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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  October 26, 2019 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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have a great weekend. we'll see you monday. good night from new york. trish: a criminal probe, criminal. that's the bombshell out of d.c. as bill barr and john durham's probe has turned into a full-fledged criminal investigation. sources telling fox the probe expanded after a recent trip to rome with attorney general barr. a soon to be released report by michael horowitz will shed light on why durham's probe is taking this criminal turn. joining me, pennsylvania
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congressman scott perry. are we going to find out what the crime might have been? >> i think half of america is waiting for about three years now to see what the beginning of this russia scheme or hoax was. and i think there is a good chance the attorney general and durham are headed in that direction. what actually started this whole thing to begin with. trish: what do you think rome had to do with it, if anything? >> i think this thing happened not only domestically. but there were connections overseas, whether it was the u.k., australia, russia or ukraine. so i think the attorney jones is just following the leads and the evidence to where it takes him. and he's putting the pieces together. i think that's why you see such consternation coming out of the
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far left and of course adam schiff and company about what's happening. jerry nadler and adam schiff are not happy this evening. trish: first i'm probing sort of what this -- what this is. why did general bar make the decision to make this a criminal probe? one of the things that has been discussed at length on this show and others is exactly why there was a fisa warrants on an innocent american, to spy on an innocents american, carter page. they were using some rather shoddy intelligence, if you ask me. if you can calm it intelligence. don't forget the steele dossier that was bought and paid for by the opposition in this case, hillary clinton. so you had christopher steele former british spy calling all his buddies in russia. you have to look at the
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information gathered overseas on this round. and putting together a so-called dossier. it seems the fbi thought was credible enough to actually spy on members of the campaign. and that's hugely troubling in so many ways. and for the governments we are in the democracy and the system we are. >> that's exactly right. it would appear that some at the top of the fbi collaborated to make up the evidence so to speak, and then sought to investigate as legitimate intelligence. i think that's where bar and durham -- i think -- i also think it's interesting that it's opened up as a criminal case before talking to brennan, comey, clapper, et cetera. who has the attorney general been talking to? when he brings those folks in what kind of information is
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going to be verified. those folks i think would be very concerned this evening. trish: i'm sure there are a lot of democrats who are really nervous. this is not going to play so well for them. they are trying to say this is political. you have adam schiff and jerry nadler saying this probe is a vehicle for president trump's political revenge. of course, they have no idea what the crime is that potentially was committed. the attorney general has something enough to say we need to launch this as a criminal probe. wouldn't you want to sit back and say let me wait and hear what he has? >> right. we don't know that it's political. none of us know what he has. i would remind everybody. it wasn't political in their eyes when, mueller was spending $30 million and hundreds of subpoenas and witnesses and all
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that time to investigate president trump. that wasn't political with but some how immediately without knowing what the potential charges may be about who, this is political. we know they will seek to discredit the attorney general and this investigation. and i would say transparency across the board is the answer to all this stuff. then we don't have to speculate on whether it's political or not. >> i am troubled with nancy pelosi not taking that vote. get it all out there in the open. if you are going to undermine the will of the american voters let them know what you are doing and vice versa. with attorney general barr and this investigation, let us here it. -- hear it. bring it on. >> most of of the members of congress have no idea what's happening down at the scif. they can't hear it and they can't read it, and they have to
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go home to their bosses, their constituents, they haver ask them questions -- they ask them questions and they don't have answers. it says the congress shall impeach the president, members of congress. trish: you look at bill clinton and richard nixon. there was a vote that took place and formal inquiry. this is a whole other can of worms entirely. it makes sense to me. as soon as it crossed last night, i thought wait for it. you know they are going to say it's political. but we don't know what attorney general barr is suspecting happened. it would be prudent of everybody to at least wait for that. but, you know. >> they don't want to hear what the attorney general has to say, but they want to talk about this whistleblower. why is one person allowed to
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anonymously accuse the president and start an impeachment hearing? where is the transparency there? trish: an investigation into the possible' corruption leading to the russia probe. my next guest might have some clues as to what in fact kicked off the original investigation. former trump 2016 campaign advisor, george papadopoulos believes the feds were trying to frame him and ♪ (nationwide jingle) (alexa) added "ukulele" to band shopping list. perfect. peyton, what are you doing? nationwide's teamed up with amazon to bring you the all-new echo auto. you're gonna love this. alexa, add "xylophone" to band shopping list. (alexa) okay. we don't need a band shopping list. alexa and i disagree. alexa, add "positive attitude" to band shopping list. (alexa) added "positive attitude"
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hillary clinton. author of the book "deep state target," george papadopoulos himself. congrats on the book. i want to start at the beginning. you have an interesting and in some ways alarming story. i know you think this was a bit of a setup and we'll get to your reasons why. march 2016. you join the trump team as a foreign policy advisor. shortly thereafter you met with this professor from malta, mr. mifsud. how did that all happen? >> so, you are right, in march of 2016 i joined donald trump's campaign after i finished work on ben carson's campaign. in between i worked at a company
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called the london seasonture for law practice it's operated by people connected to either western governments, western intelligence services or those type of individuals. and i notified them after about a month that look i'm going to be joining the donald trump campaign. they became furious and said why would you be leading donald trump, jr.'donaldtrump,donaldtt. they said before you go we need to introduce you to somebody. i think this is what barr and durham are look into. a woman who he later found out was connecting u.k. officials to
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bruce ohr, and also had a professional working relationship with bob mueller after 9/11, was the one who told me, why don't you go to rome with the company to this university where we are going to introduce you to many people there who can help you on the donald trump campaign. none of these people were russian. most of of these people were high-level lawyers or connected to western governments, so i didn't think there was anything suspicious. i go to rome. trish: okay. >> then i go to rome to this place called link campus which is currently under investigation by both italian intelligence services, the italian government and william barr and john durham. is this joseph mifsud, the picture you are looking at? this is the guy you met? >> yes.
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so i meet joseph mifsud in rome. after i'm introduced to him by the italian foreign minister. before my name is public in the "washington post" i'm being chaperoned in rome by the italian foreign minister to meet this video receive mifsud. later in london on april 26 after i had been probed by the australian government, the british government and the u.s. embassy, he decide to drop this information unsolicited in my lap-over brunch at a five star brunch in london. that they have information on hillary clinton. i never asked for this information. trish: you have been set up by this meeting with him by someone you said was connected to bruce ohr, which fusion gps, nelly, his wife was connected to fusion
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gps. this maltese professor says i can connect you with hillary clinton's emails? did he have an accent in was he russian or british? was he born in malta? >> he never offered me anything. there was a misunderstanding he was offering something. there was no connection whatsoever to russia. he was clearly some sort of operative. was there to simply dangle or try and sabotage me and by extension the campaign with false information. simply over brunch at a london hotel he tells me hey, george, do you know the russians have hillary clinton's emails? the issue is this individual was promising to introduce myself and others on the campaign to various leaders around the world. he said i know people at the state department in brussels,
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the european parliament, the vietnamese prime minister. you hear a lot of gossip about so many different things in political circles. so when he told mow this information i didn't know what to do with it. i basically absorbed it. i never told anybody on the campaign. after this meeting with him that's when things became strange in london. the british minister of foreign affairs reached out to me. gregory barrack and terrance dudley. i'm not sure where they fit into all of this. they randomly contact me and decide they want to take me out to drinks shortly after mifsud tells me he has this information. then the australian comes a few days later. the situation i found myself in march to the beginning much, mucd -- thebeginning of may 201.
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for people hike clapper, brennan and comey and high-level officials at the obama white house, it looks like all these individuals were connected to the west and no russians. i guess that's what william barr went to rome to find out what was going on. trish: did the maltese professor, joseph mifsud, did he have an accent in did he speak with a russian or british accent? >> he had no russian accent. my understanding is he's italian. he's ethnically italian but was raised in malta. a very murky, shadowy player showing up in many strange places. apparently according to michael
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flynn's lawyer, sidney powell who just filed a very interesting motion last week, joseph mifsud was targeting michael flynn as well as we three months before he targeted me in rome. the coincidences are eerie. i don't think it's happenstance that mifsud was involved in michael flynn's case. and we'll probably understand who actually told him to meet with me in 2016. trish: we have george papadopoulos here on the show tonight. and we are going to be back with a lot more on this. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right - by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right. with sofi.
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trish: we are back with my guest, former trump campaign advisor, george papadopoulos. where we left off. you said joseph mifsud you believe was trying to sort of set you up along with some others by telling you the
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russians had access to hillary clinton's emails, and you in turn gave that information to an australian intelligence person while having drinks in london in a bar. am i correct on that? >> i think that's the cover story, actually. what he tells me -- when he tells me this information in late april 2016, i had already been approached by the australian government a week or so before he tells me this information. now i have no idea why the australian government decided to send two operatives from their embassy to meet with me in london. trish: they told you they were australian intelligence. >> no, they don't. this is something you learn much later on. hindsight is 2020. i wish i had it back then. trish: who did they say they
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were? >> representatives of the australian embassy. you think they are u.s. allies. trish: what did they want from you? >> exactly. they go to tell me that donald trump we believe in australia is a pariah. he should not be supporting the trans-pacific partnership and his positions regard russia and other matters are a threat to international peace and security. so clearly the australians have a vested interest in the trans-pacific partnership. when i met with alexander downer i was hearing why the america first agenda was an anathema to what these governments wanted. when donald trump was talking about protectionist measures, being tough on china. advocating from the u.s. position on the tpp and
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renegotiating international trade deals, there was i think a concerted effort by these foreign governments who did have these interests to deck the cards against him and hopefully predict a clinton victory. so like i said -- trish: they were trying to lobby you in some way, shape or form. you are the foreign policy advisor. so they are saying these are the things important to us and they thought you would somehow convey that to him? >> i assume so. it wasn't just the australians. another government that's clearly under investigation, the british government, they were hard line against donald trump's brexit approach. so when i would meet with those officials when they are terrified about that. trish: you were a popular guy. >> london was a very strange city. london was definitely a strange city for me in 016.
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trish: i have heard that in terms of the intel communities it can be extremely strange. you have all these people reaching out to you. where does it take the turn where you think they were trying to set you up? >> there is a very interesting moment in my i guess part of this saga. approximately one year ago i was one of four witnesses invited to testify to the house oversight committee in front of congressman mark meadows and john ratcliffe. the other three witnesses were jim comey, and loretta lynch. when i went to testify behind closed doors before these prominent members of congress. it was clear there was a lot at least some sort of surveillance going on our me in london. the key question is was that
12:28 am
based on facts and a legal basis or was there something more insidious going on here. in my opinion, and i think my testimony for anybody who is interested, they can google it it's public now, will see i actually notified authorities my meetings with these people including the australian government because of how bizarre they are. i thought they were up to something they shouldn't have been doing and they were opening spying on me. these meetings were some of the most of consequential events surrounding this investigation william barr and john durham are spearheading. now that mueller's testimony has come to a close and the next chapter opens. these events will have to be scrutinized from a different perspective. trish: what do you think italy has to do with it.
12:29 am
attorney general barr and john durham were just over there. you are saying there is a link to the professor you met perhaps in rome? we don't know anything yet. we are waiting. like everyone else. but what is your gut feeling. what are your instincts telling you given what happened to you. what do you think attorney general barr may be on to? >> i think -- i categorically believe jim comey and bob mueller lied to the american people when they stated joseph mifsud was a russian agent offering some sort of information to me. all the overwhelming public evidence -- forget the private classified stuff -- suggests joseph mifsud was an operative for the west. his own lawyer says it. when i saw can them go to london two times, i understood that right there and then that italy
12:30 am
essentially became the epicenter of the new investigation and whatever they were told in rome about joseph mifsud resulted in a criminal investigation. their investigation morphed into a criminal investigation. was it joseph mifsud testifying about somebody who might have been handling him that wasn't the russians? was it something else? but for it to morph into a criminal investigation as soon as they left rome, that is very important. trish: people can read all about this stressful, difficult journey you had in your brand-new book, george. i look forward to talking to you some more because certainly you have had a wild experience. george papadopoulos. thank you very much. coming up, everyone. a former fbi agent


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