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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 21, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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leave it up to the left-wing media. tomorrow sidney powell and general jack keane among our guests. see you have tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] trish: breaking tonight, the president reacts to hillary clinton versus attack on one of her own. the president of the united states wondering why hillary clinton thinks everybody is in cahoots with the russians. president trump: hillary clinton is accusing everybody of being a russian agent. anybody that is opposed to her is a russian agent. that's a scam that was pretty much put down. use -- i don't know use, but she is not a russian agent. trish: the accusation by hillary clinton that tulsi gabbard is a russian asset is seeing some support. could any of this get more
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surreal? >> hillary has been dead on with so many things. i often said use is sort of the trojan horse. she is polling at only 1.2%. yet she is still in the race. >> she hasn't denied it. she hasn't said of course i'm not. she hasn't said that. she is just going after hillary. >> hillary was right about almost everything. trish: maybe if you carry this logic forward, it's part of hillary clinton trying to get into the race. as steve bannon predicted right here. >> hillary clinton came out yesterday and said it's an illegal president, illegitimate president. he has to be removed from office. he's a clear and present danger. she is running. trish: u.s. army veteran and weekend "fox and friends" co-host pete hegseth and amy
8:02 pm
tarkanian. why does anyone wants to be in politics these days. she is a veteran and she has to defend herself against accusations like that. >> you couldn't make this up. bring on more hillary. if she wants to jump in and make the race about her, that's beneficial to the president. tulsi gabbard is an outside the box thinker. i don't know her well. but i spent a little bit of time with her on capitol hill for veterans organizations. and she has never been afraid to cut against her party. when it comes to the middle east, she has been more pro assad man anyone else on the hill. but there is a line of thinking that maybe strong then deal better with islamists than democracy.
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trish: it many another thing for someone to call you a russian asset. >> bawsms that policy position they draw the next two steps as if she is a russian asset. this is what hillary clinton does. trish: why do it, amy? why go down this path. if we are going to play her game of chest -- >> clerks. trish: she is trying to think this one through. i just can't figure out what the move is. you take gabbard out, is that the goal? why would she do this in the first place? >> she is trying to steal the spotlight and get all the attention. when use served as a dnc vice chair, she stepped down becausing of corruption, dealing with hillary clinton. and she supported bernie sanders. trish: why would hillary clinton
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do something like this that would help gabbard. i don't know if this helps hillary clinton. and i have got to assume that she is doing it for those reasons. >> it makes her look unhealthy and look like she is monthsing her mind quite honestly. i think. trish: why do it? >> maybe it' not strategic at all. maybe she is on a blog. she feels comfortable. she says jill stein took the presidency away from she because she is a russian asset. and another one she doesn't have the courage to name in the interview, it raises the spectre of russia in 2020. >> it's incredibly irresponsible for somebody of her stature to make this claim without anything to bark it up. trish: i thoroughly agree.
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and in some ways it helps donald trump. you disagree. suddenly you are a russian asset. let me turn to another democratic hopeful. senator elizabeth warren. she says she is getting ready to reveal how she is going to pay for medicare for all. she refused to admit how it's going to involve the middle class in terms of raising their taxes. she doesn't want to face that reality. watch. >> will you raise taxes on the middle class to pay for it yes or no. >> i made clear what my principles are here. and that is costs will go up for the wealthy and for big corporations, middle class families are going to see their costs go down. here is the thing. >> i listened to these answers a few times before. >> for middle class families, hard working people, costs will go down. >> that's not the same thing as
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taxes not going up. trish: here's the thing. taxes are going to go up, right, pete? >> you can't avoid it. remember she is running on authenticity. this is who i am. but she looks so awkward in all these debates avoid can the reality of how you pay for it. she can't pay for it. she is in an impossible box of her own making. she will have to raise taxes or there is another gym nick her back pocket that will make her look silly. so it's never going to add up. it's how does she spinning it. but they realize it's a problem. trish: some reporters are smarter than they look. amy, she'll spin it all she wants. but people are left asking what's it going to mean for people's tax brackets. >> it will cost trillions of dollars.
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she won't have i don't think many specifics or details. if the plan is so phenomenal why is it taking so long to unleash. it could have made her the possible frontrunner from the start. >> socialist bernie will own his socialist policies. her policies are the same as his. trish: pete, amy. coming up, democrats save we must impeach president trump. watch. >> it's time for us to impeach this president. >> bullies don't win. we are going to go in there and [bleep]. >> i will fight every day until he is impeached. impeach 45. trish: democrats, if that's what you really want, why not hold a formal actual vote. eric trump is here with that. why he says the impeachment push
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president trump: where is the agreement that says we have to stay in the middle east for the rest of humanity and the rest of civilization to protect the kurds? we never said that, and we have protected them. trish: the president justifying his retreat from syria. the kurds hurled rocks and potatoes on american troops.
8:13 pm
the first of the iraq investment fund. why isn't he right in this? why do we nod need to be in northern syria at this moment? >> the president has been absolutely clear from the time he was a candidate. america first is going to be his priority. that makes all the sense in the world for any american leader. in this case we had a clear strategic reason to be in northeast syria which was to eradicate the territorial caliphate of isis. we achieved that. we never made any promises to them or anybody that this would be a lifelong marriage with this kurdish faction. trish: what about the kurds as an ally. >> i think ally is a big word for this. anyone who knows anything about
8:14 pm
the middle east shows how misleading this is. our ally in this situation is turkey. turkey has been a member of nato sense 1952. turkey is a longstanding and important ally with the u.s. our relations with erdogan aren't perfect and he probably won't be there forever. trish: you are saying they were temporarily our quote ally in the fight against isis and they were helpful to us and we were helpful to them. why is it now that has changed. walk us through the history of the kurd in this particular group and how they are at odds with somebody who isn't. >> who are the kurds and who are these guys. the kurds are people of 30 plus
8:15 pm
million in iran, iraq, and syria and turkey. in turkey they had a 40-year terrorist insurgency led against the turkish state by the parent group of this group we have been working with in syria. forgive the acronyms. the ypg, they are a branch of the pkk in turkey. they killed tens of thousands of people in a decade long insurgency against our ally in turkey. the pkk, the parents of the people we were working with in syria are a maoist, lenin-marxists. we had common causes with them, trish. we had interests in common. they were neighbors of isis and
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were at war with isis as all isis neighbors were. these guys were partners in that struggle. but the president was clear from the beginning. that was our strategic interest in this part of syria, was to destroy the territorial caliphate of isis. it wasn't to create a lifelong alliance with these people who themselves are a branch of an organization designated by the u.s. and every other u.s. country a terrorist organization for killing tens of millions of people next door on our real ally, turkey. those who talk about ally, those who know better are being very hypocritical. and other people don't know better.
8:17 pm
it's complicated stuff. trish: i don't know what happened. suddenly they have become fiscal conservatives and very hawkish. but what is it you think they need to understand given your vast experience in the middle east and given what the president just did? >> i think they have to understand when the president says his policy is always going to start with america first, he's right. this is a matter of the president keeping promises. in the middle east he promised to hold iran, the regime in tehran to account. promise kept. he promised to eliminate the isis caliphate. promise kept. he promised to rebuild our military so it can project more strength in the region rationally when needed. promise kept. trish: do you worry about the resurgence of isis? >> the resurgence of isis is probably going to be the big thing on our mind.
8:18 pm
but isis is mostly an iraq phenomenon. isis enjoyed some strategic depth in syria. we were able to handle that from just over the border in iraq where most of of these troops are going. the reconditions for an insurgents of isis has very little to do with whether we continue to be briefed with his ypg organization. in this part of syria there is every reason the turks are very old allies who have rolled in will be an upgrade over the ypg in that part of the isis fight. but most of of the isis fight is across the border in iraq. trish: thank you so much. coming up, democrats moving full steam ahead with their impeachment push. eric trump says this is a
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president trump: pelosi, shifty schiff, schumer, these people are trying to destroy the country. the president of the united states should be able to run the country and not have to focus on this kind of crap. trish: this week marks one month since the secret probe of the president began, yet there has been no official vote in congress authorizing it. no vote. some of the president's more recent moves have started to test republican support. whether it be pulling american troops out of syria or the reversal of holding the g7
8:24 pm
summit at the doe doral resort. joining me, eric trump. you say they are getting desperate. >> there is no question about it. what do they have? the democrats under pelosi have done absolutely nothing. they named 12 post offices in this country. look at all the accomplishments of my father. high consumer confidence. manufacturing is coming back to the country. people are proud to be americans again. the democrats are naming post offices. that's what they are doing. trish: the economy is strong. we won't be able to get them on that. we are so far very, very safe. so now we have to go for
8:25 pm
impeachment. >> none of them have a twinkle in their eye. chicago on had a twinkle in his eye. there was something bush had that was relatable. do you see that same characteristic in elizabeth warren? do you see that in biden who can't go through a sentence without totally fumbling it, not to mention his other problems? do you see that in bernie sanders who looks like a lunatic. they are not pulling the crowds. i spoke to that crowd in minneapolis. 25,000 people outside, another 50,000 people outside in a blue city going crazy. they are pay the yoict and their wages are going up. trish: they eat their own as we are seeing with tulsi gabbard
8:26 pm
and we see hillary clinton going after her accusing her of being a russian asset. so perhaps this ways they are doing. in the meantime, some critics of your dad say wait a second, why is he giving them any ammunition like holding the g7 at his resort while criticizing biden for conflicts of interest. >> he was going to do it for free. the guy was going to do it for free. now the u.s. government will probably spend 100's of millions of dollars. he was subsidizing the cost of it and he gets crushed for it. who is going to do it for free? the guy came out of the hospitality world. that's his thing. that's what he whose known his entire life. it's mass hysteria so he says, it's not worth going through this nonsense. but look at pelosi and schiff
8:27 pm
and look at -- look how disingenuous they are. jerry nadler getting up there, how dare you impeach, you are trying to overturn the will of the voters. and now he's trying to overthrow the will of the voters. they are so full of crap. trish: i think your father has done some remarkable things for the economy. i think we are in a better spot economically. i understand the political aspect of this. but at the same time, they are saying why does he have to go down this particular path, the g7 thing being one? i hear what you are saying. the left is looking. >> the guy is also a fighter. one thing the country was missing was a great fighter. there was no one fighting for the u.s.
8:28 pm
or to stop manufacturing from leaving or fighting for vets or fighting for the military or fighting for the economy. that's quite frankly what made him oh different and so good. once in a while he will be the first person to laugh at that. >> mick mulvaney, he came out last week and of course over the weekend getting himself increasingly in hot water over whether there was a quid pro quo on ukraine. only one hand, you know, he said what he said, and it's hard to take it back. but on the other hand he may have been trying to convey something else. it's hard to believe you have to defend ukraine. biden's son hunter was getting paid $50,000 in month in a country he didn't speak the language in an industry he knew nothing about.
8:29 pm
the averages board member makes $300,000 a year. his son was making $600,000 a year after being kicked out of the navy. trish: i think you are within the right to ask these questions whether it be russia, ukraine or china. who was melding in 2016. >> it started with a fake dossier, then it went to the ukraine. you are looking into -- this topic comes up of the bidens and the amount of money they are making overseas, and it gets flipped over to mick mulvaney you might have misstepped or zernt alley said the -- or accidentally said the wrong thing when you are being yelled
8:30 pm
at by reporters. a kid going over to beijing on air force two and leaving with $1.5 billion. trish: your father is different in that in modern history we haven't had a president who made his 0 money before he was in office. you have been part of your father's business since you were a kid. but there are critics that say how is hunter biden different than eric trump. what do you respond. >> first of all eric trump started working with his hand on construction sites when he was 11 years old. eric trump also got out of international business when my father become commander-in-chief. hunter bind got into international business when his father became vice president of the united states. we were in the business world our entire lives. we said we are doing nothing
8:31 pm
oversea. we are turning every project we don't have, we own land overseas because we have been in business for the last 30 years. we are turning off all international business. hunter never conducted international business until his father bm vice president. all of a sudden he's sitting on board of amtrak and a ukrainian energy company. you want to drill or gas or oil, they will kill you, how dare you, you will ruin the environment. doesn't anybody find that hypocritical? they don't want you drilling for gas here. but if you are on the board of an international gas company you drill before you want. people see through the nonsense. trish: that word keeps coming
8:32 pm
up. trish: coming up next. what do james comey and anthony worn and mitt romney have in common?
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fidelity has zero commissions for online u.s. equity trades and etfs, plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account. with value like this, there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. fidelity. trish: reports that russia is about to get venezuela's oil, like all of it. russian media says the russian state controlled oil company is handling the acquisition of pdvsa. my next guest says it wouldn't surprise him one bit. americans are getting totally shut out on a country that's being picked up on the cheap by russia.
8:37 pm
so you know, we have gone in there and broken a lot of glass. disturbed things a little bit. now russia is going to walk away with the benefits, which is the natural resources of that country? its oil? >> during the break we were talking about the law of unintended consequences. people who worked on sanctions for the united states started to realize when we use sanctions to promote a regime change, very often you get opposite effect of what you intend. in this case, some of the sanctions language i have shown to lawyers who have sanctions expertise say it's designs to force american companies to divest of venezuela holdings. it's not just energy, it's also bondholders. trish: the way the sanctions work, they say okay, people
8:38 pm
cannot invest in venezuela. i get that. we are trying to hold that regime responsible so we don't want to make it easier for them to do any business so that americans get shout shut out. but others come in? >> others come in. you explain it better than i do. that's probably why you have the job you do. the sanctions meant to starve the maduro regime of investment so they will leave. trish: american bondholders of venezuelan debt, they can hold it. >> we can't buy any more. venezuelan date is very cheap. if there are equities, a product of restructuring, there is a good chance that thought only will the russians own pdvsa, the
8:39 pm
oil company, but they will also own a lot of the debt. trish: i think there are smart people in washington trying to operate two steps ahead who would want to prevent russia from getting the assets. >> it's tricky. none of this is simple. but there is a reason for to us get out of the neighborhood that isn't particularly friendly. that's fine. if we don't want to be messing around in a neighborhood where we might get hurt or it's not in our interest -- the russians shouldn't be in our backyard. whatever the policy is, again i said on this show before, our president is a very good deal doer and negotiator. we had a lot of indications before we started ratcheting up the sanctions, the venezuelans were trying to open up the doors to american interests.
8:40 pm
there were deals being negotiated with u.s. companies, and at this point there was an interesting article saying pdvsa, what about -- trish: i like that you watched my twitter account. i did tweet that out. the journalist with forbes said why don't we think about having u.s. companies there. the russian oil company -- >> the problem is, juan guaido said from time to time he will respect the contracts that are signs on by the chinese on the russians. if we end up losing business because of the sanctions, then there is something wrong with the sanctions. >> i would think the goal would be for to us have enough of a
8:41 pm
relationship with venezuela that we can get all of the oilfield going again with our technology, which then helps to employ all of those people arounding of, have no electricity, do not have clean water and help us. >> i think if you ask any venezuelan if they want to work for an american company or chinese company, they would say american company. we are the best employers in the world. it's not just our technology matches, we'll be or productive. i think it needs to be rethought. these sanctions western put on at the beginning of the year with the expectation that maduro would fall soon, quickly. people we knew said it would be a month and a half. but we have had people from the u.s. government when asked what happens if maduro is still there
8:42 pm
in a year and a half. and the answer was i am not going to answer that question because it's impossible. wait a second. it's been six months. we should not be shooting ourselves in the foot economically, businesswise, opportunitywise if we haven't gotten the results we wanted. i have heard that there has been a lot of thinking in washington. there are some sanctions that have been put in place. they are going to roll chevron out. clamping down on cuba, fine. trish: thank you so much. coming up, remember when senator myth romney shocked the internet with his bizarre way of blowing out candles in there is another eccentric thing we can add to
8:43 pm
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president trump: you have been
8:47 pm
hearing about ukraine. i heard clinton was involved. i heard they got somebody who wrote the fake dossier was out of ukraine. all the things that happened. i assume the attorney general. i would like the attorney general to find out what's going on. we are investigating corruption. trish: that's the president speaking to our own sean hannity. all of this as we wait for the release of the inspector general michael horowitz' report that will possibly uncover high levels of corruption within our intelligence agencies. our next guest believes when this report is released, it will be a blockbuster. guy lewis, it's good to see you. what do you think we'll learn? >> i think after a year and a half, mike horowitz, the inspector general will release a
8:48 pm
blockbuster report. for a year and a half he has been looking at the fisa process of foreign intelligence surveillance act. they go before a secret panel of judges and get wiretaps and search warrants and secret things which is normally reserved for spy versus spy, going in and investigating spies. in this case i think you will see horowitz conclude that the entire system, the fisa system was turned on its head and used to investigate a political campaign, in this case trump. and he's going to hit the fbi hard on this, very, very hard. trish: were they doing this purely for political reasons in your viewpoint or was there any there there that they felt they
8:49 pm
needed to investigate? >> that's a great question. i think there may have been a hint of up pro right to say fellas, let's look at this to see if it's okay. you look at lisa page and strzok. you look at those emails. the motivation that the fbi picked up and ran with. there is no justification for it. when you have got the actual investigators saying the most of awful things about the candidate, how can any investigation be fair? it just can't be. trish: let me ask you about the ukraine stuff. i realize mick mulvaney sort of stepped tonight. the president's transcript talking about giuliani, whatever. but in the actual looking into ukraine, is there anything in your view that would cause you to say yeah we should probably
8:50 pm
look at china, we should probably look at russia. we should probably look at iran. we should probably look at anybody who was trying to influence 2016 or may try to influence 2020? >> the short answer is yes. i don't care who it is. i don't care what country it is. i don't care if it's the democrats or republicans trying to use or misuse the system. neither side can justify that kind of conduct and using other countries and using the intelligence apparatus from other countries, whether it's china, russia, the ukraine. i don't care who it is. that's a no-no. trish: do you think he's justified in say i i want to know what's going on in ukraine in 2016?
8:51 pm
>> i think he's justified in' investigating the conduct that led to ukraine and russia's conduct in manipulating our election process. trish: where all the tentacles are and who was involved and make sure this doesn't happen again. guy lewis, i look forward to talking with you some more. especially when the report comes out from the i.g. kennedy? kennedy: it's so dark it looks like halloween. there i am. it's going to be a wonderful show. we talk about free speech. i don't know if you know about the kennedy program. it's on right after your program. 9:00 p.m. we are talking about freedom of speech and protecting that in terms of china because they try and trample over our free speech rights. they hate our freedom and free
8:52 pm
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anna, do you yes! those plans? i just wanted to show you something i've been wor... ♪ james r. and associates. anna speaking... ♪ james r. and associates. anna. ♪ [phone ringing] baker architects. this is anna baker. at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but you're ready to bet on yourself today. find an advisor at trish: welcome back, it's time for trending with trish, "fox nation" host, kat timpf
8:56 pm
delivering them, we start with mr. mitt romney. out of utah. >> a secret fake twitter account to defend himself and criticize the president anonymously, he is a french guy, pierre. trish: some spanish in there. >> does not make sense. i admit, i had fake screen names i would use to prank people, but i was 12 years old. trish: any a as good as pierre. >> it was sunny, bunny, honey. i would prank my friends' sisters. i outgrew it before age 72. trish: look at how he blows out the birthday candles, right, we
8:57 pm
were showing that video, he blows them out one at a time, i have never seen that before. he is interesting. what bucks me about this, i say this politics nowadays, he actually going after not just donald trump but marco rubio. who wants to be his friend. >> you should have something better to do than the things i was doing in 7 grade. trish: or call yourself pierre deledelecto . >> we look at this. problem is, looks as though when you read this, she might have actually ripped it off from jimmy kimmel. and did not give him credited,
8:58 pm
jimmy talking about this. >> this letter from trump is similar to a letter jf, can sent khrushchev. don't be a [bleep] okay. >> so, hillary clinton liked that joke so much, she borrowed it. >> without -- not that hard to give credit where credit is due. because, hillary clinton we all know is not funny, she made a joke when she was run for president, that still haunts me, the pokemon go to the polls, sometimes i can't sleep at night, i think about how bad that joke was, i doubt she wrote that, probably a staffer or an intern. you have to give credit, she is not funny, it is okay to not be funny, no one will think it is
8:59 pm
yours. trish: credit, where credit is due, i web site that noticed that. last up, barbie fans have a chance to live just like barbie for a night. and price is remarkably cheap. >> yes, 60 a night to stay in a barbie dream house, i thought it was very affordable, for me, i was never into barbie as a kid, i used them because i would like to terrorize them with my dinosaurs. trish: you like to cut their hair? terrorize them? >> who else are my dinosaurs going on terrorize. i am sure i'm not the only one, but it does have a water slide, i love me a good water slide. trish: 60 bucks a good deal. >> i would do it for water slide alone. trish: brings dinosaurs.
9:00 pm
>> i will. trish: that is it for us tonight, see you back here tomorrow, 8 p.m. eastern, kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you trish, and thank you for being here, fbn primetime only place to be, hillary clinton on like donkey y kong, tulsi gabbard is gm coming for you, she is tired of your manipulation, you witch. now lost in a war of words that could turn 2020 race upside down. it started during a podcast last week, people's pantsuit dropped this cryptic chestnut. >> i think they have their eye in democratic primary, they are


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