much. >> to one of most accurate election models run by moody's analytic, they back tested to 1980, they were correct every time, they say president trump will quote cruise to victory due to three different economic models, it looked at because voters feel better about their pocketbook, jobs and stock
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market gain. median income, gain of more than 5,000 dollars in two years under trump, that is 3 times more than under obama and george w. bush combined, and 8 years each, according to economist steven moore, we bring in joel. that moody's analytic model is stuff, trump does best under pocketbook model. >> the fact, if you look at the economic numbers there is a record long stretch of job growth, and a number that not discussed, looking at how so many millions of people have moved out of lower middle class and middle class to upper middle class and upper class, they are good numbers, we saw with optimism rising for a trade deal with china, if we can get the trade battles behind we're in a
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great shape for an extension of the record-long economic boom. elizabeth: so why isn't cnn having an economic and jobs debate. they will talk about trade, healthcare, capitalism, elect bill tie issue. voters historic high wal histora voting booth, and say, hey, candidate, what are you doing for me. >> with these economic numbers, they will run on alternative numbers, that is don't believe your lying eyes, i think that other to run on a platform of greed and envy, we see that with some most radical plans that are promoted by senator sanders and warren. elizabeth: middle and working class voters in swing states, how will they react to joe biden, he has been around since nixon era, he is sure to face a
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lot of questions about hunter biden, he did admit to engaging in swamp behavior, and would not have made a lot of money if his father were not vice president. >> well, i think that -- when you look at some of the president's remarks and story line that is told about senator biden's son. you know. it is a -- it difficult to say how that will play out. i have been surprised that response has not been harder from senator biden side, i think what president should do those who want to promote economy growth, they need to focus on what is working, we know that lower taxes are working, deregulation is working that is the success. to launch economic growth. elizabeth: i need your reacted to this. people -- pete buttigieg dropped
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an attack ad just hours before the debate, bashing sander and elizabeth warren single payer government run health care for, infringing on american freedom. >> bernie sanders and elizabeth warren believe that we have to force ourselves into medical for all. where private insurance is abolished, there are 160 million americans who get their insurance from their employees, union workers are scebs call, they see that as a loss of a benefit they 40 har fought hard. elizabeth: pete buttigieg does have a big government plan too, here is the thing. pete buttigieg has that attack ad, and there is word out, we've count the with other groups elizabeth warren has dodged, i am pushing on 2 dozen times, question about whether she will have to raise middle class and lower income taxpayer taxes to
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pay for her plan, bernie sanders admits he will. >> there are two problem, there is not money to pay for it. even if you confiscate every dollar from those earnings, all of corporate income, and levee wealth tax you do not come close to pay are in that price tag medicare for all, you would have to have a european style pay tax. and but far more important, actually something that mayor pete said, that is loss of control, vast majority of people do not want to forfeit control over their own health care destiny to the government that trying to run amtrak and usps. >> okay joel griffith thank you. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up, customs and border patrol acting commissioner mark morgan will join us on the trump successes,
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alleviating the border crisis, building a wall, his take on accusations of abuse at border. >> but first, more on trump strategy, pushing on with that in northern syria, debate rages on -- should u.s. gotten out of syria as quick, soar do u.s. voters top keep a never ending american troop present? remember, democrat like nancy pelosi, barack obama and joe biden -- in cease fear, we put strongest sanctions that you could imagine, they get a lot -- we have a lot in store if they don't have an impact.
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elizabeth: to crisis at border, at last 13 mexican police officers killed, thei 3 others wounded in an ambush by gunmen there. reporter: when violent spikes, in mexico both sides of the border takes over. this is important. convoy 41 cops, 5 vehicle show
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up to serve a single warrant. at ka cart -- cart el in meec n beac-- many inconstituents westy with a jalisco ta ka cartel takg over myt megan -- >> u.s. urges tourist take caution because of crime and kidnapping, in a dozen mexican cities, and some on border, of u.s., others on the coast. at night, rural highways where you are susceptible to
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roadblocks and shake downs. most mexican tourist bes destinations are safe. but, analyst plan to stop violence appears futtal as long as u.s. drug users continue to finance the battle. >> william thank you. elizabeth: hunter biden addressing his controversial work, for border of ukraine gas company, critics say it raises more questions than answers, fox business tutorin -- peter doocy. >> hunter biden says, he knows it looks bad but he did not do anything wrong. >> it is crazy, they feel they have license to go out say whenever they want. feels like live national -- in
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alice in wonderland, you are in the real world and you fall down rabbit hole and president is cheshire cat. reporter: president responds on hunter biden on twitter. joe biden said his son, will join him on the campaign trail at some point. >> i'm a private citizen, i don't have to do is sit open by kimono as it relates to how much money i maker done make. >> if your last time was not biden, do you think you would have been asked to be onboard of burisma. >> i don't know, probably not. reporter: with that hunter biden giving us more information about his past and his business
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dealings overseas, after weeks of questions as they can't to insist they only find out what they are doing or have done through the press. >> peter thank you. he is at site of democrat debate in ohio. we have a breaking story out of california, a massive 5 at a new star energy refinery in bay area, shut down part of i80, started in storage tanks, nearby residents told to shelter in place, so far there are no injuries reported. elizabeth: cuba gooding jr., brought to court today, in handcuffs in new york city. he reportedly pleads not guilty t4 misdemeanor accounts. now this a dozen women accuse gooding of misconduct, he has not been charged in those
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allegations, good gooding was released on his own recog -- >> taco bell recalling over two million pounds of seasoned beef after metal shavings was discovered by a customer. >> look at this story, celebrity kardashian sisters, won a legal victory at supreme court today, justices decline to take up a trademark infring infringement,t stand a lower court ruling that now found discontinues chroma beauty brand of make-up from kimberly, clowes kardashian did not violate the rights of a british firm. >> and a thief on camera, casualty walks into a san francisco art gallery, and
6:21 pm
steals a rare etching by salvador dali, worth about 20,000. police hope that people come forward with any information. elizabeth: more on trump strategy. as turkey ignored u.s. sanctions, debate, should u.s. have gotten out of syria. or do u.s. voter want a never ending american troop present that acts as a trip wire for u.s. enemies. >> clearer by the day, hold off on a full wer impeachment inquiy vote. draw out that inquiry, to damage trump with the 2020 voters, that story coming up.
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>> turkey is our nato ally, yes, it hosts millions of syrian refugees. but turkey's escalation of hostilities with syrian kurdish partners and unacceptable. >> okay. we have breaking news from reuters, bipartisan legislation has been introduced in congress opposing president trump's decision to withdraw troops from northeast everyone syria. all this as vice president pence, and secretary of state pompeo get set to travel to the turkey capital of ankara tomorrow in hopes of hammering out a ceasefire. steve with more. reporter: battle grounds here
6:27 pm
more complicated with addition of two new players, syrian government forces and allies, the russian. the battlefield got more crowded tuesday with arrival of syria and russian forces. trump administration produced a flurry of actions aimed at achieving a ceasefire. so far there is no slowdown in the fighting, turkey said it the go on until they career a 20 mile buffer zone in syria. and next move will be to relocate syrian refugees from turkey to syria, other than 160,000 people have fled shells, aid agency say, they can't reach them because of the fighting and road blogs, some families on the
6:28 pm
run say they have nothing. a mass funeral in the kurdish village held for 6 people who were killed in a turkish airstrike, 5 kurdish fighters and a civilian woman with thagequish there was angry cry, people calling for revenge against turkey. feelings here run deep. elizabeth: more on chaos. of what is tboaing o going on i. and debate. they include democrat like nancy pelosi, joe biden and barack obama, with chris murphy and more, bring in steve yates, your reaction to what steve harrigan just reported, how does this match up and square with what democrats said, no never-ending present by u.s. troops in middle east. >> clearly, the developments there are concerning. but it has never been an easy
6:29 pm
and clear place too operate. the kurds themselves exist across 3 different country, we have conflicts with lots of refugees. so the tale of woe in this trouble area goes back at least over the last 10 years, if not longer. and so, it is really a combination of really bad options, but for now, it is head spinning to listen to people talk about denigrating the alliance nato and one of its members turkey, and highlighting need to stay in this war zone, when its mission was to degrade isis, that seemed to have been accomplished. reasonable to pullback and let others surge in, it will never be easy to pull that transition off. elizabeth: there is a report that there may be up to 50 u.s. nuclear warheads in turkey?
6:30 pm
the reports come in they could be held hostage by president erdogan, your take? >> the disposition of nuclear web opens is weapon is always ah priority, at end of the coal -- turkey, nato ally, was on our side of these. and any time there is any kind of a question about what your fmghtal is a. nuclear talks take serious focus, that is among the reasons why the president can't afford to turn his back on this ally, turkey, because of initial reports out of syria. elizabeth: steven yates thank you. >> next up impeachment battle, democrat strategy becoming clearer by the day.
6:31 pm
critics say that seems to be the plan, voters by now may likely know that push was in media to impeachment trump in 2016 even before he won the election. that story coming up. cologuard: colon cancer screening for people 50 and older at average risk. honey, have you seen my glasses? i've always had a knack for finding things... ...colon cancer,to be exact. and i find it noninvasively...
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elizabeth: president trump personal attorney rudy guliani firing back at robert bolton, after describing rudy guliani as a hand grenade that will blow everyone up, catherine herridge with more. reporter: fox news confirms fiona hill toil investigators, she and other white house officials were so concerned about activity the of rudy guliani, in ukraine they consulted with a lawyer with
6:36 pm
national security council, "new york times" and associated press went further saying that bolton, compared guliani to a grenade blowing everybody up. today guliani responding telling fox in a statement saying: >> today democrat on the committee defend their tactic, the fact that interviews are secret and not publi publicly rd the transcript. >> here is eric. >> it corroborates wit with whae president said. reporter: they have deposition scheduled for the week, today
6:37 pm
george kent, a senior state department official, he matters, he was at u.s. embassy in ukraine between 2015-18. you have an overlap between obama administration and trump administration, he can speak to the specific allegations that rudy guliani was allegedly part of this push to get rid of sitting u.s. ambassador. republicans say, they want to precedent on -- kent on other riches related to corruption on joe biden and his family. >> what did he know about burisma? a corrupt foreign company. an investigation against burisma and corrupt ukraine oligarch. that a sitting vice president's son, with no energy or ukraine experience gets hired at 50,000 a month. reporter: important to note, a procedural change, they are
6:38 pm
noted as depositions instead of transcribed interviews giving them more control over them. elizabeth: adam schiff saying, it is fundamental breach of office to ask a foreign power to investigate a political rival. as members of house freedom caucus, stepping up in their defense of president, while republican senators have criticize the president here. joining me now, congressman greg stuebe, he sits on how judiciary committee, great to see you. >> one of the problems with it, do you all this in secret, the american public, news media cannot hear what is going on. they are piecemealing what they are releasing to the american
6:39 pm
people of what they want to release. i have been told volcker testimony was positive for the president. i don't see how you could do an impeachment inquiry, in a classified setting where american people don't get information. elizabeth: what is the democrat strategy? nancy pelosi still not holding a vote to make the impeachment inquiry official. progressive democrats call for that, is it to try to damage trump's approval rating, drag out impeachment inquiry, voters by now should know that push from media to impeachment trump started in 2016 before he won the election. >> yes. this has been going on for years, they can't find anything to impeach the president , they
6:40 pm
will keep investigating until they can find something, but now they do everything in secret, so american people can't find out, then chairman schiff is piecemealing information we wants to be fed to the public. not the full transcript. we need a vote on house floor to authorize impeachment inquiry. elizabeth: are you going to get it done. >> republicans have been calling for that for months now. elizabeth: is it fair to ask, if democrats are serious about impeachment, they know they would have to do the proceedings out in open, in a fair, public and transparent manner if they really wanted to unseat the president, right? and first, a quick answer to that. >> well yeah, look at last two mutuaimpeachment. you had clinton and all of these last two, have been a vote by house of representatives to
6:41 pm
authorize an impeachment inquiry by judiciary committee, then you set out rules where minority gets opportunity to ask questions to call witnesses, to subpoena individuals, to hear both sides, president gets an opportunity through his counsel, whatever direct they want to go to be able to provide evidence oriici evidence none of that is happening. >> congressman stuebe thank you. >> politico reported that ukraine government officials tried to help hillary clinton and undermine trump during the 2016 election, reporting they questioned his fitness for office, and more. look who is here now, lou dobbs with a preview of his show. >> thank you. >> tonight we take up day a developments, commerce secretary wilbur ross, and ha -- harmeet
6:42 pm
dillon, all that with latest on trade talks with china, we take up as well radical dimm's continued effort to subvert and over throw president trump, and some white house politics working to subvert the president as well. it is terrible when you can't even just your own outfit. but that seems to be the case, we will take that up, much more at top of the hour, join us, liz. elizabeth: thank you, lou. >> a couple hours, fourth democrat debate, trade, health care capitalism, now hunter biden front and center? we debate what was joe biden's strategy having his son talk about his quote, swampy, behavior. with us, customs and border protection acting chief
6:43 pm
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elizabeth: hunter biden admitting in a new interview he, quote, engined in the swamp. and would not have gotten lucrative job he got if he were not joe biden's son, we bring in ford o'connell, hunter biden announced, if joe biden is elected president, he will not work on behalf of any foreign owned company. why was it not a conflict when joe biden of vice president? >> that is the million dollar question. how could we take it seriously when his father was vice president of united states, and president obama's point man on ukraine and china. elizabeth: you have to wonder if debate moderators would ask what were hunter biden's qualification to get 3 million from a ukraine nat gas company, while his father oversaw ukraine policies when vice president.
6:48 pm
and why wasn't john kerry as secretary of state looking into ukraine. why was joe biden doing it. >> if your last time was not biden, do you think you would have been asked to be on the board of burisma. >> i don't know, probably not, there are a lot of thame name ts -- things if my last name would not happen. >> a rudy guliani and a president of united states, that would be listening to this r conspiracy idea. did i make a mistake? maybe in grand scheme of things yeah, but on some ethical lapse, absolutely not. elizabeth: he said he would not have gotten the job. he gave an honest answer, but then said because of rudy guliani and president trump, pointing it out?
6:49 pm
can you figure this out. >> he is -- hunter biden is open low admitting he has benefits off his father public service, when you look at joe biden central 2020 argument, he says donald trump is corrupt, and donald trump is terrible, he is morally superior, you realize we pullback onion, joe biden is not so squeaky clean, his family has been benefits off his public service, not just ukraine and china, did has gone back 30 years, hunter biden was 26 he has been trading on his father's name, all money in hunter biden's career of bought and paid for with joe biden's public service. elizabeth: ted cruz saying that administration should release transcript of biden's conversation with ukraine. >> i think that administration should do the same thing for joe biden, release transcript of jobe job'joebiden's conversatiot
6:50 pm
american people read script and decide. elizabeth: what do you think of that idea. >> i think that ted cruz is on to something. remember, joe biden was point man for the obama foreign policy in ukraine. we would like to know whether nepotism factors into the decisions, my issue with mitchell she talks about donald trumpj, i think that much media is financially illiterate, the trumps are losing money hand over first by being in public service not other way like joe biden. elizabeth: joe biden has been around since nixon era. president trump has been in office about two years. will cnn moderator point out, that biden did have a conflict
6:51 pm
of interest. why didn't john kerry take lead in ukraine. and hunter biden flew with joe biden on air force 2 to china. in december 2013, two weeks later they close a deal fors china equity fund. would biden have a problem in donald trump jr. traveled to beijing on airs force 1 then struck a deal. there are questions about trump children, but this is different, and against joe biden has been around since nixon era. >> if -- if donald trump did jrd it they would be screaming murder. he is running for president of united states, you talk about conflicts of interest. and you start talking about corruption and nepotism that is something that american public
6:52 pm
pays attention to, they will determine if he is fit for office. elizabeth: age 26, while joe biden was senator working on banking and credit card issue, hunter biden got a senior vice president job with credit card company. joe biden got thousands of dollars in donation. i think that legitimate to ask for press to ask these questions. you wonder if cnn moderators will ask. >> i hope they do. but one thing for sure, if joe biden is nominee, the questions will be out in the open, they are not a conspiracy theory, this has been go ocea -- going r 30 years. and joe biden also profited through serious political donation from mbma . >> custom and border patrol, acting commissioner morgan, on
6:53 pm
president trump's border crisis, building the wall, what is going on there, his take of accusation on abuse at the bored irk that y coming up. mom you've got to get yourself a new car. i wish i could save faster. you're making good choices. you'll get there. ♪ were you going to tell me about this? i know i can't afford to go. i still have this car so you can afford to go. i am so proud of you. thanks. principal. we can help you plan for that. start today at ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on
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liz: nearly a million people
6:57 pm
were arrested or apprehended at the border. your reaction to that number? it's because the overwhelming majority of that million were families and unaccompanied children. if you come to the border with a child's your passport. liz: can you gives an update on the building of the border wall and the money needed to do it? how are they doing on the ground? what's the impact? >> we built 75 miles of new border wall. it's important that 75 miles, and it's new border wall. what the american people should be worried about is this is another example of judicial court activism.
6:58 pm
that should scare every american in this country. tomorrow and the next day after that we'll continue to build new miles of border wall. the men and women of the united states border patrol, that's what they asked. the president is delivering to the men and women of the united states exactly what they said they wanted. this wall makes their job easier and their ability to safeguard this country. liz: children in cages, the facilities not being up to par. >> the kid in quote cages, first of all, i don't subscribe to that at all. those so-called what they are calling cages. they were built under the previous administration. they were lauded for doing something quickly to get the kid out of temporary holding facilities that are not designed for children.
6:59 pm
now fast forward to the trump administration and suddenly they are cages. they were designed to get those kids to a better facility. each day we are applying more presources to make those conditions better every day. liz: the cdp data shows drownings are tripling, and rescues soaring 1,000 percent from the prior fiscal year. >> this is the narrative that rarely gets talked about. we want these individuals overwhelming our illegal migrants, stop turning yourself in and turning yourself over to the patrol. the border patrol executed 4,900 rescues, that's people who what have perished at the hand of the
7:00 pm
cartels. liz: mark morgan, great to see you. love having you on. thanks for watching. lou dobbs next right here on the fox business network. keep it here. lou: president trump doing his level best to get our troops out of syria despite the neocons on capitol hill. president trump trying to work through a successful negotiation with china's president xi. but the evidence is mounting that china is not acting in good faith and is perhaps unworthy of further efforts to accommodate the communist regime. adam schiff still dragging low-level trump officials to testify before


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